Zero Hour Work Days Review – Should You Buy It?

Welcome to my Zero Hour Work Days review.

Are you tired from 9 to 5 working every day?

Have you tried a few tricks to sell services or ever tried affiliate marketing?

Well, let me share it with you. There are 100s of ways to make money online.

And affiliate marketing is one of the best!

Today, I’m going to talk about Zero Hour Work Days, a course with an interesting name that was created by Brendan Mace.

I have studied both positive and negative sides to bring the best review of Zero Hour Work Days.

The aim of this article is that I would love to be a part of your successful journey.

So, everything in this review clears some essential questions before you decide should you or should you not buy the course of Zero Hour Work Days.

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That said, let’s start this Zero Hour Work Days review already!

Zero Hour Work Days Honest Review


Zero Hour Work Days Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Price: $8.67+ Upsells
  • Owner: Brendan Mace
  • Rating: 2.5/5

Quick Summary: Zero Hour Work Days is a digital marketing training course created by Brendan Mace. One thing that I don’t like about this course is the overhyped sales page and a few unexpected upsells.

Other than that, this course is legitimate and contains 8 modules of step-by-step training where Brendan reveals how to start with affiliate marketing by building a list and sending affiliate promotions.


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What is Zero Hour Work Days?

Zero Hour Work Days first were introduced in 2016 by Brendan Mace. It’s important to say that the person behind this program is a marketer who has tons of questionable digital marketing courses out there.

Brendan stands behind these as well:

In this course (just like in those before), Brendan will share ideas with you about how he is started from zero to reach 9,259.74 per month.

That’s a big number and I’ll help you to see whether or not it is going to deliver this time.

Zero Hour Work Days is basically an online marketing course with 60 days money-back guarantee. Here you can get learn in a specific field of online marketing called email marketing.

The goal of this course is to build a list of potential buyers and then run promotional email campaigns. These responsive emails can be operated with the help of automatic responsive software.

Brendan Mace is also there for one on one coaching, but this is available only if you take one of the upsells.

If you do so, he will share the latest tips and tricks with you and also will help you figure out the issues that you are facing.

More about this later. Let see how it works and what you get inside, shall we?

Zero Hour Work Days Review

How Does Zero Work Hour Days Work?

If you search for success stories about Zero Hour Work Days, there are so many. But if you are searching for negative reviews, you will find long-form articles.

This means that Brendan’s course is a hot one indeed.

In a nutshell, Zero Hour Work Days provides you with training to build an email list of potential customers. To whom you send custom offers of your affiliate products—something like Email marketing, where you are approaching your clients via email.

How to get free and paid traffic on your website or sales page is also a part of this course.

The more traffic you have, the more chance to make a good commission on the sale.

In this course, you will learn how you can manage your online earning activity with the help of automatic response software.

Like other paid courses, Zero Hour Work Days has more than one module.

Having that said, let’s see what you get.

What You Will Get With Zero Hour Workdays?

The core of the course consists of 8 Modules (Lessons).

Let’s talk about all the modules.

  • Module no 1: Intro to Zero Hour Work Days
  • Module no 2: Free resources that are going to help you in the long run
  • Module no 3: Tips on how you can get lots of traffic
  • Module no 4: Some traffic sources free as well as paid
  • Module no 5: How to get a return of your investment
  • Module no 6: Build your landing pages
  • Module no 7: Promotional ways for your affiliate products (remember via emailing)
  • Module no 8: How you can manage commission sales

Zero Hour Work Days Dashboard

Zero Hour Work Days Price & Upsells

The front-end price of Zero Hour Workdays is $8.67 one time. During the course, Brendan offers you a few upsells that could improve your business.

  • Upsell #1: this is going to cost you $37 and after discount $17. You will get 40 marketing templates for your email marketing. These are the same templates that Brendan Mace has been using to generate hundreds of dollars in a month.
  • Upsell #2: the first pop will charge you $67, but once you ignore it, the second time will appear with a discount offer. The discount offer will be around $37. This one is about a high-converting landing page, free installation, and WP profit builder on your website. It also can be beneficial for you to understand developing your website in one place. There are tons of tutorials available on the internet. The choice is yours: but in my opinion, you should go for it because you are learning with the flow.
  • Upsell #3: Third and final upsell at $897 and after discount $197. This offer is a service from Brendan Mace to hire him as your coach. You will able to contact him and discuss problem-related to the business. This package is worth buying for those who are serious about making money online. Brendan will share his latest techniques and strategies with you.

Zero Hour Work Days Pros

Like every other digital course out there that teaches about earning an income online, Brendan’s has a few positives and a few negatives.

In this section, I’ll go over a few things that I liked about this offer.

  1. Brendan Mace is a legitimate marketer who has been around for a long time.
  2. Low Front-End price
  3. 60-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  4. Training is based on legitimate methods

Zero Hour Work Days Cons

In this section, I want to show you a few things that I personally didn’t like about Zero Hour Work Days.

However, these do not affect the overall quality of the course itself. These are just things that could be done better, in my opinion.

  1. Overhyped sales page where Brendan promises a bit unrealistic things to beginners
  2. No tools included in the membership
  3. The course contains a few unexpected upsells

Is Zero Hour Work Days a Scam?

No, Zero Hour Work Days is not a scam. Brendan Mace has created a legitimate training course that has been around for a few years.

When I see a training course that lasts over two or three years, it tells me that the stuff works and there’s no scam.

