Write App Reviews Review (2023) – Scam or Real Way To Earn?

Welcome to my Write App Reviews review

We’ve all been there – feeling stuck in a job that sucks up most of our time and pays us too little, leaving us with no freedom to live life the way we want.

You know extra money could give you more time and freedom, but the bills keep piling up, debt keeps rising, and everything in life is only getting more expensive. I feel you…

That’s why I was so intrigued when I found Write App Reviews and what it promised – that anyone can make passive income working from home by writing app reviews on their own terms.

It certainly sounded too good to be true at first, which is why I decided to dive deep into it and see if it was legit or not. In this review, I’m going to take you on an inside tour of Write App Reviews and let you know exactly how it works and what it can do for you!

Keep on reading to learn more before you go any further,

Disclaimer: I am not connected to Write App Reviews. This review has been made using information from the Write App Reviews website, and also my own experience as well as from other places on the internet. My opinions may not be right for everyone. 

Write App Reviews Review

What Is Write App Reviews?

Write App Review is a new product found on ClickBank that allegedly helps users to make money online by reviewing mobile apps.

In a nutshell, your main task is to pick an app, download it to your phone, test it, and write a review.

According to the information from the writeappreviews.com website, the site is taking new members from all over the world for testing and write reviews on the new apps on your phone and tablets.

At first, Write App Reviews sounded like an easy way to make between $25 and $35 an hour online.

So I joined to see whether or not this program can help us to earn online

What I found after joining this program was almost exactly what was advertised on the Write App Reviews sale page.

However, after spending a few days going through everything I found out that something critical is missing from the system. Thus, this whole program comes under the question…

So the question rises, is Write App Reviews a scam or legit?

If you are interested in learning more about this system, make sure to keep reading my in-depth and unbiased WriteAppReviews.com review.

I have actually been a paying member so, in my review, I reveal all the good and the bad things about this product.

How Do Write App Reviews Work?

As mentioned in the introduction, the way Write App Reviews works is by showing you how to earn online by reviewing popular apps and posting your reviews online.

To do so, you get your own website where you can write and post these reviews. There are three ways how you can make money with this site:

  1. When people click on banners on your website
  2. People opt into your email list
  3. When someone clicks on the app download link

I’ll explain the whole process in the later sections of my Write App Reviews review.

I just want to say this first. While ClickBank is a legitimate online marketplace, the fact is, it’s also home to a lot of scams, low-quality products, and get-rich-quick schemes.

Some of the prime examples are Perpetual Income 365 and Click Wealth System. Both are designed to make you believe that you can make money online fast. In reality, they don’t work as advertised.

And guess where this offer comes from? ClickBank.

So is Write App Reviews a scam or legit? Let me show you more…

Who Is Behind Write App Reviews?

While it is true that you can make money online by writing reviews using a simple WordPress website like this, you should be careful about these programs that promote easy money.

Before I joined Write App Reviews, I wanted to know who created it. And finding that info was an issue.

So one of the main red flags associated with this program is the lack of information about the owner. I didn’t find an about me page, a name, or at least a social media profile link.

This means that whoever is behind Write App Reviews doesn’t want to be found… Why? Well, you’ll see in the rest of my review why.

I joined the platform to see what it is about and how it works. My first impressions were that WriteAppReviews.com is another low-quality platform designed to make money for its creators and probably a scam.

As soon as I walked in, I was bombarded with continuous upsells for other products.

I found out about Write App Reviews through two very similar ClickBank products, Paid Social Media Jobs and Paid Online Writing Jobs.

It seems that the same people are promoting all three offers to make money by tricking newbies into believing that they can make instant and easy money online.

This shows me that the owners of WriteAppReviews.com don’t take this platform seriously and are on a mission to make money off you, which was the first sign of a scam.

But let’s give them a benefit of a doubt and see how you can make money with this offer.

How To Make Money With Write App Reviews?

As I have mentioned earlier in this review, you can leverage Write App Reviews to get paid for reviewing apps. And it takes a few simple steps to get started.

  • Step 1. Setup your App Review website
  • Step 2. Test apps and write reviews
  • Step 3. Get paid!

Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1. Setup your App Review website

As a member of Write App Reviews, you get a DFY website that you can use to publish these reviews and make money through ads, signups, and downloads.

Write App Reviews Review - Step 1

The site is basically finished and requires no coding, designing, or hosting.

All you have to do in this first step is sign up for ClickBank and JVZoo (affiliate marketplaces) and add your unique affiliate IDs.

Step 2. Test apps and write reviews

Once you’ve done step one, the next step is logging into your Write App Reviews website where you can access a database of apps and start reviewing them.

Write App Reviews Review - Step 2

This database contains a lot of apps from a wide range of categories.

Simply choose an app that interests you, download it to your phone or tablet, and start reviewing it.

Write App Reviews Review - Step 2.1

You will get access to an edit page for each app that you choose to review. All you have to do is write your review, and give the app a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Write App Reviews Review - Step 2.2

The idea is to rank your reviews in the search engines to get free organic traffic. This means that your review should contain a minimum of 500 words or more per review.

