Affiliate Institute Review – A Scam or Legit Affiliate Marketing Training?

Welcome to my Affiliate Institute review.

If you’re looking to make money online with affiliate marketing, you’ve probably heard of Affiliate Institue.

In a nutshell, AI is a company that empowers individuals to start a successful online business via affiliate marketing.

But is Affiliate Institute a scam or legit affiliate training company? Is this going to be a waste of time and money? Is Affiliate Institute another overpriced scheme in disguise?

Unfortunately, the Affiliate Institute website does not tell you what exactly you will be doing to earn an income (never a good sign). But I will.

You see, the company was known as GAZ before, which was an MLM scheme. And they train you to sell Enagic or Kangen water filters!

What did you say, Ivan? They train people to sell water machines? Yup, you’ve heard that right.

Before we begin, a disclosure. I’m not associated with this company. All I want to do here is to share my research to help you make a wise decision. So without any further ado, let’s get busy with this Affiliate Institute review.

Affiliate Institute Review


Affiliate Institute Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course
  • Product Owner: Julian Sherman
  • Product Price: $99 per month or $2,994 one time
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 14 Days
  • Recommended?: Not really…

Quick Summary: Affiliate Institute’s official website doesn’t reveal too much about the program nor about the price of the training. Instead, you’re lead through the cycle of “greasing up” with freebies such as ebooks and free webinars. But at one point, they’ll start asking to sign up for various and each time more expensive membership levels.

Affiliate Institute is involved in MLM for a water machine company called Enagic (Kangen). In a nutshell, they will train you to become a sales representative (affiliate) for Enagic. You may even have to purchase the expensive machines, to become qualified for high-ticket commissions.

I personally don’t like the Affiliate Institute system and I’m not 100% confident to recommend it either because I’m not a big fan of these overhyped MLM schemes.

If you are familiar with Amway or Herbalife, then you know how MLM works. That said, let’s dive into the meat and bones of this Affiliate Institute review to see whether it is a scam or legitimate.

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What Is Affiliate Institute About?

Affiliate Institute is an affiliate marketing training company that teaches people how to start an affiliate marketing business. The company provides various levels of memberships.

The truth is, affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity to create an online income. I’ve been doing this for over two years now and have had my fair share of success.

It’s not an easy business, but it pays off large dividends to those who are willing to stick to it until success.

But is Affiliate Institute a scam or legit?

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to discover the true nature of this company just by looking at their website.

Affiliate Institute Website

My experience after reviewing 100’s of digital marketing companies tells me that lack of transparency is never a good sign.

All you can tell about them without taking any risks is that they empower individuals to become affiliate marketers.

However, after a few hours of research, I found out that the company is, among other things, a high ticket MLM scheme.

In a nutshell, the Affiliate institute is very close to an MLM scheme where they recruit individuals to promote water machines using affiliate marketing.

Wait, what? Water machines?

I was shocked as you are right now. But the truth is, affiliate marketing is legit, and you need a good product right from the start if you want to become successful.

And Kangen/Enagic water machines fall into a category of high-ticket products that have the potential to produce an income if you know what to do with them.

And that is where Affiliate Institute comes into play. They host a series of training courses where you can learn how to promote these machines and earn affiliate commissions for doing so.

The first step is to register for a free webinar, which I did and was not fascinated with the content. It was just like every other webinar out there.

Nothing special.

Affiliate Institute Free Webinar

After you register your name and email address, you’ll receive an email from the owner.

Inside, you’ll find two links that lead to some freebies.

  1. An eBook called Affiliate Playbook
  2. Free Webinar with Julian Sherman

The Affiliate Playbook is nothing but a greased-up material and doesn’t have any real-life value.

It’s just an invitation to a webinar, which is the second stage of the greasing-up process, where they invite you to join the program.

At this point, it was clear to me that Affiliate Institute might not be a scam but instead just another shady and high-ticket MLM.

Nonetheless, I kept digging. Here’s what I found.

Who is the Owner of the Affiliate Institute?

Julian Sherman is the co-founder of the Affiliate Institute. Before writing this review, I’ve never heard of Julian Sherman, but it seems that he’s a successful online entrepreneur.

He says that he’s helped thousands of people to escape the chains of a 9-5 to create an online business. That may sound good, but I have hardly seen any evidence online.

By the way, the free webinar is where you can meet him in person.

