What is Six Figure Mentors? – My Experience & Honest Review

Welcome to my Six Figure Mentors review.

If you are looking for more information about Jay Kubassek’s and Stuart Ross’s SFM program, make sure to stick with this post!

You want to make money online, right?

And you’ve heard something about SMF. But you’re not sure what it is all about, right? Good.

A few years back, I was in your shoes. Today, I want to share my experience to help you make a wise decision.

That said, here’s full disclosure.

I’m not an affiliate for SFM. So no worries, this review is entirely based on my experience with Six Figure Mentors.

I just want to show you how it all looks behind the facade, alright?

By the way, congratulations on being a smart person and doing the research yourself. Quick research saves you time and money. ?

It also shows that you are serious about finding a legitimate way to make money online.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into this Six Figure Mentors review.

Let’s go!

Six Figure Mentors Review

Product Name: Six Figure Mentors

Product Type: High-Ticket MLM Scheme

Price: $29,90 + Essential Upgrades

Owner: Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Rating: 2.5/5

Quick Summary: Six Figure Mentors is a legitimate online marketing platform. Jay and Stuart are showing their members how to create an income online. However, the program is focused on promoting the same HIGH-TICKET memberships to others instead of teaching how to build your own business. This could work, but as you’re about to see in this review, you’ll have to invest a lot to make it happen. By the way, that was one of the main reasons why I’ve chosen to leave SFM and start my own business.


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What is Six Figure Mentors?

When I came in contact with SFM for the first time, I had no idea what it is all about.

All I knew is that it’s some sort of make-money-online opportunity.

I remember an email from two affiliates who sent me a link to watch a free video series. There were three videos all together where I’ve had a chance to learn more about the program directly from Stuart Ross.

Stuart said that Six Figure Mentors is a digital business system for the need-to-know marketing education, world-class products, cutting-edge tools and helpful support to get yourself on track with making money online and building a life you love.

He also explained how affiliate marketing works and showed what’s possible if you pull it off.

What he did not say during those three videos is that SFM is a high-ticket Multi-Level-Marketing scheme, among other things.

Lucky for you, I just did.

In other words, those free videos were just an introduction to a basic membership. From thereafter, the price kept climbing up, which was a first sign that I don’t want to be a part of this.

However, I wanted to learn all I can before passing to something better.

In a nutshell, SFM is a membership site where you can learn how to market any products using affiliate marketing. At least, that’s what they claim.

You can also choose to become an affiliate for SFM and thus, make money promoting the same membership to others (the main focus of the program).

The company offers a set of training, tools, and resources, as well as coaching service to anyone interested in doing so and creating a laptop lifestyle.

It was something that I was looking for back then, but SFM was not looking like something that I want to be a part of.

The reason? Price! Another one was the inability to create my own online business.

After I left the Six Figure Mentors, I quickly realized that I was glad that I did.

I’ll show you what I mean soon.

About Jay and Stuart

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross are the owners and creators of Six Figure Mentors.

Those two guys are well-known names in the industry. They are teaching people how to create a laptop lifestyle and make money from home leveraging affiliate marketing.

Six Figure Mentors Stuart & Jay

Jay and Stuart both have a lot of experience. And as you’re about to see they are two slick marketers.

How Does Six Figure Mentors Work?

How did you hear about SFM?

Did you get an email from someone who told you that you could make a lot of money on the internet?

Did you watch an ad on YouTube?

Or maybe you have landed on a site like Internet Laptop Lifestyle?

In any case, all of the above is just the first stage of the marketing cycle of Six Figure Mentors.

Once you proceed and agree to become a member, you’ll get access to a free membership, which is nothing but a short email series where you get to learn more about the program.

Those videos are just a lengthy sales pitch where Stuart is showing off and allows you to work with him and Jay.

Once those videos are over, you’ll get a chance to purchase the first level of membership.

If you do so, you’ll also get access to your own “private coach.” This person is going to help you to get started with SFM. But also, he/she is going to use every single opportunity to sell you expensive memberships and to recruit you into the scheme.

The basic membership is, well, pretty much basic and you can’t do too many things there. This means that you’ll have to keep upgrading your membership.

If you do so, and you agree to level up,  you’ll get access to advanced training material, tools and everything else you need to pull this off.

So to round up, if you agree to work with them, Stuart and Jay will show you how to use the same business model for marketing Six Figure Mentors and recruiting others into the scheme.

