Now Lifestyle Review – SCAM or Legit? The Truth Revealed!

Welcome to my Now Lifestyle review.

We live in an age when you can earn a great living online. It’s never been easier to start an online business. Therefore, you have probably seen marketers promoting this sort of new lifestyle, right?

One of the programs that caught your attention was Now Lifestyle. And this is the best place to find out whether it is a scam or a legit way to create a laptop/internet lifestyle!

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m an online marketer who went from waiting tables to earning a five-figure income online with affiliate marketing.

A few weeks ago, I discovered the Now Lifestyle. I was following this program online and decided to find out more about it.

That said, I’m sure you’ve got lots of questions about this program for making money online. Those questions are related to topics such as:

  • What Now Lifestyle is about?
  • How does it work?
  • Is Now Lifestyle a scam or legit?
  • Is it a pyramid scheme or not?
  • What the pros and cons are?

Throughout this review, you’re going to read about what this platform is really about. Also, I’ll walk you through the process of joining Now Lifestyle, share the information about the price and features, some pros and cons, and more!

So sit back, relax, and read the rest of my Now Lifestyle review to get all the information you need. And one more thing. There are no affiliate links in this post, which means that I’m not associated with Joel Therien and his buddies.

Let’s get rolling, shall we?

Now Lifestyle Review


Now Lifestyle Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing/MLM
  • Product Owners: Joel Therien
  • Price: $1 trial for 14 days then $49 or $74 or $124 per month
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Recommended?: Yes, but not for beginners.

Quick Summary: Now Lifestyle allegedly helps online marketers create a laptop lifestyle through the use of their training, tools, and other services.

So is it a scam or legit?

Now Lifestyle is an online marketing platform that offers tools such as an autoresponder, landing page builder, website builder, paid traffic, and more.

In my opinion, it’s a legitimate platform that I would recommend to advanced marketers only.

The reason why I’m not confident to say that it is for newbies is that there’s no in-depth step-by-step marketing training inside. Newbies could get lost easily without it, which is something I don’t want.

The good news is that you can join Now Lifestyle for $1 and you get 14 days to test it out. Then it is going to be $49, $74, or $124 per month depending on the membership package you choose.

That said, keep reading my Now Lifestyle review to learn everything you need to know about this platform.

What Is Now Lifestyle About?

When I first heard about Now Lifestyle, I had a hard time figuring out what it is really about. The one thing that I was sure about is that it is a make-money-online opportunity that’s been growing popular over the last few years.

I joined the platform, browsed around, and realized that it is a platform that offers a set of tools such as an autoresponder, landing page builder, video conference software, website builder, etc.

Also, Now Lifestyle offers training programs where that show you how to get more leads, build funnels and websites, and more.

Now Lifestyle Features

So at the first glance, I got the impression that it is a legitimate service. There were no scam signs like overhyped claims, overhyped promises, fake testimonials, etc.

It actually seemed like a really good place to get started online.

So I keep researching to learn more about Now Lifestyle, its founders, and above all, how it all works.

One of the things I learned by reading other reviews is that Now Lifestyle is an MLM/affiliate marketing company.

Basically, you can leverage the training inside to start promoting the same platform to other interested individuals.

The other way to make money is by promoting other people’s products and services from any niche that you choose for your own affiliate marketing business.

One of the niches that are instantly promoted inside the member’s area is health and fitness.

So if this is your interest, you can leverage the training inside the platform to start promoting the related products in this niche to earn commissions from your marketing efforts.

I also noticed that some people say that Now Lifestyle is a scam, which was a pretty unusual claim.

However, I’m not going to go that far. In my opinion, it’s not, but more about this later in this Now Lifestyle review.

Who Created Now Lifestyle?

The story about Now Lifestyle is relatively new. The owner of the platform is Joel Therien. You may have heard about Joel from sites like Pure Leverage or GVO (Global Virtual Oporitnitites), which he helped to build as well.

Now Lifestyle Owner

Basically, Joel is an online entrepreneur and multi-level marketer.

Now Lifestyle is basically owned by GVO and is practically an updated version of GVO that started way back. It’s been renamed and rebranded in 2017 and since then, the opportunity has been marketed as Now Lifestyle.

All in all, there were a lot of mixed reviews of GVO, Pure Leverage, and the same goes for Now Lifestyle.

