Fast Fortune Club Review (2022) – Is Tom Gentile Legit or Scam?

Welcome to my Fast Fortune Club review.

Wondering whether Tom Gentiles Fast Fortune Club is a scam or a legitimate way to make money? It does look legitimate, but the truth is not always in looks.

Self-proclaimed America’s #1 Trader, Tom Gentile, promises to show you the formula he uses to get 1000s of dollars richer in a matter of seconds. Hence the name of his program.

But there are so many scams out there and fake reviews that you can’t be sure whether Fast Fortune Club is a scam or legit.

After a lot of research, I discover something interesting about Tom Gentile and his program and I advise you to read the rest of this review.

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

In the meantime, I have actually tried and reviewed 600+ courses, scams, and even pyramid schemes to find the very best way to generate income online.

Within this Fast Fortune Club review, I’ll show you what this program is about. I’ll show you what to expect from it without any BS and give my honest opinion about whether it’s a scam or a legit way to make money.

That said, let’s begin already! Shall we?

Fast Fortune Club Review


Fast Fortune Club Review – Overview

  • Product Name: Fast Fortune Club
  • Product Type: Financial Newsletter
  • Price: $599 per year
  • Owner: Tom Gentile

Quick Summary: Fast Fortune Club does look like another scam designed to take advantage of innocent people looking for an honest way to invest their hard-earned savings.

Tom Gentile promises to help make tons of money with his secret formula and something called “Money Calendar Alert.”

However, after comprehensive research, I concluded that Fast Fortune Club is not a scam.

It’s a legitimate investment newsletter and stock investment training program.

In addition to the newsletter and training program, Tom Gentile includes a quick start guide, trading alerts, and a few other perks in the subscription.

However, it does have a lot of complaints that shouldn’t be neglected. For more details, read this Fast Fortune Club review to learn more about the content, pros, and cons and to read those complaints as well.

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What is Fast Fortune Club?

Fast Fortune Club is a program created by Tom Gentile. Tom and his team from Money Map Press claim to make 100s and 1000s without any effort and in a matter of minutes.

They promise to send each month one “Money Calendar Alter” where they reveal their secrets.

Isn’t that tempting?

The first time I saw this program, I got suspicions straight away. Just by looking at the name and the sales letter, you can get a feeling that it’s another scam.

Fast Fortune Club Scam

But we can’t judge the book by the cover.

As it turns out, there’s something real behind Fast Fortune Club and the “Money Calendar Alert” is a real thing. In a nutshell, each month, Tom will reveal several trades with a “minimum 100% return possibility.”

Quite a confident statement, right? I wonder if it works…

In addition to 100% trades, Tom is going to send step-by-step video instructions on how to identify and place these trades. He claims his MCA can give you a “first-mover advantage” that helps “trade ahead” of stock price moves.

But more about it later.

In general, Fast Fortune Club is an investment newsletter created by Tom Gentile, published by The Money Map Press, and it helps to make money by investing in stocks and ETFs.

About The Money Map Press

Money Map Press is the investment company that stands behind FFC and many other investment newsletters published by financial experts such as Tom Gentile.

In addition to investing in stocks, the Money Map Press offers education on topics such as indices, bonds, currencies, and even cryptocurrencies.

Most of these info-products are created by designated experts and are designed to share basic information about the industry, insider tips, and trade alerts.

Money Map Press

So is Money Map Press a legitimate company?

My verdict is, yes. MMP is really a legitimate company that offers a series of info-products that could be useful to new and existing traders.

Just keep in mind that these programs are not get-rich-quick schemes, although some of them, like Tom’s program, do really sound like one.

That said, let’s meet the brain behind the operation.

About Tom Gentile – Creator Of Fast Fortune Club

According to the Fast Fortune Club sales letter, Tom Gentile is self-proclaimed America’s #1 trader. A bit of self-confidence is never a bad thing.

The truth is, Tom is indeed a highly successful trader.

He is a real person who has a lot of background in the world of finances.

Tom has been featured in many news and magazines and is a recognized expert. He also runs a successful YouTube channel where he shares free content.

You may have a chance to see him on CNBC U.S., Bloomberg, Reuters, and Fox Business.

On top of that, Tom is a contributing columnist to Stocks and Commodities Magazine and a successful author of books on the topic of investment and stocks.

Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile has over 25 years of experience, and today, he launches a Fast Fortune Club program to help even more people to reach financial freedom and earn high returns from stocks and ETFs.

