Commission Hero Review – Is Robby Blanchard a Real Deal or Scam?

Do you want to know can you make $1000 a day with Commission Hero even if you are a complete newbie? Robby Blanchard may be a #1 ClickBank affiliate, but is his affiliate marketing training for you? Maybe it’s just another ClickBank scam in a row. Stay here, read this Commission Hero Review. Get to know the facts before you decide. 

You see, when top affiliates like Robby Blanchard share the snapshots of their earnings, they don’t tell you that they had to work countless hours to get there. On the other hand, it’s common to hear them saying that you can do the same in 30 days or less.

Do you think that it’s easy as Robby makes it sound?

The fact is that many people do make money by selling ClickBank products on Facebook. However, the business model is not so easy to grasp. It takes time, patience, and a lot of MONEY to get it right.

In this Commission Hero Review, we are going to inspect how and does Robby Blanchard’s system works, who is he, is Commission Hero a scam, what’s the price, and more!

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Commission Hero Scam Review

Before we begin this Commission Hero Review, I want to share a thought.

Do not believe every word you hear from the mouth of the people who are trying to sell you a training course of any kind. The internet today is full of offers which are designed to make money for owners in the first place. In many instances, the customers are in the last place.

Always search the Google for a product review whenever you find something you’re not sure about. If you can’t find a decent review, please, feel free to contact me. I’ll get right into things to help you out.

This offer sounds like a legit opportunity to make money online. But, I must tell you that it’s never as easy as it may look like. This training program is designed to teach you Facebook ads and how to sell ClickBank products using the most popular social network in the world.

To do it successfully, you’ll have to prepare a bag of cash. That’s something Robby Blanchard is not telling you.

You see, most of the beginners can’t fulfill this condition. That’s why 97% of people who run into something like this fail hard, and sadly, give up the idea.

If you are looking to start an affiliate marketing business for free, learn the basics, and then if you feel ready to dive in for real, I invite you to check out the link down below.

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What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing training course that can teach you how to start selling various ClickBank products using Facebook as the source of traffic.

Robby Blanchard claims that his system can help you to start generating $1000 a day! Moreover, he goes on and tells you that you can make a six-figure income in the next thirty days. You don’t have to possess any skills or knowledge whatsoever.

That’s a pretty bold statement. What do you think? Is it possible?

I believe it is, but only if you are an experienced online marketer who is ready to invest money into something like this. The chances for a newbie to make it right from the first try are equal to winning the lottery.

It is a relentless fact!

Robbie is going to show you his affiliate earnings as you can see on the image below. However, do not expect to make them yours as soon as you start with the training.

Commission Hero Potential Earnings

Anyway, this is an opportunity to learn Robbie’s top secrets that have helped him to become the number one ClickBank affiliate. We’ll discuss those secrets later in this review.

In a nutshell, you can learn how to build landing pages that lead to ClickBank offers. Also, this program contains a course on Facebook ads. You’ll be using Facebook to run image ads to drive potential customers to your offer. He’s going to share his top secrets for max conversions, and more.

The affiliate marketing model by which this program is based is a legit way to make money online.

In my experience, running Facebook ads is not a child’s game as Robby tries to make you believe. It’s a time-consuming process which has to be done with laser-sharp precision. I’ve tried to follow some of the expert advice a while ago. It backfired fast. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars to learn that it takes much more than thirty days to get it right. Moreover, Ias not prepared for an investment, which was another reason for failure.

With that being said, I believe that you understand that affiliate marketing is not easy as Robby makes it sound. My only hope is that he can deliver the promise. Now let’s continue with this Commission Hero Review and let’s see who Robby Blanchard is.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

You had a chance to read for a couple of time so far that Robby is a #1 ClickBank affiliate. That’s something he’s been very proud off, and he should be. This guy is a legit online marketer.

However, things were not so easy for him as they may seem to be right now.

Robby was and still is a brick-and-mortar business owner. He owns a CrossFit Reach gym in Massachuttess. The gym was the reason why he’s started with online entrepreneurship in the first place.

Robby Blanchard

It was not hard to build and open the gym. To get customers, well, that was a challenging task. Because of the severe lack of customers, Robby decided to play around with online advertisement in hope to get his business going.

As it turned out, he managed to do it very successfully. Today, he is teaching the skills that have helped him to make some serious money to regular people who are interested in the same. Today he owns a legit marketing company, Blanchard Media.

Robby Blanchard is a legit guy with a legit reputation, hands down. It’s refreshing to see a proud product owner in a sea of crooked ones.

Who is Commission Hero for?

Commission Hero could be for people who are interested in learning how to run ads on Facebook and use the affiliate marketing model to sell ClickBank products in return for a commission.

