Black Digital Blueprint Review – Scam by Danielle Holmes or Legit?

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Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a growing online business. Furthermore, I have actually tried and also examined 500+ courses to find the very best way to generate income online.

In other words, I love earning an income online as well as helping you to discover legitimate means to do so!

In this Black Digital Blueprint review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of this online program and see if it is worth your time and money.

Black Digital Blueprint Review – Overview

  • Product Type: eCommerce Course
  • Owner: Danielle Holmes
  • Price: $5000 one time payment
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not available
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: Black Digital Blueprint is an eCommerce course created by Danielle Holmes. The course is not recommended because the quality of the material doesn’t fit the large asking price.

On top of that, there is no refund policy, the course lacks student testimonials, and the program is short. You can learn this for free online.

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What Is Black Digital Blueprint?

Black Digital Blueprint is a 6-Part self-paced internet course created for business owners, freelancers, or service providers. The course was created by Danielle Holmes.

This training course teaches how to monetize your social media sites to get your products/services or deals before your target consumers to either get sales or assist you to enhance sales to scale your organization to the next level.

Black Digital Blueprint was created after Danielle went from making $20K in her first two years to earning $800K in her third. How did she make such a leap? Facebook Ads.

That said, she has decided to put this course together to show you how you can replicate her success with eCommerce and Facebook ads.

But is it a scam or legit? Let’s learn more before I make any judgments.

Who is Danielle Holmes?

You can not discover a lot of info concerning Danielle Holmes. You can just discover her history from her self-introduction at the beginning of the Black Digital Blueprint course.

It’s difficult to really know if somebody is as successful online as they claim to be. Danielle Holmes declares to have actually made a 7-figure income from eCommerce as well as has 3 online stores.

Danielle Holmes Black Digital Blueprint Review

That could most definitely be the situation but I have actually assessed numerous training courses as well as understand for a fact eCommerce experts lie regarding their wealth regularly.

After reviewing some interviews with Daniele it’s clear her primary emphasis is on the black community. But the problem is that she charges $5000 for this course! How is that helping people, black or white?

I feel that Danielle Holmes doesn’t intend to assist people to build wealth. It looks like she’s o the mission to make herself even wealthier. That’s why she charges people a lot for her course.

She is quite popular on Instagram and Facebook. At the time of writing this Black Digital Blueprint review, he has about 34k subscribers. That’s an excellent indicator that she might be legit.

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Black Digital Blueprint Course Curriculum

This course has 6 digital video modules and has a significant concentration on Facebook ads. Danielle Holmes will certainly teach you how to run Facebook advertisements to advertise yours on the internet shop.

Below’s a take a look at each module as well as what you get:

Black Digital Blueprint Review

Module 1

Making your client profile is module 1’s emphasis. This is where you find what your potential consumer wants, their way of living, investing routines, and so on. In my opinion, the information from module one is a very fundamental thing and also you can find out online for free.

Module 2

Customer psychology is covered in module two of Black Digital Blueprint. You need to comprehend the mindset and also feelings of your prospects and customers before they acquire something. When you can comprehend these, you can utilize those to make sales.

Once more, the material can be discovered online absolutely free on YouTube and eCommerce blogs.

Module 3

In module 3, Danielle Holmes talks about creating ad copies to run ads. You will see a few of Danielle’s advertisement copies, along with several of the advertisement copy of big businesses that you can use to model your ads.

Module 4

This module introduces you to the Facebook Business Manager control panel. Moreover, in this module, Danielle Holmes reveals a Facebook ad completed from beginning to end.

If you don’t recognize anything about Facebook advertisements, this module of Black Digital Blueprint will certainly offer you an overview. However again, you can discover this info online free of charge.

Module 5

Module 5 will instruct you just how to analyze data you receive from Facebook advertisements. You will undergo the creation of retargeting ads as well as lookalike target markets.

But some say that the problem is that Danielle Holmes does not share with you her secret strategies. For $5K, she should share everything with you!

Module 6

The last module goes over the particulars of running an eCommerce shop. This consists of the advantages of contracting out some job, and the advantages of automating particular parts of your service, bring about improved sales.

Once again, the information in this module of Black Digital Blueprint could be found easily on YouTube and other free online resources.

What Else Is Inside Black Digital Blueprint?

Together with the video course, Danielle Holmes includes a few extra features in this course. You also obtain accessibility to a personal Facebook Group.

Black Digital Blueprint Review

In this group, you’ll have the ability to ask inquiries and obtain some answers. You’ll also be able to communicate with various other members. This certainly helps users of the Black Digital Blueprint course.

Additionally, you obtain live Q&A sessions with Daniele held bi-weekly.

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How Much Does Black Digital Blueprint Cost?

Black Digital Plan is one of the most expensive eCommerce courses I have actually seen. And I’ve seen them a lot! It sets you back $5,000, which is extremely costly.

Alternatively, you can pay $875 a month for 6 months or $850 bi-weekly. Then, you can pay $2000 right away, and $650 for five months. Lastly, you can put $2500 down and then $525 bi-weekly for five weeks.

Quite complicated payment scheme, wouldn’t you agree?

But is this program actually worth this price? It’s hard to tell. This course doesn’t offer very comprehensive training. Basically, you can just find out the very standard stuff of eCommerce free.

Actually, the training is so brief that I do not believe you can make any kind of money with Black Digital Blueprint. Consequently, I do not recommend any individual to join this very much expensive program.

Does it offer a refund?

Unfortunately, there is no refund policy, which implies as soon as you make the repayment, you can not obtain the cashback. All the legitimate training courses I have examined have at the very least a 30-day money-back guarantee, yet Black Digital Blueprint does not have one.

