Funnel Boss Review – Is The Training Any Good?

Welcome to my Funnel Boss review.

What’s better than having a sales funnel? A sales funnel that converts!

Funnel Boss is a new release by Omar & Melinda Martin who promise to share their top secrets for creating funnels that convert like crazy.

These secrets could help you to attract more customers and subscriber and more sales, of course.

But is it really that good as they say? Should you buy it or not?

Those where my questions too, so I decided to put this Funnel Boss review together to help you out.

Funnel Boss Review


Funnel Boss Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing/Email Marketing
  • Product Owners: Omar & Melinda Martin
  • Price: $24.95 on time
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Recommended: See below

Quick Summary: As the title of this program suggests, Funnel Boss is about creating affiliate funnels that can be used to collect emails and to promote products (affiliate marketing). The course is legitimate, in my opinion.




What is Funnel Boss?

Funnels Boss is a digital marketing training program that focuses on one specific segment of a digital marketing campaign called sales funnels.

As you know already, sales funnels are the game today.

So Omar and Melinda have decided to put this training to help those who need to improve their funnel game. They have years of experience and a few successful programs behind them.

For those of you who are curious, the training is in video format and very easy to follow.

The core product aims to show you how to create profitable funnels that convert visitors into customers leveraging the power of email marketing.

Funnel Boss consists of a few proven funnel techniques such as Viral Trust Funnel, Viral Lead Funnel, Viral Sales Funnels, and more.

You’ll find eight video lessons altogether, but more about this in the next parts of this Funnel Boss review.

Let’s meet the brains behind this program.

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Who are Omar and Melinda?

Omar and Melinda Martin are the owners and creators of Funnel Boss and a few other successful programs such as My Unfair Advantage and Rapid Profit System.

Funnel Boss training program is live since 2016, which means that the program is successful for four years now.

Funnel Boss Owners

This also means that Omar and Melinda are experts and two legit marketers.

You’ll find that the program is very easy to understand because Omar and Melinda did their best to simplify this so that it is suitable even for complete beginners.

Let’s me show you the training now.

Inside Funnel Boss Training Area

There are a total of eight videos within the training area, and as you have noticed, everything is in a step-by-step format and very easy to follow.

These eight videos are designed to teach you how to set up high-converting sales funnels from scratch.

I like the fact that Omar is going into every single detail of the process. Some Funnel Boss videos are close to one hour long!

This just shows how good this program is.

Now, the next section of this Funnel Boss review is where you can read about each segment of the training individually.

What Is A Sales Funnel

The first video is about the basics of the sales funnel. Omar explains what the funnel is, how it works and shares a few words about the rest of the Funnel Boss program.

Funnel Boss Training

By the way, the video is only six minutes long.

The Viral Lead Funnel

The second video is a bit longer. Here Omar talks about the whole process you’ll be creating with this training.

The video is about 20 minutes long and easy to understand.

Within this video, you’ll learn more about automation, upsells, email followups, squeeze page, welcome page, list management, and every other segment of a viral lead funnel.

If this sounds a bit like advanced stuff, don’t worry. Omar takes care that everything is easy to understand and follow.

The Trust Funnel

The next video is about creating trust between your visitors, vendors, and your brand, and it goes on for about 30 minutes.

Omar explains that the success of you funnel depends on the trust. In other words, you have to connect with your visitors to gain their trust.

That’s the best way to creating long-term and successful sales funnels.

You’ll learn how to do so using email sequences. Omar goes into specifics of email sequences and how to segment your lists and more.

The Viral Sales Funnel

The next video is about 40 minutes long.

During the Viral Sales Funnel training, Omar is going to show you what different sales tactics you can use and how to implement things such as multi-layered strategy.

Also, you can learn about the low and high ticket products, as well as how to segment your funnel with upsells and downsells, webinars, welcome pages, lead capture pages, and more.

This is the part where Omar is starting to put together everything you’ve come across so far.

