Is Melaleuca a Scam or Legit MLM? – Review Reveals the Truth!

Welcome to my Melaleuca review. What is it about? Is it a legit MLM company? Is Melaleuca a scam? Even worse, is it a pyramid scheme designed to rip you off?

Melaleuca is a health company that makes and sells various products designed to improve your overall well-being. The company is in business for 30 years and it is still going today.

One of the main reasons why some people refer to Melaleuca as a pyramid scheme is that the company has an open MLM program.

In other words, you can join the program, become a distributor, and even recruit a team of salespeople and earn commissions and bonuses from their sales.

So is it legit business?

But before we get into this review, and answer those questions, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

Keep reading my Melaleuca review where I’m going to show you what this website is about. Also, I show you how it works, and I share my opinion about whether Melaleuca is a scam or legit.

Melaleuca Scam or Legit Review


Melaleuca MLM Review – Overview

  • Product Type: MLM (Health Niche)
  • Owner:Frank VanderSloot
  • Price: $19 + Various Business Costs
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 120 days
  • Recommended?: No

Quick Summary: Melaleuca is one of the veterans in the MLM industry. Besides the opportunity to build an income stream selling its products, the company has also gained a reputation as a manufacturer of safe and green items.

Most of their products can be sorted into a few categories. Most popular are health and wellness, and household cleaning products.

That said, Melaluca is a legit MLM and a good business opportunity. However, despite those two facts, I’m not recommending it. Keep reading my review to learn more about why this isn’t the best way to make money…

What Is Melaleuca?

One of the most popular questions online is; Is Melaleuca a scam? And with this review, I’ll be focusing on that question mostly. That said, let’s start with a general overview of the company first…

Melaleuca is a part of the health industry that has been around considering that 1985. They focus on marketing “green” and also “all-natural” kind of health and wellness house items.

Melaleuca Business website

Interestingly, Melaleuca gets its name from the Melaleuca plant. They naturally claim this plant is what makes their products so terrific. I’ve never personally tried it, yet who knows possibly it is everything they claim it is.

In any event, the company is primarily marketing vitamins, supplements, charm care, detergents as well as cleaning products.

There are various other products in stock but this is the primary push. They claim that their products have no chlorine, formaldehyde, coated pills, or every that type of ingredient that’s not “green”.

What makes Melaleuca appealing and also possibly lucrative, is that the whole environmentally friendly thing is currently a tested psychological draw. So Melaleuca was ahead of their time in that respect.

But is Melaleuca a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme that exploits people like you? Should you join the business or not? That’s what I’m going to expose in this review…

Is Melaleuca an MLM (direct sale)?

Melaleuca is a billion-dollar wellness company that has been confronted with this question for many years. In this post, I’ll share my expertise in the MLM industry and provide my Melaleuca Review. So, is Melaleuca an MLM?

First off, learn the difference between an illegal scheme and a legal MLM…

My head hurts reading what Melaleuca, and even direct selling regulators, say as they try to convince us that the company isn’t a direct selling or MLM company.

I say it is. And there’s nothing wrong with a company being an MLM. In fact, I’d say it’s a great thing! Why? Because you can make some pretty good money by being a part of their program.

You see, there’s no income ceiling when selling Melaleuca products. Like most legit MLMs, this company has been in business for over 30 years and they are still standing today!

But I do understand why some people will say that Melaleuca is a pyramid scheme or a scam…

I personally don’t like the MLM business model because very few people have been successful at it. The reason is that you have to have strong recruiting and sales skills to become successful.

And because most people don’t have them, they fail and call a business like Melaleuca a scam.

But this still doesn’t answer your question about whether Melaleuca is really a scam or legit. Well, there’s a lot to investigate before I can make a judgment, so keep reading…

Is Melaleuca a Scam Company?

In my review, Melaleuca is not a scam. They sell legit products and members of the Melaleuca program get paid like they claim they will. Moreover, their products are safe and approved.

While Melaleuca MLM offers organic and good quality products to consumers, its commissions are too low to warrant this company being a good business opportunity.

As the Product Advocate would need to recruit dozens of personal customers and hundreds of active customers in order to make a decent part-time to full-time income.

While this is possible, it also requires reaching out to a wider audience, not just your inner circle (family and friends).

That said, just because an opportunity to make money with Melaleuca is not a scam, it doesn’t always mean it’s suited to you. In fact, I don’t really recommend Melaleuca in my review.

