Click Wealth System Review – Scam or Legit? My Honest Review

Welcome to my Click Wealth System review. What is it about? How does it work? Can you make money with it? How much does it cost? Is Click Wealth System a scam or legit?

I’m sure at least one of these questions is running through your mind, am I right?

Matthew Tang’s Click Wealth System teaches how to make money with Customer Middleman Arbitrage or affiliate marketing.

I know for a fact that affiliate marketing is a legit business. But is this program really going to help you to make $500 a day? I actually purchased Click Wealth System so keep on reading my review…

But first, who am I? Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

Before we dive in, I just want to congratulate you on doing your own research first. That’s how you avoid scams and save your hard-earned money!

So without further ado, follow me in my Click Wealth System review to discover more about this new ClickBank product that allegedly helps to earn $100’s per day without any effort.

The main question is: Is Click Wealth System a scam or legit? Let’s find out!

Click Wealth System Review


What is Click Wealth System?

Click Wealth System is a training program for earning an income online through a process called Customer Middleman Arbitrage, which is a fancy name for affiliate marketing.

The system is broken down into simple, actionable steps that anyone can use to make money online.

However, the problem with this system is in the way the creator tells you it works. Moreover, the offer is quite hyped and unrealistic. But more about that in later sections of my review.

In a nutshell, the leading idea behind this system is to choose a customer source. Then, the next step is building a website, which takes only about 5 minutes with the Click Wealth System site builder.

And lastly, to earn an income with this program, you’ll have to direct customers from the source to your website and then to affiliate programs such as Amazon, ClickBank, or eBay.

The process described above is a 100% legit way to make money online.

In fact, customer arbitrage is one of the best ways to earn an income on the internet.

I have personally been very successful with affiliate marketing ( and still am to this day). In my experience, it is great for newbies, it’s easy to learn and earn, and you can start without having to invest tons of cash.

Inside the ClickWealth System, you will actually get a few short videos that talk about this process.

On top of it, Matthew Tang will give you access to a few DFY landing pages that you can use to promote ClickBank products to earn commissions.

But I’m not 100% sure this very program is the best source of education on this business model.

So is Click Wealth System legit or a scam? Keep reading this review to learn more.

Is Click Wealth System a Scam?

I wouldn’t say that Click Wealth System is a scam, per see. The program may not be the perfect solution for building an affiliate marketing business, but it is legitimate.

You can give it a test drive for 30 days, and if you don’t care to continue, you can get your money back.

However, I personally don’t like the way Click Wealth System has been marketed.

All those claims, overhyped statements, and unreliable testimonials remind me of 100s of scams that I’ve seen so far. Just take a look at Commission Replicator or Perpetual Income 365 and see the similarities.

To tell you that you can work only 30 minutes per day and make $500 per day is not cool.

I’m 100% sure that even the creator is aware of how big BS this statement is.

The only reason why someone would use all those tricks like fake scarcity, overhyped statements, and other tricks is to get more people to buy Click Wealth System.

And since that is so, it’s the first sign that this offer is not trusted.

✅ Click Wealthy System PROS

The good thing is that you will get some content in return for your money. Inside the Click Wealth System, I found short training videos, a few DFY sales pages, and of course, tons of upsells and extra costs.

The training teaches how to connect those pages with your ClickBank affiliate links and send paid traffic to your pages, and if you are lucky enough, it should help you to make money online.

That said if you’re willing to invest $9 in Matthew’s pages plus at least $500 to get traffic to those pages, there’s a slim possibility that this system could work because it’s based on workable and legit methods.

Furthermore, Matthew’s system comes with a 30-day refund policy so if you’re interested, you can give it a risk-free try.

If you decide that it’s not worth it (like I did), you can get your money back for sure. Just go to the ClickBank refund page and follow the steps.

🛑 Click Wealth System Cons

The bad thing is that this is another low-quality training program sold on ClickBank that is designed for the owner’s benefit and is not going to teach you how to start your own online business properly.

In my experience, the Click Wealth System is not worth the time, money, or end effort.

You see, the rule is that you get what you paid for.

And in the case of Click Wealth System, you get pretty weak training about affiliate marketing for nine bucks.

In other words, you get nine short video lessons that you can find on YouTube for free, some generic landing pages hosted on a sub-domain, and a chance to lose $ 100s on questionable traffic methods.

Moreover, like every other internet scheme these days, Click Wealth System comes with hidden upsells that contain critical parts of the system, which means that you’ll have to pay extra to get access to the whole package.

In my opinion, this is a big red flag!

