Honest Social Sale Rep Review – Should You Buy This Program?

Welcome to my Social Sale Rep review. Wondering whether or not you can turn your social media skills into cash? Or perhaps you are wondering whether Social Sale Rep is a scam or legitimate company? Let me show you the truth in more detail. 

Social Sale Rep Reviews

Product Name: Social Sale Rep

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Owners: Unknown

Price: $27

Rating: 2/5

Recommended?: No

Quick Summary: Social Sale Rep is an affiliate marketing training program that can help you to start promoting products online.  The program is legitimate. However, I don’t recommend it because it’s not a comprehensive education on this topic. Another reason is that there is no community or ability to contact the owners, which is very important if you are a beginner. The bottom line is, not a scam, but not recommended. You can find much better ways to learn affiliate marketing.



According to the official website, Social Sales Rep is a site that promises to help you turn your skills into profits. Lately, there have been many sites of this kind that promise the same benefits. You know, it’s easy to make a promise. It’s another thing to keep it.

You want to know whether this company can stand up to their promises. You are here because you are concerned that Social Sale Rep might be a scam. You want some proof that it’s legitimate before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

By the way, congratulations on researching before getting into things headfirst. I know it’s hard to trust people on the net these days. But if you are looking for something real, check out this genuine way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Within this Social Sale Rep review, I’ll show you what it is about. I’ll explain how the whole thing works. I’ll show you what to expect and give my honest take on whether it is a scam or legit way to create an online income. Shall we begin?

What is Social Sale Rep?

The sale page does not reveal too much information about this service. According to the info available, Social Sale Rep is an online platform that helps to start with affiliate marketing via social medial. It’s for people who are looking either full-time or part-time income.

Social Sale Rep Website Review

Unlike many other sales pages out there for various online businesses, this one does not look like a scam at first. There are no usual signs like overhyping earning claims, or fake testimonials and flashy sales videos. However, that does not mean that this is legitimate. For example, I reviewed a site called 3 Step Method, which looked very similar, but turned out to be a scam.

One of the things that bother me about the Social Sale Rep website is that there are no details about the owner. Also, there is no other way to check who owns the site, because the About me page is not revealing too much.

The information from the site says that this is a platform designed to connect vendors and our social media consultants most efficiently and effectively possible. In other words, they help people to get started with affiliate marketing. 

How Does Social Sale Rep Work?

Affiliate marketing is a method of earning a commission by promoting other people’s services or products. You can choose to promote any vendor or a company you want and market its products or services via various marketing channels. Ever time you make a sale, you get a piece of the profit after the purchase has been made. Below is the diagram that explains the marketing cycle.

Affiliate Marketing

In the case of Social Sale Rep, as the name suggests, you can use social media as a medium of marketing and getting people to visit your offer. Other ways of marketing are blogging or email listing. The training program inside will show you how to join JVZoo and ClickBank marketplaces and choose vendors to work with. These guys give you an affiliate link, which connects you with the vendor.

You can choose products from various niches such as:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Business & Investing
  • Software & Service
  • Home & Garden
  • Food & Wine
  • Self-Help
  • Sports

Speaking of the training, it is not the best one you’ll find. In fact, it’s concise, and it teaches only one method of promoting affiliate links. As I mentioned, they will show you how to use social media alone. Here’s how it works in steps:

  1. Sign Up to Social Sales Rep platform
  2. Join ClickBank and JVZoo and find products to promote
  3. They give you a promotional eBook
  4. You promote the book with your affiliate links on social media
  5. People download the book
  6. You get paid every time someone clicks your link and buys the product

This method works. It’s one of the best ways to promote affiliate products. However, the Social Sale Rep looks more like a cheap scam to me. I’m not saying that it is, but they will charge you for something so simple. I mean, you can find this information all over the net for free. This offer is similar to Paid Social Media Jobs. It’s a site that charges you a small fee to find you jobs on social media that could be found for free sites like Fiverr and such.

Can You Make Money With This?

The truth is, you can make money with Social Sale Rep. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online. I use affiliate marketing to earn a consistent passive income every month. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to make money online. However, you need to see the company’s earning disclaimer first!

Social Sale Rep Earnings Disclaimer

Also, there is one critical thing you need to know when it comes to social media marketing. To make money via social media, you need to have a vast army of followers. If you own social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, but you don’t have tens of thousands of targeted followers, I’m afraid that you won’t make any money with this method. At least not until you attract enough people to your business, which may take months and even years.

