Is the Midas Legacy a Scam? – Can Jim Samson Help You to Make Money?

Wondering whether Jim Samson and the Midas Legacy is a scam or legit? Welcome to my review.  

Last night, while I was sitting in my living room browsing through my email inbox, I noticed a weird looking email.

The message said that I need to collect a deposit for $4,291.46. It was from Jim Samson. He wrote that all I need to do is activate the software in 14 clicks and watch deposits like that come in like clockwork.

Once I clicked the link in the email, I landed on the marketing scam in the production of the Midas Legacy company.

The video I’ve got to watch was one of the worst marketing scams I’ve ever seen in my life. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of corrupted websites, but this one goes on the top of the list.

How did you’ve got in contact with the Midas Legacy? Was it through email as well or some other way?

By the way, congratulations on researching before giving away your hard-earned cash to scammy sites.

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In this Midas Legacy review, I’ll show you what this company is all about, who they are, how much could it cost you if you follow through, why I think it’s a scam, and more! Shall we begin?


The Midas Legacy Review - Scam

Website: (not an affiliate link)

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training???

Owner: Jim Samson

Price: $29.95 per month

Recommended?: No!

Quick Summary: Jim Samson is using a fake and highly misleading story about stealing money from other people’s accounts and transferring it to your own. The intention is to turn on your curiosity so you can sign up for some affiliate marketing training for $29.95 per month. The Midas Legacy has many negative reviews and complaints. I couldn’t discover anything legitimate about this website. This scam is not recommended.

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What is the Midas Legacy?

When you first get in contact with this company, it’s hard to tell what the Midas Legacy is all about. There aren’t any clear signs or clues about their business. All you’ve got was a crazy story about stealing rich people’s money using some secret bank codes.

Jim Samson was trying to convince you that you can snatch money from elitist’s bank accounts and turn, check this out, those bullies into your personal ATM. He claims that you can receive thousands of dollars just by entering a single code into your computer.

The Midas Legacy Sales Video

So I guess that the Midas Legacy people are thieves and scammers. Wouldn’t you agree?

However, Jim Samson claims he has discovered some loophole that governments and banks just have to tolerate. It has nothing to do with pyramid schemes, MLM’s, or anything like that. According to Jim, this is entirely legal.

Do you believe this crap? I know you don’t. You are smart enough to double questions this scheme and search for a review.

You see, I had tons of questions, as well. The sales video was not enough, of course. I wanted to learn more about the Midas Legacy, so I did some further research to help you out.

Who Owns the Company?

According to my research, the Midas Legacy is a success shortcut advisory (whatever that means) with headquarters in Winter Garden, Florida. The company was started by Jim Sheridan AKA Jim Samson (pen name), Jordan Bishop, and Mark Baker.

To my surprise, the company is real, and the owners are real people. I spend a few hours trying to reach what it is they do, but without any actual results. All I know is that they are some financial and success advisors.

The Midas Legacy is not accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau), where they have a B rating and seven customer complaints. The company is a real business, but as it turns out, its activity is not so real according to those complaints.

Let’s dig in some more, shall we? This is somehow just not enough.

How Does the Midas Legacy Work?

The following paragraph is what I’ve discovered on their official website.

The Midas Legacy offers research advice to anyone who is looking to achieve success. They help investors to manage their money, entrepreneurs to better their financial situation, anyone who wants to become a better person to attain inner peace and become happier, and anyone who wants to get to retirement as soon as possible to do so.

So basically, they are some financial/success/personal development advisors. Or at least that’s what they say. What do you think? Legit or a scam?

The hilarious video you’ve got to watch is actually a sales page for one of their products. It’s designed to funnel you to an affiliate marketing training of some sort.

The Midas Legacy Codes

If we are to judge by the video, you can say that the Midas Legacy is a scam.

