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Welcome to my PD Goldmine review.

Are you a blog owner? Do you struggle with writing your own content? Can’t keep pace with the industry? Well, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Creating a great piece of content continuously is a challenging task. That’s why many content writers out there seek for help.

Now, the most popular way to get help with your content is to hire a copywriter to help you pump out the content. However, as you’re going to discover in this PD Goldmine review, you can also find usable content from the public domain that you can use for your business without violating any copyrights.

I’m talking about a brand new release called PD Goldmine, and with this PD Goldmine review, you’re going to discover what it is, how it works, price, pros and cons, should you get it or not, and more! Follow me!

PD Goldmine Review


PD Goldmine Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Content Library
  • Product Owners: Amy Harrop
  • Price: $29.99 + Hidden Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Recommended?: Why not…

Quick Summary: I usually don’t like shortcuts to success, and I prefer to take it slow. However, in some cases, you need to speed things up and to have access to various tools and software that help to do so is a life-saver.

Today, I want to show you a piece of software that helps to utilize other people’s content legally. When I hear those words, I get defensive because I’m the first person who would hate if someone copies my content and uses it as their own. Do you feel the same?

Well, this software has nothing to do with that. It gives you instant access to tons of free public domain content. You can use this content in more than one way, and this PD Goldmine review is going to show you how to do so.

The short version is, the PD Goldmine is legitimate and was created by Amy Harrop, who is a respectable content and product creator. You can buy PD Goldmine on WarriorPlus for $29.99, and your purchase is covered with a 7-day refund policy.

If you’re interested in reading a longer version, keep reading my PD Goldmine review because I’m going to take you through this product from A to Z. Shall we?

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What is PD Goldmine About?

PD Goldmine or a Public Domain Goldmine is a brand new product that helps you to find a ton of free public domain content that you can use to earn profits online. Copyright laws protected this type of content. But as of 2020, some of it is now available in the public domain and can be used for free.

PD Goldmine includes features like software for finding content by category so you can quickly discover the type of free public domain content you need. Then, you get step-by-step training on how to properly use the software and some additional free bonuses and resources from the author.

The good thing about PD Goldmine software is that it takes that extra weight off your shoulders you might feel when searching for the new content ideas. This tool is designed to show you how to get your hands on free content in a matter of minutes. And it’s all 100% legal because the content is available in the public domain.

PD Goldmine Description

In other words, PD Goldmine is going to help you find the following types of content:

  • eBooks
  • Tutorials
  • Presentations
  • Educational materials
  • Infographics
  • Social media content
  • Videos

And more. So if you’re looking for some content that you can use to promote on your website, blog, online business, or any other place online, PD Goldmine could help to get access to some valuable material.

To me, the most valuable category is eBooks. A lot of marketers use eBooks to attract new leads by giving them away from free. But it takes a lot of time to create one single eBook. So by having access to a Public Domain library, you can save yourself from a lof of work.

In the next sections of my PD Goldmine review, you’re going to discover more about the features and benefits of the software, as well as how it works in practice. Now, let’s see who is the brain behind this product.

Who is the Creator of PD Goldmine?

Amy Harrop is the owner and creator of PD Goldmine software. She’s a talented copywriter and product creator who has helped countless marketers so far to make their job a lot easier.

PD Goldmine Amy Harrop

You can read more about Amy on her blog (amyharrop.com), where she shares useful tips for creating content, and more. You can discover her products on networks such as Udemy, WarriorPlus, where she promotes her ideas with other like-minded content creators.

PD Goldmine Review – Product and Features

You may have seen a brief overview of features and benefits on the product sales page. And in this section of PD Goldmine review, I’m going to walk you through the product dashboard and show you what you can expect from this software.

Here’s a quick overview of the features:

The PD Goldmine Software 

The cool thing about PD Goldmine is that it helps you to find usable content from a public domain in just a few clicks. I don’t like to use these words a lot, but with this software, it’s really like that. The dashboard is simple and easy to navigate, which makes this tool very straightforward to use.

PD Goldmine Software

Once you log in to the dashboard, you can use the software to find the following types of content:

  • Images
  • Artwork
  • Several Types of Written Content in Several Categories
  • Media Such As Audio, Video, Film, Music, and AudioBooks
  • Creative Commons Content
  • Copyright Resources

In the next sections, I’m going to show you how to access this content. By the way, once you find the content you like and wish to use, all you have to do is save it to a file, and it’s ready to use.

The PD Goldmine PDF Guide 

Public Domain Goldmine PDF guide is a 70-pages long ebook where you can find tons of tips and tricks for finding the top-notch public domain content you can use.

PD Goldmine PDF Guide

Besides instructions, tips, and strategies on finding the content, this PDF guide contains valuable information on how to monetize the content and more. These strategies could help you to take your business on the next level. I find this feature very useful and an excellent addition to the software.

The PD Goldmine Tutorial Demo Videos 

In addition to a PDF guide, Amy Harrop has included a set of training videos that are designed to help you to find profitable public domain content with PD Goldmine software. The training consists of step-by-step instruction, as well as case studies where you can watch Amy creating various types of content using the public domain.

