Super Affiliate Accelerator Review – A SCAM By Jacob Caris Or A Real Deal?

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

Welcome to my Super Affiliate Accelerator review.

Jacob Caris, the creator of Super Affiliate Accelerator, promises to teach you the art of high-ticket marketing, enabling you to earn $10K+/mo.

If you are interested to learn:

  • Is SAA a scam
  • Who is Jacob Caris
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  • What you get inside
  • If you can get a refund
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I’ve dedicated a few days to analyzing the SAA program, taking tons of notes, uncovering hidden info, and thoroughly going over the program so that I can provide you with the most helpful Super Affiliate Accelerator review.

📘 About

High-ticket affiliate marketing.

💰 Cost

Basic Plan: $1,000, Core Plan: $2,500, Deluxe Plan: $4,500


Solid affiliate marketing training. Jacob Caris walks the walk. Valuable bonuses and extra resources. Some reports of students making money.

🛑 Cons

Super-high pricing. No refund policy. Not suitable for complete newbies. Mixed online reviews.

⚠️ Verdict

Super Affiliate Accelerator is a legitimate affiliate training program, but it's a bit overpriced and could use more substance.

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In the beginning, I struggled to identify legit courses and avoid ones that were just out for my money.

That’s why I created this website – my main goal is to help you steer clear of pitfalls and discover the top online business courses.

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Is Super Affiliate Accelerator A Scam?

Let’s address the situation candidly. Super Affiliate Accelerator is a legitimate program that can teach you the ropes of starting an affiliate marketing business by promoting high-ticket offers.

However, it’s important to note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Results with this program require dedication and hard work, as emphasized by the program’s owner, Jacob Caris. While researching, I found no evidence of any ongoing scam activities, which is reassuring.

Everything appears to be transparent and above board. Additionally, Jacob Caris has a reputable online presence.

That being said, it’s worth mentioning that there are no refunds after payment, and the price of the program is quite significant.

This lack of a risk-free trial period can be seen as a disadvantage for potential customers who prefer to have some guarantee before making a financial commitment.

Please note that I’m not implying that Super Affiliate Accelerator is a scam; I’m simply expressing my opinion regarding the payment terms.

Now, let’s continue with this Super Affiliate Accelerator review and delve further into its details.

What Is Super Affiliate Accelerator?

Super Affiliate Accelerator is an affiliate marketing training program that teaches how to earn high-ticket commissions by promoting high-ticket programs. This program is based on the “MOCA” blueprint, coined by Jacob Caris.

MOCA stands for:

  • M – Mindset
  • O – Offer
  • C – Conversion
  • A – Audience

The course’s main objective is to demonstrate how to generate high-quality leads, integrate them with a proven sales process, and leverage a high-ticket offer to earn substantial commissions.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Course Review

When I talk about big commissions, I’m referring to earning a few hundred dollars or even several thousand dollars per sale. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

However, it’s important to understand that nothing is as easy as it seems. While I’m generally sceptical of courses that make extravagant promises, the truth is that the higher the price of the product, the higher your commissions will be.

So, it’s safe to say that achieving this level of success is more than possible.

Moreover, the Super Affiliate Accelerator course provides step-by-step video training that can assist you in reaching this goal.

How Does Super Affiliate Accelerator Work?

Introducing the Super Affiliate Accelerator—an opportunity to learn the art of affiliate marketing and promote other people’s products with ease.

Through this program, you can earn generous commissions for each sale you make.

Jacob Caris, the mastermind behind the Super Affiliate Accelerator, sets realistic expectations and doesn’t make false promises.

Unlike the deceiving Affiliate Cash Club and Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 scams, Jacob’s course offers genuine insights into the world of affiliate marketing.

It’s important to note that this journey isn’t as effortless as it may sound. Jacob acknowledges the challenges involved and provides valuable knowledge to help you navigate them successfully.

Curious to know if the Super Affiliate Accelerator lives up to its name?

Read on for an in-depth review of the program, starting with Jacob Caris himself.

Who Is Jacob Caris?

I have to be honest and say that I had never heard of Jacob Caris before coming across Super Affiliate Accelerator. However, I did my research before writing this review to determine whether he is the real deal or just another scam artist.

The internet can be a difficult place to trust people who claim to have a proven system for making money with affiliate marketing or any other method.