When you are finished, click on the publish button and your review is live on your Write App Reviews website.

Step 3. Get paid!

As mentioned earlier, there are three ways to get paid with Write App Reviews. When people click on your banners, sign up to your email list, or download your app.

In the first step, you are asked to open free affiliate accounts with ClickBank and JVZOO.

The system remembers this and automatically adds your Clickbank ID or JVZoo ID to every single banner ad, email list, and app download button on your app review website.

Each time a person who lands on your site performs one of those three actions, you can get paid.

For example, Write App Reviews will display banners on your site that are designed to redirect people to ClickBank and JVZoo products.

If someone buys these through your links, you earn a commission.

The same is with the other two methods. If they subscribe to your email list and click on your offers, you make money.

You can also earn money whenever a person clicks to download an app from your Write App Reviews website.

Does Write App Reviews Offer Any Training?

Write App Reviews is not a very long program. It will not teach you a lot about things like keywords and how to make apps popular.

It is also less expensive than other programs that do the same thing. So if I am mean about it, please keep that in mind.

You don’t need to know about keyword research or search engine optimization before you start this program. It will help teach those skills to you, which are important for becoming an app reviewer.

Write App Review tells you about writing reviews for apps. It is like reading a blog post. However, it doesn’t teach you everything you need to make money from reviewing apps. You need to learn a lot and it takes time.

Write App Review gives you an overview, but not all the details that are important if people want to read your reviews.

When you log in, there will be two options: one button takes you to YOUR review site and the other button takes you to a database where you can get paid for writing reviews.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the training.

Write App Reviews Training

And if you go to the top menu and look for the My Review Site dropdown, you can find this page as well.

There are 5 options:

  • Beginner Training
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training
  • SEO Training
  • Bonus Training

Beginner Training

The beginner training is easy. It’s one page and will help you learn how to review apps. There are also links that can help you get a VPN if needed.

If you live in the US, it should only take one minute. If you’re from another country, it might take a few minutes.

Intermediate Training

This is where you learn how to use Write App Reviews. There are four parts to this section. You will learn how to make money, pick and check products, create reviews and make your reviews better.

In this section, Write App Reviews teaches you more about the program and how to earn money.

The selecting products course teaches you things like what kinds of apps to choose, how to test them, and how to take notes. This is good for beginners but nothing new.

In the course creation modules, you learn about understanding your audience, giving examples, not giving away too much information and making a suggestion.

You can also learn about WordPress in this course. You will know how to edit posts, add pictures and rate things but there are no videos. Everything is written down instead of being shown as a video.

At the end of Intermediate training, you will learn how to write better reviews. For example, use simple words and sentences. Make clickable titles that people can click on. Also, have a structure for your review and use keywords in it.

Advanced Training

Write App Reviews will not give you a lot of training in search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Write App Reviews Advanced Training

They will give you an introduction to these topics, but they won’t be really long or really detailed. You can find courses that cost a lot of money to get more information. Some people only work on these topics and nothing else.

It’s not fair to expect Write App Reviews ($27) to teach you everything about them in detail.

The modules included in the advanced training are:

  • Taking Your Income to the Next Level
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • More Online Promotion Opportunities
  • Offline Promotion Opportunities

Write App Reviews says they do ad revenue and email marketing for you. That could be bad.

They could take money from you and use it for themselves. They also might build their own email list with your help, so that you don’t know what is happening.

They won’t show you how to do these things yourself, which means you can’t figure out what is going on under the surface.

SEO Training

The SEO module talks about keywords. These are words people use to search for something. For example, if you want to find the Squid Game show on Netflix, you can use the keyword “Squid Game Netflix”.

That way you have a better chance of finding it!

But Write App Reviews doesn’t tell us how to make sure people get what they want when they look for something using a keyword.

When people search for “Squid Game Netflix”, they don’t want to read about Squid Game. They want to watch the show on Netflix.

Write App Reviews gives bad advice that doesn’t help and wastes a lot of time. You need to get training with accurate information.

Also, Write App Reviews gives wrong advice about backlinks which are links from other websites that make your website show up higher in search results.

If you get backlinks from bad websites, it could hurt your rankings a lot. You might have to start over from the beginning.

Write App Reviews says it is ok to buy cheap links from Fiverr, but this breaks Google’s rules. It is one of the worst things you can do for your website and some people do this to try and make their competitors lose in search results.

I think that Write App Reviews training does not give enough detail and could be harmful too. So, don’t do it!

Bonus Training

After you finish the special training, you can get into a bonus class. This class will show you how to get paid to write. Some of the same topics as other classes are covered.

Write App Reviews Bonus Training

You learn how to do reviews and make resumes or articles online. You can find this info online but it’s free in this class too! You don’t have to agree with everything though.

It might say that you can make $300-$500 for writing a 1000-word article. That isn’t always true. It is possible, but it’s not easy.

Writing articles is competitive and usually, writers get paid around $40-$100 for 1000 words.

