Cowboy Wealth Review (2021) – SCAM or Legitimate MLM Business?

Welcome to my Cowboy Wealth review.

Let me guess. Some person sent you a private invitation to join a business opportunity that requires no skills, no experience, no selling, has nothing to do with multi-level marketing, scams, pyramid schemes, or getting rich quickly in any shape or form.

And now, you’re curious about it and want to know more. You’re not sure if it is a scam or a legit offer. If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place.

I too wanted to know if Cowboy wealth a scam or a legitimate business opportunity. I also wanted to see whether or not I can make some money with it, how it works, and more.

And honestly, I’m very disappointed with what I have learned.

So without any further ado, come in and read the rest of my Cowboy Wealth review. I’m going to reveal what is behind this scheme, how it works, and whether it is a scam or a legit opportunity to make money online, and more!

Cowboy Wealth Review - Scam or Legit


Cowboy Wealth Review – Overview

  • Product Type: MLM
  • Product Price: $19 + Extra Costs
  • Product Owner: Chris and Cathy Sorensen
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Unavailable
  • Recommended?: NO!

Overview: In a nutshell, Cowboy Wealth is a funnel for an MLM scheme called Melaleuca – a health and wellness company that offers various products such as supplements, cosmetics, etc.

The main idea behind this funnel is to get you to sign up for this MLM so that the owners can make commissions. This is a legitimate model, which means that Cowboy Wealth is not a scam per se.

But there are some issues with this scheme. Keep reading my review to discover what those issues are, how this scheme works, and more.

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What Is Cowboy Wealth?

It’s unclear what Cowboy Wealth is really about.

The official website does not give any information about the opportunity. All it says is that Cowboy Wealth offers solutions to enhance all areas of life including health, wealth, environment, and personal development.

Cowboy Wealth Review - Scam or Legit

Moreover, the company claims to provide an alternative way for people to achieve their personal and financial goals through the eCommerce/online shopping revolution.

There are no clear indicators of how this company works nor what exactly you will be doing to make money online.

So right of the bat, the suspicion that Cowboy Wealth is a scam rises up.

After some research, reading a few other Cowboy Wealth reviews, and surfing the net to find more information, I bumped into a short 11 second-long YouTube video below.

The video does not reveal what this scheme is about. All it says is that you can work from home and prosper. They claim you can make anywhere from $500 to $25,000 per month with this scheme.

To do so, you will have to call the number provided and listen to a short two-minute-long presentation.

Or you can register your details on the official website and wait for them to give you a call.

But still, there were no answers to what this scheme could be about. Why do they hide this information? Is there something illegal about this scheme? Could it be that Cowboy Wealth is a scam after all?

I kept researching about found out that it’s a doorway to an MLM scheme called Melaleuca.

What I Melaleuca?

Melaleuca is a health and wellness company that was founded in 1985. Unlike Cowboy Wealth, Melaleuca is a legitimate company. They offer more than 400 products on their website ranging from:

  • nutrition
  • personal care
  • home cleaning
  • cosmetics

Basically, Melaleuca is an MLM that anyone can join and sell their products. Also, you can earn an additional source of income by referring people to the company and helping them to join.

Cowboy Wealth Melaleuca

If you’re familiar with companies like Herbalife and other such, you know what Melaleuca is about and how it works.

So as I said, Cowboy Wealth is a doorway to Melaleuca.

In other words, someone is affiliated with this company and has created Cowboy Wealth as a means of funneling people to Melaleuca to earn commissions from new recruits.

Is this a legit scheme? Or is it a scam after all?

Let’s see how it works first. Shall we?

How Does Cowboy Wealth Work?

As I said earlier in the review, Cowboy Wealth claims to offer solutions to enhance all areas of life including health, wealth, environment, and personal development.

But I’ve seen the same “moto” on the Melaleuca site. What does this mean?

It means that Cowboy Wealth is simply pretending to be a stand-alone company. In reality, it’s designed to funnel you to Melaleuca where you can get access to products and sales systems.

There are two ways how you can make money with Melaleuca (Cowboy Wealth is using the second one).

Start Your Own Melaleuca Business

You can join the scheme and start your own business where you sell and promote the company’s products. Like I said earlier, it’s just like Herbalife and other such schemes.

Cowboy Wealth Products

Become Product Advocate (Affiliate)

You can join the scheme and get access to your account from where you can learn how to promote Melaluca products via affiliate marketing to earn commissions through a compensation plan.

Cowboy Wealth Product Advocates

This is the way how Cowboy Wealth makes money. It’s an affiliate funnel.

So if you ever decide to join this scheme, those will be your two options to make money. Both of them are legit ways to earn an income. But the question is…

Is Cowboy Wealth a Scam?

I can go both ways here. On one hand, I could say that Cowboy Wealth is a scam. The reasons?

Well, first of all, the complete lack of transparency about the business opportunity is one of the main reasons why this could be a scam. Instead of being honest about it, Chris and Cathy Sorensen (the owners) treat you like a fool.

Secondly, Cowboy Wealth is not even a real program, scheme, or company. It’s basically just a funnel designed to get you to sign up to Melaleuca so that Chris and Cathy could earn commissions.

Thirdly, they share unrealistic income claims to make you believe that joining this scheme could change your life easily. Don’t get me wrong. People make money with MLM. But most of them don’t earn a dime!