Affiliate Institute Owner - Julian Sherman

During the class, Julian is going to talk about how he went from dropping out of college and working as a broke personal trainer to quickly creating a 7 figure Advertising business leveraging a new wave of social media strategies.

Julian seems like a knowledgeable person and it struck me as a person who knows what he is talking about. But I was aware of what the purpose of the free content is.

It was an introduction to an open invitation to join Affiliate Institute. Once you do so, you’ll get an opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing from Julian and his coaches.

In other words, they will start offering you various memberships that unlock the Affiliate Institute training program.  Here’s what they offer.

Affiliate Institute Price and Memberships

As you may have noticed so far, Affiliate Institute is free to join. Well, at least the part where they grease you up is free.

Then, you’ll have to purchase memberships to get access to training.

  • Level 1 Membership – $99 per month
  • Level 2 Membership – $2995 one time fee
  • Accelerator Course – price not disclosed

Affiliate Institute Price

Once you join the Affiliate Institute, you’re going to get step-by-step training, resources, and tools for starting an affiliate marketing business.

They offer live training sessions, weekly Q&A webinars, personal mentoring, and more. According to my findings, these resources are very good, and some people say they are worth the price.

Also, there’s a 14-days free trial period, which is something that I like to see.

As I was saying earlier, the point is of the Affiliate Institute program is to show you how to promote a company called Enagic or to start with the Amazon Associates program.

In a nutshell, they will show you how to start marketing campaigns and get traffic to your offers so you can start earning commissions.

More information about this is in the rest of this Affiliate Institute review.

How Does Affiliate Institute Work?

As I said earlier, the Affiliate Institute teaches people how to start an affiliate marketing business.

Once you sign up and pass through the process of freebies, you’ll have to enroll and pay for the first-level membership.

And once that part is completed, you’ll get access to the Affiliate Insititute affiliate training center.

The training inside is pretty raw, and you can learn about affiliate marketing, funnels, content writing, social media marketing, traffic, and more.

In other words, the course struck me as legitimate. They cover all the important aspects of running an affiliate business.

However, they focus heavily on Facebook ads for traffic.

Is this good?

Well, not really. It’s going to add a few $100’s to the start-up costs, which was not disclosed and I don’t like it.

It’s always a better option to start with free traffic.

The main point of the Affiliate Institute program, at least in my opinion, is to show you how to become an affiliate for Enagic and their water purifiers called Kangen.

Affiliate Institute Offers Enagic

In that case, your task will be recurring other people into the scheme and selling Kangen water machines.

Those devices fall into the category of high ticket products and could therefore lead to juicy commissions. However, there’s a catch, you see.

You will probably have to purchase one yourself since that’s how MLM marketing works in most cases.

Here’s how the process of creating a business with an Affiliate Institute looks like broken down into actionable steps:

  • Join the program
  • Purchase Kangen (this is optional)
  • Create a Campaign
  • Run Facebook Ads
  • Post on FB for Free Traffic

So the point is clear. Each time you sell a Kangen water machine, you earn a commission. And the more units you sell, the more money you could take down the road.

But since they are focused on this one product, it comes to me naturally that you will have tons of competition on your path.

The good news is, if you don’t want to sell Kangen (Enagic) water machines, you can take an alternative route.

Affiliate Institute also teaches you how to join the Amazon Associates program, which gives you more choices when choosing a product to promote with your business.

You can create a business in any niche you want, which provides you with more options and the ability to earn an income from multiple streams.

But as I said in this Affiliate Institute review, the company is a representative for Enagic, so they’ll probably push you to join the scheme.

Once a member, among other resources, you’ll get a coach, as well as access to live training sessions and other resources for starting your campaign.

However, keep in mind that you will be required to purchase all the levels (upsells) to get access to all the features of the Affiliate Insititute.

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Institute?

To make those juicy commissions and to make some real money with Affiliate Insititute, you’ll probably have to purchase Kangen at one point or another.

You see, only those members who have purchased the machine are qualified for high-ticket payouts.

That’s only the theory, of course. It’s not a statement nor a guarantee.

Like with every other program, your earning level depends on your skills and devotion.

Attending webinars, seminars, and training programs will not do you any good.

You need to invest a lot of your time as well as your hard-earned money to succeed with MLM.

Making Money Online

The most important thing is your passion for the product or service you promote. That’s the key to success.

