Valued Opinions Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed!

Welcome to my Valued Opinions review. What is it about? How can you make money with this site? And most importantly, is Valued Opinions a scam or legit?

Valued Opinions is a GPT website where you will get paid by taking up surveys and finishing them.

They also claim that they will pay you $5 for each survey that you complete.

As we all know, there are many GPT websites out there just like this one, but the question is, is the Valued Opinions website legit?

Or is this one of those GPT websites that only want your information and give it to a third party that will send you a link to another scam website?

Well, let’s find out! But first, who am I?

I’m a successful online marketer who went from waiting tables to managing a full-time income online. I have also tried and tested 600+  courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

In other words, I’m passionate about knowledge that helps to improve our lives, build a business online, and more.

Throughout my Valued Opinions review, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

In this review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Valued Opinions and see if it is worth your time.

Valued Opinions Review


Valued Opinions Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Valued Opinions
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Valued Opinions is an online market research panel that was established in 2004. They are one of the 17 survey platforms owned and operated by a market research company called Dynata.

The company has over 3 million members, and it is available in 15 different languages, and it is available in over 20 countries worldwide, including the USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, and more.

On their website, they specify that they have more than 3 million energetic users worldwide which you are constantly welcome to join.

Now let us see how Valued Opinions work in the next part of my review.

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What is Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is one of those online survey companies where you can earn money by taking up surveys and earning some money.

As I mentioned earlier, Valued Opinions said that they would give you $5 for every survey that you complete, but the question is, can you earn that kind of amount on this website? We will soon find out.

We all know that survey website pays very low, but that doesn’t mean that they are not legit. Well, most of them are not legit.

Now the question is, is Valued Opinions a legit survey website?

As soon as you register, you are ready to go and make your first $5 for each survey that you complete. This money can later be redeemed for gift cards.

One more particular thing about this portal is that as opposed to a lot of paid survey sites, it is offered in over 20 various countries around the world as well as can be read in over 15 languages!

This implies that even if you are not in the USA, you can still open up an account and also be eligible for submitting studies and making some extra cash money.

This is certainly not something you can do with every other market research panel.

Furthermore, there are many positive Valued Opinions reviews online from users. Because of this, I am inclined to say that it is a legitimate survey website too.

In case you are not sure about it, read the rest of my Valued Opinions review to get more information.

How Do Valued Opinions Work?

Signing up for a subscription is entirely free and also just needs an email address as well as filling out a form that requires common individual details like address, age, variety of participants in your household, ethnic culture, and others.

As you sign up, you can start making your very first $5 for each and every survey that you total. This cash can later be retrieved for gift cards. I will share more info in the next section of my Valued Opinions review.

Occasionally you might obtain surveys through email that will not be paid and are just implied to accumulate unique info regarding your passions as well as characteristics.

Sign Up

The first thing you need to do is sign up for Valued Opinions and confirm your email address. Once that is done, you can now start taking surveys and get paid.

It is good to fill out your member profile after you join to get more surveys.

There are questions that you need to fill out, like your gender, preference, interest, and more.

Don’t you worry, these won’t take long.

You won’t get any reward by filling out these questions, but it can help you match with more surveys, as they will know what kind of surveys will be relevant for you.

However, you can still start taking up surveys even if you didn’t fill out your profit, but chances are you won’t get a better offer, or you might get a few.

Paid Surveys

There are many paid surveys that Valued Opinions has to offer, but that depends on what country you live in or in some of those countries you might even be provided daily surveys.

As for the availability of the surveys, they will send you an email invitation if there are surveys available.

You can also log in and check the list of the currently available surveys.

Valued Opinions Surveys

It is a good idea to check regularly on the platform itself just to ensure that there are times that the surveys here have not been sent out to your email.

There are estimated times for each survey, making it easier for you to decide which survey you want to take.

Also, it is up to you to decide how many surveys you want to take.

Like I said earlier, the website is easy as they have very few options, and it will only take you a few minutes to figure out how to navigate the site and find a survey that you want to take.

On the dashboard, there are 4 tabs the survey tab, reward tab, badges tab, and explorer tab.

The survey tab is where you will see what survey is available.

The rewards tab is where you can request to get your rewards.

As for the badges tab, I will explain it to you later, and lastly, the explore tab is just an overview of Valued opinions and how to use them.

Now, let’s dive into some more ways to make money with this site in the next section of my Valued Opinions review.

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Valued Opinions?

Taking up surveys is the main way to make money with Valued Opinions.

However, with Valued Opinions, there are other ways for you to make money: Sweepstakes, Focus Groups, and Diary Studies.


Every member has the chance to enter quarterly sweepstakes to win a prize.

All you have to do is join the survey panel, and there you will have a chance to win a prize.

Focus Groups

Here, members will get an invitation to participate in a focus group.

The focus group is a group interview where you will participate in a panel that discusses a specific topic.

These kinds of studies are a bit more involved than taking a survey, which means that they will pay more.

It is nice to share your opinion and earn some nice extra rewards.

Diary Studies

This one is different because the first users need to keep a diary over a set of times.

This includes filling out their feelings about specific products or services each day.

This could be an appealing option if you like to document your reactions to things and are detail-oriented.

However, diary studies don’t crop up very often, so grab it quickly if Valued Opinions offers you the chance.

Valued Opinions Membership Levels and Badges

This is also one of the other earning opportunities with Valued Opinions. Here there are 5 different membership levels, and these levels are called badges.

These 5 levels are Bronze for beginners, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (the highest level).

Valued Opinions Memberships

These badges will depend on how active you are because the more active you are, the higher your membership level.

