Power Lead System Review – A SCAM or The Best Marketing Platform?

Power Lead System Review

Welcome to my Power Lead System review.

Power Lead System claims to be the most complete and powerful all-in-one marketing platform. Is it true? Should you join?

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  • The real cost to start
  • Whether users are successful
  • Can you get a refund
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I’ve dedicated a few days to analyzing this program, taking notes, uncovering info, and thoroughly going over the program’s features so that I can provide you with the most helpful Power Lead System review.

📘 About

Online marketing tools and resources/MLM company.

💰 Cost

From $7 all the way up to $1,497.


7 years in business. You get tools and resources. Low entry fee. Responsive customer support. Lucrative compensation plan.

🛑 Cons

Not for beginners. Very low success rate. Too much marketing hype. You need to pay to play. Lots of upselling after the $7 initial fee. No significant success stories. Outdated tools and service. Mixed online reviews.

⚠️ Verdict

Power Lead System is an outdated online marketing system that might have worked 5 years ago.

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About the Reviewer

Hey, I’m Ivan Brozincevic!

Since 2018, I’ve been making a full-time income online, which allowed me to quit my old job (about me).

In the beginning, I struggled to identify legit courses and avoid ones that were just out for my money.

That’s why I created this website – my main goal is to help you steer clear of pitfalls and discover the top online business courses.

Every week, I invest hours in reviewing online courses and writing reviews based on my fact-driven review guidelines to assist you in making an informed choice.

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Is the Power Lead System a Scam?

After thoroughly analyzing Power Lead System, my verdict is clear – it is not a scam but rather a legitimate platform.

PLS offers individuals the opportunity to enhance their online businesses through comprehensive tools and training. It also operates as an MLM platform, providing commissions for selling the service to others.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is a recommended program and you should join PLS. Success with this program depends on various factors.

Firstly, as you will see from the Power Lead System review below, you need to invest significant effort and lots of money before expecting any results.

Since PLS prioritizes paid traffic methods and high-ticket products, your success will depend on the level of monetary investment you make initially.

Keep on reading to learn more!

What is the Power Lead System?

Power Lead System is an online marketing platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help grow existing online businesses and increase revenue.

The program primarily focuses on lead generation through marketing funnels.

Power Lead System - Product Description

The company offers a variety of tools and training for creating funnels and promoting any product or service.

But Power Lead System goes beyond that.

It presents an opportunity to market products and tools to others and earn income through a structured compensation plan. Let me briefly explain what MLM is.

MLM, or multilevel marketing, is a strategy used by some direct sales companies to incentivize existing distributors to recruit new distributors.

These recruits then earn a percentage of their own sales.

To qualify for this percentage, you need to purchase different upgrades offered by PLS. Initially, I thought Power Lead System was a scam due to the lack of company details.

However, after conducting research, joining the platform, and taking action, I now recognize it as a legitimate lead generation/multi-level marketing company.

In the forthcoming sections of this review, I’ll explain how it works. But first, let’s conduct a quick background check.

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Who Are Neil Guess and Michael Price?

Power Lead System, created and owned by Neil Guess and Michael Price, has emerged as one of the top marketing companies in the last decade. Neil Guess was previously associated with an MLM company called Solavei before co-founding PLS.

Michael Price, with a notable reputation, has won several MLM awards, including recognition as a top sales representative for a Fortune 100 company.

Power Lead System - Owners

The Power Lead System (PLS) has been steadily growing since its establishment in 2013, thanks to its unique approach to MLM.

With a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and only one customer complaint recorded since being listed on BBB, PLS has earned a reputation as a trusted platform.

Owned by two reputable online marketing specialists, PLS stands out as a legitimate opportunity, as scams often employ fake names and stock images to hide their true identity.

In the next section of this review, we will delve into how the Power Lead System works.

How Does the Power Lead System Work?

Power Lead System offers two ways to leverage its capabilities:

  • Utilize their tools and training to boost leads for your existing business.
  • Become an affiliate and take advantage of their compensation plan (I’ll explain this later).

In this section of my review, I’ll explain the former option first.

Power Lead System caters to online entrepreneurs by providing them with comprehensive tools and training. These resources empower entrepreneurs to establish and expand their online business, drive more leads, and achieve online sales.

Power Lead System Courses

If you have an existing online business (like an affiliate site or online store), you can boost your revenue using the tools and resources in your Power Lead System dashboard. Improve your sales tactics by using sales funnels and increasing traffic to your business.

In the PLS dashboard, you’ll find various training courses such as:

  • Social Profit Academy
  • Free Ad Secrets
  • Endless Free Leads
  • Master Traffic Academy
  • Power VIP Club
  • Road Map To Riches
  • Master Traffic Institute

These courses cover lead generation and traffic, which are crucial for successful marketing campaigns.

