Taking Action Online Review – A Legit Training Or a Scam?

Welcome to my Taking Action Online review.

You’ve probably been in contact with Jaykay Dowdel or his friend Philip Borrowman by email or through social media. They invited you to try this same action plan that allowed them to make a ton of cash online, but you’re not 100% sure about it.

That is why you have landed on my review, and it’s awesome to have you here. I’ve already reviewed these two guys earlier and today, I will share the third one.

This time, I’m going to be talking about the Taking Action Online course and helping you to learn more about it before you shell out $147, or not, we’ll see, right?

But before I reveal the truth about this program, who am I? Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m a successful online marketer who went from waiting tables to managing a full-time income online. I have also tried and tested 500+  courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

In other words, I’m passionate about making money online and helping you to find legit ways to do so!

In my Taking Action Online review, you’re going to be reading about what this course is precisely about. Yes, it’s about taking action online, but there’s more to it LOL.

Besides, I’m going to be revealing the content of the course and sharing some pros and cons so that you can make a better decision yourself.

And at the end of the review, as usual, I’m going to share my verdict about whether this course is a scam or legit. So without any further ado, let’s slide in!

Taking Action Online Review


Taking Action Online Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owners: Jaykay Dowdel & Philip Borrowman
  • Price: $147 one-time payment
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Days
  • Recommended?: Yes

Quick Summary: In short, Taking Action Online is a comprehensive and step-by-step program for building your own online business. In my opinion, the course is not a scam. It’s legitimate and recommended.

Alternative: My #1 recommendation is #1 for a reason. If you want to get access to the same training, tools, and coaching that helped me to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day, click the button below!




What Is Taking Action Online?

Taking Action Online is a step-by-step training course that helps to start with your own online business using the same action plan that allowed Jaykay Dowdel or his friend Philip Borrowman to earn $1000’s online with affiliate marketing.

These two guys have put their heads together to create this 20-step course where they share all the strategies and steps that have taken them where they are right now.

About Taking Action Online

The first 12 steps or modules of the course are free at the time of writing this Taking Action Online review. However, if you are going to want to finish the entire course, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid membership, which is going to cost you $147 one-time.

This course helps to learn, implement and master four founding steps to success with affiliate marketing:

  1. Find Your Niche
  2. Build Your Website
  3. Get Traffic To Your Site
  4. Earn An Income

More about these steps and the course itself in the later sections of the Taking Action Online review. Before I reveal the content, let me introduce you to the two guys who have created this course.

Who Created Taking Action Online?

Jaykay Dowdel and his friend Philip Borrowman are the founders of the Taking Action Online course and two successful online entrepreneurs who have joined their experience to help others follow in their footsteps.

You may know JayKay from his super-successful training course called FB Master’s Program where he specializes in teaching people how to make money with affiliate marketing and Facebook ads.

On the other hand, you may have bumped into Philip via his website, iPoopCash.com, or through his other training course called The Simple Traffic Blueprint where he teaches people how to master free traffic.

Philip - ipoopcash.com

So as you can imagine, they have joined forces and have created a Taking Action Online course where they share literally everything they know about making money online.

That includes choosing your niche, building websites, finding offers, and most importantly, getting traffic to your sites.

Speaking of which, let’s jump to the next section of the Taking Action Online review to show you what exactly you can learn from Philip and JayKay.

How Does Taking Action Online Work?

Once you joined the Taking Action Online course, you get access to 12 free and 8 paid training modules plus a ton of resources such as webinars, case studies, blueprints, strategies, and more!

Keep in mind that these extra resources come only with paid membership.

Nonetheless, the course has been designed to lead you through 20 steps of the process of building your own successful online business. The idea is to use affiliate marketing to make money by promoting other people’s products.

Here’s what JayKay and Philip are going to be teaching you if you ever join Taking Action Online.

Intro Module – Getting Started

This section sets the foundation of your mindset and foundation of you. Having realistic expectations is the key to success and being able to manage the day by day is even more important…. this module will set you straight.

