iHub Global Review – Helium Mining Scam or Legit Crypto MLM Biz?

iHub Global Review Scam or Legit

Welcome to my iHub Global review.

iHub Global offers a new way to mind cryptocurrencies right from the comfort of your own home.

If you are looking to know:

  • Is iHub Global legit
  • What it offers inside
  • The real cost to start
  • Whether users are successful
  • And more!

You’ve landed on the top site!

I’ve dedicated a few days to analyzing this offer, taking notes, uncovering dirty info, and thoroughly going over the website so that I can provide you with the most helpful iHub Global review.


Helium mining platform/MLM scheme. 


$18 month or $400 one time.


Good Customer service. You can get the helium hotspots for free. It offers a real way to mine crypto. Lucrative compensation plan.


MLMs have a poor reputation. The mining device is solely dedicated to mining HNT tokens. Recruitment is the primary source of income. Lots of complaints.

⚠️ Verdict

iHub Global is a solid MLM best for crypto fanatics.

 Rating

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Is iHub Global a Scam?

iHub Global is a legitimate platform for mining crypto and offers various opportunities, including a reward affiliate program.

The company utilizes mining centres to mine the Helium coin automatically, providing an easy means for participation regardless of location or background.

However, due to its resemblance to a pyramid scheme, I cannot recommend it in my iHub Global review. See the rest of this post for more detailed info!

What is iHub Global?

iHub Global is a brand-new platform that offers guaranteed benefits from cryptocurrency mining. Its main goal is to help you mine Helium Token.

iHub.Global claims to be one of the most reputable mining networks, capable of generating substantial revenue for individuals.

iHub Global Mine Cryptocurrencies

Their main focus is to provide access to their miners, allowing you to mine Helium Token (HNT) anywhere using hotspots. This makes the mining process cost-effective.

To clarify, Helium is completely unrelated to iHub Global. However, iHub runs its settlement intention on the Helium project.

In simpler terms, when Affiliates join iHub Global and install new Helium devices through iHub, they earn rewards.

This raises suspicion that it may be a pyramid scheme.

It has been observed that iHub Global keeps 50% of the earnings from Helium device sales and distributes the remaining 50% as rewards or bonuses to affiliates.

Who Created iHub Global?

Rick Cottom, the man behind iHub Global, has a successful track record of starting multiple businesses in the past. One notable example is eXfuze (KZ1), which reportedly achieved sales of 300 million dollars and continues to experience growth.

In addition to Rick Cottom, other founders of iHub Global include Chuck Hanson, Michael Stern, Ilija Cankovic, Thomas Gallagher, and John Crim, among others.

iHub Global Founding Team

The positive aspect is that the individuals running this endeavour are authentic and not paid celebrities who are damaging the reputation of the crypto multi-level marketing industry.

For instance, you can observe how crypto scams employ bogus actors in scams like Bitcoin Loophole.

That being said, one of the primary inquiries on the internet is whether iHub Global is a scam.

Before delving into iHub and determining its legitimacy, you need to gather more information about the Helium token.

What Is Helium (HNT)?

HNT is a cryptocurrency built on Helium blockchain technology. Helium, founded in 2013 by Shawn Fanning, Amir Haleem, and Sean Carey, operates from Florida, USA.

The primary objective of Helium is to establish a global hotspot network to connect IoT devices, much like a web hotspot.

Heluim Crypto Miner by iHub

IoT tools ( Internet Of Tools ), such as smart bikes, tracking gadgets, and clever home devices, can be connected to the Internet to exchange data. To build the hotspot network, Helium markets need to connect these devices to other miners.

Each Helium Hotspot Miner device is part of a global network, and hotspot owners receive incentives for mining. Helium aims to create a worldwide network and ecosystem through its various systems.

Now, let’s dive into this iHub Global review to understand how it works, how much you can earn, and whether iHub Global is a legitimate way to earn money online…

How To Join iHub Global?

To get started with iHub Global, follow these simple steps:

  • Open a free account.
  • Complete your details on the free enrollment page.
  • Click on the provided web link to go to the Helium website.
  • Log in with your iHub Global login and password on the Helium website.
  • Download your hub from the left side of the Helium dashboard.
  • Fill in your details, including the address where you want to register your Helium device.
  • Wait for them to send you your device.
  • While waiting, start sharing your affiliate iHub Global link.
  • Finally, share your affiliate link to attract more miners and earn a percentage from their mining production.

