Instant Profit Sites Review – Is it a SCAM or Legit Profit System?

Welcome to my Instant Profit Sites review. Can it help you to start an online business? Who is Jake? Is Instant Profit Sites a scam or legit? Keep on reading to learn more…

Copy-pasting others’ websites to make money online may seem like an effortless path to wealth.

However, I wanted to put this idea to the test, so I purchased Jake’s program. After thoroughly analyzing the product, I want to share my unbiased review with you.

Rest assured, I am not affiliated with this offer. I won’t deceive you or make unrealistic promises just to sell you this course and earn money.

So, if you’re interested in learning whether Instant Profit Sites is a scam or a legitimate way to kickstart an online business, keep reading.

In this review, I’ll explain how it works, what you’ll receive, its price, and more!

Instant Profit Sites Review - a Scam?


Is Instant Profit Sites a Scam? 

The final verdict is clear: Instant Profit Sites is a scam. Throughout this review, I will reiterate this statement multiple times because it is important for you to understand the truth behind it.

The entire narrative about a live money-generating account and copy-pasting profitable websites is nothing more than a strategy to convince you to purchase ClickFunnels.

Behind this scheme, the owner of the funnel profits each time someone buys the product.

Unfortunately, there is no value to be found here. The training provided is superficial, leaving you with limited knowledge about making money with ClickFunnels. The sole objective of the person behind this training is to make a sale and nothing more.

Moreover, the tactics employed to sell you this product cross ethical boundaries. They employ fairy-tale stories that promise great success and financial gains.

Instant Profit Sites and similar schemes, such as Perpetual Income 365 or Multiple Income Funnel, utilize identical tricks and gimmicks to push you into purchasing expensive upsells and additional costs.

Let me emphasize that products like Instant Profit Sites are the reason why many individuals find themselves trapped in an endless pursuit of magic solutions. Don’t be deceived.

It’s crucial to understand that making money requires time and a deep understanding of the system. Ideally, you should seek out a mentor and a legitimate training course to get started.These resources will provide you with the necessary guidance.

Once you grasp the fundamentals, you’ll be ready to embark on your own journey towards financial success. However, if you continue to chase after shiny objects, you are inevitably setting yourself up for failure.

As I’m going to demonstrated in this review of Instant Profit Sites, it’s a one-way road to disappointment.

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What is Instant Profit Sites?

If you watched the sales video, you probably noticed that no information was provided about what Instant Profit Sites actually is or how it works.

All you could hear was Jake rambling about his live money-generating account and how he’s going to demonstrate it by simply clicking his mouse a few times.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Scam

As you may already know, there are no instant profit sites.

The live account that Jake has created for you is not real! Jake keeps talking about how he has helped random people seize the same opportunity and urges you not to miss out.

He claims that you are one of the few lucky ones to receive the invitation to this golden opportunity. He practically begs you not to miss this chance to use his websites and start making $1000 a day.

It sounds enticing, doesn’t it? But the reality is far from what you hear during the sales presentation. The story about the account is a marketing trick aimed at undermining your confidence and making you pay the price.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Scam

Many people get stuck in the cycle of chasing shiny objects online. They perceive online marketing as a get-rich-quick opportunity, only to end up spending hundreds of dollars on something that doesn’t exist.

Instant Profit Sites is just another scam in a sea of online scams, designed to benefit only the owner. Those who buy into this deception end up disappointed.

This offer will not fill up your bank account; instead, it will drain it. The same can be said for Click Wealth System and Affiliate Millionaire Club.

Let’s continue this Instant Profit Sites review to gain more insights about the program before falling for its empty promises.

Is Instant Profit Sites Legit?

You’re probably here because you’re wondering if Instant Profit Sites is a scam or a legitimate opportunity.

Right from the start, there’s this guy named Jake who claims that you can copy his free “weird trick” to make $1000 per day. He even created an online account that apparently generates commissions.

