Paid Online Writing Jobs Review – BIG Scam or Legit Jobs?

Welcome to my Paid Online Writing Jobs review.

Have you thought about making money with Paid Online Writing Jobs? Not sure how it really works? Are you wondering; Is Paid Online Writing Jobs a scam? Great! Keep reading this review to learn more…

A few months ago, I got a suspicious-looking email. I followed the links inside and landed on the opportunity to make money by writing content online. I was genuinely intrigued by this opportunity.

But then, I did my research, joined the program, and found some SHOCKING details that I want to share with you in my review of Paid Online Writing Jobs.

But first, who am I? Can you trust me?

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m a successful affiliate marketer. I went from waiting tables to earning a five-figure income online with my affiliate marketing business!

Within this Paid Online Writing Jobs review, I show you what it is all about and how it really works. I will reveal the true intention of this program without throwing any dust into your eyes.

Also, I’ll show you a few scam warning signs that you need to be aware of before going any further!

The last thing you want is to fall for another online scam. So are Paid Online Writing Jobs legit? The truth will disappoint you…Keep reading my review!

Paid Online Writing Jobs Review Scam


Is Paid Online Writing Jobs a Scam or Legit?

Paid Online Writing Jobs is a scam, plain and simple. They use deceptive tactics and empty promises to take your money without actually delivering any value.

Their main goal is to drain your wallet. They lure you in with false claims of easy money-making opportunities online. But once they have your attention, they will constantly ask for more and more cash.

Within their sales funnel, they will try to sell you even more scams, all in the name of making money off of unsuspecting newcomers.

Sure, there might be some resources included with your purchase, but they are nowhere near sufficient to actually start earning money as an online writer. It’s just an attempt to make their offer seem somewhat legitimate.

If Paid Online Writing Jobs had an exclusive database like Fiverr, for instance, then there might be some credibility there. But the truth is, they offer no real value and are nothing more than a scam.

In conclusion, do not fall for their tricks. Paid Online Writing Jobs is not a legitimate service and should be avoided at all costs.

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What is Paid Online Writing Jobs? 

You are here because you’re wondering whether Paid Online Writing Jobs (POWJ) are a scam or legit, and I’m here to help you.

At first glance, the POWJ site appears legitimate. However, looks can be deceiving. Recently, I reviewed a clone website called Paid Social Media Jobs.

To put it simply, it was a scam that tricks people into paying for access to social media jobs. Common sense tells us that jobs, whether online or offline, are generally free!

Why would you pay for an online job? It doesn’t make sense.

Paid Online Writing Jobs is a platform where you can get paid to complete simple online tasks, such as writing articles, stories, proofreading books and scripts, writing reviews, and blogging.

According to the official website, these tasks are compensated.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Website

To get started, follow these three simple steps:

  • Sign up for a VIP membership.
  • Search for a job from thousands of freelance writing opportunities in our database.
  • Complete the job and get paid.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Review

After reviewing multiple sites like this, I can confirm that Paid Online Writing Jobs are a scam.

They make enticing promises of numerous jobs, high pay, easy work, and various benefits to lure you in.

However, once you sign up, you will only receive basic training materials, such as a few PDFs, and a list of links to legitimate sites where you might find actual jobs, if you’re lucky.

The truth is, Paid Online Writing Jobs acts as a middleman between you and those websites. Now, here’s the problem: all those websites are free to join. There is absolutely no need to pay anyone in order to find an online job.

This begs the question: why pay for something that is readily available for free?

Why Do They Charge You For These Jobs?

Paid Online Writing Jobs claims to offer valuable training on freelancing under the guise of their Fast Track Job Training Program.

However, it is merely a collection of generic information readily available for free on platforms like YouTube and Google. Additionally, the website attempts to entice users with access to their “database” but, in reality, only redirects them to sites such as oDesk and Upwork.

Essentially, they act as intermediaries and charge users for jobs that are readily available online, raising concerns about their legitimacy.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Scam

Lastly, to justify the price you pay, they provide access to VIP job boards where you can post jobs and get hired. However, this section is filled with requests from people who have been deceived.

