Walmart Automation Alliance Review – Scam by Nick Mocuta?

Welcome to my Walmart Automation Alliance review. If you are wondering whether Nick Mocuta’s course is a scam or legit, you’re in the best place to learn more…

Since you’re here reading this post, you’ve probably seen an online ad promoting a done-for-you business. Perhaps Nick Mocuta caught your attention via his YouTube ads, and now, you want to know what is his offer all about.

And since there are tons of scams out there, you are most likely asking yourself; Is Walmart Automation Alliance a scam or legit?

In a nutshell, Walmart Automation Alliance is a program that will set up a DFY Walmart dropshipping business. Nick Mocuta and his team take care of the legwork for you.

Therefore, all you have to do is finance the business and run it after it’s been set up for you.

But is this course worth it? Can you trust Nick?

Before I share the TRUTH, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m a successful blogger and affiliate marketer. I went from serving tables in a restaurant to earning a five-figure revenue online from affiliate marketing!

Moreover, I have actually reviewed 700+ programs to discover the very best way to make money online. Simply put, I’m passionate about making money online and helping you to follow in my footsteps!

That said, in this Walmart Automation Alliance review, I will reveal everything about Nick Mocuta’s training course. I will explain what it is, how it works, whether Walmart Automation Alliance is a scam or legit, and more!

Walmart Automation Alliance Review


Walmart Automation Alliance Review – Overview

  • Product: Walmart Automation Alliance
  • Type: eCommerce Course
  • Owner: Nick Mocuta
  • Price: $???
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Unavailable
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: Walmart Automation Alliance is done for your opportunity to launch a dropshipping store online. Based on my detailed review, the course is legit.

However, due to the fact that it is aimed toward advanced drop-shippers, I don’t recommend this course to beginners.

Update 2022: Lots and lots of people have reached out at the end of this review with claims that Walmart Automation Alliance is a scam and that Nick Mocuta is a scammer.

Alternative: My #1 recommendation is an affordable and newbie-friendly affiliate marketing course that helps to build a successful online business from scratch! I used this exact system to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day! Learn more below!




Who Is Nick Mocuta?

Nick Mocuta is the founder of the Walmart Automation Alliance. Before Nick came to be a popular eCommerce mogul, he was an American immigrant with little English education and learning as well as just $500 in his pocket.

However, after doing several odd jobs for a ration, he went on to find out whatever he might regarding the property market. Soon enough he ended up being an effective broker. It is in the property business where he found financial liberty.

Nick Mocuta

Today, he has established his very own firm, Neptune Management. Also, together with his team, has brought the Walmart Automation Alliance service with the insurance claims of reproducing his “blueprint” in the eCommerce sector.

Due to his success, Nick has been published in several magazines including this article in Mirror and Hustles Digest.

That said, Nick Mocuta checks out the be a legitimate online entrepreneur. But is his course a scam or legit? Keep reading my Walmart Automation Alliance review to find out!

What Is Walmart Automation Alliance?

According to the website, Walmart Automation Alliance is a done-for-you business model. This system generally gives you a full setup eCommerce shop on Walmart and declares to manage it for you.

Walmart Automation Alliance Website

At first, the business idea sounds quite feasible. I mean, Nick claims that he and his team will take care of everything for you. Your main task will be to fund the project.

However, the problem with Walmart Automation Alliance is that Nick doesn’t share how much this is going to cost you. Setting up a dropshipping business alone is a costly feat.

Now, when you add the cost of this program to the basket, you could end up spending from $10,000 to even $30,000 right off the bat! This program reminds me of AMZDFY where you can do the same thing, just with Amazon.

The next problem is Walmart dropshipping. Is it worth it?

To outmatch the competitors, Walmart launched its very own dropshipping organization. Something like Amazon FBA. As a third-party supplier, you can currently provide your dropshipped items in the Walmart industry.

Walmart Automation Alliance claims to take every one of the legwork out of establishing your own Walmart drop shipping service. And also they’re doing it by entirely automating the process, from producing your very own store to making a decision which points to sell.

The benefit of this method, they assert, is that it allows you to make some passive money without much initiative on your component. As I said in my Walmart Automation Alliance review, you just have to make sure that you have enough cash to run the scheme.

Unlike a number of dropshipping programs, such as eCom Success academy, it does not offer any type of extensive dropshipping guidelines. At most, Walmart Automation Alliance’s user training covers just the basics.