Another red flag is a misleading and overhyped sales pitch. You don’t get a free gift as promised, testimonials can’t be verified, and income claims are completely unrealistic.

👎👍 Scam or Legit?

The bottom line is that Click Wealth System is not a scam (per se).

However, I don’t recommend low-quality products like this to my readers. This product is best for Matthew Tang and affiliates who promote this to make money from gullible newbies.

Just like many other programs found on ClickBank, this one is focused on making money off you via a sales funnel and hidden upsells.

In my experience, the chances that you will make money following the advice inside this program are slim, especially if you’re a newbie who has no cash to invest in upsells and expensive traffic methods.

That said, Click Wealth System gets a very low rating from me. It is not a high-quality product that will teach you how to start your own online business via affiliate marketing.

But if you’re really interested in Click Wealth System, you can give it a try for only $9, which is a real bargain. If you don’t like it or feel it is a scam, you can get your money back from ClickBank.

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How Does Click Wealth System Work?

In this section of my Click Wealth System review, we are going to go through those three steps that I mentioned earlier.

Matthew’s system is all about bringing the right customer to the right website.

The process he talks about is called affiliate marketing. It comes down to promoting other people’s products via websites and marketing funnels.

Broken down, here’s how Customer Middleman Arbitrage or affiliate marketing works:

  1. Choose a verified customer source from a verified insider list.
  2. Create a website using cloud-based software in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Become the middleman by redirecting the customer source to your website.

Step #1 – Choose a verified customer source from a verified insider list.

With Click Wealthy System, you can learn how to promote products from Amazon, ClickBank, and eBay.

You see, all these sites have an affiliate program, and are willing to pay you commissions for each customer you bring into their platform.

So at its core, affiliate marketing is not a scam. But what about Click Wealth System?

The truth is, it is a DFY customer source system that you have to connect to your website and third-party autoresponder (they recommend GetResponse).

Step #2 – Create a website using cloud-based software in less than 5 minutes.

You can use a cloud-based app to build your site in less than a few minutes.

In my opinion, this is the most “valuable” feature of the Click Wealth System.

Basically, you will get access to a site builder that allows you to create cloud-based websites that you can use to connect customers with product owners.

Step #3 – Become the middleman by redirecting the customer source to your website.

Then, the idea is to start promoting your site via Solo Ads to attract visitors. This is where the process of Customer Middleman Arbitrage begins.

Each time a person lands on your site, your task is to “show them the way” to Amazon and other affiliate programs.

Each time you close a sale on these sites, you earn a commission.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is a legitimate method. However, this course is not so much.

What Do You Get With Click Wealth System?

Before I wrote this review, I actually purchased Click Wealth System myself to see what is inside and whether or not this system will work in just a few clicks and minutes of work.

Also, I wanted to claim my free gift too! But guess what?

There was no free gift!

As it turns out, that was just another lie designed to get you inside the sales funnel where you will be bombarded with upsells (see the next section of the Click Wealth review).

Welcome Message

As soon as you land inside, you will find a dashboard with all the features and a welcome message from Matthew Tang.

It’s just a short video where he talks about affiliate marketing and claims that you can make some serious money with his Click Wealth System.

Click Wealth System Training 

Inside the dashboard, you will find 9 training lessons and you will get access to a few DFY pages.

Click Wealth System Training

These videos are brief so I wouldn’t call this in-depth training. It’s just a short tutorial on how to set up your ClickBank account, GetResponse, etc.

Then, you can learn how to use other features of CWS to make money (hopefully).

Profit Pages, Traffic & Upsells!

Here’s the breakdown of the rest of the features inside:

  • Profit Pages – a few DFY landing pages that are practically worthless
  • Six Profit Pages – this is an upsell with more DFY landing pages
  • ClickTracker – this is a link to click-tracking software
  • Free 100 Click – you get some free clicks. 100 is not enough to make money
  • Profit Activator – this is another upsell
  • Traffic Source – this leads you to a page where you can order traffic
  • Click Profit Multiplier – a link to another upsell (GRRR)
  • Basic Broadcast – here you can find some DFY swipes

The DFY pages have some small value because they are predesigned and ready to be connected with an autoresponder.

But on the other hand, you can easily create these pages using free tools.

Also, I can see some value in the traffic section of the Click Wealth System because you get links and short tutorials on how to buy solo ads to get traffic to your money pages.

And there are DFY email swipes so you don’t have to write emails on your own.

The problem with all of these is that every user of the Click Wealth System is going to get access to the same content and traffic.

This is going to lead to saturation and duplicated content.

In other words, everyone will start sending the same emails leading to the same money pages all at once.

