Is Rapid Profit System a Scam or Legit? – My Honest Review

Welcome to my Rapid Profit System review.

In today’s review, you’re about to find out whether Rapid Profit System is a scam or legit?

I’m quite familiar with the work of Omar and Melinda Martin.

Just a few days ago, I was reviewing another program from Omar and Melinda called Funnel Boss, And just like in the case with this system, Rapid Profit System has got some value.

However, the very name leaves an impression of a scam, and most people are skeptical.

I mean, promising rapid profits sounds like a scam indeed, but is it really?

Well, let me show you more.

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from waiting tables to managing a full-time income online. I have also tried and tested 500+  courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

In other words, I’m passionate about knowledge that helps to improve our lives, build a business online, and more.

In this Rapid Profit System review, I’m going to be showing you what this offer is really about, how it works, what to expect from this system, and most importantly, whether Rapid Profit System is a scam or legit.

Should we start?

Is Rapid Profit System a Scam? - Review


Rapid Profit System Review – Overview

  • Type: Affiliate Marketing/FB ADS
  • Owners: Omar and Melinda Martin
  • Price: $19.97 + OTO’s
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  • Recommended?: Yes, but not for beginners!

Quick Summary: Although Rapid Profit System sounds like a scam, it’s not. What you get with this program is a set of training videos where you can set up Facebook ads campaigns to promote products and earn commissions with affiliate marketing.

Unlike many other programs out there that I review daily, Rapid Profit System is actually legitimate and useful. You can even get your money back during the first 30 days if you don’t like it.

The reason, however, why I don’t recommend this system to a beginner is that it requires at least $500 of the budget for ads. This is something most beginners can’t afford.

In other words, I don’t want you to get inside and waste your money.

Moreover, paid ads are in general, most recommended to people (marketers) who have experience promoting products via affiliate marketing.

That said, Rapid Profit System is not a scam. Keep reading my Rapid Profit System review to learn more about this course before you do anything else!

Alternative: If you are a beginner and are looking to learn basics in a step-by-step manner, make sure to check out my PROVEN SYSTEM for starting an affiliate business based on FREE TRAFFIC below.

My top-rated course made me go from zero to earning a consistent passive income every month!




Is Rapid Profit System a Scam?

Most people get sick and are ready to call a program a scam when they hear the name that implies earning fast money.

And while in most cases, you can be sure that such a program is a scam, Rapid Profit System is not.

Once again, Rapid Profit System is not a scam, and you’re safe.

However, you have to understand that this program is not a get-rich-quick scheme either.

The truth is, it has the potential to make money, even fast.

But it’s not going to work that quickly.

Like every other training program, Omar’s and Melinda’s require some time, work, and in this case, you need some money for the investment too.

The program is based on Facebook Ads, which is a form of paid advertisement that brings fast results, hence the name of this system.

Facebook Ads

So how much money do you need to profit from this system rapidly?

You see, digital marketing is increasing in popularity over the last few years.

One of the primary reasons for this influx in interest is the fact that you can start with a little investment.

That said, the Rapid Profits System is going to require at least $500 for getting started.

This is going to cover tools such as hosting, funnel builder, and costs of ads on Facebook.

One thing though, before we proceed with this review.

The owners of digital marketing courses like to use their personal results to display the potential of the program.

As much as I’m sure that you can replicate their success at one point in time, I’m also sure that it won’t happen rapidly or overnight.

You need to be patient, have to have enough money, and the ability to follow the training to the letter.

Once again, technically, Rapid Profit System is not a scam.

You can even get a refund if you think that the program is not for you.

So let’s not judge the book by its cover anymore and let’s take a closer look into this Rapid Profit System review.

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What Is Rapid Profit System About?

Rapid Profit System is all about creating an income online with Facebook Ads and affiliate marketing.

The program is created by Omar and Melinda, two legitimate marketers who have a few programs behind them so far.

Now, unlike some other programs and platforms out there, the Rapid Profit System is just video training.

You won’t get any tools, resources, or anything that could help you to build your business.

As I said earlier in this Rapid Profit System review, you’ll have to outsource these from third-party companies.

This is not a deal-breaker, but tools are always an excellent addition.

Now let’s get back to the content of the program, which is the most essential part of it.

With Rapid Profit System, you can learn how to set up marketing campaigns to promote other people’s products., aka affiliate marketing.

Rapid Profit System Review

To successfully run an affiliate marketing campaign, you need a product, a funnel, and a lot of traffic.

And Omar and Melinda will show you how they managed to get all three in alignment.

Rapid Profit System is selling via the JVZoo marketplace for  $19.95 one time.

And if you are not happy with the content of the program, you can ask for a refund during the first 30 days.

Speaking of the content, let’s take a look at the part of my Rapid Profit System review where I talk about it some more.

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Who Created Rapid Profit System?

Omar and Melinda Martin are the creators of this system. They are a couple of marketers who have done a lot in sales so far.

Rapid Profit System is not their only project. They are also behind Funnels Boss and My Unfair Advantage courses.