He says that using the same intelligence from his patent-pending invention (The Money Calendar) Tom’s going to show you how to set up a series of guaranteed payouts of $602, $822, $1,190, and even $2,830 every single week.

Interesting indeed, but is it true? Let me show you what I discovered.

How Much Does Fast Fortune Club Cost?

Before we jump on the most crucial part of this Fast Fortune Club review, let’s go over the second most important part. I’m talking about the price, of course.

It was hard to extract this information.

But if you are interested in becoming a part of Tom’s club, you’ll have to shell out $599 per year. Once you purchase the subscription, you’re automatically charged for the following year.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund. If you don’t like the information from the Fast Fortune Club or you don’t feel the benefits, you can ask for your money back. The program comes with a 60-days 100% money-back guarantee.

Also, you can cancel your subscription anytime (see below).

Fast Fortune Club Refund Policy

However, you need to see some of the complaints left by people who asked for a refund but were denied by the company.

It looks like Tom Gentile does not honour his written money-back guarantee, which is a scam warning sign!

Now let’s get busy with the actual content of the program and see whether or not it’s a legitimate way to invest in stocks and ETFs.

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What’s Inside Fast Fortune Club?

Fast Fortune Club has a variety of options inside of its program. You can look and decide which course is best for you and your current situation in life.

Some of the perks include:

Fast Fortune Club Program Review

The Fast Fortune Money Calendar

This app is designed to recognize consistent trading patterns. You can then use these metrics to forecast opportunities to trade.

Payday Appointment and Alert

In addition to the Fast Fortune Money Calendar, you get an app that alerts you about trading opportunities. The analysis comes with research, recommendations, etc.

The research has been done by Fast Fortune Club experts.

Fast Fortune Club Alerts

Million Dollar Masterclass

This program teaches you trading strategies and techniques. Each month, the program holds a session where you can learn what millionaire investors do.

Quick-Start Cash Course (for beginners)

The last feature that we’re mentioning in this Fast Fortune Club review is the beginners’ course. This program is designed with newbies in mind to help them start fast.

Fast Fortune Club Guide

How Does Fast Fortune Club Work?

The whole idea of how Fast Fortune Club works is based on following Tom’s investment advice. If you can do so, follow the simple advice, Tom promises to make you rich.

That’s how it works, really.

Tom promises to hand you the trading secrets that made him a multi-millionaire on a silver platter.

Each month, Tom is going to send one newsletter where he shares tips and advice. This information is based on a program called Money Calendar Alert.

It’s an algorithm that crunches the previous stock results and predicts future performance.

Fast Fortune Club Software

Each Money Calendar will have a lucrative set of Payday Appointments for a new trading strategy already lined up for you.

This way, you’ll be able to capitalize on that strategy immediately.

Also, Tom offers an education on the topic so that you can become an expert yourself. The name of the course is Million Dollar Masterclass. These live training videos will take you click-by-click through everything.

So when you’re ready, you’ll be able to find your Payday Appointments!

If you are new to the stock market and are not sure how it works, Tom will give you access to a beginner’s course where you can get acquainted with the basic knowledge too.

Fast Fortune Club Tom Gentile Course

I’m a big fan of courses and I like to see that Fast Fortune Club includes a basic course that all beginners could leverage to learn about stocks, ETFs, trading, and more.

Most of these “clubs” give you only signals, alerts, and other stuff.

However, you will not have any use for those things if you don’t learn the language. This includes reading charts and patterns, indicators, understanding risk management, and more.

All in all, Fast Fortune Club by Tom Gentile seems like a legitimate product.

Is Fast Fortune Club Worth It?

Tom Gentile has actually assembled one hell of a deal for the Fast Fortune Club program. You get lots of value for $99 annually by receiving approximately 96 stock choices with your membership.

At that price, you’re paying slightly greater than $1 per suggestion. That’s a decent value in my opinion. So yes, Fast Fortune Club is worth it.

Plus, the deal also includes lots of educational materials as well as an auxiliary study too- Moreover, it’s all covered with a solid money-back guarantee.

Tom Gentile’s dual-sided technique can assist you to expand your portfolio as well as capitalize on the growth. Tom additionally consistently checks in with his clients with his Money Hr calls and Analysis videos.

And also, you’ll never ever miss out on a stock trade because he will send you texts and emails regularly.

Who Is Fast Fortune Club Best For?

Technically speaking, Fast Fortune Club is best for people who would like to learn more about investing in the stock market.