PD Goldmine Tutorial Demo Videos

With this training, Amy is not only going to show you how to find the content you’re looking for but also, she’s going to show you how to monetize your content as well! Don’t expect immediate results with this training, but I’m sure this is more than a valuable addition to Public Domain Goldmine.

The PD Goldmine Brainstorming Worksheet 

We all get stuck with brainstorming ideas. I bet you too have troubles sometimes finding the right content ideas, right? That’s why Amy gives away PD Goldmine Brainstorming Worksheet where you can find tons of questions and tips that are going to help you get unstuck in a matter of minutes.

The PD Goldmine Quick Start Checklists 

Sometimes a brand new software can be challenging and rough to use, especially if you’re a beginner. That is why Amy has included this Quick Start Checklist that is going to show you how to utilize all features of PD Goldmine in just a few days. No need to sweat when you have all these resources on your side.

You’ll find ideas on each type of content you can think of:

  • Creating books with public domain works
  • Creating tutorials with public domain works
  • Creating educational content with public domain works
  • Creating presentations with public domain works
  • Creating visual content with public domain works
  • Creating social media content with public domain works
  • Creating videos with public domain works

Additional Features

In addition to the software, PDF, training videos and quick-start checklist, all users of PD Goldmine are going to get access to some valuable bonus features such as:

  • Avoiding Copyright Issues
  • Outsource Template Pack
  • The Re-Purposing Images Training

All in all, we have found a lot of cool features inside of the dashboard that I’m sure you’re going to find useful as well. I personally think that Amy is not holding anything back from you, and she seems to really take care that you get the most out of her product.

Good job, Amy. Now, let’s take a look at the next section of PD Goldmine review where I explain how you can start using this software to find public domain content you can use on your website, blog, or sell it in any other way you can think off.

How Does PD Goldmine Work?

The software itself is not that hard to use and what I like the most about it is the simplicity. Unlike some other software, PD Goldmine works very well and is straightforward and easy to use. I’m sure even beginners will find it comfortable too.

There are only a few steps that you need to follow to get your hand on public domain content. So, first things first, you’ll have to log into your dashboard to gain access to the Public Domain Goldmine software.

Then, you have to choose the type of content you want the software to find for you.

PD Goldmine Step 1.

Then, as you can see from the image below, you’ll find some categories. Some of the categories include:

  • Children
  • Classic
  • General
  • Education
  • History
  • Spiritual
  • Health & Science
  • Business
  • Collections
  • Government

PD Goldmine Step 2.

In each of these categories, you’ll find tons of public domain content. The good thing is, you’ll find that each day a considerable amount of public domain content has been released online, and the software is going to regularly update each category with new and fresh public domain content you can use to publish as your own, resell, and more.

The software also has a feature that allows you to leave your comments on a piece of content that you liked. This way, you can help users to know immediately which content is valuable and which is not.

As you select a category, for example, General, the software is going to show you a list of books and other types of content you can use. Moreover, you can use the tool to create your own content using the ideas from the lists.

PD Goldmine Step 3.

An important thing to remember is that public domain content is free to use. So, if you don’t want to spend hours by your computer using Google to find free content, you can jump into PD Goldmine and get it in a matter of minutes.

Who is PD Goldmine For?

Realistically speaking, PD Goldmine is for anyone intensively looking for ways and means to get more content ideas. I’ve used a lot of tools so far that help brainstorm ideas, but none of them gives away free public domain content that you can use as your own legally.

So, in my opinion, this software is for:

  • Content creators
  • Content publishers
  • eBook authors
  • Bloggers and site owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Content marketers
  • Anyone in need of content




PD Goldmine Price and OTOs

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the software, this section of PD Goldmine review reveals all the details about the price. You’ll have to go through WarriorPlus marketplace where you can purchase the public domain software for $29.99 one time. Your purchase includes:

  • The Public Domain Goldmine Software 
  • The Public Domain PDF Guide 
  • Tutorial Demo Videos 
  • Brainstorming Worksheet 
  • Quick Start Checklists 
  • Additional Features

An important thing to notice is that your purchase is covered with a 7-day money-back guarantee. It’s not a lot of time to give this software a try, but better something than nothing, right? Also, your PD Goldmine purchase comes with a few one-time-offers (OTOs).

Here are a few OTOs that you can use to get more from PD Goldmine:

OTO #1 – Public Domain Profits Accelerator – $27 one time 

This OTO will help you to get the most out of PD Goldmine content with unique content templates, re-purposing guides, checklists and more.

OTO #2 – Videlligence – $47 one time

With this software, you can convert any product or content page or item into a high-converting video automatically. You need to click to create videos for promotion and monetize your business.

I’m never a fan of upsells, but I’m glad to see that PD Goldmine comes with only two OTOs.

What I Like About PD Goldmine

Everyone who is actively involved in the content creation of any kind knows how difficult it is to find fresh content ideas and resources every single day. We all need as much help as possible, and I found PD Goldmine to be very helpful.