Omar Martin and Melinda Martin

In other words, Omar and Melinda have decided to go from marketers to product vendors, which is very common to see when someone achieves noteworthy success online.

The good news is that Omar and Melinda are not your average “gurus.”

They are two legitimate online entrepreneurs. You can find more information about them on their main website called

How Much Does Rapid Profit System Cost?

Rapid Profit System costs $19.95 one time.

Rapid Profit System Review - Front-End Price

There are also a few upsells inside the sales funnel before you reach the member’s area.

RPS Turbo Package ($27)

The first upsell gives you access to:

  • 20 more private label rights (PLR) products to use on your campaigns
  • 4 extra OptimizePress pages templates
  • 4 “done-for-you” pre-written email campaigns and a “swap file” with over 3000 email subject lines

RPS Turbo LITE Package ($17)

If you decline the first upsell, you will bump into another one. This time, it’s a lite version of the first upsells and it contains:

  • 20 more private label rights (PLR) products to use on your campaigns
  • 4 extra OptimizePress pages templates

This offer doesn’t include DFY email campaigns and swipes.

RPS Powerhouse ($37)

Once you pass by the first two upsells, you will activate the third and the last one. This upsell gives you:

  • 30 PLR documents
  • The secret Funnel Session
  • The Secret traffic Training

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund. Rapid Profit System is backed up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Omar and Melinda will give you a refund with no questions asked. Just reach out to the support team and activate the request.

Let’s take a look at what else you will get with the Rapid Profit System in the next section of my review.

What Do You Get Inside Rapid Profit System?

Inside the Rapid Profit System, you get access to 6 in-depth training videos on how to build your affiliate marketing business.

Videos are about 40 minutes in length and well-structured.

You can find the same material in PDF format, which is an excellent addition to those videos.

I have had a chance to review Omar’s work so far, and as always, it was good to see that he takes care to explain everything in simple words and stay on the straight line.

To compensate for the lack of tools, each member of Rapid Profit System gets a few resources such as Pre-Made Templates, Pre-Written Campaigns, and 5 Custom Bonus Products.

Rapid Profit System Review - Content and Bonuses

Also, each member will get access to a few bonuses as well.

  • The guaranteed Promo Approval – this bonus lets you become an affiliate for some of the hottest products in the digital marketing industry. You don’t have to wait for the owners to manually approve you if you come as a member of Rapid Profit System.
  • The Vendor Approach Script – this bonus contains information you need to know before approaching vendors and asking them to share an affiliate link with you. Most vendors are picky, and this script could help to be picked.
  • The PLR Bonus Resource List – this bonus give you a list of PLR products that you can use in your campaigns and share with your future visitors for free.

So much about the content of the program, let’s talk about practice.

How Does Rapid Profit System Work?

Now in this segment of my Rapid Profit System review, you’ll learn how this system works in practice.

The program consist of three phases:

  1. Your Ideal Market
  2. Your Affiliate Funnel
  3. Your Promo Campaign

Each phase is covered during the six training videos where Omar is going to show you how to create your own campaigns.

Phase 1 – Your Ideal Market

The main objective of the first phase of the training is to identify your audience.

Omar is going to explain in a few steps how to find a segment of hungry buyers.

In other words, people who are ready to buy from you.

Rapid Profit System Review - Phase 1

If you don’t know, the main point of affiliate marketing is to help people who need products and services to find them and learn more about them.

That’s what affiliate marketing is all about.

During the first phase of the Rapid Profit System, you’ll:

  • Learn the process for identifying a hungry segment that will be ready to buy from you.
  • Learn how to identify and infiltrate a profitable niche fast.
  • Discover how to use bonuses as incentives to make people buy.
  • The two uncommon bonus incentives you can easily offer with almost no work at all.
  • Get the exact formula for getting approved to promote products on JVZoo with instant commissions.
  • See the little-known feature tucked away deep inside JVZoo that will save you time and automate your bonus process for you.

Phase 2 – Your Affiliate Funnel

The second phase is called Your Affiliate Funnel.

This is where you can learn how to communicate with your audience effectively through your affiliate funnel.

The main point of your affiliate funnel is to lead your visitors through the process of window-shopper to becoming actual customers.

Rapid Profit System Review - Phase 2

So during the second phase of the Rapid Profit System, you’ll:

  • Discover the affiliate funnel diagram that has made Omar and Melinda millions of dollars in commissions.
  • Learn the triple-threat method that earns money while building you a list and an audience at the same time.
  • Learn the action incentive process that gets prospects to buy from you immediately instead of putting it off.
  • Uncover the single most important thing you can do to create life-changing commissions.
  • The big mistake most affiliates make when creating bonuses.
  • A secret insider strategy to multiply your commissions every time you promote something.

Phase 3 – Your Promo Campaign

The last phase is called Your Promo Campaigns, and it’s all about getting traffic to your sales funnels.

Once you set everything up, Omar is going to show you the process of creating and running your promotional campaigns on Facebook.