In reality, no one is going to hire you from there because no one is even looking. In my opinion, there is no need to pay for these jobs.

Paid Online Writing Jobs is a scam and fake service that will take $47 from you if you choose to work with them.

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Who Is Behind Paid Online Writing Jobs?

Before writing this review, I spent hours researching to find out who owns Paid Online Writing Jobs. Unfortunately, this information is not available in the public domain. Therefore, this is another BIG RED FLAG

Additionally, as you can see from the official video, they use the doodly service to promote the offer…

If Paid Online Writing Jobs were a legitimate service and not a scam, the website would have revealed this information. In other words, the owner or owners would have taken pride in their platform.

However, their lack of transparency indicates that they do not want to be associated with this product. Furthermore, I recently came across another dubious product called Write App Reviews, which interestingly enough, included Paid Online Writing Jobs as part of its sales funnel.

The Write App Reviews product is also questionable, leading me to conclude that it is a scam, much like Paid Online Writing Jobs and Paid Social Media Jobs. It appears that these scams share the same creator(s).

How Paid Online Writing Jobs Really Work

The program is sold on the ClickBank marketplace. Like many other products on ClickBank, Paid Online Writing Jobs are designed to generate profit for the owner.

It operates as a marketing funnel, offering various info products like books and generic videos. Unfortunately, the information you receive in exchange for your payment is practically worthless.

Additionally, the platform provides access to a multitude of writing jobs.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Scam

You see, the $1 entrance fee is just the beginning. They’ll offer you additional programs to supposedly boost your earnings, but in reality, they’re nothing more than worthless PDFs. In other words, they’re constantly trying to profit off you.

In the end, the only ones who benefit from this program are the creator and the affiliates promoting it. By the way, I stumbled upon this site through a spammy affiliate link. How about you? How did you come across it?

The fact that spammers endorse this program speaks volumes about its quality and legitimacy.

What Do You Get With Paid Online Writing Jobs?

Inside the platform, you will find access to a few generic blog posts discussing freelance writing and its workings. Additionally, they offer a few generic training pieces to enhance its value.

Here is everything you’ll find inside Paid Online Writing Jobs…


  • Overview of freelance writing and tips on landing jobs.
  • Tips on becoming a better copywriter.
  • Training on SEO and creating Google-ranked articles.
  • Advanced Training:
  • More information about freelance writing.

The Content Writing Jobs Database

Keep in mind that they claim to provide access to a database of writing jobs. However, this aspect of the program is essentially a compilation of links to legitimate free websites where you can find jobs.

Writing Jobs Database


The problem with Paid Online Writing Jobs is that they charge you for access to free stuff. These bonuses are simply a few old eBooks intended to provide additional imaginative value to the program. Speaking of which…

How Much Does Paid Online Writing Jobs Cost?

The Paid Online Writing Jobs offer is quite affordable. You can get access for just $1 and maintain access to the membership site for $47 per month.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Price

Keep in mind that once you gain accessibility, you may be asked to pay even more. This implies that there are additional “solutions” available for purchase once you’re inside.

The number of upsells is really frustrating in products like this.

  • Unlimited Membership $97
  • Social Media Jobs $57
  • aid Online Writing Jobs Arbitrage $37

Unfortunately, if you discover that the content is not up to par, you can request a refund. Keep in mind that this is a ClickBank marketplace, and you have 60 days to get your money back.

Is Paid Online Writing Jobs Worth It?

Although the price may seem affordable and the program may sound promising, in my opinion, it’s definitely not worth it. If you decide to purchase this training plan, along with any additional offers within the sales funnel, you’ll likely end up feeling frustrated and disappointed.

All they provide is a bit of training and links to legitimate and free websites where you can find work online. Honestly, you could accomplish the same thing on your own with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The main reason I say it’s not worth it is because Paid Online Writing Jobs essentially scams you out of $47 to do something you can easily do for free.

However, if they had a private database with legitimate online jobs, like Arise Work From Home, my opinion might change.

But the way they currently operate, it simply isn’t worth it.