It’s not an in-depth course on this topic so I wouldn’t say that this is the top course.

In my opinion, FFC is for beginners interested in learning about the stock market, rules of the market, ways of investing in stocks, etc.

Also, since Tom’s newsletter includes trade alerts and some useful tools, it’s a good way to get started with stocks.

However, it’s critical to say that Fast Fortune Club is not a get-rich-quick scheme!

Despite what Tom Gentile says on the sales page for his newsletter, you simply can’t make fabulous sums of money working only a few minutes per day.

If you dive into this, use this product as a source of information. Your trades and your money are strictly your responsibility!

Fast Fortune Club Online Reviews

I’ve been searching for other reviews to see what other people have to say about Fast Fortune Club, Tom Gentile, and the Money Map Press.

My findings were quite disturbing. You can read these few online reviews to see what I mean.


Fast Fortune Club Reviews

Fast Fortune Club Reviews 1

I’m not defending Tom Gentile or Money Map Press, but it’s critical to understand that there’s been a lot of confusion about this product.

Because of Tom’s way of advertising it, people have obviously taken it too seriously and probably thought about it as a quick way to get rich without having to do any work.

Once again, FFC is just an info product.

Your money and your trades are strictly your responsibility.

That said, let’s go over some pros and cons before making the final decision about whether Fast Fortune Club is a scam or legit.

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What I Like About Fast Fortune Club

After taking a closer look at this offer, I found a few things which I find to be very good. Fast Fortune Club might not be my top recommendation for making money online, but there are some good points.

1.) Tom Gentile is a Real Deal

The first thing that I like about Fast Fortune Club is the fact that the advice is coming straight from one of the top experts in the field of finances. Tom Gentile is not a charlatan, and he knows how the market works.

He’s been featured in various media and has published several books.

2.) Fast Fortune Club Includes Beginner & Advanced Training

I like that Fast Fortune Club is not just a financial newsletter. Tom and his team have included a lot of training for both advanced and beginner investors. If you are new to stocks, you can take the Quick-Start Cash Course.

Advanced students can learn more from Million Dollar Masterclass.

3.) 60-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Another good thing about Fast Fortune Club is the option to get a refund. It shows that the owner is honest and is not only after your money.

If you don’t achieve any results with Tom’s program during the first 60 days, you can get your money back. Good stuff.

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What I Don’t Like About Fast Fortune Club

Trading stocks is a risky business. You can have access to the best newsletters, tools, signal providers, etc.

But if you don’t have the foundation in terms of experience and fundamental knowledge, there will be little use of programs like Fast Fortune Club.

That said, I also want to share a few more things I don’t like about this offer.

1.) Tom Uses Get-Rich-Quick Promo Material

My first thought when I saw Fast Fortune Club were “Oh, hell no! Here’s another scam that promises too much too fast.” Despite my initial thoughts, it’s a real deal.

However, I still don’t like Tom’s way of selling this newsletter. Fast cash is attractive, but it’s never like it sounds on the sales page.

2.) Financial Institutions do Not accredit Fast Fortune Club

The program is released and published by Money Map Press, which has not been certified by BBB nor by the Securities and Exchange Commission to provide financial advice.

It’s a serious red flag and something you need to play with. Tom might be an expert, but his newsletter has no support from institutions.

3.) Fast Fortune Club Has Received a Lot of Complaints

Since it’s been launched, the company behind Fast Fortune Club, Money Map Press has gathered tons of complaints on the net. Only on BBB, they have 146 complaints by the time of writing this review!

By reading these reviews, it’s evident that something is not right with this company.

However, the good thing is that they take care to resolve most of the complaints.

But still, I don’t like to hear so many negative voices. It shows that something is not right with Tom Gentile’s program and the company behind it.

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Is Fast Fortune Club a Scam?

While every effort has been taken to provide you with an honest review, I can’t and won’t say that Fast Fortune Club is a scam.

Despite some serious red flags, it’s a legitimate newsletter and not a scam.

However, there is a big concern about those complaints. It’s evident that some people feel like Tom Gentile has tricked them. Most of them say it’s a scam.

Some people have invested a lot of money without receiving any gains in return, and that’s a big problem!

You see, Tom promises fast cash and 100% sure trades. I believe it’s essential to understand the difference between a sales presentation and reality.

However, Tom plays it dirty!

In reality, Fast Fortune Club is only a newsletter and training program on stock investment.

