Email Sending Jobs Review – Another Email Sending Scam Exposed!?

Welcome to my Email Sending Jobs review.

A lot of companies are willing to pay people to do trivial daily tasks such as sending emails for them.

It’s called outsourcing, and a lot of people are willing to take these jobs to earn some extra cash from the comfort of the home. And every once in a while, you bump into a company or a website that promises a bit too much.

Today, I’m going to expose probably just another email sending jobs scam.

Email Sending Jobs is a website that promises $25 per email you process, which can translate into 1000’s per month if you take it seriously. But unfortunately, there is no proof for this, and one can’t escape the thought…is it a scam or legit?

In this Email Sending Jobs review, we’re going to learn what it is, who owns the site, how it works, whether it works or maybe the whole thing is a scam, and more!

Email Sending Jobs Review


Email Sending Jobs Review – Overview

Although email sending jobs as a business model is a legitimate thing, not every opportunity to engage in this line of work is real.

With Email Sending Jobs, you’re lead to believe that you can get paid $25 per email you send. And the more emails you process per day, the more money you can make. Sounds like an effortless way to make money, am I right?

The website even allows calculating your potential income too, which gives you a sense of a real opportunity, right?

But after examining the website thoroughly, I have no indications that it is a legitimate place to earn an income online. You’re lead to investing $75 into this scheme, and that is probably going to be the only thing you’ll do.

Email Sending Jobs is 99% an internet scam that aims at gullible newbies, and in this review, you’re going to find out the truth. They’re just tempting you to opt-in for a fake job opportunity with an intention to get your money, waste your time, and get your personal information so they can send you more scams.

I’ve seen a lot of these scams, and I’m more than sure this one follows the same line of action. Not recommended.

If you’re tired of scams and would like to try with a real business, make sure to click the button below…




What Is Email Sending Jobs About?

Email Sending Jobs is a website that promotes earning an income online, sending simple emails for other websites.

In other words, ESJ is an intermediary website.

The site serves as a channel between you and the companies that are looking for freelancers.

According to the information from the official website, they pay about $25 per email.

To get started with this site, you need to pay $75 joining fee, which is going to increase, according to the information from the website, very soon to $150.

And this is the first scam sign if you think about it.

They force you in with a fake discount. How do I know it’s fake? Well, check the price a month from now, it’ll be the same.

In my opinion, Email Sending Jobs is an outdated website and probably an internet scam that charges a fee to send you free email marketing jobs, which I’ll prove to you by the end of this Email Sending Jobs review.

Let me show you another scam sign now.

Who Owns Email Sending Jobs?

Once you land on the site, your attention is drawn to the potential earnings immediately.

But if you take your eyes off the “prize,” and start looking for some proof that this is not a scam, you’ll not find too many.

One of the proofs that Email Sending Jobs is real deal could be an about me page or some other sort of reference where you can check out the background of the company.

However, this website does not reveal who owns the site, which is also a scam sign.

The company is not listed on Better Business Bureau (BBB) either, which just confirms my claims here.

If a company is legitimate, why would they hide this information?

That is already two scam signs that are a clear indication that Email Sending Jobs is not a trusted website and if that’s not enough, let’s continue.

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What You Need to Get Started

According to the information from the main page, you don’t need too much to get started.

All you need before getting started are:

  1. Internet Access
  2. Email Account
  3. PayPal Account

And as mentioned earlier in this review, you need to pay $75 joining fee to get started with Email Sending Jobs.

My only question is this? Why would you pay for this information?

You see, these jobs are also known as freelancing employment, and you can find a ton of them for free on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

I guess that this is a scam site that charges a joining fee just to redirect you to free service, but let’s not judge yet.

Now that we know this information let’s take a look at how it is supposed to work.

How Does Email Sending Jobs Work?

Once you pay the joining fee, you will get an electronic receipt through email which will confirm your successful payment of registration fee.

And on verification of the payment done, you’ll instantaneously get your unique username and password required to login into the member’s area directly to your email address.

You can start the email sending work immediately by logging into the members’ area.

Once logged in, there are several steps you need to take.

Step 1. – Select

The first step is to select and sign up with the companies of your choice given inside the members’ area.

Signing up with these companies is 100% free, and you do not need to pay any charges for signing up with any company given inside the members’ area.

Step 2. – Choose

The second step is to choose and decide the products/services/websites for which you want to send the emails that are listed under the companies with which you signed up in the first step.

Step 3. – Write

The third step is to write emails. However, you do not need to write emails on your own because you will get pre-written emails.

You can just use the pre-written emails. It is up to you whether you write/type the matter of emails on your own or just copy-paste the case of emails from excellent pre-written emails.

Step 4. – Send

The fourth step is to send those emails. Inside the members’ area, you’ll find complete instructions to know where to send those emails.

You must use email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. for sending the emails.