Rapid Profit System Review - Phase 3

So during the third phase of the Rapid Profit System, you’ll:

  • Learn the easiest possible way to run Facebook Ads.
  • Discover the trick to targeting the exact people who are looking to buy a product.
  • Learn how to manipulate your Facebook pixel to assemble specific audiences to sell to the inside of Facebook.
  • Get the insider methods for creating a highly persuasive email follow-up series.

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Rapid Profit System Pros and Cons

Before I give my last recommendation, you should take a look at some Pros and Cons of the Rapid Profit System.

As I like to focus on the positive side of things, let’s start with a set of pros first.


  • Facebook Advertising is a legitimate method for making money online with affiliate marketing.
  • The training is simple and easy to follow, and Omar does not beat around the bush too much.
  • You can get your money back during the first 30 days of your membership.


  • The Sales Page is a bit unrealistic and contains a lot of sales enthusiasm.
  • Facebook Advertisement is not the easiest method out there, and beginners might have a tough time understanding and implementing the content of the program.

Is Rapid Profit System Recommended?

At the end of this Rapid Profit System review, I want to say that I recommend this program to advanced marketers.

As much as the sales page sounds like a dream come true, I know that newbies will have problems with this method.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that you can make it if you are a newbie.

But it takes some time of trial and error to get things right.

And this period could cost you a few $100’s.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Rapid Profit System Review – Conclusion

As we have established at the top of this review, the Rapid Profit System is not a scam.

It’s a legitimate video training program where you can learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing and Facebook Ads.

However, Facebook Ads might be a bit too advanced a method for beginners. That’s why I recommend starting with something lighter, but much superior to Rapid Profit System.

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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Furthermore, this program is in fact all-in-one. You get everything that you need to make money online.

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After evaluating over 500 programs on the web, my conclusion is easy. This is the best method to make money online.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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  1. Need a refund please I did not authorize you guys to take 261dollar you got to day to get in touch with me my landlord is about to put me out they were only suppose to take 17 dollar 2daysam getting a lawyer my number is4426376600

  2. Hi! I have paid the profit package on the 31st of July which is $27, and up till now I haven’t heard from anyone concerning the paid profit package not even a receipt to show I have paid, I need my refund into my account, thanks

  3. I was interested til I was made to feel uncomfortable then told too bad. When I asked for a refund I was told to figure it out on my own.

  4. Hi Ivan. Thank you for another interesting review. I was reading a bit before about rapid profit system and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. I had my doubts as well, but looking on your review it seems as legit, solid program where you can earn decent money. What’s important they are providing also trainings related to Facebook ads, and price is realistic. Looking forward to test it in practise.

  5. Take this from someone that ran Facebook ads in the past. Even though it is still possible to run a successful ad campaign on Facebook, it is still not as easy as it used to be. The competition is fierce, and you will fail if you don’t know what you are doing. Rapid Profit System is not recommended for beginners. I would recommend starting with free traffic sources at the beginning.

  6. I have been using Facebook for several years. Who hasn’t? And I have also become familiar with ads on Facebook. I would like to learn how to make profitable campaigns. But I also know that I should know the basics about internet marketing. I would prefer to learn in a newbie friendly environment first and then hop onto more advanced training as this one.

  7. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains useful information’s one needs to be aware of before joining this system, thanks for clearing that up for us, i think it would be great to try this out. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have read about Rapid Profit System from other article, but it was not as concise and the opportunity highlighted there was not appealing. Having gone through this review, I have seen more than a reason to become a member as an affiliate marketer. Nevertheless, I would love to know if the program is it suitable only for advanced marketers

    • Hey there, thanks for your comment. Well, Rapid Profit System is suitable for advanced and beginner marketers. However, I personally wouldn’t recommend it to beginners since it deals with Facebook ads. This something that is best to learn once you master the basics of affiliate marketing. Otherwise, it could cost you a lot to learn in a hard way. My best recommendation for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate.


  9. This is such a great review, thank you.

    The name can certainly put your off slightly, with everybody being so concerned that these sorts of things are scams, what an interesting choice they made!

    I have found it incredibly useful that you wouldn’t recommend this for beginners, being one myself, it saves me a lot of time and hassle trying to work out if this is a route I should go down at this stage.

    Would you recommend getting started with some free training when it comes to Facebook instead of always opting in for the paid courses, or do you feel these have the better value and will make the most difference to your business?

    I started off using wealthy affiliate which I think it fantastic and would hugely recommend to anyway, i very quickly paid to the premium membership to access further training and would not be where I am today without it, but am now ready to look at other aids such as social media, and it is a constant questions with all of the marketing around as to whether you need to invest in something else as training to get going.

    • Hi Emma, thank you and you’re welcome. Yes, the name is certainly not the best one, but it attract curious eyes, so I guess it’s effective. The program us useful, but yes, I wouldn’t recommend FB ads to beginners to affiliate marketing. It’s a costly feat and requires some advanced skills.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t found a free training course on FB ads yet, and I believe I won’t. Rapid Profit System is the closes thing I found to free. It’s not that expensive, and it comes with a money-back guarantee. And yes, paid courses have more value than free stuff.

      I’m glad you think that way about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great program, beginner-friendly, and actually my top recommendation.



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