However, it turns out the training is legitimate. They teach about affiliate marketing and how to sell ClickBank products. But based on everything that I’ve seen, I would put my money and my hopes into the hands of this company. Any company that tricks prospects into buying their service with fake sales presentations is, in my opinion, a scam.

Would you trust your hard-earned cash to a company that promotes its products and services as the Midas Legacy does?

So, What About Those Codes?

Unfortunately, there are no secret codes that will fill up your account in a matter of days. You can’t turn rich man’s bank account into your ATM. You see, the whole story about entering codes and stealing money from rich people is pure BS that has nothing to do with real life. It’s just marketing.

And it’s dirty marketing, wouldn’t you agree? Tricking people with fake invitations to claim thousands in just a few clicks is just not right. Besides, it’s not how legitimate companies do business.

On the other hand, you can make money with affiliate marketing. It’s one of the best ways to make money online. However, I don’t trust the Midas Legacy nor in their expertise. They have many customer complaints, and their business is too shady.

You see, affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online. But because of these guys and their scams, a rare few legitimate companies fall into the same category.

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How Much Could This Cost You?

During the sales pitch, Jim Samson mentioned that you could get access to Level 1 of their training for $29,95. However, he failed to say that it’s a monthly subscription.

The Midas Legacy Price

Also, the Midas Legacy offers various other services so that the price could go up to $997. Based on my research, some people spent a lot of money without getting any results in return. I’ll show you those complaints soon.

What’s Good About the Midas Legacy?

While writing this review, I tried to find at least one good thing about the Midas Legacy. But no matter how much I contemplated, I just couldn’t figure out anything to put here. Since the very first contact, I’ve got a strong gut feeling that it is some scam, and my stomach is never wrong.

What do you think? Is there anything good here? Do you feel that this company has honest intentions?

The Midas Legacy Scam Warning Signs!

Here I have a bunch of warning signs that show that the Midas Legacy is a scam. Everything from top to bottom has no sense to me, and here are some of the proofs to refresh your memory.

1.) Sales Pitch is Fake and Misleading

The Midas Legacy is talking about legally stealing rich people’s money and siphoning it to your bank account. Jim claims that all you need to do is push five buttons, and you’ll receive instant cash from your bank. He tells this crazy story about some secret loophole unknown to regular people. Apparently, he’s even been fired because he’s found out about this secret.

The Midas Legacy Fake Claims

I must admit that I was highly entertained while listening to the BS video. How about you? Wouldn’t you agree that the whole story about stealing money from rich people deserves to be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster?

However, the truth is that everything that you’ve heard during the sales pitch is fake. And not to mention, it’s highly misleading. Jim Samson is using false marketing to trigger your curiosity and desire to make some quick cash.

2.) Zero Details About the Product or Service

Another thing that is highly misleading and deceptive is a severe lack of transparency about their products or services. During the sales presentation, Jim Samson hasn’t mentioned what it is that he’s selling. Oh yea, he did. Those secret codes. But as you know, that’s BS.

How can you trust someone who’s been so secretive? Is the Midas Legacy a scam then? Well, based on the sales pitch, it might be. But there’s more!

3.) Bunch Of Complaints All Over the Net

Many people have reported that they have been ripped off by the Midas Legacy. Down below are a few screenshots from Better Business Bureau where a few people have filed severe complaints about this company. It’s encouraging, though, to see that many of them have been resolved in the meantime. But still, if they where an honest service, there wouldn’t be so many complaints.

The Midas Legacy Complaints

Also, those complaints are not the only warning that The Midas Legacy is a scam. Here is an article from a local website where even police advise to stay away from this company. They call it a get rich quick scheme and encourage not to trust this company.

Is the Midas Legacy a Scam? 

Yes, the Midas Legacy is a scam. There is plenty of evidence all over this review to confirm this.

First of all, and this is the most important, the sales video has nothing to do with their products or services. The story about transferring cash from other people’s accounts to your own is fake. Jim Samson has mentioned some codes that will help you to do so, but as you know, that’s all bogus and has nothing to do with real life.