Therefore, you will not learn anything valuable from this course. In other words, you will not be able to replicate the process over and over again, and that’s a bummer.

Also, dropshipping business is not the most beginner-friendlies method out there. Unlike affiliate marketing businesses, dropshipping requires significant investment, management skills, and lots of free time.

In fact, automated dropshipping courses are not the best way to make money.

Nevertheless, Walmart Automation Alliance seems like a legit offer. Let’s go over the next section of my review to see what is it that you will get with Nick’s program.

What Do You Get With Walmart Automation Alliance?

As said in my review earlier, Walmart Automation Alliance is a DFY program that automates the process of developing your very own Walmart dropshipping organization.

Nick Mocuta and his team have developed a proven blueprint that they share with you in this training. That said, below are several of the system’s features.

Training – The Rapid Setup Blueprint

When you Walmart Automation Alliance program, you’re going to have access to private video training that shows how to set the foundation.

These will be simple tasks that you have to complete in order for Nick and his team to build your Walmart store.

For example, you will have to obtain all arrangements with your vendor’s accounts on Walmart along with your customer account.

Nonetheless, these video clips only show the extremely essentials of Walmart dropshipping that you’ll need.

In fact, all that’s ever before taught here are steps on exactly how to establish your Walmart account. As obviously, it’s what’s needed to start selling at Walmart.

On top of that, they’ll lead you to do this properly so you just require to wait a couple of days prior to your Walmart account obtains verified. This will ease up the worry of needing to set up your account all by yourself.

At this point, according to Nick, you’re going to be in fantastic shape to start earning easy earnings every single month since every little thing will be provided for you.

This entire procedure allows you to bypass every one of the headaches that come with establishing a Walmart seller account all by yourself. Quite attractive business, right? So what’s next in Walmart Automation Alliance?

Walmart Automation Alliance Benefits

Automated Walmart System

This is the system’s key feature. You can have your Walmart automation organization, without putting in any initiative in all, according to Nick Mocuta.

Once you have completed the Rapid Setup Blueprint, everything else will now be done for you by the Walmart Automation Alliance personnel. And all you need to do is fund the whole operation.

This is how they describe their system’s operation.

Essentially, after a customer orders from your store, they will take care of all of the processing. Hence the done-for-you part of the agreement.

In a nutshell, Nick and his team will buy important things from other Walmart and Amazon vendors and will handle the delivery of the bought products to the purchaser.

Moreover, they will handle the choice of products you will market in your shop. Furthermore, they do the research study for the very best stuff to market in your online store. These will be included in your listing automatically.

The team from Walmart Automation Alliance will additionally deal with all customer service requirements & item returns if necessary. To put it simply, Walmart Automation Alliance will look after every little thing for you.

Nevertheless, since every little thing is basically “done for you,” you won’t have much impact on your business. This has advantages & disadvantages, which we will certainly discuss even more later on.

Walmart Store Monitoring and Support

Walmart Automation Alliance will take care of everything regarding your online business. Just keep in mind that they are overpromising things here. There will always be things that will require your attention in this business.

As this is still your own Walmart seller account, you’ll still be able to access it anytime you require. Like when you wish to monitor your sales to see which products are presently performing well, or underperforming.

Additionally, they have 24/7 customer assistance in case you encountered any kind of concerns regarding the system. While the integrity of customer assistance is still up for discussion, it does provide you with a tiny sense of security.

How Much Does Walmart Automation Alliance Cost?

Nick Mocuta is not upfront regarding the price of signing up for Walmart Automation Alliance. And that is, in my opinion, a big problem for future customers.

The only time that you’ll have the ability to know precisely how much it costs, is if you get in touch via a telephone call. They will prep you and also share the joining fee if you agree to work with them.

However, according to my Walmart Automation Alliance review, I learned that the program costs around $10,000 to $30,000! Which, obviously, is really costly, especially for someone who’s simply beginning.

Moreover, the costs of setting up a Walmart dropshipping business are not included in the price. You will still have to pay for every other aspect of the system that is outside of this program.

To me, the altogether costs of Walmart Automation Alliance are simply a bit too much. If you are a person who is just looking to get started online, you should certainly avoid this system.

Alternative: If you are looking for the best way to earn an income online, an affiliate marketing business is a way to go! And my #1 recommendation below is the best course for learning how to build a successful affiliate business from scratch without having to pay $1000’s on expensive courses.




Can You Make Money With Walmart Automation Alliance?

