Freedom Ticket Review – Is Kevin King Course Any Good?

Welcome to my Freedom Ticket review. Who is Kevin King? Is his course any good? Is Freedom Ticket a scam or legit? Keep on reading to learn more…

If you’re looking for ways and means to start with Amazon FBA, you’ve probably stumbled across Kevin King and his Freedom Ticket course a few times so far.

And now, you need more information before you make any irrational moves.

In a nutshell, Freedom Ticket is a step-by-step training course that helps people to start selling on Amazon. Kevin King is a well-known name in this industry and his program has quite a reputation.

But is it any good? Is Freedom Ticket legit?

Before we dive into my review, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m an affiliate marketer who went from waiting tables to earning a five-figure income online with my affiliate marketing business!

I have also reviewed 600+ schemes and scams to find the best way to make money online. Simply put, I’m passionate about earning money online and assisting you to follow in my footsteps!

In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at the Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course created by eCommerce veteran, Kevin King.

A brief disclosure before you continue. I’m in no shape, way, or form associated with this course. I don’t write fake positive reviews in order to make sales.

Just like you, I was interested to learn more about Freedom Ticket. That said, this Freedom Ticket review is a composition of my experience, research, and information available in the public domain.

So the main intention of this article is to help you to make a well-informed decision.

With that out of our way, let’s get rolling! Shall we?

Freedom Ticket Review


Freedom Ticket Review – Overview

  • Product: Freedom Ticket Course
  • Type: eCommerce Training Course
  • Owner: Kevin King
  • Price: $997 one time or three times $397
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days No-Questions-Asked

What is Freedom Ticket About?

In a nutshell, Freedom Ticket is a course that teaches how to create your own Amazon FBA business from the top. It’s focused on building a business in a specific niche and earning income online by selling physical products on Amazon.

During 8 weeks of the course and 66 lessons, you can learn about finding the right niche and products.

This is the first and the most critical step of every online business. The key is to find a niche that you’re passionate about. Where there’s passion, the chances for success are much larger.

Freedom Ticket course also teaches how to source products from trusted suppliers and manage inventory.

Furthermore, it covers topics such as listing optimization and marketing your products, which is the ultimate goal of every Amazon business.

That said Kevin King’s course is focused on legit topics, and there are no scam signs. But is it any good? Is it worth your time and money?

Well, we’ll discuss that later in the Freedom Ticket review. For now, I don’t see how this course is any different from other eCommerce courses.

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Freedom Ticket Owner  – Kevin King

Kevin King is a successful eCommerce entrepreneur and the owner and creator of the Freedom Ticket course.

Kevin owns multiple eCommerce businesses, including five private labels launched during the last five years.

Freedom Ticket Kevin King

However, Kevin King has been around eCommerce since 1995, which means that he’s a veteran indeed.

He started selling physical products on eBay, and he hasn’t stopped since. In other words, Kevin is not your average “guru” who lives selling courses. He practices what he preaches.

Since Kevin King has so much experience and has achieved a lot of success, the Freedom Ticket was designed, as its name suggests, to help people get out of the system, think outside of the box, and have an opportunity to build their own successful eCommerce business, away from 9 to 5 structure.

All in all, I like the fact that Kevin is a real deal. When you’re trying to learn how to start an online business, generally speaking, you want to learn from experts.

And that’s what Kevin King is! Now, let’s check out the next section of the review to learn how Freedom Ticket works and what you will get with this course.

How Does Freedom Ticket Work?

Freedom Ticket teaches about starting an Amazon FBA business. The course is suitable for beginners as it goes through the most basic steps and finishes with advanced lessons.

Also, as the class moves forward, advanced Amazon business owners could find a few helpful tips and tricks for improving their own business too.

As I said in the previous section of my Freedom Ticket review, everything is based on Kevin’s personal experience as an Amazon seller. He’s been doing this for two decades, which makes him an expert indeed.

In a nutshell, he’s going to teach you what Amazon’s business is about and how it works.

Then, you’ll be learning how to find products and suppliers, create your own Amazon listings, advertise your products to Amazon visitors, and earn big money.

And in the next section of my Freedom Ticket review, I’ll be going over training modules…

Alternative: If you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




What’s Inside Freedom Ticket?

