Global MoneyLine Review – A SCAM or Legit Money Scheme?

Welcome to my Global MoneyLine review. 

Before you join any make-money-online opportunity, you need to know a few things about it and above all, you need to find out whether it is a scam or a legitimate investment.

And my job is to dig underneath the surface and help you to find out the real truth. The last thing you want to do is waste your precious time and hard-earned money on some pyramid or a get-rich-quick scheme.

I’ve been there, and it sucks!

So in this Global MoneyLine review, I’m going to be explaining what this website is about and what you can expect from it. I’ll also be showing you how it works, how much it costs, etc. Lastly, I will be sharing some personal pros and cons and my own opinion about whether Global MoneyLine is a scam or legit.

Global MoneyLine Review


Global MoneyLine Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Pyramid Scheme?
  • Product Owners: Unknown
  • Price: Free To Join + High-Ticket Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Unavailable
  • Recommended?: NO!

Quick Summary: In short, Global Moneyline is a platform that allows you to generate more leads to your online business by using the messaging system inside the platform. It’s free to join and has multiple levels of membership inside that open up more possibilities.

However, in my opinion, the messaging system is a disguise for a pay to play (pyramid scheme) program.

I personally don’t recommend these traffic and lead generation platform because they are, in my opinion, useless and never work as advertised. For more info, read the rest of my Global Moneyline review.


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What Is a Global MoneyLiney?

Global MoneyLine advertises itself as a lead generation service that helps marketers to get a steady stream of new individuals to review their offers via their straight-line lead generator service.

The company seems to be free to join, at first, and with this free membership they promise to show you:

  • How To Get Hundreds of Leads in your MoneyLine Every Day
  • How To Connect Networkers from Around the World
  • How To Build Direct Commission Income Machine

All that is needed to get started with Global MoneyLine is an email address. That sounds like a great deal, right? But is it a scam or legit?

Global MoneyLine Review Scam Or Legit

I’m always up for a free membership, but my experience has thought me that there’s no such thing as free service. There’s always a price to pay.

In addition to the lead-generation service, Global MoneyLine offers a lucrative affiliate program that you can utilize to earn an income by promoting the same service to others.

That is basically all the information that you can get about this website from the official page.

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Who Owns The Website?

As with every other make-money-online opportunity, it is important to know who owns the company and a bit about its history. This way, it is much easier to trust your hard-earned money to someone from the internet.

The first red flag that rises up is the lack of information about who owns Global Moneyline. There’s no about us page, names, or anything else that could help us to learn more about the company, and I don’t like it.

All we know is that Global MoneyLine was founded in 2016 and since then, allegedly 624,496 people have joined the platform to use their lead generation service.

Legitimate companies always have an About page available where you can learn more about the owners of the company, their mission and goals, and find other useful and legitimate information.

How Does Global MoneyLine Work?

So the principle upon which Global MoneyLine works is relatively simple. Anyone with an email address can join the platform for free and will get limited access to a straight-line lead generator.

A straight-line lead generator is basically a messaging system inside the platform that you can utilize to collect leads and send them personalized messages with your offers.

Global MoneyLine Review - Inside Platfrom

Upon further research, I discovered that the way you will be generating leads is through a downline. In other words, everyone who joins Global MoneyLine after you will is added to your list and you can contact them with your offers.

As a free member of the platform, you are allowed to send one message at the time. Naturally, if you want to get access to more perks of this messaging system, you’ll have to upgrade your membership.

However, since Global MoneyLine does not have any other product to offer, there is a suspicion that it is a pyramid scheme – but more about this later in my review.

Can You Make Money With Global MoneyLine?

One way to make money with or though Global MoneyLine is by promoting your own offers to your downline. Basically, you can send your affiliate links, links to landing pages, squeeze pages, links to your website, etc., to your downline.

Another way to make money with GML is by referring others to the platform through an affiliate program.

The Global MoneyLine affiliate program works on a 2-up affiliate marketing compensation plan. In other words, you will have to pass up your first 2 referrals to a person who enrolled you and the same thing is going to be with people under you when they refer people to the platform.

