Savage Affiliates Review – Is Franklin Hatchett’s Course Legit?

Savage Affiliates Review - Franklin Hatchett

Welcome to the ultimate Savage Affiliates review.

Franklin Hatchett, the creator of the Savage Affiliates course, promises he’ll show you how to earn online using his affiliate system.

If you are keen to know:

  • Is Savage Affiliates legit
  • Who is Franklin Hatchett
  • What’s inside the course
  • The real cost to start
  • Whether students are successful
  • Can you get a full refund
  • And more!

You’ve clicked on the right website!

I’ve dedicated a few days to analyzing Franklin’s course, taking tons of notes, uncovering all sorts of info, and thoroughly going over the program so that I can provide you with the most helpful Savage Affiliates review.


Affiliate marketing training by Franklin Hatchett.


Standard Plan - $197 one-time. Super Plan - $297 one-time.


Comprehensive course. Step-by-step training modules. Franklin focuses on SEO over paid traffic. Franklin Hatchett is a legitimate marketer. The course includes a Private Facebook Group. It's relatively cheap training. The course is covered by the 30-day refund policy. Positive testimonials and reviews.


Acton-based refund policy. You have to invest at least $500 into tools outside the course. Extra costs are not disclosed on the official site. Not clear if the course is being updated.

⚠️ Verdict

Savage Affiliates offers a cost-effective affiliate marketing course that's a great choice for all skill levels.

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About the Reviewer

Hey, I’m Ivan Brozincevic!

Since 2018, I’ve been making a full-time income online, which allowed me to quit my old job (about me).

Initially, I struggled to identify legit courses and avoid ones that were just out for my money.

That’s why I created this website – my main goal is to help you steer clear of pitfalls and discover the top online business courses.

Every week, I invest hours reviewing online courses and writing reviews based on my fact-driven review guidelines to assist you in making an informed choice.

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What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training course that teaches how to make money online.

The training covers everything from setting up a website, finding affiliate programs and promotions, learning SEO, and FB ads, building sales funnels, and more.

In essence, what you get with this course is a step-by-step blueprint that Franklin uses to earn a passive income.

Savage Affiliates Review - Course

In addition to the training course, Savage Affiliates comes with the Inner Circle community, weekly video and Q&A sessions, lifetime updates, and more.

All in all, Franklin has created a decent affiliate marketing training course.

Before we dive into this Savage Affiliates review, I have to say that I’m Hattchet’s fan. I’ve been following his YouTube channel for a while and learned a ton of great things from his videos.

But that is not going to affect my review. I’m 100% honest and unbiased! So is Savage Affiliates a scam or legit?

What Is Inside Savage Affiliates?

If you ever decide to purchase Savage Affiliates and start working with Franklin, you’ll get access to the full online training program, complete ClickBank training, traffic methods, copy-paste templates, private inner circle, and live weekly Q&A sessions with Franklin himself.

Inside Savage Affiliates, you will find:

  • Step-by-step training
  • Traffic methods
  • Copy & Paste templates
  • Lifetime updates
  • Private FB group
  • Live weekly Q&A sessions

After reviewing 600+ courses and programs, mostly scams, I was delighted to land on a legitimate training course.

Franklin’s course is based on the same methods and affiliate techniques that Franklin Hatchett was and still is using to earn a passive income online.

That said, I don’t see any signs that could lead to saying that Savage Affiliates is a scam. It looks like a legitimate course.

One of the great things about this course is that there are no upsells.

However, you will have to spend some more money on tools, hosting, websites, and even traffic – more about this later in my Savage Affiliates review.

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Is Savage Affiliates a Scam?

No, Savage Affiliates is not a scam or anything like that. It is a 100% legitimate affiliate marketing training program created by an expert in this field.

Franklin Hatchett is completely transparent about everything related to this course, which includes the price as well.

Furthermore, one of the things that convinces me that this course is not a scam is the fact that Savage Affiliates members are getting positive results.

This is a great sign that Savage Affiliate is not a scam!

Of course, there are no guarantees that you will make money with this course. Your success with Franklin’s course depends on you and your ability to follow through.

I like that Franklin Hatchett is not doing business in a scammy way like many other online marketing gurus.

For example, courses like Perpetual Income 365 or 12 Minute Affiliate are not to be trusted.