Within the Freedom Ticket course, you’ll get access to 8 training modules that contain 66 step-by-step video lessons. Here’s a breakdown of each training module:

Freedom Ticket Training Course

Week 1 – Introduction

During the first week of the training, Kevin will lead you through the program. Also, he is talking a bit about Amazon and the potential it has. One of the modules even talks about how much money you can make from quick product research.

  • 1 – Welcome to the Freedom Ticket Training
  • 2 – The Amazon Opportunity
  • 2.1 – Amazing Potential All Over Amazon
  • 2.2 – You Can Make HOW MUCH From Products Found in Five Minutes?
  • 3 – About this Course

Below you can take a peek into the first module of Freedom Ticket:

Week 2 – Amazon & Business Basics

The second week of the Freedom Ticket course is about the basics of the business. One of the key modules this week is about the legal requirements you need to follow before you even start. This is great because most courses don’t even deal with this information!

Furthermore, Kevin King explains how to utilize different ways to sell on Amazon. He talks about the costs of running an FBA business and gives you a nice overview of what you can accomplish with this business.

  • 4 – Basic Business Requirements
  • 4.1 – Moving Money Between Countries using Ping Pong
  • 5 – Ways to Sell on Amazon
  • 6 – Walk Through of Seller Central
  • 7 – Essential Amazon Glossary
  • 8 – How Much Money You Need
  • 9 – What To Expect When You Start

Week 3 – Branding, Money & Millions

During week number three, you will be learning about key aspects of creating a brand. Furthermore, Kevin talks a bit more about costs, and ads, and focuses a lot on managing your budget through cash flow.

  • 10 – What Can a $5k Investment Selling On Amazon Do
  • 11 – Branding
  • 12 – Ladder of Loyalty
  • 13 – Cash Flow
  • 14 – Category Approval
  • 15 – Costs to Sell on Amazon
  • 16 – Quick Overview of Sponsored Ads
  • 17 – Cashflow

Week 4 – Picking a Successful Product

Once you go over the basics in previous modules, the next few modules are getting into the meat and bones. During week four of the Freedom Ticket course, Kevin King talks about finding your niche and picking the products.

Kevin recommends using a prestigious tool called Helium 10 to do product research. And if you join Kevin’s course, he will fix you up with a special deal (more in the later sections of my Freedom Ticket review).

  • 18 – Introduction to Helium 10 Tools
  • 19 – Where to Find Product Ideas
  • 20 – How to Do Keyword Research & Pick Products
  • 20.1 – Product Evaluation Spreadsheet
  • 21 – Choosing a Product to Sell
  • 22 – The Freedom Ticket Product Test
  • 23 – Reviews and Competition Research
  • 24 – Using Blackbox to Find Products
  • 25 – The Chinese Way of Thinking

Week 5 – Suppliers, Orders & Shipping

During week five, you will be learning about outsourcing products. Kevin talks about how to outsource products using Chinese factories while making sure to avoid all rookie mistakes.

Moreover, this module shows how to purchase and ship items all the way from China, how to create a central, when and why to ship your items, and more. By far, this is one of the most important modules of Freedom Ticket.

  • 26 – Where to Source Products
  • 27 – Finding a Chinese Factory
  • 28 – How Not to Get Ripped Off
  • 29 – 12 Common Rookie Sourcing Mistakes
  • 30 – UPC and Packaging Primer
  • 31 – Package Inserts & Product Websites
  • 32 – How Much Should Your Order
  • 33 – The Purchase Order & Proforma Invoice
  • 33.1 – Create a Legally Enforceable Purchase Order in China
  • 34 – Which Way to Ship
  • 35 – Shipping Terms & Problems
  • 36 – How to Create a Shipment in Seller Central
  • 37 – Verify Your Supplier is Giving You a Fair Price
  • 38.1 – Saving Money by Mastering 3 Shipping Terms
  • 38.2 – Shipment Modes – Why and When
  • 38.3 – Actual Weight vs Volumetric Weight
  • 38.4 – 10 Rookie Mistakes you MUST Avoid
  • 38.5 – Packing your Products for International Shipping
  • 38.6 – SPD vs LTL – Types and Differences

Week 6 – How to Compete & Win Big

Once you have products, suppliers, and shipping in place, it is time to start selling and marketing your FBA business. This module will help you leverage listings and competitor reviews to make as many sales as possible.