Driven by curiosity, I purchased this product only to discover that the Instant Profit Sites website is nothing more than a scam.

Listen, if you’re new to this business, understand that Jake is just pretending to make you buy. There’s no live account and definitely no money! I’ll dive deeper into my Instant Profit Sites review to show you more.

The sad truth is that these people will do anything to lure you in. However, once you’re inside a program like this, you’ll be disappointed to find that it’s nothing like what they advertised.

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with scams like Instant Profit Sites. Here are a few examples:

If you’re still unsure, continue reading my Instant Profit Sites review. I will disclose the program’s content, which is the primary reason for my negative opinion regarding Jake’s offer.

By the way…

Who is Behind Instant Profit Sites?

I don’t know who this guy is. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a better answer than this. Jake introduced himself at the beginning of the video, and that’s all there is to know about him.

The lack of information about Jake makes me suspect that he could be a scam artist. If he were genuine, he would confidently reveal his identity on camera.

Even if he’s a shy individual, having a social media profile would help establish trust.

You see, when it comes to dubious offers like Instant Profit Site, many people conceal their true identity.

To avoid being discovered, the owners often create an alias and hire someone to present the information for them.

This program seems to follow a similar pattern.



How Do Instant Profit Sites Work?

I took a risk and spent my hard-earned money to uncover the truth behind Instant Profit Sites. Unfortunately, what I discovered wasn’t anything new. In fact, this system is not a reliable way to make money online; it’s designed to simply waste your money.

However, I can offer you an honest review of Instant Profit Sites to prevent you from going through the same disappointment.

Despite promises of earning $175, like Jake claimed, it’s all empty talk. Instead of finding the promised money, I stumbled upon something that had me laughing out loud!

I’m sure you’ll find it just as amusing once you see it for yourself.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Scam Warnings

These guys are contradicting themselves! They explicitly state that everything you’ve heard about this product is false. They admit that there are no push-button money-making systems, and even describe money-making websites as utter rubbish.

And if someone claims it’s not a scam, it probably is.

Do you still want to continue reading this review of Instant Profit Sites, or have you had enough? If you’re curious like me, then carry on reading.

There’s more to this scam. You can learn a thing or two for the future and be better prepared if you come across something similar. Consider this post as a guide for avoiding scams.

Now, let’s get serious.

What Can You Learn With Instant Profit Sites?

Instant Profit Sites, as you can see in the image below, is teaching how to create marketing funnels.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Fake Training

Instant Profit Sites and similar programs often include a crash course to justify their price and actions. However, the information provided is usually incomplete and insufficient to help you make money.

This particular course claims to teach you how to copy-paste pre-made landing pages. The first step is buying a $97 per month ClickFunnels license.

By purchasing the service, you’ll be earning the site owner a commission. The training course consists of only eight video lessons, each of which barely scratches the surface.

Its purpose is to guide you in setting up your ClickFunnels account and copying and pasting the provided landing pages that direct to ClickBank offers.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Fake Funnels

The Instant Profit Sites training teaches you how to customize pages and capture leads for your offer.

However, to do this, you’ll need to purchase another tool called GVO, which is an email marketing and list-building autoresponder.

The cost for the license will depend on the package you choose, ranging from 50-100 dollars. The owner will receive a commission if/when you purchase the GVO autoresponder.

Unfortunately, the Instant Profit Sites training program lacks information on lead generation. Without knowing how to drive visitors to your sites, they become worthless since no one can see your landing pages and you can’t make money.

In summary, be aware that you may end up spending a significant amount of money and only have a few useless sites in return.

How Much Do Instant Profit Sites Cost?

To gain access to Instant Profit Sites and demonstrate your commitment, simply make a one-time payment of $37. This fee covers the service costs, amounting to over $100,000 a month for Jake.

While this may paint him as a modern-day Robin Hood, the truth unfolds in the rest of this review.