The main reason why I’m against MLMs is that most people who join the scheme never make any real money.

As you can see from their income report for 2021, only about 9% of people have referred at least one customer but not more than 8. That’s not nearly enough to earn a full-time income.

To become a successful Melaleuca rep, you will have to quit everything and start hustling day and night.

And let’s face it, there are much better ways to spend your time and money…

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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Is Melaleuca a Pyramid Scheme?

I have said that Melaleuca is not a scam, but is it a pyramid scheme? The answer to that is: No, Melaleuca is not a pyramid scheme or any other type of illegal business activity.

They offer legit products and their “executives” can get paid by selling these products.

What Is Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid Scheme is a business that pays a commission for recruiting new members, not for selling a product or service. The initial promoters recruit investors, who in turn recruit more investors, and so on.

The scheme is called a “pyramid” because at each level, the number of investors increases. You can learn more in the video below…

As a Melaleuca product advocate, you are simply selling a couple of products to people you know. As a business builder, you are still just selling products, but doing it more seriously.

Is Melaleuca a Pyramid Scheme In Disguise?

There is a continuous discussion over whether Melaleuca is a pyramid scheme in disguise. The company runs on a multilevel advertising and marketing model, which some people view as a suspect.

Nonetheless, lots of legitimate businesses use this sort of advertising and marketing, as well as it is not illegal.

The major issue with Melaleuca is that it needs its experts to acquire a starter package to sign up with. And these sets can be pretty pricey.

In enhancement, the business depends greatly on recruitment to expand, which can push consultants to continually subscribe to new members.

Ultimately, whether or not Melaleuca is a pyramid system is up for argument. However, recognizing the possible dangers of signing up with such a business is vital.

Like all companies I review, there are cons to Melaleuca MLM that I’ll reveal soon in my review. But a business that has disadvantages doesn’t make it a scam.

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Who Owns the Melaleuca Company?

Melaleuca is a US-based company owned by Frank VanderSloot. Frank VanderSloot, the 68-year-old founder and CEO of Melaleuca is known as Idaho’s wealthiest person, with an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion.

Frank VanderSloot

Under VanderSloot’s leadership, Melaleuca has been ranked on Inc. magazine’s list of the nation’s 500 fastest-growing, privately-held companies.

Today, thanks to his leadership, Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, is a $780 million nutritional, cosmetic, and personal care products company founded in 1985 and headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.

All that being said, I believe it is safe to say that Melaleuca is not a scam. But let’s dive into the rest of this review before making a final verdict…

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How Does Melaleuca Work?

Melaleuca runs as both a health and also wellness product e-tailer and a referral-based business. The participants, who are non-employees, sign up with the firm in order to purchase its items online and have them shipped to their homes/businesses.

In order to finish signup, you need to deal with an existing participant and sign up under him/her.

Therefore, that existing member, that is now referred to as an Item Supporter, earns a payment every single time his/her new team member makes an item purchase.

The common payment is 7%, which adds up promptly if you recruit a few or even more participants under you. However, before you can start recruiting, you’ll have to purchase some products yourself.

That said, as a Melaleuca MLM member, you need to buy a number of product points every month in order to remain in non-active standing as well as gather compensation.

Currently, the point level is 50, which converts to around $80 for the item. So, for each month you wish to stay with Melaleuca MLM, you should place an item order of around $80.

Remarkably, Melaleuca never utilizes the words MLM to describe its recruitment emphasis. Rather, it constantly states that it is a “referral-based company.” I have debunked this already…

That said, if a business provides motivations to its contractors/members to recruit others right into business, and pays them a commission for doing so, then that is the essence of network and multi-level advertising.

If this is just too much information, you can check out the Melaleuca review below as well…

How Do I Become a Melaleuca Representative?

As a new client, you can either register via their sponsor or call Melaleuca MLM client support.

They can either choose a ‘Customer Membership Arrangement’ (Direct client) setting you back $25 or an ‘Advertising Exec Agreement’ (liked customer) costing $29. The 2nd alternative is for those who are looking for an economic possibility.

The settlement plan is a 5 × 7 design. It suggests that you have to build a group of 5 participants and then each of those 5 participants has to construct their very own leg of 5 each.

Unlike other online marketing firms, Melaleuca MLM will constantly give its reps (you) a set 7% payment on each acquisition made by all down-line members i.e. agents earn money 7% for their 7th down-line degree.