Please note that there may be a shipping cost for the device itself, but that’s all you need to pay.

If you want to learn more about how it works, watch the iHub Global reviews below.

What Products Does iHub Global Offer?

iHub Global offers the Emrit Cool Spot Helium Network Token Mining, a gadget that allows you to mine Helium tokens or HNT once it’s configured.

However, it’s unfortunate that becoming an affiliate is a prerequisite for purchasing the tool. This aspect reminds me of a pyramid scheme where you have to pay to participate and earn by recruiting others.

Consequently, iHub Global risks being recognized as a pyramid scheme by the FTC.

When it comes to online marketing schemes, the FTC advises exercising caution when affiliates ask you to join their network to start earning.

Now, let’s move on to the next part of my review before I give my opinion on whether iHub Global is a scam or a legitimate crypto-mining scheme.

What Is iHub Global Compensation Plan?

You may be curious about the earning potential of this company. In this section of my iHub Global review, I’ll explain it in simple terms.

When you host hotspots, you become eligible to earn 25% of the total mining earnings. The remaining earnings will be retained by iHub Global.

Additionally, a portion of the earnings will be distributed among affiliates, as shown in the image below.

iHub Global Distribution Model

There are primarily four types of teams in iHub Global: Pro, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each team has specific requirements regarding team size and corresponding compensation.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Pro Team: To secure a position in the Pro Team, recruit 1 to 5 members.
  • Bronze Team: To secure a position in the Bronze Team, recruit 6 to 15 members.
  • Silver Team: To secure a position in the Silver Team, recruit 16 to 25 members.
  • Gold Team: To secure a position in the Gold Team, recruit 26 or more members.

Currently, iHub Global offers various income-generating opportunities.

Referral Program

As an affiliate, you will receive 20% Recommendation Rewards for each hotspot you develop. For instance, you will earn 20% of the total HNT generated from the Pro Group and the Bronze Team, among others.

This serves as Reference Compensation for Affiliates.

Coded Bonus

The Coded bonus is similar to recurring payments. It is earned as a percentage of HNT mined by the groups in your affiliate downline. The percentage of the bonus offer varies depending on the type of group.

Pro Network Bonus

If you are part of a Pro team, you earn a percentage of the complete HNT based on your group level. Bronze Group gains 25%, Silver Team earns 30%, and Gold Group gains 35% from the total HNT.

Therefore, as a Pro Team Member, you receive:

  • 5% commissions from every Bronze team member
  • 15% commissions from every Silver team member
  • 20% commissions from every Gold team member

How Much Does It Cost to Join iHub Global?

There are two options available to lock the hotspot:

  • Lock with Lease
  • Lock with Deposit

The rate starts from $350, and individuals have the alternative to select different models while joining.

Affiliates need to pay a $99 application cost, which raises concerns about iHub Global possibly being a scam or a pyramid scheme.


  • This is an $18 per month cost for a term of 3 years.
  • The $18/mo starts on the date of your invoice and approval of the hotspot.
  • Both parties (you and iHub) can consent to extend the lease for an agreed amount of time.
  • Either party can select to terminate the lease.
  • If neither party takes any of the above actions, the lease immediately advances on a month-to-month basis at the same $18 each month cost.


  • The $400 deposit is required to be made to iHub on the date of implementation (right away before we ship the hotspot to you).
  • Please remember, that iHub is legally required to return the $400 deposit to you (less the cost of shipping) upon the termination of the License. iHub is not required to not pay interest on the deposit nor is iHub needed to keep the deposit separate from its basic funds.
  • If you decide to return the hotspot within the 3-year term in its initial condition and without damage, you will be eligible for those funds to be issued back to you.
  • You can select to return the hotspot after 3 years in its initial working condition and get your deposit back.
  • If no action is taken, you can continue using the hotspot, and no additional payments are needed to do so.

What I Like About iHub Global

Here is the improved and more readable version:

There are some positive aspects of this system. However, in this section of my iHub Global review, I will share my personal views.

