Amazing Selling Machine Review – Is ASM 14 Still Worth It?

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Amazing Selling Machine course claims to show you how to build a 6-figure business leveraging the world’s largest online mall.

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📘 About

Starting an Amazon FBA business.

💰 Cost

$2,997 one time, plus $1,000 - $5,000 startup costs.


Actionable and comprehensive step-by-step training. Regularly updated. You get access to the Mentor program and valuable bonus resources. Lively private community. 30-day refund policy. Students are getting results. Matt Clark walks the walk.

🛑 Cons

Expensive compared to some better alternatives. FBA requires significant startup investment. Not a great business model for beginners.

⚠️ Verdict

Amazing Selling Machine is a legit but overpriced FBA course best for experienced online entrepreneurs. 

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Hey, I’m Ivan Brozincevic!

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Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam or Legit?

There’s no doubt that Amazing Selling Machine is not a scam. This program has been active for a long time and the creators continuously update it to keep up with the fast-evolving industry.

Another positive aspect of the program is its money-back guarantee.

In other words, you have 30 days to test drive the course and all its features. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can request a refund.

Even if you decide to keep access, you can still get some of your investment back during the first six months if you don’t achieve good results.

Positive reviews on Google and various other platforms are further evidence of Amazing Selling Machine’s legitimacy. All these factors combined make it clear that there’s no scam involved and your safety is assured.

What Is an Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive step-by-step Amazon FBA program.

It guides you through all aspects of starting, growing, running, and scaling a business using the immense potential of Amazon – one of the world’s largest online retailers.

Initially created in 2013, Amazing Selling Machine has undergone continuous updates and modifications to stay relevant to the latest trends. The latest version, Amazing Selling Machine 14, is now available.

Amazing Selling Machine 12

The creators have spent the past year testing strategies and putting together a new, complete, step-by-step program to help you build your business with Amazon, as per the information available online.

In this Amazing Selling Machine review, I’ll show you this course in more detail.

Who Created Amazing Selling Machine?

Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark have created Amazing Selling Machine. They also own a company called, and ASM is one of their products.

At first glance, they seem legitimate and knowledgeable to me, which is a good sign.

Amazing Selling Machine - Owners

As for Jason, I couldn’t find any significant social media channels that could help me verify his expertise and trustworthiness. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not legit.

Matt Clark, on the other hand, has a quite nice online following with 349K followers on Facebook alone.

Matt Clark Amazing Selling Machine

He often posts on Facebook and even shows his own results with FBA.

Matt Clark Amazon FBA Results

Furthermore, he’s been interviewed by and featured on many podcasts and YouTube channels, as well as in news and magazines about his success with Amazon FBA.

This is a good sign that guys are experienced experts in the industry and have extensive knowledge about FBA although I have to give Jason the benefit of the doubt.

What Can You Learn From ASM?

The Amazing Selling Machine focuses on teaching you how to start with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

FBA, a program launched in 2006 by Jeff Bezos and his company, is a system that enables you to sell your products on Amazon without handling the stocking, picking, packing, and shipping processes yourself.

Simply become a partner and send your goods to Amazon’s nearest distribution centre. From there, Amazon takes care of everything, including customer service.

This program provides an easy avenue for product owners to sell their products using the largest online marketplace and allows Amazon to grow further.

How Does Amazing Selling Machine Work?

To give you a better understanding, let me explain how the Amazing Selling Machine works in practice.

The training provided is comprehensive, covering every single detail of the process of building your business with Amazon.

The core objective of the program is to help you scale your existing business or, if you’ve never done this before, start your first one.

Ultimately, the end goal is to create a successful business operation on Amazon.

Building a successful business always begins with choosing the right product. Attempting to sell something that doesn’t have a demand is a sure path to failure.

Hence, the program includes a helpful tool called Profit Miner, which assists you in identifying the hottest products on Amazon.

However, that’s merely the first step among many, as you’ll discover in my Amazing Selling Machine review.

Once you have a product, the subsequent natural step is finding a supplier and ordering your inventory.

Through this course, you can learn how to select the best supplier to maximize your profit margin.

The next step in the Amazing Selling Machine process is building your brand and your page, completing the preparation stage.

If everything is done correctly, it’s time to launch your business and focus on marketing, traffic generation, and scaling.

Similar to any other system, FBA requires fine-tuning and perfecting the process until you find the best formula.

ASM serves as a guide, showing you the right way to approach each step, but ultimately, it’s up to you to make it work.