And that is how SFM works basically.

This model repulsed me from the very start. Don’t get me wrong. I liked the idea of promoting SFM because it’s nicely done, and it had a good vibe right from the start.

But the vibe was gone once I realised that I’d have to pay more and more to learn and earn.

Now, let me paint you a picture of how much money could SFM cost you!

The Six Figure Mentors Memberships

As I’ve said, my problem with SFM was the price.

Another one was that they were not going to show me how to build a business in any niche. But let’s discuss the price and memberships first.

Six Figure Mentors offer three different levels of membership:

  • Student – $29.90
  • Essential -$297 free + $97 monthly
  • Elite – $2.500 + 97 monthly
  • DEA – $2.500 to $20.000

Student Membership

You can’t do too much with Student Membership. All you get is an introductory training course where they will show you but won’t teach you how internet marketing works.

Also, with this membership, you get access to a one on one coaching.

But as I’ve said earlier in this Six Figure Mentors review, that guy or gal is just going to pitch you more expensive memberships.

Essential Membership

As its name suggests, this is a crucial membership. Meaning, if you want to take a shoot with SFM, this is a must.

This membership unlocks:

  • training
  • tools
  • resources
  • webinars
  • Facebook group

Keep in mind that this membership is recurring. You’ll have to pay a monthly fee to keep access.

Elite Membership

Lastly, you’ll be offered to extend your membership to Elite. This unlocks the System Setup Certification course and exclusive webinars with top earners and affiliates.

As you can see, SFM is a high-ticket scheme.

Now, let me explain the second reason why I didn’t want to become a partner and work with Six Figure Mentors.

Can You Make Money With SFM?

If you remember, I’ve said that two SFM affiliates contacted me. I don’t want to disclose the names, but it was a couple of Australians who were at the time very successful with Six Figure Mentors program.

This was the first sign that making money with SFM is possible.

However, I was looking to build a business such as this website where I wanted to promote any products or services. And the SFM program was promising, but not delivering.

Soon enough, I learned that the best (the only) way to earn from SFM is if I agree to promote the same membership to others. This was doable, but I did not want to do it.

The reason why I didn’t want to join them is because of the price. Back then, $297+ was too much for my pocket. Also, I learned that only 1-2% of those who join the scheme end up in profit.

The rest falls of the ride because they are not able to keep investing money into the program.

That said, SFM is a lucrative program, and there’s a lot of evidence that it works.

But it’s also a high-ticket scheme which is going to cost you a lot to pull it off, if ever. The same model is visible in programs such as Big Commission Blueprint, SFI Affiliate Center, and Power Lead System.

What I Like About Six Figure Mentors

Basic Marketing Education

The first thing I like about SFM was the fact that they teach digital marketing. It was something that I was on a hunt for, and these guys provide a decent education.

Entrepreneurship Mindset

I picked up a lot from Stuart while I was on the fence.

Jay and Stuart are in this for a long time, so they know how important the mindset is. I walked away with a much better picture of what is waiting for me if I keep walking this road.

Success Stories

I was hesitant to put this one here. Testimonials are always hard to trust.

However, as I’ve been in contact with two successful students, I can vouch that Six Figure Mentors works for those who are willing to put a lot of action and money into the program.

What I Don’t Like About Six Figure Mentors

The Cost

The first time I got into contact with SFM, I’ve got an idea that this is going to cost me only $29,90, and it seemed like a fair price.

However, as I kept moving forward, I’ve realized that those twenty and some bucks will turn out to be 100’s and 1000’s.

It was a total turn off.

The good thing about it is, the full price is disclosed on Six Figure Mentors official site.

The bad thing is, it could cost you a lot if you don’t do the research first because they won’t tell you the truth if you go through different channels until it’s too late.

The Pressure to Buy Upsells

Speaking of which, once you start with the training, you’ll feel a constant pressure to purchase Essential Membership.

You see, the basic membership is basically worthless. All you get is a set of videos and resources from which you can learn only one thing.

What is that one thing?

The answer: how to upgrade your membership to Essential. And the pressure does not end there.

The Pressure to Promote SFM

If you become a member of SFM, you’ll feel more pressure to become an affiliate and to promote Six Figure Mentors.

This is not necessarily a bad thing because the program is lucrative.

However, I’m speaking from my experience while I was a member. And back then, I was looking to build my own business, and these guys promised to help me out.