That said, Savage Affiliates is legit. Now, let’s talk about the man behind this course.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is a YouTuber, a super successful online marketer, and an expert in affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

Now, while some of those gurus are pure BS and they sell you crap to sell something, Franklin Hatchett is one of the rare who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Savage Affiliates Review - Franklin Hatchett

This guy started his online journey around five years ago.

Today, he’s one of the most recognized names in the area of drop-shipping and affiliate marketing.

Those two areas of the online business world are his speciality. You can trust him to be your guru if you want to master the same.

You can even follow him on YouTube.

Franklin Hatchett is not one of those digital marketing gurus that flash you with expensive cars, choppers, villas, and such to get you in.

He is a legit online expert who can teach you everything from how to build a blog to creating an eCommerce business.

Therefore, his reputation and expertise show that Savage Affiliates is not a scam, but a legit course.

That said, let’s jump to the next section of my Savage Affiliate review to learn more about the features of this program, its price, and extra costs.

What Can You Learn From Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates course consists of nine training modules. The information covered in nine modules is designed to teach you how to make money online.

Franklin Hatchett is going to show you everything from starting with affiliate marketing to making your first commission.

Savage Affiliates Training

The nine modules inside Savage Affiliate cover these topics:

  • Module 1. Affiliate Introduction
  • Module 2. Niches & Products
  • Module 3. Building Your Assets
  • Module 4. ClickBank Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 5. Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 6. SEO Traffic
  • Module 7. Paid Traffic Training
  • Module 8. Free Traffic Training
  • Module 9. Email Marketing Training

I’ll discover what’s within each module individually in the second half of this Savage Affiliates review.

Unlike some other courses, Franklin’s training is broad and covers multiple aspects of affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

For example, The Authority Site System will teach you how to create a blog and drive traffic from search engines.

And Inbound Closer will show you how to close deals to earn commissions.

How Much Do Savage Affiliates Cost?

By the time of writing this Savage Affiliates review, you can buy the course for only $197 one time.

Also, there is a Super version on the offer and it costs $297.

Savage Affiliates Review - Price

Here’s the difference between these two Savage Affiliate plans.

Standard Plan – $197 one-time payment

  • Over The Shoulder Affiliate Training
  • Full Niche Research Training
  • Complete Website Setup & Training
  • Complete Email Marketing Setup & Training
  • Complete Funnel Setup & Training
  • Complete ClickBank Training & BONUS Funnels
  • Complete Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Google SEO Traffic Mastery Training
  • Paid Traffic Academy To Explode Predictable Growth
  • Free Traffic Academy To Explode Organic Growth
  • Private Inner Circle With Me & Other Members
  • Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions
  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates

Super Plan – $297 one-time payment

  • Everything From the Standard Plan
  • Full Step By Step ClickFunnels Affiliate Academy
  • Franklin’s Secret Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Multiple ClickFunnels Pre-Made Funnels
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint

Extra Costs

If you decide to build an affiliate marketing business via Savage Affiliates, you will have to invest more money into this feat.

See, you will have to buy tools, and unfortunately, there are no tools included in this course. This, however, doesn’t make Savage Affiliates a scam. All legit courses do this.

Here is a short breakdown of the extra costs:

  • Hosting – approximately $150 per year
  • Domain – approximately $15 per year
  • Autoresponder – approximately $30 per month
  • Funnel Builder – approximately $100 per month
  • Paid Ads (optional) – approximately $500 per month

So to build your affiliate site with Franklink’s Savage Affiliates, you will have to have at least $500 extra on the side for all the extra costs.

Savage Affiliates Refund Policy

Franklin Hatchett gives a money-back guarantee, which is an awesome thing to see and proof that Savage Affiliates is not a scam.

You can take it, and if you are not satisfied with what you get, you can ask for your money again within the first thirty days.

Savage Affiliates Refund Policy

However, keep in mind that it’s an action-based refund policy.

In other words, you will have to complete a part of the Savage Affiliates training, set up your business, and test the strategies before applying for a refund.

Here’s what Franklin asks you to do before applying:

  • The member has logged into the training at least once.
  • You have to watch at least 50% of the training.
  • The member has joined the private Facebook group.
  • You have to make an effort to Start a live Website, YouTube channel, blog, funnel or any other type of website or funnel we teach in this training.