Most people will pay about 6 cents for each word, so that would be $60 per 1000 words. Some people will only pay 1 or 2 cents per word, which would be $10 or $20 for a 1000-word article.

Some companies pay writers as little as 1 or 2 cents for every word. Skilled and experienced writers can get paid 30 or 50 cents per word, which is $300 to $500 for 100 words.

These writers are experts in different fields like health, finance, engineering and law. They add authority to the place they write for. It is hard to make more than $300 for an article.

You cannot learn it from Write App Reviews either.

Write App Reviews covers lots of topics. They cover a lot of ground, but not in great detail. The things you learn here can help you find out more about digital marketing and freelance work, but you will need to get more help if you want to become really good at it.

How Good Is Write App Reviews Website?

Write App Reviews gives you a free website at freshappreviews.com with WordPress, an email sign-up form, and 30 reviews.

Write App Reviews Review - Step 3

Most of the time it is better to delete those reviews because they can hurt your website more than help it. The reviews and articles on your site should be new and special for search engines to find them easily.

Search engines don’t want two of the same things. If search engines see two of the same things, they might think you are trying to trick them. If this happens, Google may take away your website and all of your rankings.

It’s better to just delete the duplicate content so this does not happen.

The content on the Write App Reviews website has been the same for a long time. It is hosted on a website, so it is hard to find. To do it right, make your own website about any product and write something new.

Do not copy other people’s words. People might want to copy things to make money online but that does not work.

There are tools that will help you. Experts can help you too and websites can be built without being very good with technology. But the work must be done by you.

It’s like going to the gym – no one else can do it for you! You have to put in work and effort to get rewards. The website they give you is a good start, but it is up to you to fill it with quality reviews and content that people want.

Can You Make Money With Write App Reviews?

Technically speaking, you can make money reviewing apps. However, I would suggest reading Write App Reviews earning a disclaimer first.

They clearly say that there are no guarantees whatsoever that you will make money.

Write App Reviews Review - Earnings Disclaimer

Earning Disclaimer on the side, there’s a serious problem with this app that could and probably will stop you from making money.

You see, to make money, you will first have to get traffic to your site. How to do so?

The idea behind publishing those app reviews is to get them ranked in Google for specific keywords such as “app name + review” to get free traffic.

In my opinion, you should write at least 50-100 app reviews to get the attention of Google and other search engines.

But as I said, there’s a problem…

Write App Reviews don’t teach SEO. This means that if you don’t have SEO skills, your reviews will hardly get any rankings on Google.

SEO is a complex topic that requires a lot of skill and special knowledge. You can’t just post a review and hope that it will get instant rankings in SERP.

In other words, you will have a tough time getting eyeballs to your site without SEO skills.

And without any eyeballs checking out your reviews, you can’t make money with Write App Reviews!

Who Is Write App Reviews Best For?

In my experience, Write App Reviews is best for unknown owners/s. I don’t see how this program can help you to start making money online.

Writing reviews is a great way to earn an income with affiliate marketing. You can start a website like this and start reviewing tons of digital and physical products to earn an income.

But without proper training (and WriteAppReviews.com doesn’t offer it), you can’t succeed.

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How Much Does Write App Reviews Cost?

At first sight, there are no indications of how much Write App Reviews cost. To get access, all you have to do is submit your name and email address.

Once I did so, I was redirected to a sales page where I was asked to pay $27 to get access to the platform.

Write App Reviews Review - Price

At this point, I thought that this product could be something legitimate after all.

But then, they started slapping my face with a series of upsells so my mood changed quickly.

Upsell #1: Express Pass VIP Area – $97

The first upsell was about getting access to a VIP Area. They said that the main benefit of having this access is earning 10x more money with this platform.

Write App Reviews Review - Upsell #1

However, the problem is that they didn’t tell me how and why I will make more money.

Apparently, all members of the Write App Reviews VIP club make tons of cash much faster than regular members.

But to me, this sounded like a scam.

Upsell #2: Make 3x More Money – $57

The second upsell made me realize that Write App Reviews could be a scam indeed. I was offered to purchase two products that I actually bought before!

Write App Reviews Review - Upsell #2

The first one is called Paid Social Media Jobs. It’s a platform that shows how to make money managing other people’s social media accounts.

In my review, I concluded that it is a scam.

Then, the second offer is called Paid Online Writing Jobs. And the story is the same there as well.

It looks like the same unknown person or a group of people who stand behind those two scams have created Write App Reviews, which is not a good sign.

Upsell #3: 50 DFY App Reviews – $37

The last upsell inside the funnel gives me instant access to 50 DFY app reviews. If I buy this one, they will instantly download 50 reviews to my site.

Write App Reviews Review - Upsell #3

At first, I thought this is a good idea.

But then, I saw the member’s area and quickly changed my mind. Again!

Does Write App Reviews Offer a Refund?

If you want to get your money back for Write App Reviews, you can go to Clickbank support and chat online. You need the order number from the email they sent you.