As for Jacob Caris, I can confirm that he is a legitimate individual. Jacob is an online marketer with years of experience in affiliate marketing.

You can also follow Jacob Caris on his YouTube channel, where he has around 3.5K followers. Although it is not a large channel yet, Jacob consistently posts new videos, so his following is bound to grow in time.

Jacob Caris YouTube Channel

Today, Jacob Caris teaches people how to make high-ticket commissions through his Super Affiliate Accelerator course. I appreciate that Jacob isn’t one of those internet “gurus” who sell you a dream of making big money just to get your credit card details.

Instead, Jacob is extremely honest about how affiliate marketing works. He acknowledges that it’s not an easy process that brings overnight wealth. He emphasizes the significance of having the right mindset and a proven blueprint, which I appreciate.

In summary, Jacob Caris is legitimate. Let’s proceed with this Super Affiliate Accelerator review to explore how this system works exactly.

Are you ready?

What Do You Get With Super Affiliate Accelerator?

Earlier, I mentioned that Super Affiliate Accelerator teaches how to start an affiliate marketing business. The course is divided into several training modules spanning about six weeks.

In these modules, Jacob Caris will guide you through his process for earning high-ticket commissions.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Course

When starting an affiliate marketing business, the initial step is to choose your niche and identify your target audience. This involves narrowing down your niche to a specific topic, such as “how to lose belly fat fast.”

Once you have selected your niche, the subsequent steps include building your business, driving traffic, creating offers, and ultimately making sales. All of these steps are thoroughly explained within the Super Affiliate Accelerator training area.

Without further delay, let me guide you through each training module, providing a step-by-step demonstration of how it works.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review - Training Modules

Module #1 – Introduction

In the first module, you won’t be learning anything specific. It’s simply an introductory module where you’ll get to meet Jacob and his methods.

Module #2 – Success Mindset

I strongly believe that business success (and in life) is primarily determined by mindset (80%) rather than skills (20%). Jacob shares this belief. Without cultivating a winner’s attitude, failure is inevitable even before starting.

That is precisely why the second module of Super Affiliate Accelerator is dedicated to creating a resilient mindset that will propel you forward during challenging times. And trust me, challenges will arise sooner or later.

Module #3 – Picking A Niche

One aspect I appreciate about Jacob’s course is the emphasis on choosing your niche.

Unlike many other courses, which limit you to promoting a single niche, Jacob recognizes that not everyone shares the same passions.

When selecting a niche, it’s crucial to pick a topic you’re passionate about and identify your target audience. In the Super Affiliate Accelerator training module, you’ll learn precisely how to do this.

Module #4 – Fast Start Process

Module four focuses on taking a few steps to help you get started quickly. The objective is to create content, build your network, drive traffic, and collect leads.

The last step of this module is about learning how to target your prospects effectively to improve conversions.

Module #5 – Monetization

After laying the foundation as demonstrated in previous modules of Super Affiliate Accelerator, you will proceed to learn how to monetize the traffic effectively, including implementing high-ticket offers and more.

Module #6 – Closing The Deal

Closing the deal is the final step in the process, and it is crucial for success.

Many people mistakenly believe that the work is complete once they get others to click on their affiliate link. However, sales don’t happen magically.

To close the deal, you need to delight your audience. The last module of Super Affiliate Accelerator provides explanations of several strategies to accomplish this.

How Much Does Super Affiliate Accelerator Cost?

To begin the Super Affiliate Accelerator course, you have three payment options:

  1. Basic Plan: $1,000
  2. Core Plan: $2,500
  3. Deluxe Plan: $4,500

Furthermore, for the Core Plan, you have the choice of paying in three instalments of $1000, which amounts to an additional $500 compared to the one-time option.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Plans

As you can see, the course itself is a prime example of a high-ticket offer.

As a member of this program, you’ll receive six weeks of training along with these bonuses:

  • Super Affiliate Story Formula
  • Super Affiliate Email Formula
  • Case Study ($100Kin 4 months)
  • DFY Personal Brand Site
  • Legendary Marketer Platinum Secrets

Can You Get A Refund?

Here’s what I don’t like about Super Affiliate Accelerator: there’s no refund. Once you pay $2,500, that’s it. No turning back.

