Paid Traffic Mastery Review – Scam By Digital Marketer or Legit?

Welcome to my Digital Marketer’s Paid Traffic Mastery review (by Molly Pittman).

What is it about? How does it work? Who is Molly Pittman? Is Paid Traffic Mastery a scam or legit? Keep reading my review to find out!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m all for free traffic sources.

Free traffic is better in the long run and has a massive ROI.

However, the problem with free traffic is that it takes a lot of time, work, patience, and persistence to get it.

While on the other hand, paid traffic brings almost instant results.

But paid traffic takes a lot of money (believe me, you will fail and failure costs a ton of cash), requires some skills, and most importantly it’s not for anyone.

If you can’t handle the loss (your emotions) don’t mess with paid traffic.

However, if you are looking to master paid traffic, then Paid Traffic Mastery course by Molly Pittman from Digital Marketer might be the right choice for you.

The Paid Traffic Mastery course is basically focused to teach you strategies for driving quality traffic from platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram to your website, funnel, page, etc.

But first, who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m Ivan and I’m a successful online marketer who went from waiting tables to managing a full-time income online. I have also tried and tested 600+  courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

In other words, I’m passionate about making money online and helping you to find legit ways to do so!

And in the rest of my Digital Marketer’s Paid Traffic Mastery review, I’ll walk you through this course from A to Z and help you to make a wise decision before you shell out $500 on this course.

Sounds fair? Let’s go!

Paid Traffic Mastery Review


  • Product Type: Paid Traffic Training
  • Owner: Molly Pittman (Digital Marketer)
  • Product Price: $495
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Days
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended?: See Below…

Quick Summary: Paid Traffic Mastery is a step-by-step digital marketing course that teaches people how to master paid advertising via Facebook, Google, and YouTube. The course has been created by Molly Pittman – a reputable digital marketing expert.

But is it a scam or a legit course? Well, here are the pros and cons first…

✅ The good thing about Paid Traffic Mastery is the fact that the course contains legitimate and workable information. Molly Pittman shows how to drive paid traffic to your website from multiple sources.

Another good thing about this course in the production of Digital Marketer is that you can get your money back during the first 30 days of your purchase.

? The bad thing about Paid Traffic Mastery is the fact that it doesn’t teach anything else. So if you’re looking to learn how to start an entirely online business, this course won’t show you how to do so.

?? All in all, I give this course all the green lights. Digital Marketer’s Paid Traffic Mastery is a legitimate course. If you’re interested in learning about paid ads, this course might be the right choice for you.

Alternative: If you are interested in starting an online business from scratch and making money online, check out a 100% legitimate training program that I used to go from $0 to earning four-figure (and rising!) passive income online!




What Is Paid Traffic Mastery?

Paid Traffic Mastery is a training course that focuses on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising via Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

The course is designed to show you how to drive paid traffic from these sources to your website or any other piece of online property.

The Paid Traffic Mastery course stretches over 7 training modules that contain 47 video lessons. With this course, you can learn how to craft your campaigns, run ads, optimize and scale your ads, and more.

Paid Advertising

It’s important to highlight right from the start of this review that the main focus of the course is Facebook ads, which is Molly’s speciality. Her course reminds me of Jay-Kay Dowdall’s FB Master’s Program.

There are some modules inside the Paid Traffic Mastery where you will be learning about other sources. However, the first half of the course is all about FB ads with Molly Pittman.

Parts of the course where you will be learning about Google, YouTube, and other platforms are hosted by other Digital Marketer’s experts on paid traffic generation.

One of the things that I like about Paid Traffic Mastery right from the start is a complete lack of hype. The course comes from a reputable website called which is 100% focused on knowledge and skills over results.

In fact, Molly Pittman and the guys from Digital Marketer do not promise any results with this course. In other words, your results depend solely on your ability to follow and implement all the strategies that are covered in this course.

This is actually a great sign despite it sounds a bit discouraging.

Online scams will try to convince you that you can make tons of cash easily. They will throw fake income earnings in your face to make you believe that you can do the same fast.

On the other hand, Paid Traffic Mastery doesn’t use any negative and scammy tactics. That said, let me introduce to you the face behind the course.

Who Is Molly Pittman (Digital Marketer)?

Molly Pittman is not just a face that is supposed to sell you this course like it’s been the case with many online schemes. She is actually a real person with a real background in digital marketing.