As I said in the previous section of my Melaleuca review, in order to get the commission, you have to stay active. For staying active a representative has to buy 50 product points on a monthly basis.

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Is Melaleuca Available Outside the US?

If Melaleuca was a scam, they would have been closed a long time ago by FTC and other government bodies. However, it is not a scam, and therefore they are available in over 15 counties worldwide.

That said, Melaleuca company does business in:

  • the United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • The United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

More precisely, Melaleuca operates in 19 countries worldwide, with six located in Europe.

While the majority of Melaleuca’s business continues from its U.S. and Canadian operations, sales from international countries accounted for 45 percent of its revenues.

And in the next few sections of my Melaleuca review, I’ll show you how to make money, and how much money you can actually make with this MLM…

How Can You Make Money With Melaleuca?

As mentioned above in my review, the commission you earn with Melaleuca MLM is computed from the product points your downline acquires (buys).

Every Melaleuca item has a point worth designated to it. When customers you have referred buy products, you earn a commission based upon the factor worth of what they have gotten.

To get the commission you need, you also have to get at the very least 50 points worth of product per month. So while you could be searching for a business opportunity, you are also an obligatory consumer.

And for this reason, some people may say that Melaleuca MLM is a scam… But it’s not, really…

The item points imply that you will get the same commission regardless of what the customer pays. For example, customers who register for a month-to-month supply of Melaleuca will qualify for the ‘favored participant rate’.

Despite the fact that they are getting a price cut, your compensation will stay the exact same.

The amount of compensation you are paid is computed from a combination of the product purchased as well as the number of clients you have personally enlisted.

But how much exactly can you earn? Keep reading my Melaleuca review…

How Much Commission Can You Make With Melaleuca?

According to the stats, all Melaleuca MLM representatives who reached the status of Senior Director and above earned an average yearly income of $67,600. The highest revenue earned that year was $278,200

However, according to the start of 2021, 99.58% of ‘clients’ gained less than $32,000 in payment from Melaleuca. In other words, just 0.42%, or 1 in 238 earned a full-time income.

So does this mean that Melaleuca is a scam? Not really…

Like all MLMs, Melaleuca describes these results with excuses. First is the insurance claim that “the majority that signs up with are just curious about being customers”. Then there’s the “extremely few decide to construct a company”.

These declarations could be real, but they might also be an effort to spin the fact and make the Maleleuca sounds too good to be true.

For the review, I’ll provide Melaleuca MLM with the benefit of the doubt. I will presume that 66% of energetic members in 2016 only signed up to be clients.

With this change, I can see that of those that joined Melaleuca to be more than just consumers, only 1.23% made a full-time income. That’s not encouraging…

How Much Does Melaleuca Cost Per Month?

Melaleuca’s MLM membership costs $19 plus tax per year. But as with every other MLM business I’ve investigated in the past, the devil is in the details.

As I said earlier, there’s more to the membership fee than just the $19. You must accumulate a minimum of 50 product points every month to stay in the program.

Although some members say that these products cost only $50. An almost accurate estimate would be $60. That’s $720 for the products alone.

So you end up paying $739 dollars a year, which is much higher than the $19.

Looking at this, I feel like Melaleuca isn’t being honest about its membership at all. And that’s a huge red flag as far as trust is concerned. So is Melaleuca a scam because of this? I wouldn’t say so…

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How To Get Out Of Melaleuca?

There will always be people who feel that Melaleuca is a scam. If that’s you, here’s what you need to do to cancel and part ways with this company…

To begin the cancellation process, you must call customer support at Melaleuca. After providing the representative with your member identification number, you need to say why you wish to cancel your membership.

If this doesn’t work, there’s an alternative…

You can visit their online site. Click through until you get to the cancellation form. The form will contain the following:

  • Your complete name and your sponsor’s name.
  • The address to which your products are delivered.
  • Your contact number.
  • The business kit number.
  • A personal message. This message should detail your reasons for wanting to cancel your account. If your membership is less than 120 days old, you can also request a refund of your enrollment fee.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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What Are Melaleuca Products?

As I said earlier in my Melaleuca review, the company sells natural and eco-friendly cleaning, skincare, and health products. They have a wide range of products, including:

  • shower cleaner
  • toothpaste
  • furniture polish
  • laundry stain remover
  • tea tree oil
  • shampoo
  • lip balm
  • vitamins
  • fibre
  • tub & tile cleaner
  • …many more!