You see, this video is designed to trick people into buying their affiliate marketing training. The training, however, might be legitimate, but the way how the Midas Legacy attracts customers is a marketing scam.

Also, according to my research, many people have fallen on fake promises and ended up tricked into spending more money. Some people have spent hundreds of dollars without getting any results in return. It shows that his company has no honest intention to help people to succeed.

My honest recommendation is to stay away from scams like the Midas Legacy. I tried to find at least one person who can confirm that he or she has gotten some positive results, but nothing came back to me. You see, legitimate companies always have tons of positive reviews. This one has none! Steer clear.

How I Make Money Online Legally!

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

18 thoughts on “Is the Midas Legacy a Scam? – Can Jim Samson Help You to Make Money?”

  1. Midas legacy is simply but a scam and  I will make sure to share this out to as many platforms as possible to prevent people from fallen to such a cheap scam as midas legacy. How will you steal money and send it to another person’s bank. That is simply a criminal act to which I will never be a part to. Thanks for unveiling this about them.

  2. In my opinion, this is the most ridiculous approach to making money I have seen so far online. Why would anyone want to snatch money from someone else account and make it mine. I am surprised anyone would come up with such idea to making money. Only those with plans of making money would want to continue or go with such means of making money.

    • Hi Benson, thanks for leaving your comment on my site 🙂

      Yes, the sales pitch for the Midas Legacy program is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. I recommend staying away from it.


  3. Hello Ivan, if there is any word to worse than absurd to describe such means of making money, then that’s what this Midas Legacy is giving. There are so many online sites that are just there to loot money from those who are not informed about their dealing. For me, I tend to take my time to make findings of online means of making money before going into it. It’s only a thief that would accept such means of income from any online site. I hope people see this post and stay clear from such sites. Affiliate marketing is one means I would also recommend to make money online without stress, all you need is get the right training.

  4. Hi Ivan

    Quite frankly never came across Midas Legacy however I am glad that I came across this post. I and my friends are exploring options for making money online. We are definitely going to skip Midas Legacy. I sometimes wonder why people waste their time and create something bogus or illegitimate? Making money online sounds exciting however at the same time one needs to extra cautious with their money as fraudsters are spying all over the internet. Thanks for your recommendation, will look into the same. Just a quick question – How long does it take to become successful in affiliate marketing?

  5. Wow! I don’t live in the US so I don’t know about regulations there, but how does this company still operate?? Isn’t there enough proof against their outrageous rip offs? I’m glad you’re advising people about legal online money making as there are so many scams on the net.

    • Hi Gabor, thanks for commenting on my review 🙂

      I have no idea, to be honest. The Midas Legacy is technically legitimate company because they offer services and products. However, the marketing they use to attract customers is a pure scam. I don’t recommend it!


  6. Hello Ivan

    Thank you so much for this very informative article.

    Thank you for building awareness. I will definitely be sharing this article on my social media.

    Keep up the good work


    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for commenting on my review 🙂

      Beware of ‘get-rich-quick’ scams like Midas Legacy. It’s good to see you researching before giving away your hard-earned cash.


    • Hi Mike, I haven’t purchased any products because the sales pitch and the information given is fake, twisted, and has nothing to do with reality. I don’t trust Midas Legacy to give them my credit card details. This review was based on my experience from the moment I received an email to use some codes to “steal” other people’s money until the moment they’ve asked me to sign up for the first package. As well, it’s based on the collection of information from the internet.


  7. Hi Ivan,

    I have order some of their products and to be honest with you it is a shame how they lure people in for crazy and outlandish garbage. The Robin Hood is a affiliate marketing program. The robbing banks is about stock options. But what the catch is they want you to pay $497 or 997 for the answers to get the code. It is bunch of hogwash how this man can get away with scamming people.


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