Alternative: If you’re a newbie who is looking to earn passive income online, there are other, more beginner-friendly, and cost-effective alternatives. My top-rated affiliate marketing course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




What I Like About Paid Online Writing Jobs

The offer has one redeeming quality: the initial charge of $47 is refundable within 60 days.

However, the owner’s claim that only 10% of people request a refund seems questionable. It is worth noting that the expensive upsells are not covered by Clickbank’s refund policy.

It is unlikely that you will receive a reimbursement from these individuals.

In this review of Paid Online Writing Jobs, I will provide supporting evidence to back up my claims. Additionally, I will share some scam warning signs you should be aware of.

1.) They’ll Charge You For Free Jobs

Do you think a legitimate platform would charge you to access freelance writing jobs? I don’t think so either. Online writing jobs are available for free all over the internet.

But these guys want to charge you $47 a month for access to those jobs. There’s simply no justification for this, at least not in my opinion. It’s a textbook scam!

2.) Online Writing Jobs are Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Writing, editing, proofreading, and other similar tasks can help you earn some money. However, it’s important to be realistic and not expect to get rich from these jobs. They may not be the most lucrative option for making money online.

It’s important to note that it takes a considerable amount of experience before you can secure high-paying opportunities. As a beginner, you may earn a few dollars here and there, but that’s about it.

3.) It’s a Copy-Paste Scam (Paid Social Media Jobs)

As mentioned earlier in this review, Paid Online Writing Jobs is essentially a copied version of another scam called Paid Social Media Jobs. The narrative behind both schemes is nearly identical.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Scam

You’re invited to take jobs that promise wealth. However, they will charge you for access and provide you with books on freelancing and links to sites where you’ll have to compete with seasoned professionals for these jobs.

4.) Hidden and Aggresive Upsells

Paid Online Writing Jobs, like every other ClickBank product, comes with a set of upsells. The entry fee to the funnel is $47. However, there’s more to it.

There are additional upsells that will cost you a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, what you’ll get in return for your cash are just books and resources about freelancing.

What’s worse is that all those upsells inside the sales funnel are scams. They may have different stories, but they share the same intention and design.

Some will deceive you by claiming that you can get rich by writing reviews, while others will promise social media jobs that supposedly make you boatloads of money without any effort.

Do I Recommend Paid Online Writing Jobs?

Guys, in any case, I strongly advise against POWJ. In my opinion, it’s a scam designed to rip you off.

The only silver lining is that you might be able to get your money back because this program is sold through ClickBank, which automatically offers a refund policy.

So, if you’ve been deceived by the Paid Online Writing Jobs scam, you can request a refund. Hopefully, it’s not too late for you to recover your funds.

Where to Find Paid Online Writing Jobs for Free?

If you’re interested in exploring these jobs without paying for guidance, these sites offer much better alternatives than Paid Online Writing Jobs.

Here are some recommended websites to find free writing jobs. However, if you’re new to the field, keep in mind that it may take some time before you start getting paid for these jobs.

It’s important to note that these websites mainly cater to professionals. You’ll need to either have a skillset or find a way to back up your experience. Alternatively, you can dedicate time to building your reputation in the industry.

Don’t fall for the false promises of websites like Paid Online Writing Jobs, claiming that these jobs are effortless and highly paid. Freelancing, like any other profession, requires time, effort, and dedication to make a living from your work.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a freelance writer, consider checking out Freedom With Writing for access to a free job listing platform. Additionally, you can explore Writers Work for more jobs, legitimate training, and helpful tools.


  • The product is covered with ClickBank money-back guarantee
  • You get some material in return for your money


  • You have to pay to get access to free online job directories
  • They promise fast and easy earnings
  • An aggressive sales funnel promotes more junk
  • Low-quality training and resources

Paid Online Writing Jobs claims to be the largest part-time online writer employer, but in my review, it is nothing but a scam. Let me tell you why you should stay away from this website.

They charge you $47 a month for information that is readily available for free. The training they offer is brief, and there are very few job opportunities available on the platform.

Essentially, all they do is redirect you to free sites where you might find work if you’re lucky and possess the necessary skills.

In short, this site acts as a middleman and charges people for a service that can be accessed for free on platforms like Google, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more.