But the main problem is UPSELLS!

It looks like Matthew Tang really wants you to buy them so that he can make more money from you.

Click Wealth System Bonuses

Lastly, you will get a few bonuses that have no real value, in my opinion.

So as you can see from this section and as you’re about to see in the next section of my review, it looks like Click Wealth System is just another generic product designed to make money off you via upsells.

I didn’t find anything useful inside.

There’s no useful training, no help, no community, no tools, nothing except a few useless DFY landing pages and some upsells and affiliate links.

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How Much Does Click Wealth System Cost?

$9 one time is the price of Click Wealth System, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives you access to the training program, site builder, and a Facebook group.

Click Wealth System Price

As I said earlier in this review, once you purchase the product, you will get access to a sales funnel.

You will be offered to purchase three one-time offers or upsells that will somehow magically increase your chances for success with Click Wealth System.

But in my opinion, this is just how the owner makes more money off you.

Here are the upsells.

Upsell #1 – Click Wealth System Profit Activator – $147

This upsell gives you access to 5 extra plugins, which will allow you to customize your sites to improve conversion rates and generate more leads.

Upsells #2 – Click Profit Multiplier – $148

This is a cloud-based email marketing app that allows you to create e-mail swipes with a click of a button.

Upsell #3 – 5x Profit Sites – $148

The last upsell allow you to generate five more DFY websites with cloud software.

If you don’t want to buy these, you can decline the offer at the bottom of each upsell page.

Each time you say no to an upsell, Matthew is going to offer you a special discount. To me, this was just a desperate way to make you spend your hard-earned money.

I mean, the Click Wealth System sales funnel is ridiculous!

He even says that once you close this page and decline the upsell, you will never have another chance to purchase it. This should make you feel anxious and push you into buying mode.

But here’s the kicker!

Even if you decline those upsells, despite the fact that Matthew said you will never get another chance, you will get it as soon as you walk into the Click Wealth System member’s area.

What’s up with that? Why would someone lie like this?

It shows me that this product is unethical and that the owner only cares about making money off you.

I saw the training inside the Click Wealthy System and I was not convinced that this program will help me or anyone else to make money with affiliate marketing.

My only thoughts and feelings were: “This is a scam for sure.” But let’s hold off on the verdict and summarize this Click Wealthy Review with a few pros and cons first.

Alternative: If you’re tired of low-quality schemes and scams, make sure to check out the best way to earn an income online below! This exact system made me go from $0 to earning $1000s per month.




Who Is Click Wealth System Best For?

I’m afraid that I can’t really say that there’s anyone who can truly benefit from this program except the owner, Matthew Tang.

In my opinion, this is a short and highly doubtful program designed to get you to spend tons of money on a confusing system that comes without proper education.

Even if you’re an advanced marketer like me, you will probably share my experience with Click Wealth System.

I really don’t see who this is for, except, as I said, Matthew and affiliates that promote it via ClickBank to make money off newbies who have no idea what they’re getting into.

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What I Like About Click Wealth System

My goal with this review of Click Wealth System is to help you learn the truth. Therefore, here are some positive things about this program for earning an income with affiliate marketing…

Customer Middleman Arbitrage is a Real Business

Customer Middleman Arbitrage or affiliate marketing is a 100% legitimate business. With Click Wealth System, you can learn a few things about how it works and how you too can get started.

However, as you’re about to read in the cons section of my review, the system is not complete without expensive and secret upsells, which is in my opinion, a red flag.

You Get Training and Site Builder Software

Another good thing about Click Wealth System is the fact that you will get access to some training (not complete) and a funnel builder software that helps to create affiliate marketing websites.

A lot of programs of this kind have very little value. In this case, you do get a lot for only $9.

Speaking of which…

You Can Test Drive the System for Only $9

Although I’m a fan of free trials, you can get access to Matthew Tang’s system for only nine bucks. This gives you access to the basic training and already mentioned website builder.

Click Wealth System Comes With a 30-Day Refund Policy

And if you don’t like Click Wealth System, you can file a refund request to ClickBank during the first 30 days of your purchase and ClickBank customer support will refund you every single cent.

So in other words, it’s a risk-free purchase.

What I Don’t Like About Click Wealth System

As you have noticed, my review of Click Wealth System is not designed to scam you to buy this program. Rather, my goal is to help you see it through my experience.

That said, here are the things that I didn’t like about Matthew’s program…

We Don’t Know Who Matthew Tang Is

The sales presentation for Click Wealth System and the official website do not reveal who Matthew Tang is. To me, this lack of transparency is not a good sign.