The good thing about this company is that they don’t promote a get-rich-quick mentality.

There’s an earning potential if you follow through.

In addition to becoming an affiliate for the Enagic, the Affiliate Institute offers a substantial 30% commission for each new referral you bring in.

So my final answer is, yes, you could make money with this program.

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Who is Affiliate Institute for?

I would recommend Affiliate Institute to someone who is looking to scale their existing business and earn commissions with high-ticket programs.

It’s best for people who are passionate about the work, don’t look for ways of getting rich quickly, and, most importantly, have enough money for capital investment.

I wouldn’t recommend Affiliate Institute to newbies though. It’s an expensive scheme, and the costs will keep rising as you go.

The best way for beginners is to start with something that doesn’t require a large initial investment.

If interested in something beginner-friendly, click the button below.




What I Like About Affiliate Institute

After receiving my invitation and landing on the website, I was suspicious from the get-go that this is another scam.

However, after some research, I found a few things that I liked about this company.

Affiliate Institute Offers Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing is getting global since everyone can start one.

The main benefit besides passive income is the laptop lifestyle. Meaning, you can work wherever and whenever you want.

Affiliate Insititute offers basic and more advanced (depending on your budget) training on the subject.

Affiliate Institute Training

They teach necessary things such as starting a website, joining Amazon’s affiliate program, getting traffic via social media, and more.

14-days Free Trial

I believe that every company should give some sort of free trial or money-back guarantee, and the Affiliate Insititute follows the route.

This also shows that the company is not a scam.

Each member has 14-days to give it a try before signing up for Level 1 or Level 2 membership.

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What I Don’t Like About It

I’m not a fan of MLM’s. They have a meager success rate, and most of the time, you’re required to promote a product that you may even don’t like.

You see, having a passion for a product or a service is another key to success.

Affiliate Institute might not be a pure MLM because they teach affiliate marketing, but it’s geared toward Enagic and their Kangen machines.

Here are some things that this company has in common with a scam and what that I don’t like about it.

Lack of Transparency

The official site could provide, in my opinion, more information about the content of the program.

They did an excellent job by staying away from claiming to get rich quickly.

But still, they don’t share anything about the content, price, or any other essential information.

The lack of transparency always warns me about a scam in progress.

Affiliate Institute is Not Free

On their official website, Affiliate Institute is at first glance fee to join.

They say that you can start a business for free and keep the status for as long as you want.

However, it’s not going to be free forever. You have only 14 days to test it and make your decision.

Then, you must take at least the Level 1 membership to get started.

After that, there are other expenses and more advanced membership.

It’s a High-Ticket MLM

While I’m on the subject of the price, the company promotes a high-ticket program.

As you had a chance to read in this Affiliate Institute review, it’s a company called Enagic.

The main point of the scheme is to recruit you to become a sales representative for the company.

To be successful, you’ll probably have to purchase those water machines to qualify for high commissions.

It’s Not Beginner-Friendly

Since most beginners are on a tight budget, I wouldn’t say that this is suitable for newbies.

Their starter membership is $99 per month, and the upgrade, which contains advanced training, is nearly $3000!

Besides, to become successful with a scheme like this, you need more money for tools and other things such as Facebook ads.

So no, this is not a beginner-friendly program.

That said, let’s conclude this review with the answer to the most important question “Is Affiliate Institute a scam or legit?”

Is Affiliate Institute a Scam? – Verdict

Affiliate Institute is not a scam.

The fact is, this company hosts legitimate training for individuals interested in learning more about online marketing, and that’s what counts the most.

You can join for free and try it out for 14 days.

I wouldn’t, however, recommend this company to newbies. In my opinion, this is not beginner-friendly at all.

It may seem like it is because you get a lot of free stuff like an eBook and a webinar, but that’s just a process of greasing up for the main course.

And once you dive in, you’ll soon realize that you may have made a mistake.

You see, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve success with opportunities like this. Moreover, it may look like a cheap way to get started, but it’s not.

To achieve success, promoting a product like Kangen, you need to invest a lot of money. And since everyone who joins the Affiliate Institute is going to be promoting the same product, well, guess what?

You’re up for a lot of competition. This could lead to market saturation and a massive loss of time and resources.

Thanks for reading my Affiliate Institute review. I hope this article was useful to you.