Paying the initial amount will lead to further expenditure, as Jake will prompt you to invest more. Instant Profit Sites operates as an affiliate marketing funnel, allowing the owner and affiliates to generate income through two avenues.

The first is the initial program price, while the second involves pushing pricey upsells or additional expenses, sometimes employing both tactics.

Who is Instant Profit Sites for?

In my review of Instant Profit Site, I found that this program is not suitable for anyone. It fails to provide adequate training or help users understand the intricacies of starting an online business.

While it offers the option to create some funnels, there is no explanation on how to drive traffic to these funnels.

It is important to note that programs like Instant Profit Site are targeted towards individuals who seek quick riches, rather than those willing to put in the time and effort needed for true online success.

Anyone who believes that making money online can be achieved effortlessly or by simply pushing a few buttons is mistaken.

The reality is that earning money online requires extensive work and dedication. Beware of those who claim otherwise.

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Instant Profit Sites Pros:

Although I believe this offer is a complete scam intended to rip you off, there is one single aspect that I can consider as a benefit.

1.) Money-Back Guarantee

Instant Profits Sites is a ClickBetter product that comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

I purchased this product and found it to be worthless. As a result, I requested a refund. If you ever decide to buy this product and have a similar experience, you can also request your money back.

Instant Profit Sites Cons:

During my review of Instant Profit Sites, I came across seven red flags associated with this program. Let’s discuss them individually to demonstrate why I believe it’s a scam.

1.) There is No Live Account

Once you hit the play button, Jake will demonstrate the power of his system by turning on a live account. And just like magic, the money starts rolling in as he effortlessly clicks his mouse a few times.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Fake Account

However, the account is faked. There is no money.

Jake is only trying to deceive you into thinking that you can become wealthy quickly by following his instructions. Anyone can manipulate numbers; I am well aware of the capabilities of Photoshop.

I hope you are too.

2.) Jake is Not a Real Person

While discussing Jake, it’s important to note that he is not a real person.

At the beginning of the video, he introduces himself, but beyond that, not much is known. This situation resembles many other online scams, where a hired individual reads from a script and pretends to be the owner.

Since there is no compelling evidence to verify Jake’s identity as the owner of Instant Profit Sites, it is difficult to trust his claims.

3.) Fake Payouts to Fake People

While progressing through the sales video, you’ll come across images that serve as proof of genuine payouts to real individuals. Additionally, there are several short videos within the system, portraying people expressing gratitude.

However, it’s important to note that all of these are also fabricated.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Fake Payouts

The woman in the photo, as shown above, is a Shutterstock model and has no affiliation with Instant Profit Sites.

4.) Unrealistic Income Claims

There is a person named Mr. whoever he is, who claims that you can start making $1,000 a day with his system.

To convince you it’s possible, he shows you some checks of his own.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Fake Income Claim

Photoshop, my friend, is an amazing tool that can be utilized in various ways.

An example of this is shown in the image above.

5.) Fake Scarcity

The owner of this funnel is pressuring you to act quickly, claiming that you should seize this opportunity before someone else takes it from you.

He advises against bookmarking the page, as it will be inaccessible by tomorrow.

Instant Profit Sites Review - Fake Scarcity

He does this solely to pressure you into making a purchase.

If you return every day, you’ll find the site waiting for new victims.

6.) Hidden Costs

The funnel owner assured you that you only need to pay $37.

However, once you make the payment and gain access to the website, you’ll be required to purchase ClickFunnels and GVO autoresponder. The ClickFunnels license alone costs $97 per month.

The entire purpose of this story about Instant Profit Sites is to entice you into purchasing this service. The funnel owner earns a commission for each sale made.

7.) Low-Quality Training

To support the aforementioned action, the program owner is offering a set of pre-designed marketing funnels.

For those unfamiliar with this technology, comprehending the program can pose significant challenges. Furthermore, the training is of subpar quality as the presenter rushes through the information.

Additionally, they fail to assist with website traffic generation, thereby hindering one’s ability to generate income.