Module 1 – Choosing A Niche

Choosing a niche is the first stumbling block for beginners marketers. Guys will show you a simple way to find a suitable niche. Do not overthink this process.

Module 2 – Building Your Website

You will learn how to set up the building blocks of your business. Follow this module of Taking Action Online to the letter so you have a solid foundation for your business.

Module 3 – Social Media Passive Traffic

Your social media presence is very important. But, it is even more important you prioritize your time and energy to streamline your growth.

Module 4 – Investing In Yourself

You have to master this mindset if you want to succeed. People skip this module of Taking Action Online and never understand why they fail. Are you one of those people?

Module 5 – Building Your Foundation

This module will show you how to build the basic framework of your website. You will have an SEO ready and safe website from which you can launch your new business!

Taking Action Online Course 1

Module 6 – Creating Valuable Content

Learn why it’s important to create valuable content and understand why “user intent” is to go vital. Create content for your audience and what they want.

Module 7 – Creating A Valuable Lead Magnet

In this module, you will learn how to create a killer lead magnet that will drive your conversion sky high. Your lead magnet is the key to your success as the money is in the list.

Module 8 – Using Free Traffic Sources

Free traffic is awesome! However, it does come at a price. This module of Taking Action Online will teach you how you can get free traffic to your website.

Module 9 – Paid Traffic

Here you will learn how to use paid traffic to bring targeted visitors to your website. Again, this is incredibly important because it will give you the ability to bring traffic on demand.

Module 10 – Email Marketing

Learn about email marketing and the concept of giving value. Your target audience; “Why did they follow you? What do they want to learn more about?”

Module 11 – YouTube Traffic

This module of the Taking Action Online course will teach you about YouTube and making videos. Guys will show you live how they record their own videos then post and rank them on YouTube.

Taking Action Online Course 3

Module 12 – Rinse & Repeat

This module will teach you how you rinse and repeat the whole process over and over again to grow your business consistently over the long term.

Module 13 – Making Money From Your Website

This module will teach you how you can make money from your website. There is an incredible number of ways you can achieve this. The only limitation is your imagination but they will go over a lot of ways here.

Module 14 – Investing In Yourself

You Have To Stop Wasting Your Money And Invest In Yourself! When you build a business online you have to be realistic and think of the whole process as a business!

Module 15 – Outsourcing

This module of Taking Action Online will show you some examples of outsourcing. If you want to save time and money then outsourcing will become a big part of your business.

Module 16 – Making Your Website Beautiful

A good looking website is essential for you to grow and give a great user experience to your visitors. This module will teach you how to build a beautiful website.

Module 17 – Networking & Building Contacts

Networking and making business contacts sound very scary but it is a lot easier than you may think. Learn how you can network and increase your exposure.

Taking Action Online Course 3

Module 18 – Landing Pages & List Building

Landing pages and list building is very important to grow your business. In this module of Taking Action Online, you can learn how you can build landing pages and grow your list in the process.

Module 19 – Creating Your Own Product

Creating your own product to sell is the true way of making a long term income because you control everything and you do not really on anyone else.

Module 20 – Making Money Money!

Philip shot his first video, ever, in December 2017. This video was shot a year later. Here you will learn how you can increase your own income by changing your mindset and making active progress by implementing what you learn.

Taking Action Online Course 4

Bonus Modules and Resources

In addition to these awesome 20 steps toward success with online marketing, Philip and JayKay included a ton of valuable bonuses and resources inside Taking Action Online. Here’s what else you get:

  • Case Studies
  • Webinar Guides
  • Strategy Guides
  • The Simple Traffic Blueprint
  • The Simple SEO Blueprint
  • Backing Masterclass
  • The Advanced Traffic Blueprint
  • Digital Nomad Group

All in all, there is a boatload of awesome information within the Taking Action Online course!

Who Is Taking Action Online For?

I would say that Taking Action Online is for aspiring online marketers who are ready to finally invest and succeed in the business. The course itself is great, but it’s never going to work unless you take action with it.