Affiliate Institute PROS

  • You Get Affiliate Education
  • Could Help To Start an Online Busines
  • They Offer 14-Days of Trial
  • Company Seems Legitimate

Affiliate Institute CONS

  • The Content of the Program Is Not Suitable For Beginners
  • You Need To Upgrade to Expensive Memberships to Get Full Education
  • They Teach Only Facebook Ads (paid traffic, no free alternatives)
  • They Promote High-Ticket Water Machines (Kangen/Enagic)
  • Thy Changed the Name (negative reviews), It Was Called GAZ Before Affiliate Institute

Is There an Alternative to Affiliate Institute?

Are you looking for the best way to make money online? Need affiliate marketing training that is suitable for beginners? Don’t want to invest $ 1000’s just to get started?

Well, getting started online doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right training, the tools, and support all for a reasonable price.

Affiliate Institute is a legit company. However, my #1 Recommendation is a much better alternative if you’re looking to become successful with affiliate marketing in the long run.

My #1 Recommendation is a 100% legitimate (and transparent) company that is also been a leader in the affiliate marketing industry for 14 years and counting.

Do I need to buy products to make money?

No! With my #1 Recommendation, you don’t have to buy shady water machines to earn an income online.

Can I try your #1 Recommendation for free?

Yes! You can join it for free and take it for an unlimited trial.

Are there any hidden costs and upsells?

No! There’s a Premium membership, which gives you access to full training. No upsells!

Do they teach free traffic?

Yes! the training is based on free traffic from search engines and social media.

Can you make money with it?

Yes! I went from $0 to earning $100’s per day thanks to my #1 Recommendation!

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And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

66 thoughts on “Affiliate Institute Review – A Scam or Legit Affiliate Marketing Training?”

  1. Thank you for this review of Affiliate Institute…and thank you for covering all the bases.  This is an expensive program with added expenses of FB ads and (probably) the need to buy their product.  And there is the premise:  they train everyone to sell the same product by using the same techniques.  How would a newbie break out of the ranks if they’re doing exactly the same thing for the same product as everyone else?  I’ll be happy to look elsewhere!

    • Hi Cynthia, thanks for your comment on my review! To answer your question: very hard! I don’t recommend Affiliate Insititute to newbies for many reasons. One of them is the fact that it’s misleading, expensive, and requires a lot of skills. In other words, it’s not newbie-friendly.


  2. I know they are closely related, but I get annoyed when I see “Affiliate” and get hit with a “MLM opportunity”. I realize some MLMs call their reps affiliates but I don’t typically think MLM when I hear affiliate. I am not a fan of these BIG Ticket Item Purchase required to earn programs. I can understand it would be hard to sell these things if you don’t own one yourself, but it seems to me a scam when you pay more for something than it should cost. Very few MLM with big ticket items last. A few at the top make the money and many lose. Thanks for another great write-up of a program I want to avoid.

    • Hi Rich Gilbert, thanks for your comment on my review of Affiliate Insititute. MLM and affiliate marketing are almost the same, but they are very different. I too don’t like to see those two words together because I actually am an active affiliate marketer and I know how hard these schemes are. I’m glad my review was helpful.


  3. Hi Ivan,

    This is so funny because I actually invested in a business that was exactly the same as this that sell water machines by Enagic. It was based in the UK (I can’t remember the name) and they didn’t tell you what they did until you paid the initial fee, which wasn’t too expensive. But then, it is just a blatant MLM scheme and you need to keep paying. Thank God I got out of it straight away when I discovered that it was MLM.

    This business is exactly the same and is probably run by the same people. So, well done in exposing them and I hope people don’t get fooled by them, like I nearly did.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom, thanks for reaching out! And thanks for sharing your similar experience with Enagic. I think that it’s not fair to lead you into buying a program before telling you what exactly it is about. Affiliate Institute does exactly the same thing.


  4. Affiliate Institute sounds like a good deal, except for the price. I wonder if anything in the industry is actually comparable to Wealthy Affiliate or legendary Marketer?

    If I were to ask for your considered choice Ivan, which affiliate marketing program would u recommend for learning and setting up a good affiliate marketing website, that actually earns money for me?


    • Hi Aparna Bansal, thanks for sharing your comment on my review of Affiliate Institute. It does sound like a good deal at first. If you want to promote water machines, then this might be the winner.

      However, I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer are two courses that have very little competition. I would say that Savage Affiliates and Commission Hero could compete as well. But if you want the #1 recommendation, that would be Wealthy Affiliate, no doubt!