Once you pass up your first 2 referrals, you can start earning commissions from each new person that joined through your affiliate link.

Global MoneyLine Affiliate Program

It’s important to emphasise that free members don’t have access to the Global MoneyLine affiliate program, which means that they can’t refer people to the platform to earn commissions unless they join paid membership.

This model is also known as pay to play and it is common in pyramid schemes.

So to join the Global MoneyLine affiliate program, you’ll have to shell out $20. And then, you will have to qualify for commissions by referring and passing up your first two members to your up line.

Once you’re qualified for commissions, you can earn commissions from each new paying member that joins through your affiliate link. And if your referrals follow the same route, you earn $20 from their first two referalls that they have to pass up to you.

Global MoneyLine Membership Levels

However, it is also important to know that Global MoneyLine offers various membership packages starting from a Bronze level that costs $20 one-time.

  • Bronze Level – $20 one-time
  • Silver Level – $50 per year
  • Gold Level – $100 per year
  • Platinum Level – $250 per year
  • Diamond Level – $500 per year
  • Double Diamond Level – $1000 per year

It’s also important to know that you can’t earn commissions from your downline if they upgrade to a level higher than yours.

For example, if you’re on a Silver level and one of your referrals joins Gold level, you don’t earn a commission. And even if you upgrade later, the money goes to the owner of the scheme.

In other words, this sort of compensation plan forces you to keep upgrading your Global MoneyLine membership level unit you unlock all the levels and become eligible to earn commissions from all four levels.

To learn more about how Global MoneyLine works, watch the video below:

Is Global MoneyLine A Pyramid Scheme?

Since there are no products inside the Global MoneyLine platform except that lead-generation rotator, we could say that it is a pyramid scheme in disguise.

These modern pyramid schemes always use some sort of digital service, like this messaging system, to mask up the real intention, which is recruiting new members through pay-to-play programs.

See, it’s easy to confuse a pyramid scheme with affiliate marketing schemes because they both work on recruiting new customers to a business.

However, the difference is that affiliate marketing programs are free to join. You don’t have to pay to play like in the case of the Global Moneyline.

Another thing that separates a pyramid scheme from an affiliate marketing program is the fact that with affiliate marketing, there are no levels.

Basically, you get paid a percentage after the sale is done and that’s it.

On the other hand, pyramid schemes always have multiple levels of commissions and “force” you to unlock them all to become eligible to earn commissions from those levels.

That is the only way how they are able to fund themselves since there is no other service or product involved.

So as I said earlier in this Global MoneyLine review since GML does not have any physical products to sell inside the platform, it’s easy to conclude that it is a pyramid scheme.

As you probably know by now, pyramid schemes are illegal all over the world!

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Is Global MoneyLine A Scam?

Well, technically speaking, Global MoneyLine is not a scam. I personally joined the platform a few days ago before writing this review to make sure that I have all the accurate information.

The truth is, GML is a legitimate platform that anyone can join and use to generate more leads and sales using their free messaging system.

I went through the entire system and didn’t find anything wrong about the idea behind sharing your links through the personalized messaging network.

However, the problem is that the owner of Global MoneyLine have designed the whole thing to lead you toward buying the membership packages (nothing wrong with that) and promoting the GML to others (this is a problem).

As I said in the earlier sections of the review, the “hidden” idea behind the Global Moneyline is to get you to sign up for all the membership levels and start promoting the same idea to others.

On the bright side of things, there’s a good earning potential here, at least on the paper.

So yeah, it’s not a scam. But I don’t like this system at all because it’s very hard to get leads and traffic unless you upgrade all the way to Diamond level.

