Re-KaChing Review – Can You Make Money With This System or a SCAM?

Welcome to this Re-KaChing review. Wondering can you make money with Fulton’s and Bari’s software? Or maybe you’re thinking the Re-KaChing system is a scam? Well, I purchased the system to learn more. Truth to be told, it’s not the best solution for making money online. 

If you take a look at the sales page, these guys are selling you this system like it the solution for all your financial worries. I reviewed one of their product earlier this year (Quick Fire Commissions) that came out with a lot of hype, but in the end, it didn’t live up to expectations.

Will Re-KaChing do better? Let’s see.

You see, these guys are good marketers, hands down. But the Re-KaChing system is not the making money miracle that you’ve been waiting for. You see, the push-button software is just a marketing trick.

Yes, there is software included.

However, you’ll have to do a lot of work instead of pushing a few buttons.

They do offer you a full setup. But more about it later.

In this Re-KaChing review, you’re going to learn more about what it is, how it works, how much could it potentially cost you, can you make money with it, and more.

Re-KaChing Review - a Scam?

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Before we begin, you are entitled to free advice from someone who’s been through a few scams and half-baked courses so far. Here are a few examples.

Do not believe every word you hear from the mouth of the people who are trying to sell you a training course of any kind. The internet today is full of offers which are designed to make money for owners in the first place. In many instances, the customers are in the last place.

Always search the Google for a product review whenever you find something you’re not sure about. If you can’t find a decent review, please, feel free to contact me. I’ll get right into things to help you out.

If you are tired of scams, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on half-baked courses or another ‘get rich quick’ scheme, I invite you to click the link below.




What is Re-KaChing?

Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari call Re-KaChing a brand new method for making a passive income with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’s a push-button software that can help you bank $2000 per month using 100% free Internet traffic.

It has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, websites, eCommerce, or anything like that.

And, believe it or not, it’s true, at least partially.

Re-KaChing Review

These guys claim that this system is 100% newbie-friendly. Moreover, they say you don’t need any previous skills or knowledge to make it work. The system is simple and works with less than 30 minutes of setup time. Everything is fully automatized and ready to make you money on autopilot.

How much of the sales page do you think is actually true?

In my experience, 90% of the information from the sales page is ‘get-rich-quick’ BS. Don’t believe the hype they’re making. Generally speaking, it’s all marketing. I’ll explain this in more details by the end of this Re-KaChing review.

On the other hand, there is software that can help you make money.

However, it’s nothing like you’ve read on the sales page. There are no hundreds of dollars here as soon as you start or by the end of the day. The system might work, but it’ll take time and effort.

As I’ve said, I purchased Re-Kaching so I can give you an honest review.

Re-Kaching is a system for managing other people’s Instagram accounts.

Re-KaChing Instagram

Yes, you’ve read it right.

The software helps you to manage Instagram accounts all from one dashboard, making it easier to maintain dozens of Instagram accounts at once.

Let me explain the system in more details.

How Re-KaChing Works?

According to Fulton and Bari, Re-KaChing system works in three simple steps. They are:

  • Follow the step-by-step training
  • Let the push-button Software run your campaigns
  • Sit back and wait for the money

Re-KaChing Steps

Understand that these steps are marketing designed to make it look effortless.

Here is how it actually works.

First, you’ll be welcomed with a couple of videos where Jason and Mosh are reciting everything you’ve read on the sales page once again.

Do you know what wise people say?  ‘repetition is the mother of skill.’ 🙂

In a nutshell, to make this work, you’ll need to reach out to people and ask them to let you manage their Instagram account. The goal is to find an Instagram account that has a solid following and potential to grow.

Four videos explain this process in more details. Thought the material is detailed, Mosh Bari is not the best teacher. I’ve been losing him a lot during the training.

Anyway, the main point is to manage their social interaction and help them grow their following for a small monthly fee (around $30). That way, the owners of account can stay focused on their career and personal life. And you can have a customer.

In other words, you’ll be offering an Instagram account management service. Many people offer this kind of service. You can find them all over the sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Instagram Account Management

Second, after you manage to get a couple of ‘customers,’ the Re-KaChing software will help you to put all your ‘clients’ in one basket. From there, you can manage all accounts and activities at once and put the operations on autopilot.

Speaking of which, here is an interesting article that explains Instagram automatization process in more detail.

In theory, the business model Bari and Fulton are selling here is legit and working.

