Is Forever Living a Scam or Pyramid Scheme? Must-Read Review (2022)

One of the main questions in this review is; Is Forever Living a scam pyramid scheme or a legit way to make money? Can you sell beauty products to earn commissions?

Many people like you look into Forever Living as a good business opportunity in the hopes of creating a source of income that can sustain them fully.

That said, let’s check out the business itself as well as the way Forever Living runs from a business point of view.

Before we get into this review and answer those questions from the above, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

In the meantime, I have actually tried and reviewed 600+ courses, scams, and even pyramid schemes to find the very best way to generate income online.

Keep reading my Forever Living review where I’m going to show you what this company is about. Also, I show you how it works, and I share my opinion about whether Forever Living is a scam or a legit pyramid scheme.

Forever Living Scam Review


Forever Living Review – Overview

  • Product Type: MLM
  • Owner: Blake Roney
  • Price: $0 + products
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Recommended?: No

Quick Summary: Foverer Living is a multi-level marketing business that you can join to either use or resell its products. They are focused on skincare and beauty products mostly.

By joining this MLM, you get an opportunity to sell their products as well as to build a team of salespeople through which you can earn additional compensation from their sales.

Keep in mind that the success rate with this business model is a measly 2%…

Although some say Forever Living is a pyramid scheme, it is a completely legitimate business model. Therefore, Forever Living is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. Keep reading my Forever Living review to learn more before you make your own decision.

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What Is Forever Living?

Forever Living is a private company that sells a range of products that advertise a healthy way of living. The firm was founded back in 1979 in Arizona, USA, by Rex Maughan.

The fact that it has actually been around for more than 40 years is always a favourable indicator when looking into the authenticity of these companies.

Forever Living Review

The business expanded when the creator Rex Maughan discovered the healing advantages of aloe and determined to buy ranches to ensure that he might grow the plants himself as opposed to relying upon providers for ingredients.

By 2010, the firm acquired the Aloe Vera of America business. In the same year, the business had more than 9 million representatives and an income of $1.7 billion.

The brand name now sells products to customers in over 150 nations via independent suppliers. Speaking of which, let’s talk more about the marketing opportunity in the next sections of my Forever Living review.

Forever Living MLM Opportunity

Forever Living Products is a popular MLM that many people use to earn money. The system is a legitimate business. However, it has some limitations.

The company offers products that are beneficial for wellness with the major company model being multi-level marketing. This means that distributors generate income from marketing the products to their network at a markup as shown below…

Forever Living Products MLM

The major approach to making a considerable income is through the employment of other representatives in your downline. As you hire individuals in your downline, you get a percentage of what they purchase from the parent company.

Therefore, as individuals under you remain to hire even more participants, you make even more cash. The business model is a legit one and doesn’t require any major skills.

So what about these products? Is Forever Living Products a scam? Let’s find out…

Forever Living Products Review

Forever Living Products sells a range of items that comprises aloe vera-based drinks, bee-derived cosmetics, nutritional supplements as well as personal care items. The products have been available in 5 groups.

  • Bee Products – These are items like honey baths, and supplement that is available in tablet-like bee pollen, propolis as well as Royal Jelly.
  • Drinks – The primary drinks in this group are aloe vera based beverages that act as an addition to a health and dietary diet regimen. They are marketed as helping in digestion as well as the absorption of nutrients.
  • Nutrition – Forever Living offers a series of dietary supplements comparable to multivitamins that are available in the bottle as well as tablet form. These include Ginkgo, B12 and several other nutrients.
  • Personal Care –The personal care range consists of soaps and sanitisers, creams and body sprays.
  • Skin Care – The skin treatment range from Forever Living Products is aloe-based. The variety has moisturizing lotions, exfoliators, aloe scrubs and more.

Forever Living Products Review

Are Forever Living Products Safe?

Forever Living Products are risk-free to use. The firm has been around for more than 40 years. That said, no company would certainly survive in the general public for 40 years while selling products that aren’t legitimately secure.

The business offers all-natural products but because of the sort of products they sell, they are not FDA approved.

While this might be a concern to some, it does not indicate that these products are not legit. You can actually find a lot of reviews where people say that Forever Living Products are safe.