They have even disclosed the fact that you’re not guaranteed to make money with this, although they have put it on the bottom of the page where you can hardly see it—weak move.

The truth is, that the stock market is unpredictable. Yes, there are tools and software that could help create a comprehensive analysis.

But even then, you’re not guaranteed to win.

That said, Fast Fortune Club is, in my opinion, a good source of information for people interested in the stock exchange. Tom Gentile is legitimate, and he has years of experience in sharing financial advice behind him.

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Fast Fortune Club Review – My Recommendation

If you take a look at the pros and cons section of my review, you will notice that I’m on the fence about Fast Fortune Club.

On one hand, I like the fact that Tom Gentile is a real deal when it comes to the stock market.

Also, I like the fact that this product comes with a lot of value in terms of courses, guides, videos, newsletters, alerts, and more.

But on the other hand, I can’t shake off the promo material – it just sounds like a scam to me.

Another reason why I’m not a big fan of this newsletter is that its creator (Tom Gentile) and the company behind it (The Money Map Press) have got a lot of negative reviews and complaints from users.

To me, this shows that something is seriously wrong with this program.

All in all, I’m not too hyped about recommending Fast Fortune Club, so I’ll give it a pass.

What do you think about it? Is Tome Gentile a scam? Is this product legit?

Feel free to share your comments below! And thanks for reading my Fast Fortune Club review.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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28 thoughts on “Fast Fortune Club Review (2022) – Is Tom Gentile Legit or Scam?”

  1. This is a great boil down of the Fast Fortune Club. Investment advice products are very tempting for people and so it’s good to get the inside info and what this product really has to offer. Seems like there are pros and cons, just like anything else. Some people are gonna love it and some are gonna hate it. It doesn’t seem like a scam, just maybe hypey tactics involved. It should always be buyer beware with stuff like this anyway.

  2. My father’s advice with the stock market was to buy utilities because they would always be in demand.  His philosophy was long term growth.  Stocks have recently taken a huge hit so I read your article with interest thinking that it might help. Although I am sure you are correct, that this not a scam and that Mr. Gentile is the real deal, I don’t think I am prepared to pay the fee for his advice.  Trends can be followed, but still there is an element of risk.  I appreciate your open review, but even the name of this program worries me… Fast Fortune.  I think if someone makes a fast fortune it is probably luck. Thanks for you review.  I think you save me some time looking at this program.

  3. HI Ivan. Thanks for taking your time to inform the novices. I think that Gentlle went too far on his promises to the point that it makes his good points like training suspicious. After reading your analysis I am convinced that Gentile is not for me. Thank you for saving me $ and a sure headache


  4. Just by reading that a few people had problems taking their money back, even with the 60 days money back policy, I would be scared to even consider a program like this one. Trust needs a lot of work to be gained and I don’t see this guy trying a lot on that front, even if this is a real guy and his program is not an actual scam.

  5. Thank you for the honest take on this. I was considering jumping in. I am a very green newbie, and this sounded a bit too good to be true. I’ve been searching for investment strategies, but don’t have a lot of extra money hanging around. Glad I came across your article. I will pass.

  6. Hi Ivan, My email inbox gets flooded with propositions and ad material from Money Map Press. I think you have hit the nail on the head by concluding that while these offers are not scams, they are marketed in an over-the-top scammy kind of way. And they all over-promise. The fact is that these are mostly financial newsletters. Some have just market and sector analysis, others have stock and ETF trade opening recommendations, some have trade opening and trade closing recommendations. And some have educational material that teaches you how to find your own trades. Let’s face it, if they were 100% honest in their sales pitches probably nobody would ever sign up. Who would sign up for a newsletter that says – We’ll send you trade alerts, some of these will work, some won’t and if we’re lucky at the end of the day we’ll all have made some money. – Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy, thanks for another comment! I’ve been in your shoes so I have unsubscribed from their mailing list. I agree with you, Fast Fortune Club and other products from Money Map Press are marketed as get-rich-quick scams and I don’t like it either. In any case, I’m happy that my review was helpful!


  7. The quick to get rich scheme does not make any sense at all. Those affiliate programs only take money from you and there is no real result. It is impossible to make a thousand dollars in seconds. I am not saying all programs are scams but you cannot trust all of them. Sometimes they put fake reviews in order to join them.

    • Hi Mohamed, thanks for your comment on my review. It’s not possible to make crazy amounts of money in a matter of second unless your have a decade of trading experience, tons of capital, and are on the expert level when it comes to picking the winning trades.


