Commission Jumpstart Review – Is Ross Minchev’s Course LEGIT?

Commission Jumpstart Review

Welcome to my Commission Jumpstart review.

Ross Minchev’s Commission Jumpstart teaches how to earn up to $700 a day with affiliate marketing.

If you are seeking to learn:

  • Is Commission Jumpstart legit
  • Who is Ross Minchev
  • How he helps you earn
  • The real cost to start
  • Are students getting results
  • And more!

You’ve clicked on the best website!

I’ve dedicated a few days to analyzing Ross’s online business program, taking tons of notes, uncovering all sorts of info, and thoroughly going over the program so that I can provide you with the most helpful Commission Jumpstart review.

📘 About

ClickBank affiliate marketing course by Ross Minchev.

💰 Cost

$297, plus extra costs.


Ross walks the walk. Affordable price. Teaches legit strategies. Some success stories. 

🛑 Cons

Recurring costs for tools and ads. Complicated refund policy. ClickBank is junk.

⚠️ Verdict

Overall, Commission Jumpstart is a pretty solid ClickBank affiliate course based on paid ads.

📈 Rating

I Want To Know…

About the Reviewer

Hey, I’m Ivan Brozincevic!

Since 2018, I’ve been making a full-time income online, which allowed me to quit my old job (about me).

Initially, I struggled to identify legit courses and avoid ones that were just out for my money.

That’s why I created this website – my main goal is to help you steer clear of pitfalls and discover the top online business courses.

Every week, I invest hours reviewing online courses and writing reviews based on my fact-driven review guidelines to assist you in making an informed choice.

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What Is Commission Jumpstart?

Commission Jumpstart introduces you to one of the most popular ways of earning money online – affiliate marketing.

The creator of the program, Ross Minchev, promises to show you how to triple your affiliate income using his “proven and untapped method.”

Commission Jumpstart Review Ross Minchev

However, some techniques taught by this program may not meet everyone’s needs and expectations.

And here is why…

While Clickbank products are widely used in such programs, they can be perceived as low quality or ‘scammy’.

The same goes for Facebook Ads which is known for its relatively hard-to-convert nature but it does bring success to many people who use them effectively.

Other free traffic options often leave more room for profits if mastered correctly.

But overall, Commission Jumpstart strikes me as a legitimate program for starting with ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Who Is Ross Minchev?

Ross Minchev has made an impressive mark in the affiliate marketing space.

His YouTube channel boasts a large subscriber base of over 50,000 and he is known for his courses (Commission Jumpstart) and affiliate offerings.

He’s also been seen to be legitimate when it comes to making money through ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Despite some clickbait videos on the channel, Minchev leaves me with mostly positive impressions based on what I’ve learned about him thus far.

It’s not uncommon for successful digital marketers to use clickbait tactics on their platforms; however, Ross’ overall reputation remains positive among those who have interacted with him or taken part in one of his programs.

Is Commission Jumpstart a Scam?

So is Commission Jumpstart a scam? Commission Jumpstart is a trustworthy course focused on leveraging ClickBank and Facebook to build an online business.

Ross Minchev, the product creator, provides full transparency with his YouTube channel that showcases how to access real success in this field of digital marketing.

Keep on reading my Commission Jumpstart review to learn more about the program, and its features, price, pros, and cons.

Are Commission Jumpstart Students Seeing Success?

There is evidence online that some Commission Jumpstart students are getting positive results with Ross’s training course.

Here are two examples:

Commission Jumpstart Student Results

However, there isn’t an overwhelming amount of student success stories, which is a bit disheartening. I was expecting to see more student testimonials.

How Does Commission Jumpstart Help You Earn?

With Commission Jumpstart, you’ll learn how to make money online by promoting ClickBank products via Facebook ads and affiliate marketing.

Ross shows how to:

  • Join the ClickBank affiliate marketplace
  • Find hot products on ClickBank
  • Create funnels using ClickFunnels
  • Drive targeted FB traffic
  • Build an email list
  • Convert visitors into customers

IMO, to make this work at a profitable level, you need to be willing to spend money on each campaign AND monitor conversions constantly. Intimidating but doable.

If I can share one tip it’s that successful affiliates split-test their ads regularly to ensure they’re optimizing their return on investment – something we call ‘biting the bullet’ in this industry

What Do You Get Inside Commission Jumpstart?