Moving on to the next part of my Amazing Selling Machine review, let’s delve into the course content and take a closer look.

What Do You Get With an Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine consists of four components, specifically designed to assist you in building or expanding your business.

Each of these components plays a crucial role in achieving success within this program.

  1. The 8-Week Online Webclass
  2. The ASM Mentor Program
  3. Lifetime Platinum Access
  4. The Private Resource Vault

Over the past year, the owners have made updates to the training program to ensure that Amazing Selling Machine remains up-to-date with industry standards.

What Is Inside the Amazing Selling Machine Course?

The program content is organized into eight modules and consists of 153 lessons. The mentors for this program are Mike McClary, Rich Henderson, and Dan Ashburn.

Here is the sneak-a-peak inside the dashboard:

Amazing Selling Machine Dashboard

Here’s the content in more detail.

  • Welcome Module
  • Module #1 – Finding the Perfect Product
  • Module #2 – Evaluating Suppliers and Samples
  • Module #3 – Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand
  • Module #4 – Building Your Brand Assets
  • Module #5 – The Perfect Product Page
  • Module #6 – The Perfect Product Launch
  • Module #7 – Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools
  • Module #8 – Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Amazing Selling Machine – Welcome Module

  • The ASM Membership Dashboard
  • The Amazing Selling Machine Community
  • How To Earn Your Progress Badges
  • ASM Mentor Program
  • Success Principles
  • The 7-figure Foundation Principles
  • Different Ways To Structure Your Physical Product Business
  • Which Amazon Marketplace To Start With
  • Seller Central Overview And Requirements
  • Setting Up Payoneer Or World First
  • Seller Central Account Critical Guidelines
  • Seller Central Documentation
  • Seller Central Setup Walkthrough
  • Seller Central Review/Suspension Scenarios

Amazing Selling Machine Module #1 – Finding the Perfect Product

  • Dominate Your Competition By Building A Real Brand
  • The 7 Elements Of A Red-Hot Profitable Product Opportunity
  • Which Categories To Choose For Maximum Result And Those To Avoid For Your Products
  • What Products To Avoid For Your First Profitable Product
  • The Perfect Product Selection System
  • What The Amazing Selling Machine Criteria Are And Why They Are So Important To Your Success
  • What Tools Should You Use To Achieve The Fastest And Most Profitable Results
  • Proving Product Viability With Competing Products
  • Speeding Up The Product Selection Process
  • Stretching The ASM Criteria
  • Alternative Search Method
  • Patent Search

Amazing Selling Machine Module #2 – Evaluating Suppliers and Samples

  • Understanding Amazon’s Fees
  • Product Tuning
  • Simple Product Sourcing
  • Creating A Professional Online Presence
  • Finding And Contacting Suppliers With Our Proven Templates
  • Calculating The True Cost Of A Product
  • Calculating Final Profit Numbers For Your Focused Opportunity List
  • Getting Samples For Your Top Opportunity

Amazing Selling Machine Module #3 – Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand

  • The Samples Have Arrived! Now What?
  • Choosing The Best Supplier And Getting The Highest Profit Margin
  • Getting Ready For Your First Inventory Order
  • The Amazing Selling Machine Brand Name Creation Process
  • Creating Your Powerful Brand Logo
  • Purchasing Your UPC
  • Quick Start Product Listing
  • Designing Your Product Packaging
  • The Power Of Package Inserts
  • How Much Inventory Should You Order?
  • Shipping By Air Or By Sea
  • The “Secrets” Of Placing Your First Inventory Order
  • What Happens After You Order Your Inventory

Amazing Selling Machine Module #4 – Building Your Brand Assets

  • Building a Foundation for Success
  • Creating Your Domain Email Account
  • Creating Your Brand Website
  • Creating Your Brand Facebook Page
  • Using Facebook Messenger to Build a Subscriber List
  • Setting up Manychat For Success
  • Important ManyChat Features
  • Building a Subscriber List For Launch
  • Using Facebook Ads to Get Subscribers
  • Get More Reviews On Autopilot With ManyChat
  • Adding Content to Facebook and Instagram page
  • Registering Your Brand Name Across All Social Media Sites
  • Module 4 Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap

Amazing Selling Machine Module #5 – The Perfect Product Page

  • How To Craft The Perfect Amazon Listing To Crush Your Competitors
  • Strategic Keyword Research For Top Amazon Rankings
  • How To Craft The Best Title To Gain Traffic And Conversion
  • Bullet Points That Sell
  • How To Create A Compelling Product Description That Steals Sales From Your Competitors
  • Product Images That Attract And Convert
  • Product Pricing For Profit
  • Creating Your Complete Listing
  • How To Craft The Perfect Customer Emails For Engagement And Reviews
  • Taking Advantage Of Downtime

Amazing Selling Machine Module #6 – The Perfect Product Launch

  • The Amazon Launch Process
  • Planning for Success
  • Tracking the Data to Inform Decisions
  • Introduction to Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising
  • Structuring Campaigns for Success
  • Using Samurai Seller
  • Getting Your Initial Reviews
  • Creating Promotional Coupon Codes
  • Distribute Coupon Codes to the Subscriber List
  • Optimizing Price Against Rank and Sales
  • Sustaining Rank Profitably
  • Running Out of Inventory and Reordering

Amazing Selling Machine Module #7 – Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

  • The Raving Fan Customer Service System
  • Optimizing Traffic and Conversions
  • Building and Utilizing Your Performance Checklist
  • Amazon Ads Optimization
  • Relaunching When You Have Lost Rank or Run Out of Inventory
  • How To Split Test Improvement To Maximize Conversion
  • Amazon Coupons
  • Amazon Promotions
  • When to Launch Your Next Product
  • The Power of Product Variations
  • Choosing Your Next Product to Launch
  • Launching Your Next Product
  • The Benefits of Brand Registry
  • The 3 Ways to Grow Your Business
  • Building a Team To Run Your Business
  • Growing Your Business for Cash Flow or Cash Out

Amazing Selling Machine Module #8 – Taking Your Business to the Next Level

  • Using Facebook Retargeting To Get Reviews
  • Using Instagram to Boost Traffic, Sales, and Reviews
  • Automating ManyChat Promotion Campaigns
  • Building an Email List with ManyChat
  • Advanced ManyChat Campaigns s
  • Using Google Ads to Get Subscribers and Sales
  • Dominating with YouTube Ads
  • Working with Influencers To Launch Products and Drive Sales

Below is a video tour of the course before you proceed with my review of the Amazing Selling Machine.

Can You Make Money With an Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM and other Amazon programs tend to use a little bit of hype to promote their courses. They often create the impression that significant revenues can be generated within a short period of 3-6 months.

As an illustration, they provide calculators that estimate potential earnings, similar to the one below…

Amazing Selling Machine Earnings Calculator

But this is just potential…

Once you join Amazing Selling Machine, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with veteran members and explore past online forum posts. It becomes evident that the majority of sellers experience various learning curves that can last up to a year.

The trainees who persevere for over a year are the ones who truly stand a chance at succeeding in this business, considering the numerous variables that can hinder your Amazon FBA venture.

Selling physical items internationally requires extended communication with suppliers, inventory ordering, shipping to an FBA warehouse (which alone takes 2-3 months), packaging design, and product photography, among other tasks.

As a beginner, making mistakes is natural, which means you may have to repeat these time-consuming activities.

Having unrealistic expectations and impatience when errors occur or processes take longer than anticipated is detrimental.

Perseverance is crucial with Amazing Selling Machine. If feasible, launching multiple products concurrently is advisable, reducing reliance on the success or failure of a single item.

How Much Does Amazing Selling Machine Cost?

Let’s first discuss the price of the Amazing Selling Machine before diving into its content.

ASM is not your typical training course; it comes with a spicy price tag of $2,997 for a one-time payment.

For comparison, Seller Pro Academy costs twice as less and it brings a lot more comprehensive courses to the table.

Does Amazing Selling Machine Offer Refunds?

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) offers refunds, which is a great benefit.

They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it out risk-free. If you decide it’s not for you, they will refund the full amount.

Additionally, ASM offers a 6-month Buy-Back Promise, giving you even more peace of mind. You can try the course for six months, and if you’re not satisfied, ASM will buy you out.

They will refund the course price and provide $5000 worth of inventory.

Amazing Selling Machine Review – What I Like

Comprehensive Training Material

The Amazing Selling Machine training material is extensive. I mean, these guys really take good care to cover everything that’s involved in getting started with FBA.

The training contains over 150 lessons, hosted by experts. It’s one of the best training courses out there.

Amazing Selling Machine Course

Mentoring Program Available

When you purchase the Amazing Selling Machine, you not only receive comprehensive education, but also gain access to valuable resources like the Mentor Program and Resource Vault.