The people who sold it might try to offer other things that could keep you as a customer. Then, decide if you want those things or just get your money back.

What I Like About Write App Reviews 

You Get a DFY Review Site

The first this I like about Write App Reviews in my review is the fact that you get some value in return. It’s not a complete scam that’s going to take your cash and run away.

If you have some SEO skills, you could leverage this website to review apps, get rankings in search engines, and earn passive income by recommending them.

60-Day ClickBank Refund Policy

I purchased this program and asked for a refund. Since ClickBank is a legit marketplace, I got my money back in just a few days.

ClickBank Money Back Guarantee

So the fact that you too can get a refund if you decide to get out is a sign that Write App Reviews is legit. But there are some red flags you have to see first…

What I Don’t Like About Write App Reviews 

No Details About Owner/s or a Company Behind It

Then, another warning that Write App Reviews might be a scam is the lack of information about the creator/s and owner/s of the platform.

Scams usually hide names or use fake names and Fiverr actors to make you believe that you’re buying a legit thing.

I wonder… Why do the owner/s of Write App Reviews don’t show up or give us their names?

Could it be because it’s a scam and they don’t want their names or a company name to be linked with another low-quality product?

It could and probably is the reason why there are no names associated with this product.

Overhyped and Misleading Promo Material

Write App Reviews uses misleading claims such as “making money is simple as 123” or “WriteAppReviews monetizes your website traffic and the more apps you test, the more money you make!”

Write App Reviews Scam

As you can see from the earlier parts of my review, that’s not true.

First of all, it’s not easy to review any product because it takes time and effort to develop skills. Secondly, this program is not going to take care of traffic for you.

That said, making money with this program is not easy. It’s almost impossible.

Sales Funnel Is Jam-Packed With Upsells

My scam alarm went off as soon as I paid $27 to get access to this platform.

If you remember, they will bombard you with heavy upsells right off the bat!

Worst of all, two of those upsells are designed to sell you highly suspicious products that are classified as scams!

I reviewed Paid Social Media Jobs and Paid Online Writing jobs and was highly disappointed with both products. I even called them scams.

Write App Reviews is a Scam According to Users

As you can see in the next sections of my review, Write App Reviews has got a ton of 1-star reviews from users. Most people who tried say it’s a scam.

Write App Reviews Scam 1

If it was a legit website, there would have been more positive reviews out there, right?

And since 52% of testimonials are saying that it is a scam, I think I can rest my case here. But I won’t! Here are some more red flags that you have to see.

DFY Site Is Ok, But It Won’t Work Without Traffic

The actual product inside the platform is not that bad. You do get a cool site and access to a ton of apps and instructions on how to review them.

The website and the sales process are basically done for you so you don’t have to worry about that.

But as I said, the big problem with Write App Reviews is that you will not be taught what SEO is and how it works so that you can get first-page rankings.

You can write tons of reviews. But if you don’t know how to rank them, all your efforts will be in vain.

No Testimonials or Results From Real Users

While I was writing my WriteAppReviews review, I didn’t notice a single user review or testimonial online. How come? Why aren’t people getting results if it’s as easy as 123 to make money with this app?

The truth is, real people are not getting results with this program and there are no testimonials.

It’s a Rehashed Version Of the App Coiner Scheme

App Coiner and Write App Reviews are basically two identical sites. The only difference between them is the name. Everything else is the same.

Write App Reviews Review - Rehashed Scam

This shows me that the person or persons behind both sites are on a mission to scam as many people as possible.

Just think about how you got invited to try either of these apps, would you?

You probably got an email to start making money fast through some secret methods that no one knows about from a person that you don’t even know.

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Is Write App Reviews a Scam?

From the first moment I laid my eyes on this site, I suspected that something fishy is going on.

Making claims that making money with this program is as easy as 123 is misleading. On top of that, you’re led to believe that traffic generation is done for you, while it’s not!

They say that all you have to do is download the apps, write short 500-word long reviews, and let them take care of SEO and traffic generation.

And by doing this, you can make an easy $25 – $35 an hour with the Write App Reviews system.

The latter red flag is the main reason why I’m disappointed in WriteAppReviews. com. But there are some pros as well. So before answering the question above, let’s go over the pros and cons.

✅ WriteAppReviews.com PROS

The good news is that Write App Reviews is a very cheap product and it’s covered by a ClickBank money-back guarantee.

The system itself is based on legitimate methods for making money online, which is another good thing about this program.

Basically, you are instructed to build a website, download apps and share short reviews on your website.

Then, you need to rank your reviews on Google to get free traffic and use affiliate marketing to earn an income.

Another good thing about Write App Reviews is that you get access to a DFY website that you can actually use to review apps.

But as you’re about to see, this product is not 100% legit.

🛑 WriteAppReviews.com CONS

Write App Reviews sales page is misleading. You’re led to believe that you can make $25 – $35 an hour simply by downloading and reviewing apps.

But as you can see from my review, that’s not the case…

You have to rank these reviews to make money. And the system won’t work without traffic generation skills such as SEO, PPC, etc.

