IT Linker Review – 5 Scam Signals You Must See Now!

Welcome to my IT Linker review.

I have no idea how I stumbled upon the IT Linker website, to be honest. Maybe I received an invitation from an unknown spammer or something like that. All I can say is that when I first came across the site, something felt off about it.

It gave off a strong scam vibe.

Similar to many other scam sites, the homepage is filled with promises of easy and fast money-making opportunities.

They claim to have already paid out millions in commissions and even offer a $10 bonus for joining today. They present testimonials to enhance their credibility, but as you’ll soon discover in my review, IT Linker fails to substantiate these claims.

They don’t provide any details about how you can actually make money. The scam even resorts to using fake testimonials to lure you in.

I mean, why would they resort to fake testimonials if they truly have “82,342 users” from around the world, as they claim?

With this review, I intend to expose the workings of this scam and share more reputable and honest ways to earn money online.

Shall we dive in?

IT Linker Review Scam


Is IT Linker a Scam?

There isn’t much to say here. IT Linker is a scam site operated by unknown individuals, exploiting people and their resources for personal gain. And I’m not alone in recognizing this.

Feel free to check out the comment from

IT Linker Scam

To sum up, they employ deceitful tactics like using fake testimonials to make their scheme appear legitimate.

In addition, they fail to provide any legal information on their official website, which is a requirement in all countries.

Moreover, they make exaggerated promises of earning thousands of dollars per month without disclosing the means to achieve such earnings.

Lastly, it’s important to note that there is a similar copy-paste site operating under a different name to scam unsuspecting individuals.

It is crystal clear that this is nothing more than a scam, and caution should be exercised.

There is even a possibility that they may compromise your personal data by selling it to other unscrupulous sites and scams, which can have detrimental consequences on various aspects of your life.

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What Is IT Linker?

Have you noticed that the website lacks transparency by not clearly stating what they will do for you or how you’ll make money online? It’s not a good sign when there’s zero transparency.

They claim you can earn $1000 per month on autopilot without any risk or investment. However, they fail to mention what exactly you’ll be doing to achieve this.

The lack of transparency was the first red flag for me. Despite my attempts to gather more information about IT Linker without signing up, I couldn’t find anything.

This made me skeptical, so I decided to use a fake email address when signing up to avoid any potential risks associated with data harvesting.

To my (not so) surprise, when I clicked the Sign-Up button, I was redirected to another page called My EuroUS. This page had the same fake story, fake testimonials, and in essence, it was the same scam.

In the following sections of my review, I will outline all the scam signs I came across.

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IT Linker Scam Signals

Having reviewed over 300 products, systems, and websites for making money online, I’m highly skilled in detecting numerous scam signals.

In the case of the IT Linker website, I’ve identified a total of five.

And I’m confident that with further investigation, I’ll discover at least two or three more. Nevertheless, these five findings are sufficient for you to grasp the situation.

They Use Fake Testimonials

Three individuals, namely Alex, Jack, and Amelia, are associated with this website, each accompanied by a corresponding image.

They all provide positive testimonials. However, upon conducting a brief background check, I found that these testimonials are fraudulent.

IT Linker Fake Testimonials

Below, you can observe that the images they have used are random, generic stock photos that have been widely circulated on the internet for various purposes:

  • Alex can be seen on another website providing a testimonial for a personal care company.
  • Jack’s image was utilized for tooth whitening services.
  • Amelia’s picture was used for a dieting application.

IT Linker Fake Testimonial 1

IT Linker Fake Testimonial 2

IT Linker Fake Testimonial 3

However, those are not even their real names, and these people probably have no idea that their picture is being used for a scam.

Just think about it. If IT Liner is that popular, then why do they have to use stock photos for testimonials? Well, fake testimonials are something these scams always use to cover up the scheme.

And that is precisely what is going on here.

No Address, Names, and Legal Pages

Every legitimate website, business, service, or company should have specific pages such as a privacy policy, cookie policy, and contact page.

However, the IT Linker website does not display any of this information or provide the names of its owners.

This raises the question: if they are as big and reputable as they claim, why don’t they provide these essential details for legal purposes?

The answer is simple: it is a scam.

The owners intentionally withhold information to avoid being discovered. All I have managed to uncover is that the IT Linker website was founded in May 2019, and its IP address indicates a location in Moscow, Russia.

Unfortunately, this is all we will ever know about the site’s owners.

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Overhyped Earning Examples

Getting someone interested in a scheme becomes easier when you promise them the chance to earn thousands of dollars effortlessly and without any risks or investments.

To make matters worse, the creator(s) of IT Linker even provide fake numbers as proof, as shown below…

IT Linker Fake Stats

While there are businesses where you can achieve this, IT Linker is not one of them, trust me.

Furthermore, they offer a $10 bonus if you decide to join the scheme, but these exaggerated claims, gifts, and bonuses are typical scam signs found on many scam sites.

They want you to believe that you can get rich quickly without any work or investment.

That’s why we call them get-rich-quick scams.

No Info About the Type of Work You’ll Be Doing

The IT Linker website lacks legal transparency and fails to provide clear instructions on earning potential. It vaguely suggests applying for a publisher account to start making money, possibly through affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, publishers receive unique affiliate links to connect prospects with companies, earning commissions for successful customer referrals.

Unfortunately, IT Linker appears to follow a dubious scheme, requiring promotion of the same site to others for commission payments.

However, it is unlikely that they will pay out rightful earnings due to the lack of legitimacy of the company.

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IT Linker is a Clone Scam of My-EuroUS

During my research for this review, I came across a website called My-EuroUs, which bears a striking resemblance to IT Linker.

Both of these sites promote a scheme that tricks people and exploits their time and resources for the benefit of others.

It is evident from the image below that there are significant similarities between these two deceptive websites.

IT Linker Clone Scam

Even the testimonials are identical. They have altered the names and testimonies, yet the images remain the same.

For instance, on one website, Alex is referred to as Alex, while on another, he goes by Ronald. The same pattern is noticeable with the other two testimonials. Jack is now Anthony, and Amelia has transformed into Martha, LOL.

One would have anticipated the images to be changed as well, but apparently, they are unconcerned about people detecting a scam. Perhaps they intentionally want to get caught.

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IT Linker Pros:

  • Nothing

IT Linker Cons:

  • Fake Testimonials
  • No Info
  • Overhyped
  • Don’t Know Who Is The Owner
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • SCAM !!!

Thank you for reading my IT Linker review. I hope you found it helpful.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this IT Linker review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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16 thoughts on “IT Linker Review – 5 Scam Signals You Must See Now!”

  1. Hey Ivan thank you so much for the info
    Im glad I did my research before signing in
    You literally saved me hundreds man

    • Hi Ongezwa, thanks for reaching out. I’m glad to hear that my review was helpful. Be careful out there. There are many versions of the IT Linker scam all over the internet. They just use different names.


  2. jeez. I got an invite about this website thru my linkedin acct. Good thing I trusted by gut and did research before signing up. No wonder why the name of the person who sent me this info is not appearing in upwork or even facebook.

    • Hi Ren, thanks for reaching out. As you can see, scammers use every conceivable channel to get to you. Stay safe! And always double-check the information.


  3. who is the bastard make like this website wast our time already 2 week gone i have withdrew $636 dollars but there never payment
    last many people told me this side is scam but i didn’t follow i did i self sow this is totally fraud.and scam

    • Hi foiz uddin, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve wasted your time and effort on a scam. I hope you’ll find a way to get access to your money. IT Linker is nothing but a cloned scam that appears on the internet over and over and over again just under different names.



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