Step 5. – Monitor

After sending the emails your work is finished. You can monitor your account statistics daily to know how much you have earned if any.

Step 6. – Payment

You will get your payments every two to four weeks through cheque or PayPal directly by the companies given inside the members’ area.

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Is Email Sending Jobs Going to Work?

It would be too early to say that that Email Sending Jobs is a scam. But we have enough info to say that it probably isn’t going to work as promised.

The reason for saying so is a complete lack of proof that these jobs exist and that they pay out the participants.

If you ever join email sending jobs website, you’re risking a lot of time and some of your hard-earned money to find out the truth.

If you think about it, why would they pay $25 per email when there are people who are going to send up to 20.000 emails for you for only $10 on sites like Fiverr?

Email Sending Free Fiverr Gigs

I believe they are lying about high payouts to make you pay the joining fee, that’s all.

And if email sending jobs is a legitimate thing and not a scam, why don’t they show a few companies that use their services?

This way, you could be assured that you’re not going to fall for a scam and you’re going to work for legitimate companies out there.

And why they can’t show a few video testimonials instead a few lines of text with some names next to them?

If you think about it, those testimonials are most likely fake too.

That said, you should be very careful with these scams because you can never be sure enough.

I’m sure this is not going to work, and my best advice is to avoid sites like Email Sending Jobs that contain that much scam signs.




Email Sending Jobs Scam Signs

I’ve mentioned these scam signs several times during this review, but I feel like you have to see them in bulk.

Let’s start with the most obvious one.

Too Good to be True

Email Sending Jobs promises $25 per email. They say you can send as many emails per day as you wish.

Moreover, it takes between 30 mins to 2 hours to send about 10 emails, which means that you can earn $250 in just a few hours.

Email Sending Jobs Review - Income Calculator

And if you give it a few more hours per day, you could be earning well over $500 daily.

Weekly, this is about $3.500 or $14.000 per month.

Sounds too good to be true? I bet it does!

Think about it. If this is not a scam, but the opportunity they say it is, why it is so unpopular?

The obvious answer is because it is a scam that overhyped things to scam as many people as possible.

No Details About the Owner

There is zero information about the owners of the Email Sending Jobs website.

They don’t disclose their names, address, phone number, not even a social media profile.

And if you run the company through the various online registry, you’ll discover that it is a ghost on the internet.

Ask yourself again. If this site is legitimate and not a scam, and if it pays out that much to ordinary people like you and me, why don’t they share a few details about the owners?

It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to expect when it comes to doing the business online.

And anyone who is not following the line of transparency is most likely a scam.

Income Proof is Probably Fake

If you take a look at those payment proof very carefully, you’ll see that none of those checks shows from whom the money is coming from.

Some checks are photoshopped to blank this area of information.

Email Sending Jobs Review - Fake Check

I understand that you have to protect your private address, but it’s perfectly normal to see the name of the company that has issued the check.

So it makes you think. Why would they delete this information from those images?

My best guess is because those checks have nothing to do with Email Sending Jobs and the whole thing is a scam.

Email Sending Jobs Testimonials Could Be Fake Too

Since those checks are most likely fake, you can’t escape the thought that the testimonials could be fake too.

Think about it, right?

It’s just a line of text with some random name at the bottom that says how Email Sending Jobs is a real deal.

Email Sending Jobs Review - Testimonials

There are no images that could prove that those people do exist.

Even more, we live in a digital era where you can shot a video testimonial in 2 minutes and send it on the other side of the globe in 2 milliseconds.

So why don’t they ask for honest video testimonial instead of plain text version that could have easily been written by anyone?

The answer is the same again. It’s because Email Sending Jobs is probably a scam.

No Money-Back Guarantee

The last scam sign that I want to show you is the lack of guarantees of any kind.

Most legitimate services today either offer a few days of a free trial or they give you some sort of money-back guarantee to make sure you feel safe and confident.

I mean, it’s a logical thing to expect, right?

But instead of assurance in the opportunity, these guys ask you to pay $75 based on “trust me we’re not a scam.”

If that’s so and if Email Sending Jobs is a legit thing, why can’t they provide at least a ten days money-back guarantee?

It’s probably because the whole thing is a scam.

Is Email Sending Jobs a Scam?

The main reason why I’m pretty sure that Email Sending Jobs is a scam is that they are going to charge you a fee to get access to online jobs.

You shouldn’t pay anyone to get these jobs.

On the contrary, you should be paid for getting the job done, and the job should be free for all.

In this case, someone has created a website that acts as an intermediary between, probably legitimate sites, and people like you. They charge you $75 to get access, and you may never hear from them again.

Moreover, if you give them your personal information, you’re in danger from a pushing scam. This means they will send you more seemingly legitimate offers (which are scams too) to make more money off you.

Caution is advised!