You can purchase Melaleuca products on Amazon (not an affiliate link) from their Amazon store.

Melaleuca Products

I’d love to show you some of these products, but Melaleuca has attempted to take down this page multiple times with copyright claims, so I won’t be able to show you their products.

According to their website, they have over 400 products, but you can’t actually read about the products on their website.

Are Melaleuca Products Legit?

Melaleuca products are legit. The company has a consumer rating of 4.54 stars from 343 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Consumers satisfied with Melaleuca most frequently mention customer service, cleaning products, and peak performance. Melaleuca ranks 6th among Alternative Medicine sites.

Here is the review of one of many happy customers…

Melaleuca Legit Products

Is Melaleuca Really Natural?

According to the information available on, Melaleuca products are legit and safe.

Even the owner said, “Consumer demand for environmentally responsible products is awakening the world of business. However, instead of fixing the core of their business practices, far too many companies are simply ‘greenwashing’ or ‘green screening’ the marketplace.”

By contrast, Melaleuca’s products are formulated with natural, sustainable ingredients rather than less expensive alternatives, even if that choice was not the most profitable route for the company.

Is Melaleuca FDA Approved?

The vast majority of Melaleuca products are manufactured at multiple manufacturing facilities in Idaho Falls, ID and Knoxville, TN. Melaleuca also has manufacturing facilities in China for products sold in Asia.

As an FDA-approved manufacturer of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, Melaleuca products are safe.

Do I Recommend Melaleuca MLM?

As I said, I don’t recommend Melaleuca MLM if you are looking for a serious opportunity to make money. I simply don’t see as great an opportunity in it as I see in some other business models (see my #1 recommendation).

However, if you decide to try it out, keep this in the back of your head…

Companies resemble human beings, you’re always likely to have problems. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what these weaknesses are so you can figure out if you can work around them or simply avoid this business entirely.

Too often I see associates getting their plumes all ruffled when you state anything negative about their precious business.

However, I assume it’s worst to present a business as best to you since you will eventually discover the truth when you join.

Then you end up with disgruntled customers and representatives since you failed to be completely genuine with them concerning the benefits and drawbacks of your business.

So keep that in mind as you review the disadvantages I have actually recognized. It’s not an indictment. It’s just things people have actually whined concerning for better or worst.



Melaleuca Review Pros

There are a few things about Melaleuca that pretty much stand out, and they’re as follows:

  • Good and wide range of products: Melaleuca has a wide range of products, making it one of the biggest multi-level marketing brands on the planet.
  • Longevity of the business: This company has been in business since 1985, making it one of the long-standing MLM businesses that haven’t rebranded to a different name.
  • Positive product reviews: Melaleuca has scored hundreds of positive reviews for its products, which is something quite impressive in my opinion.

Melaleuca Review Cons

There are also a few things that I don’t like about this brand. This doesn’t mean that Melaleuca is a scam. It’s just a list of a few things that I don’t like about this company…

  • Hidden fees: The brand claims that membership cost is $19 plus tax per year. But the brutal truth is that you have to pay $739 to stay in the program.
  • Expensive products: The fact that you have to buy products and then sell them at a higher price every month makes this model somewhat fishy, to begin with. Compare the cost of similar products from other retail stores and you get the idea.
  • Lack of sustainable income potential: You’re going to make money with Melaleuca if you’re lucky. But you can be sure you won’t make 6 figures a year, especially since recruiting “executives” isn’t an easy job.
  • Low average earnings– Melaleuca discloses how much its Product Advocates earn as they recruit other members and move up the ranks. It’s not that much, as shown in this table:

Melaleuca Reviews From Customers

The best way to find out whether Melaleuca is a scam is to read what other people have to say about the company.

On TrustPilot, for instance, there are 510 reviews of Melaleuca. They hold a solid 3.4 stars on the site. Many comparable MLMs are rated between 0.5 and 2.5 stars.

On they have a solid 4.5 rating from 356 reviews.

Melaleuca Is Legit

Below are some of the most common positive and negative reviews…

Let’s start off with some positive reviews of Melaleuca MLM…

  • “This company has changed my life – 23 years ago my daughter had asthma and it forced me to learn about going GREEN and Healthy Solutions…I have never looked back. Best decision for my family’s health.”
  • “They make it so easy to switch where you are buying your everyday products over to Safer, More Effective, and Even More Affordable! Real Wellness is delivered right to my door! I love how non-toxic doesn’t have to cost an arm & a leg with them! I am totally addicted because the products work so well.”