  8. Greetings! I went through your article and I found it very helpful. I must agree with you that, there are so many online programs that promise to make loads of money. And it is very great to have posts like these to find out deeper about the fast fortune club. Knowing the pros and cons of this program helps you make an informed decision. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  9. Their trading strategy isn’t fool-proof by any means which makes me question whether or not their success rates are even accurate at all – especially when we consider how hard predicting stocks really is in general since no one has been able to do so accurately yet!

    It is true that there are many benefits to joining a complete trading system, such as access to community and mentoring. However, the trade-off for these benefits appears not worth it at all when we consider how much money one would need in order for them to take your funds every year.

    • Hi pitin, thanks for your comment on my review. I agree. Trading stocks, forex, etc., is difficult and requires a lot of specialized knowledge. Signals and market analysis tools like Fast Fortune Club are just that, tools. One needs a lot more education and experience to be profitable on the market.


  10. I don’t like it when the sales pitch has these extraordinary claims. Yeah, it attracts people but it gives them false expectations and it deforms their appreciation of how in reality businesses are built. 

    A well known man as Tom Gentile should not rely on these marketing tactics. It makes his legit business look scamy. Thanks for clearly stating what this business is and what it isn’t.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for your comment on my review of Fast Fortune Club. I agree with you. I too don’t mind a bit of hype and excitement because that’s what sells the product. However, claiming that you can reach a status of a millionaire in just 10 minutes a day is a bit too much.


  11. Hi Ivan,
    I hound this detailed review of the Fast Fortune Club quite informative. I had heard of Tom Gentile and the Fortune Club – and not in a good way- so it was nice to actually have the facts laid out so well before me.

    What he is selling is a strategy. Unfortunately, the stock market isn’t in on this and can be quite unpredictable! This strategy is not for the faint hearted and more importantly is for the long term, just like with all investments- although it is presented simplistically as if anyone can do this easily. Not so. This will work for those willing to take risks and who are already a bit savvy about playing the stock market.

    I unfortunately do not fall in this category! Your Wealthy Affiliate option appears less risky, less stressful and certainly will not keep me awake at night.
    Great content!


    • Hi Ceci, thanks for your comment on my review of Fast Fortune Club. I agree with you on every single point in your comment.

      Tom Gentile is selling a strategy. A lot of people do this, which is much appreciated. However, I feel that they should be more careful with the promotion of these strategies. Fast fortune club suggests that you can get rich fast, which is not a constant thing in any business or investment opportunity.

      Also, if one does not have a background in the stock market or any other investment, they will first have to acquire some experience before making anything of fast fortune club and other newsletters of this type.

      On the other hand, my recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate is much less risky. Moreover, it’s a perfect opportunity for a newbie to gather some business experience before jumping into stocks and other types of investment.


  12. The reality is that the stock market is unpredictable!
    Sure, Tom maybe someone who has made a ton of money out of trading, and if so, why does he feel the need to share his knowledge with others? Is it because he has a big heart, or does he need more money?

    If we are going to learn about share trading, then I guess it makes sense to learn from someone who knows what he is talking about. However, the number of complaints received from unhappy customers is definitely a red flag.
    I think I’ll be giving the fast fortune club a miss.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for sharing your comment on my review of Fast Fortune Club. You might be right. People who make a lot of money with a particular investment such as stocks usually possess a lot of specialized knowledge and decide to share it with others, for a price of course. On the other hand, I do agree with you, too many customer complaints is a red flag.


  13. Call it what it is..Tom gentile over promises and under delivers..and I call that a SCAM and you should too instead of straddling the fence!

    • Hi Tom Davis, thanks for leaving your comment. I’m just laying out the facts here. It could be both ways. You are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that. Thanks again for sharing it with us. In my case, I’m happy to help you learn more about Tom Gentile’s Fast Fortune Club.


  14. Ivan,  a comprehensive review of the Fast Fortune Club!  Some reviews seem to be just head fakes to get you to buy whatever program they are affiliated with.  This is a comprehensive review that gave the pros and cons and let you be the judge of getting involved with the program.  I especially appreciated the warning about refunds, these draw people in but can be difficult to get when you make the request.  So it makes sense to really like the product as the refund process could be drawn out.  I look forward to seeing other topics and programs under the scrutiny of IVAN!

  15. This is a great article! Fast fortune club sounds dodgy and is something that I would stay away from! Thank you for writing this honest and detailed explanation!


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