  • 39 – Brand Registry & Brand Gating
  • 39.1 – Trademarks and Patents
  • 40 – Tips to Being a Great Seller
  • 41 – Prohibited Activities
  • 42 – Sales Stopped Checklist
  • 43 – Key Ranking Factors on Amazon
  • 44 – Breakdown of a Product Listing
  • 45 – Using Competitor Reviews to Your Advantages
  • 46 – Basics of Getting Discovered on Amazon
  • 47 – Keys to Making Sales
  • 48 – All About the A9 Search Engine

Week 7 – How to Create Highly Converting Listings

This module introduces you to product listings. In other words, Kevin will show you how to sort your products and list them on Amazon correctly. Furthermore, he shows how to kill the listings using titles, bullet points and awesome product descriptions, images, and more!

  • 49 – Introduction to Product Listings
  • 50 – Writing a Killer Title
  • 51 – Writing Bullet Points & Descriptions
  • 52 – Completing Backend Keywords
  • 53 – Creating Images that Convert
  • 53.1 – Testing & Producing Powerful Images
  • 54 – Creating Your Product Listing

Week 8 – Ranking, Advertising & Promotion

The last week of the Freedom Ticket course is where the money shows up (hopefully). In short, this entire week contains level video modules where Kevin King will lead you through the world of PPC (Pay Per Click). This means that you will be running ads online to market and promote your products.

  • 55 – How to Set Up Promotional Discounts & Coupons
  • 56 – All about Brand Analytics
  • 57 – How to Set Up a Lighting Deal & Deals
  • 58 – Launch to Page 1
  • 59 – Amazon’s Secret Sauce URL
  • 60 – Using Facebook Ads to Launch your Products
  • 61 – Chatbots Basics for Launching
  • 62 – The Basics of Amazon PPC
  • 63 – How Much to Bid on PPC
  • 64 – Product Targeting PPC
  • 65 – Setting up your Initial PPC Campaigns
  • 66 – Wrapping It All Up

All in all, Kevin King has created a serious training course. Based on my Freedom Ticket review, this course will teach you how to start an eCommerce business. But is it worth it?

How Much Does Freedom Ticket Cost?

As a standalone course, Freedom Ticket costs $997. However, there are two different ways you can enrol in the Freedom Ticket course.

Freedom Ticket Pricing

Buy Freedom Ticket Directly From the Sales Page

First of all, you can pay in cash. In that case, you’ll get two payment options to choose from, namely:

  • Single Payment $997
  • Three Monthly Payments of $397

Buy Helium 10 and Get Access to Freedom Ticket Course

Secondly, you can buy Helium 10, which is an All-In-One Suite of tools for finding products on Amazon, finding keywords, building lists, listing optimization, maintenance, etc.

You must be a Helium 10 Platinum, Diamond, or Elite member to get free access to the Freedom Ticket course.

Here are the prices of Helium 10 Platinum, Diamond, and Elite plans:

  • Platinum Membership $97 per month
  • Diamond Membership $197 per month
  • Elite Membership $397 per month

Between the two, I would recommend the second option because it is going to cost you less in the long run to get access to Freedom Ticket and Helium 10.

Freedom Ticket Refund Policy

The refund policy is directly tied to Helium 10. In other words, if you choose to go with the second option (buy Helium 10 and get access to Freedom Ticket), you will get 30 days to change your mind and ask for a refund.

What Do You Get With Freedom Ticket?

There is a lot of useful content that you get with the Freedom Ticket that you can use as a reference as you get set up and grow.

Here is some of what you receive with the Freedom Ticket program:

  • 8 weekly modules, 90+ lessons, 21+ hours of content, detailed written study notes,
  • Detailed notes and review slides can be downloaded
  • Interactive studio & classroom videos filmed live
  • Weekly group Q&A sessions with Kevin King
  • Access to a private Freedom Ticket Facebook group
  • 15 REAL – not demo account – over-the-shoulder computer walkthroughs

There are no guarantees that you’ll be earning an income after you finish the course.

