3 Step Method Review – Is It Just Another Scam or Not?

3 Step Method Review

Welcome to my 3 Step Method review.

3 Step Method claims to help you create an automatic income stream that pays you regularly like clockwork. Is it true?

If you are looking to learn:

  • Is it a scam or a legit
  • Who created this program
  • The real cost to implement
  • Whether students are successful
  • And much much more!

You’ve landed on the right website!

I’ve dedicated a few days to analyzing this online business offer, taking notes, unearthing all sorts of info, and thoroughly going over the content so that I can provide you with the most helpful 3 Step Method review.

📘 About

Affiliate marketing info product.

💰 Cost

$9 front end, plus $291 worth upsells


60-day money-back guarantee. Talks about affiliate marketing.

🛑 Cons

No info about the owner. No real training, tools, and community support. Fake testimonials. Hidden upsells. Misleading and overhyped sales info. No proof of success from users. 

⚠️ Verdict

3 Step Method is a low-quality affiliate marketing "training."

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I Want To Know…

About the Reviewer

Hey, I’m Ivan Brozincevic!

Since 2018, I’ve been making a full-time income online, which allowed me to quit my old job (about me).

In the beginning, I struggled to identify legit courses and avoid ones that were just out for my money.

That’s why I created this website – my main goal is to help you steer clear of pitfalls and discover the top online business courses.

Every week, I invest hours in reviewing online courses and writing reviews based on my fact-driven review guidelines to assist you in making an informed choice.

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Is 3 Step Method a Scam?

So is 3 Step Method a legit or another ClickBank scam? Here is my observation:

They use fake actors to sell you a story about making money online in just three simple steps. This confuses many people and leads them to believe that online marketing is an easy way to earn quick cash, thanks to scams like the 3 Step Method.

Moreover, the site itself lacks transparency.

With no information about the owner or any other details to prove its legitimacy, how can you trust a website that doesn’t even provide a social media account, address, or picture of the real owner?

The 3 Step Method is what I like to call a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. They use a nice web design, actors, and a few lines about making money in just three steps to attract innocent newbies.

Once they gain your trust, they will take your money too!

To make matters worse, they will try to sell you more useless material down the road. By the end of the scheme, you could be a few hundred dollars poorer with nothing but useless materials.

I strongly advise against the 3 Step Method. Whenever you come across stories about making money in just three simple steps with little to no effort required, I suggest clicking away.

Keep reading my 3 Step Method review to get even more details and even see proof of what I just said!

What is the 3 Step Method?

While reviewing the site, I found it challenging to determine the exact nature of the 3 Step Method. According to the video spokesperson, it is a method that does not require any special skills.

Simply follow the three steps and watch your income grow. However, I beg to differ.

Building an online income takes a considerable amount of time. I have come across online scams that utilize similar tricks to deceive people.

For instance, Perpetual Income 365 is filled with unrealistic claims, and Click Wealth System follows a similar path as the 3 Step Method.

Interestingly, all these products are sold via ClickBank. They may be all created by the same person.

Regardless, as this is a review, let us continue evaluating the 3 Step Method.

A Sleazy Sales Pitch

The spokesperson of the 3-Step Method website explains that their process can help you build digital assets. These assets generate consistent weekly revenue.

They claim that it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, and only takes 20 minutes of work each week as the system handles everything automatically. In case you missed it, below is the sales pitch once again.

However, guys, I beg to differ. Let me explain further.

You see, my intention with this 3 Step Method review is to help you understand that making money online doesn’t work exactly as it’s explained in the video or in the image above.

Creating an income from the Internet is an ongoing process that may take months, sometimes even years, to achieve.

Anyone who claims otherwise is talking about getting rich quickly.

And getting rich quickly doesn’t exist in the real world, only on the TV screen.

The Reality Behind the Pitch

The 3 Step Method is a ClickBank product that primarily benefits the owner and affiliates. Unfortunately, there is no system inside that helps you make money online.

As a customer, you receive a few generic resources like video training and PDFs, although their quality may not meet your expectations.

It’s important to note that the 3 Step Method is an affiliate funnel, designed with affiliate sales in mind. It does not provide comprehensive training for beginners in affiliate marketing.

Here’s what it means:

You can find this product on the ClickBank marketplace, where individuals with affiliate marketing skills can promote it using a unique link to earn commissions.

3 Step Method ClickBank

The 3 Step Method, created by an unknown individual, reportedly generates significant affiliate income.

However, it is important to note that this product functions as a sales funnel, not as a comprehensive training program. Now, you may wonder if this implies it is a scam.

Allow me to provide further information to clarify.

Who Is the Owner of 3 Step Method?