I find this offer extremely unfair because most people who join this course won’t succeed. They should at least have the option of a refund. Offering a few days of a free trial would be fair for future customers.

So if you’re considering joining this program, think about it carefully.

Are Students Getting Results?

It was really hard to find a few, but I managed to dig out these two success stories from alleged students of the Super Affiliate Accelerator program:

Super Affiliate Accelerator Student Results
Super Affiliate Accelerator Student Results 1

The only problem is that they come from Jacob’s profile and there is no visual proof that these students have made all that money.

But it is nice to see it, through.

As for reviews on other sites, I managed to dig out a few. As you can see, people have most complaints about the steep price of the course.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Reviews

And then, there is this one:

Super Affiliate Accelerator Reviews 1

All in all, Super Affiliate Accelerator reviews are quite mixed. However, I like the fact that there is at least some evidence of student success online.

I just wish there were more testimonials like that.

Super Affiliate Accelerator – What I Like

There are a few aspects that I particularly like about this course:

Firstly, the entire course is focused on the affiliate marketing method, which I find to be a practical and effective way of earning money online.

Secondly, Jacob Caris is a genuine online entrepreneur and marketer. This means that you have the opportunity to learn from someone who has already achieved success, rather than some phony guru.

Another good thing is that there is some evidence of student success, which means that SAA works.

Lastly, Super Affiliate Accelerator stands out to me as a good-quality training program, which is quite rare these days.

Additionally, along with the training itself, you also receive extra bonuses and resources that can assist you in achieving success with the program.

Super Affiliate Accelerator – What I Don’t Like

Firstly, the course seems to be excessively expensive. Secondly, once you have paid, there is no possibility of a refund.

In other words, Jacob does not offer any money-back guarantee, which is unsettling when you are required to shell out a substantial amount of money.

Additionally, there is no free trial available for Super Affiliate Accelerator, which is quite disappointing. Lastly, based on my experience, high-ticket affiliate marketing may not be the best approach for beginners.

In my opinion, beginners should initially focus on learning how to handle the business and generate revenue, to avoid crashing and burning due to unexpected income surges.

While this may sound less exciting, believe me, it is crucial to prevent such situations.

If you prefer watching over reading, you can find a video review below.

Who Is Super Affiliate Accelerator Best For?

Super Affiliate Accelerator is primarily designed for advanced marketers with skills and experience in affiliate marketing.

Jacob Caris focuses on advanced topics in this course, making it challenging for newbies to follow along.

Additionally, Jacob acknowledges that his course is specifically tailored for advanced marketers who are interested in mastering the art of promoting high-ticket products.

Do I Recommend Super Affiliate Accelerator?

Super Affiliate Accelerator is indeed legitimate. However, I would not recommend this course to beginners in affiliate marketing. Here are the reasons why:

Firstly, it is crucial to acquire a solid foundation in affiliate marketing before promoting high-ticket offers. There is a natural learning curve involved.

Considering this, investing $2,500 to learn from failure is not a wise decision.

Secondly, the absence of a refund or a free trial option makes it too risky to spend $2,500 on this course. It would be fair to have at least one of these options in place before committing to such an investment.

However, if you are an experienced marketer who already knows how to generate income through affiliate marketing, Super Affiliate Accelerator could be a good choice to add high-ticket commissions to your affiliate portfolio.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review – Conclusion

Super Affiliate Accelerator is a legitimate course, though quite expensive. Jacob Caris offers valuable lessons through a step-by-step blueprint.

However, I have concerns about the no-refunds and no-free-trial policy.

It seems unfair to ask people to pay $2.5K without a reasonable option for a refund. While the course overall is legitimate, it does carry some risk.

Thank you for reading my Super Affiliate Accelerator review.

Feel free to share your opinions, experiences, or questions in the comments section below!

📘 About

High-ticket affiliate marketing.

💰 Cost

Basic Plan: $1,000, Core Plan: $2,500, Deluxe Plan: $4,500


Solid affiliate marketing training. Jacob Caris walks the walk. Valuable bonuses and extra resources. Some reports of students making money.

🛑 Cons

Super-high pricing. No refund policy. Not suitable for complete newbies. Mixed online reviews.

⚠️ Verdict

Super Affiliate Accelerator is a legitimate affiliate training program, but it's a bit overpriced and could use more substance.

📈 Rating

The Best Way To Make Money Online

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