Robby Blanchard claims that his system is for complete newbies with zero experience.

I have to repeat this one more time. You’ll hear me saying it over and over during this Commission Hero Review.

It is for people who are ready to invest serious money into the online business. Running Facebook ads is not as cheap as it may be presented to you. To get a positive ROI, you’ll have to invest a lot of money in the first place. Hopefully, this course is designed to help you with it.

Many people are drawn to the idea of affiliate marketing because guys like Robby Blanchard make it sound easy on their sales pages and free webinars. A complete newbie does not know, however, that it costs a lot of money to get started because the owners of the programs don’t share that info until you buy their course.

I hope that now, you are well aware of the fact.

Moreover, Robbie’s course and others alike are for people who are action takers. If you are afraid of diving in, don’t waste your time and money then.

On the other hand, if you are looking to start an affiliate marketing business for free, learn the basics, and then if you feel ready to dive in for real, I invite you to check out the link down below.

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Commission Hero Review – How it Works?

As you had a chance to learn so far, this is a program that can teach you about a legit affiliate marketing model.

The owner is a guy who has a reputation for being a top ClickBank affiliate at the moment. Withing his training course, Robbie is going to share the secrets that have enabled him to rise and earn his reputation.

Commission Hero - How it Works Steps

Everything is telling me that this is not just another ClickBank scam as you may have been used to seeing lately.

Altogether, there are ten modules.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Choosing the Right Offers
  3. Finding Your Ad Image
  4. Setting Up a Landing Page
  5. Setting Up Facebook Account
  6. Setting Up Facebook Pixels
  7. Tracking Your Campaign
  8. Scaling
  9. Ninja Tactics
  10. Bonus Material

Like every other decent product that sells on ClickBank, this one gives away a few bonuses to go with the main course. Also, you will get access to the help center and Robby himself if you ever need assistance. I like to see that the owner is available if you ever get stuck. That’s a plus in my book.

Before you start doing anything, Robbie is going to introduce to you a world of affiliate marketing. Within the first module, he’s going to go over main aspects of the business so you can get a better understanding of the stuff that’s coming after.

The critical part of affiliate marketing is to have the right offer. The whole things can go to waste if you fail to find a product that is proven to convert. I’ve been guilty of neglecting this aspect when I was making my first steps online.

Within the second module of the Commission Hero, Robbie is going to help you discover the right stuff within a few different marketplaces with the main focus on ClickBank.

The next module is going to help you understand Ad images and how to find the right ones for your campaign.

Once you find the right product, you have an image ready as well, you’ll have to build a landing page. That’s what the module number four is all about. You’ll be using ClickFunnels platform to create your landing pages. Keep in mind that this is the additional cost of $100 per month.

Now, with all that in place, you should be ready to start learning about Facebook Ads, the most critical part of the training program. If you don’t take this model seriously, you will jeopardize the whole thing. Also, keep in mind that Facebook Ads will cost you an additional $200-$500 just to get started.

The module number six is all about setting up your Facebook Pixels. In a nutshell, it’s a piece of code that you will embed to your landing page so that you can track your clicks and conversions. Robbie is going to show you how to do so and how to understand the data once the whole thing gets rolling.

Hopefully, if you do everything as instructed, you should have some results to measure and scale successfully. The whole point of an advertisement on Facebook is to keep recycling your money until the pile starts to get bigger and bigger.

As you come close to the end of the training, Robbie is going to share some of his Ninja Tactics. Also, you get access to other bonus material like live classes with Robbie and Ad Account training.

The whole thing, when observed from the bird’s eye perspective looks like a substantial opportunity to create an online business. I’m glad to see that the course has a head and tail and it leads somewhere. Now, let’s move on with this Commission Hero Review and let’s check out the price of the whole shebang.

Commission Hero Price

To start learning from Robbie Blanchard, you’ll have to ‘spit’ $997 one time payment.

There is another option, and that is to split it in two. The letter turns out to be more convenient. But it’s going to more expensive. Each payment is $597, which turns out to be $197 more in the end.

In addition to the price of the training, you’ll have to spend $100 on page builder, which is not included within the platform. The new budget is going to be required for running ads on Facebook.

Be prepared for spending at least $1 500 dollars only on getting started.

Commission Hero Pros

Before I finish this Commission Hero Review, I want to go over a few aspects of the offer that I found to be encouraging.

Affiliate Marketing Model That Works

If you didn’t know, Facebook earns most of his gigantic revenue straight from the advertisement. Mark Zuckerberg and his company are well aware where the money is, that’s why you and I are allowed to market anything we want as long as we follow some rules.