I attempted to find out the ownership details of the 3 Step Method website. However, it appears to be nearly impossible to obtain such information.

Typically, reputable websites have an “about me” page or a link to their social media profiles, indicating their legitimacy. Unfortunately, the 3 Step Method lacks any of the aforementioned elements.

The only potential connection to the 3 Step Method is the individual featured in the video.

3 Step Method Review - Owner

However, he’s not the real owner. He’s just an actor hired to portray the owner of this program, which is a big RED FLAG.

(I have evidence at the end of this 3 Step Method review.)

Legitimate product owners always stand behind their products and are even willing to share their Facebook profiles or YouTube channels.

Moreover, I checked the website using sites like Better Business Bureau (BBB) to verify if they are listed but found no evidence of it being a real business.

What do you think now? Is 3 Step Method a legitimate business or a scam?

In my opinion, it’s the latter. Here’s another reason for my claim.

How to Start With the Step Method?

Now, let me demonstrate how the entire scheme works.

Register Your Details For Free

To become a member of the 3 Step Method, simply register your name and email address. This will grant you access to a free explanatory video, outlining the entire process.

3 Step Method Review - Signup Form

However, there’s no value in this video whatsoever. It’s just a 4-minute long sales pitch.

The guy in the video explains that the 3 Step Method is similar to a real estate business, specifically affiliate marketing and building affiliate marketing websites.

While the process does involve a few steps, it takes months to complete them all correctly. It’s not as simple as a 1, 2, 3 process.

Each stage has multiple sub-steps, and in reality, the entire process requires a significant amount of time and effort.

Therefore, it’s important not to believe the hype.

Pay $9 to Become 3 Step Method Member

After watching the video, you can join the 3-Step Method for only $9. However, there’s a catch.

The creator of the program promises a $50 bonus, but in reality, there is no bonus.

Essentially, he claims that instead of paying $59, you will only need to pay $9 for access to this system.

3 Step Method Review - Bonus

Once you agree to purchase, you will gain access to the program focused on affiliate marketing.

Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business

To make money with affiliate marketing, there are a few key steps to follow.

First, you need to choose a niche market for your affiliate website. This will help you target a specific audience and increase your chances of success.

Once you’ve selected your niche, the next step is to build a website. This will serve as your platform to showcase the products you are promoting. You can either create your product or promote someone else’s.

Finally, it’s crucial to attract the right source of traffic to your site. This will ensure that your website gets the exposure it needs to generate sales.

However, it’s important to note that success with the 3 Step Method program is unlikely as it lacks proper education, tools, and community support.

Can 3 Step Method Help You to Make Money?

The only person who benefits from the 3 Step Method scam is the one who created it. As I’ve mentioned, these sites are designed to funnel you through costly upsells.

Take a look at the screenshot from the affiliate page below.

3 Step Method Affiliate Page

There’s no honest intention to help you start an online business from scratch and make money online, and I’m not even sure if the 3 Step Method works for affiliates either.

I tried to find at least one success story other than those from the site itself, but I’ve failed.

But what about those testimonials from the sales pitch? You ask. Well, those testimonials are fake! I’ll show you my proofs by the end of this 3 Step Method review.

You see, these ClickBank scams use every single trick from the book to convince you that you’re buying something revolutionary that works.

But as I mentioned earlier, the main idea is to make you believe in these things, so that the creator and affiliate can make hundreds and thousands of dollars from gullible newbies who don’t know any better.

Well, at least now your eyes are open.

Are People Getting Results With 3 Step Method?

Short answer; no. Long answer, there is absolutely zero evidence in a for of student testimonials, or positive reviews that people are making money thanks to 3 Step Method.

All you can see and read online are negative reviews and experiences with this program.

How Much Does 3 Step Method Cost?

To begin, you can fill out the free registration form. After completing the form, you’ll have the opportunity to watch a short video that is unrelated to making money online.

Following that, you will need to pay $9 to join the 3 Step Method affiliate program.

3 Step Method Review - Price

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the process works like a sales funnel, which means there may be unexpected surprises along the way.

Essentially, after making the initial payment, be prepared for a barrage of pricey upsells. These upsells typically range between fifty to a hundred dollars, and sometimes even more.

3 Step Method Upsells

Here’s the list of the upsells:

  • Earn 3x More Income – $97
  • DFY Income Stream – $147
  • Top Secret – $47
3 Step Method Review - Upsells

From the above image, it is clear that upsells are advertised as if they are some kind of “secret” that will significantly increase your earnings with the 3 Step Method.

However, these upsells are likely ineffective and, as mentioned before, designed solely to generate profits for the owner.

Can You Get a Refund?

