Rudy Mawer ROI Machines Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

Hey there! Welcome to my ROI Machines review by Rudy Mawer. If you are wondering whether this is a scam or a legit program, you’re in the best place to learn more…

Are you curious about Rudy’s ROI Machines project?

Unsure if you can trust him?Wondering if Rudy Mawer is genuine or just another fraud?

Put your worries to rest.

Whether you’re starting a new online business or scaling an existing one, Rudy Mawer’s company offers something for everyone and their service is completely legitimate.

To learn more about ROI Machines’ services including the 30-Day Challenge and VIP Coaching, continue reading my unbiased review.

Get all the information you need before making any further decisions.

ROI Machines Review


Is ROI Machines a Scam ?

It’s safe to say that ROI Machines is not a scam. Rudy Mawer and his team of experts are quickly growing into a legitimate marketing service that helps people improve their digital business.

Scams typically use fake names and stock images to create an owner persona and scam you into believing you’re getting expert coaching. However, in this case, the creator of ROI Machines is a reputable expert in the MMO niche and a real person.

Moreover, while reviewing ROI Machines, I haven’t found many red flags, which is great.

The only thing that caught my attention was the sales page, which is a bit overhyped for my taste. This type of material is often used by scams and get-rich-quick schemes to make you believe that you’ll make tons of money using secret systems. In Rudy’s case, he could tone down the sales page a bit.

But overall, ROI Machines is a legitimate program. Rudy Mawer is an expert, and you get comprehensive coaching. Users have nothing but praise for this program.

So, rest assured, there is no scam here, and you’re in safe hands.

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What Is ROI Machines?

Rudy Mawer created the platform ROI Machines to offer a comprehensive suite of tools and resources for your online marketing needs. With ROI Machines, you get assistance in various areas, such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Facebook advertisements
  • YouTube ads
  • Social networking
  • Done-for-you services

In essence, ROI Machines is a convenient one-stop marketing company that provides paid services to help scale and expand your brand.

ROI Machines

Discover within the series of digital courses the precise abilities and strategies that Rudy Mawer has utilized to achieve digital success.

It is worth mentioning that the agency services employed can be quite expensive and may not be suitable for beginners.

These services primarily target expanding and scaling an already successful web company.

However, inside ROI Machines, several premium courses can undoubtedly help digital marketers learn the intricacies of making money online.

Who Is Rudy Mawer?

Rudy Mawer is the mastermind behind ROI Machines. As a successful online entrepreneur, he has earned a seven-figure income during his career.

In the early days, Rudy Mawer focused on the health and fitness niche and soon became a coach, nutritionist, and expert in the field.

You may have seen Rudy featured in magazines like, Men’s Health Magazine, Forbes Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur.

ROI Machines Rudy Mawer

As Rudy continued to grow, he found his niche in digital marketing. Today, he is renowned for building a successful coaching business and collaborating with top-class coaches, including Tai Lopez and many others.

Now, Rudy Mawer runs ROI Machines, a Facebook Ad plus Funnel agency that specializes in scaling cold traffic offers.

Speaking of which, let’s dive into the next section of the review to learn more about Rudy’s new business.

What is the 30-Day Challenge About?

The 30-Day Challenge is a program where you can join Rudy and his team.

Together, you’ll launch new offers, build effective funnels, and scale with Facebook Advertising. Throughout the challenge, Rudy will provide his top 10 funnel templates that have generated millions of dollars.

He’ll also train you on how to select and create the best offers.

ROI Machines 30-Day Challenge

The Challenge is divided into three phases:

  • Offer & Funnel Creation
  • Launch Ads
  • Optimize & Scale

Here’s a closer look at the content of each phase:

Phase 1: Offer & Funnel Creation

  • Day 1: Perfecting Your Offer
  • Day 2: Your Perfect Avatar Plan
  • Day 3: Your 10x Product Stack
  • Day 4: 10 Elements Of A High Converting Sales Page
  • Day 5: How To Double Initial Sales With Upsells
  • Day 6: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 7: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 8: Backend Email Automation
  • Day 9: Cart / Order Bump to Double Sales!
  • Day 10: Exit Pop That Made Me $75,000