What do you think? Do you have any experience with it? Is Global MoneyLine a scam or legit? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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What I Like About Global MoneyLine

  • Free to join the platform
  • Easy way to share your links
  • The community seems to be active
  • Lucrative compensation plan

What I Don’t Like About Global MoneyLine

  • The limited free version
  • Low income potential with the free version
  • Geared toward promoting the GML
  • Pay-To-Play affiliate program
  • Seems like a pyramid scheme to me
  • Platform seems outdated
  • Lack of information about the owner

Final Words and Honest Recommendation

I’m not a fan of sites like Global Moneyline. In my opinion, it is extremely hard to get any noticeable traffic from these sites that could change your online business dramatically.

They always sound good on paper. But the reality is always harsh.

It always turns out that the only way to earn from these sites is by joining the pyramid scheme, which seems to be the main intention of this one too!

In any case, thanks for reading my Global MoneyLine review. I personally don’t like this website and I’m not going to use it because it feels like a waste of time and money that I can spend more productively elsewhere.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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8 thoughts on “Global MoneyLine Review – A SCAM or Legit Money Scheme?”

  1. I read some reviews about Global MoneyLine that were positive and highly recommended, so I joined this free option. However, I was superficial and was not careful enough to see that this option was limited to a few days. So I was really disappointed. And so I stayed there somewhere, and I didn’t open Global MonesLine anymore.
    Now it was interesting to read your opinion, which is quite different from all the recommendations I have come across. I’m sorry I didn’t read your review before I joined, so I wouldn’t be wasting my time at all.
    I wish you all the best

    • Hi Nina, thanks for your comment on my review of Global Moneyline. Yeah, there are a lot of colourful reviews out there. As you can see, I’m somewhere in the grey area. I do find this platform to be legit. However, I don’t see too much opportunity for success there. I still have an account open with Global Moneyline, but I’m not using it. In other words, I share your experience.


  2. Hi Ivan,

    This membership product reminds me of two notorious products in history(MOBE and Digital Altitude), which were already shut down by FTC.

    Except for the membership products, they don’t provide you any tools to build your online business. What if they got shut down one day? So your whole business will disappear too. In this case, I won’t invest my hard-earned cash into it and will choose a legitimate platform like your recommendation to start an affiliate marketing business.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Matt Lin, thanks for your comment on my review. You’re right! It does resemble the MOBE and Digital Altitude. So yes, if Global MoneyLine gets shut down by FTC eventually, you will lose your entire business overnight. That is another reason why I would recommend this platform.

      On the other hand, my recommendation is 100% legitimate platform that teaches people how to build a successful online business for 15 years and counting. Plus, they provide you with all the tools, resources, coaching, and help that you need to make money online. It+s the best way to build an online business and live off your passion.


  3. Hey Ivan,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I just want to make sure I’m fully understanding this – the main way to earn money through Global MoneyLine is by marketing to other Global MoneyLine members (typically those in your downline)?

    If this is the case, then it’s simply some form of hybrid Pyramid Scheme/MLM.

    Two of my least favourite methods of online marketing (well, if you can even call a Pyramid scheme marketing).

    I’m much the same as you as you, I’m always a little wary of free things.

    NOT Always, but there’s usually a catch.

    However, the fact that you have to upgrade to promote the affiliate offer (which I take it means that you can promote outside of the Global MoneyLine platform?) is a simply absurd.

    I know of the pay to play that you mention, but it’s generally something that I have always avoided.

    As you know, the vast majority of the time I’m in complete agreement with your reviews Ivan, and this time is no different.

    With that being said, I was already shaking my head before I’d even got more than a minute into your review, LOL.

    Far too many red flags for me Ivan.

    Much appreciated as always though.


    • Hi Partha, thanks for your comment on my Global MoneyLine review. As always, your comment is much appreciated.

      No, you’re wrong but very close. There are two ways to make money with GML. One is to use the lead generations system to promote your own offers in a sea of other MMO offers from other members (good luck with that). The second way to make money with Global MoneyLine is by promoting the same platform to others.

      It is a hybrid MLM/pyramid scheme.

      Yeah, I hate the fact that you have to pay to play. That is not an affiliate marketing program then. Affiliate marketing programs are free to join and in the worst-case scenario require that you have a traffic producing website which is reasonable.

      Cheers again for sharing your comprehensive comment, bro!



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