Wealthy Affiliate Review – One-Stop-Shop For Building a Successful Business Online!

Hi guys! My name is Ivan.

If you have a few moments, I would like to share a quick story with you. It’s not going to take you more than five minutes. I promise. 🙂

You see, two years ago, I was in the same spot as you are right now. I was looking for a legit training course to learn more about affiliate marketing. Just like you, I wanted to know how to make money online.

After being burned by a few scammers (I’ll not mention names) and a couple of hundreds after, I bumped into Wealthy Affiliate.

My initial thoughts were, “This is another scam. I’ll pass on it. Thanks, but no thanks.” As I’ve already lost a couple of hundreds on those scams, it was logical thinking. Right?

However, after a few days doing nothing but reading about Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve got some positive sense into my mind. You see, there were (and still are) many positive Wealthy Affiliate testimonials and reviews out there that it was hard to stay cynical.

You have probably read a few of them yourself, haven’t you? If not, here’s your first chance.

Long story short, Wealthy Affiliate was the key for success I was looking for and all thanks to WA’s tools, training, and support, I run a successful online business.

I managed to quit my dead-end hotel job to earn an income directly from the comfort of my home, which was my ultimate GOAL!

Wealthy Affiliate Success

In other words, Wealthy Affiliate works…

And today, I want to help you to stop wasting your time and money one unreliable program and scams, and to finally start with something that works!

Enjoy! 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Price: Free to Join – ($19 for the first month) $49/monthly – $495/yearly

Rating: 4.9/5

Recommended?: Yes, for beginners and advanced marketers

Quick Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform for starting an online business based on affiliate marketing. In other words, you can make money online promoting other people’s products!

The company has been one of the leaders in the industry for over a decade. They offer comprehensive step-by-step education for affordable prices, perfect for beginners with zero knowledge and experience as well as advanced marketers who are looking to scale their income.

Together with a great education, the company features many other benefits such as website builder and hosting, keyword research tool, affiliate programs marketplace, webinars, 1 on 1 coaching, a vast community of like-minded entrepreneurs, private mentorship, and more!

The bottom line is, WA is my #1 recommendation to anyone looking to start a successful online business.



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Wealthy Affiliate Review


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the training platform where you can learn how to build an affiliate marketing niche website or a blog. In other words, you can blog about something you like to do and make money.

Here’s an example.

If you have an interest in sports and healthy living, you can blog about it and recommend a product (weight loss supplement) or service (online yoga course) to your visitors in return for an affiliate commission after the sale has been made.

Quite simple, right? Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve learned in my entire life.

Here’s how the process of making money you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate looks like.

Affiliate Marketing

Just a thought before we move on, the affiliate marketing model that’s been taught at Wealthy Affiliate is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme!

It’s nothing like the crap you can hear all over the net. It has nothing to do with magic buttons, money loopholes, or push-buttons.

If you are sick of those phoney sites and ‘get-rich-quick’ scams, then Wealthy Affiliate might be the thing you are looking for.

The model that you can see in the image above is a process that takes some time to comprehend. But it pays off very quickly if you can follow an expert lead at Wealthy Affiliate.

Top 5 Features of Wealthy Affiliate

First, and probably the best feature of Wealthy Affiliate, is Starter Membership.

The Starter membership includes a website, web hosting, and the first 10 lessons (out of 50) from the course, which is more than enough to understand the business and get started.

Once you experience the Wealthy Affiliate platform as well as the training for yourself, you can make a confident decision to continue for real or forget about it forever.

Fair play, right?

You can get a sort of a ‘test drive’ before you decide to buy a paid membership. It is like, show me the engine, I want to see the interior, what is the gas consumption, take it out for a spin and if you like it, buy it.

The second best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the community.

As you can see in the image below, Wealth Affiliate is boasting with expert coaches. But it’s for a good reason too. You see, help is available on every corner, literally!

I’m talking from experience when I say that it can be challenging to figure out all the nuts and bolts on your own. Unfortunately, many people give up at this stage because they find it to be too frustrating.

However, when you have experts all around you, building a business from the ground up becomes exciting.

Wealthy Affiliate Statistics

The third best thing is the authority of the training. If you take a look at the image above once again, you can see that Wealthy Affiliate is in the business for 14 years.