Molly Pittman is an experienced digital marketer and paid ads expert who has a reputable career behind her and has spent over $2 million on paid ads.

Molly Pittman Paid Traffic Mastery

It’s safe to say that Molly Pittman is a legitimate figure. Molly is also a VP and traffic manager for a Digital Marketer company.

And today, she has decided to teach you her strategies with her Paid Traffic Mastery course.

That said, it’s really good to see a real person with real experience behind this course because your success with it depends on Molly’s experience.

Alongside Molly Pittman, you will be learning from Mike Rhodes and Tom Breeze. They are all a part of the Digital Marketer team, which is a legit digital marketing company.

Below is the short intro from their YouTube channel where they have gathered 55K subscribers by the time of writing this Paid Traffic Mastery review.

How Does Paid Traffic Mastery Work?

In this section of Paid Traffic Mastery review, I will break down this course into pieces. The course has been designed to show you how to create and run paid ads on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram successfully.

The entire course stretches over 7 modules and 47 video lessons. Each module has been designed to teach you the basics of creating and running paid ads on already mentioned platforms.

The core idea behind Paid Traffic Mastery is to help you to drive targeted traffic to your website, sales funnel, or blog.

You will learn how to dive deep into the Facebook Ads platform and leverage it to get hot traffic.

Molly Pittman is an expert on Facebook ads and she will show you exactly how to design ad campaigns that generate results for your business… fast.

Moreover, she’s going to show you how to follow her 3-step Automated Traffic System to set up ads that will generate paid traffic on autopilot 24/7.

Another thing that you can learn from Paid Traffic Mastery is how to create a customer avatar for your ideal client or customer so that you can cater your messaging to better target leads that are more likely to buy your product or service.

As you go through the course, you can learn how to track your campaign’s progress and success by establishing conversion metrics that actually matter to you, your business, and your bottom line.

Learn advanced retargeting strategies and how you can leverage multiple touchpoints on high-value leads to maximize your efforts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google.

All of these lessons are followed with examples of winning ads so that you can model your own ads after proven campaigns and continually crank out winning campaigns.

All in all, Paid Traffic Mastery is exactly what it says, a full-blown step-by-step training course that will show you how to master paid online advertising.

Alternative: If you are interested in starting an online business from scratch and making money online, check out a 100% legitimate training program that I used to go from $0 to earning four-figure (and rising!) passive income online!




What Do You Get With Paid Traffic Mastery?

In addition to the training course, Paid Traffic Mastery comes with a few bonuses as well as a few cool perks such as a certificate. badge, etc.

Paid Traffic Mastery Content

As mentioned earlier, Paid Traffic Mastery course is broken down into seven training modules with the main focus on Facebook ads. The course contains 47 video lessons.

Paid Traffic Mastery Training Course

Module 1 – Getting Started

The first module is where you get to meet Molly Pittman. She’s going to walk you through her course briefly and give you an introduction to paid ads.

She will be talking about what paid ads are, and why you should use them. Also, she will walk you through a customer purchase cycle to give you an idea of how it works “from the above.”

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started
  • Lesson 2: Paid Traffic: The What & Why
  • Lesson 3: The Customer Journey Explained

Module 2 – Core Concept

The second module inside Paid Traffic Mastery is focused on the basic core concepts of paid advertising. Molly goes over the importance and difference between hot, warm, and cold traffic and shows you which one is the best.

Of course, the main focus is on the hot traffic. But you should also keep your eye on the cold one and master the techniques for warming up the cold leads.

  • Lesson 1: Core Concepts
  • Lesson 2: The Traffic Store
  • Lesson 3: Traffic Temperature
  • Lesson 4: Content & Paid Traffic
  • Lesson 5: Cold Traffic Content
  • Lesson 6: Warm Traffic Content
  • Lesson 7: Hot Traffic Content
  • Lesson 8: What’s Next?

Module 3 – Crafting Your Campaign Assets

Module number three is all about creating your first campaigns. In this module, you will learn how to segment and create your customer avatar, target your future customers, create high-quality ad copy, and much more!

One of the best techniques from this module of Paid Traffic Mastery is targeting and creating ad copy. These two skills help you to get the most from your ads without wasting too much money.

  • Lesson 1: Creating Your Campaign Assets
  • Lesson 2: Customer Avatars
  • Lesson 3: Laser Targeting
  • Lesson 4: High Converting Ad Copy
  • Lesson 5: Ad Creatives
  • Lesson 6: Ad Scent
  • Lesson 7: What’s Next?