However, as I said earlier, Kevin King has included a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. All it takes is a simple email to get your money back.

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Who Is Freedom Ticket Best For?

Freedom Ticket is for people who are serious about starting an Amazon FBA business. In other words, it’s for people with enough time and money.

Even Kevin King agrees that this is not the easiest business model to master.

But it could work for those who have what it takes to make it happen.

The good news is that those who decide to join will get a comprehensive training course, and access to bonus tools and features, which means that you’re in good hands.

I would also say, with a lot of hesitation in my voice, that Freedom Ticket is for newbies as well.

Those of you who read my reviews often know that I rarely suggest expensive courses and business models to newbies looking to make their first buck online.

And the same stands here as well.

However, a newbie who has a keen interest in running an FBA business and nothing else should probably join Kevin King’s course. Why? It’s one of the best on this topic!

Alternative: If you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




What I Like About Freedom Ticket

In the next two sections of my Freedom Ticket review, I’m going to talk about some pros and cons of this Amazon FBA program.

Here’s an overview of all the pros:

  • Kevin King is an eCommerce Expert
  • 8 Weeks of Detailed Training
  • Buy Helium 10 and Get Freedom Ticket
  • Bonus Resources, Walkthroughs, and Webinars
  • Freedom Ticket is Always Up To Date
  • No-Questions-Aksed 30-Day Refund Policy

Kevin King is an eCommerce Expert

So the first thing I like about this course is the man behind it. Kevin King is a recognized eCommerce expert, which makes him an ideal mentor.

Inside Freedom Ticket, Keving has included an incredible collection of training that has actually been nicely set out in a collection of absorbable videos.

Kevin King really knows the ins and outs of eCommerce like the back of his hand, and his experience with as well as alone covers more than two decades.

Generally speaking, you want to learn from experts. And that’s what Kevin King is!

8 Weeks of Detailed Training

On top of that, Kevin has put together a comprehensive training course. It seems like nothing was left behind.

The 80-plus components are set up over 10 weeks. The content gets unlocked gradually, so you can’t jump around yourself.

This is a little irritating for some people, however, it’s developed in this way to make certain that you don’t binge or miss in advance as well as miss out on essential material.

The Freedom Ticket system can help a complete newbie to get started with Amazon FBA and even advanced business owners to improve their existing situation.

Many of the videos are of Kevin sharing practical information on how to run a business and giving step-by-step guidance on the essential Amazon processes.

Bonus Resources, Walkthroughs, and Webinars

In addition to an extensive training course, the Freedom Ticket program induced a set of bonuses such as spreadsheets, walkthrough videos, live webinars, and access to a community.

The latter is extremely important and useful if you are just starting your first-ever online business. You will definitely be needing as much help and support as you can get.

Currently, at the time of writing this Freedom Ticket review, the community counts about 2.5K members.

Buy Helium 10 and Get Freedom Ticket

As mentioned in this Freedom Ticket review, if you buy Helium 10, you will also get access to the program automatically.

If you have any one of the paid Helium 10 plans, then you automatically get free accessibility to the Freedom Ticket course! That means for just $39/month; customers obtain complete access to the Freedom Ticket Amazon program training.

If you have actually read my Freedom Ticket review, then you’ll understand that running an FBA business without product research and keyword study tool is a stupid idea.

Freedom Ticket is Always Up To Date

Considering that being an effective Amazon vendor can be a relocating target, Kevin King has revamped the Freedom Ticket training course and presented the future generation Freedom Ticket 2.0, and presently, in 2022 – Freedom Ticket 3.0.

Besides just upgrading the material, the developers have actually also been generous to include added areas and new modules within existing sections.

This shows that Kevin and his team are being proactive and their course is continuously evolving!

No-Questions-Aksed 30-Day Refund Policy

And to top it all off, Kevin includes a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you decide to join the Freedom Ticket program and for some reason, you change your mind, you can ask for a refund,

Freedom Ticket Refund Policy

A great thing about the refund policy is that you can get your money back without any questions asked by Kevin King. That really great!

Most online courses have complicated refund policies and are making it hard for users to get their money back.