If you’re new to marketing or unsure what to promote, you can use Power Lead System tools and training to start your own business and promote it to others. By building a referral downline, you can earn income from their purchases.

Now, let’s explore how you can become a Power Lead System affiliate.

How to Leverage Power Lead System MLM?

Earlier in this review, as I mentioned, the Power Lead System offers an opportunity to join its affiliate program and earn passive income by selling the service to others.

However, it’s important to note that despite the simplicity it may seem, success is not guaranteed.

MLMs have a low success rate, and only a few individuals truly manage to earn a substantial income. Therefore, it is advisable to approach all income claims with skepticism.

Now, let me demonstrate how you can effectively leverage the Power Lead System as an affiliate.

Step #1 – You Need To Become a Member First

I was initially disappointed to learn that becoming an affiliate requires a fee (pay to play). However, in rare cases, you can join Power Lead System free for a seven-day trial period.

To avail of this free trial, you must be referred by an existing affiliate.

Power Lead System Signup form

For the purpose of this review, let’s assume that you have discovered PLS on your own and are considering the $30 per-month membership.

The first step is to join the platform to gain access to the training, tools, and affiliate links. Once you have purchased the basic membership, you can promote the same membership to others.

If you wish to promote higher memberships, you will need to upgrade your account to qualify for affiliate commissions and bonuses. This applies to all other Power Lead System packages.

The cost for the affiliate program is $23.97 per month and you will be billed monthly until you decide to cancel. Additionally, you must generate the required product sales to activate the commission structure for each product.

Step #2 – Leverage Power Lead System Compensation Plan

As a Basic member, you earn a monthly commission of $20 for each customer you refer to a Basic membership.

This commission is recurring, meaning you will continue to be paid as long as the customer remains active in the program.

Additionally, the next qualified affiliate (the one who referred you to the platform) receives a $10 monthly override.

Power Lead System - Compensation Plan

Now, let’s take a look at the commissions and bonuses you can earn at each membership level:

  • Free Ad Secrets – $147 a month
    Commission: $100
    $25 is passed to the next qualified affiliate.
  • Social Profit Academy – $500
    Commission: $400
    $50 is passed on to the next qualified affiliate.
  • Master Traffic Institute – $1,497
    Commission: $1,000
    $200 is passed to the next qualified affiliate.

It’s important to note that you will only receive payment based on your membership level.

While purchasing all products will allow you to maximize the benefits of this system, it’s not mandatory. Feel free to watch the short video below that explains how the compensation plan works before we move on to the next section of the Power Lead System review.

How To Make Money With Power Lead System MLM?

In my previous review, I mentioned that Power Lead System utilizes an MLM compensation scheme.

This scheme enables you to earn commissions for every product sold. Interestingly, there is no requirement for member recruitment to start earning from the program.

You have the opportunity to market it to others and earn commissions based on your monthly sales.

How To Get Started With Power Lead System?

To access their marketing tools, you’ll need to subscribe and create a customer account for $30 per month. Additionally, if you want access to their affiliate program, you’ll need to pay an extra $24 per month.

It’s worth mentioning that the latter seems unfair, as affiliate programs typically should be free to join, even considering PLS’s MLM structure.

Consequently, you’ll require a total of $54 to utilize both and get started with PLS.

What’s The Best Level To Get Started At?

The Gold Level is the best level to start because it offers members override and residual commissions, along with the sales from the Lead Lightning program and other valuable features provided by PLS.

Typically, some members would upgrade to the Diamond Level once they start earning from Gold signups. It’s only natural, as who wouldn’t want higher commissions?

This is essentially how the compensation plan of the PLS program works.

Now, let’s continue with the rest of the Power Lead System review.

What Are The Power Lead System Features?

Inside the Power Lead System, you gain access to a versatile set of training and tools. These resources can be utilized to enhance your current business or leverage the PLS affiliate program.

Main Features

The platform offers a variety of useful tools, including:

  • Google Hangout Pages
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Video Postcards
  • Autoresponder
  • Hosting and more.


Power Lead System offers all members access to a large private Facebook community. Currently, the community has an impressive 47K members at the time of writing this review.

Power Lead System Community

It is always crucial for new members to experience a thriving and active community.

What Are The Power Lead System Products?

Power Lead System (Gold Membership)

  • Parallel Earnings’ profit margins are remarkable!
  • There is constantly big demand because quite literally, any service there is would require it.
  • You will not be overwhelmed, particularly if you’re a beginner, since you have a little group of customers.
  • You get residual and quick outcomes.
  • With this service model, you have low competitors.
  • Selling your company is quite simple for big prospective capital.
  • You can outsource services easily.
  • Most of all, this is something you can brag about to your family and friends because it is a “real” business.