Worst of all, they will not teach you how to get clicks to your website inside the members’ area because there is no training on this topic whatsoever.

I know I said earlier that Write App Reviews is based on legit methods. But that’s just the theory. In practice, you can’t make money with this program because there’s no SEO or PPC training.

If you have been trying to make money online for a while, you know that traffic generation is the KEY component.

And Write App Reviews is missing it completely…

Furthermore, the product is designed to make money for the owner via upsells, who is, by the way, decided to stay anonymous.

As soon as you enter the Write App Reviews sales funnel, you will be offered to buy two other very similar low-quality products. This comes without any warning signs or disclosure.

It was created by the same people who are behind Paying Social Media Jobs and Paid Online Writing Jobs schemes.

Lastly, it’s a rehashed version of App Coiner – another low-quality system for making money by reviewing apps online.

Based on my research, App Coiner has been shut down, and at the same time, Write App Reviews has emerged.

Coincidence anyone?

👎👍 Is WriteAppReviews.com a Scam Or Legit? 

In my review, WriteAppReviews.com is close to being called a scam. It is a misleading and low-quality ClickBank product.

The bottom line is that I don’t recommend this product. In my opinion, Write App Reviews is the best for its creator/s, who have decided to stay anonymous because their product is not 100% legit.

Think about it. If it was legit, he, she, or they would be proud to stand next to their creation, right?

I cannot say that Write App Reviews is an outright scam because you get some value in return for your money. But in my opinion and experience, it’s not going to work as advertised.

You can’t make $25 – $35 an hour simply by downloading and reviewing apps.

See, the main idea behind this product is to upsell you more products like this under the false impression that you can make tons of money easily.

If that were true, everyone would be using WriteAppReviews.com to make money online.

But sadly, it’s not going to happen. As I said, this product is incomplete and low in quality. It’s just going to waste your time and money if you join.

And the fact that we can’t locate who or what owns this program is just another alarming red flag.

Moreover, for such a powerful app that helps to make money easily, it’s strange to see that there are no user reviews and testimonials.

If you search Google for Write App Reviews Review, you will read a bunch of articles that share my opinion here.

In other words, you will find a ton of testimonials from users who say that this is a scam.

Whether or not Write App Reviews is a scam for sure is up for debate. But one thing is for sure, it’s not going to help you to earn easy money online (rather try survey sites!).

Do I Recommend Write App Reviews?

I don’t recommend the Write App Reviews platform. In my opinion, it’s a low-quality product designed to make money for unknown creators and a scam.

As I said, you get some products in the backend area.

However, that’s just an excuse for them to sell you a bunch of upsells. Worst of all, those upsells will lead you toward more low-quality products and scams.

On top of that, they will not teach you how to get traffic to your website.

What’s the use of a website and a bunch of reviews with affiliate links when no one is there to click on them?

If Write App Reviews owner/s would offer some in-depth SEO training and cut down those upsells, maybe I would recommend it.

This way, I stand firm. It’s not a recommended product!

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




WriteAppReviews.com Reviews & Complaints

One of the best ways to find out whether Write App Reviews is a scam or legit is to read some user reviews online. I did some research and discovered that things are not looking good.

Most reviews online say the same thing; Write App Reviews is a scam…Here are some examples…

Write App Reviews User Review

Write App Reviews User Review 1

Write App Reviews User Review 2

As you can see, Write App Reviews has lots of bad reviews. People say it is not fair to have to pay money to get a job there. I agree.

The problem is that Write App Reviews tells people they can make $25-$35 per hour, but this isn’t true. You cannot make money directly with Write App Reviews. Maybe some people do make money but not through Write App Reviews itself.

Some people can make money by recommending things to others. Some companies may give money for this, but not all. Write App Reviews does not pay you any money.

They say new apps are added each week and it seems like a job, but it is not a job.

Write App Reviews Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, Write App Reviews is an online platform where you can get access to a DFY website for reviewing apps and making money online.

In theory, it is a legit way to make money online through affiliate marketing.

However, since there are several issues with this platform, I personally have no intention of using it myself or recommending it to my readers.

In fact, I will submit my refund request to ClickBank soon.

The number one reason is that they promise to take care of the traffic for you, but that’s not true. Moreover, there is no training on how to generate traffic to your websites.

So ultimately, you can’t make money with Write App Reviews unless you have advanced SEO skills.

I wouldn’t call it an outright scam, but it’s certainly not something that I would be happy to recommend to you…

Thanks for reading my Write App Reviews review. I hope this post was helpful. Do you have any questions?

Feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. Much appreciated… So glad I googled the website first. I need a real job not another drain on my bank account.

  2. Thank you!! Thus article saved my time and my bank account. I need real work not the promise of work. Ir as writeapp would say “the potential to work.”