Now that you know how safe these products are, the question is…

Are Forever Living Products Worth It?

Honestly, you do not need these products to get the benefits of Aloe Vera. Instead, you can head over to the supermarket and buy Aloe Vera off the shelf.

It just sets you back a few dollars, and also the contents from a raw Aloe Vera used in the Forever Living Products.

That being stated, this Forever Living review is not planned to talk about their products that much. I want to speak about the business possibilities and also the problems that the majority of their marketers face.

Most importantly, by the end of this review, you will know if Forever Living is a scam or really worth your time and money.

How Forever Living MLM Works?

You can sell Forever Living products in many ways. One of the most commonly made use of means is via direct marketing in the physical capacity.

This manner of marketing has the pros that it does not need much-added understanding. That said, you just buy items and you sell them at a profit.

The restrictions of direct physical selling are that your network is comparatively very minimal. Moreover, the amount of money you can make is restricted by how much supply you can hold.

If you have to restock then there is a wait time for every single set and the risk of customers not having an interest in the product when in stock.

The problem is also that you need to maintain marketing to most of your network and work to obtain new clients as existing consumers quit getting along the way.

Another way to work with this MLM is to utilize digital marketing to sell products and attract recruits to your downline (I’ll talk about this later in my Forever Living review).

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How Much To Start With Forever Living MLM?

Forever Living does not cost anything to join which is uncommon. Most network marketing schemes have something called an “activation fee” that normally sets you back like $99 when you sign up with.

I believe it’s simply a means for the business to nickel a few dollars from representatives. So it’s a good indicator Forever Living does not. You do require items to sell, though, which’s where the expense rises.

How Do You Make Money With Forever Living?

As I mentioned in my review, Forever Living is an MLM business that sells a variety of items that promote a healthy and balanced way of life. This implies that your compensation will originate from selling the items to your network.

Another way to make money is by referring members to come to be representatives as well. In this case, you basically construct a team and earn from each degree under you.

Ways of earning include rewards, recurring commissions, and a percentage of business earnings based upon your degree.

You can offer Forever Living Products as a non-member or as a participant. As a non-member, you merely buy the products as well as market them to other people.

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How Much Can You Make With Forever Living?

In this section of my review, I will go over the Forever Living compensation plan so that you can get a better idea of how much cash you can earn selling their products.

  • A new FLP distributor – 43% retail profits
  • Assistant supervisor – 43% retail profits plus an additional 5%  bonus on personal retail sales.
  • Supervisor –  43% on retail profits, 8 % bonus on personal retail sales, and 3 %  bonus on assistant supervisor group retail sales.
  • Assistant manager – 43% on retail profits, 13 %  bonus on personal retail sales, 5 % on supervisor group retail sales, and 8% bonus on assistant supervisor group retail sales.
  • Manager – 43% on retail profits, 18 % bonus on personal retail sales, 5 % on assistant manager group retail sales, 10 % bonus on supervisor group retail sales, and 13% bonus on assistant supervisor group retail sales.
  • Globally Rally – FLP business owners are entitled to a trip to a wonderful world with spending money.
  • Chairman’s Bonus – FLP business owners are given a percentage of the global profit share which is awarded to them on stage in front of a wider audience.

If this doesn’t mean too much to you, below is a helpful video that talks about this earning opportunity…

Can You Earn a Full-Time Income Selling Forever Living?

It’s certainly feasible to make a full-time income with Forever Living. To do that, you have to make a large number of sales on a constant basis.

Furthermore, you will also need a network of customers that is passionate about the items as well as agrees to get them from you on a regular basis.

And as I said in previous sections of my review, you can build a downline of Forever Living representatives to earn even more income whenever they make a sale.

Essentially, you need to do a lot of hands-on work to keep an income. If you can stick it out and develop your network to the needed degree, you can possibly make substantial money over time.

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Is Forever Living Products a Scam?

Although I’m not a fan of MLMs, Forever Living is not a scam.

Some MLMs are checked out as a scam much more so than others. While others teeter on it being a prohibited pyramid scheme or simply an illegal business.

One of the easiest ways to find out whether Forever Living is a scam is to check out if there are any lawsuits going on.