  5. Thank you so much for the warning Ivan. Affiliate marketing is a 100% legitimate way of making money online, but the problem with products like Affiliate Institute is that they are not beginner friendly and they push you into promoting products that they are associated with in some way. I guess they do it so that they can make money on tje back end. Affiliate Institute may not be a scam, but it is definitely not the best affiliate marketing training program for beginners. Your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice for newbies.

    • Hi Delyana, thanks for reaching out. You seem to get the nature of Affiliate Institute. They are trying to push these water machines so that they could earn high-ticket commissions. In any case, it’s legit, but not 100% recommended training and platform. Wealthy Affiliate is still my no.1 choice for marketers of all levels!


  6. This program seems legitimate, but definitely not the best choice for beginners who know nothing about affiliate marketing. I believe the highest success rates come whrn you promote something you are passionate about not something you know nothing about just because the commissions are high.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a better option!

    • Hi Ladia, thanks for reaching out. Yes, it does seem like a legitimate course, and it is. However, I agree with you, high-ticket programs like Affiliate Institute seem like a good idea because of the earning potential. But if you’re not passionate about the product, it’s going to hard to succeed. That’s just one of the reasons why I too don’t think this is the best for beginners.

      On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for newbies because they focus on helping you to choose your own niche based on your hobby or passion. In other words, the whole structure of the course has been designed to help you to create a long-term business online. This could be anything you want. Whatever you like to do in your free time and would like to turn into an online business, Wealthy Affiliate can help for sure.


  7. Affiliate Institute sounds very expensive for what it is. Paying such high prices doesn’t guarantee good training. In addition, mlm is an extremely difficult business model and very few make any money. I remember a friend trying to get me to join an mlm water filter company some years ago and thankfully I didn’t. The free ebook and webinar may give some basic knowledge, but heavily geared to make you join the program! Thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for reaching out. Yes, all MLMs are extremely difficult and very few make a grade. Too bad this is something they don’t tell you before joining a scheme like Affiliate Insititute. I appreciate free resources, but a word or two about the true nature of the business would be appreciated. The training is, well, like every other training. It has potential but could use more content. Anyway, thanks again for leaving your comment on my review.


  8. This is really interesting. The things I like about it are that they train you to sell the product which as a new entrant into the business you will probably need – unless, as you say, you already are established in this world – it could suit someone in the wellness (or green) niche perhaps. The price to get started is a bit on the steep side though.

    Just had a look at the Kangen water website and see that they are promoting the water for everything – to use in your cooking, cleaning and in the garden! Maybe it will take off but I can’t see people like you and me buying it – it would be a very small market I think (but who knows).

    I agree with you about Facebook ads not being the way to go when starting a new business. Even if you do have deep pockets, people are not usually on Facebook to buy. It would be good for building awareness but you need sales at the end of the day and given the time that takes, you are definitely better starting off with free traffic.

    I’m curious to know if you can just sell the product rather than have to build a team. I was in MLM for 10 years and as much as I am grateful for the experience, I don’t want to have to rely on others for my earnings. I am much happlier in affiliate marketing where my success or failure is 100% down to me.

    Thanks for another well thought-out review.



    • Hi Jean, thanks for sharing your comment with us. I feel like you have all your answers regarding the Affiliate Institute. Yes, it is a tough niche and it takes a lot of time, work, and money to succeed with this training. The main focus is on affiliate marketing, so you don’t have to build a team. But as I said, this is going to be an expensive adventure because they teach FB ads only. In any case, I’m glad my review was helpful. Cheers!


  9. MLM for one specific company, and $99 per month.

    Something doesn’t smell right.

    More than the price of WA and offers no practical training that can be applied to anything.

    I know WA has training that promotes their own site but that isn’t all if offers.

    I have been at WA for 2.5 years now and I’ve never even thought of promoting them, nor am I expected to. I have taken what I learned from the training and made my own site that has nothing to do with sales, marketing or affiliation, although I do have affiliate products.

    Going by most of what I read on sites like this, it appears that WA is one of only a very few legitimate training sites that isn’t there just to rip you off.


    • Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out. Your opinion is valued. You’re right about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s one of the rare places where you can actually learn how to start an online business about your passion. That is how you really start a business and that’s why Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommended program.


  10. Hi, Ivan,

    Thank you for taking the time to put this information together.