That’s over a decade of training people on how to become internet marketers and make money online!

While you and I were still wondering what the hell affiliate marketing is, Kyle and Carson were already making money and showing others how to do the same.

The training itself is hands down, the best one I’ve found. The guys are making affiliate marketing easy to digest for everyone.

The step-by-step video training will get you off the ground in just a few months!

The fourth thing that got me to start with Wealthy Affiliate is the so-called ‘toolbox.’

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get all you need to work on your business without having to outsource or think about extra costs. It’s the place where I host all my sites, build my business, help others, and ask for help whenever I get stuck.

The last thing is the real people with real success.

These guys are not going to push you in with Lambo money, villas and yachts. Instead, these are genuine guys and gals who have made it and are happy to show you the way.


Wealthy Affiliate Success 1

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories 2

Wealthy Affiliate Success 2



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About Kyle and Carson, the Founders.

This Wealthy Affiliate review will not be complete if I don’t include a short story about the owners. You see, these two guys are probably the only two honest persons in the domain of affiliate marketing training!

I tried a few other options, such as Internet JetSet, Affilorama, and SFM. However, Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate is the only program that I managed to find that isn’t focused on taking your money in return for bits and pieces.

Almost 15 years ago, 14 to be precise, these two Canadians were in the same spot as you are right now.

They were discovering affiliate marketing and its opportunities. As their success and income increased, they decided to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.


The Founders of Wealthy Affiliate


Fast-forward to the present moment, Wealthy Affiliate boasts of thousands and thousands of happy affiliate marketers.

I like an honest approach to business, which is precisely the kind of business that you can expect from these guys.

As you know already, you can try and test their affiliate marketing training program until you feel confident to start working seriously on your future as an online entrepreneur.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

You see, I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate, and so far, I’ve seen many many different people coming and going.

The profile of the perfect Wealthy Affiliate student doesn’t exist. I’m convinced that anyone can succeed here if you take this opportunity most seriously, follow the training, and do your work diligently and consistently.

It’s for:

  • Beginners with zero knowledge.
  • Advanced marketers.
  • Stay at home mom & dads
  • Students and workers
  • Opportunity seekers of all kinds

Wealthy Affiliate Community That Cares

For Whom It Isn’t?

I’m aware that there are many people out there who are looking for some magic system, some program that works on a push of a button.

Wealthy Affiliate is not for people who are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

If you are the one, burn in your mind that it doesn’t exist!

Also, it’s not for lazy people who are not willing to roll up the sleeves!



(Zero Risk! No Credit Card Info!)


Wealthy Affiliate Training Program 

The core training at WA is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

In the Online Entrepreneur section, you will find all the knowledge you need to successfully start an affiliate marketing business. This is the part of my Wealthy Affiliate review where you are going to get a look under the hood.

You get five levels of training that consist of 50 video lessons!

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Lessons

The classes are fine-tuned and are connected exceptionally well. You are led by hand, step-by-step, throughout the entire process.

All the lessons are in the video format. Kyle is the host of each lesson. At the end of every video, you will be given a few tasks to perform right after you complete the lesson.

Let’s break it down and see how it looks lesson by lesson.

Level 1 – Getting Started

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to choose a niche, build your website, how to set it up, how to write content, how to perform keyword research, and much more!

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1

Level 2 – Building Your Traffic-Producing Website

As you may already know, the critical component of affiliate marketing is traffic. The more traffic you get on your website, the more potential customers you get.

Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered here, as well.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you are shown well-kept secrets to unlocking the traffic flood to your website. Here, the stuff I couldn’t find in any other course is handed over to you.

Level 3Making Money.

With the help from Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to start monetizing your website using affiliate links and Google AdSense. It all sounds simple in theory.

However, it takes some time to get the process right, so be patient and listen to Kyle’s instruction, and you’ll have no problems.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 3

Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

Social media plays a significant role in the affiliate marketing business. Many marketers use social platforms to drive traffic to their websites effectively.

So instead of hanging on Facebook pointlessly, you can learn how to leverage it so it to grow your business even more.

That’s how smart people use social media. 🙂

Level 5 – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

You see, blogging is evergreen. Once you get ranked in search engines, you’re going to stay there forever! It means that you will earn a steady passive income from your content as long as your site is alive.

Other affiliate marketing methods will maybe work faster, but they are not as sustainable as blogging.