One of the lawsuits against this company centres around prices charged by a unit of Forever Living Products to its affiliated company in Japan that is owned by two Americans.

The lawsuit also contends that the unit, Aloe Vera of America, engaged in smuggling and bribery of foreign customs officials and other infractions, although it doesn’t cite any law-enforcement investigations on those counts.

The lawsuit describes the Japanese entity as the largest and most profitable company in the Forever Living Products group. You can read more about it here.

But other than this lawsuit, there is no other evidence that Forever Living is a scam.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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Is Forever Living a Pyramid Scheme?

Forever Living definitely isn’t a pyramid scheme since you can make compensations offering the products.

But the truth is, it has components of a pyramid scheme. That’s being said primarily due to the fact that to make lots of money you have to hire others into the system, which is a pyramid scheme in disguise.

The reason is you need to recruit individuals under you if you want to earn a real income with MLM.

That’s because you get payments for every single sale your employees make and you earn a commission for the sales your recruit’s employees make and on and on.

Due to this people tend to say that Forever Living is a pyramid scheme. But that’s just because they have probably failed and don’t understand how these schemes really work.

Another reason is the more down you are on the pyramid the harder it is likely to be to earn money. Payments are constantly moving upwards as the majority of the revenue is stuck on the top.

As a result of this, the success with multi-level marketing is ridiculously reduced.

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What I Like About It

  • Simple Business Model at the retail level
  • Low startup costs
  • It is a legitimate business model
  • Converted users swear by the products

What I Don’t Like About It

  • You have to market directly to people
  • The substantial money is in recruiting
  • The structure can be complicated to understand
  • Expensive products
  • Must be a salesperson and motivated
  • MLMs have a low success rate

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Forever Living Review – Conclusion

So back to the original question from the top of the review … Is Forever Living a scam pyramid scheme?

No, Forever living is neither a scam nor a pyramid system. The definition of a pyramid plan is that there is no product beyond the system itself while you’re being offered the scheme. Forever Living does have products connected to it.

Therefore, even if you don’t sell their products, you can utilize them for your very own use if you were so likely.

On the other hand, you can market them to earn money. If you are an all-natural sales representative and are excellent at talking with and convincing individuals, then Forever Living can be a good business for you.

However, I personally don’t recommend it because MLMs are simply not my cup of tea.

Multi-level marketing requires an upfront investment, a lot of groundwork, and sales skills. Because of this, success with MLMs is extremely low. Only about 2% make a full-time income…

If you think you belong to the top 2%, go for it. But I’ll rather pass because I have something better working well for me (see below!).

Thanks for reading my Forever Living review. Is it a scam? Feel free to comment below!

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And feel free to share this Forever Living Products review to help others as well!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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8 thoughts on “Is Forever Living a Scam or Pyramid Scheme? Must-Read Review (2022)”

  1. As great as these products sound, the price puts me off as you can get them a lot cheaper at the chemist. The main reason why I don’t join these sorts of companies is that the products are always overpriced and difficult to move. Also it is difficult to get a good team under you, which is ultimately what you need to make money. Most people that join don’t end up staying long and you are back to square one.

    On the other hand, the great thing about this opportunity is that you don’t have to pay anything to join, which is definitely a plus point.

  2. I have not heard of Forever Living but they have been around for 40 years. One of the things that I am concerning about is the price of their products. As you have stated how they structured their compensation, it’s in a way favorable to some while others will struggle. Your review is very helpful especially for newbies looking for any moneymaking opportunity.

  3. That is a lot of people selling Forever Living that may make it difficult for some reps to get any type of sales within their region. Most of these companies like Forever Living want you to stick around your city or state, and they will not let you make your own promotions or sales graphics special to attract buyers. If you do you at risk of breaking their contract, losing your startup cost and maybe getting sued. Forever living has been around for many years, and still after reading your review I will continue to avoid being caught up in this type of scheme. 

  4. Hi Ivan.
    A friend of mine started working for Forever Living about a year ago. I bought a product from her because she specifically asked for it. She needed a certain number of sales to be able to move forward in the business. I paid about 30 euros for a tube of aloe gel. The product was good but very overpriced. After a year of invested work, my friend is still making little money with Forever Living.
    Kind regards,


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