Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review – Is Zach Crawford a Scam?

Welcome to my Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review. 

Are you looking for more information about Zach Crawford’s course? Do you want to know what it is about and how it works? Are you not sure if Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is a scam or legit program?

According to Zach, he is on the mission to help as many newbies to get started with affiliate marketing. It is a multi-billion industry and he wants to teach you how to grab your piece of the pie.

But can you trust him? Can you trust me!?

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m an affiliate marketer who went from waiting tables to earning a five-figure income online!

I have also reviewed 500+ schemes and scams to find the best way to make money online. Simply put, I’m passionate about earning money online and assisting you to follow in my footsteps!

A few weeks ago, I discovered the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks. I was following Zach Crawford’s training program online and decided to find out more about it.

In this Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review, I will answer all your questions. This article will offer you a clear understanding of this online program and help you to see if it is worth your time and cash.

Shall we?

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review


Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review – Overview

  • Product: Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks
  • Type: Affiliate MArketing
  • Price: $997
  • Owner: Zach Crawford
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 14 days
  • Recommended?: Legit

Overview: Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is a step-by-step affiliate training course designed by Zach Crawford. The course is legit because it includes a lot of content and is based on workable methods. The course might still be available online under this name, but it’s been rebranded to Top Earner Transformation.

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What Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks?

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is an affiliate marketing course for starting a successful campaign in making money online niche (no other niches are covered).

The Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks was created by Zach Crawford. He launched his Top Earner Coach course in 2018, but after receiving feedback from his students, he felt he could do more to make the training more complete and more detailed. Therefore, he created Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

His extensive brand-new course uses whatever and anything you would need to get going with Affiliate Marketing, according to the owner himself. The Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course is claimed to be for beginners and advanced marketers.

The training is laid out more like a book if you see and it is mapped for you to understand each and every step prior to you going on and carrying out things. There are also video lessons inside as well.

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Who Is Zach Crawford?

Zach Crawford is an online marketer from the US. Zach is the creator of the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks. He is a friendly and real person I have actually stumbled upon in this affiliate marketing industry.

Zach Crawford

One of the things that struck me about Zach is that he is straightforward. In other words, he is not one of those online gurus who is going to throw a bunch of lies and overhyped claims in your face to get you to signup for his course.

Nowadays Zach Crawford has structured his organization and focuses on being a leading affiliate for ClickFunnels in addition to selling his own items. I have first met Zach Crawford via his own YouTube channel where he has 7.8K subscribers.

Given his reputation, his YouTube channel is not the best one I have ever seen. Don’t get me wrong. He shares lots of valuable information. However, the number of views and subscribers was expected to be larger.

One of my favorite videos is the one below where he explains how to make money with websites like mine.

But that’s not the topic of this review. Let’s see what you can learn from Secret Affiliate Marketing Hack.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Course Curriculum

When you sign up with Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks, you are given your own website to start your training.

The course is made up of 4 core chapters:

  1. Successful Vs Not Successful Individuals
  2. How to Earn Money Online
  3. Structure Your Magnetic Conversion Engine
  4. Traffic Mastery

Each of these chapters has several subsections and an entire host of info to form a step by action blueprint to be successful with affiliate marketing.

As part of the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review let’s jump in and describe what the course teaches you.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review Part1

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review Part2

Chapter 1 – Successful Vs Not Successful Individuals

  • Introduction and Resources
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • Long Term Vs Short Term Thinking
  • The Secret to Becoming A Millionaire
  • Stop Consuming, Start Creating
  • The Internal Battle Going on Inside You
  • How to Gamify Your Life
  • Crafting Your Vision
  • How to Get Sh^t Done Your Strategy
  • How to use Trello
  • The Back Story
  • Your Strategy to Dominate

Chapter 2 – How to Earn Money Online

Section 1: Choose Your Niche 

  • This is How you get Rich Online
  •  What is Our Niche?
  • How To Do Niche Research
  • How to Market To Your Perfect Customer

 Section 2: The 3 Profit Channels

  • How to Make Money with Email Marketing
  • How to Make Money With Social Media

 Section 3: How to Pick Profitable Products

  • How to Pick Profitable Products
  • The Mountain Top View
  • Recommendation No: 1
  • Recommendation No: 2
  • Recommendation No: 3
  • How to Find New Products
  • How To Get Your Affiliate Links
  • How to Mask Your Links

Section 4: Create Your Assets

  • Create Your Assets

Chapter 3 – Structure Your Magnetic Conversion Engine

Section 1: Sales Funnel 101

  •  Sales Funnel Overview
  • Reverse Engineer Your Way To Success?