Module 4 – Facebook Deep Dive

Once you go over the basics of paid ads, this module of Paid Traffic Mastery will introduce you to Facebook ads.

Molly will teach you how to get started with Facebook, follow the compliance, place your first ads, track your campaigns, install the Pixel, and more.

Also, she will introduce you to Instagram ads as well.

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started With Facebook
  • Lesson 2: Facebook Compliance
  • Lesson 3: Understanding Campaign Structure
  • Lesson 4: Placements, Bidding, & Budget
  • Lesson 5: Instagram
  • Lesson 6: Tracking & Campaign Launch
  • Lesson 4: Retargeting & The Facebook Pixel

Module 5 – Troubleshooting, Optimizing & Scaling

This module is all about analyzing your data. Once your campaigns start, you will learn how to track, optimize and scale all your Facebook campaigns to get better and better ROI.

One of the key takeaways from this module of Paid Traffic Mastery is scaling your ads. In other words, once you start generating revenue, it’s important that you use the income to run more ads, and thus generate more income!

  • Lesson 1: Troubleshooting, Optimizing, & Scaling
  • Lesson 2: Analyzing Data
  • Lesson 3: Troubleshooting Campaigns
  • Lesson 4: Optimizing
  • Lesson 5: Scaling

Module 6 – Google Ads With Mike Rhodes

In this module of Paid Traffic Mastery, you will meet Mike Rhodes. Mike is an expert on Google ads and during the next ten lessons, he will show you how to leverage Google to get even more paid traffic to your website.

Unlike the first four modules where Molly has broken down FB ads into pieces, this module is not as comprehensive as it should be. In my opinion, this is just an overview of Google ads.

  • Lesson 1: The Big Picture
  • Lesson 2: Learn The Lingo
  • Lesson 3: Knowing Your Business and Marketing Goals
  • Lesson 4: Finding and Understanding Keywords
  • Lesson 5: Writing Great Ads
  • Lesson 6: Understanding Ad Groups
  • Lesson 7: Building Campaigns
  • Lesson 8: Conversion Tracking
  • Lesson 9: Introduction to Ongoing Optimization
  • Lesson 10: Getting Advanced

Module 7 – YouTube Ads With Tom Breeze

The last module is where you will meet Tom Breeze – an expert on YouTube ads. Tom will teach you how to create video ads and run them on YouTube to attract more customers to your online business.

Once again, unlike the first half of the Paid Traffic Mastery course, this is just an overview of the methods. I feel they used these last two modules just as content fillers.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Your Customers Moment
  • Lesson 3: The Perfect Video Ad
  • Lesson 4: Reaching Your Customer
  • Lesson 5: Campaign Build Walkthrough
  • Lesson 6: Thank You

Alternative: If you are interested in starting an online business from scratch and making money online, check out a 100% legitimate training program that I used to go from $0 to earning four-figure (and rising!) passive income online!




Who Is Paid Traffic Mastery For?

It’s safe to say that Molly Pittman’s Paid Traffic Mastery course is for anyone interested in paid ads.

The course is suitable for advanced marketers who want to optimize and scale their existing campaigns and beginners who are looking to learn how to run Facebook ads from scratch.

So in my opinion, it’s for the following groups of people:

  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Email marketers
  • eCommerce store owners
  • Bloggers and website owners
  • Digital marketing agencies

Does Paid Traffic Mastery Deliver?

All in all, Paid Traffic Mastery is a comprehensive course. Moreover, it dives deep into every aspect of paid traffic, which makes it suitable for anyone looking to start with paid ads the right way.

Digital Marketer Paid Traffic Mastery Course

That said, I would say that it does deliver on the promises. However, if you’re interested in Molly Pitman’s course, keep in mind a few things.

First, the course is solely focused on paid ads. This means that you will not learn how to create a website, write content, get free traffic, join affiliate programs, and do other things related to creating a successful online business.

Secondly, since Paid Traffic Mastery focuses on, well, paid ads, keep in mind that you need a decent budget to start and implement this course. I would go on and say that you need at least $1000 on the side for ads.

Speaking of which, let’s see the next section of Paid Traffic Mastery review to check out the price, shall we?

How Much Does Paid Traffic Mastery Cost?

You can enrol in Molly Pittman’s course for $495 one time. This means that there are no subscription fees or any upgrades down the road.