However, the main point is, Joel Therien is a real person and a legitimate online businessman.

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Now Lifestyle Features Overview

The way that Now Lifestyle works is by providing tools and resources to online marketers that help to improve their existing business or to start a new one from scratch, and much more.

Let’s take a look at all things one by one.

Tools and Resources

This means that anyone can join the platform, become a member, get access to:

  • autoresponder
  • landing page builder
  • website builder
  • video streaming
  • conference room

Now Lifestyle Tools

The interesting thing is that Now Lifestyle has its own affiliate program and allows you to promote these same tools to others to earn commissions.

If you are familiar with ClickFunnels and the way it works, you will have a fair grasp of this opportunity as well.

The important thing to say is that promoting Now Lifestyle is not the only option inside, which means that it’s very hard to say that it is a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid schemes usually operate similarly to cash gifting schemes. In other words, they work solely based on recruiting new members and upselling expensive high-ticket memberships.

In this case, you are not forced to promote Now Lifestyle. For example, you can leverage their tools and features to build a brand new website or a sales funnel in any niche.

In other words, it’s more like a tools/MLM company that helps affiliate marketers to grow, scale, improve, and maintain their business.


In addition to all these tools that I’ve mentioned in the Now Lifestyle review, the platform gives you an opportunity to buy clicks (traffic) directly from the platform as well. There are various packages that go from 25 to 500 leads.

You can take a look at the screenshot below to see how much these lead packages cost.

Now Lifestyle Traffic

If you want to leverage this option to buy leads from Now Lifestyle, you will have to schedule a call. I’m not sure what’s going to be talked about once they give you a call, but it seems serious.

Others like Traffic Authority for example, just sell you the leads and leave you on your own.

In this case, I’m guessing that you will get assigned a coach or someone who is going to help you to determine how many leads you need and how to properly use this option to get the best ROI.

So basically there are five steps that you must take before you can actually leverage everything that Now Lifestyle has to offer. Here’s the breakdown of each step.

  1. Get in touch with your coach
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Confirm your details
  4. Run the traffic
  5. Get to know your tools

It’s up to you whether you’re going to use these tools and traffic to promote Now Lifestyle or any other opportunity that you might find profitable. Keep in mind that guys will try to recruit you to promote them as well.

This is not a bad thing. In fact, this is how most MLMs operate. They simply can’t sustain their business without affiliates, so they have to do this.

Training Programs

Another thing that you can find inside the Now Lifestyle members’ area is a set of training videos that you can use to learn more about online marketing and how you can combine these tools with it to make money.

Here’s the set of a training program that you can attend:

  • Email marketing mastery
  • NowBody Certification
  • Instagram Domination
  • How To Create a Lead Magnet
  • Traffic and Conversions
  • how To Create a Sales Funnel
  • Advanced Email Marketing
  • How To Scale Your Business
  • Video Marketing

Keep in mind that all of these are individual courses. Meaning, you will have to go through them one by one, and each course costs extra, which means that it’s not included with your membership.


In addition to tools, traffic, and training, Now Lifestyle has grown into a community as well. All members get access to a Facebook Group where you can chat, network, and share your experience with other members.

Now Lifestyle Community

By the time of writing my Now Lifestyle review, the community counts about 54K members, which is quite an impressive number.

It’s not the largest community I’ve ever seen, but it’s something.

And that’s basically it! That was a quick roundup of everything you get with it and of how Now Lifestyle works. In summary, they offer tools, training, community, and traffic to online marketers.

Speaking of which…

Who Is Now Lifestyle For?

There’s no perfect description of a person for whom Now Lifestyle is. Basically, anyone interested in making money online can join, browse, and leverage all that this platform has to offer.

Anyone who has an interest in promoting other people’s products could join this platform to make money.

You can either promote any products that you’re passionate about or you can leverage the Now Lifestyle affiliate program and promote the same thing to others.

In a nutshell, it is for:

  • affiliate marketers
  • multi-level marketers
  • email marketers
  • bloggers
  • all sorts of online entrepreneurs

I just want to add that Now Lifestyle reminds me of ClickFunnels a lot! It seems that Joel Therien has decided to apply the same formula as Russel Brunson to his own product, which is good, in my opinion.

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Is Now Lifestyle a Scam?