Does Savage Affiliates Have Community?

The last thing you’ll get from Franklin is access to a private Facebook group. Many Savage Affiliates members are active there including Franklin himself.

By the time of writing this Savage Affiliates review, the Facebook Private Group counts 3.9K members.

Every decent affiliate marketing training service must have a sort of community where members can share their knowledge, experience, and success with other participants.

One of the largest online marketing communities is Wealthy Affiliate. Another one is related to the Solo Build It platform.

This one is no different.

You’ll find that having access to a community of like-minded people is one of the best assets you can get. This is just another proof that Savage Affiliates is no scam but a legit marketing course.

Savage Affiliates Testimonials and Reviews

The best way to find out whether Savage Affiliate is a scam or legit is to read some reviews. The good news is that Savage Affiliates has been live on the market for a few years now and it’s hardly got any negative reviews.

Naturally, lots of people have joined Franklin’s course and have achieved positive results with the course curriculum.

Here are a few Savage Affiliates testimonials and reviews from users.

Savage Affiliates Review - Testimonials 1

As you can see, people are reporting good results with Savage Affiliates. This is a good sign in terms of whether it is a scam or legit.

If it were the latter, there would be negative reviews.

I’ve tried to find at least one negative experience with this course but, it seems like there are no negative testimonials or online reviews.

I have also watched a few YouTube reviews to see what YouTubers have to say, and the conclusion is the same. It is a legitimate course and Franklin Hatchet is a real deal.

How Do Savage Affiliates Work?

Savage Affiliates teaches how to start an affiliate marketing business. This business is 100% legit and the fact that Savage Affiliate teaches it shows that there’s no scam going on.

Once you gain access to the course, you’ll find nine training modules lined up.

Every single training module contains several video lessons that are between 10-15 minutes long. There are over 100 videos included in this course.

Let’s step up this Savage Affiliates review and take a look at what’s inside the training.

Module 1. Affiliate Introduction

Before you start working on your brand-new online business, you’ll have to get your mind ready for it.

I like to see courses that begin with a mindset first. I believe that the proper mindset is the key to success.

Franklin is going to show you a couple of his sites from which he earns a massive passive income to help you get the picture of what can be yours one day if you follow through.

Furthermore, within the first module of Savage Affiliates, you’ll have a chance to learn about the business model.

This guy is going to show you why SEO should be your number one priority. You see, SEO takes the most time to master.

However, the success that comes after learning Search Engine Optimization is long-term. It’s the best method for creating a steady stream of passive income on the internet.

Also, it’s essential to learn all about legal obligations that await you before you dive in.

Franklin Hatchett is going to cover that topic as well inside Savage Affiliates module number one.

Module 2. Niches & Products

The second module of Savage Affiliates training is where you are going to learn how to choose your direction.

Picking the right niche is one of the top priorities when starting an online business. You want to choose something that you’re familiar with something that you can learn how to sell.

Moreover, if you dive into a crowded niche, it’s going to be hard to rank your site at the beginning. We all want to tap into niches with the best potential to rank fast.

Franklin covers a lot of relevant information about choosing the right way inside the second module of Savage Affiliates.

Some of the information that he shares within module two are about the best marketplaces online where you can search for products to sell.

He’s going to give you directions on how to use various marketplaces like:

  • ClickBank
  • Amazon
  • JVZoo
  • ShareASale
  • and more

Module 3. Building Your Assets

Your website is going to be your online asset. Before you start working on something, you’ll have to rent or buy a shop.

In this module of Savage Affiliates, Franklin is going to cover the essentials of starting an online business.

In more detail, you’ll learn how to buy and register the domain name using the BlueHost service. He’s going to show you how to install WordPress along with all the necessary plugins.

Savage Affiliates Review - Building Your Assets

If you are a brand new marketer, you’ll find that some of the stuff is confusing.

However, as you advance in the business, you’ll get natural so no worries.

Franklin is teaching how to start a blog from scratch with this module of Savage Affiliates, as well as how to create the initial framework of the entire site.

You’ll learn how to create landing pages for an email marketing campaign which is something that many new marketers don’t do from the very beginning.

Having an active email campaign from the start is going to help you double your income as you go.

Module 4. ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

One of the marketplaces that Franklin Hatchett gives the most attention to is ClickBank. You have probably heard about ClickBank and how enormous possibilities it offers regarding affiliate products.