    The process you have exposed here just remembered me how I was listening to the free webinars sometimes for hours in order to find out that I need to purchase an expensive software or a training to get me going.

    With the work you’re doing here on your website, I’m sure you are saving a lot of people a ton of time!

    Most definetely, there are better choices to make rather than this Affiliate Institute 🙂




    • Hi Natalie, you’re welcome and thanks for sharing your comment. Well, that is a common tactic these days. Companies that don’t want you to know what they are about will “grease you up” with tons of freebies first to get your trust. And once they have it, you can expect tons of membership packages, expensive upsells, and in some rare case, you even get something in return for your cash. What I want to say, Affiliate Institute is not a bad choice, but it’s not my recommendation, that’s for sure. You can find a much better platform for getting started (Wealthy Affiliate) where they don’t grease you up with freebies and are completely honest about the service, price, and everything that they have to offer.


  11. There are lots of products online that are just out there to take your money and get you scammed, that is why this type of articles will be very helpful in getting people sensitized and updated. Affiliate institute on the outside seems like a good product but thanks to you for unraveling the fact that it is a scam

  12. This is none absurd form of business and I’m really disappointed at how they are programmed to operate. Training to be a sales person alone is a part of any business where you have to consider a lot of factors and here where I may be asked to purchase a machine is really off the radar. Thanks for the review and I hope to learn more about your recommendation 

  13. Well, this is rather a shocking discovery here to be very honest. I had actually thought that I had seen the right place to really learn the full details of affiliate marketing and only for me to decide to read more about them and see this here. Seriously, it is really not worth it and I will surely stay off it henceforth. Thanks for sharing here

  14. Hey there,
    I have heard enough about affiliate institute and I did my personal study around it and I realized isa ponzi scheme.

    The lack of transparency is also a warming sign to stay away from affiliate institute.

    • You’re welcome, Janet. If you already have a site and domain hosted somewhere else, that’s not going to be a problem. It makes no difference whether you host your site on WA’s or any other servers. WA is about teaching how to build a successful affiliate website/blog. Hosting and domain registration are just bonus features. However, you can choose to transfer your site (domain) to WA’s servers if you wish. They’ve got a state-of-the-art hosting, Premium Site Support, and a lot of great features that you may want to leverage as a member.

  15. Thanks for the insight. I was curious about the Wealthy Affiliate site you mentioned, I went and checked it out. I do not see info on what the costs are. So how is it any different from this program……

    • Hi Janet, you’re welcome. Thanks for reaching out. Affiliate Institute is practically an MLM company that recruits people and trains them to promote Enagic water machines. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, is a training course for starting your own online business based on your passion or a hobby. This means that you can choose any niche you want and learn how to promote any products you wish. If you like cycling, you can build a website in a cycling niche, write about cycling and promote bicycles and bicycle parts and gear to your audience. WA also offers websites, hosting, domain registry, keyword tool, and many other tech stuff that makes running your business more comfortable. You can also choose to promote these and earn commissions by promoting Wealthy Affiliate too. Regarding the price, maybe you have missed it, but once you click on the Sign-Up/Join tab on the Wealthy Affiliate official website, you’re taken to a page where they show you the difference between Starter ($0) and Premium ($49/monthly) memberships. By the way, there are no additional costs.


  16. Hi Ivan

    I just actually watched the AI'(affiliate Institute) free get you to sign up webinar. I am not sure where you got the $99 from, but as of today and (you can see the date of my post here is) they’re signing up fee for a 1-year membership is $997!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure after that how much more you have to cough up but I find it blood boiling that all the ******* programs are few bucks short of a $1000 dollars…What is going on here???? I would not mind paying for my own education but come on a $1000 just to start and then maybe a year to just et it back? Grrrr
    All I wanted to say is: THANK YOU! because you can’s see behind those “closed doors” you fall victim to these so-called educational programs and all you looking for is to try ends meet and there is another SCHEME to fork out a thousand bucks and now you have to run just to make it back. Is there any real legit teaching program out there that would help to learn Affiliate Marketing? I have looked at Weathy Affiliate and find it very confusing to be honest..maybe I should give it another try?
    Thanks for this review from the bottom of my heart!

    • Hi BB, they have probably updated their pricing since I have released this review. I do agree with you, $1K per year is a lot of money, and the costs will keep climbing as you progress with the training over at Affiliate Institute. That’s why I usually do not recommend these high-ticked schemes to my readers. AI is not a beginner-friendly course.