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Do I Recommend Instant Profit Sites?

I strongly advise avoiding Instant Profit Sites. I have provided seven reasons why this is a scam.

There are better and legitimate opportunities available for learning how to make money online. Investing in this is not worth a penny.

Thank You for reading my Instant Profit Sites review. Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this Instant Profit Sites review with your friends!

All the best, Ivan.

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  1. Hi there Ivan…I’m so pleased to pump on you during my research… you’ve helped a lot I was about to make a huge mistake in my life buy borrowing a money from someone to get better amount….for December but I’m really glad that I started by doing a research before doing that…
    Great job…. please spread these news to all the social media like Facebook and more.

    Marry Christmas 🎄⛄ enjoy and stay blessed with your family.

  2. This system is definitely not worth your time or money. It’s just a sales funnel for other programs that will only benefit the person behind this scheme. There is no real training or support, and you will likely lose money if you try it. Avoid this scam and find a legitimate way to make money online.

  3. Thank you so much for another great review.  Instant Profit Sites makes some big claims huh?  It’s sad to see that those claims are not real.  I’m glad that you actually went and bought the product to test it out.  That means you didn’t have to read about it online by other users, you experienced it, and I’m sorry that you was scammed.  Your readers, myself included, owe you a huge thanks for this review though.  I can tell by your tone that you are pretty pissed about what happened, I would be too, and I’m glad your directing that anger to help others.

  4. If all the above as a scam artist; wouldn’t the IRS know about this scam??!
    And why would they not; as they are on everything in on line and internet scams???

    • Maybe they will come to it in the future. I’m not sure if the IRS will be the one to close them, but FTC might! They’ve closed a lot of internet scams over the last decade.

      • Ivan thank you so much I wish you have a group chart or a live page where you teach people about how scam looks like. Thank you so much for this information you have given here, it is absolutely clear, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Hi Ivan, It looks like you have found and exposed another phony system. As you say the internet is flooded with many kinds of scams and they often have similar characteristics. I am ashamed to admit that I have fallen for some of these. They are easier to spot in hindsight and if I am honest with myself, I must have some vulnerability that is being exploited each time. The more and more these programs and systems are exposed for what they are hopefully fewer people will fall for them. Thank you for this valuable service. Best regards, Andy 

    • Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. I have fallen prey to these scams as well. But at least it was a great learning experience. Instant profits are impossible!


  6. This looks like one of many generic Clickbank products. I’ve seen them a lot in my career. It looks as they have been made by the same person. Usually the price is really low to make you think you have a chance of making big money with almost no investment. Then you are unpleasantly surprised to learn you have to upgrade to finish your “training” or get full access to the product.

    It is clear that they are a scam and you are doing a great job for all the people online by preventing them to get scammed.

    I love your website by the way. I will bookmark it for future posts.


    • Hi Strahinja, they do, don’t they? These sites usually sound like a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, but almost always turn out to be scams or low-quality products such as eBooks or a few videos on a selected topic. My advice is to steer clear from Instant Profit Sites and others alike.

      Thanks for commenting on my work. It’s much appreciated!

  7. The reality is that if this type of site were legit, EVERYONE would be doing it! Thanks for revealing the scam behind the fancy marketing. It’s frustrating that they are taking advantage of people’s ignorance.

  8. I’d been looking for the right system to increase my earning but it’s been thrice that I bumped with a fake system that only took some bucks from me which I did not earn back. Thanks for this honest review, I’m almost convinced by the sales pitch of Instant Profit Sites until I tried to do more research and saw this review. This is really helpful in deciding on the right thing. It’s just sad to know that while the internet helped innovate our earning potentials, it also became a tool for fraud organization and people.

    • Hi Marlene, there’s nothing honest about Instant Profit Sites. I’m happy to hear that you’re doing the research before getting into something like this. Whenever not sure about a product or a company, feel free to search my website. If you can’t find a review, drop a comment somewhere and I’ll get right into it.



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