In 2014, according to CoinMarketCap, Helium’s value soared from $2 to $20, just as the iHub designers had predicted. They further projected the coin to reach between $40 and $80 within the next 5 years.

At the time of writing this iHub Global review, the current value of HLT stands at $23.62…

Helium Crypto Current Price

There is still an opportunity to make respectable cash if everything goes according to plan.

You have the option to mine or buy HNT separately from iHub Global.

What I Don’t Like About iHub Global

The requirement to pay for becoming an affiliate with iHub Global raises concerns about its similarity to a pyramid scheme.

Although it may not be as blatant as some others, it lacks distinction between retail products and recruitment capabilities.

To explore further and compare iHub Global to a pyramid scheme, please watch the video below.

Pyramid systems are inevitably bound to collapse. This implies that you will eventually lose all your recruiting compensation.

iHub Global Scam Complaints & Reviews

To determine if iHub Global is a scam or pyramid scheme, it’s advisable to read users’ reviews. After searching, I found a few, and unfortunately, they are predominantly negative.

The most frequent complaint about iHub is outlined below:

  • “It’s a Ponzi scheme…do the math…my miner did not work…they charge a fee just to watch their vegas show….the monthly fee is 18$ to rent/ 3$ interest and you mine about 9 coins/month…the promise was at first 8-10/000$/month…you only get about 20% of those coins…the company keeps the rest…after you pay your taxes you make no money… a total scam…Hansen promised me my money back…275$…I sent the miner back but I have NOT received one penny but the 18$ keeps being deducted from my bank account…the English guy who got me involved messaged me and apologized…these 2 scammers are making millions while we get nothing…they are liars and cheaters to a million people!!!”
  • “It is a scam. There charge $18 a month and the unit is producing only $4 – $5 a month. I want to return the unit, but cannot get anyone to contact me with the return information. You can mine HNT without these jokers. STAY AWAY!”

Please check out the user complaint at the end of my iHub Global review, and feel free to leave your reviews as well.

iHub Global Review – Conclusion

It’s a bit unusual to see that iHub Global is claiming to be one of the most trustworthy passive earnings opportunities available today. They present themselves as a modern platform for cryptocurrency trading.

However, their operations reveal that affiliate subscriptions are their main source of income.

In my review, I have discovered several red flags that make me hesitate before considering this as a potential pyramid scheme.

If you are interested in earning income with cryptocurrencies like Helium Token, the best approach is to learn how to trade instead of relying on a firm to create a product that generates passive income for you.

On the other hand, if you are interested in becoming an affiliate marketer and earning passive income online, you can check out my #1 recommendation below.

Thank you for reading this iHub Global review! What are your thoughts? Do you believe iHub Global is a scam or a legitimate way to mine Helium Token?

Let me know in the comments below!


Helium mining platform/MLM scheme. 


$18 month or $400 one time.


Good Customer service. You can get the helium hotspots for free. It offers a real way to mine crypto. Lucrative compensation plan.


MLMs have a poor reputation. The mining device is solely dedicated to mining HNT tokens. Recruitment is the primary source of income. Lots of complaints.

⚠️ Verdict

iHub Global is a solid MLM best for crypto fanatics.

 Rating

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  1. Like L Johnson iHub has added all the other programs and ventures I’m being marketed at. I was promised to be able to get out of my lease Anytime now I was told today that I would be on the hook for $1000 if I cancelled the lease. It is scam. I’m flooded with emails daily and no way to unsubscribe I haven’t taken delivery of the 2nd hot spot. I’ll combing through the lease and their communications, I’m sure the online training has been scrubbed of any mention of lease cancellations

  2. Unfortunately, I read a lot of reviews similar to yours and decided to not only join ihub global but also pay out $99 for a chance to pay $18 a month for a hotspot miner that produces about 30 cents a month for me. The additional thing is that ihub global has basically placed its hotspot program on the back burner and moved on to a new travel program and have ventured into the metaverse arena pushing both new network marketing programs to its database of hotspot suckers.

  3. I just want to return my IHub Finestra miner equipment. Can’t get a good phone number or CEO of Ihub voice mail is full and wrong name . Terrible, awful customer service. Robots and computers and no Human being to answer the Phone. Terrible, awful customer service. William Rose


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