Wealthy Affiliate - Level 5

Once you finish all five levels of training, you’ll have a traffic and income production website in your hands.

All you have to do is follow the step-by-step training and you’re golden!



(Zero Risk! No Credit Card Info!)


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp (Affiliate Program)

Bootcamp is a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.

It is composed of 7 phases and 70 videos altogether to walk you through the process of building a website in an affiliate marketing niche where you can learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s a blog post where I share my experience with Bootcamp.

And here’s the list of training modules:

  • Phase 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Phase 2 – Content, Keywords, and Conversion
  • Phase 3 – Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
  • Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
  • Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
  • Phase 7 – How To Scale Successful PPC Campaign

What Else You Get With Wealthy Affiliate

Training HQ

Access the knowledge database or a treasury of knowledge. Here you have at a glance all lessons, videos, and tutorials within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Training HQ

Kyle and Carson are not the only teachers at Wealthy Affiliate. You see, the whole community is continually engaged in learning. There is no limit to the stuff you can learn here.

Every once in a while, a super successful member of the community shares his or her experience. You can learn many secrets with which you can supercharge your business.

Classrooms (this is GOLD!!!)

Do you have a question? You can jump in the classroom section within Wealthy Affiliate, and you ask a question or search for advice.

It is the place where more experienced members of the community will gladly reach out to you and offer you a helping hand.

Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms


I believe that every question that you might have about affiliate marketing is answered in one of those classrooms. And all you have to do to get the answer is to ask the right question.

Website Builder & Hosting

Unlike other online affiliate marketing courses and programs, Wealthy Affiliate offers you an option to host your website domain on their server.

You don’t need to jump around the net to Bluehost, GoDaddy, and others to purchase your domain name and hosting when you can get it included in your membership.

To have web hosting, as well as Website Builder, contained within the program is a genial move from Kyle and Carson.

For me, it is one of the most convenient features of the whole Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder

Here is the deal in more detail.

SiteManager – here you have your websites at a glance. You are the manager of your business, and this is your office.

SiteBuilder – don’t know how to build a website? It takes three clicks at Wealthy Affiliate. Guys will do everything instead of you!

SiteDomains – you can manage all your web domains in one place and a few clicks.

SiteContent – powerful platform for writing your content (if you are a beginner blogger, this is absolute GOLD)

SiteComments – get reactions to your posts before Google even finds you! – AVAILABLE ONLY WITH PREMIUM!

SiteFeedback – want to know what others might say about your website content, design, layout? – AVAILABLE ONLY WITH PREMIUM!

SiteSupport – God forbid that something happens to your site, you’ll get help and fix under two minutes. – AVAILABLE ONLY WITH PREMIUM!



(Zero Risk! No Credit Card Info!)


Live Events 

In this section, you can preview the upcoming webinars, hosted by ambassador members of the community. Wisdom and knowledge everywhere!

One of the most valuable sources of that knowledge is hosting a webinar per week all year-round. His name is Jay, and he’s going to upgrade your knowledge and skills week after week.

Live Events by Magistudios

I’ve participated in a couple of those webinars with Jay myself. Jay is a great guy. He’s excellent at teaching! He’s going to show you some stuff that rarely anyone shares willingly.

Even if you miss some of his webinars, which surely you will, there is always a second chance and third and fourth, all up until the moment you decide to watch it. Every webinar is stored in the library so you can watch them whenever it suits you.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is one of the reasons why I decided to join in the first place. This tool is here to help you find keywords. You’re going to use it to get ideas for your content, and more!

Here’s my review of Jaaxy if you want to learn more.

Jaaxy Search Dashboard

To have an option to jump into the keyword research tool while working on your website content is another genius move by Kyle and Carson.

This tool at Wealthy Affiliate has saved me time and money!

Affiliate Programs

As of recently, we can search for the most lucrative affiliate programs directly from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform! You can search for countless affiliate programs all over the net in just a few clicks.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Programs

You can search affiliate programs by category, keywords, opportunity, high commission, high commission percentage, and top-rated.

Live Chat

If you want to join a discussion or start one by yourself, go ahead. Many, many active members at Wealthy Affiliate enjoy communicating by sharing ideas, tips, and advice.

As you can see, even the owner, Kyle, is active within the chat room. He’ll be there to help you out, together with many other active members of the community!