Phase 2: Launch Ads

  • Day 11: Facebook Creative Masterclass (I’ll Give You My Top 20 ads out of 2000)
  • Day 12: Facebook CBO Management
  • Day 13: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 14: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 15: Facebook Audience Scale & Tricks
  • Day 16: IG Story Ads to Half Costs
  • Day 17: Monitoring & Optimize Your Ads
  • Day 18: Advanced Facebook Bidding Strategies
  • Day 19: Rudy’s Omnipresence Re-Targeting System

Phase 3: Optimize & Scale

  • Day 21: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 22: 10x Facebook Scale Methods
  • Day 23: Ecom Quiz Funnels To Generate Unlimited Leads/Sales!
  • Day 24: Million $ Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Day 25: Boosting AOV + LTV to Scale
  • Day 26: SMS Text Message Secrets
  • Day 27: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 28: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 29: Scaling Beyond 30 Days
  • Day 30: Secret 100 Million $ Guest Speaker Celebrity

By following the 30-Day Challenge, you will achieve significant results. After 30 days, you can have a new live funnel, run ads, and make remarkable progress in scaling your business.

Moreover, as part of the Challenge, you will gain exclusive access to a behind-the-scenes look at how Rudy scales businesses rapidly with FB Ads.

In essence, the 30-Day Challenge offers a cost-effective ($30 one-time fee) opportunity to purchase the VIP Full-Service Growth Package. This package includes collaboration with Rudy and his ROI Machines team of experts, who will provide personalized support and strategic planning for your business.

To get started, you can book a call with one of the coaches from the team to discuss additional plans and strategies for your business.

What are ROI Machines Products?

In this section of the ROI Machines review, let’s take a high-level overview of two other products available on the platform.

ROI Machines Products

The flagship product is VIP Coaching, which offers you the opportunity to hire Rudy and his team to take your business to the next level.

They will collaborate with you to create a personalized plan, scale your business using FB Ads, optimize your funnels, and provide other valuable services.

Additionally, the ROI Machines team can build tailored funnels for you, guide you in scaling your business with Messenger bots, help you grow your Instagram account, and more.

Messenger Bots ($99)

The Messenger Bots seven-day masterclass teaches you how to utilize the same bots and message writing methods that have generated a 500 percent increase in revenue for the instructor and his team.

According to the product’s sales site, Messenger bots have proven to be as effective as email several years ago. With an impressive 90% open rate, Messenger Bots can help you reach a larger audience and scale your online business using Facebook chatbot marketing.

Rudy Mawer will guide you through the process of building and optimizing your own bots, offering principles that can be customized to suit your unique approach (highly recommended for those who prefer not to copy and paste).

Rudy Mawer’s Social Media Marketing Agency (Around $97)

If you’re searching for specific procedures, scripts, systems, funnels, and other factors that have generated seven-figure earnings for Rudy Mawer, this area is for you.

Rudy includes every information in his course and lays out a step-by-step blueprint that makes it easy to follow his journey to financial independence.

This training is designed for students interested in building their own digital marketing agency, similar to Rudy’s successful web organization.

Many online businesses and individuals are seeking to outsource their digital marketing for greater online exposure. Hence, this business model has proven to be successful.

IG Accelerator ($27)

Learn the “tricks” used by wealthy Instagram influencers to fuel their success in Rudy Mawer’s popular course, IG Accelerator. According to the sales page on ROI Machines, Rudy Mawer has discovered a rapid method to acquire 10,000 fans and wants to share it with anyone interested in his training program.

If you’re looking to tap into the potential of having a profitable Instagram profile but don’t know where to start, the IG Accelerator course might be exactly what you’re searching for.

Running an eCommerce shop in a specific niche can be a great opportunity to expand your audience and potentially increase sales.

Rudy Mawer’s Websites And Sales Funnels (Price Varies)

In addition to the training classes and other services, you can have sales funnels created for you by Rudy and his group of knowledgeable marketers.

Here is a description of a typical sales funnel built by Rudy Mawer and his coworkers at ROI Machines to help you understand this offer.

Lead Magnets

This is a completely free offer designed to attract prospective clients by offering them a valuable giveaway in exchange for their email addresses.