There are requirements for each badge, like how many surveys you have completed, how many profiles you completed, or how long you’ve been a member.

The badges act as a kind of motivational tool to motivate you.

There are no real rewards here, but it is a way to show how active you have been on the platform.

This may seem pointless to other people, but there is an upside to achieving the coveted Diamond badge.

If you get to the Diamond member’s level, you’ll receive more tailored survey invitations.

How Much Can You Make from Valued Opinions?

As for the earnings, don’t expect much from Valued Opinions because the amount of money you’ll earn taking up the survey is very low.

I just want to remind you, especially for those new ones, that taking up a survey is legit because you can earn extra money, but that depends on the survey sites you join because there are survey sites that won’t pay you.

The good thing about taking up surveys is that you can do it anywhere anytime you want. In short, you can take this as your part-time job.

As for Valued Opinions, there are several good opportunities here, so it can be worth joining, and the surveys are often interesting to participate in.

But the question is, how many surveys can you take each week? That depends on their demographic group, and most users get 1-4 surveys each week.

However, you have to be aware that you will most likely get qualified for each survey you are offered, so it will take some time and a bit of patience to find the surveys you qualified for.

The surveys take around 15-20 minutes to complete based on the complexity of the material.

As for the earnings, you can earn $1-$5 for each survey, but there are times that you may receive an unpaid survey from the company.

The unpaid surveys help the company identify your interests, which allows them to send you surveys that you are interested in.

The surveys are available every week, so it’s a good idea to check regularly on their website and your email.

Now, let’s see how you can get paid in the next section of my Valued Opinions review.

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How Do Valued Opinions Pay You?

Something very important for any survey site, in addition to what it offers, is, of course, how you will get paid with Valued Opinions.

The money that you earn will go into your account every time you participate and complete a survey.

The minimum payout threshold is between $10-$20, and you can redeem your earnings.

You can withdraw your money as gift cards.

Valued Opinions Gift Cards

The gift cards that you can get as rewards will depend on the country you live in.

Therefore, the selection will be different for each country.

Here are gift cards examples: Amazon, Zalora, Debenhams, Zalora, KFC, TakeALot, and charity donations to UNICEF.

So there will be some really good rewards in most countries.

You can get your electronic gift card in under 24 hours, and for the physical gift cards, it will take up to 28 days to arrive in your mail.

Some rewards are only available to US members, so check what is available in your area first.

Is Valued Opinions A Scam?

Valued Opinions are not a scam. The company has been around since 2004, and it got a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot, which makes them a legit GPT website.

Also, the Valued Opinions is owned by Research Now, founded in 1999, and in 2019, the name of the company changed to Dynata.

They are a well-respected market research company with a global reach.

The company behind it, Dynata, operates 17 different survey sites that include Valued Opinions.

As for Valued Opinions, it is free to join, and you can earn some money here, but remember this is not a full-time job, and don’t expect that you can earn much here.

It is up to you to decide if you want to take up a survey or not, but remember, not all surveys are available, so check on them from time to time and see what is available.

The bottom line is that Valued Opinions is not a scam in this review. Valued Opinions is a legit company that allows people to get paid while doing online tasks.

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Valued Opinions Reviews From Other Users

One of the best ways to learn whether Valued Opinions is a scam or legit is to read some testimonials online. Most Valued Opinions reviews online are directed toward their products and services and are generally mixed.

For example, on, the company has got a 3.2 rating (out of 5) from 2,508 reviews. I’ll show you some of the most common positive and negative reviews below.

On the other hand, has received over 17 Primerica reviews and the average rating there is 3.4 out of 5.

Most Common Positive Reviews

From the business perspective, the most positive reviews say that Valued Opinions is a great opportunity. Moreover, users say that they’ve been paid, which is critical.

Valued Opinions Reviews

Valued Opinions Legit Reviews

Most Common Negative Reviews

The majority of negative Valued Opinions reviews are geared toward poor customer service and payout issues. Below are some of the examples…

Valued Opinions Scam

Valued Opinions Scam Reviews

Valued Opinions Review – Pros

  • Free to join
  • The company is owned by Research Now, a well-respected market research company
  • Low minimum cash-out threshold
  • Cash-out is available through gift cards from Amazon and more.
  • The badge-level system allows you to advance and get more survey

Valued Opinions Review – Cons

  • Not all surveys will be available
  • You cannot get paid in cash
  • Low-income opportunities
  • Gift cards and vouchers are the only reward option
  • A limited number of surveys each month

Do I Recommend Valued Opinions?

Generally speaking, Valued Opinions is legit. However, that doesn’t mean that I recommend it. In fact, I have a hard time recommending any GPT site to you.

Why? Well, it’s because of low earning potential.

I’m all about dollars over pennies, and with sites like Valued Opinions, you’re up for pennies over dollars.

Valued Opinions Review – Conclusion

I hope my Valued Opinions review gives you clear information on this survey website.

The company is legit as they are owned by Research Now which is now called Dynata.

If you want to earn some extra cash, you can take this one but remember they only pay out with gift cards, which will turn off many people.

If you go ahead with it, expect to fill out at least one survey each week, and you could earn up to $5, and at the end of a successful month, there’s a possibility that you may be cashed out a $20 Amazon gift voucher if that option is available.

There are a lot of survey websites out there, and most of them are legit and free to join.

However, as I said earlier, don’t expect much to earn big money by taking up surveys.

It is not a business model that can replace your full-time job.

Here’s a real-life case study where you can find what to expect from taking surveys online.

But if you are looking for a way to make money online or want to build your own business and earn a full-time income, I recommend you check my number 1 recommendation below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Valued Opinions review.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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