There are thousands of products round-up in various categories. You can find everything from health to making money online.

Here are some of the most popular categories on ClickBank:

  • Business / Investing
  • E-Business & E-Marketing
  • Education
  • Employment & Jobs
  • Health & Fitness
  • Sports
  • Personal Development
  • Gardening
  • Gaming
  • and more!

There are thirty lessons covering everything from the initial sign-up, tax certificates, legal obligations, searching for the right products, and more.

Moreover, he’s going to give a couple of real-life examples of how his students use ClickBank to make money online.

The stuff he teaches is about choosing the right products and then creating funnels and driving customers directly to purchase those products.

By the way, ClickBank is host to lots of scams, so be careful. This doesn’t mean that Savage Affiliate is a scam. As I said in my review, Savage Affiliate is legit!

Just be careful what you promote from ClickBank

Module 5. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon, on the other hand, is the world’s largest online retailer.

While ClickBank is a marketplace for digital products only, Amazon is full of everything. You can promote millions of different physical products.

Amazon can be a perfect start for someone who is a beginner.

During the fifth module of Savage Affiliates, Franklin is going to show you how to make money here as well. He gives a few great examples of sites that generate gross revenue by selling Amazon products.

He’ll walk you through the process of setting up your account, filling ‘out the paperwork,’ and much more.

I want to give you the advice to focus on one of those two.

Make a pick between Amazon and ClickBank and adjust your website to the network you choose.

Franklin is going to show you how to work with both which can be too much for a beginner if you are one.

Anyway, you’ll find great stuff within this and the previous module, so open your eyes and ears.

And now, let’s continue with Savage Affiliates Review and see how to get traffic on the site.

Module 6. SEO Traffic

Savage Affiliates is one of the rare on the internet where you can learn this much about SEO all in one place. Franklin Hatchett is an expert in both free and paid traffic.

However, his main philosophy is good old SEO.

I’m a fan of SEO as well because it’s a long-term business strategy. Unlike paid traffic which has its ups and downs, free traffic from search engines is direct.

Savage Affiliates Review - SEO Traffic

By this I mean to say that people that use search engines have the intention to buy.

They are on the lookout for a site that can point them in the right direction.

One of the downsides of this tactic is that it takes a lot of time. It will take you at least one year to apply this strategy.

However, one year spent learning and working hard can result in a passive income for life.

As I’ve said, Franklin is an expert on SEO, and I’m a big fan. Make sure you follow through with this module of Savage Affiliates by the letter.

You can learn a lot about creating a long-term business online.

That said, this module is just another proof that Savage Affiliates doesn’t fit a scam. It’s a legit course from head to toe!

Module 7. Paid Traffic Training

Unlike the previous module of Savage Affiliates which is focused on SEO, module number seven is specialized to teach you how to drive paid traffic to your site.

Most of the affiliate marketing gurus today are experts on paid traffic methods.

Franklin Hatchett is one of the rare who will teach you both free and paid. He’s showing how to reach out to get potential customers using:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Solo Ads.

As I’ve said, I’m not a big fan of paid traffic.

However, if you don’t have time and patience to work on SEO, you can find some great ways and means to get potential customers as soon as you put up your site together.

If you decide to use paid traffic methods, remember that you’ll have to prepare a bag of cash to start successfully.

Many people are driven by a desire to make money instantly, so they turn to pay traffic first.

If you are not prepared to invest, it’s better to focus on SEO first until you start generating the initial income.

Then you can use that money to apply the stuff Franklin is teaching with Savage Affiliates.

Module 8. Free Traffic Training

I think that Franklin should have put this module before the one on paid traffic. The stuff that he teaches here fits perfectly after lessons on SEO and before modules on paid advertisement.

However, it’s his course, so he knows the best.

Module 9. Email Marketing Training

If you are a brand new marketer, burn the next two sentences to your mind. Email marketing is the best way to make money on the internet.

It has been and will stay the most powerful online marketing medium.

The last module of Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates is all about how to implement an email marketing strategy on top of everything you’ve learned so far.

Franklin has mastered a bit of everything.

He’s going to teach you all you’ll have to know about email marketing. He’s going to show you how to capture your visitors to give you their email addresses.

Even if they don’t buy through your affiliate link, you’ll at least have the email address.