The 3 Step Method is a digital product available on ClickBank. All products purchased through ClickBank are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

To request a refund, simply contact customer support at ClickBank, and they will promptly process the refund for you.

For more information on how to receive a refund from ClickBank, please refer to this article.

What I Like About 3 Step Method

I feel stupid even saying this, but it’s a good thing that the 3 Step Method isn’t overhyped with earning claims like many other scams.

Here are a few other things I like about it.

Click Bank 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

One great aspect of it is the ClickBank 100% money guarantee. So, even if you get deceived, you can effortlessly claim a refund without any interrogations.

Rest assured, ClickBank facilitates the refund process with utmost convenience.

Affiliate Marketing Is a Legitimate Way to Make Money

Affiliate marketing is my top recommendation for making money online. It’s straightforward, free to start, and does not require any special skills.

Here are some of the top reasons why I recommend affiliate marketing:

  • Startup costs are very low (you can start for free on this site)
  • You don’t have to create products or services
  • You don’t have to take care of customer support and refunds
  • There are over 4 billion users online (potential clients)
  • The industry is rapidly growing over the last few years
  • You can earn passive income in your sleep

One of the main challenges in affiliate marketing is the presence of programs like 3 Step Method. These programs mislead people by falsely claiming that they can start earning easily and effortlessly.

However, experienced affiliates know that these statements are simply untrue.

What I Don’t Like About 3 Step Method?

Here are a few warning signs indicating that the 3 Step Method is a scam in progress.

Zero Details About the Owner

There is no information about the owner of this website. Despite my search, I could not find an About Me page or any social media accounts. It seems the owner deliberately avoids being visible.

Rather than being transparent about their business, the owner has chosen to use a Fiver actor to represent them.

3 Step Method Review - Fake Owner

The image above clearly indicates that the spokesperson featured in the promo video is hired from Fiverr.

If the real owner of the 3 Step Method genuinely believed in the effectiveness of his product, he would have revealed his identity.

Making Money Online is Not as Easy as 1,2,3!

The spokesperson in the video claims that making money with this system is easy.

According to him, all you need to do is follow three simple steps, and money will automatically flow into your bank account. However, in reality, this system has nothing to do with making money online.

Promising easy money as simple as 1,2,3 is a serious red flag.

They Use Fake Actors for Success Stories

The creator of the 3 Step Method is using fake actors to convince you that the method is real and profitable.

These two individuals below claim to have made substantial profits with the program.

However, in reality, the only money they have earned is a fee for reading the script in front of the camera.

3 Step Method Review - Fake Testimonials

There are no real-life success stories associated with this program.

None! So, how can you possibly believe what they say?

Designed to Make Cash to Owner and Affiliates Only!

This site is solely designed to generate income for both the system owner and its promoters. It entices you with a video and convinces you to pay $9 as an initial fee.

However, once you apply, expect to encounter several upsells.

3 Step Method Review - Scam

In the end, the entire system could potentially cost you much more than $9. Moreover, all you receive are likely a few generic or outdated videos and scripts on affiliate marketing.

It’s unrealistic to expect to make $10,000 with a system like this.

I don’t recommend the 3 Step Method. In my opinion, this low-quality sales funnel is best suited for the person who created it.

However, the final decision is yours.

If you think there might be some value in this product, you can try it out and see for yourself. If you are dissatisfied, you can request a refund.

If you prefer video format, here is my review of the 3-Step Method on YouTube.

Verdict – 3 Step Method Review

The 3 Step Method is essentially a sales funnel. First, they grab your attention with a video filled with promises of making money overnight. After that, you are required to pay a small fee to get started.

However, once you’ve paid, you’ll quickly realize that there are many additional expenses.

In other words, before you can access the actual product, you’ll be tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on random shiny objects.

By the time you complete the funnel, you’ll receive some PDFs and videos, but they lack substance and merely serve to justify the price.

Contrary to the initial promises made in the video, there are no automated systems – only disappointment.

That’s the reality of the 3-Step Method – just another scheme designed to profit from you.

I highly recommend you steer clear from it and all other schemes that sound too good to be true. Usually, they are just after your credit card number.

Thanks for reading my 3 Step Method review! Feel free to leave your comments and reviews in the comment section below this article!

📘 About

Affiliate marketing info product.

💰 Cost

$9 front end, plus $291 worth upsells


60-day money-back guarantee. Talks about affiliate marketing.

🛑 Cons

No info about the owner. No real training, tools, and community support. Fake testimonials. Hidden upsells. Misleading and overhyped sales info. No proof of success from users. 

⚠️ Verdict

3 Step Method is a low-quality affiliate marketing "training."

📈 Rating

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