 Section 2: Bridge Page Marketing

  • Bridge Page Marketing
  • Bridge Page Script

Section 3: The Value Funnel

  • The Value Funnel

Section 4: Email Marketing Mastery

  • How To Make Money With Email Marketing
  • Creating Your Attractive Character
  • SOS Sequence
  • Broadcast Emails

Section 5: How To Setup Your Funnel

  •  How To Setup your Funnel Overview
  • How to Setup Your Custom Domain
  • Setup Domain Email
  • Assign The Domain
  • Edit the PermaLinks
  • Setup the ThankYou Page
  •  Edit The Squeeze Page
  • Edit The Lessons Page
  • Setup your Email Autoresponder
  • Final Checks

Chapter 4 – Traffic Mastery

Section 1: Content Creation Strategies

  • The Personal Branding Blueprint
  • Invest Learn Teach
  • Mastering Your Message
  • Giving Them The Big Ah-Ha
  • Your Backstory and Making Them Care About You
  • Testing Your Hooks and Stories

Section 2: Social Media Selling

  • My Social Media Strategy
  • The Mountain Top View
  • Facebook Groups for Business
  • How to Get Targeted Leads For Your Business
  • The Livestream Revolution
  • How to Pick a FB Group Name
  • How to Setup Your FB Group
  • How to Setup up your FB Profile
  • Creating Content That Makes Money
  • Engagement Hacks
  • The Closing Script

Section 3: Video Marketing Mastery

  • How Youtube Works
  • How to Find Video Topics
  • Optimizing Your Videos to Rank
  • Use VidIQ for Better Ranking
  • Setup Your Youtube Channel
  • Uploading Videos
  • Creating Thumbnails

How to Scale to Six-Figures (Advanced Training)

In addition to the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks core course, all users will get access to an advanced section where Zach Crawford teaches how to scale your business.

Section 1: 10x Your Sales with Bonuses

  • 10x Your Sales with Bonuses.
  • Create Your Inner Circle

Section 2: Affiliate Product Launch Funnel

  • Affiliate Product Launch Funnel

Section 3: Facebook Ads Mastery

  • Who is *****?
  • Facebook Ads the Fundamentals
  • The Game Plan
  • How to Make a Facebook Campaign
  • Opening Your Business Manager
  • Business Manager Overview
  • FB Ads Account
  • Customizing Your Columns
  • Payment Methods
  • The Facebook Pixel
  • Power Editor Overview
  • Facebook Campaign Structure
  • Facebook Campaign Objectives
  • Conversion Events
  • Create Your First Campaign
  • Setting up Your Tracking
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Creating Your Funnel and Lead Magnet

100K Coaching Sessions (Bonus Training)

After you go through the basic and advanced training inside the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks, you will have access to another bonus section that consists of eight bonus lessons.

  • How to Sell When No One Wants to Be Sold
  • 5 Things Stopping you from Making the Income You Desire
  • How to Hack Your Brain To Destroy Low Motivation
  • The Personal Branding Blueprint
  • Content- Funnels- Email Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Bridge Page Marketing
  • ClickFunnels Masterclass

DFY Marketing (Emails, Funnels, and Bonuses)

Another bonus gives you access to done-for-you email swipes, sales funnels, and various bonuses that you can give away as a part of your Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks campaigns.

Section 1: DFY Social Media Post

  • DFY Social Media Post

Section 2: DFY Email Swipes

  • DFY Email Swipes

Section 3: CFAF Bootcamp

  • Rules to Promote This Funnel
  • How to be Resourceful
  • The Tools You Will Need
  • Get Your Affiliate Links
  • How to Setup a Custom Domain
  • Setup Domain Email
  • Download the Funnel
  • Edit The Permalinks
  • Setup The Thank You Page
  • Edit The Squeeze Page
  • Edit The Lesson Page
  • Edit The Sales Page
  • Setup Your Email Autoresponder
  • Setup Your Membership Site
  • Final Checks
  • How to Give Your Members Access
  • Setup Your Custom Bridge Page (Your Own Custom Bonus)

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How Much Does Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Cost?

The Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks training program is priced at $997. This is a one-time payment.

However, keep in mind that you will need to purchase ClickFunnels which costs $97 per month if you want to make use of Zach’s DFY funnels. There is likewise a 1-one-1 training option offered with Zach which will cost $2997. Keep in mind that this is an upsell.

Is there a refund? Yes. According to the info from Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks reviews, you have 14 days to make up your mind. If after two weeks you don’t ask for a refund, there are no other windows to do so later.



Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Pros

Here are some things that I like about the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course:

  • Zach Crawford is a legit marketer
  • Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is comprehensive
  • Training is step-by-step and beginner-friendly
  • There is a Facebook community
  • You get DFY emails, funnels, etc.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Cons

On the other hand, here are some things that Zach could do better:

  • Lots of content to digest (overwhelming)
  • ClickFunnels is a condition to follow the training
  • Some users think it is expensive

Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks a Scam?