What I Like About Black Digital Blueprint

You will get some value in return for your money. Other than that, I cannot find any pros for Black Digital Blueprint. The course will help you learn the basics of running Facebook ads for your eCommerce store, but you can learn this kind of stuff at a much lower price, even for free on YouTube.

What I Don’t Like About Black Digital Blueprint

Overpriced Training Course

The training course is significantly overpriced. There are numerous various other much better and also less costly options on the market. For example, Ecom Beast 2.0 is a much better and less expensive course.

Short and Very Basic Course

The training is extremely short and also no special methods can be learned with Black Digital Blueprint. The training focuses on Facebook ads mostly. However, other steps in building eCommerce stores have been neglected.

Lack of Refund Policy

There is no refund policy. Provided the high price tag, it’s not appropriate to have no refunds at all. Legitimate courses always offer at least a short-term refund to their users. This shows that Black Digital Blueprint has been created for the owner’s benefit.

Lack of Black Digital Blueprint Testimonials

There are no verified success stories to Black Digital Blueprint. This means that there is no tangible proof that Danielle’s course works for its users. Legit courses have tons of verifiable success stories.

Information is Available In Public Domain

The majority of the information in the program can be found online completely free on YouTube and free blogs. I didn’t find anything in this course that is worth that much money.

eCommerce is Not a Newbie-Friendly Model

eCommerce is not the most convenient business model for newbies. It’s a complex method that requires some degree of experience and a budget because it’s based on paid advertisement.

Facebook Ads are Too Expensive

Even worse still, the finding out curve of Facebook advertisements is quite high since Facebook changes its formula regularly. You have to invest a great deal of money and time in discovering and screening Facebook Ads.

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Is Black Digital Blueprint a Scam?

The most important question in this Black Digital Blueprint review is: Is it a scam or legit? I can not say Danielle Holmes is a scam, per se. There is not enough proof to say so.

Nonetheless, I’m sure of one thing, her Black Digital Plan is overpriced as well as ineffective.

After reviewing 500+ courses, the conclusion is that there are lots of other far better eCommerce programs that are less costly. You don’t need to pay $5,000 to find out basic information about eCommerce.

In addition, the training in Black Digital Blueprint is just mediocre, implying there are no special or unique techniques covered. Lots of crucial subjects like Facebook advertisements are not outlined enough and also, therefore, you will feel really baffled if you take this course.

On top of it, there are no visible signs that this course helps people to make money. After all, you are interested in it because you want to make money, right? It would have gotten a much better review if there were some proof that Black Digital Blueprint works.

As a result, I do not suggest Danielle Holmes’s Black Digital Blueprint if you intend to make money online. Moreover, Danielle Holmes doesn’t tell you the problems of eCommerce due to the fact that she is attempting to market you her training course.

To me, this is unethical. Add to it the fact that you can’t get e refund and the course costs $5K, there are no arguments to say that this is a 100% legit course.



Do I Recommend Black Digital Blueprint in 2021?

After observing the main business model inside the Black Digital Blueprint, the total Facebook ad expense will certainly account for at least 30% of your total sales. This makes it very hard to make money with this business model.

Yet Facebook ads seldom stay reliable for also long. Once your advertisement has tired the target market, it becomes inefficient. Your complete profits will certainly be a lot lower as well as even result in a net loss.

Add to that the fact that Black Digital Blueprint training is not the most comprehensive eCommerce course, I don’t recommend it. There are much better ways to make money online (see my #1 recommendation).

Black Digital Blueprint Review – Conclusion

In my opinion, this course is not worth it. If you’re likely to bill $5000 for an eCommerce training course the training is much better run out this world. However, that’s just not the case with Black Digital Blueprint.

Honestly, this is one of the shortest pieces of training I have actually examined. Moreover, I have no clue exactly how Danielle Holmes identified the cost for this course.

In other words, Black Digital Blueprint is ridiculously overpriced. It’s still legit, but not recommended!

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6 thoughts on “Black Digital Blueprint Review – Scam by Danielle Holmes or Legit?”

  1. I took the course. It’s most definitely not worth it. You only get one year with it. To remain in the Facebook group will cost you $100 a month. She is not very active in it so that is also a waste of money. If you have no business knowledge before the course you will lose more than you make. A few people do have success but the ones with an existing business do better. I am not saying it is terrible it is just very basic and not worth anything over $250. I won’t add my name. I am still a member.

  2. Hey,

    It’s good that there are still people like you who are working to take a closer look at those so-called “Get Rich Quick” systems. I also think the suggested price of $5000 is way too high!

    I used to look at what David Dekel and also Dan Lok had to offer… And I can’t shake the impression that practically every person who promotes something like this only wants one thing: THEY want to get rich as quickly as possible!

    People looking for an extra income don’t have a lot of money… Then how can they register on such “money-hungry” sites? I think the designers of such tactics don’t take into account who they can trap. They have no compassion.

    Good job!

    Best regards,

  3. 5000 dollars is a lot of money. Not everyone will be able to afford to make a one time payment of 5k so that is something that they need to work on. I was going to refer it to friends and family until I saw that you would not recommend it so I think that I will just take a step back 

  4. Wow $5000 does seem very steep for a course with no testimonials or money back guarantee. Who in their right mind would go for something like this. She seems credible and knowledgable, but she will have to certainly pack in a lot of value to make that price tag worth it.

    If you want to make money online, thankfully there are many great resources you can get started with that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

  5. I am actually struggling for words regarding this course, Gob smacked is not the word!! $5000 for this training course is she mad?? Are the people that have bought got a screw loose?? There is no way on earth I would pay that amount of money for it or any course to be honest.

    Definately giving this a skip!!

    Thanks for the info.


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