  3. I’ve seen ads for this website, and have never knows what to think of it. I’ve been trying to make money online for a while now, and I’ve tried crypto, affiliate marketing and many other methods. When I saw this ad, I was tempted, but I will not be trying it thanks to you. I appreciate the help as you have probably saved me lots of time and money

  4. Hi Ivan, thanks so much for the review of this WriteAppReviews. I appreciate your honesty about the product. Far too often we are scammed out of our hard earned money. As I have been looking for a side hustle, I come across and have purchased many less than credible products and courses. I will make sure, that in my quest to find legitimate money making efforts that I don’t subscribe to this product. Too many upsells are a sure way to know that a scam is looming! I appreciate you!

  5. Thank you so much for the review, I was just about ready to sign up with this app I’m glad I came across your review thank you again so much. I know nothing about marketing online and I certainly don’t have any kind of product to market online, I am looking for a way to make a little bit of extra money per week. I’m not looking to be a millionaire to live in big houses buy fancy cars I just want a little bit of extra cash. Do you have any suggestions on legitimate ways to do this. I made a big mistake couple months back got signed up with super affiliate network, was going to cost a whole bunch of money luckily I canceled within three days but it was a real hassle, not what I was looking for, just the first few so-called lessons which they referred to as modules, it was just repeat repeat repeat and they’re into “yeah you’re gonna make a lot of money have a big house drive fancy cars”. I’m just looking for something that’s a legitimate and I can make a couple hundred bucks a week. Any ideas?

  6. Soon as I saw that I have to pay $27 . I quickly came to google for a proper review. And I’m glad I bumped into your page. Good job!

  7. Ivan, thank you very much for your review. Your website has helped me many times to make the right decision. Sometimes I get pulled by the Shiny object syndrome, and I feel like there is an easier and faster way to earn money, but you have helped me to make the right decision. Thank you.

  8. Ivan,

    Thank You for saving me bunches of time and some money. My personal BS meter redlined when they asked for a $17 dollar application fee. I quickly went back to my inbox – found the offer and deleted all of that marketer’s mail and removed myself from their list. The older one gets the less tolerant of “stuff” you become.

  9. Thanks for this great review of Write App Reviews. I’m certainly inclined to agree with your view of this product. I do hate upsells and this generally means that the only people making money are the owners of the product. They are just redirecting you to other products they have developed. On a personal level, I try to only download apps to my phone that I may be useful, so I think that would count me out as a customer for Write App Reviews.

  10. Thank you for your review about Write App Reviews. I am getting acquainted with all this online world and when I first came across Write App Reviews I thought it was a legit product. I know a little bit about how traffic can generate us income. But I did not realize that this program does not teach us how to generate that traffic.

  11. All these sites are just for INFORMATION. They are not jobs. You pay for information on how to find or do jobs to make you money.

    And I seem to be in the wrong business. ??‍♀️ (Insert facepalm here)

    I’m so sick of all this false advertising. They literally say “make $20/hr testing apps”. Then the website sells you info about HOW to find a job.

    It’s utter BS.

  12. I have been thinking that Write App Reviews might be a good business to link on one of my income sites.  Your review has caused me to rethink this.  You have openly explained the various up sales which mean that the basic program may not actually have much to offer.  I am not concerned about the disclaimer in terms of no guarantee about making money.  This is true of all businesses.  But, like you, I think this may be a program designed to make money for the author that to help the average person build an income.  You review is complete and honest.

  13. I have seen several advertisements for Write App and to make money testing apps, so I am very pleased to be reading this review. I wouldn’t have expected that I have to buy a program to be able to test apps, and if the creator of the program is not coming forward to claim ownership of his/her program, then it is a big red flag. 

    I hate upsells, so to be presented with upsells that doesn’t actually show you what you get for your money, is another thing that puts me off Write App Reviews. Thanks for the warning to avoid this program. 

  14. I truly use to use to writeAppreviews before connection moneyed Affiliate. I used to be not very pleased with it as I used to be ineffectual to induce individuals into my website. I did all I might however to no avail. And after I asked for a refund I used to be denied. Perhaps it’s improved currently but I even have had unhealthy experiences with it.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with the write app reviews program. I hope you get a refund soon! I’ve had no problems. You can try going through ClickBank support as it is a sure way to get a refund.


  15. Programs like this one Write App Review I usually stay away from because believe you shouldn’t have to spend money to make money. If I keep spending money on programs just to try make small commissions, I would never make no money. As you mentioned in the review you cannot find the owner of the program. 

  16. Hey Ivan
    Unfortunately I have purchased all of these products even the 12 month express package unfortunately I was one of the dummies that somehow ended purchasing it twice as well I am very interested in earning money online but I am a newbie and I have quite a bit to learn unfortunately I need to learn it very quickly here and get things rolling as quick as possible I am at the end of my bank account, credit cards, and any other possible way I could get money. Even AF it was a small amount daily just to help with my day today expenses such as food and/or bills ( But I do have a lot of purchases that I have not quite been able to figure out how to make them work, or even how to make money off them, mean like probably a couple dozen purchases 🙁 🙁 ) you please recommend or help Guide me to somewheres I could start to make money off of quickly with some hard work, I am not most definitely interested in working online and I will do whatever I have to do to get there I could just use a little guidance along the way
    if you could please send me an email guiding me or give me some kind of direction that would be most appreciated.
    I don’t have a website I’m not sure how to create one

  17. I always hesitate when I come across such low priced info products. My guess, which is right most of the time, is that there are several upsells once you subscribe. I’m not sure why these course publishers use this strategy, it reeks of being short-changed. I prefer full disclosure upfront all the time. Once you mentioned no identifiable owners are backing it, I knew the chances of it being a scam are very high! And if not, then it’s of no much utility to the buyer.