The main rule is to share value before placing the affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing model that you can learn with the help of Robby Blanchard is a legit way to seel whatever you want using Facebook as the source of clients. I believe that this guy knows the rules of the Facebook advertisement and that he can help to learn the same.

The Real Owner

ClickBank marketplace is full of affiliates which are trying to sell you crappy products so that they can make commissions. These guys are also known as scam artists. They make massive amounts by selling various info products to newbies online by making them believe that they are going to get rich quick.

Most of the time, they hide behind fake names and use fake stories and stock images to create the owner character.

However, Robby Blanchard, cannot fit into the description from the above. This guy is a real deal with a proven reputation to be the #1 ClickBank affiliate. I trust in his expertise.

The Real Student Testimonials

Another thing that is common to see when we speak about those ClickBank scams is fake student testimonials. Those scam artists have found a way to hire random people and pay them to give fake testimonials. It’s fascinating to see how people can lie about things without having a guilty consciousness.

Before I started with writing this Commission Hero Review, I expected to run into some old faces that I’m used to seeing in those scams. I was pleasantly surprised to see that here is not the case.

We can see a few testimonials of people who claim that Robbie Blanchard has helped them to make money online. One of the faces that I recognize is Wesley Virgin. I’ve seen this guy selling on Facebook, and I guess that Robbie has something to do with it.

Commission Hero Student Testimonials

Commission Hero Cons

You had a chance to read what I do like about this program. However, there is always the two sides of the coin. Not everything is so bright and shiny, so hold your horses.

Let’s go over the few things about this offer I found to be repulsive.

It’s Not As Easy As Presented

I like to repeat to my readers that affiliate marketing is not as easy as it’s presented by the owners of digital courses and pieces of training. These guys are only making it sound easy to get you in.

I don’t mind giving people hope, especially if you can deliver the promise.

However, people then get the wrong idea that somehow they will get rich quick. It is one of the main reason why newbies fail and give up a legit business opportunity. Like every other business, affiliate marketing takes time to learn and apply. A newbie in this business can make money only after he goes through the period of study.

Do not take those income claims seriously and arm your self with a lot of time, patience, will, and most importantly, invest a lot of work.


A Bit Pricey for Newbies

In my opinion, a price tag of $997 is not for every pocket. Especially not for newbies at affiliate marketing. Robby gives an option to split it in two, but still, it’s a lot of money for someone looking to start without any previous knowledge.

Moreover, you’ll have to spend a few more hundreds at least to get started. All in all, the whole thing can go well over $1,5K.

No Free Trial, Only 14 Days Money Back Policy

You see, I’m a fan of a free trial. I like to sit in the car and take it for a test drive before I believe anything about how it steers or brakes. The same is with everything else. I don’t like buying before trying.

Commission Hero does not offer a free trial.  However, you can access a free prerecorded webinar with Robby, which is a sort of a showcase of what can you expect from him. At least something.

Also, this training course comes with only 14 days money back guarantee, which is very little compared to many others which offer 30-60 days to make your decision. This offer has a strict refund policy. If you want to get your money back, you’ll have to show evidence that you have taken some action with the course. Otherwise, no cash back.

Is Commission Hero a Scam?

Commission Hero is not a scam. It is a legit affiliate marketing training course on the Facebook advertisement and selling products from ClickBank.

Robby Blanchard is not lying about his status as the #1 ClickBank affiliate. This guy is a legit affiliate marketer who knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Do I Recommend This?

If you want to learn how to sell various ClickBank Products by creating funnels and by advertising on Facebook, I think that you won’t go wrong if you start learning from Robby.

Also, if you have enough money to spend on the course and everything that comes with it, I gladly recommend it.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Website For FREE?

Thanks for coming to the end of this Commission Hero Review. I hope you have found all you had looking for.

If you are interested in learning how to build an affiliate marketing website and make money online, but, you don’t have the cash to start, I have a great alternative.

Firstly, you’ll be choosing a niche.

A niche in affiliate marketing is an area of interest. For example, my niche with this website is affiliate marketing training courses. After you pick a niche, you are going to find affiliate products. Those products will be your offer and one of the ways to make money.

Secondly, you’ll be building a website.

A website is not too hard to build. We will develop and maintain your site for you. All you have to do is choose the name, pick one of the preset themes, and the rest is on us. We are going to show you how to handle your site so you can approach the next step.

Thirdly, you’ll be attracting visitors to your site.

The first roadblock to all brand new affiliate marketer is finding the right source of traffic. We are going to show you well-kept secrets to unlimited FREE TRAFFIC from the internet. However, you’ll have to work to get it. It takes time to create a free flow of organic traffic, but it’s worth it.

Fourthly, you’ll be selling the products of your choice to your visitors to make money!