Social Sale Rep Price & Upsells

To join the Social Sales Rep platform, you need to pay a $27 one time fee. Or if you refresh the page, you can get a $10 discount. As soon as you get inside, there’s one upsells waiting for you. It’s a tool that helps to create videos for your online promotions, and it costs $37.

This is not the most expensive affiliate marketing training program out there, but it’s not the best. Keep in mind that for $27, you get simple instructions on how to start with affiliate marketing as well as an eBook. Also, this offer comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee, which is a great thing.

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Who is Social Sale Rep for?

Social Sale Rep platform could be for people who are looking to learn how social media marketing works. In their own words, it’s for anyone interested in making money online. The training is simple and easy to follow, and it’s suitable for beginners as well.

What I Like About Social Sale Rep

At first glance, the Social Sale Rep looked suspicious to me. However, there are a few things that I liked, and that proves it might not be a scam after all.

  1. Affiliate Marketing is a Legitimate Method – The training program inside is showing how to use a legitimate method for making money online. They didn’t create too much hype about it to get you in, which is something that I like also.
  2. You Can Get a Refund – Another proof of legitimacy is a 60-days money-back guarantee, which is more than enough to test it. If you don’t like the program, you can ask for a refund during the first two months.

What I Don’t Like About It

Before you run off to try and make some money with this program, you need to read the following list. As I’ve said at the top of this review, Social Sale Rep promises a lot, but their delivery is not the best one.

  1. You Get a Low-Quality Training – The fact that you can find the same information all over the net for free is enough. This company will give you simple instructions and even charge you $27 for the service. It might be legitimate, but I wouldn’t recommend this if you are looking to learn how to earn a passive income online.
  2. You Need Social Media Following to Make it Work – A big problem with this methods is that you need to have or to create a social media following before you can make money with Social Sale Rep. This is something that they don’t tell you before you sign up, and I don’t like it.
  3. There are No Details About the Owners – Another scam warning sign is zero details about the owners of the company. There are no names, no address, nothing that can prove that this is a legitimate company that pays out people.
  4. Lack of Community, Support, and Live Help – If you are a newbie, you’ll need any help that you can get at the beginning. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed this about the Social Sale Rep platform. There’s no support, no community, nothing and no one to turn if you have any questions.
  5. Hidden Upsell – It’s not a big con, but you’ll get offered to buy video software as soon as you get in. I personally hate upsells, especially when they come as a surprise.

Is Social Sale Rep a Scam or Legit?

Social Sale Rep is not a scam. The platform does what they say. In other words, it’s a legitimate website where you can learn how to start with affiliate marketing using social media. It’s not the best education you’ll find, but it’s not a scam either.

However, I have a few concerns about this program and its methods. You need to keep in mind that knowing how to use social media is not going to be enough to make money with affiliate marketing. Also, there is no comprehensive training inside. It’s merely a sales funnel for an eBook and simple instructions on how to sell it to other people. In my eyes, this website is a bit misleading as they don’t share the truth with you.

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Do I Recommend Social Sale Rep?

I do not recommend such programs. To succeed with affiliate marketing, you need a lot more than this. Social Sale Rep might nor be a scam, but it’s not my honest recommendation. This method might earn you a few bucks here and there if you are lucky.

Social Sales Rep Review - Not Recommended

But if you really want to start your online affiliate marketing business, you need comprehensive training, some tools such as a website, and a mentor. The latter is the most critical part. You need real help with this if you want to succeed.

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing 

Thanks for reading my Social Sale Rep review. I hope I have helped you to learn more about what it is and how does it work and to answer your question, whether it is a scam or legit. If you have any more questions about the program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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All the best, Ivan.

Ivan Head Shoot

Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

2 thoughts on “Honest Social Sale Rep Review – Should You Buy This Program?”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this review, Ivan! This was really helpful. I’ve been curious about these social media marketing programs like this one, but I don’t have all the followers needed for that. And I totally agree that Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome way to do affiliate marketing and make sales with a great community.

    • Hi Danny, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment here 🙂

      You’re going to need a lot of social media followers if you want to leverage this system. Traffic is the lifeblood of every business. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training service where you can learn to do so.



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