Using this software is very simple and easy. You get tons of free public domain content directly in your lap in a matter of minutes of using this tool. Moreover, Amy Harrop has taken care to show you how to find public domain content with a lot of resources such as video tutorials, PDFs, checklists, etc.

On tops of that, PD Goldmine shows how even to monetize your content to earn an income online. And if you’re not satisfied with the product within seven days of your purchase, you can get a refund as well.

  • Gives You Access To Huge Amounts of Free Content
  • Teaches How To Monetize the Content
  • Amy Harrop is Legitimate Content Specialist
  • Software is Easy To Use and To Navigate
  • Tons of Resources Included
  • 7-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

What I Don’t Like About PD Goldmine

I have to be completely honest with my PD Goldmine review and tell you about a few things that I don’t like about this product. First of all, I hate upsells, and this product comes with two of them. They should have been at least disclosed before purchase.

Secondly, I believe this software is handy. However, maybe Amy should have included more training on how to create your own content using the free public domain resources. And in-depth video training on content creation would be an excellent addition to the software itself.

  • A Few Hidden Upsells Come Up As Soon As You Join
  • Could Use More Training on Creating Your Own Content

Is PD Goldmine a Scam or Legit?

Not at all! PD Goldmine is a legitimate software for finding tons of free public domain content in just a few clicks of your mouse. Now, anyone reading my reviews, knows that I’m not easy on giving green lights to software like this. However, Amy did an excellent job with this one.

That said, the Public Domain Goldmine is not a scam. Your purchase is safe, and Amy even gives a refund if you’re not happy with the tool and its functions.

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PD Goldmine Review – Conclusion

All in all, PD Goldmine is a beneficial software that you can use to find content ideas, use free public domain content as you own, create content using open resources, and more. There are microscopic flaws in this software indeed.

I believe every content creator out there would agree with me that having this kind of help is always much appreciated. That said, I recommend this product.

Thanks for reading my PD Goldmine review. We have covered all the essential parts of this product, and I hope my research has been useful to yours. If you need more information, make sure to leave your questions in the comment box below.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this PD Goldmine review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

10 thoughts on “PD Goldmine Review – Content For Profitable Income Streams”

  1. PD Goldmine, I have never heard of this until now, 

    Another well-written article that is full of great information and can definitely help many trying to make money online. I also work online affiliate marketing, and I must say that compared to my last job ( Concrete placer 14 years ) there is no comparison. 

    If this tool can help people, I would say go for it. 

    • Hi Luke Morettin, thanks for commenting on my review of PD Goldmine. Affiliate marketing is great and if you’re looking for some content ideas, this program could assist in some ways. I too have been working on a job before discovering affiliate marketing. That was three years ago and I’ve never turned back again! Best of luck!


  2. I have to agree that using content I didn’t write doesn’t sit well with me.  Having said that, I also recognize that life happens.  Things come up or sometimes I just don’t have any good ideas.  This platform sounds like an awesome way to legitimately use material that others have written.   I also like that it comes with training and other tools to help me learn how to use it.  Thank you for this helpful review!

    • Hi Cynthia, thanks for your comment on my review. Sure thing. You can use the content from PD Goldmine as your own or as an inspiration for your own content. The program comes with instructions and software. I’m glad you like it. Let me know if you have any questions.


  3. Thank you for sharing your review about PD Goldmine. I am very surprised to hear this but its a pleasing surprise by the way. I know that copying and pasting content is illegal. How exciting it is to find out about the existence of such a platform where one could find ideas about new content and all the content necessities such as photos and videos etc… The one time $30 payment looks a fair and a good deal to me. I would definitely take it.

    All the best!

    • Hi meenaf1, thanks for your comment on my review. Yes, PD Goldmine is a good deal if you’re looking for content ideas. I would not suggest copy-pasting the content. However, you can use it as giveaways lead generation, or in your blog posts, websites, etc. All in all, it’s a good deal. Nothing spectacular though.


  4. Hi Ivan, with all the benefits you mention, the product might even be too cheap? It seems like an awful lot.
    It is probably a good idea for me to check it out, although so far I haven’t been stuck often. But any help is useful, isn’t it?
    What I am wondering: if it’s public domain, how big are chances that the content has been used a lot and thus recognized by Google as double content?

    • Hi Hannie, it could be more worth, yes. But I appreciate the low price though LOL Yes, any help is useful. To answer your questions. Yes, if for example, you and I decide to use the same public domain content on our sites, the site that published latter is going to be excluded from top search results. I can’t say how high chances are of this happening, but it’s something to be concerned about if you’re going to use PD Goldmine to find blog posts. On the other hand, you can always rewrite the article and make it unique.


  5. I’m still a bit confused. Is this software for finding ideas to create new content when we are struggling with writer’s block, or is it just a great place for templates to add to your site? I like the idea that it’s just a one-time fee since I’m terrible at remembering which subscriptions I have to pay for.

    • Hi Aria, thanks for your question. PD Goldmine helps to find free public domain content that you can use as your own whether on your website, blog, or any other place where you can imagine using it.



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