So in my opinion, it could be for:

  • affiliate marketers
  • beginner and advanced marketers
  • online business owners
  • students and dropouts
  • moms and dads
  • bloggers and website owners
  • anyone looking to make money

Is Taking Action Online A Scam?

Heck no! Taking Action Online is not a scam. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these courses that sound too good to be true and you’re probably a bit sceptical about them all now. I know that I was when I was getting started.

For example, Mostermode 700K is a course that you don’t want to join for sure. Loophole Commissions is very close to being called a scam. And 7 Minute Daily Profits is definitely an outright scam.

But you can rest assured, Philip and JayKay are two great guys who really know what they are doing and could show you how to make it happen as well.

There is absolutely no doubt about how good these guys are. Taking Action Online is a 100% legitimate course.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




How Much Does Taking Action Online Cost?

By the time of writing this Taking Action Online review, you can get access to the course for free via Philip’s website (iPoopCash.com). However, free membership will grant you access only to the first 12 lessons where you can learn how to set up your website and foundation for traffic.

To learn how to master traffic generation and how to make money after you get some traffic, you will have to upgrade to Premium, which is going to cost you $147 one-time.

Once you become Premium, you will have free access to all 20 modules of the Taking Action Online course, plus, all the extra bonuses and resources as well as access to Philip’s help and support.

Also, once you pay for Premium, you have 30-days to ask for your money back.

Taking Action Online Reviews

You have probably read a few reviews of Phillip’s course before this one, right? Have you noticed that all reviews of the Taking Action Online course are positive?

As you can see from the screenshot below, TAO has got 85 testimonials on TrustPilot.

TAO Reviews

Best of all, 99% of the users say that it is an excellent course. Below is one of the reviews:

That’s what I believe that Philip Borrowman’s Advanced Traffic Blueprint training was for me. He helped me over that hump of doubt that I could actually create videos online. And now I’m nearing my first year of one video weekly!

This training helped removed my self-doubt and has put me on the right track for success, and I know the training within Take Action Online can do the same for you, should you be smart enough to give this training a try.

And I actually know this person from another platform, so I can verify that her comment is 100% legit. And so is TAO course.

What I Like About Taking Action Online

  • Philip and JayKay are real online entrepreneurs
  • You get 20 step-by-step training modules where they reveal everything
  • Guys teach both free and paid traffic generation
  • The course comes with a ton of extra bonuses and valuable resources
  • You can get access to the first 12 modules for free (only through Phil’s site)
  • Premium is only $147 one-time payment
  • The course is backed up with a 30-day money-back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Honestly, I can’t find anything wrong with this course
  • Okay, there are no tools, which means you’ll have to outsource

Taking Action Online Review – Conclusion

After reviewing 400+ courses and programs for making money online, Taking Action Online gets very high rankings on my list of recommended training programs. It’s not the #1 spot, but it’s somewhere in the top 5.

Jaykay Dowdel & Philip Borrowman are great guys and if you ever decide to follow their lead, rest assured, they will now scam you for your money. The only people that put out these accusations are those who think that they will get rich quickly just by joining a course like Taking Action Online.

However, they forget that no system can help you to succeed with affiliate marketing unless you invest a lot of time, effort, and action into it.

Even the owners know this, which is why they decided to name the course the way they did!

Thanks for reading my Taking Action Online review. I just hope it was helpful and I hope that now, you can make a wise decision. If you need more help feel free to reach out in the comment section below.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money

As you may have noticed, I gave Taking Action Online a very high rating, which is well deserved. However, it is not the best course I’ve ever seen and if you want the best there is, keep reading this page.

My #1 recommendation comes with 120 step-by-step video lessons (plus a library of 1000’s guides, case studies, tutorials, etc), with which you can build your very own successful online business from scratch!

This course requires no skills or experience. It’s 100% newbie-friendly. And best of all, you get all the tools like websites, hosting, domain, keyword tool, coaching and support included with the program!

Thanks to this course, I went from wasting my time and money online to earning $100’s per day with affiliate marketing and I want to help you to follow in my footsteps.