The Power Lead System is the main component of the PLS system, known as Gold Membership, which is valued at $30 per month. It serves as a website and sales funnel builder that incorporates an autoresponder system.

One of the key advantages of this product is the availability of a 7-day free trial for members to test out.

Free Ad Secrets

The Free Ad Secrets program is a comprehensive course that trains you on generating high-quality leads for free.

Marketing specialists will demonstrate how multiple income streams can be created using the same traffic and leads.

Social Profit Academy

The Social Profit Academy is an online course that provides training on social network marketing. It teaches you effective marketing techniques without relying on friends or family to follow or like your social media profiles.

The program covers various aspects, including Google advertisements, Facebook ads, and YouTube ads.

Master Traffic Institute

The Power Lead System offers various items, and among them, the Master Traffic Academy holds the highest price tag of $1,497.

This is the place where you can learn from top earners in PLS who will generously share their secrets and unique strategies for making significant profits.

Here are the two vital lessons discussed in the video sales pages of the Master Traffic Institute program:

  • For each sale of Master Traffic Academy Level you make, you will receive a one-time commission of $1,000.
  • For each sale of Master Level that your hired members make, you will get a commission of $200.

Lead Lightning

Lead Lightning is a financed proposal program that offers a rewarding opportunity to generate an extra income stream.

It includes a starter marketing funnel with a basic capture page and an autoresponder sequence to resell the Lead Lightning item. The benefit program additions enhance the overall value of this offering.

How Much Does Power Lead System Cost?

The Power Lead System review provides insights into various memberships offered, each with its own set of resources and tools. The prices for these memberships are as follows:

  • Lead Lightning (Basic Membership) – $7 (one-time payment)
  • Power Lead System (Gold Membership) – $30 per month
  • Free Ad Secrets (Diamond Membership) – $147 (one-time payment)
  • Social Profit Academy (Platinum Membership) – $497 (one-time payment)
  • Master Traffic Institute (Master Membership) – $1,497 (one-time payment)

If you decide to become an affiliate and utilize the PLS affiliate program, you will need to purchase each membership package to earn commissions on sales.

Does Power Lead System Offer Refunds?

Unfortunatelly, if you choose to invest in the Power Lead System, you will not be able to get a refund at a later stage if you change your mind.

Here is the official word:

We have a strict non-refund policy due to the fact we give you a 7 day free trial. You can easily cancel from your back office at any time, and if you cancel before your 7 day trial is over, you will never be charged. To cancel, put your mouse on “Account” (do NOT click it), then choose “Cancel My Subscription”.

Source: Power Lead System FAQs page

When Does Power Lead Pay Out Commissions?

Power Lead System offers commission payouts every Wednesday. If you reside in the United States, they can deposit the funds directly into your account or through a Money Card, which functions like a pre-paid visa card.

For those residing outside of the United States, you have the following options:

  • Bank wire
  • Pre-paid visa card
  • Direct deposit

Power Lead System uses an international eWallet called Paylution to send commissions to their affiliate members.

Are Power Lead System Users Getting Results?

According to the official website, people are generally happy with the Power Lead System and its tools and generous compensation plan. Here are some examples:

Power Lead System Review - Testimonials

However, the problem is is no proof from people who are making money with PLS, if there is such a group of people.

To be 100% confident about this system, I would like to see more significant success stories.

Does Power Lead System Offer Support?

Power Lead System provides a robust support system through its official PLS Facebook group, which consists of a community of 50,000 PLS members.

By joining this group, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge from experienced and successful members. Additionally, the group keeps you updated on training classes and webinars.

Weekly Training Classes And Webinars

The PLS course involves conducting weekly training classes and webinars to provide effective assistance in achieving monthly income goals.

What’s great is that you can leverage these resources to attract more sign-ups by sharing them with your potential customers.

Who is the Power Lead System For?

Power Lead System is an MLM company that helps individuals create an affiliate income through marketing its system, tools, and training. It’s for anyone interested in earning a passive income through affiliate marketing.

It can be for:

  • advanced and intermediate affiliate marketers
  • social media marketers
  • lead generation experts
  • eCommerce business owners
  • email marketers

The goal of the PLS is to assist small business owners in achieving greater success. It provides entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to promote and grow their businesses, resulting in increased sales.

What I Like About the Power Lead System

Initially, I was sceptical about PLS, perceiving their sales page as scammy and outdated. However, as I mentioned earlier, appearances can be deceiving; the real value lies in the content.

Very Good Basic Membership

I appreciate that the Power Lead System provides an abundance of tools and resources to enhance existing businesses.

What’s even better is that most of these valuable resources are included in the Basic membership. This means that even with the basic membership, you have the opportunity to generate income.

In Some Cases, You Can Join For Free

If you’ve encountered a Power Lead System affiliate and accepted their invitation to join the platform, you can try it out for free for seven days.