And there are a few negative reviews as well…

  • “I enjoy most of their products but don’t go to them if you ever have a problem, they have terrible customer service.”
  • “They trap you into buying a set amount each month (used to be £75 monthly but likely much higher now). If you don’t order, they send you a bundle of products to the value of the set amount regardless. They also try to get you to get your friends and family to join on the pretext of creating your own business.”

In general, most Melaleuca reviews online are positive. That just proves my claim that Melaleuca is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. On the other hand, it is a legit health and wellness/MLM company.

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My Melaleuca Review – Conclusion

Melaleuca does offer some premium quality products that people seem to appreciate. Nonetheless, as a business opportunity, it is not going to help you quit your full-time job at any time soon.

That said, it is going to be an uphill struggle to make any kind of suitable money with MLMs in general…

The only way you can make any great money from Melaleuca is by hiring a lot of individuals right into the business and then hoping they have the grit to replicate your success.

But still, it will take plenty of rejections and thick skin to become successful. Therefore, I don’t think this is the best way to make money online…

Thanks for reading my Melaleuca review! Do you have any comments or questions? Feel free to leave them at the end of this post.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And feel free to share this Melaleuca review to help others as well!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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26 thoughts on “Is Melaleuca a Scam or Legit MLM? – Review Reveals the Truth!”

  1. Read your review of Melaleuca with interest. My wife and I have been enrolled with Melaleuca for the past eight years. As most reviewers have said, we really enjoy the products. We started out wanting to use this as a part-time business. Although our “recruiter” helped us, neither one of us was good at recruiting, so we simply decided just to keep purchasing products for ourselves. Here are some things people get hung up on.
    When they sign the paper wanting to either just be customers or wanting to use Melaleuca as a business, they are signing a contract with the parent company. If they want to cancel, they just can’t call and say, “Cancel my subscription.” The cancellation must be done with a submitted written signature, thereby terminating the contract. Second, you mentioned 50 points. I have never heard of that. Melaleuca offers two-point values. One is 35 points for products with payment included for shipping. The other is to purchase a total of 45 points of product value each month and Melaleuca will waive shipping costs. Melaleuca also offers a backup order if you forget to place your monthly order. Every enrollee has the opportunity by the company to designate what products they want to be shipped in their backup order. If they don’t designate products, Melaleuca tries to ship them products they have ordered in the past. This keeps the contract in force. Yes, Melaleuca as far as being a business opportunity is not for everyone. You can’t be afraid to talk to people about it either in person or on the phone. On the other hand, we have a couple who are friends who totally went crazy signing up people and they ended up with a new car provided by Melaleuca and their mortgage paid off. They are two of those executives you wrote about. Melaleuca is now all they do. So, the company to me is totally legit. It’s just how far the customer wants to go with it. Being a customer only, or operating it as a business.

      • I have been using Melaleuca products for about three months and really enjoy most of them. I really love my Rep, as well. That said, I have been waffling back and forth about whether or not, to join the “business”. Your review helped my to see all sides of this company and has helped me to decide not to sign on at this time. Thanks for your thorough review.

  2. My husband and I used to be apart of Melaleuca we got a couple of family members to invest in it. They do have or did have great products. They began to change some of their formulary and it wasn’t the same. And it was horrible trying to get out of too. It is very expensive to stay in it. If they wouldn’t make you buy so many points worth each month I would become a customer. But it’s not worth it to spend that much each month.

  3. Hi. I have been with the co for 3 years. I do not use it for income. I use it for the products. They are safe for the environment, safe for people and animals. The cleaning products are incredible. All products are above the rest out there. I just use them to live a clean life and to stop poisening myself and the environment. Even though I do not use it to make money I always have money in the till to put towards products. The points needed are 35 not 50. You replace the garbage we were always told to use that are actually killing us, with clean and safe. You might want to try it out and see what you can learn as a member. It is a life style. You replace bad with good. You are not spending more money per month. Most products are concentrates and cost way less per month. Amyways. Your review is interesting but people seem to be focused on it being something you have to revruit people for. No. It is a new way of staying healthy. You do not buy unwanted product. You replace what was bad. With what is good. All their videos explain every product. The beauty products are amazing. All cleaning products are a joy to use. Imagine being in the shower and spraying the tub and tile cleaner and not coughing from breathing poisens. You can use your hand to wipe it in. All cleaning products are safe aroubd food. Anyways you should try it to understand more about it. I see people assuming it is a scam. It is not. They would love it. Forget the part abiut making money. That is a bonus. When my friends see what we use they are amazed that a co is doing this. P.s food and athletic products are used by everyone that works with me.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion and experience with Melaleuca PRODUCTS. As I said in my review, they have high-quality products, no doubt. However, this review is of their multi-level marketing business opportunity.