Download Page vs. Welcome Page

The fifth training video is about the difference between download page and welcome page.

The main intention of this module is to show you the pros and cons of these two methods.

In this video, you’ll learn how to use a few websites and tools to crate and structure your funnels.

These websites and tools will help you to simplify your work and increase your conversions down the road.

In other words, this module is convenient and consist of a lot of tweaking and handy advice.

Anatomy Of A Members Area

Video number six is also one of the longest, forty minutes, and it’s called the Anatomy of a Members Area.

With this video, Omar is going to teach you how having a membership website can boost your trust, conversions, and sales.

The main idea is to put all your products and promotions in one place, which is a very smart move.

You can then use this site to promote your products to your visitors once again.

As so far, Omar is going to show you a few techniques and strategies for doing so.

Omar even gives a few examples, which is much appreciated.

Assembling Your Business Funnel

The next video is called Assembling Your Business Funnels, and it’s one of the most interesting so far.

Omar is going to talk about connecting the dots looking back.

In other words, you’ll learn a few tricks from his experience for selling high-ticket products to your visitors.

Omar explains how this method applies to any niche out there and use this to earn high profits.

Moreover, he’s going to show you how you can use the same method for your funnel too.

This one is also about 40 minutes long.

Funnel Segmentation

The last training module is all about funnel segmentation.

The key is optimization, and with this video, Omar explains a few different tactics for the optimization of your email list.

He talks about a few advanced methods such as analytics, javascript, web forms, membership plugins, automation rules, and more.

These tools and features will help you to understand the behaviour of your users so that you can optimize your funnel for the maximum conversion.

The video is also about 40 minutes long.

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Who is Funnel Boss For?

In my opinion, Funnel Boss training program is for digital marketers of all kinds.

It could be a perfect opportunity to learn how to increase your sales and conversions by implementing a few proven strategies.

Funnel Boss is for:

  • affiliate marketers
  • email marketers
  • website owners
  • bloggers
  • anyone interested in sales funnels

I feel like it’s imperative to mention once again that this training course is beginner-friendly.

The methods inside are advanced, but Omar takes care that everything is easy to understand and implement.

Some Pros and Cons

In this section of my Funnel Boss review, you’ll get a set of pros and cons at a glance.

Not every product is perfect, in my opinion. And all of them have a few flaws as well as some brilliant parts.

So let’s start by mention a few things that Omar and Melinda od very well.


  • Easy to follow training suitable for advance and beginner marketers.
  • In-depth content explains each part of the funnel in detail.
  • No BS about making 100’s and 1000’s overnight, on a push of a button, and such.
  • Omar and Melinda are trusted and experienced marketers and good teachers.
  • Funnel Boss is not expensive yet high-quality program.
  • The program is backed with 30-days money-back guarantee.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some cons.

By the way, I’ve had a tough time finding something to complain about.


  • It’ll take some time to figure it all out, mainly if you have never used sales funnels before.
  • Omar and Melinda don’t include training for traffic generation.

Should You Buy It Or Not?

The decision to buy Funnel Boss is yours. I hope my review was helpful enough to help you to decide.

I would, however, like to add that I do recommend this program to people who are looking to improve the quality of their online business.

It’s not likely that buying this program alone will do the trick and turn your business upside down overnight.

However, Funnel Boss is an extremely effective program, which, if applied to the letter, could help you to draw the most benefits from your sales funnel.

People often forget that it takes a lot of time and work to implement these strategies.

So if you are serious about making money online with email marketing, keep in mind that Funnel Boss is not a get-rich-quick scheme or anything for that matter.

Instead, it’s a comprehensive and beneficial training.

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In conclusion, Funnel Boss by Omar and Melinda Martin is legitimate video training for maximizing your marketing efforts with neatly assembled sales funnels and email marketing.

Omar and Melinda are two outstanding people, and this training is the reflection of that.

You’ll get a set of eight video lessons, consisting of a few hours of in-depth training.