Live communication with experts can help you significantly to achieve the success you want.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Help

Help Center

Once more, if something should happen to your website; you don’t have to worry. Site Support is always live to help you deal with any difficulties you may experience on the road.

You can even personally contact Kyle and Carson.

I had a few problems with my websites so far. However, as soon as I contacted the Wealthy Affiliate Site Support team and told them about my troubles, the questions were gone!

Wealthy Affiliate Pros:

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Step-by-step video lessons
  • Free website
  • Website hosting included
  • WordPress included
  • Jaaxy keyword research tool included
  • Largest online affiliate marketing community
  • WA affiliate program
  • Free to try out
  • No upsalles after joining with PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP

Wealthy Affiliate Cons:

  • A bit overwhelming platform (not the program!) However, shortly after I’ve published my review, Wealthy Affiliate got a face-lift. The guys made the whole platform a bit easier to navigate.
  • Exclusive features only with PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP
  • It takes time to see the results since the training is based on SEO

Wealthy Affiliate Starter & Premium

Unlike many other affiliate marketing programs out there, Wealthy Affiliate is not doing business by forcing expensive upsalles all the time. Moreover, there are no upsalles at all!

You can choose between Starter and Premium membership, and that’s all there is.

You can try it without any obligations. No credit card information needed!

With a Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership, you will get one free website to start with, as well as access to the first ten lessons from both courses.

Starter Membership is limited but good enough to get a taste of it. If you aim at success, you need Premium membership.

WA Price & Plans


(Zero Risk! No Credit Card Info!)


Once you upgrade to Premium membership, you can choose between two billing cycles, Monthly and Yearly.

Monthly membership is only $49 per month.

And you even get a 60% off for the first month! This means, that you pay only $19 for the first month. And then $49 each month after that.

For those of you who are ready to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate Yearly is the best option.

Yearly Membership is only $495 per year. This option saves you almost two monthly membership fees!

My recommendation is the yearly membership. Not only that it saves you money, but it will help to stay committed to your business until success.

How to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

To get started with WA, all you have to do is click the green button somewhere on this page.

After you click the button, you’re going to be transferred on the WA platform where all you have to do to get started is register your email address.

Once inside, you’re going to get a quick tour with Kyle (the co-owner of WA). He’s going to show you how to set up your profile and to get started with the course.

Also, I’ll get in touch with you and help you to get started as well. 🙂

And that’s it!

All you have to do is take action with the course, apply the instructions, have some patience, and you’re going to have a successful online business in your hands in no time!



(Zero Risk! No Credit Card Info!)


Can You Cancel Your Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

Yes, of course, you can cancel your membership at Wealthy Affiliate whenever you want.

If you do decide to quit, you can click on your Profile Settings. From there, you’ll have to click on Subscription Settings/Membership. Just below, you’ll see a ‘Stop Billing & Cancel Membership’ button.

Click on it, but think twice, and a friendly team from Wealthy Affiliate will cancel your membership.

Is There a Refund?

No, there is no refund. If you decide to cancel your Premium subscription, you won’t get any refund.

Wealthy Affiliate’s refund policy:

‘Your Wealthy Affiliate billing profile is set to bill on “monthly” or “yearly” recurring intervals. At any time, you may cancel your recurring billing and retain access to Wealthy Affiliate until the end of the current billing cycle. You are under no obligation or contract to continue your membership at Wealthy Affiliate, and you have full control over your billing and payments.’

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Conclusion

At the end of this Wealthy Affiliate review, I will round up this online affiliate marketing training program in a few sentences.

I hope you got all the information you needed. It was my pleasure the review Wealthy Affiliate and share my experience with this company.

I know from the experience that most beginners have a tight budget.

So, when we speak about the price of any other program on the market, none of them can compare with this one. You can even start for free. No obligations whatsoever!

Every beginner needs all the help he or she can get.

WA is the only training program that can be called University because it has the most extensive online affiliate marketing community. You can get help from some of the most successful people in the industry 24/7!

Lastly, as a member of the community and a successful affiliate marketer, I sincerely recommend you to sing up with Wealthy Affiliate Program to join us on this exciting journey.


Wealthy Affiliate Skyrocket



(Zero Risk! No Credit Card Info!)