Sales Page

When creating a sales page, effective marketing plays a crucial role in its success.

To ensure that your sales page is amazing and achieves its purpose, it is important to properly set it up to deliver the right message to every visitor.

High Converting Checkout Page

A well-placed and customized checkout page is vital for decreasing cart abandonment. This is the page where you will collect all payments when your web visitors click the “purchase now” button.

Upsells & Downsells

Numerous digital marketers utilize upsells and downsells, particularly when it comes to online “Gurus” who claim to teach trainees how to make a significant amount of money online.

Thank You Page

This is the final page of the sales funnel. It provides essential information about the recently purchased product or service, along with your social network profiles to maximize your online exposure.

For pricing details of Rudy Mawer’s Site Builds and Funnels, please schedule a call with one of agents. They will customize a cost based on the services that suit your needs.

ROI Machines VIP Full Service Growth Package ($12,000-20,000 Monthly)

Rudy & his Team will do all the marketing for you. So, now that you know what’s readily available inside ROI Machines, think about if you might engage a business to manage everything for you.

That is the essence of Rudy Mawer’s ROI Machines VIP Complete Service Growth Package.

Rudy and his group will handle all elements of marketing on your behalf, so you won’t have to stress about creating your own sales funnels, developing a marketing method, composing copy, and so on.

According to Rudy Mawer, his Facebook and Google advertisements campaigns perform incredibly well on cold traffic.

Directing them to a well-designed sales funnel is the perfect next step in ensuring the traffic you’re spending converts to scaling your online business.

Rudy & His Time-Tested Strategy On Facebook Ads

Rudy Mawer has built his online organization with a personal approach to monitoring the growth of each client. He ensures that all clients are expanding and progressing simultaneously.

He will develop a customized strategy and plan for your online business, guaranteeing optimal results.

Who are ROI Machines For?

ROI Machines offers programs and features tailored for digital marketers and online business owners of all kinds. Rudy Mawer provides services that can greatly benefit these individuals.

  • Small and big digital business owners
  • Facebook marketers of all levels
  • Social Media marketers of all kinds
  • Affiliate marketers of all levels
  • eCommerce business owners
  • Bloggers and website owners

Is ROI Machines BBB Accredited?

The company is currently listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) pages; however, it has not yet obtained BBB accreditation.

This is likely due to its relatively short duration in business. Nevertheless, the company maintains a B+ customer rating and received only one complaint in the past year.

The issue, which involved a refund, was successfully resolved in favor of the customer.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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ROI Machines Review – Conclusion

After reviewing the entire ROI Machines, it is clear that Rudy Mawer’s company is legitimate. Therefore, I recommend it.

If you’re a digital business owner in need of experts to help you grow and scale your business, hiring Rudy and his team is the right choice.

Even if you’re just starting out and need pro tips and advice, you can join the 30-Day Challenge for only $30. This program provides useful tips and coaching.

Thank you for reading my ROI Machines review.

I hope my research has helped you make a well-informed decision.

ROI Machines PROS

  • Rudy Mawer is an expert in advertising
  • 30-Days Challenge is comprehensive and affordable
  • VIP Coaching is going to take your business to the next level
  • Variety of useful services and products
  • A lot of positive feedback from clients and customers

ROI Machines CONS

  • Overhyped sales pages and promo material
  • Results are not guaranteed
  • Too many upsell

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this ROI Machines review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

14 thoughts on “Rudy Mawer ROI Machines Review – Is It Legit or Scam?”

  1. First of all Rudy Mawer is a SCAM. They promise to provide ads that they guarantee will perform or they will refund your money. Once you signup they make several disclaimers they say they do not honor this policy. Worse yet this is a BAIT AND SWITCH. I immediately schedule the welcome call and you will get tons of emails stating to be prepared for the call. I have everything ready and the call has nothing to do with marketing. It’s about funding and whether you need funds. When I told them I didn’t need funding they ended the call. Everything else provided is remedial. If you look at the ads we are currently running vs what they provided it’s completely useless. And now I have to fight to get refunded because they do not honor the guarantee. They sign you up to a group which provides no value. A bunch of fake users and the company posting useless motivational quotes. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY!!!