Therefore, you can make a second effort anytime you want.

Within the last module of Savage Affiliates, you’ll learn how to:

  • signup for email marketing autoresponder
  • use autoresponders for email marketing
  • create effective email campaigns
  • write email swipes that convert
  • run newsletters
  • and more.

Bonus Module: Funnel Training

Franklin took the time to create a couple of bonus videos on how to develop funnels online.

With this bonus inside Savage Affiliates, he’s going to show you how to set up one, how to drive people through the funnel, and ultimately how to make money.

It’s not something that I’m interested in knowing, at least not yet. However, funnels are becoming more popular as we speak and Franklin knows that.

That’s why you’ll find it as bonus material.

Who is Savage Affiliates for?

Savage Affiliates, as I’ve said already, is a complete affiliate marketing course. It covers all the basics of the business, as well as the more advanced methods.

The training is suitable for both advanced and beginner affiliate marketers.

But in my personal opinion, Savage Affiliates is not really for beginner affiliate marketers.

It’s quite comprehensive and some of the methods are quite complicated for beginners to understand. However, you can learn at your own pace, which is good.

In any case, this program is for people who are serious about starting an affiliate marketing business.

That said, Savage Affiliate is for:

  • affiliate marketers
  • email marketers
  • sales funnel experts
  • SEOs
  • advanced marketers
  • bloggers & website owners

If you fit the description of an ideal candidate, make sure that you are the type of person who is going to finish what you’ve stared at.

It’s a comprehensive course that requires a lot of time and work.

Savage Affiliates is not a scam but it is definitely not for people who think that affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme.

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Is Savage Affiliates Worth It?

I believe that Savage Affiliates is worth it. It falls in the category of less expensive but high-quality courses.

Of course, I’m not counting the extra costs. As you know by now, you will have to invest about $500 into building your own online business as per instructions from the course.

But if you’re dead-set on starting and finishing this course, I believe it could pay off.

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What I Like About Savage Affiliates

  • It’s a comprehensive course
  • Step-by-step training modules
  • The course teaches about affiliate marketing
  • Franklin focuses on SEO over paid traffic
  • Franklin Hatchett is a legitimate marketer
  • The course includes a Private Facebook Group
  • It’s relatively cheap training
  • The course is covered with the 30-day refund policy
  • Positive testimonials and reviews

What I Don’t Like About Savage Affiliates

  • You have to invest time, effort, and money into the course before asking for a refund
  • You have to invest at least $500 into tools and websites
  • Extra costs are not disclosed on the official site
  • Savage Affiliates is not the most beginner-friendliest course ou there

Savage Affiliates Review – Conclusion

Savage Affiliate is not a scam, once again. I have reviewed a lot of courses that teach how to make money with affiliate marketing. So I know how a scam works.

The fact is, 90% of these courses and programs on the market today are scams designed to make money off you and leave you empty-handed in the end.

These scams give this legitimate industry a bad name, unfortunately.

The good news, however, is that there are still legit courses like Savage Affiliates or Wealthy Affiliate, and even Commission Academy that are focused on HELPING YOU TO MAKE MONEY.

That said, Franklin Hatchett’s nine-module affiliate marketing training is legit and if you ever decide to go for it, you’ll be in the right hands.

I hope this Savage Affiliates review was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.


Affiliate marketing training by Franklin Hatchett.


Standard Plan - $197 one-time. Super Plan - $297 one-time.


Comprehensive course. Step-by-step training modules. Franklin focuses on SEO over paid traffic. Franklin Hatchett is a legitimate marketer. The course includes a Private Facebook Group. It's relatively cheap training. The course is covered by the 30-day refund policy. Positive testimonials and reviews.


Acton-based refund policy. You have to invest at least $500 into tools outside the course. Extra costs are not disclosed on the official site. Not clear if the course is being updated.

⚠️ Verdict

Savage Affiliates offers a cost-effective affiliate marketing course that's a great choice for all skill levels.

 Rating

The Best Way To Make Money Online

I earn online by creating simple affiliate websites to connect people with products they are already looking for.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it is the best way to make money online (at least in my humble opinion).

If you want to learn more about how to start making money online with affiliate marketing, I strongly suggest you sign up for the free training on the next page.

And don’t forget to share this Savage Affiliates review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan

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