All In One Profits Review – Not As Good As It Sounds

Welcome to my All In One Profits review.

Having the ability to build a business without having to outsource a single tool or a piece of training is kind of a great deal, right?

All you have to do is put them together, follow the directions, and you’re golden!

But not so fast.

I joined All In One Profits for many reasons—the main idea was to see whether they could deliver on those promises from the official page.

The second reason was to see how useful those tools are. The platform itself looks pretty old, so I was suspicious that those tools might be a bit rusty too.

And the last reason was to help you see things through my review so you could make a well-informed decision.

That said, let’s dig in, shall we?

All In One Profits Review


All In One Profits Review

My first impression with the All In One Profits platform was hot and cold. I like the fact they have so many things to offer for building an online business.

Yet, on the other hand, I didn’t like the feel of the platform as it seems very outdated.

Nonetheless, if you ever decide to take this opportunity to build your very own online business, you’re going to get a lot of value in your hands.

In this All In One Profits review, we’re going to firstly go over some specifics of the platform such as:

  • What Is It About?
  • How Does It Work?
  • Who Is It For?
  • Is It a Scam?
  • How To Join?
  • Price & Compensation Plan

Then, I’m going to show you each feature (tool) in more detail, and give my honest opinion about the company.

If you are seeking the best way (tools and coaching included) to earn an income online, you might want to check the offer behind the blue button below.




What Is It About?

As you may know already, All In One Profits is a complete marketing platform that helps to earn while you’re building a business from scratch.

The company offers an array of valuable resources useful when starting an online marketing campaign.

It was 2012 when the company came out on the market, and since then, the platform seems standing still. And I’m saying this because of the designed of it. It looks old and outdated.

All In One Profits Reviews

In my opinion, they should improve user experience ASAP!

But that’s just me. For only $10, you’re getting access to a set of features such as autoresponder, hosting, squeeze page builder, and more!

We’ll go through these features in more detail in the second part of All In One Profits review.

How Does It Work?

The purpose of All In One Profits is straightforward. They will give you everything you need to get started online and help you along the way with various training and resources.

For example, you can leverage the platform to host and build squeeze pages to collect leads and automate your campaign with an autoresponder.

This way, you don’t have to leave the platform to buy each tool separately, which could cost you a lot of money.

Trust me; these tools are not cheap. I spent $100’s while building my first site and costs just kept climbing while I had no idea what am I doing. LOL

So it’s good to have access to a platform such as All In One Profits if you want to keep your costs low.

How To Join?

The joining process is simple. You’ll have to fill in the form on the main webpage first.

The registration process requires details such as email address, physical address, name and last name, phone number, and password.

This completes registration, and now, you can select your plan (I’ll articulate this in the next section of the review).

And that’s it. Now, let me show you how much All In One Profits costs.

Products, Price & Compensation Plan

At the moment of joining the platform, you’ll have two option to choose from.

  • Basic Plan $10 monthly
  • Premium Plan $20 monthly

All In One Profits Review - Products

Above is the difference between the two packages.

Now, as a member of the platform, you become eligible for an affiliate program, which means that you can promote the platform to others to earn commissions.

I’ve got a feeling that the company wants you to do this exclusively. They push their compensation plan on every corner.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You can still use the features of All in One Profit to build a business promoting any other product you wish.

Compensation Plan Breakdown

I think it’s a very generous (and a bit weird) compensation plan worthy of checking out.

Here’s the deal. It’s called Even Up, and it allows you to earn 100% commission by promoting the platform!

But not so fast. There’s a catch.

You see, you’ll get paid for every second member that joins through your affiliate link.


Yes, that’s the deal, really.

Take it like this. They will pay you $10 for the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th member and so on.

All In One Profits Review - Compensation Plan

So, when you think about it, they could have made it even 50-50 on each member you get to the platform instead complicating it with this weird compensation plan.

But that’s just my opinion in this All In One Profits review. The plan is still very generous and even recommended.

That said, let’s see who is it for.

Who Is It For?

All In One Profits is for digital marketers of all kinds. I think it’s suitable for newbies as well as for advanced marketers.

Guys like me that have a bit more experience might have used it only for their compensation plan. The platform itself has flaws that newbies can’t see, and the looks of it do not breathe with confidence.

But it is legit so no need to worry. Speaking of which…

Is It a Scam?

No, All In One Profits is not a scam, hoax, or fraud of any kind. It’s a constructive online place to build an online business.

The focus is on promoting other people’s products through affiliate marketing, which is the most legitimate way to earn an income online these days.

The company has got a clean background, and you’re secure from scam.

With all that being said, let’s shift the gears of the All In One Profits review and let’s take a look at each tool and feature of the platform now.

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All In One Profits Tools & Features

As I said earlier, the company offers a set of useful tools and features for creating an online business.

These tools are usually expensive if you were to buy them individually. But it also means that they are of better quality than All In One Profits set.

For example, I would prefer to buy hosting and autoresponder from reputable companies such as BlueHost (hosting) and GetResponse (autoresponder).

$10 per month for the tools and features below makes me doubt the quality of the same.

Speaking of quality, here’s how the platform looks from the inside. You can switch features by pressing grey buttons withing the dashboard.

All In One Profits Review - Dasboard

Now, let’s talk about each feature individually.