Commission Jumpstart Review - Scam or Legit

Here is what you will get with Ross’s affiliate marketing training program:

Commission Jumpstart Features

  • Ross’s detailed plan for promoting Clickbank products
  • Landing page layout: how to make them turn a profit
  • Ross’ approach for finding successful Clickbank offerings
  • Learn Ross’s secrets to Facebook advertising (paid website traffic)
  • Scaling successful projects to generate more revenue
  • The natural ways of generating website traffic (complimentary website traffic)
  • Live case study of methods that Ross is using

Commission Jumpstart Curriculum

  • Module 1: Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Offers To Promote
  • Module 3: Spying – Google Operators Free
  • Module 4: Spying – Paid Tool
  • Module 5: High Converting Landing Page Creation
  • Module 6: Hosting And Domains
  • Module 7: Logo Creation
  • Module 8: Business Manager And Fan Page Creation
  • Module 9: Fan Page Hacks
  • Module 10: Domain Authentication
  • Module 11: Pixel And Tracking
  • Module 12: Targeting – Ad Sets and Campaigns
  • Module 13: Facebook Ad Policy
  • Module 14: Facebook Ads Creation
  • Module 15: Statistics
  • Module 16: Ad Account Longevity
  • BONUS: Marketing Tricks
  • BONUS: Live Campaign

How Much Does Commission Jumpstart Cost?

Commission Jumpstart offers budget-friendly value with its $297 price tag. Compared to other similar training programs such as Invincible Marketer and Commission Hero, this is a bargain.

Extra Costs

To implement this course, you’ll be spending on;

  • The course fee of $297
  • ClickFunnels $97 per month
  • At least $500 on ads 

Refund Policy

To get your money back, you must invest in the Clickfunnels software and view all of Commission Jumpstarts’s curriculum modules mentioned earlier in this review.

In addition, a minimum expenditure on traffic is required for any refunds which may be requested; however, digital goods returns are subject to unclear conditions that need further exploration.

All this makes the refund policy a tough nut to crack, which may result in losing the right to get your money back.

Is Commission Jumpstart Worth It?

Commission Jumpstart is an outlier in the industry; while most courses typically cost $997, Commission Jumpstart offers great value with a highly competitive price point of just $297.

This training program provides quality insights and resources to take your business further – so if you’re looking for affordable growth potential without breaking the bank, Ross’s course could be worth considering.

Who Is Commission Jumpstart Best For?

Commission Jumpstart is a good option for aspiring affiliate marketers who want to get started with ClickBank affiliate marketing without breaking the bank.

It provides all of the necessary training and guidance you need, giving you a jump start on your journey. Just keep in mind that you need extra cash for tools and constant FB ad investment.

Commission Jumpstart Pros

Ross Michev is Legit

Ross Minchev has an established track record of working with affiliates and delivering results.

He is a trusted name in the industry and has achieved phenomenal affiliate success throughout his career.

Affordable Course

With this course, you can learn from the best in business without breaking your budget.

For only $297, you can learn expert-backed methods for earning with affiliate marketing.

Teaches Legit Strategies

This course offers an excellent training opportunity at a competitive price.

You can learn reliable strategies from experienced marketer Ross Minchev, giving you the skills needed for real-world affiliate success.

Commission Jumpstart Cons

Not The Best For Beginners

Getting started on affiliate marketing can be a daunting prospect, especially when looking at expensive and complex options like Facebook Ads.

In my experience, for beginner marketers, it’s best to get the fundamentals off the ground first – from SEO optimization to utilizing free social media traffic sources for more targeted outreach.

Extra Costs Plus Complicated Refund Policy

Navigating the refund policy can be daunting, making it difficult to secure your money back.

Furthermore, investing in this program comes with a cost that’s shown no sign of slowing down.

My Commission Jumpstart YouTube Review

I have recorded a YouTube review of Ross’s program as well. Click the play button below to watch it!

Commission Jumpstart Review – Conclusion

Commission Jumpstart is a legitimate and comprehensive course for those who are interested in learning how to promote Clickbank products on Facebook.

Whether you’re someone looking for an opportunity to earn passive income or already experienced with affiliate marketing, this cost-effective program can be a good solution.

I would say that it is best for beginners to ClickBank affiliate marketing who are ready to risk paying ads on Facebook to earn affiliate commissions.

Nevertheless, not everyone may find social media ads suitable when it comes to making money from such campaigns and that stands true despite Commission Jumpstart’s potential benefits.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Commission Jumpstart review. Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

📘 About

ClickBank affiliate marketing course by Ross Minchev.

💰 Cost

$297, plus extra costs.


Ross walks the walk. Affordable price. Teaches legit strategies. Some success stories. 

🛑 Cons

Recurring costs for tools and ads. Complicated refund policy. ClickBank is junk.

⚠️ Verdict

Overall, Commission Jumpstart is a pretty solid ClickBank affiliate course based on paid ads.

📈 Rating

The Best Way To Make Money Online

I earn online by creating simple affiliate websites to connect people with products they are already looking for.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it is the best way to make money online (at least in my humble opinion).

If you want to learn more about how to start making money online with affiliate marketing, I strongly suggest you sign up for the free training on the next page.

And don’t forget to share this Commission Jumpstart review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan

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