Yes, you can make money with this automatic service that Walmart Automation Alliance offers. You likewise require to shell out a big sum to get started.

The advantage of this system, according to Nick Mocuta, is that this enables you to make some passive income without much effort on your end.

Unlike some dropshipping courses like Amazing Selling Machine, it doesn’t offer any thorough training whatsoever about dropshipping. A lot of the training that Walmart Automation Alliance covers is just fundamental.

You must take note, however, that if you wish to start your own dropshipping company, you may have to run into a lot of issues with it. You can generate income with this program, however, it’s certainly not as easy as Nick Mocuta makes it sound.

There’s a lot of work to be done in advance, no genuine assurance of success, and most importantly, you require to do a lot of volumes to make any real money.

What I Like About Walmart Automation Alliance

Below are some of the pros related to the Walmart Automation Alliance program that might help you to make a final decision.

  • The financial potential of the program is high if successfully executed
  • All tasks included in Walmart dropshipping are done for you
  • Nick Mocuta is a real person and a legitimate entrepreneur
  • Walmart dropshipping is relatively unsaturated – low competition

What I Don’t Like About Walmart Automation Alliance

After carefully examining all the points about Walmart Automation Alliance in my review, I have also prepared a list of cons below.

  • The course is simply too expensive for low and middle-class income people
  • They do everything for you, which means you will not learn anything about dropshipping
  • You are completely reliant on Walmart Automation Alliance for success
  • You don’t have control over your store, your products, and your sales
  • Dropshipping business comes with lots of initial and ongoing costs
  • Lots and lots of users claim that Walmart Automation is a SCAM

Is Walmart Automation Alliance a Scam? 

Is Walmart Automation Alliance a scam?

In my Walmart Automation Alliance review, it is not a scam. Walmart Automation Alliance is a legitimate program that takes care of every single aspect of building and running a dropshipping store.

In my opinion, it’s best for individuals who wish to have their very own Walmart stores, but don’t have time to do it with their own two hands.

So if you do not have the time and knowledge to do so, you can hire Nick Mocuta and his team of dropshipping experts.

This solution will do all the effort for you, indicating that you can loosen up and just view the profits rolling in. In other words, they will take care of all the difficult jobs for you!

However, although Walmart Automation Alliance is legit, I still have some issues with it. For example, you will not actually learn anything business-related from this program.

Having your very own business completely managed by others while you’re bringing in the earnings is extremely nice, particularly for lazy people.

But unless you’re currently experienced in running a business, this organizational model will not be sustainable on your end without the appropriate training.

If it was, then everyone would be hiring DFY services like Walmart Automation Alliance!

Furthermore, considering that everything is essentially done for you, you won’t have complete control over the store. Most specifically, you will not have control over the products that they’re likely to sell for you.

Basically, you are left to their mercy and are risking your money trusting some people you don’t even know.

In my mind, this is not the best idea for running a business. I prefer to build it and learn everything from scratch. So when the time comes to hire others and put it on autopilot, I can have full control over the entire organization.

So the bottom line is, it is really possible to create a successful and profitable eCommerce store with the Walmart Automation Alliance program. However, there are far better methods to develop a business besides dropshipping.

Update 2022: Lots and lots of people have reached out at the end of this review with claims that Walmart Automation Alliance is a scam and that Nick Mocuta is a scammer.

That said, I can’t and won’t confirm their experience but I do advise extreme caution!

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Final Words and Honest Recommendation

At the end of my Walmart Automation Alliance review, I want to say that this is not the most beginner-friendlies program for making money online. Definitely, it is one of the least recommended for beginners.

In my opinion, Walmart Automation Alliance is useful for those people who are currently fluent in this business. In other words, I would recommend automation programs like this ONLY to people with prior experience and capital!

That said, Walmart’s dropshipping is still fairly new. This means there’s much less competition in the business model. Meaning you’re most likely to get more sales than with the other services.

However, in my opinion, beginners should AVOID Walmart Automerion Alliance at all costs. The reason why is obviously the price tag.

It’s merely too high, particularly for middle-class people. At this cost, you’re just far better off taking an online program about dropshipping instead of using this automation service.

For example, you can dive into relatively affordable courses like Ecomm Clubhouse or even Ecom Beast 2.0 to learn how to set up your own online store from scratch.

Another reason why I don’t recommend it to ALL is that you don’t have control over your own business!

Keep in mind, you are employing a service with Waltmar Automation Alliance, so that means that you have no control over how points are going on their end.