A scam is a heavy word, and I don’t like to hand them out without any justification. That said, I don’t think that Now Lifestyle is a scam. It’s an MLM/affiliate marketing company.

As you can see throughout my review, they offer a set of useful products and features that anyone can leverage to start a legitimate online business or to improve the existing one.

Some reviews might say that Now Lifestyle exists only to recruit new affiliates whose main mission is to promote the company to others, but that’s not true.

They do it inside, but it’s not your only option. You can use these tools to promote anything you want.

The fact that Now Lifestyle has an affiliate program does not mean that it is a pyramid scheme. I mean, even Nike and Apple have affiliate programs. Does that make them scams?

I don’t think so.

Affiliate marketing is a 100% legitimate business that many companies, including Now Lifestyle, use to reach out to more customers and get more business.

Heck, I’m very happy that they do so because it means more revenue opportunities for me and other affiliates!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to make this company sound like the best in the world. I’m just saying that there is no scam or any signs of criminal activity inside this platform. It’s safe and useful, that’s all.

So what do you think? Is Now Lifestyle a scam? Do you have experience with it?

If you would like to add something to this section of my Now Lifestyle review, please do so using the comment section at the end of this article. Sharing is caring!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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What Is The Price Of Joining Now Lifestyle?

By the time of writing my Now Lifestyle review, you could join it for free. However, once you do so, they will start offering a set of upsells. I’m not sure what these upsells are about because I passed them all.

Free membership will allow you to look around and check out what is inside the platform.

But you’ll have very limited access to videos, tools, and other features of the platform, which means that you’ll have to upgrade from free to the paid customer right away.

I always like to have an option to get inside for free and take e look at the “menu” before I decide to spend my money. How about you? Do you like free trials?


Anyway, once and if you ever decide to upgrade from free to a paid membership, here’s what Now Lifestyle has to offer.

Now Lifestyle Memberships

As you can see, you can choose from three different options. Each membership allows you to leverage the same features of Now Lifestyle. The only difference is in quantity.

Money-Back Guarantee

And while I’m on the topic of money, your purchase is backed up with a 30-days money-back guarantee. So if you feel that Now Lifestyle is not for you, simply drop an email to support and they will arrange a refund.

What I Like About Now Lifestyle

  • Decent-quality tools
  • Paid traffic included
  • $1 for 14 days trial
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Community & Support
  • Affiliate program

What I Don’t Like About It

  • No in-depth marketing training
  • Hidden upsells once you join
  • Training programs cost extra

Now Lifestyle Review – Conclusion

Everyone who reads my reviews knows that I like platforms that offer everything you need to start an online business from scratch or to improve your existing business. In my opinion, now Lifestyle has ALMOST everything you need.

I personally don’t recommend this platform to newbies because there’s no in-depth step-by-step training that could show you how to start an online business from scratch using these tools.

Other than that, I liked a lot of things about this platform and I feel that advanced marketers could find it useful.

Thanks for reading my Now Lifestyle review. I hope this article has helped you to learn more about this platform and to decide whether or not it is the right investment for you.

In case you need more information or an alternative opinion, here’s a helpful video from Jon Crestani’s YouTube channel.

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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14 thoughts on “Now Lifestyle Review – SCAM or Legit? The Truth Revealed!”

  1. This may seem a better program than some others I saw recently but the monthly subscriptions seems a bit high to me for even the silver option. I mean WA gives so much more with its subscription plans and when it comes to online programs we should always look for the best value for money one.

  2. Hi Ivan, I have been following your website for a while now as you provide unbiased information about online marketers and groups. The only thing I don’t like about “Now Lifestyle” is not so much the paying of $1.00 upfront, but the capture of your credit card details. Is there any other way you can pay them? Also, I would love to see you do a review of a company called “Cash Juice”. They keep sending me emails and I am not sure if they are good or not so good. I would really appreciate a response on this.



  3. At first, Now Lifestyle, gave me mixed feelings. But now that I have read your post, I see that it’s a completely legit platform. I found your roundup really useful. However, I see that it presents tools and training for a person in a more advanced stage than me. It’s good to know this before joining.

  4. It is my pleasure reading your posts. Joel Therien has sent mail to me since 2012. I like the way you have presented Now Lifestyle information. It is easy to understand and helps to clear my doubt about Joel Therien who owned the Now Lifestyle. 