With this course, you’re getting access to a system based on email marketing. Also, you’ll get a chance to set up one of these marketing campaigns yourself.

If you are not happy with the content of the program or your results with it, Brendan gives you a chance to ask for a refund during the first 60 days.

Thanks for reading my Zero Hour Work Days review!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.

And if you are interested in another awesome way for earning money online, make sure to read the rest of this article 🙂

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

16 thoughts on “Zero Hour Work Days Review – Should You Buy It?”

  1. Hey nice article you have there. This is the type of platform I have been wanting to engage in, to build up my marketing skill, oweing to the eight courses offered, I am convinced that zero hour work is indeed the right platform for anyone that wish to explore the digital marketing world. In addition I would love to ask if one can have a coach during the process of learning?.

    • Hi, thank you. Yes, you can have one on one coaching with Brendan if you take the upsell. This is going to cost you $197 one time. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.


  2. Hi Ivan! I enjoy every of your review I get to read. though this is my first time hearing about this site but for me, I think its cool because its the only site I have seen so far that has agreed to do a refund if the members ain’t impressed with it.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, I’ll try it out.

    • Hi, thanks a lot! I appreciate your comment as always. Yes, Brendan offers a money-back guarantee on Zero Hour Work Days. In case you’re not impressed, you can ask for a refund.


  3. Hello! This is an amazing review we got here,though is my first time hearing about “Zero Hours” I think this we really help a lot,When I see a training course that lasts over two or three years, it tells me that the stuff works and there’s no with the little review I read about it I don’t believe is a scam

    thanks for sharing

  4. I have yet to use Email marketing in developing my business. Others have told me that by not using Email marketing I am leaving money on the table. hence, your review of Brendan Mace’s course caught my attention. Your review got me thinking that this course is something I need to check out, especially with the 60 days money back guarantee. 

    Sure appreciated your tips on how to get the discounted prices of the upsells by not jumping at the initial offer right away. Considering what is offered, I feel the charges, including the #3 highest one at the discounted price are reasonable. i was pleasantly surprised to see there was not recurring monthly fee involved that truly surprised me. 

    Have you tried Brendan’s Email marketing course? If so, what was your experience and results. 

    Later you mentioned your #1 program was Wealthy Affiliate. This is a course that trains individuals to build an affiliate marketing business. Seems to me that the Zero Hours Work Days would compliment Wealthy Affiliate. Unless Wealthy Affiliate also teaches Email marketing. I’d love to hear what you think about this idea.

    All in all this was a very helpful article. 

    All the best to you.


    • Hi Edwin, yes, email marketing is a very effective way to get new customers and develop a business relationship with them. I haven’t tried to put it in action to get results because I have already a developed business. However, I will apply some of Brendan’s email marketing methods to my own business in the future because they are sound and a good way to scale your business. And lastly, no, Wealthy Affiliate does not teach email marketing with the main course, but there are a lot of resources and training from the users who can show you how.


  5. Your review was great!  I now know who might be a good coach for adding am emailing business.  I noticed that you apparently need to know how to build sites and take care of them outside of this course. Having a good outside review of a product makes me feel better about any program I am considering.  So, I will need to get the site built and healthy with affiliate offers before taking on this course, Zero Hour Work Days.  

    The online business building world is a world of building your knowledge and skills, a layer at a time.  When I first started I was more than a little overwhelmed.  Now that I have a few more skills. I understand more why some of the programs just don’t work so well.  Just too much to learn in a short time.  Some experience, both good and bad makes me appreciate your information. Thanks, Sami

    • Hi Sami, you’re welcome. Thanks for leaving your comment. Yes, you need to build and maintain your sites with digital marketing. In some cases, you can get hosting, security, and domain registry included in your membership which takes the half (or more) weight of your shoulders. Good luck!


  6. Hi Ivan,

    Thank you for this review. Although I am not familiar with this product I found your review very interesting because you provided so much detail to make an informed decision even if I do come across this product. One of the cons you mentioned is that ‘no tools included in the membership’. Thank you.

    • Hi Ola, you’re welcome. Yes, unfortunately, this program does not include tools needed for building a marketing business, which means that you’ll have to outsource things like autoresponder, hosting, domain, etc. Let me know if you have any questions.


  7. Hi thanks for that review unfortunately the internet is full of promises these days and with everyone trying to sell something its hard to know who to trust. I have been doing some research on this already and have noticed a big variation on prices with these courses and some that seem cheap or free can ending costing a lot more after you sign up as there are extras that you didnt know about at the beginning 

    • Hi Dj Mc, you’re welcome. Unfortunatelly, yes, the net is full of get-rich-quick scams and schemes that it makes it hard to trust people online these days. I’ve seen that as well and even mentioned in my review. It’s not necessarily mean that it’s a scam or something, but the lack of transparency is never a good sign.


  8. Thank you, Ivan! This is just another fantastic and thourough review! You really help me find my way in the online world. As it often happens, I choose one course, get stuck and shiny titles like zero hour work days get my attention. I am deeply grateful, that you test and review them. Your experience helps me so much keep on track. I have chosen another option in one of your previous articles and will stick with it! Your suggestions are to the point and helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Joanne, you’re welcome. Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your comment. I’m glad to hear my work was helpful. I agree with you, those titles like Zero Hour Work Days does sound interesting and attention-grabbing. However, the true nature of the program does not match the given name every time.



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