Finding new clients and managing a few accounts at once shouldn’t be difficult to do manually. However, once you start getting more and more clients, you’ll need to use the software to do the work instead of you.

Re-KaChing Software

Now here, the problem.

According to my research, Instagram has a strict policy when it comes to using bots and software to manage an account. This kind of activity can result in shutting down an Instagram account. It means that, if they catch you, you’re going to lose the client (money) and the person who has bought your service will lose their account.

Therefore, once again, Re-KaChing system might work, but for how long?

What’s Inside Re-KaChing?

Once you get access to the main dashboard, you’ll find one case study and a set of instructions on how this system works.

Inside Re-KaChing

Then, there is a set of videos that explain the process in a step-by-step manner. You’ll get access to the software itself, and a couple of bonuses and upgrades.

What’s the Price of Re-KaChing?

The price of this system is only $12.94. According to the sales page, this is an early-bird discounted price. The original price is $97.

According to Jason Fulton, the price of the system will go up with every new purchase. However, I think that this is only a marketing trick. I believe that the price will stay at $12.94.

Is There a Refund?

Yes, there’s 30-day money-back guarantee on this WarriorPlus offer.

However, to be eligible for a refund, you’ll need to take action with the system first. Otherwise, you’ll have problems to get your money back.

Re-KaChing One-Time-Offers (Upsells)

In addition to a small entrance fee, the system comes with a set of four OTO’s! The upsells are not mandatory. And you can decline them to proceed to the members’ area.

If you decline each OTO, you’ll activate the discount as shown below.

  • DFY Campaigns $37 ($17):  a set of done-for-you campaigns that can help you get up and running without figuring it out yourself.
  • Re-KaChing Secrets $47 ($27): advanced tactics to take all campaigns to the next level.
  • Re-KaChing 100% Hands-Free $47 ($27): put the system on complete autopilot.
  • License Rights $97 ($47): re-sell the Re-Kaching and keep the 100% profits.

Who is Re-KaChing for?

This system could be for people who are looking for something other than classic online money-making methods like affiliate marketing or eCommerce.

It is for those who are interested in managing other people Instagram accounts and earning a passive income of doing the same.




Can You Make Money With Re-KaChing?

In theory, you can make money by managing Instagram accounts. As I’ve said, some people offer this service on the internet to make money. So once again, yes, it could help you to earn some online cash.

My concerns though is the way you’ll be doing it.

If you violate Instagram’s Terms of Use, which are very strict, you’ll be risking to lose everything.

Re-KaChing Warning Signs

When it comes to digital products, as per usual, the sales page is frequently misleading and has little to do with the merchandise behind.

Therefore, I want to point your focus of attention onto some unrealistic claims and marketing tricks you shouldn’t be taking seriously.

1.) It’s Unlikely You’ll Be Making Money As Soon As Today

Guys like Fulton and Bari are experienced online marketers, so they know how to sell.

In other words, they are quite capable of creating hype around the product. They are telling you that you can start making money by the end of the day with this one-of-a-kind system, and things like that to get you excited about the product.

However, understand that that’s merely a marketing trick. Making money the first day is impossible if you are a beginner. The only way how you can make money that fast is if you buy all those OTO’s and let the guys do the work for you.

2.) It’s Not Newbie Friendly & It Takes Work

You see, I’m not a newbie. I know a thing or two about make-money-online systems.

But because the sale page influenced me, I expected to push a few buttons and make money with this one. However, once I’ve got access to Re-KaChing system, I was overwhelmed with new information. It was clear to me that it’s not as effortless as they claim.

To make this system work, you’ll have to devote at least a couple of hours every day for several days. Nothing works on a push of a button. Everything requires time and effort.

Re-KaChing Review

3.) $12.95 Can Turn Into a Lot More if You’re Not Careful

The small price tag of only $12.95 is just an entrance fee to the sales funnel.

Once/if you pay the price to get in, you’ll go through a set of one time offers. These OTO’s can quickly raise the price tag. And that’s something which is not disclosed on the sales page.

As I’ve said, these two are an excellent marketer. They do everything with a purpose. Therefore, think twice.

4.) There’s Nothing New or Secret About This Method

There’s one image in this Re-KaChing review where you can see people offering the social management account service on Fiverr. There’s nothing new or secret about this earning opportunity.

Also, many people had automatized the process, so it’s old news.