I’m always a fan of companies that offer test drives before asking for money.

Generous Compensation Plan

I really appreciate the compensation plan of the Power Lead System.

It offers a generous percentage and also provides matching bonuses from referrals. This means that even if you begin with a slow start, your income has the potential to grow rapidly, thanks to the compensation plan.

Active Facebook Community

At present, the PLS official community has approximately 47,000 members, which is fantastic!

One of the most outstanding features of this platform is the access it provides to a private community and the opportunity to chat with other members of the program.

Focuses A Lot On Getting Traffic & Leads

When I review scams, I consistently come across programs that fail to teach me how to generate traffic. However, with Power Lead System, it’s a different story.

Even the name of the platform implies a strong focus on getting traffic and leads for your business.

What I Don’t Like About This

The Power Lead System reminds me of The Super Affiliate Network, Awol Academy, and My Lead System Pro. These companies share a few things in common that I don’t like.

Hyped-Up Sales Material

First of all, some individuals may mistakenly perceive the business as unchallenging, when in fact it requires considerable effort. Furthermore, while the system is positioned as beginner-friendly, this assertion may not entirely hold true.

Indeed, anyone can join; however, newcomers may encounter challenges due to the training offered by the Power Lead System, which may not provide the level of comprehensiveness required, nor cater specifically to beginners.

Low Success Rate

Although the creators of Power Lead System may want you to believe that MLM is an easy business model, the reality is quite different. It is actually a challenging endeavor that can be difficult to succeed in.

Consider the statistics: only about 2% of participants end up making a profit, leaving the remaining 98% to face failure. This is a clear demonstration of the difficulties associated with MLMs.

Furthermore, MLMs tend to be expensive, requiring a significant investment of skills, time, effort, and experience.

You Need To Pay To Play

I didn’t like the fact that you need to pay for a Power Lead System membership in order to access the training and affiliate links.

Regular affiliate programs are always free to join, while MLMs typically require upfront payment.

By the way, before I conclude, here is my YouTube Power Lead System review if you want to watch:

Verdict – Power Lead System Review

I would not recommend Power Lead System (PLS) to newbies. It is not newbie-friendly for several reasons that I consider critical for success.

Firstly, you need experience and marketing skills. Secondly, patience is crucial (which most newbies lack!). Finally, you need a significant amount of money to succeed (which is often not the case for most newbies!).

If you are a newbie, my suggestion is to not believe the hype and keep your distance from MLMs.

In my opinion, the PLS marketing platform and its features could be useful to individuals who are already at an advanced level with their marketing skills and business.

To recommend this to beginners, in my opinion, would be a mistake.

Thank you for reading my Power Lead System review. Feel free to ask your questions and leave your reviews in the comment box below!

📘 About

Online marketing tools and resources/MLM company.

💰 Cost

From $7 all the way up to $1,497.


7 years in business. You get tools and resources. Low entry fee. Responsive customer support. Lucrative compensation plan.

🛑 Cons

Not for beginners. Very low success rate. Too much marketing hype. You need to pay to play. Lots of upselling after the $7 initial fee. No significant success stories. Outdated tools and service. Mixed online reviews.

⚠️ Verdict

Power Lead System is an outdated online marketing system that might have worked 5 years ago.

📈 Rating

The Best Way To Make Money Online

I earn online by creating simple affiliate websites that I use to connect people with products they are already looking for.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it is the best way to make money online (at least in my humble opinion).

If you want to learn more about how you can start making money online with affiliate marketing, I would strongly suggest you sign up for the free training on the next page.

And don’t forget to share this Power Lead System review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

4 thoughts on “Power Lead System Review – A SCAM or The Best Marketing Platform?”

  1. I am a newbie in the affiliate marketing world and looking for tools and training to help me succeed. I have checked out so many products and platforms already and have actually tried some of them. Unfortunately, most of the programs I joined did not work for me. 

    Recently, I was introduced to Neil Guess and Michael Price’s Power Lead System by a friend of a friend. But I wanted to read as many reviews as I can before deciding if this is worth it. 

    You said that this is for those who would like to grow and scale their existing online businesses to increase their revenue. Well, I can’t really say that I already have an existing online business because I haven’t actually made a significant amount of money yet. I am earning affiliate commissions here and there but it’s not that much so, I am not sure if I am already considered a certified online business owner ☻.

    The referral system for this program looks very attractive though. But the way I understood how their system works, you need to spend a lot of money to make more money.

    Anyway, since that “friend of a friend” who invited me is a PLS affiliate, I can actually test the program for 7 days and see for myself if it’s the right program for me. 

    Thanks for the detailed review, Ivan. 

  2. I have no complaints with the power lead system. I have made over 3k in sales but it wasn’t easy. It’s definitely not for beginners and that’s why most people quit because they don’t understand the dynamics of this system.


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