On the other hand, there is one reason why Cowboy Wealth is legit.

See, Melaleuca is after all a legitimate company that sells health and wellness products for over 30 years. They have a legitimate sales system in place, offer products, and would not be still active if they weren’t legitimate.

However, in my opinion, this one is better to be left alone.

Cowboy Wealth is much closer to being called a scam than a legitimate MLM business opportunity.

Who Is Cowboy Wealth For?

It’s for no one. Actually, Cowboy Wealth is for the creators only. They have designed the scheme to earn an income by referring people to Melaleuca.



Do I Recommend Cowboy Wealth?

No. I don’t recommend Cowboy Wealth. There’s is nothing to recommend there, to be honest. It’s a marketing scheme that doesn’t offer any value, products, or services.

If you’re interested in joining Melaleuca MLM, you can go directly via the official site instead of going through these shady funnels.

What I Like About Cowboy Wealth

Designed To Promote A Legitimate BizzOpp

Although I don’t like the way Cowboy Wealth promotes Melaleuca, it promotes a legitimate company that has been on the market for over 30 years and counting.

There’s no harm in promoting this company because it offers legit products that are designed to help people to improve the quality of their lives.

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What I Don’t Like About It

Lack of Transparency and Honesty 

The owners of Cowboy Wealth were extremely secretive from the start. There are no names associated with the main page. There’s no about us page. The video is scammy and does not reveal a single thing about it.

Moreover, all Cowboy Wealth reviews out there are fairly confused about it and agree with me that the owners of this scheme could have done a better job.

In other words, Melaleuca is a legitimate company, so make it clear from the start that you’re promoting it.

Cowboy Wealth Is Just a Marketing Funnel

The main idea behind this scheme is to funnel you to the MLM scheme. There are no Cowboy Wealth products or services that could improve your life in any way.

I would like to see at least some sort of step-by-step training where they teach how to make money with Melaleuca or some sort of guides or anything that helps people.

Right now. I don’t see any value in it.

Costs Keep Rising Down The Road

Joining Melaleuca via Cowboy Wealth is free. However, according to the information available, you will have to pay a monthly fee to keep access to the material.

Also, promoting these products is not going to be a free task either.

In other words, all MLMs require a substantial budget. You need to invest a lot of work, time and above all, your hard-earned money into these schemes.

MLMs Have Extremely Low Success Rate

This is more related to Melaleuca than it is to Cowboy Wealth. Nonetheless, the case is clear. Most people who join MLMs end up funding those on the top and never achieve any success.

The statistics say that only about 2% of the participants end up profitable.

Think about it. Would you join a scheme where only 2% make money while the rest are just spending cash? Are you willing to take that risk?

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Cowboy Wealth Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, I really don’t recommend Cowboy Wealth. In fact, there is nothing to recommend there. They have no products of their own, no services, nor anything else that is valuable and worth promoting.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in MLMs and are looking for another lucrative scheme, you could check out Melaleuca and see what they have in store for you.

Will I join it? Hell no!

I don’t like multi-level marketing. It is indeed a lucrative scheme that could turn into a passive income. But the concept has flaws and is not really my cup of tea.

Thanks for reading my Cowboy Wealth review. What do you think about it? Do you have any experience?

Feel free to share your comments, opinions, and experiences at the end of this review!

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7 thoughts on “Cowboy Wealth Review (2021) – SCAM or Legitimate MLM Business?”

  1. This is cray that you bring this company up cowboy wealth, we got suckered in with then when we tried to first start at home business. Melaleuca is a place to buy environmental things such as recycled clean products safer than Walmart they claim. When we first wanted to have a home business which we in return make the owner’s money he was a part of this a year and a half ago. He did webinars and seminars to hold group meetings and told us to hold these meetings like mary kay products. We played along for a while, then we found WA wealth affiliate and have not turned back since. Thanks for bringing this up to have not seen this scam in a while they are always upselling you because you have to keep up on getting products every month of your own order to stay with them if not your out. So we were out.


  2. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for exposing the truth that Cowboy Wealth is actually a funnel promoting Melaleuca. It seems that Chris and Cathy make money if their referrals purchase things from Melaleuca and do the same to recruit more people to become the downlines, which is really not my thing to make money online. The average success rate of any MLM business is around 2%, and for the rest, 98%, they will only lose money in the end. Therefore, I will skip Cowboy Wealth but check on your recommendation instead.


    • Hi Matt Lin, thanks for your comment on my review. You’ve got it right. They do make money simply by promoting Melaleuca via the Cowboy Wealth funnel. I don’t like MLMs too for the same reasons you’ve mentioned.


  3. After everything I’ve read in this article, I see that Cowboy Wealth is essentially a broker recruiting promoters and vendors for Melaleuca products.
    I agree with all your conclusions, but if we’re being honest, we can say they really found themselves, right? They’ve created an MLM brokerage system, and they’re probably able to make some money. Well, good for them. We who read your review, however, will definitely not join.
    Thank you for a great presentation with all the necessary information.
    Friendly greeting,

  4. Hi Ivan. Thank you for very interesting review. There are so many potential opportunities online that its just impossible to test all of them, and your blog is always great help. I haven’t heard before about Cowboy wealth program but looking on your post its not something I would invest my money into. In general im not big fan of MLM business, but this platform is extremely unclear, expensive and non transparent. There are much better offers (mostly listed on your side) so its just not worth risk.


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