Is Re-KaChing a Scam?

Technically, a scam is an attempt to obtain money without giving anything in return.

There’s nothing scammy here. If you ever buy this product from Fulton-Bari production, you’ll get a legit training on how to make money online. Guys will show you a working method for making money by managing Instagram accounts.

Also, if you are not interested in doing this all by yourself, you can take some of those upsells. Guys have done this already. They can help you to get the system up and running fast, and hopefully, making some money as well.

My verdict is that Re-KaChing is not a scam. However, it’s not the best thing you’ll ever see.




Do I Recommend Re-KaChing?

If anyone reading this article has a wish to pursue a career in Instagram management, then go for it. You can learn a thing or two from this system. As I’ve said, people are using this method to make some cash, and the training is legit.

On the other hand, I think that this method is not a long term business solution. It could help you to make some money, but it won’t last.

Moreover, you’ll be using software to do so. The usage of software and bots to manage an Instagram account is not approved by Instagram’s terms of use. So I wouldn’t be too excited about it.

To those of you who are earnest about making money online should take this information seriously.

Unlike many other reviewers out there who are promoting this system to make a commission, I’m not affiliated with the offer and I do not recommend this system.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Thanks for coming to the end of this Re-KaChing review. It shows that you are a serious person who takes every step with the most attention.

If you are interested in learning how to start an affiliate marketing business and make money online under your conditions, I have a great alternative to those money-sucking offers.

This process is proved by thousands of online marketers all over the globe. You are looking at the one right now. 🙂

Here is the process in a nutshell.

Firstly, you’ll be choosing a niche.

A niche in affiliate marketing is an area of interest. For example, my niche is affiliate marketing training courses. Yours can be anything you want. If you like golfing, then golfing equipment can be your niche.

Secondly, you’ll be building a website.

A website is not too hard to build. We will give you two free sites! We will develop and maintain your websites for you. All you have to do is choose the name and pick one of the preset themes. The rest is on us. It takes less than five minutes!

Thirdly, you’ll be attracting visitors to your site.

The first roadblock in this business is finding the right source of traffic. We are going to show you well-kept secrets to unlimited FREE TRAFFIC from the internet. However, you’ll have to work to get it. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme!

Fourthly, you’ll be selling the products of your choice to your visitors to make money!

We’ll show you how to use affiliate links and Google Adsense to monetize your site and make those sweet affiliate commissions!




I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me!

All the best,


Ivan Head Shoot

founder, and CEO at

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  • Thank you for the review, Ivan! This was very helpful. I am always interested in new ways to make money online and so it was great to come across a site that told the honest truth. These reviews are some of the most helpful!

    • Hi Paul, your welcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I hope you are now better informed.


  • Hi Ivan,

    This is a very detailed and informative review of Re-Kaching program.
    I never heard about this program before, thank you for this information and your honest opinion.

    I like the way you point out your first recommendation on making money online, the smart way I supposed.

    Once again thank you.

    • Hi Lyn, thanks for your comment. I’m happy to help you learn more about Re-Kaching system. It’s not the best solution to make money online, but it works.

      The program that I recommend as my #1 choice is focused on teaching you how to set up an online business, as you’ve said, the smart way. It all comes down to building a website and a long-term online presence within a specific niche of your choice through content creation. It’s a fun and secure way to create a stable and long-term passive income from the internet. It’s not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme or anything like that. These guys are in the business for over a decade, and they are experts in the field of niche marketing.

      Click here if you are interested in learning more on how to start.

      Ivan 🙂

  • Hey Ivan, been a while lol.

    I see these guys are at it again, this time with the Re-Kaching program now. I personally have not tried it, but it’s good to know that it’s not a complete scam haha. However, using software to manage Instagram accounts is a good way to make problems for yourself down the road.

    I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised with the rise of these programs that take advantage of Social Media, there is no doubt a lot of money to be made but you have to be willing to do it the right way. Get rich quick methods like this aren’t the way to go.

    Take care!

    • Hi Tyson, I agree with you man, there’s no way to get rich quick. Maybe if you win the lottery or inherit a large sum from a distant relative. Getting rich from the internet is more than possible, but it’s a long term process. It takes a few years to a decade to build an online empire, but it’s more than possible.

      Re-KaChing is a risky little program that works, but it can backfire and the whole operation can go to waste. In other words, you can invest money only to see everything crumble if Instagram gets you ass.



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