      I do, however, recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, I understand it is confusing. This is not something they teach in school so it takes some time to wrap your head around the process. But at least you won’t have to pay $1K per year until you do so. Moreover, WA is going to give you all the tools and even a personal coach to help you to speed up the process. If you want to give it another try, make sure to open your free WA account and I’ll personally help you to get started.

      You’re welcome, bud. Thanks for reaching out! And if you need more information, do let me know.


  17. Hi  Ivan, thanks for being honest in all of your reviews. I have been make some research about the legitimacy of Affiliate institute. Having stumbled into this article, I have gotten all valid points to satisfy my curiosity about their legitimacy. Since they give fourteen days free trial to access their effectiveness, is a whole lot of time to determine if the system will actually suite you or not

    • Hi edahnewton1, you’re welcome and thanks for stopping by. Well, Affiliate Institute is not a scam but it’s a highly-expensive and risky MLM company. 14 days might not be enough to test the system, but at least you can get a look inside without risking your money.


  18. hello Ivan.

    thanks for sharing such an informative review and spreading awareness about Affiliate Institute. 
    It’s always important to do your due diligence before jumping into any affiliate marketing or MLM opportunity.  I agree, lack of transparency is a red flag in my book and requires more digging to see exactly what to expect with your investment cost, training, the company’s business model…

    thanks for sharing have a great day…

    • Hi evansese, it’s good to see you doing the research first. The company’s lack of transparency is a real warning sign. I hope my review has helped you to get all the information about the Affiliate Institute. Thanks for commenting and let me know if I can help.


  19. Hello there, This is a beautiful article that you have got here. The affiliate institute does well to defend their name however, the membership cost for each level is very high and will require much to grow in it. I’m happy with the fact that they offer training and 14 days trial. As you said, a newbie will definitely find it difficult to make the most out of it.

    • Hi Steviejohn41, yes, it’s good to see that they offer 14-days to give it a try and if you don’t like the program, you can get your money back.


  20. Nice review. I have not really heard about affiliate institute but I know about affiliate marketing as I have a friend who is into it. He uses wealthy affiliate tho not wealthy institute. I think I will share this article with him to take a look. Affiliate marketing pays if you are ready to work it is not a fast route to wealth. My friend has been into it for two years now and he  has made a lot from it.

    • Hi Iheanacho David, no, this business is not a fast route to wealth. In fact, there’s no such thing as fast route to wealth. I wouldn’t recommend Affiliate Insititute, but it’s a legitimate company. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, is my top recommended program for making money online.


  21. Thank you for the fantastic review you have conducted on Affiliate Institute. When I was looking for opportunity to make money on the internet I came across them but because I had been scammed on many occasions, I decided to read many reviews about them. I got realized that there is no clearity about their actions and in-actions

    • Hi osei kwame, you’re welcome. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed before. I guess that’s just a part of the road to success. You can rest assured, Affiliate Insititute is not a scam, but their offer is quite confusing and mostly directed toward promoting a company for which they earn a commission if you choose to promote and purchase their water machines.


  22. Hi Ivan 

    I got to admit it sounds very confusing, as is it  an affiliate  program or a MLM program? It seems that it wants to be both  but I cannot see that working, as are you promoting the products or are your recruiting people to the program? I cannot believe it cost that much and the obvious question is  what do you get that is not available from searching or watching videos. I am glad that there are  positives to the program but it does not mean it is value for money.

    Thank you for the review.


    • Hi Antonio, it’s actually a bit of both. You can promote other products from sites such as Amazon which is called affiliate marketing. But the company also recommend another company for which they earn commission if you decide to promote it, which is why Affiliate Insititute falls into a category of MLM schemes too. Let me know if you have more questions.


  23. Hi Ivan, I checked out the video for affiliate institute and there is not much information on fees. I came across the info. you shared and glad I did. Thank you for this review.

    • Hi Frank, you’re welcome. As you can see there are two levels of membership Level 1 Membership – $99 per month and Level 2 Membership – $2995 one time fee. Also, keep in mind that Affiliate Institute is a high-ticket scheme, so there is more investment down the road.