What I Don’t Like About Freedom Ticket

Just like every other Freedom Ticket review out there, this one has a few cons as well. The good news is, there aren’t a lot of cons related to Kevin King’s course.

  • Focus on Creating Products
  • It’s Expensive For Beginners
  • You Need More Money For PPC traffic and tools

Focus on Creating Products

The Freedom Ticket approach urges you to spend on your products and also develop a brand name from the ground up.

As an example, there is one whole week of training devoted to ‘Getting Your Product Made,’ which plainly shows the business model that Kevin King likes.

If you are among the Amazon FBA newbies around wanting to start with low capital expense, then there become part of the training course that will certainly be unnecessary.

A great deal of the content is still extremely knowledge-based, so you can adapt the knowings. Nevertheless, if you’re not looking to develop a personal tag brand name, then there are various other gold star FBA training courses.

You can have a look at Marketplace Superheroes or Amazing Selling Machine for possible alternatives.

Freedom Ticket Is Pricey

The truth is, you’re going to get a lot of useful material and resources with Freedom Ticket.

However, I feel like $1000 is too expensive, especially if you’re only a beginner. I mean, there are equally good eCommerce training courses out there that cost 1/4 of the price of the Freedom Ticket.

You Need More Money For PPC Traffic and Tools

And what about PPC and tools? You will have to invest a lot of extra cash in traffic and marketing. The course is based on paid traffic and requires an expensive set of tools.

But the good thing is that this has been disclosed on the sales page.

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Freedom Ticket Reviews & Testimonials

It’s easy to find people praising Freedom Ticket, but I had a hard time finding students reporting that they’d achieved significant results from following the training.

One of the best testimonials is this short video from 2019, where a student claims to have doubled his revenue to $50,000 within 3 months of taking the training…

For such a highly-praised and popular course, I would have expected to see far more testimonials like the above during my research. But such reports seem to be rare for students of Freedom Ticket.

On the other hand, there are plenty of affiliate Freedom Ticket reviews like the one below…

Is Freedom Ticket a Scam or Legit?

In general, Freedom Ticket is a legitimate training course for getting started with eCommerce via Amazon FBA.

It is an overpriced course, in my opinion, but you do get a lot of useful material in return for your cash. Moreover, the fact that you can get an unconditional refund during the first 30 days is excellent.

However, I feel obligated to say that this is nothing but knowledge. In other words, the Freedom Ticket is not going to solve all your financial problems or take you to the top of the eCommerce mountain just because you paid for it.

That said, I would only suggest this course to someone who is dead serious about starting an eCommerce business.

Amazon FBA is a tough cooky to crumble. It may take weeks and months just to set up the business. And then a few more weeks and months to master marketing and paid ads.

And even then success is not guaranteed.

What if you don’t choose the right product? Or what if you spend too much on PPC and get a negative ROI? What if you mess up your listing?

You see, these things are not talked about on the sales pages.

What I want to say is, yes, the Freedom Ticket course is legit, but it’s not easy to be an entrepreneur, so don’t rush into spending $1000 if you’re not ready for all the struggle and emotional rollercoaster that comes with this line of work.

Alternative: If you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Freedom Ticket Review – Conclusion

Overall, I think that the Freedom Ticket as a training course is one of the top programs out there.

I would certainly put it on my list of recommended courses along with a few other, legitimate programs. In other words, Kevin King is indeed a person to follow if you’re interested in Amazon FBA.

That said, I hope that my Freedom Ticket review was useful. I hope that I have helped you, a fellow entrepreneur, to find your way online and make sure that this program is not just another scam or time and money waste.

And if you need more info, or have questions, feel free to leave them in the section below.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this Freedom Ticket review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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19 thoughts on “Freedom Ticket Review – Is Kevin King Course Any Good?”

  1. I think a lot of these online course are missing the point when it comes to attracting new customers. Most people that want to start an online business cannot afford to spend a few thousands of dollars to start a business. This makes this program out of reach for most. And it’s also a matter of risk taking as many would be afraid to give such a large amount of money without knowing if they will get their investment back.

  2. I have seen advertisements for Kevin King and his Freedom Ticket program, and had been wondering what it was all about. So it is good to see that it is a legitimate program that can help those that want to start an Amazon FBA business. 