  4. Thanks for the update. I have heard of Melaleuca for many years and actually until I saw your review, I didn’t realize that it was still a thing…

    I would have assumed that since it’s been around so long that it meant that it’s a good opportunity. Just goes to show that with some MLM’s…they may look solid, but they are really full of holes and this is because it is very hard to make money with an MLM. 

  5. Very thorough review of a company and scheme and I just discovered that it’s in my country as well after reading your site. There are many MLMs worldwide and many people think that MLM = Pyramid scheme and at times people do not know how to distinguish between the two. You’ve nailed down 2 important points: commission and cost that most people are concern of. I’ve friends in MLM that are very successful and earned a lot. So when I read about this company’s review, I can relate to why some are successful; some not due to the low earning potential. That said, there is one point when I was reading your content “Melaleuca Review Cons” that a table should be inserted in the last bullet point? 

  6. I was once approached by a Maleleuca representative. I saw the MLM structure straight away and decided it wasn’t for me. I have no doubt they produce good products but one will end up buying unnecessary products and end up loosing money than making money. They try to convince you that you’ll be saving money as you divert your household purchases to them. I definitely disagree. No doubt they have quality products.

    Thanks for the review, I never knew the name of the company was derived from a known plant.

  7. This review of Melaleuca is very enlightening. Prior to this article, I had never heard of this company nor their product lines. The health and wellness industry has become the little brother to the fossil fuel industry where gimmick and scams are the norm. This company definitely reminds me of Amway and the scheme that they had going in the 1980s. appreciate that you are calling them out.

  8. My mom, and in turn myself, have been associated with Melaleuca and their products for many years. She has been quite successful and made connections and networked with many people who have made a living and then some by being a part of this. I would gladly promote their products because I have had great success with varying ones and feel good about the fact that they are “safe and green” like you mentioned! Have you used any of their products yourself? I wouldn’t “promote” it myself but I do enjoy the products.

    • Thanks for sharing your review of Melaleuca, Shelbi! I haven’t used their products myself. That part of my review was based on the information from their own website as well as information available in the public domain such as user comments, reviews, publications, etc.

  9. Thank you for making this review about this Melaleuca program, I read your post and I did more I research about this program and is not very newbie friendly, seems to be a little bit a headache as a beginner plus I tried ones a MLM program before and is a little bit complicated. I check your other recommended program Wealthy Affiliate and has great reviews definitely a great system to get in.

    Thank you hope to see more reviews.

    God Bless You 

  10. Over the years, I have tried several moneymaking opportunities, but I had never heard of Melaleuca. The information you provided here are so valuable and complete.  Your reviews will alert a lot of people and can also help them make sound decision on joining or not to join such companies.

    I had personally involved in company that have the same business model and I agree with your observation. It’s a whole lot difficult to sustain any continuance of trying to run a successful MLM business, when you spend too much time looking for recruits and trying to stay active.

    What does not work for me may work for someone else besides as long as it is legit.

    • I agree, Vai. As long as the company is legit and its MLM offer is good, there is potential. But like with every other business of this nature, it takes a lot of hard work, and money to raise to the top.

  11. Because Melaleuca is an old MLMs I thought it would be a good company to join. But I still decided to research. And I am glad I did. I see there are better ways to spend our time and energy to earn a living. I will check the alternative you mentioned at the end of this post. Thank you!

  12. I have been aware of Melaleuca as a natural and eco friendly product for many years, but this is the first time that I hear that they are actually a multi-level marketing company. And as with most other MLM companies, you have to pay for a starter kit to join them, and then you have to continue to be buying products in order to stay active. 

    The only way you can earn from your recruits, is to stay active yourself. It is a hamster wheel you get onto when you join a MLM company. Melaleuca might produce good products, but I would avoid joining their team. 

    • I agree. MLMs are usually one big hamster wheel and it’s HARD to get out once you go all-in. Although Melaleuca is not a scam, I share your opinion.


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