Email Sending Jobs is not the only website of this king on the net. I’ve had a chance to review a set of these seemingly legitimate sites where they ask you to pay a fee to get access to various small online tasks such as sending emails or managing social media accounts.

In a nutshell, these sites will charge you to get access to basic manuals which are pretty much useless. And they will send you more and more junk offers on your address to trick you into spending more money.

Technically, these sites are not 100% scam, because you get some info in return.

However, my honest recommendation is, keep your distance from email sending jobs and all other sites that promise easy work and a big payout.

In 99% of the cases, you’re going toward a scam.

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Email Sending Jobs Review – Conclusion

Email marketing is a legitimate online business opportunity. Moreover, it’s a very lucrative one.

However, you can’t expect to join a random (and in this case, a scam site), and suddenly start earning 100’s and 1000’s of dollars per day.

Email marketing is a process, and like every other process, it takes time to gain trust, build a list, and earn money.

People who claim differently are most likely trying to scam you.

Thanks for reading my Email Sending Jobs review. I hope it was helpful.

If you are tired of scams and push-button schemes, and you’re still interested in earning an income online, make sure to click the button below.

The training program on the next page helped me to generate income online and even quit my 9-5.

It’s 100% free to join and entirely legitimate opportunity to earn online.




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

14 thoughts on “Email Sending Jobs Review – Another Email Sending Scam Exposed!?”

  1. I want to first and foremost commend the effort into providing a website such as this, especially since the appearance of earning online income through spare time. Sending mails are actually tasking jobs to carryout and seeing that it is actually a task that companies now outsource to people to help them earn money is an interesting fact. Thank you for the effort.

  2. Thank you so much for this information, it sounds too good to be true, there is a lot scam on the internet nowadays, easy money isn’t working most of the time but still, people hope for the best and are desperate to get the bills paid, it is a never-ending story, let’s hope someday it will work.

  3. Email sending job review was an interesting article to read, and what I tell anyone who asks me about any programs online is if you have to pay it more likely is a scam. I would never pay to promote any program no matter how good it sounds, and often the easiest programs are the biggest scams of them all.

    Good review

    • Hi Jeff, I couldn’t agree with you more! If it sounds too good to be true, it is. There are a lot of scams that are based on a bunch of lies, but they never deliver on those promises. Thanks for your comment and feel free to reach out in the future.


  4. Hello Ivan – I totally hear what you’re saying about the fake discount rate, as I have come across this blatant lie quite a few times in the past. It really is one of the most powerful measurements of a scammer out of them all.

    • Hi Simon, as you can see, scams like Email Sending Jobs won’t hesitate from using a lot of tricks to get you inside. Thanks for sharing your experience here.


  5. I’m glad I found this article as Email Sending Jobs definitely looks like a scam. I’ve not come across the program but know it’s one to avoid. No one should have to pay to get such work, and as you rightly said, plenty of people on Fiverr are offering to write emails for very little money. In addition, the idea they provide copy and paste emails further shows their unethical business strategy. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Kathy, I’m glad my review was helpful. You’re right, you can find tons of these jobs on sites like Fiverr for free. The only problem is that you won’t make too much money from managing other people’s lists. The best way to get started with email marketing is to build your own list, build trust with your subscribers.


  6. Hi Ivan,
    Thank you for your very informative and thorough review. I agree that Email Marketing is very serious and oftentimes a very lucrative business. The problem is if there are companies like the one you are writing about in your review, which is trying to use it as a SCAM and rip off common people. Perfect, that you let people know about this option, so many of us can be protected before making any “investment” with this company, because as you correctly mentioned, smartly acting means to check things ahead, especially when it is about the internet world. Thank you and best luck with your site!

    • Hi Julius, you’re correct! The net is packed with sites like this trying to use this legitimate opportunity to earn an income online to scam people. On the other hand, email marketing is a lucrative business and I would recommend getting into it, but not through sites like Email Sending Jobs. For example, you can click here to get started with something legitimate.


  7. Hi Ivan,

    Really interesting review. I’ve never heard of the website Email Sending Jobs, but I have heard of jobs where we just send Emails. I even tried it myself and earned very, very, very little money out of it. I can’t remember the name of the company I was part of, but it was not very good at all. It required a lot of hard work but for very little return.

    I know the site you are reviewing is too early to judge whether it is a scam, but from my own experience, I would say that it probably won’t be a scam. But, it is a task that is not worth doing for the return on investment.

    But, that is just my experience. I am not putting it down or anything like that.

    Thanks for reviewing and sharing. Keep up the great work that you always do.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom, you’re welcome and thanks for reaching out. These email sending jobs are indeed popular and you can even make some money by managing email lists for large companies. However, this product has nothing to do with this. As you can see, the purpose is to charge you some cash to redirect you to jobs that are free all over the net.

      And you’re right, earning $25 per email is impossible. The reality of these jobs is that you earn peanuts, really. Thanks for your comment.



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