If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

121 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – One-Stop-Shop For Building a Successful Business Online!”

  1. Thank you for this review of Wealthy Affiliate, I have to be honest, I was very doubtful at first but I can see that Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate program, and trust me, I have gone through many programs trying to learn affiliate marketing. I have lost a lot of time and money in the past. thanks to people like you who are doing research and bringing us this kind of information, I have now joined Wealthy affiliate and I am very happy with the program. I love training and support.
    thank you.

    • Hi Rose, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment, much appreciated.

      I have been down the same road, I know that there are many shady programs out there. However, here is not the case.

      If you need any help to get started, or you have some questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

  2. Hello Ivan.
    I have been looking into affiliate training courses.
    This wealthy affiliate training sounds like the best by far.
    Thank you for your in-depth info on wealthy affiliate.
    Best regards,

  3. Thanks for the very thorough review, Ivan! One thing I wonder about these online marketing businesses is if it’s still possible to make money online these days?

    I mean it seems almost every single Google search I make brings out sites that have been clearly built by marketers. This causes me to question two things. Firstly I doubt if I can really trust their information because they are in it to sell something. Secondly, it makes me hesitant that I could as a beginner, compete with sites that have a head start of years before me.

    Then again I keep reading that every time there’s an algorithm change in Google the playing field is leveled…

    What do you make of all of this, do you think it’s still possible to make a full time living online these days if you are new to this stuff?

    • Hi Jukka,

      First and foremost, if you see that many marketers around one product, that means that a product is useful and legit.

      Second, Google takes care that sites with the most useful content get top spots. Therefore, the high quality and quantity of useful info equal high rankings.

      Lastly, YES, you can make a fair living online. The fact is that not everyone is making it. Like in traditional ‘brick and mortar’ business, the same is in the online world. It takes time to start making money. At Wealthy Affiliate you can start slowly and then when you gain momentum, you’re unstoppable.

      Feel free to ask more questions if you have some.


  4. Great article and a really good overview of affiliate marketing and the training involved with the wealthy affiliate.

    I have some questions.

    How long does it take to get rankings and traffic to a site and some initial regular earnings?

    How technically proficient does one need to be to start and succeed with this program?

    • Hi Derek, regarding your first question, unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question. All of the mentioned depends upon many factors such as the niche you are in.

      For example, if you go with a micro-niche such as swimming glasses, your site could be ranked in the first few months. On the other hand, if you dive into a niche that is packed with the competition then you are up for a lot of work. In a highly competitive niche, you can expect things to start happening around one year mark if you stay consistent in publishing the material and working on your website in general.

      In other words, it’s all up to you and your effort.

      To answer the second question. Your computer skills are not essential. Again, it is all about your will to learn new skills. I had a decent computer knowledge when I was starting, but the fact is, that experience was useless because everything that I have learned in the process was new for me.

      Therefore, once again it is all up to you and your efforts. Training at Wealthy Affiliate can help you to get started as fast as possible.

      I hope you’ve got your answers. If you have some more, please, feel free to ask.


  5. This is above and beyond a great review! I myself have joined wealthy affiliate in January, I can’t even explain what I have learned and continue to daily even with three young kids at home. My website is up and has been indexed in google, I keep adding content and hoping for the best.

    A wealthy affiliate is a great tool I would refer to anyone looking to broaden their horizons

    My question for you though, when you first started was your first website to promote wealthy affiliate or did you start with something else first?

    • Hi Amanda, thank you for the great comment and wish you all the success with your online career! You are in the right hands. Follow your training, do as Kyle says and never give up. Don’t focus on the results because they are last to follow (money). Many people have it backward.

      When I started, I went on to create a site that is going to be a base for something in the future. My first site is in a very competitive niche, and it will take a lot more to get it where I want it to be.

      This site is devoted to the affiliate marketing niche. I hope I have answered your questions. Feel free to ask anything else you want to know about me or Wealthy Affiliate. I am at your service.


  6. Hello Ivan,
    I loved your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I just joined the community less than a week ago and I am so glad I did. In the past 5 days, I have learned so much and even have my website ready to start my affiliate marketing journey. I am glad to be on the journey with you and so many others!

    • Hi Candice, thank you for your comment! I appreciate your visit.

