Kindle Publishing Income Review – Sophie Howard Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Kindle Publishing Income review. What is it about? Is it worth it? Can you trust Sophie Howard? Is Kindle Publishing Income a scam or legit?

KPI is a step-by-step training program for starting a successful eBook-selling business. Sophie Howard is a master of the process of creating eBooks and selling them on Amazon.

She’s also known as “The Amazon Selling Queen” because of her huge success on this platform.

I assume you’re here because you saw her YouTube ad or may have come in touch with Sophie via email. And now, you wonder whether Kindle Publishing Income is a scam or legit.

No worries, you will soon discover the truth in my review…

But first, who am I?

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m a successful blogger and affiliate marketer. I went from serving tables in a restaurant to earning a five-figure revenue online from affiliate marketing!

Moreover, I have actually examined 700+ programs to discover the very best way to make money online. Simply put, I’m passionate about generating income online and assisting you to follow in my footsteps!

So in this Kindle Publishing Income review, I will reveal everything about Sophie Howard’s course. Keep reading to learn what it is, how it works, whether Kindle Publishing Income is a scam or legit, and more!

Shall we get rolling?

Kindle Publishing Income Review


Kindle Publishing Income Review – Overview

  • Product: Kindle Publishing Income
  • Type: Make Money Online
  • Owner: Sophie Howard
  • Price: $2,485
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 180 days
  • Recommended?: Legit

Overview: Kindle Publishing Income is a self-publishing course created by Sophie Howard. In this course, Sophie teaches how to make money online by outsourcing the process of eBook creation, and promoting the very same books via Amazon ads.

✅ Kindle Publishing Income PROS

  • Sophie Howard is a reputable online marketer
  • You get decent training and lots of extra features
  • Sophie teaches how to outsource everything
  • Kindle Publishing is a lucrative and legit business
  • 180 days refund policy

🛑 Kindle Publishing Income CONS

  • Not enough verifiable student testimonials
  • Kindle Publishing Income is too expensive
  • The system requires a startup capital
  • Refunds are not easily issued

👎👍 Scam or Legit? 

All in all, the course is legit. However, in my opinion, it is pricey and not suitable for newbies. Keep on reading my Kindle Publishing Income review to learn more…

Alternative: My #1 recommendation is an affordable and newbie-friendly affiliate marketing course that helps to build a successful online business from scratch! I used this exact system to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day! Learn more below!




Who is Sophie Howard?

Sophie Howard is a New Zealander born in the U.K. who started her FBA service while caring for her newborn in 2014. She is referred to as “The Amazon Selling Queen” and the creator of the brand name “Ambitious Business owners”.

Sophie Howard

Sophie is the owner and creator of two courses for making money online. The one is in this review – Kindle Publishing Income – and another one is called Blue Sky Amazon.

The latter is where Sophie teaches how to start an Amazon FBA business. The former is where you can learn how Sophie Howard has become successful with Kindle publishing as well.

In 2016, Sophie released a book titled Amazon Jetstream Earnings which features her selling experiences and assures to help individuals launch companies on Amazon. 

And today, she’s teaching me how to follow in her footsteps.

What Is Kindle Publishing Income?

Kindle Publishing Income is a course about teaching you how to get into the Kindle Direct Publishing business. The course was developed and created by Sophie Howard, who apparently has got lots of experience with this business.

Kindle Publishing Income Course Review

Basically, Sophie will teach you how to successfully sell eBooks on Kindle without having to write a word. That’s right! You don’t have to be a writer to be successful with Kindle publishing.

Sophie’s course is designed to teach you how to outsource the entire process to ghostwriters. All you have to do is put the books together, upload them to Amazon, and run paid ads to get some eyeballs on your books.

But is it worth it? Is it a scam or legit? Should you buy it? Keep reading my Kindle Publishing Income review to find out the truth!

How Does Kindle Publishing Income Work?

With Kindle Publishing Income, you can learn how to create eBooks and sell them on Kindle to earn an income. Sophie Howard breaks down the whole process into 3 simple steps.

Kindle Publishing Income Overview

  • Step #1 – Select a Niche – The first step is finding a niche. The objective here is to select a niche market that is big enough in demand and low in competition.
  • Step #2 – Create an eBook – You do not need to compose a word to earn money with Kindle. You will find out how to outsource your content writing to ghostwriters to create content on subjects of your selection.
  • Step #3 – Once you have completed an eBook, you need to let people know so they can buy it. How can you do so? By running Amazon ads!