It takes a bit of time to learn the skill of selling on the internet. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place online to learn the talent that will stay with you forever. We are going to show you how to do it in the most ethical and honest ways possible.

Ready to learn more?

Affiliate Marketing Steps


Ivan Head Shoot

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at


  • Love your post about commission hero and even thou they are a real company, they don’t compare to WA. WA has much more to offer with training that will lead you to have the very best website out there. Thank you

    • Hi Claudia, your welcome. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on my review.


  • As I finished reading your comprehensive review on commission hero, I do with your state that affiliate marketing is not as easy as it’s presented by the owners . Most of the marketing guys are good at what they do but they are not so good at delivering the program in a systematic order.

    I feel that Wealthy Affiliate has way much to offer as it is designed in a newbie friendly way.

    Looking forward to your next post for more information on affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Cindy, I agree with you. Marketing mentors are good at what they do, but it’s rare to find someone who is good at teaching it. I like to say that affiliate marketing is Greek for most of the people. Robby seems to know what he is doing. I too find Wealthy Affiliate to be the best place to systematically learn everything about affiliate marketing. It’s a great choice for beginners with zero knowledge and low budget.


  • It’s great to see a few gems amongst the fakes when it comes to affiliate marketing. I’ve never heard of Commission Hero but thank’s for the honest information. Personally, I’m intrigued by Facebook ads, but the price seems forbidding. Anyway, I’ll check it out further and decide if it’s really for me. Thanks.

    • Hi Keny, it is refreshing to see someone who is dealing with business online in an ethical and legit way. If you are looking for an expert in Facebook ads, Robby might be your mentor. If you are going to have any questions about this program or any other that I recommend for making money online, feel free to ask.


  • Thanks Ivan for this valuable information on Commission Hero. You did a very thorough job of explaining the pros and cons, and I am now convinced it’s not for me simply because of the initial cost, even if it is legit! I’ll be back to check out your no-cost trial business recommendation later.

    • Hi Terry, your welcome. It’s a legit affiliate marketing training. But yes, it’s a pricy one. If you have any questions later, feel free to ask. I’ll be happy to help.


  • Hello Ivan,

    I really appreciate this honest review! From the way it sounds, I could’ve been the next one to fall for this scam.. I mean, people see dollar signs, when as you said, we should do a lot of research on these things before jumping into it.

    If I could get started without paying into the program first, then maybe I would explore it. But, thanks to you, I’ll be more careful when I come across programs like Commission Hero.

    I’m going to explore your site some more as well as follow your link for your recommendation on making money online through Wealthy Affiliate. I like the sounds of getting starting without having to pay anything. At least then, I could see if it’s something I’m really interested in pursuing.

    I’m sure it varies depending on the niche, but about how long does it take to get things rolling; start seeing traffic to the site or earning income? Tough question I know, but just an idea. I’m sure it’s much longer than 30 days! If I were to guess, I’m sure it would take up to a year or better with complete dedication to the site. There’s a lot of competition out there!

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ll be sure to share it with others.

    Best of luck,

    • Hi Devara, I have to correct you. Commission Hero is not a scam. It’s a legit training. Yes, the owner is making unrealistic earning promises. But that’s nothing but marketing. I think he can stand behind his words being #1 ClickBank affiliate.

      Feel free the check around my website. If you are looking for a free way to start you can see my AFFILIATE HANDBOOK. It can help you to understand the business before you decide to spend some money to pursue the idea. Also, check out my #1 recommendation for making money online. Wealthy Affiliate is the league for itself. Most definitely, it’s the best place for beginners!

      To get to your question. Yes, it depends on the niche and competition. The more competitive the niche, the longer it’ll take to get high rankings on Google. Without high rankings, there is no opportunity to make money. I’d say that around one year of consistent publishing and work on your site will get you the first tangible results. The first year is the toughest for everyone who chooses to pursue this. After that, it’s only a matter of scaling up.

      Thanks for sharing my work! If you have any more questions or need any help or advice, feel free to ask. I’ll be happy to help.

  • Hi Ivan, a great review on Commission Hero, as you say it is a high price for a new marketer to lay out. After you have spent nearly a thousand bucks they show you how to spend money on facebook ads. They should be up front about what the product entails, it may be legitimate but it sounds deceitful to me.

    I have been taken in by these type of programs in the past and I paid for it too, a high price. I am very wary of any of these programs now. I think people new to the business should take your advice and have a look at what you are pointing them too. Taking a free trial is a lot better than shelling out $997.

    Thanks for this well written review,

    • Hi Frank, I agree. Further costs should be disclosed upfront. I don’t like the lack of transparency as well. I like to know how much will I have to pay for anything. Even if I’m going to get a solid ROI, I still want to know how much will it cost. That way you can make a wise decision.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.



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