      You are going to love Wealthy Affiliate and everything that they can offer to you. It’s great to hear that you are moving fast 🙂 I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing career, much success, and I hope you will make all your ideas come to life.

      I am here to help together with many other coaches! Don’t shy away from asking for our help when needed.

      All the best,

  7. Hi Ivan, You really give an in-depth review of how Wealthy Affiliate can benefit even the most computer illiterate person. Because you are so thorough in your review you make it easy for someone to make the decision to want to choose WA as an affiliate training program.

    But it’s more than that right? I am still a bit of a sceptic and probably will be until I see my work become monetized. Only then can I truly praise affiliate marketing.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience and expertise within your post.

    • Hi Jen,

      I can understand your scepticism. Understand that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme! You will have to do a lot of work on your own, a lot! You will have to listen to all 120 lessons, and even go a step further and watch some of Jay’s training as well.


  8. If you are searching for online money making opportunity you are looking at the best available. This is my experience with WA. I started 4 months ago with zero tech skills and zero knowledge. Now my website is professional and beginning to pay off in just 4 months. I am proud to say my knowledge and tech skills base has grown enormously.
    The close-knit community will literally “hold your hand “ and walk you through the journey. Honestly look no further, it’s here for the taking, simply push the go button.
    Cheers now and Hello To Happier Days!

    PS. You will be in the best hands with Ivan

  9. Hi Ivan.
    This is great information here about Wealthy Affiliate. I really like that Kyle and Carson give a free membership so that People can try it for free, before deciding to join Premium or not.

    You well explained every section from Wealthy Affiliate.

  10. Wealthy affiliate sounds like a great place to get all the training you need to build a reputable online business. It offers a LOT of training for a pretty reasonable price and great support. They are also very transparent about everything they offer with no nasty surprises in the form of upsells that you ‘must-have’ to complete the course.

    Thanks for a great review 🙂

    • Hi Stefanie, I see you have done your homework and that you understand how Wealthy Affiliate works. I’m happy to recommend it to everyone who is looking for a company that is based on honesty, transparency, and righteousness. The lessons Kyle and Carson teach are going to show you everything there is when we speak about affiliate marketing, and more!

      Thank you for stopping by.


  11. Hi Ivan

    Wealthy Affiliate offers the best affiliate marketing training out there bar none. It’s a success since it’s inception in 2005 speaks for itself and I believe it will be around for many, many more years.

    I agree on one thing though, the chat room is a distraction. Some members are there just to hang out with other members chatting on personal matters unrelated to WA. It’s like FB, we can spend a lot of time hanging out at FB, and it’s fun to do that, but it’s a waste of time mostly and one can get addicted without even knowing of the addiction.

    I try to limit to 5-10 minutes a day, asking relevant questions and answering questions from other members. The chat room is really helpful, a lot of my questions as do many others, were answered through the chat room. Help is always available in that chat room. That’s the positive side of the chat room which is available 24/7

    Thanks for a very insightful and comprehensive analysis of WA.

  12. Hi Ivan,
    I absolutely love your content. You went really into deep and described Wealthy Affiliate Program so everyone can now imagine how it actually looks like. And the point is I can really relate. I was struggling for a long time to find the right “THING” but eventually, it was all just a scam.

    But I would like to ask you- how did you know that this was the right type of program? Like there are so many options out there and it is really hard to choose from. Could share your inside thoughts, like what was the breaking point for you to choose Wealthy Affiliate?

    All the Best,

    • Hi Kristina, great question!

      I went with Wealthy Affiliate for many reasons. One of them is told at the beginning of this review, that is because I got everything for free to test and try before I was ready to dive in for real. Everyone else asks for cash in front.

      The second most important reason is that I was looking for an affiliate marketing program that focuses on SEO.

      In other words, I wanted to master Google’s free traffic. All other programs are specially designed to teach you how to run ads. Wealthy Affiliate includes lessons on ads as well. However, the main focus is on free traffic from search engines. The business model based on SEO is a long term solution, and that’s what I was looking for.

      I wanted to create something which will stand forever and make me money as long as it stands and Wealthy Affiliate is the best (only) program that can show you how.