Keep in mind that you need a lot of money on the side to execute this project. Just the course itself will cost you over $2K. Then, you need to pay ghostwriters and even run ads!

In my opinion, Kindle Publishing Income appears legit. However, Sophie Howard has failed to mention how much money you need to invest in her three-step system, and that’s a red flag.

Alternative: My #1 recommendation is an affordable and newbie-friendly affiliate marketing course that helps to build a successful online business from scratch! I used this exact system to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day! Learn more below!




What Do You Get With Sophie’s Course?

Inside the Kindle Publishing Income training course, you will get access to 6 training modules. The training will show you how to create as well as offer ebooks making use of the market.

Kindle Publishing Income Features

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the features of Sophie Howard’s course:

  • Step By Step Training – You’ll find out the entire process of developing an e-book and marketing it to earn money.
  • 1 Year Support – Kindle Publishing Income can get confusing. That’s why you get 1-year of support.
  • Sophie’s Book Of Contacts – In order to make cash with ebooks you’ll require to outsource the job to the best workers. This feature gives you access to people Sophie has utilized in the past successfully.
  • 90 Days Weekly Group Coaching – Each week for the very first 90 days of the program you’ll be able to take part in group training sessions run by Sophie. There you’ll have the ability to ask questions.
  • Niche Finder Software – Locating the appropriate specific niche to develop books is time-consuming. This tool will assist you to find ones that pay and that have a target market.
  • Public Domain Masterclass – This feature instructs you exactly how to locate ebooks in the public domain name to sell.
  • Low Content Masterclass – Here you’ll discover exactly how to market your ebook with web content advertising and marketing.
  • Paperback And Audible Profit Multiplier – This feature instructs you exactly how to earn money with paperback publications and also audiobooks.
  • International Profit Multiplier – You’ll learn exactly how to earn money selling your publication in various languages.
  • Fast Launch Facebook Group – You’ll get accessibility to the private Facebook Team too. Right here you’ll have the ability to ask questions and get answers.

All in all, Sophie has included a lot of valuable features and resources in her Kindle Publishing Income. In the next section of my review, we’ll see how much you will have to pay to get access to all these features.

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How Much Does Kindle Publishing Income Cost?

It costs 5 month-to-month payments of $497 to get access to Kindle Publishing Income. The overall amount you will end up spending is $2,485. It is indeed a high-ticket course.

As I said earlier in the review, you will also have to spend more money on graphic designers, content writers, and Amazon Ads. So the overall spending goes well over $3K.

Is there a refund at least?

You can ask for a refund during the first 180 days. As to get your refund you need to show that you got involved fully in the program and also you had to have actually released a publication on

Then, Sophie Howard and her team will decide whether or not they will issue a refund.

this course can help you to start making real money online.

Is Kindle Publishing Income a Scam?

Kindle Publishing Income is not a scam. In my review, it’s a legit course that can educate you on exactly how to develop eBooks and sell them on Amazon Kindle.

Moreover, Sophie Howard is an expert on this topic, so you will be learning from an expert. You get legitimate training in your hands, plus some extra features like niche software, coaching, a private FB group, etc.

And even if you feel like you’ve been scammed, you can apply for a refund during the first 180 days.

However, I personally think that Kindle Publishing Income is overpriced. The course reminds me of Kindle Cash Flow by Ty Cohen. Of the two, I would recommend the latter because it is less expensive.

But overall, I don’t recommend Kindle Publishing because it is not a newbie-friendly business model.

First of all, you need lots of capital, which most beginners don’t have. Secondly, you need to run ads, which is not a newbie-friendly method. That said, there are much better ways to start making money online.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100s per day!




What I Like About Kindle Publishing Income

I spent hours and hours researching this review. I read everything about the course, from blog posts to YouTube videos. And I followed Sophie Howard on social media, inspected the content of Kindle Publishing Income, and more!

Below is a list of some of the things that I really like about Sophie’s course:

Sophie Howard is a reputable online marketer

As mentioned earlier in my Kindle Publishing Income review, Sophie Howard is known as “The Amazon Selling Queen” ever since the word of her success came out.

That said, if you decide to start following her path, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

You get decent training and lots of extra features

Inside the Kindle Publishing Income, you will discover a step-by-step training course that contains 6 modules. In addition, you will get lots of bonuses and extra resources for success.

Although it is a bit pricey, Sophie’s course is not an empty shell. It’s a masterclass indeed.