Among the best features of my # 1 ranked course is that you can take it for a test drive (just a $49 Premium subscription).

You will get one complimentary site and access to the very first ten lessons from the course to try things out.

After evaluating over 500 programs on the web, my conclusion is easy. This is the best course to learn about ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

And if you’re looking for the very same, click the button below!




6 thoughts on “Taking Action Online Review – A Legit Training Or a Scam?”

  1. Taking Action Online sounds like the real deal. They offer 12 classes for free and 8 paid. From what I can tell in the first 12 classes you get the basics on what you need to start your online business. You have your framework for your business but you will still have to host it and that may cost extra. The last eight classes deal with leverage on how to build and run email campaigns that should funnel your list so you can make money.


  2. Hi. I was just reading your review here and thought I’d give you your props on the review and thanks. I just happened to receive an invitation to a webinar by Phillip and was just checking out the reviews on the webinar. lol I see you have your pages protected I couldn’t copy Phillips’s name so I think his last name is Borrowman. Well, I decided to leave you your props Because I didn’t know that Jay Kay was in the project with Phillip. And you brought that to my attention and yes I too will vouch for Jay kay Dowdel. I don’t know Phillip However if Jay Kay is in then the program must be good and no doubt legit. Jaykay is a very knowledgeable man and has many excellent programs. I’ve purchased more than a few. However, have only had a chance to go through one and have been too busy to go through the other 2 and I believe there are 2 more editions I purchased to the first on the program I purchased from him. He goes in-depth into SEO for Microsoft Ads also or formally known as Bing Ads. Where he prefers to market but does play in both Google and Bing depends on what he is marketing and the costs. He says that there are times where Microsoft will charge a lot more than Google so he will do what we all would go and market that product where the cost is less and the well a lot more fish to catch in the ocean than any huge lake. Easy no-brainer. Anyway, thanks for the review good job. And everything this man has said or wrote about Jaykay and WA is pretty much on the button. As for Wealth Affiliates, I will give them their props too I like the two owners Kyle and Carson, and totally genuine honest men. I only have one gripe not about them personally, that’s not good practice needless to say do your research and be certain about the facts don’t through dirt when in clear water, but about some of the bashing reviews that sometimes don’t hold water, and I personally have come across some. Other than that it works they are good folks over there and free to start and give it a try to see if it’s for you. Otherwise, you will get eaten by the big bad wolves. Been there, done that. I don’t know Phillip but if he is partners with Jaykay on this project it must be good. Thanks again, sir. And to your continued success…

  3. Hi there!

    Great review of the Taking Action Online training program for making money online. It sounds very interesting. I’ve been working in Affiliate Marketing for about 10 years now and a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about 8. How would you say the 2 compare? Do you have a comparioson post of the 2? While I love Wealthy Affiliate I found there’s no real guided course on email marketing or PPC, and the social training feels light to me there, so this training program seems very interesting to me. Thank you for the review!

    • Hi Dev, thanks for your comment. Taking Action Online and Wealthy Affiliate is very similar. Both courses teach the same stuff. That is how to choose your niche, build a website, join affiliate programs, get traffic, and earn revenue with affiliate marketing. However, WA is much more comprehensive and includes everything you need to succeed with your business such as tools, websites, hosting, etc. While Taking Action Online does not. Also, WA is a huge community, as you probably already know being a member. In any case, this course could indeed help you to upgrade your knowledge.


  4. Hi Ivan, as always a great review for us beginners in affiliate marketing. I like to follow you because you always have very useful information related to online business.
    I’m just looking for a program like this to grow my business, and I believe this is a proven program. That’s how it looks, very serious and rich in information and education. I’m thinking of signing up. I’m just wondering what is meant when it is said that there are no tools? And which means I have to outsource? Thanks, Daniela

    • Hi Danijela, thanks for your comment on my review of Taking Action Online course. Yeah, you will have to outsource tools and resources such as domains, hosting, keyword tool, etc. Nonetheless, it is a good training program and I believe that you can learn a lot about online business from this course. I hope this helps.



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