  18. Hi Ivan,

    Thank you for your comprehensive review.

    Like many consumers, I too got bombarded with making money schemes, in my mail box. 

    I have lost a few thousand dollars on two such on-line schemes, and it was a painful lesson. 

    In order to make an informed decision about any money making schemes, you have to do your own research. Also check with friends, scam website checks etc.

    There is a saying – when something is too good to be true, it probably is!

    Thanks for the warning.


  19. I actually use to use twriteAppreviews before joining Wealthy Affiliate. I was not really happy with it as I was not able to get people into my website. I did all I could but to no avail. And when I asked for a refund I was denied. Maybe it has improved now but I have had bad experiences with it.

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the Write App Reviews program. I was actually able to get a refund. Maybe you have tried to do it a bit too late. In any case, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better place to learn how to make money online using proven tactics.


  20. I always appreciate your reviews as they are always consistent and filled with the exact amount of information needed to understand weather or not I would want to try the product. Considering there are several ways to make money online out there but several more that are just a scam or money grab I’m sure we all have been guilty for falling for sometimes. Write App Reviews is a program I wasnt familiar with before now but I know to keep my eye out if I see it to keep moving forward witch I appreciate your honest review for very much. 

  21. Good Morning,

    I appreciate your review. As soon as I saw the name of this program I was instantly interested. Imagine getting paid to just play or use apps then review them? What an easy way to make money, but my red flags are going off.

    The upsells are really where they get you, and are usually not a good idea to invest into. I also hate that this product wants you to just magically do it all on your own. That doesn’t seem fair. I guess they expect people to know what they are doing before investing?

    I agree, this seems like a opportunity not worth investing into.

    Thanks again!


  22. Thanks for telling me about this website and that it is probably a scam. It’s very rare when someone dares to try these “legit” free money-making apps and there is someone to try them and tell us about it. It’s weird that you have to pay 27 dollars to have the ability to make money. The creators of the scam are really on dumb people to try them. I can’t you enough for actually trying it out.

  23. Hey Ivan,

    Great review on WriteApp reviews. As I am sure you are aware, many people today are looking to make money online, especially after this covid pandemic where millions lost their day jobs. I am glad you took it upon yourself to sort through the many programs out there and review the ones that actually might be able to help someone out. This review was very insightful and definitely explained WriteApp very well. Besides WriteApp, what else is there in regard to app review websites?

    • Hi Pat, thanks for your comment. Besides the WriteAppReviews website, you can find similar work on Apperwall, and a few other sites like Swagbucks, etc. However, my recommendation is affiliate marketing if you’re looking to earn a full-time income online.


  24. interestingly I was about to promote this offer on my blog but after due diligence, I think it is better I don’t for my own new business sake. lol. Thanks, Ivan for the work.

  25. It was recently suggested to me that a way of earning money, is to write reviews. So it is interesting to find your review on the Write Apps review, where one can review apps. But I would not expect to pay for a program , to then be able to write reviews on apps. And as you so rightly point out, without traffic, you will not get any money, and Google and SEO is another complex area that you need to learn about. Thanks for this detailed review and to avoid them. 

    • Hi LineCowley, thanks for your comment on my review. Write App Reviews program seems good at first. But I didn’t find any SEO training inside and that is a big problem. You can write reviews as per their instructions from the members area, but without SEO skills, those articles will hardly ever rank in Google and bring you traffic.


  26. There are certainly a lot of these scam products around and after reading your great review I certainly wouldn’t touch this product. It’s a shame in a way because every person that they burn will usually quit the online business world and there are a lot of ways to make money that aren’t scams.

    An excellent warning review Ivan.

  27. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to create a program that will benefit content creators best? I know that deviates from the Write App being a borderline scam – or does it?- but that concept is quite intriguing and expansive.

    That said, I appreciate you for comprehensively evaluating the pros and cons of Write App Reviews. It also refreshing to analyze the legitimate and scam-based proclivities evident in this site. It gives your review a more holistic, fair, and well-endowed perspective.

    Moreover, I think it is awesome that you apply your personal perspective without being too biased, shallow, or judgmental. Because of this, you clearly convey that your customers come first and thereby you must provide them with the utmost value via trial and error assessment.

    • Hi there, thanks for reaching out! Write App Reviews is essentially about creating content and ranking it in search engines. However, there’s no training inside that will show you how to do so using the right SEO techniques, which is the main reason why I don’t recommend this to content creators.