The Mentor Program is led by elite Amazon sellers who are dedicated to helping you succeed with the program.

Additionally, the Resource Vault houses a collection of tools and resources that these sellers personally utilize to build their own Amazon businesses.

In fact, the estimated value of this component alone is valued at $10,000.

Help & Community At Your Hand

I appreciate that the owners and creators of Amazing Selling Machine have prioritized providing ample support.

To access mentors and receive assistance, simply post your question in the community.

Amazing Selling Machine Success Stories

ASM has received numerous positive testimonials from individuals who have tried and succeeded with the program.

While it is important to note that this does not guarantee individual results, it is reassuring to see the effectiveness of the training content.

Amazing Selling Machine Reviews

6-Month Buy-Back Promise

Their guarantees are amazing.

You can try the Amazing Selling Machine risk-free for 30 days and receive a refund if you’re not satisfied.

What’s even better, you have the opportunity to implement the course for six months. If you don’t achieve significant results, you’re covered by the Buy-Out Promise.

Honestly, this might sound too good to be true, but it really is.

Amazing Selling Machine Review – What I Don’t Like

FBA Is Too Much Risk

Throughout my 5 years of online experience, I’ve come to learn that FBA is considered one of the riskiest online business models. This implies that Amazing Selling Machine falls into the same category.

However, it’s important not to misunderstand.

The potential rewards can be significant for those who succeed. Nevertheless, the unfortunate reality is that the majority of individuals who attempt to make money with FBA end up failing.

Is Not For Newbies

Although newbies can join the Amazing Selling Machine and give it a try, Amazon FBA is not a newbie-friendly method.

It requires expertise and a considerable investment to start a successful Amazon FBA business.

Speaking of investment, there is another thing I don’t like about it.

The Price is Spicy

The one aspect that I’m not fond of regarding this program is the price tag. Although it’s not a major concern, the cost of $5K may not be feasible for everyone’s budget.

It falls under the category of exclusive training programs and is not accessible to the general public or those with limited financial resources.

However, it’s important to note that the $5000 investment may turn out to be one of the most valuable decisions you’ve ever made.

Now, let’s delve deeper into this Amazing Selling Machine review as we conclude our discussion.

Is Amazing Selling Machine Worth It?

Well, it really depends on you and your current situation in life. In my opinion, the Amazing Selling Machine is worth it.

Yes, it was expensive. Not everyone can afford a program that’s worth $5000. However, you’ll get what you pay for and more!

The best thing about the program is that it’s risk-free. You have six months to put it all together and start profiting.

If not, the company will buy your business, and you won’t lose any money.

In my opinion, Amazing Selling Machine is the most comprehensive training course out there.

They have spent the last seven years perfecting each module, trying to keep up with one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet.

They’ve got every part of the business covered!

Another thing that justifies the price tag is their Mentor Program and the Private Resource Vault.

To succeed in any business, it’s best to find a mentor and learn from their success.

Those two features of the Amazing Selling Machine are precisely that!

So, when I think about it, I believe ASM is worth it.

But please keep in mind that your success depends on your situation, time, diligence, and budget.

The program is worth $5000, but it’s an investment in your education.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) requires a decent budget, and it’s something you need to consider carefully.

Amazing Selling Machine Review – Recommendations

In my Amazing Selling Machine review, I highly recommend this course to those interested in the Amazon FBA program.

ASM offers a comprehensive and high-quality program for starting an FBA business.

What really impressed me was the 6-month buy-back guarantee, which speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

However, if you feel that the Amazing Selling Machine is a bit pricey and risky for your preference, be sure to read the last section of my review.

📘 About

Starting an Amazon FBA business.

💰 Cost

$2,997 one time, plus $1,000 - $5,000 startup costs.


Actionable and comprehensive step-by-step training. Regularly updated. You get access to the Mentor program and valuable bonus resources. Lively private community. 30-day refund policy. Students are getting results. Matt Clark walks the walk.

🛑 Cons

Expensive compared to some better alternatives. FBA requires significant startup investment. Not a great business model for beginners.

⚠️ Verdict

Amazing Selling Machine is a legit but overpriced FBA course best for experienced online entrepreneurs. 

📈 Rating

The Best Way To Make Money Online

I earn online by creating simple affiliate websites that I use to connect people with products they are already looking for.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it is the best way to make money online (at least in my humble opinion).

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