    When my online shop is ready for 2012, I paid to Now Lifestyle to bring traffic to my online store. The result is traffic little, and conversion zero. The same is Facebook traffic, many clicks, but no sale. After two months of paying for nothing, I stopped paying to Now Lifestyle and Facebook for traffic.

    Your review helped me to know Now Lifestyle program better. Today I know it is my own fault, they offer me a lot of useful tools to promote my website but I do not use it. 

    Even after learning a lot from the WA platform, there are many tools you have mentioned in the content is totally new to me. You are right, I am a beginner, not recommend to join Now Lifestyle. 

    Thank you for sharing Now Lifestyle with me to clear my doubt which haunt me for many years. Now I can fully forgive Joel Therien since he is a real businessman. Thank you very much. Love to read your posts.

  5. Hi Ivan, this is the first time I heard about Now Lifestyle. I am surprised that it operates like an MLM company because when I read about this at a glance, it looks like many of those affiliate marketing companies offering autoresponder, landing page builder, website builder, etc. At least it has a 14 days 1 dollar trial, which is good in my opinion. Get you to try it out if you like it or not. Am I interested in it? Not really since it operates like an MLM which is not my cup of tea. Thank you for sharing your review on Now Lifestyle Ivan.

    • Hi Dominic, thanks for your comment on my review. I’m glad this post was helpful. Now Lifestyle offers a $1 14-day trial, which is great. However, I’m not so confident about recommending it because the training is not the best one I’ve ever seen. There are far better training companies like Wealthy Affiliate for example, that also include all the tools and coaching.


  6. This is a great informative piece, really well written and on an unbiased basis too about a platform I had not heard of before.

    I do have a question which maybe you can answer!  With the paid traffic where you say “the platform gives you an opportunity to buy clicks (traffic) directly from the platform as well. There are various packages that go from 25 least to 500 leads” – are the leads just based on the health and wellness niche or do they cover other niches as well?   And if they do, what other niches do they offer?   

    • Hi Hi Moreno, thanks for your comment on my review of Now Lifestyle. To answer your question, you need to schedule a call and talk to someone from the platform before buying leads. You can then talk to them about the source and ask them do they cover other niches as well. I hope this helps.


  7. Great review Ivan. To me it does not sound like a good high quality training package for anyone to get started online with. And just the fact of having upsells throws up red flags to me because that is what I have seen with a lot of the scams out there.

    Ok, perhaps it’s not so much a scam however what are the odds of making money with it as a newbie? Like you said if the training is lacking quality then it’s not much use to anyone now is it?

    And for the paid traffic, I have seen some programs offering paid traffic which turns out to be garbage. They used the same list for everyone, what good is that. Do you have any idea about the quality of the traffic you are buying?
    Thanks for the review it helps a lot.

    • Hi Rick, thanks for sharing your comment on my review, much appreciated. I agree with you. After seeing what is inside, and comparing Now Lifestyle to some other marketing training programs, I concluded that it is not the best one out there. Upsells are a red flag to me as well.

      As you can see, I’m not recommending this to newbies. I highly doubt that a newbie can make something out of this without proper education.

      As for traffic and its quality, I have no idea where it is coming from, which is the case with any lead/solo ad service. That is why I don’t like to buy traffic from random sites online.


  8. I’ve always been against buying traffic. Maybe it has to do with my past experiences, and that’s why I tend to stay away from programs that offer such services.

    There’s no way in hell that the leads they send me are highly-targeted, which is why I would instead invest my ‘traffic’ money in a course that will teach me how to do it myself.

    I despise hidden upsells, and by the looks of it, Now Lifestyle has way too many. Thanks for the fantastic review, Ivan, but I’ll be skipping this one.

    I believe there are far better alternatives instead, and I might just give yours a try.

    • Hi Gorjan, thanks for your comment on my review of Now Lifestyle. I share your experience when it comes to buying traffic. My loses in that area are huge and I will probably never pay for traffic again. Maybe that’s just me, but paying for clicks is like gambling with your money.

      And I alose agree about the upsells. I hate to sign up for a program only to find out that there are four more pages of upsells waiting for me before I can even get access to the training I just bought. That’s the same case with Now Lifestyle, unfortunately.

      Feel free to check out both. But I would recommend my alternative program because there’s no upsells and everything is straight.



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