Home Profit System Review – You Are In Danger!

Welcome to my Home Profit System review. If you want to know more about HPS website, you’re in the right place. Not only that your bank account is in danger, but there’s a lot more to lose. A quick search saved you from possible scam!

You see, working from home is excellent. I mean, you have all the time on your hands. You can take breaks whenever you want. Even better, if you don’t want to work on any given day, you just stay in bed, and your wish is granted.

I bet that the previous paragraph has got you excited, right? The same way Home Profit System site’s got you excited about this opportunity. But you’re smart enough to see something is wrong there.

So without any further ado, let me show you some secrets they hide from you, and why it could cost you a fortune!

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Within this Home Profit System review, I’ll show you what this offer is about. I’ll show you what to expect from it without any BS and give my honest opinion about whether it is a scam or legit.

Let’s begin already! Shall we?

Home Profit System Review

Product Name: Home Profit System

Product Type: ???

Price: $250 + 1000’s!!!

Owner: ???

Rating: 0/5

Quick Summary: Home Profit System is a website that keeps changing domains, offers, and just keeps scamming people into work-from-home programs. The unknown owner says it’s all about affiliate marketing and sharing links. But, by the time of writing this review, the site redirects you to a Bitcoin Revolution site. Soon enough, it’ll be something else. According to my research, the Bitcoin site is not safe. You could lose your entire savings. The bottom line is, both sites are scams and you should exercise extreme caution!


What is the Home Profit System?

Home Profit Systems is all about learning how to make money from the comfort of your home. But that’s all you can read from the website. A pretty generic text on their site does not reveal too much about the opportunity.

They just keep repeating how you can make tons of cash in your PJ’s and other things that are possible, but not as soon as you get started!

They talk about affiliate marketing, sharing links, and getting paid a massive commission almost immediately. Allegedly, this app works in simple three steps!

In addition to an overhyped text, you find a few shiny banners just like the one on the image below.

Home Profit System Scam Sign

Now, the problem is, you don’t know what’s behind those banners and you don’t trust the website.

Lucky for you, I took a leap of faith and clicked the link to see what’s going on there.

As I suspected, just like the time before with a site called Massive Internet Profits, the link or the banner will take you to a site called Bitcoin Evolution. In a few short words, it’s a scam Bitcoin broker!

So the first scam sign is obvious.

Home Profit System is not even a real system. It’s just a link site to another scam site where you can lose tons of cash if you fall for it. I’ll explain more details soon.

Then there is that YouTube video that talks about affiliate marketing. By the way, affiliate marketing is exactly what they say in the short video, a legitimate opportunity.

Home Profit System Video Snip

However, the video has been put there just to make this site look legitimate. It has nothing to do with the redirect site (Bitcoin).

The thing is, the owner of the Home Profit System is using affiliate marketing to promote Bitcoin site through his site. There’s nothing illegal about this business model, but the business he supports is highly questionable.

I’ll explain more soon.

Who Is The Owner?

Unfortunately, we have no idea who owns the Home Profit System website.

The site seems to not have an about me page. Besides, there are no social media connections, nor anything of that matter. There is only a Privacy Policy page and Terms of Agreement page.

This is already a second scam sign.

How Does Home Profit System Work?

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products. You can do it via social media, or through a website like mine. All you need is an affiliate link and strategy.

Here are those three “too easy to be real” steps from the HPS site:

  • Step #1 – Create Your Special Home Profit System Login
  • Step #2 – Find a Company to Create a Link for
  • Step #3 – Add Some Details to Create Your Specialized Link

Now, Home Profit System site is an example of how affiliate marketing works. Not a good example, though.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

The owner of the site is using the traffic he gets to send it to BTC Evolution site. Each time a person decides to deposit with BTC broker, he gets a commission.

It’s as simple as it sounds.

However, it takes some time to pull this off. And I do not recommend doing it the way the owner of Home Profit System is doing it.

You are probably an honest person, so it’s best to promote a trustworthy company too.

Now, let’s get back to the point here. The biggest problem and the third scam sign is the BTC site.

Home Profit System Promotes Bitcoin Scam

You see, I’ve done an extensive research to help you understand the whole thing.

So if you, for example, follow through the links and decide to register for a broker, you could end up losing 1000’s and even your entire savings.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this review, the Home Profit System is a clone site of Massive Internet Profits. Both sites are pretty much worthless and serve only as a funnel to Bitcoin scams.

I’ve read a few reviews, and most of them agree with me. That is, stay away from Bitcoin Scams!

Home Profit System Price

The thing is, Home Profit System does not exist. So there is no price to pay on the website. As you know now, it’s just a marketing funnel for BTC scam.

Now, if you fall for it, you’ll have to shell out $250 to a broker to start trading cryptos. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

They offer several packages starting from $500 and ending with $25,000! In addition to expensive packages, you’ll be forced to keep investing in the broker by pushy salespeople.

But, according to my research, the broker is not licenced, and therefore, is not trusted. Some authority sites claim it’s a pure scam. And some people filed the same complaints online.

What I Like About Home Profit System

Absolutely nothing! The whole thing from top to bottom is not trusted at all.

Home Profit System is not real, yet they tell you that it is. Then they talk about affiliate marketing, but they sell you a BTC broker.

Even worse, the broker is a scam which could cost you tons of cash.

If you visit the BTC site, you’ll see a lot of evidence that it’s a scam such as fake news, fake media endorsements, and a bunch of other things designed to convince you how it a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Home Profit System Scam Signs!

1.) Too Good To Be True

I hope you’re not going to take those claims from the HPS site seriously.

They have some good points about affiliate marketing. It’s a legitimate business, and it works. The best thing is, once you figure it out and start earning serious money, you could work from home.

However, Home Profit System is not real!

2.) No Details About the Owner

If it were a legitimate opportunity, the man or the woman who owns the site would share an About Me page with us. Or at least something!

Lack of transparency is the second real scam warning sign.

3.) A Funnel to Another Scam

The last scam sign and the reason why you should stay away from it is the BTC site they funnel you to.

Bitcoin Revolution is one out of dozen clone sites that are designed to get you signed up with an unlicensed broker. Worst of all, they keep changing sites and brokers so that you can’t trace them once you lose your money.

Home Profit System Complaint

Home Profit System Complaints

As you can see, the site has many complaints from people who have decided to follow through.

It’s a classic get-rich-quick scheme where they offer you huge returns on a small investment. They’ll keep calling you to encourage you to put more money in.

But before you turn your head around, your cash is gone!

The owner of the Home Profit System is going to bank a commission, and those BTC scammers will take the rest of it.

Is Home Profit System a Scam?

In my opinion, HPS is a dirty attempt of an unknown person to funnel you to a scam and separate you from your hard-earned money.

Trust me. You don’t want to have anything to do with it. They trick you into believing that you’ll make tons of cash with affiliate marketing through some app only to get you to deposit $250 with BTC broker.

Home Profit System Scam Alert

The BTC site that it promotes is a pure scam!

As a matter of fact, Home Profit System is a 100% scam as well. My best advice is to keep your distance from those sites.

How I Earn Passive Income Online

First of all, thanks for reading my Home Profit System review. I hope this article was useful to you.

If you have any questions about the program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

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  1. Unbelievable about this scam! It shouldn’t even be allowed to exist, so unfair! Thanks so much for keeping an eye out for these and warning us! I really wonder how people have time to create such scams. I mean, what do they get out of it? They make money ouf it? Anyway, thanks for the warning!


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