You pay them, and they do what they think is right. That’s all there is to it.

So in my opinion, there are much better, and less risky business models out there. For example, below is my #1 business model that is suitable even for complete beginners on a budget!

Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

I know how hard it is to trust websites these days. There are too many scams out there, especially in the make-money-online world. I know, because I reviewed over 600+ sites so far!

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And don’t forget to share this Walmart Automation Alliance review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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  1. I’ve also been scammed by Mr. Mocuta and his exotic car photos on social media. I’m in the Facebook Group Eric Diem started and I think we are stronger doing this together. The fact that really upsets me is that Mocuta probably knew there was no chance of our Walmart applications being accepted and never expected to deliver on his side of the agreement. I’m not a lawyer but I think that’s fraud and could be criminal. Maybe if he knows he’s facing criminal charges, he’ll sell a couple of Ferraris and pay us back.

  2. I was also scammed by them .I transfer them $27k for the Walmart automation store. They did not provide any service they promised and not even responding to my email. Moreover, they don’t have phone number to contact.

  3. It’s time they get exposed. Automation Alliance is an online fraudulent company . He takes innocent people money and post pics of him spending on Instagram…

  4. Hi All,
    I have reached out to the law firm and attorney that brought suit against Happy Smilles LLC / Automation Alliance in the US district court. The newest news is on 10/11/22 the defendants were granted an order to compel Arbitration. I have asked the Firm if there is a possibility of additional plaintiffs being included in this arbitration or if they would try a companion case. Will keep you posted. If you interested Join the Facebook group, “Scammed by Nick Mocuta” at to coordinate our communications

    • I too have been scammed and wish to join any class action lawsuit. I have been in contact with WM profits and they continue to lie and gaslight about the Walmart account.I have even reached out to Nick on Instagram.He has no remorse

  5. I too am having this issue with Nick and Automation Alliance. I have invested $30K with AA and at least an additional 5K on other services to support this effort. They created 2 separate LLCs and walmart marketplace stores. Both terminated by walmart trust and safety as they are likely on to the AA biz and not approving any of their stores. AA wants me to invest another $3500 so they can create another store – that walmart will immediately terminate as well I am sure. I am working on requesting a refund but will soon turn to legal action. Please reach out to me if you are interested in grouping up and investigating filing a joint lawsuit. Earl Diem

    • Thank you for that information. My case is exactly the same. The website has been taken down. The emails addresses are invalid. I’m interested in joining in.
      Annette 404-944-2752. AA also asked me for an additional $3500 so they can create another store. How are you requesting back. Website is down and all emails address come back not delivered.

    • My name is Funmilayo Oseni, I am also a victim of NICK MOCUTA with a deposit of $33,000 dollars since September 2021.
      There hasn’t been any value for my money. He was supposed to open both Walmart and Amazon online stores for me, and soon as I made the payment, his team ceased communication.

      Please, I need help.

  6. Yep, Nick got me too. They drag it out long enough to get you past the refund time frame and you get nothing. It all seems legit but when it comes down to it……you get nothing.

  7. I have been waiting a long time for my full refund from Mr. Nick Mocuta to date no response! I have invested $22,500 + other added expenses to create an online Walmart Automation Alliance Business! Mr. Mocuta if you run a non- Fraulent Company return my funds so I can start my own online business! It has been a year know, my money could have been making me money elsewhere where! My Attorney has contacted your Company on various occassions, your company has his info., but you have failed to make contact with your attorneys!!!! Know I want my funds plus all expenses I have incurred and interest!!!!

  8. I’ve always wanted to try dropshipping but never understood exactly how to get started. Walmart Automation Alliance seems interesting, but as you mentioned in the article, it seems to be for advanced drop shippers. $20K-$30K is a little too rich for my blood, as well.
    This is still great information! Any information on ways to make money online is great information! And your site seems to have that type of information in troves! Thanks for the article and keep up the great work!

  9. Walmart also has an affiliate program! Wow, there are just too many to keep up with these days. I see that you have not included a price. Does this mean that it is free? I will be sure to do more research on it. I see that you do not recommend it but I will still do my research

  10. This type of business looks like a very tempting investment, but it is also high risk, as you could pay all that money in and I am sure there are no guarantees that you would make anything back at all.

    I agree with you that it’s better to have control of your own online business, and to know how you got to the point you are at with the relevant training, and in this way you always have a finger on the pulse. It is also far more rewarding to know that you can generate an income online with your own knowledge and not somebody elses.


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