No. Secret Affiliate Marekting Hacks is not a scam. There are many shady courses out there, but they are easy to spot because of the red flags. Zach’s course doesn’t have any in this review.

As you can see from my review, you will get access to a comprehensive course. Truth be told, all those lessons and videos could be overwhelming for some, but it just shows how much time and effort has been invested in creating the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course.

Some users may also complain about the price and the lack of payment plans. However, that doesn’t mean it is a scam. Since Zach Crawford offers 14 days to ask for a refund, it just reinforces the claim that it is a legit course.

However, that doesn’t mean that I recommend this course.




Do I Recommend Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks?

As I said, Zach’s course is 100% legit. However, I personally have discovered a much better affiliate marketing training course, which leads me to say that I don’t really recommend Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

My #1 recommendation is also a legitimate affiliate training course. The difference between the two is that my top-rated course includes all the tools, websites, hosting, community, live help, one-on-one coaching, and more for less money – which is something all of us want.

Moreover, thanks to my #1 recommendation, I went from waiting tables to earning a five-figure income online! Scroll below and click on the red button to learn more.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review – Conclusion

With Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks, Zach Crawford teaches you how to get your mind prepared for success; then how to construct your affiliate marketing business and scale to 6 figures and beyond.

As a benefit, you can likewise end up being an affiliate for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks and earn commissions by promoting his coaching system to other newbies out there.

And that’s, I’m afraid, the main purpose behind all those Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks reviews out there. As you may know, all of those reviews are extremely biased. In other words, they promote this course to you not caring whether or not it is good or not.

As we have established in my review, Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is legit. However, I personally don’t see as much value in it as other reviews. There are much better and easier programs that will teach you the same skills.

However, if you are interested in Zach Crawford’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks, you are safe from a scam. If not, make sure to check out my top-rated affiliate course below!

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How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

There’s one online business design that I suggest above all others. It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s a 100% legitimate way to make cash online by promoting other individuals’ products.

With affiliate marketing, there’s no downline, no high-ticket upsells, no covert intents, etc.

It’s easy. All you need to do is find the items that you like, sign up with affiliate programs, take your affiliate link and recommend the very same products to individuals on the internet.

Each time you make a sale, you receive a part of the earnings.

A couple of years ago, I learned about affiliate marketing through my # 1 recommended program, decided to go all-in, and today, I earn constant passive earnings online.

Among the best features of my # 1 ranked course is that you can join for totally free (just a $49 Premium subscription). You will get one complimentary site and access to the very first ten lessons from the course to try things out.

Furthermore, this program is in fact all-in-one. You get everything that you need to make money online.

This consists of detailed training, all the very best tools, hosting and websites, live assistance, community aid, technical assistance, one-on-one training, and so much more!

After evaluating over 500 programs on the web, my conclusion is easy. This is the best method to make money online.

And if you’re looking for the very same, click the button listed below!




And don’t forget to share this Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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3 thoughts on “Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review – Is Zach Crawford a Scam?”

  1. Hi Ivan, Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course is for beginners. You can get access to a private Facebook group. On Facebook, you will be able to talk to Zach live. If you are a beginner marketer, you’ll be happy to know that this course is targeted towards beginners.

    What I have noticed is there isn’t any SEO training for online business. If you don’t have a fortune for paid advertising for your affiliate marketing business, this might not be a suitable course for you.

    As we all know free, organic traffic converts the best, so this is something that you need to take note of as well.

    Do you think SEO training is important before starting affiliate marketing or any online business?

  2. Your detailed description of Affiliate Marketing Hacks presented a program which seems comprehensive and practical.  The training sections that you outlined build from one to the next and seem to lead right to earning through affiliate marketing.  The one draw back is the cost.  A 14 day refund policy means that the course is great and that’s all the time needed to find its worth or it’s a lousy course and they don’t want people having much time to ask for a refund.  I was really disappointed when I found that I would have to pay for a funnel program as well.  Thanks for the honest evaluation.

  3. Thanks, Ivan for yet another good review of the Affiliate Marketing Course as these days every now and then a new Course is launching makes things really complicated for choosing the right one. I liked your straight-cut approach to reviewing any course. First of all in my opinion the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is giving more than what a person needed at the start and the second thing I don’t like is the pricing. Frankly speaking, when someone started to build their own business from scratch maybe he or she is not in a position to spend those big chunks and the time it takes to complete all the lessons. Lastly, I want to know is there any assurance from Zach Crawford that I can succeed after spending lots of money and time? 


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