But as I became more aware, I realised that this is not going to happen the way I wanted.

You Need to Pay to Become Affiliate

You see, the majority of affiliate programs are free to join. Some will cut your commissions in half if you don’t become a member, but you still get paid even if you don’t do it.

I was disappointed when I found out that the Six Figure Mentors affiliate program comes with a price.

Won’t Help You To Build a Business in ANY Niche

Lastly, I was drawn to Six Figure Mentors because I’ve heard that I could build a business in any niche and promote products and services of my own choosing.

Jay and Stuart claimed that SFM could help me with this, but all they’ve done was forcing me to promote SFM.


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Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

I know I’ve said a lot of bad things about SFM in the previous section of my review, but that doesn’t mean that Six Figure Mentors is a scam.

Yes, they use slick tactics to get you inside and to become a paying customer.

And yes, they have designed the whole system to recruit you to become a promotor of SMF (affiliate).

But generally speaking, SFM is not a scam.

It’s a legitimate online marketing platform that offers a lot to people who are looking to create a better life for themselves by creating an online income.

The two guys who own SFM, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, are two legitimate marketers. Jay and Stuart share a lot with their members (if you have money to pay for the info), and they really try to help you to make it.

So, once again, it’s not a scam. However…

Do I Recommend Six Figure Mentors?

I don’t recommend SFM if you are a beginner who is on a tight budget.

This program requires a lot of money!

I clearly remember that Aussie couple and their experience with SFM. The guy had to take out a loan to pay for all those expensive upgrades and all other costs such as paid ads.

That was the main reason why I bounced away before it was too late.

Another reason why I don’t recommend Six Figure Mentors is that you are “forced” to promote SFM.

Despite their claims that they’ll help you to build a business in any niche, they don’t realize that promise. You can get the knowledge but not the proper training.

All you get is a basic course that is designed to make you purchase the Essential membership and to become an affiliate for SFM.

However, if you have money, and you don’t mind putting your business to risk (I’ll explain), feel free to go for it.

It’s a lucrative program that is proven to work by a few individuals out there.

Now here’s why I say that it’s risky business.

You see, if you decide to promote SFM and for some reason, Jay and Stuart decide to pull the plug, guess what’s going to happen to your income?

Puff! Gone!

You’ll lose the business, and you’ll be left on your own without knowledge that will enable you to replicate the same model on something else.

This is just a theory, and not a fact or a claim of any sort, but it’s enough for me to keep my distance from MLMs like SFM.

In my experience, the best way to start online is to learn how to build a business in any niche market and believe me, you’ll find billions of them out there!

All you need is one.

Once successful, you can rinse and repeat the process as much as you want in any niche you want. So if you create, let’s say, ten niche sites, and two of them fail, you still have eight to lean on.

If you are interested in the scenario from above, feel free to read the rest of this review.

How to Earn an Income (or More) Online?

Thanks for reading my Six Figure Mentors review. I hope this post was helpful.

If you have any questions about this program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

8 thoughts on “What is Six Figure Mentors? – My Experience & Honest Review”

  1. Making money online has always been my thing, i love being an entreprenuer and doing my own thing, the six figure mentors (SFM) is good but i have to agree with you that the price is way too high compared to other online business like wealthy Affiliate, plus you won’t be able to do alot as a student, although they have good qualities but i think making money with SFM is really hard.. thanks for sharing

    • I found this article very informative, I like a lot of people have been looking to
      Do some online work in the affiliate marketing field. This high ticket program
      Is definitely not for me. Training and building some thing you own is definitely
      The way to go.
      Many thanks for sharing your review

  2. Ivan,
    Thanks for the informative post. I’ve seen ads for SFM, but came across another opportunity that I’m putting time and attention towards. The one question I have is that if the sole purpose of SFM is to recruit others into SFM, isn’t that the definition of a Pyramid scam?

    • Hi Bob, you’re welcome. No, the sole purpose of SFM is not to recruit people into SFM to promote the same. That’s just one of the options once you get inside. But they will put pressure to take that road. You’re free to choose from. So no, it’s not a pyramid scam.


  3. Thanks for this review of six figure mentors. I am with you, I can not stand programs that get you in the door promising the world and then requiring that you buy the up sell to get to the good stuff. Definitely not for me. I will check out the program you recommend. Cheers man.


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