Avoid wasting your time and money on sites like Paid Online Writing Jobs – they’re nothing more than a scam!

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this Paid Online Writing Jobs review with your friends!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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  1. Thanks Ivan for sharing the content above. Luckily I was smart enough to do further investigation before paying money. Thanks again.

  2. Hi, fortunately I found your post before being taken in by POWJ. Reading their email this morning I was tempted to apply but something felt off. Your post confirmed my suspicions. Thanks

    • Hey Elizabeth, thanks for reading my posts. I’m glad to hear my POWJ review was helpful!

      Welcome to my training program! Feel free to reach out if you need help with getting started 🙂


  3. Thank you for providing insight on who you are personally, and how your journey started with your Paid Online Writing Jobs. It helps us readers be able to trust you and you’re reviews. I appreciate that you provide an alternative to scams, which is also helpful for newcomers. 

    Your content helps many understand what Paid Online Writing Jobs really is and how they operate. Thanks to you, I am sure many have avoided a potential chance of being scammed, which we all thank you for. Great and helpful content!

  4. Thank you for providing warnings about Paid Online Writing Jobs. Why pay $27 dollars when you can get the same information through an online search?  If it simply funnels you to free sites where you can try to impress the businesses needing a good writer, It is very devious and misleading. Paid Social Media Jobs or being paid to send emails sounds legitimate And if a person can make high pay, then why not?  A simple training site which offers very few prospects for employment or income is not a valid site to consider.  Your alternate way to earn substantial income seems to be worth pursuing. If you were able to slowly transform your life, then why shouldn’t I be able to follow your steps?

  5. Hey Ivan,

    It feels as if they are not even putting an effort to get you to buy into these scams anymore haha, red flags all over the place as you mentioned. I’ve been looking for a way to make some extra cash, so been creeping on your site for a bit. This is not a good option, specially when most of the tools they seem to provide can be easily found online, at that point you can try your luck on fiverr or something, thank you for the information, staying away from this.

  6. Another scam found! Thank you for looking out for us and exposing these sites. There is so much to sift through and it’s nice to be able to rely on some honest people. I love writing and have been trying to move toward being able to support myself through my passions and talents instead of doing jobs that aren’t meaningful to me. It’s sad that people are so quick to take advantage of those of us who are just looking for a legit way to get paid for the hard work we put into our writing. Thank you for the *free* and *legit* options out there for us writers! 

  7. I like writing. And I initially found this job opportunity interesting. However, I have no experience distinguishing legit sites from scams. So, I decided to read reviews. I read a review saying it was a good way to earn money. But after that, all the other reviews have said to keep away. But none gave such detailed information as you have done here. Thank you. And I will sure keep away.

  8. This is a good post.  You pointed out the tricks used to part you from your money.  You listed the warning signs to pay attention to such as the lack of the owner’s name.  Legitimate programs are proud to stand behind their work and so will put their names out there for the public.

    The biggest warning sign is that you are being asked to pay for something that is free on other internet sites. Newbies are sometimes so desperate for cash that they don’t do “due diligence” activities such as researching the offer. 

    I’m glad you pointed out the similarity of this product to other scams. Maybe you will save a few newbies from losing their money.

  9. I can back this article up. This is not a good choice. I once joined this program and I absolutely regret it. I will not recommend it to anyone. People should stay far away from it. I am so glad that someone else could see it. This post will help a lot of people so thank you for this article. It is greatly appreciated 

  10. Wow, thank you soooo much for this review! I just visited their site, it’s very convincing. I did suspect a few things though, so I decided to verify and stumbled upon your site. Thank you for helping to prevent inexperienced newbies from falling for a scam.

  11. Thank you very much sir you safe my money I was just going to pay the training fees on paidonlinewrittingjobs they’re so clever & experienced the way I receive offers from thier sites in my gmail inbox I wanna tell you guys “Hello Muhammad I love you do you know why because you’re from Pakistan I need more workers from your country click on this link to apply from Dana hiring manager” well. This is the way they try to scam us thank you again Ivan brother Allah bless you.