And a great thing about this program is the fact that you get 30 days to try things out.

This is more than enough time to consume the content of the program and to make a confident decision.

If you are not happy with the program, you can contact Omar and Melinda via email and activate a refund.

Thanks for reading my Funnel Boss review.

If you are interested in making money online with digital marketing, make sure to check out my #1 recommendation as well.

The program that I recommend to my readers has got all you need to start a successful business online.

Make sure to click the button and learn more! 🙂




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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

14 thoughts on “Funnel Boss Review – Is The Training Any Good?”

  1. Hey nice review you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. The importance of continuous study to equip marketers with current trends in the market cannot be overemphasize. As an affiliate marketer, am just hearing about funnel boss for the first time. Having gone through its features, I am convinced with it, I must say. I will definitely do well to sign up to explore from their vast knowledge in the marketing field

    • Hi Edahnewton, thanks for your comment. Yes, Funnel Boss is a good program. Omar and Melinda did a good job explaining and showing how to set up and maximize your sales efforts with sales funnels.


  2. Hello there,  such a very detailed an informative review there on funnel boss, I must say this is very timely for me as I have been looking to ways to improve the quality of my business online and my friend mentioned Funnel Boss for me so I decided to make some research if truly it’s legit,  and really this review has answered so many questions I have in mind regarding funnel boss. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jomata, you’re welcome, thanks for your comment. I hope my review has answered all your questions regarding Funnel Boss training program. Let me know if you have any questions.


  3. Hello, I really appreciate this article alot, with the details given in the article am convinced that this funnel boss training will really be of help to me. I have been looking for a way to improve the quality of my online business for a while now coming across this article is indeed an a great help to me, I am definitely buying this funnel boss program. Thanks for sharing this article it has helped me and I hope it help others as well.

    • Hi Sheddy Ovb, thanks for your comment. Yes, Funnel Boss is a good program and I would recommend it if you want to improve your business. Funnels are great way to do so and this program could help. Let me know if you have any questions.


  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains detailed information’s one can hold on to especially young affiliate marketers like me, i will be sharing this with a couple of friends that would find this useful. Thanks for sharing

  5. Among tons of online training courses, Funnel Boss looks like a legitimate program; it’s my personal realization after reaching out to your Funnel Boss Review.

    You mentioned the training is excellent in Funnel Boss, but to the best of my knowledge I need to spend several bucks to purchase the related tools, such as website, hosting, domain, email services, funnels, etc. Do they provide all those tools for free of cost if I purchase their training? I mean, what’s the actual cost of the full program including the tools and services?

    I just had a quick look to your recommended platform, which looks pretty impressive, because I find they are offering several tools and also websites in their package. I just wanted to know whether Funnel Boss is offering something like that or not?

    • Hi Dr.SD, you’re right. Funnel Boss is just a training program. You have to invest in tools to be able to follow through with the training. The costs will be around $300 per year minimum. This includes hosting, domain, autoresponder, funnel builder, etc. My #1 recommended platform includes everything in the monthly membership, yes.


  6. This was a great article; well written and easy to understand. It did leave me wanting to know more about Funnel Boss and about sales funnel marketing as it relates to affiliate marketing.

    Do you think you can provide a link to the Funnel Boss material? Also in relationship to Wealthy Affiliate, what are the differences or similarities? Are those two programs complimentary?

    • Hi Listen Linda, I can and I will add the link to the Funnel Boss. Wealthy Affiliate and Funnel Boss are very different, but they could complement each other. WA has specialized in SEO and affiliate marketing, while FB could fit somewhere in between.


  7. This was a most detailed and efficiently formatted piece of content regarding funnels I’ve ever viewed.. Those of us who have utilized this form of building our business or know someone who has used it know that it’s a proven way to expand our marketing as long as it is done with precision, sincerity and detail. Yours is such. Thank You!

    • Hi Linda, thanks for leaving your comment. I hope my review was useful. If you have any questions about Funnel Boss program, do let me know.



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