Unlike many other courses these days, Paid Traffic Mastery does not come with hidden upsells.

Paid Traffic Mastery Price

Also, Molly Pittman gives you 30 days to test her training course before you decide whether or not you should dive deep into it. In other words, it’s covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Paid Traffic Mastery a Scam?

There are a lot of frauds in the make-money-online world. You’ll be happy to learn that Paid Traffic Mastery is not a scam.

Molly Pittman is a 100% legitimate digital marketer who helps people to start, improve, and grow their digital marketing businesses.

As you can see from this review, there are no overhyped statements, misleading claims, fake earning reports, fake testimonials, or any other scam signals that could incriminate this course.

One of the top signs that Paid Traffic Mastery is a 100% legitimate course is full and complete transparency. In other words, you can learn almost everything about the course before you shell out $500 to enrol.

And even if you do so, you’re covered with a money-back guarantee.

Although I have to say that $500 is a bit too much for a training course. The first four modules have value. But the rest of it can be found on YouTube for free.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t be paying this much money to learn how to get paid traffic. But the spicy price tag is nothing strange when it comes to courses about paid ads.

All in all, Paid Traffic Mastery is legit. You get some value in return for your money, and if used properly, it could deliver results as well.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




What I Like About Paid Traffic Mastery

  • Molly Pittman is a reputable digital marketing expert
  • High-quality training course on paid ads
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced marketers
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

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What I Don’t Like About It

  • Paid Traffic Mastery course is expensive
  • The course does not teach anything else

Is Paid Traffic Mastery Recommended?

If you’re interested in starting with paid ads (PPC) primarily via the Facebook platform I would recommend Paid Traffic Mastery course by Molly Pittman and guys from Digital Marketer.

In addition to Facebook ads, this course will teach you how to run ads on Google and YouTube as well.

The good news is that Molly Pittman is a reputable online marketer.

If you visit her website, you’ll see that she’s been in this business for a long time and has helped 1000’s so far to either get started or improve their existing digital marketing business.

Another good thing about Paid Traffic Mastery course is that it dives deep into paid ads. It’s a comprehensive course that contains almost 50 step-by-step lessons and is suitable for both beginners and advanced marketers.

My only problem with this course is the high price tag. But I’ve seen the worst. Also, if you’re looking for a comprehensive course on digital marketing, you will be disappointed with this one.

Thanks for reading my Paid Traffic Mastery review. What are your thoughts? Do you like Molly’s course? Have you had any experience with it? Feel free to share your thoughts below this review!

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Thanks for reading my Paid Traffic Mastery review.

If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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24 thoughts on “Paid Traffic Mastery Review – Scam By Digital Marketer or Legit?”

  1. I’m glad you made this review.  Paid Traffic Mastery, at first, in my opinion, seemed like a scam.  The price wasn’t that high compared to some things, but was high enough to make it seem like a scam.  I’m glad to see that it’s not a scam, but I see why it’s not as high as some other online programs, because it only teaches one thing.  I don’t think many of us are ready to give that money just to learn that, unless we have an established site already.

  2. This is my 2nd article I have read from you and once again thank you for breaking it down for me. This isnt something im interested in after reading the article but definitely can see how this program can help someone else. This website will definitely help a lot of peoples make the right decision

  3. I have been looking for ways to generate traffic into my site but I am struggling. Paid traffic seems like something that will make my life easier. I will be sure to use this tool for my site. Also, is it a plugin or not? I don’t want to install too many plugins 

  4. I am still in the infancy stages of my affiliate marketing journey. And I don’t feel comfortable about driving paid traffic to my site. I could waste a lot of money if I don’t have the fundamental solid yet. On the other hand, if we have search engines, I believe we should target free traffic first.

    • The time for buying traffic for affiliate programs may have past. That is a very difficult way to make a living now. Check out Charles Ngo for free info on affiliate marketing.

      Making affiliate offers to your list still works great. The cost of acquisition has already been paid.

  5. Hey Ivan,

    Another great and comprehensive review of Paid Traffic Mastery. I love the way you direct me to read more on the recommendation at the bottom and not at the top. It made me read the review more in detail

    Unfortunately, Paid Traffic Mastery come across as very expensive. Thank you for the recommendation on free traffic. I will definitely have a look and follow your tios. 

    Thank you always for making it easy for me to understand other products with a simple but comprehensive review. Alway great reading from you

  6. HI Ivan. Thank you for another great post. I was looking before into Paid Traffic Mastery a bit, but to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But after reading your review its clear for me that price is much to high for paid ads training. There are much better platforms where for decent price you can have more comprehensive training.