    • Hi Muhammad Adeel Hussain, you’re welcome, my friend. Yes, they’re very good at getting under your skin and at promising you hills and valleys if you join and pay for the membership. But once you do so, you’re on your own and they don’t care. My inbox is full of those “once in lifetime opportunities too! I have had to open a new email just for them LOL. Stay safe, brother, and always search for a review. If you can’t find one, let me know and I’ll take a look at it.

      God bless you too!


  12. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for the review, this is really valuable information.

    I’ve just started a blog and have really been enjoying the writing process, so the natural progression is to start to look for writing jobs to supplement my income while I build my own website. I’m really glad that you have done this research for me so that I don’t have to either tie up a my valuable writing time doing it or waste my money paying for a useless service.

    Do you think paid writing jobs are actually worthwhile? Or should I spend my time focusing on my own blog?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Hi Lisa, you’re welcome. My best advice is to stay focused on your blog. Writing jobs are worthwhile, but those jobs can’t match the earning potential of an authorty blog site.


  13. Excellent timing. I am looking to supplement my income with some writing side gigs, and I was looking at Paid Online Writing Jobs!

    I am so tired of scammers. They have invaded every corner of the web, and make it really hard for people to find legitimate sites that will actually help them.

    Thanks for doing my due diligence for me. : )

  14. Thanks for writing this article! This is the first time I’ve heard of this particular website, I did my own research about finding ways to make money online and I think I got lucky since this one didn’t pop up in any of my searches.

    Now I know to stay a way from the website you mentioned, honestly, before I joined the current program I’m in now, I was skeptical at first too. Every time I see a program charging you money before teaching you anything without even a free trial always puts me on edge and makes me blacklist it.

    Did you try this website out yourself to get all this information?

  15. When people are searching for online writing jobs, this one will always come up first because of the name. Great job in seeing through their shell. I hope people that are trying to make a dollar while writing on the web don’t fall for this trap.
    Doing your own search and finding free offers will always be what I am looking for. I am glad that you put it out there that writing jobs don’t pay that well, most will pay very little for a 1000 word article. If you write this same article for your own website, you could potentially make money off this article for many years.
    Is there any mention of a refund to this program if you do not make any money.

    • Hi John, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment 🙂

      That’s true, John. What’s better, if you build a whole blog and put dozens and dozens of articles there, you can potentially make money off your blog for years. The best thing about blogging is, the more content you add on your blog, the more money you can potentially earn.

      On the other hand, the Paid Online Writing Jobs website is going to charge you for a free service. I’m happy to see you doing research before falling into the trap of these scammers.


  16. Thanks for this review on Paid Online Writing Jobs. You did a good job explaining what they are and are not. I don’t mind paying for good training, but I’m not going to pay for something that’s really not going to help. I’m also not going to pay for a list of where I can find jobs. This does sound like a rip off to me. Instead I’m going to hop over to your article on how to write a blog for free. Thanks!

    • Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      I don’t see a reason why Paid Online Writing Jobs is going to charge you except that weak three video training, which is BS. Otherwise, there are no reasons. They are going to send you over to sites that are free to join and easy to find via Google search. The whole thing makes no sense. I think it’s a massive scam that needs to be avoided.

      Make sure to read my article on how to write a blog for free. You can really start your blog for free. There’s a Premium membership also. But to start and learn how to blog, you can use free membership for as long as you want.


  17. Thanks for the work you do, there are too much of this out there and you really take the time to find what is legit or scam… awards too you

  18. Well I didn’t know that this market was even a thing to look into. I thought when I got into the art of creating a business online that you had to be really good at writing and creating almost a book like site. It’s amazing what you can do online now and also crazy all of the different companies that want your money but then don’t invest into you once you have spent your money. Get material and I thank you for putting out this information for us all to get better informed about internet companies and the negative ways they try to get money from anyone.

    • Hi Douglas, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      Yes, there are many companies that are only after your money. Most of them don’t really care to help you succeed online. Honors to a few rare exceptions. I hope I have helped you to learn more about Paid Online Writing Jobs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


    • Thank you so much for the information I was almost on my way to join #paidonlinewritingjobs. Though I am not certain how to create a blog on my own to receive money? Could you please assist me with that?


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