  • Web Hosting
  • Autoresponder
  • Splash/Squeeze Page Builder
  • Tracker
  • Downline Builder
  • Text & Banner Advertising
  • Rotator
  • E-Library

Web Hosting

All In One Profits hosting includes 500 MB of disk space and 5 GB of disc bandwidth. Also, hosting plan comes with flexible CPanel, Fantastico scripts, unlimited number of emails and domains, subdomains, templates and more.


Autoresponder feature comes with the double opt-in feature, tracking feature, templates for the newsletter, unlimited number of campaigns, autoresponders, followups, subscribers and more.

In my opinion, an autoresponder is the most valuable feature of the platform. It’s not the best one on the market, but it’s very useful in marketing campaigns.

Splash/Squeeze Page Builder

This feature allows you to build custom squeeze pages as well as an option to chose from the list of templates. You can create an unlimited number of campaigns, add texts, videos, and images, and more.


Tracker is the feature of All In One Profits that is used for tracking your affiliate links. It gives you statistics such as location, sources, CTR, and more.

Downline Builder

This feature is useful for building a list of multiple programs.

Text & Banner Advertising

All In One Profits has its own network that you can leverage to place banners and text ads to promote any offer or a campaign to other members. You get one text and one banner with Basic Plan and three of each with Pro Plan.


AIOP Rotator is a feature that allows you to promote multiple URLs with a single link. It rotates your offers according to your setup within the dashboard.


Lastly, E-Library is a comprehensive collection of “How To” video training on topics such as internet marketing, network marketing, MLM, self-development, and more!

All In One Profits Review - ELearning

A lot of these products come with a PLR licence. This means that you can resell them online as your own.

What I Like About This Platform

  • Affordable Price
  • It’s Indeed All In One
  • Bunch Of Extra Resources
  • Generous Compensation Plan

Affordable Price

The first thing that I like about All In One Profits is the price. For only $10 per month ($20 if you take Pro Plan), you get access to several useful tools and features.

The rule “what you paid for is what you get” applies here.

But still. It’s much less money compared to a route where you have to buy each tool individually.

It’s Indeed All In One

All these tools, such as hosting and autoresponder, are necessary when trying to build an online business.

The fact that you get ALMOST everything you need to build an online business in one place is what I really like about this platform.

Bunch Of Extra Resources 

Together with a set of valuable tools, each member is going to get access to a library of resources such as video training, PDF scripts, guides, etc.

I would like to see organized training, though. Nonetheless, this library compensates for the lack of proper education.

Generous Compensation Plan

Lastly, All In One Profits offers a generous compensation plan that is worthy of checking out. You get 100% commission on every second referral.

The fact that you have to become a paid member to become an affiliate is not so thrilling though.

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What I Don’t Like About It

  • The Platform is Good But Outdated
  • The Company “Force” Its Compensation Plan
  • Lack of Coaching, Support, and Help
  • There’s No Free Trial or Money-Back Guarantee

The Platform is Good But Outdated 

I’m a person who thinks that all things get better with age if they are correctly maintained and updated. Sadly, this is not the case with All In One Profits.

Don’t get me wrong. All the tools and features work, but they look old and dusty.

It seems to me that the owner had not updated the webpage, tools and feature since the day they launched the platform.

The Company “Force” Its Compensation Plan

You’ll find an offer to promote the company on every click you make (well, not every click but in many places), which leaves an impression that they want you to become an affiliate first.

The compensation plan is attractive, but it could be put in second place and let people enjoy building their own businesses.

Lack of Coaching, Support, and Help

This one is a biggie! No matter how useful tools you have, if you don’t have someone by your side to show you how to put them together, you’re just losing time (and money!).

AIOP does offer some sort of sponsorship, but it seems like these guys don’t care too much.

There’s No Free Trial or Money-Back Guarantee

Unfortunatelly, you can’t join All In One Profits for free, which was a bit disappointing. $10 price tag is not a lot of money, but a free trial would be an excellent addition.

And in case you don’t like the platform, you can’t get a refund since the company does not offer this option.

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Is All In One Profits Recommended?

If you are looking for a platform where you get ALMOST all you need to build an online business, you might find it over at AIOP.

But the tell you the truth, this platform is not going to go high on my list of recommended programs.

It’s legitimate, and I would certainly recommend it if I don’t know that there are a lot better options out there that offer a lot more than All In One Profits.

But as the title of this review says, it’s not as good as it sounds. I’m not thrilled with it at all.

In any case, I have to say it’s a much better option than for example jumping from platform to platform to buy autoresponder here, hosting there, link tracker elsewhere, and so on.

For measly $10 per month, they give a lot! And for $20 per month, they add some more.

And this approach is really appreciated.

But if you want to take a look at something much better, make sure to read the final section of this review.

All In One Profits Review – Conclusion

Three years ago, when I was trying to build my first online business, I wasted countless hours and a bag of cash to buy all the tools and figure things on my own.

The process was draining me mentally because I had no idea what am I doing with all those tools.

And it was sucking the cash from my wallet because, well, all those tools were and still are pretty expensive.

When you are starting an online business, you want to keep your costs low. You don’t want to spend tons of cash on tools if you can get them all in one place, right?

Now, All In One Profits a great place to start if you are a beginner.

However, there’s one thing why I would not urge you to become a member of the platform, and that is the lack of PROPER education and support.

As a beginner, you need someone to SHOW you how building an online business is done correctly. What’s the use of tools when you don’t have a mentor by your side?

Having someone to lead you by hand through the process of building your first online business is priceless, and this is what you can find if you click the button below.

Plus, you get all the tools you need to build a highly profitable online business too!

Thanks for reading my All In One Profits review.




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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