    I agree with you that Freedom Ticket is an expensive program, specially seeing that one still needs thousands of dollars to buy products as well. So if you have deep pockets it could be an option, but I prefer the option of affiliate marketing. 

  3. Ivan,

    Thank you so much for this comprehensive review of the Freedom Ticket. Being an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for a new avenue to make even more money. 

    I have not begun my affiliation with Amazon yet, but I am strongly considering the Helium package as of now. I do have some concerns about the extra cash needed for PPC traffic and tools. You don’t mention how much extra these things cost, you just say we need a lot more cash. I am sure whatever the cost it is worth it in the end and (possibly avoidable altogether). 


    • Within the Freedom Ticket training, Kevin King recommends you have a minimum of $5000 to kickstart your business. Just the Helium 10 tool will cost you $39/month.

  4. Wow, the price! I have heard about Kevin King and the program he offers now and needed more information. I came across your review and read every word. Your review was very helpful in my decision to pass on this offer for the time being. I have bookmarked it for easy access again! Thanks

  5. Excellent review of the “Freedom Ticket”, Ivan!  I think your review was both detailed and fair.  I also agree with you.  There is a high level of risk with the business model.  It is also very expensive and you need good cash flow to start up.  But for those who can meet that criteria, I think it’s a legitimate business also.  Thank you for such an insightful review. 

  6. Several people have mentioned to me that to use the FBA program that Amazon has, is a great way of starting a business. So it is very good to come across this review on Kevin King and his Freedom Ticket program. I have to agree with you that it is an expensive program, and if one then needs more more to actually source products, it would mean that many people might not have the budget to start. 

    So although Freedom Ticket seems to be a very good and legit training program, with a money back guarantee, it is too expensive. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Even if this is a legit program I find it hard that anyone starting out online would spend $1,000 for this. It’s a very risky investment for anyone that want to make money online and don’t know how so to me it seems this is mostly for experienced users that want to learn something new. For complete beginners surely there are far safer ways to start online.

  8. Way too expensive in my book, and who knows if you would see a return in the education effort.  I generally learn things on my own the hard way, that way I remember what I did, and I don’t forget.  When doing courses, without practical hands on use, makes it a lot harder for me.  I’ll pass on this just for the upfront fees.

  9. This is an amazing review.  I like that you are being honest in your review and not just bashing another company to get gains.  This is what all who are seeking ways to make money online need to see, before they get scammed by the bad guys out there.  Have a good day.

  10. eCommerce via Amazon FBA is a lucrative model. But in my opinion it’s starting to get crowded. I wonder how long it would take to for a return on investment to happen. One could try to find the money, but with the uncertainty of “will it work for me?” I kinda back up from this idea. Free stuff on YouTube is very shallow on this topic.

    • Hi Paolo, thanks for your comment on my review. Free stuff on YouTube is good enough to help you to understand the business model without having to spend money on courses. But once you’re ready to take a plunge, Freedom Ticket is a good course. But as you said, and I agree, FBA is a crowded business and it may take a lot longer to see results than it used to a few years ago.


  11. Hi, as someone who enjoys learning new things, I believe Kevin King’s own experience as an Amazon seller will be quite beneficial to me. The training offered by Freedom Ticket can assist me in learning more about the FBA system. I’m glad you clarified that it’s not a scam. The only issue is that the course is extremely expensive, but who knows, it might be worth a go.
    Nice review.

    • Hi Lionel, thanks for your comment on my review. You can rest assured, Freedom Ticket is not a scam. I’m glad you’ve got inspired by Kevin King’s experience. Best of luck!

  12. I like the fact that this course have been prepared by a well-known expert in the industry. But the price is ridiculous. But I don’t mind that this course is based on paying advertising mostly. The fact that the seller have said it on his sales pages is a sign that this person is honest. I think about one guy who tried to hide that his course was based on PPC only. I personally think that this course would be good for those who are a bit experimented and are already making some money in the industry.

    • Hi NoBossExperience, thanks for your comment on my review of Freedom Ticket. The fact that Kevin is an expert is one of my favourite things about this course too. But I agree, it’s pricy, and best suited for those who have a substantial experience in the MMO industry. Thanks again for your comment!



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