  7. Wow! This is an excellent review, I love the in depth analysis of the program. Too often you read these reviewed and can see the obvious bias. This seems to be a genuine honest review weighing the pros and cons with a balanced perspective. I will certainly be looking further into this

  8. I like it when people behind products and services tell us candidly that success is not guaranteed. Lots of people behind scams try to push their products as the holy grail of success. Once you pay their obligation to you ends there! And another thing I like about this is there’s a face with a reputation behind the course. I’m yet to get to the paid traffic level in my online journey so I’ll put this in my bookmarks for later.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. Glad to hear it. You’re right. Scams and schemes are always just after your money with no real intention to help you out. It’s different with products like Paid Traffic Mastery.


  9. While this form of MMO can definitely work, you need a decent amount of cash to start. 

    With paid ads you can easily spend a few grand without even realizing it. 

    I am not one to shy away from hard work or a challenge, so I prefer the FREE method. There are many methods and some are a lot better than others. 

    I have been looking heavily into some sort of ads (as I am just getting starting with my site, 19 days old today), and the fact that you have a link on this page to (basically) a story about you and how you got started.

    That level of transparency will do wonders with the people you attract. 

    Thanks for the article, Ivan. I will definitely be keeping up with you and your methods.

    • Hi Caleb, thanks for your comment. You’re right. This kind of marketing requires a lot of cash. When I was dabbling with paid ads, I had spent over a thousand dollars and I got extremely negative ROI, which is why I, just like you, prefer free traffic. Glad to hear that this review was helpful and best of luck with your site! Feel free to reach out if you have questions.


  10. This is a pretty interesting course, considering they actually teach how to work with paid ads. Although, I think being successful with ads, needs a lot of knowledge and some extra cash for testing. Rather I would get traffic through SEO or through Pinterest because they are free and they work faster if done right. But I wonder if their ads training is good enough?

    • Hi Shrey, thanks for your comment on my review. I would say that their training on paid ads is good enough. Digital Marketer is a reputable online marketing learning platform and Molly’s Paid Traffic Mastery is legit. But I agree with you. I also prefer to get traffic for free from search engines and social media. Pinterest is indeed one of the best ways to generate free clicks easily. Glad this review was helpful.


  11. I really enjoyed your review of Molly Pittman’s course. With so many scams going around online these days in the MMO niche, it is nice to see your break down of how Paid Traffic Mastery is not once of these.

    The price tag associated with this course is way too high! but I like that they do not have any further upsells. My main concern is the 30 day money back guarantee… Do you think it is possible to see paid traffic coming through those platforms in a matter of 30 days if you work as hard as they tell you and complete all the modules? I guess another way to put it is: is it even possible to complete all the modules within 30 days in order to gauge if the course is working?

    • Hi Sasha, thanks for your comment on my review. I was also glad to see that Paid Traffic Mastery is not a scam. It’s a good course on PPC. But it’s expensive, I agree. Regarding your question about the money-back guarantee, I have no idea, to be honest. You will have to try it for yourself to get these answers.


    • Digital marketer puts everything on sale eventually.

      You can do this course in a weekend. When you buy traffic it arrives quickly.

      But following the process takes longer. The goal is for the traffic to pay for itself. This involves repeated Testing and optimizing using small buys. When you do it right molly says only about 20% work the first time.

      When you get a campaign to work then scale up the spending slowly. Maybe start with a $500 budget for testing. Don’t be afraid to lose it.

      Once your system is working you can turn the traffic on and off at will. If one platform stops working just move on. There will always be traffic to buy.

      SEO and social can work but it’s hard to depend on them. You are not in control. Plus your time is not free.

      Molly has a much more in-depth program not with digital marketer.

  12. Traffic mastery is certainly a very professional and well designed course on paid ads. I’ve not heard of Molly Pittman, but she seems to have a lot of experience. I like the fact it doesn’t have an overhyped sales page which always puts me off. However, you’d need at least a spare $1500 to invest in the course and spend on ads. Personally, I prefer free traffic methods even though they take longer. In addition, learning the art of SEO and creating great content will always pay off.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your comment on my review of Paid Traffic Mastery. Glad it was helpful. I agree free traffic and learning SEO and content creation will pay off hugely in the future. Paid ads are not my favourite either.



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