  2. Rudy Mawer took $3000 and I have not received a thing. I have repeatedly asked for a refund but no one replies. The number on my credit card is a fake number. There is no way to talk to anyone! Stay far, far away!

  3. Hi,

    I did a FB course with Rudy Mawer and paid $4000 and I can tell you he is a scam.
    After doing 5 modules from his course, his so-called experts helped me set up my FB ads and I got restricted by FB. I asked FB to review this but my account was completely restricted.
    I asked Rudy to refund my money and they have told me that my issue has been forwarded to their legal team.
    So he had a guarantee that if he does not help you make the $4000 from ads as part of your business, he will refund you the money. And now they keep telling me my problem is with their legal team. Ridiculous, you can clearly see this is a well-developed scam.
    So do not ever think of joining any of his programs as they don’t care about you.

    • The only way you might get a refund is if you threaten to sue them. Was told this by an employee. And even then you’d be in line with hundreds of other customers asking for a refund. They are a scam. They can’t refund you because the company has no money.

  4. Hello Ivan, 

    Thank you for Ruby Maker ROI machine review. I was looking for a program like this to join for speedy growth after my affiliate marketing training. I see the program to be an advance program for almost pro affiliate marketers though the is no assurance in quicker profits but the is definitely something to learn and add plus to my affiliate marketing. Considering the fair cost of 30 dollars for 30 days challenge. 

    This is for me as soon as I am done with my first level lessons in affiliate marketing. I will keep following you from now.

    • Hi Nsikan, thanks for your comment. It’s definitely a plus to your affiliate marketing business. If you’re already taking one course, I would suggest waiting to start with another one. It’s best to learn from one course at a time.


  5. Thanks so much for sharing a great review on Rudy Mawer ROI Machines, as many people are just starting to work from home on their own digital business, there will come the day they will need to start promoting their business, many will have an idea on how to do it, but many might look for some expert advice, after reading your review, is good to know ROI Machines is not a scam, I will bookmark your article, as I’m sure I will need to learn more about it soon!

    • Hi Alejandra, thanks for your comment. Most certainly, ROI Machines is not a scam. Let me know if you need more information about the product and service.


  6. My friend actually bought the product and believed that he was gonna hit the $10K a month mark in his first year (year right…).

    I told him not to go for it, but he did anyways and now he’s paying the price for it.

    I appreciate your honesty, and I’ll make sure to check out WA instead. I just started learning about affiliate marketing like three months ago and I would highly appreciate if you can help me with the onboarding process at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’m an easygoing guy and I promise not to bother you too much…

    Anyways, thanks for the review!

    • Hi Gorjan, thanks for reaching out. Well, expectations and reality are always different from one another. I’m glad my review was helpful. Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make money online. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago through a site like this and managed to build several streams of passive income in the meantime. I’ve sent you a message on Wealthy Affiliate so I’ll talk to you some more when you reply. I’m glad to give you a hand.


  7. Hi Ivan,

    As I started reading your review I thought to myself, “Where do I know this guy from? Where have I heard of Rudy Mawer before?”

    Well, I didn’t have to wait long for you to reveal all – I’ve read many articles by Rudy at Men’s Health, and even back then I thought this guy knows what he’s talking about (although his articles were obviously working out and nutrition-based).

    I know for a fact that all of your reviews are going to be informative and honest, so you’ve definitely piqued my interest with your ROI Machine review.

    I must admit that my social media game isn’t up to much, and I know little-to-nothing about Facebook ads, etc.

    Is this still a program that you’d recommend to those with little experience in these methods, such as me?

    Or is there a better alternative?

    Thanks as always Ivan, so glad to have found you online – at least with you I always know, what you see is what you get.


    • Hi Partha, I would not recommend ROI Machines to newbies. It’s a legit program, but it’s designed for people who have experience with social media marketing and affiliate marketing. The content of the program is written and recorded using the advanced terminology, which is just going to confuse a newbie. My recommendation for newbies is Wealthy Affiliate. This program is focused on beginners stuff that is easy to digest and apply. Once you master the content of Wealthy Affiliate, you could proceed to ROI Machines.



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