  24. hello dear, awesome affiliate Institute I must say that I do really compliment your effort and time taken from your busy schedule to carry out a tentative research on a affiliate Institute and sharing your candid findings with us here I must say you that it’s necessary construing during the rapid increase of internet scam to always make a research before deciding on signing up with them your tips o we go a long way to help prevent signing into wrong scam website

    thanks for your awesome review and I look forward to sharing

    • Hi Evans, I’m glad to hear that. It’s true that there are more and more scams out there. It’s always best to do your own research first. Affiliate Institute is not a scam. However, it is a high-ticket MLM scheme which is not disclosed anywhere. Let me know if you have any questions.


  25. Hello there,  thank you for this very detailed and informative  post on affiliate institute,  I heard about this from a friend when I was discussing on starting my business online, and decided to make some research about it and already I have answers to the many questions in my mind regarding Affiliate institute and I see it a good platform however I will still check out your number one recommendation so I can compare and contrast and come to a compromise.

    • Hi Jomata, you’re welcome. Thanks for leaving your comment on my review of Affiliate Institute. The truth is, this is a legitimate platform, but as you can see, it’s not that easy to pull it off. Thanks for checking out my number one recommendation. Let me know if you have any questions regarding both.


  26. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article. I appreciate reviews like this that give me all the details without me having to spend my time and energy signing up, watching webinars, then remembering to cancel any free trials before I get charged. Based on the info you’ve given me, I think I’ll pass on Affiliate Institute. Thanks!.

  27. Thank you for sharing this informative review and spreading awareness about Affiliate Institute.  It’s always important to do your due diligence before jumping into any affiliate marketing or MLM opportunity.  I agree, lack of transparency is a red flag in my book and requires more digging to see exactly what to expect with your investment cost, training, the company’s business model, etc.  The information you provide is very helpful and eye opening, especially for someone starting out with a low budget may want to research another cost effective opportunity.  Thank you for the detailed breakdown.

    • Hi Lindsey, you’re welcome. It’s good to see you doing the research first. Yes, they could have disclosed the price and other details before. As you can see, you have enough information within this review to make a well-informed decision. Let me know if you have any questions.


  28. Thank you for taking the time to research this fully. I was extremely put off when looking in to it that you couldn’t find any real information about it on their website, the lack of transparency raises a red flag for me.

    I don’t mind paying for training, but i like the costs to be clearly laid out at the start so you know whats ahead and what you are getting yourself in to.

    You have explained this company and the set up really well, and I am sure it will help many confused people make a decision about it.

    • Hi Emma, you’re welcome. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, the lack of transparency about the price and features is never a good sign. I hope this review was useful. Let me know if you have questions.


  29. Right off the bat, I think Affiliate Institute seems very pyramid-scheme like and not as well put together as Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with what you said, having a passion for a product you’re selling is going to lead to higher success rates because you know more about it. Nobody wants to sell something they don’t like or know nothing about! This Affiliate Institute seems like they’re out for he money not for the people. It doesn’t seem as warm of a community compared to the one here at Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Before this article, I had never heard of Affiliate Institute. Not saying that’s a bad thing, because I stumbled upon WA one day without knowing anything about it either. But, it does sound like Affiliate Institute is not as beneficial to new affiliate marketers like me, especially compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Ryan Ruffner, thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree. Wealthy Affiliate is a much better choice because of the community. In my opinion, WA has got better training and they teach how to start a business in more details. Compared to Affiliate Institute, WA has an advantage. But in general, both companies are legitimate.


  30. Totally agree with you that companies that won’t lay out their business up front seem a little shady. I get that they want to have an air of exclusivity – but the savvy customer these days isn’t going to be easily fooled, especially when people are doing so much research before ANY buying decision. I appreciate reviews like this that give me all the details without me having to spend my time and energy signing up, watching webinars, then remembering to cancel any free trials before I get charged. Based on the info you’ve given me, I think I’ll pass on Affiliate Institute. Thanks! 

    • Hi KatieGoesKeto, I’m glad to help you in any way I can. It’s good to see you doing the research before getting into it and risking your time hard-earned money.


      • Hey Ivan, I just purchased the starter membership BEFORE reading this article, and I was just wondering if it would be smart to learn as much as I could in 14 days, and then get my money back and start working with amazon affiliate marketing?

        • Hi Cameron, the decision is yours. You know what is the smartest thing for you. I’m not a member of the Affiliate Institute anymore nor do I wish to pursue their program to earn online.



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