Sophie teaches how to outsource everything

The thing that I like the most about this course is the fact that Sophie Howard will show you how to outsource all the work to online freelancers.

In other words, you will be learning how to start a real publishing business.

Kindle Publishing is a lucrative and legit business

Kindle Direct Publishing is not something that just came about. It’s a legit and highly lucrative online business model. And if applied to the letter, this course can help you to start making real money online.

180 days refund policy

Another thing that I really like about Kindle Publishing Income in my review is the refund policy. Basically, you have 6 months to work on the training, implement the instructions, and get results.

In case your results are negative, you can contact Sophie Howard, and apply for a full refund.

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What I Don’t Like About Kindle Publishing Income

On the other hand, below are some things that cast a shadow of doubt on Sophie’s course:

Not enough verifiable student testimonials

At the moment of writing this Kindle Publishing Income review, there isn’t a big number of students boasting about their results with Sophie’s training program.

One of the main reasons is probably that her course is still brand new.

Kindle Publishing Income is too expensive

Furthermore, the price of this training program is quite high.

I’m not in the position to say how much Sophie Howard should charge for her expertise and knowledge. But I’m sure there are better and less expensive ways to start an online business.

The system requires a startup capital

In addition to the price that you have to pay for Kindle Publishing Income, you will also have to invest a hefty amount of dough into resources, freelancers, ads, etc.

This makes the program even more expensive and not affordable to a large population.

Refunds are not easily issued

Unlike some other programs that teach how to make money online, Kindle Publishing Income’s refund policy is strict. Although it is generous, it has its limitations.

In other words, it’s action-based, which means that you will have to implement all the instructions before you are qualified for a refund.

Final Words and Honest Recommendation

Kindle Publishing Income will certainly show you how to create e-books and sell them on, without creating the material on your own as well as without investing a lot of time setting it up.

You will get step-by-step training, tools, and valuable resources from Sophie Howard. If you have the money to cover the prices to adhere to Sophie’s method then it would be feasible to earn money with this program.

Keep in mind this program will cost you approximately a couple of thousand a month to execute. If you can manage that investment and like the concept of developing e-books in a niche market of your selection, you have a genuine capacity for success with this course.

In other words, if this is your cup of tea, Sophie’s course is legit.

However, Kindle Publishing Income is overpriced and there are better places to get this info at means less than what Sophie Howard is asking for!

Moreover, there are much better (and less expensive) business models that are suitable for complete beginners. You can make money creating your content for free!

That’s how I make $1000’s every month!

Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

I know how hard it is to trust websites these days.

There are too many scams out there, especially in the make-money-online world.

I know, because I reviewed over 700+ sites so far!

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The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it is passive in terms of results and income.

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After evaluating over 700+ programs on the web, my conclusion is straightforward. This is the best way to start earning passive income online.

And if you’re looking for the very same, I’ll see you on the next page…




And don’t forget to share this Kindle Publishing Income review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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6 thoughts on “Kindle Publishing Income Review – Sophie Howard Scam or Legit?”

  1. I just listened to Sophie Howard’s pitch for 1+ hour. The point that held me back from purchasing is the vague explanation of related expenses from start to finish on a book and the time from start to finish. Even when asked three times in the chat. I’d like to evaluate more soundly the investment of $2500 in her course. The refund process is a bit vague and from your review here sounds like work in its self . More skeptical now

  2. This is a great way to earn a little extra by publishing your books with Amazon Kindle. The detailed review about Sophie’s course to teach you all this sounds promising and I will have to look into it more. After your detailed helpful review, I would not label this course a scam but instead as a legitimate business course that may be worth the time and investment. I will be bookmarking your website and sharing it with my social media followers. 

  3. I enjoy looking for ways to earn money. This was something I looked into because I do use a Kindle, so why not make money out of it. 500 and more programs, that is a lot. I never realized how many programs were out there. Yet I do see them a lot. I really liked your review. This really helped me realize it is something I can get into, and it will help me in the end. Thank you.

  4. Why are affiliate programs so expensive. So, by my understanding, you pay a once off payment for this affiliate program and not a monthly payment like wealthy affiliate? I see you recommend it so it is something I’m going to look into for friends and family. Thank you for this lovely review 

  5. Hi Ivan. In my opinion, the course looks good send helpful for people to learn making money with ebooks but the price tag that comes with it is really high. It seems the target audience for the course is well off people since people looking to make money online usually can’t spend this much on a course. I like the alternative you have provided though. It’s much cheaper and affordable for everyone.


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