      That said, if you’re looking for courses that will help you to master content creation, my best recommendations are Wealthy Affiliate and The Authority Site System. Both courses are great. However, I put Wealthy Affiliate in the first place because it comes with all the tools like keyword research tool, content writing platform, hosting, websites, community, and everything else a content creator need to become successful online.

      I hope this helps!


  28. Hi Ivan

    I’m glad I was able to read your post from top to bottom

    Thanks a bunch for the info..Do you have soc media page sothat I can follow you.thanks


  29. Writing reviews can definitely help you make money, but you are right, you need to know how to get traffic to your site first, and simply writing reviews won’t bring hoards of people to your site to read them. However, if you have your own website, original reviews, and know how to do SEO, half the battle will be won. 

    Creating hundreds of reviews is also key to getting your website noticed, and most people simply don’t have the patience to do this long term, unfortunately.

  30. I do think something like this could work, but just not for smartphone apps. People don’t google for app reviews. They just don’t. They look at the reviews and ratings in the google/apple app stores. So the entire premise of this service is already wrong. There’s simply no market or demand for a smartphone app reviewing site.

    HOWEVER, there IS a vacuum regarding professionally done computer program reviews, which is a legit site idea and possible source of income.

    • Hi hfs01, thanks for your comment. It could work, even for apps, but as you said, it’s questionable how many people are even looking for app reviews. I can imagine that it would take 100’s and 100’s of these reviews to get a few clicks per day. Great idea about reviewing pro computer programs!


  31. Hi Ivan,

    It’s for sure that if you cannot drive traffic to your review pages, it’s still in vain no matter how hard you try. They don’t teach you enough about free & paid traffic generation, meaning you need to purchase other training products to help you succeed online.

    In that case, I would rather land on a platform that could provide me everything I need to make money online, such as legitimate training, traffic generation methods, keyword research tool, etc. Your recommendation seems like a good start. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing today.

    • Hi Matt, thanks for your comment on my review. The fact is, they don’t teach you a single thing about getting traffic inside the Write App Reviews member’s area. There’s no SEO training, no PPC training, no Solo Ad training, zero, nada. They just give you instructions to write and post app reviews and that’s all. Just posting reviews will not get you first-page rankings and traffic. That’s the main reason why I don’t recommend WriteAppReviews.com and why it’s most likely a scam.

      Thanks for checking out my #1 recommendation. It’s indeed a platform that includes EVERYTHING you need to make money online. This exact system made me go from zero to earning a consistent passive income online every month.


  32. Thank you for showing us App Reviews earning disclaimer. I have already been there. These sites just want to get money out of us and they will just wash their hands at the end of the day. I would like to review apps. It feels like a cool way to earn some side money. But not with this platform. Thank you for warning us.

  33. Hi Ivan,
    First of all, thanks a bunch for reviewing this site. As much as I hoped the offer was genuine, I never let it prevent me from confirming the authenticity of the claims made. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a chicken, then your alarm bells should go off! Just like you stated in the review, promoting 2 other scam products alongside a supposedly genuine one tells you all 3 products have issues. Incidentally, the upsells (paidsocialmediajobs and paidtowrite) were also introduced to me countless times as individual products and as much as I drew their attention to the negative reviews of the sites online, they just kept sending me the same e-mails to buy. A clear indication of an unresponsive company that is just interested in getting people’s money without giving any real value in return. I’m happy I didn’t fall for it and even happier you did the review to prevent others from falling for these phony products and sites.

    • Hi Olanrewaju, thanks for your comment on my review. As you can see, after testing the Write App Reviews platform, I have gathered more cons than pros and I’m not recommending it. Glad my review was helpful!


  34. I think I just found some site that would really work for me as a side cash earner. I tried many ways all of them free of course, but getting interested in this one, coz it looks a bit easy and enjoyable. I would discover many apps that I didn’t know about.

    just to know, will you be guidu=ing in this course or someone else?

    • Hi Nabeel Razzaq, thanks for your comment. Writeappreviews.com looks easy, but it’s not. Trust me. The creator of this system wants you to believe that it is easy. However, in reality, getting traffic to your reviews is an extremely hard and long process. I’m afraid that Write App Reviews is not going to work as you may have thought. But there’s no harm in trying! If you have SEO skills, you could make it.

      No, I’m not going to be guiding you in this course. I help people to start with my #1 recommendation instead.


  35. Hi Ivan. Thank you for your post. I was looking onto write app reviews for a while, as for first look it seems as a interesting way to earn some extra cash. Yet opinions in web was really mixed, and looking on your review I already know this is not program for me. Thanks you your review I saved 27 dollars, as I don’t believe that there is easy way to earn money from this platform. And to be fair, Im not big fun of upsells. Looking how much time and money I would need to invest, there are definitely better ways for online business.

    • Hi Cogito, thanks for your comment on my review of Write App Reviews. I agree it’s an interesting opportunity. However, there are some big problems with this platfrom. The major problem is getting traffic and lack of education on this topic. Moreover, those upsells are very bad too!



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