      I hope this answers your question.
      All the best,
      Ivan 🙂

  13. Yes, I completely agree. I’ve lots of friends working with Wealthy Affiliate. I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and until now we haven’t faced any serious problem. Instead, we have always got help on time and our online businesses are getting successful day by day. All due to Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Deraj, problems are an essential part of running a business, online or physical, it’s the same. I’ve had a few technical issues with my sites along the way. But every time I reported the problem, it was solved in less than five minutes. Wealthy Affiliate technical support is truly remarkable!
      I’m happy to hear that your success in online business is increasing day by day. That’s the only outcome if you follow the training by the letter. Best of luck in your future!


  14. Thanks for this motivating post Ivan! It’s great to hear all these glowing reviews from a veteran WA member. I’ve recently joined and am so impressed by all the tools and resources we have on Wealthy Affiliate. People like you writing about your tips and experiences also really help give me a lot of confidence that I can be successful. Looking forward to reading more on your website.

  15. There is so much detail here it’s amazing. I like how honest you are about the training and that it’s not for people trying to get rich quick and the amount of information that you’ve provided is awesome!! 🙂

  16. This is a very thorough and informative review of the program. I have joined WA, but still learned a lot about all the features of the programme that I had forgotten about! I second that the programme is very easy to follow and they are very transparent about what they offer, which is not always the case in other programmes I have tried. Thanks

    • Hi Bez, Wealthy Affiliate can be overwhelming at the beginning. But as you go, you’ll discover everything you need about features, tools, and everything else. They are the only company I’ve found that is completely transparent with their offer. There are no upsells or hidden costs.


  17. Thank you for this insanely thorough review, Ivan. I joined WA a few years ago and I can honestly say this is the best platform I have found. They teach the basics to get your online business started and there is a huge community of people who can help you along the way. I had no idea how to build a website when I started, and I had no idea what a plugin was. I just wanted a place to learn how to do this internet marketing thing and WA has been great for me. I am now making several hundred dollars per month from my website as it continues to grow. You covered just about everything I can think of and I hope you continue to spread the word.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for paying a visit and leaving your comment. I’m happy to hear that you found Wealthy Affiliate. The same story was with me when I was about to start. It’s fantastic how fast the blanks fill in when you have the right training and are in the right environment. I wish you much success with your business in the future!


  18. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this article. I had somehow the same experience as you. I’ve been scammed before with “make money online” jobs and when I first came across WA I wasn’t convinced. So many thoughts came to my mind, but after about two weeks of thinking I decided to give it a try. I have learned so much and my bussness is slowly shaping itself. I couldn’t be happier.

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for checking out my site and leaving your comment on my review! 🙂

      There are so many scams out there that it’s hard to not to get scammed. I’m happy to hear that you found Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you all the best with your online business! May you achieve all your goals!

      Ivan 🙂

  19. Excellent review, thank you!  I love how candid you are that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for someone looking for a get rich quick scheme or anyone lazy!  My favorite part has to be the picture of you as a waiter when younger and a picture of you now.  Quite possibly the best show and tell ever.  Affiliate marketing does have to be the easiest way to break into making money online, with a low cost for starting.  Thanks again for your article!

    • Hi Selenity, thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comment here 🙂

      Affiliate marketing is the best way to get started online. It’s not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, though it’s more than possible to make money online with affiliate marketing if you give yourself enough time to learn and apply.


  20. First off Ivan GREAT BEARD! That said I too am a Wealthy Affiliate evangelical member. I call it that because it is the most exciting world for me for 5 years now and I have yet to not pay for my membership out of profits each year. We are coming up on Black Friday and a huge sale event but the annual membership at regular cost is such a steal most people don’t wait to start saving. I love how you have woven into your personal journey into your post. I did with mine too. I was coming out of a nervous breakdown and needed to regain lost skills. WA has more than replaced those skills and the Super Affiliate Challenge has me doing my best work in a Decade!

  21. I love that. 

    I am also very delighted about the best feature of the Wealthy Affiliate Company which is the free starter membership program which is a no-risk opportunity to test this platform out before you enroll. I like that. 

    I enjoyed your post and will share it

  22. Wealthy affiliate keeps being a top-ranked with when it comes to teaching interested persons how to start an online business and also helping in hosting your site after the training phase. So generally, WA helps to keep a check n your site from the start till when you feel you are good alone. Opportunities are open to remembers inform of free SEO like jaaxy and siterubix for free is available as well for a cheap fee. Its just a beauty