However, I managed to discover a bit about Matthew Tang. Apparently, I bumped into a site where some guy claims to be a pro digital marketer.

But there are no connections between this site and Click Wealth System so it’s still unclear who really owns this system.

Customer Testimonials Can’t Be Verified

Also, during the sales pitch, you can see a few customer testimonials for Click Wealth System.

However, the problem is that we don’t know whether these are real or fake because there are no ways of verifying them.

Fake Testimonials

See, in my experience after reviewing hundreds of products such as Click Wealth System, those testimonials could be and probably are fabricated.

I’ve seen the same thing going on with products like Paid Social Media Jobs and even AZ Millionaire Method.

You would be surprised how many product owners do this to make sales!

“100 Spots Left” is Nothing But a Fake Scarcity

Once you land on the official sales page for Click Wealth System, you can see a red ribbon at the top of the page that says that there are only 100 spots left.

However, that’s probably a fake scarcity, nothing else.

“Work Only 30 Minutes Per Day” is an Overhyped Statement

Matthew Tang claims that you can work only 30 minutes per day to earn tons of money with Click Wealth System. In my opinion, not only that this statement is overhyped, but it’s bogus as well.

I’m an affiliate marketer. If I would work only 30 minutes per day on my business, I would go broke in a matter of 30 days! There’s no such thing as working only 30 minutes daily.

Affiliate marketing is a serious business!

Seeing those claims on the sales page makes me think that Click Wealth System is a scam – but let’s not judge yet.

There’s no FREE GIFT For You As Promised

As soon as the sales video starts to play, Matthew says that he has got a free gift for you. However, as you go through the Click wealth system sales funnel, you never receive any free gifts!

Why would he lie about this? Well, to get your attention. We all love freebies, right?

In other words, this was just another marketing trick designed to sell you this system without any second thoughts.

Overhyped Sales Funnel Full of Upsells

While I was purchasing Click Wealth System, I had a feeling that the owner really wants me to spend a few $ 100s so that he can make money.

The entire sales funnel was jam-packed with overhyped statements, discounts, and even threats that I will never get this chance again!

Overhyped Funnel

And in the end, I found the same upsell right there inside the dashboard as soon as I walked in!

Once again, what’s up with those lies? Is that how legitimate programs sell their product?

Or is Click Wealth System the way to scam people to buy a few plugins and traffic?

In my opinion, it could be the latter.

Why? Well, because I’ve seen tons of products like this. Some examples are Multiple Income Funnel and Profit Passport.

You Get Only 9 Lessons and a Few DFY Pages

In my opinion, the product itself is weak and I’m almost sure that Click Wealth System is not going to work as advertised.

I’ve seen and reviewed a ton of these DFY systems. All that you get inside are a few short lessons where you can learn how to set up generic DFY profit pages.

These pages will not work without traffic and the training inside on this topic is ridiculous!

Click Wealthy System Relies On Paid Traffic

If you buy those pages, Matthew Tang is going to show you how to buy solo ads to get traffic to your funnels to make money.

The problem with this method is that you don’t know where the traffic comes from and how it is generated.

In other words, you could end up spending $100’s on cold traffic and make $0 in sales!

You Don’t Own Those DFY Pages (Websites)

Another problem with Click Wealth System is that you will not own those pages 100%. They are hosted for you on a sub-domain, which is something you want to avoid!

See, if Matthew Tang decides to shut down the program, you will lose your business in a day.

And worst of all, you will have no experience, knowledge, or skills to replicate it because this is not a real training program.

That said, let’s go over a final few sections of my Click Wealth System review to see whether it is a scam or a legit way to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Before you proceed with your decision, I also recommend you watch this review of Click Wealth System as well.

Click Wealth System Review – Conclusion

As I said, I was actually a member of Click Wealth System, so this review is genuine. A few months ago, I paid $9 to get access to the entire product because just like you, I wanted to know whether or not this system is legit.

However, I don’t promote this ClickBank product to earn commissions from you. As a marketer, I promote only products that are 100% legit and I truly believe in.

See, while I was testing and reviewing Click Wealthy System, I had a feeling that I was scammed by Matthew Tang.

I didn’t get the free gift that he promised. I didn’t find anything revolutionary inside the platform either. But I did find a lot of misleading things and hidden upsells.

All these things lead me to ask for a refund from ClickBank eventually.

As I said, this program is not a scam, but I really DON’T recommend it because it’s not the best system for making money online.

Thank you for reading my ClickWealth System review. Do you have anything to add? What do you think about it? Is it a scam or legit?

Feel free to share your comments at the end of this Click Wealth System review.

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