Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Is It a Scam? You Bet It Is!

Welcome to my Affiliate Millionaire Club review.

After Mo managed to set up a free affiliate site for me, I was more than interested to see what Affiliate Millionaire Club is about and could I make money with it.

But then after seeing the rest of the video, my mind flipped to…could it be a scam?

After all, there are too many of these “internet gold mines” today waiting to rip you off, wouldn’t you agree?

You are here because you, too, want to know whether Affiliate Millionaire Club is a scam or not. You want to make money online, but you are not that easy, right?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to sell you this program here, nor am I associated with the Affiliate Millionaire Club. This review is a collection of data, testimonials, and personal experiences.

In other words, I have taken the risk so that you don’t have to!

By the way, congratulations on researching yourself! Quick research saves you time and your hard-earned money. It shows that you are serious about avoiding scams and finding the best way to make money online.

Within this Affiliate Millionaire Club review, I’ll show you what it is about. Also, I’ll explain how the whole thing works. Lastly, I’ll discuss whether this offer is a scam or a legit way to make $500 per day.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam Review


Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Overview

  • Product: Affiliate Millionaire Club
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Site Builder
  • Owner: Mo (fake name?)
  • Product Price: $47
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days
  • Recommended?: NO! See the summary below…

Quick Summary: Affiliate Millionaire Club is some secret system that you can activate to make $1,200 from the very first day! And honestly, at first glance, I thought that this is another scam. The sales pitch is full of get-rich-quick BS as every other.

It’s natural thinking after seeing tons of these scams, right?

But as it turned out, you will get a site builder with ten sites and training on affiliate marketing for $47. You can use it to take a shot at affiliate marketing, which is a completely legitimate method for making money online.

However, I don’t see how it could help you to make $1.200 as soon as you join. One thing that I want to say with this Affiliate Millionaire Club review is that I don’t recommend this offer because it’s misleading and overhyped.

The owner is using actors to give testimonials, which makes matters even worse. This program is not the best way to earn an income online. It’s probably a scam.

Make sure to read the rest of my Affiliate Millionaire Club review to see all the red flags.

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What is an Affiliate Millionaire Club?

At first glance, it’s hard to tell what Affiliate Millionaire Club is all about. One of my first thought was, it’s a scam.

You see, usually, training platforms put up a landing page where they advertise their products, training, and services. Some even give you a free trial to check it out before you pull out your credit card.

However, once you land on the site, you’re welcomed with a hilarious marketing video.

Some guy who calls himself Mo held a presentation about making money with his secret websites. He claims that these sites are DFY, and all you need to do is activate them and sit back and watch the money roll in.

Moreover, he even showed you live proof, which is, by the way, fake.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam Review

Not only that, but he even claims that you can make $1.200 for the very first day!

Affiliate Millionaire Club sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme to me. I’ve seen this in scams like 24/7 Wealth Club and Click Wealth System.

Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean, the things that you can hear during the sales pitch are the exact things everyone wants to hear.

In other words, we all want easy cash with little to no work.

I hate to be a bubble burster, but it’s not going to happen like that. It could happen, but not like that. You see, the truth is it’s a short training program on affiliate marketing that’s been hyped up to make sales.

The story about the websites is, well, almost real.

There’s a site builder inside Affiliate Millionaire Club that builds affiliate marketing websites for you. I’ll show you the software later in the review.

However, don’t be fooled by the story from the video.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you need to grind a little bit. There are no easy ways around it.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam Review

Affiliate marketing is a business, just like every other out there.

No matter what Mo claims, you need to either work or pay someone else to work for you. That’s the only way.

Everything else related to Affiliate Millionaire Club sounds like a scam or get-rich-quick scheme. I reviewed a lot of them, so trust me, I know.

To show you what I mean, keep reading the Affiliate Millionaire Club review to find out the truth.

How Does Affiliate Millionaire Club Work?

After watching the sales presentation, I wanted to learn more about Affiliate Millionaire Club and how it works.

As I said,  the system works on the method of affiliate marketing, hence the name.

However, you can cross off the millionaire in the title. It’s not going to happen with this program.

Anyway, affiliate marketing is a process of promoting other people’s products or services through your marketing efforts in return for a piece of the profit.

Most affiliates use websites to do so. The website is not hard to build, and Mo will give you a site builder, which is going to do the “heavy work” for you.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Website Builder

However, there’s a lot of real work after you build a site.

You see, once you have a site, you need to find the affiliate programs and networks to join. Mo suggests ClickBank. He even gives you a list of products to promote, which is a good thing.

Then, you need to attract people to your site to make sales and earn commissions.

In theory, it sounds easy, but in reality, it’s a process that takes time and work.

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Millionaire Club?

Mo promises $1,200 as soon as you join the club. However, the truth is that you’re not going to make that money from day one.

In my opinion, Affiliate Millionaire Club sounds like a scam that promises too much, too fast, for little to no work. Much like some other scammy programs that I’ve reviewed on this blog.

Some of the examples are Secret Affiliate Website or Millionaire BizPro, Affiliate Cash Club, and even Easy Retired Millionaire.

What You Get Inside Affiliate Millionaire Club

As I said in my Affiliate Millionaire Club review, you get a few PDFs and videos that explain the process of making money online.

The information within is correct, but it’s not even close to a comprehensive education.

And that’s what you need if you want to learn how to start an affiliate marketing business and to make money online.

Also, with this program, as already mentioned, you’ll get a website builder with an option to build ten websites and host them for free.

The problem is that you’ll not own this site. Meaning, you’re to be in control of your business, which is a big issue.

See, at the end of the day, Affiliate Millionaire Club is a simple site builder that creates generic affiliate sites.

What I Like About Affiliate Millionaire Club

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can get this program for a $47 one-time payment. The price is affordable, and the system comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

That’s something that I like to see and makes it a trustworthy and legit program for making money online, if you can, of course, neglect the BS from the sales pitch.

You Get Training & Site-Builder

In return for your cash, you get a site builder and the option to build ten websites for free.

I’ll explain the problem in the next section of the Affiliate Millionaire Club review, but for now, it’s a good thing they’re giving these.

Also, even though it was not mentioned during the sales pitch, you get a short training on how to use those sites to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is Legit Business

The Affiliate Millionaire Club promotes a legitimate business opportunity.

It’s not the best or the most ethical promotion that you’ll see, but the point is that affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online, and this system has a slight potential.

What I Don’t Like About Affiliate Millionaire Club

Overhyped Earning Claims

Maybe the Affiliate Millionaire Club is not a scam by a definition of a one, but those earning claims and overhyped sales pitches sure make it look like one.

The owner, Mo, promises $1.200 from day one or even $500 per day with little to no work because the system does the job for you.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam Review

However, that’s not true. The only thing that’s going to be DFY is those sites.

You still need to get traffic, which is a mammoth task, not a walk in the park.

Not to mention, affiliate marketing is a business like every other.

This means that you need to build it before you can expect a single dollar in return.

You Are Not In Control of Your Business

Although I like the fact that you get site builder and 10 “free” sites, they are not in your ownership.

This means that your websites are hosted on a sub-domain and gives you zero opportunity to control them.

So, for example, if you want to move your site to a third-party hosting provider, you won’t be able to do so.

Or if Affiliate Millionaire Club goes out of business, unfortunately, your website will go down with it.

Training is Fundamental

Another thing that I don’t like about the Affiliate Millionaire Club is training within the member’s area.

Compared to what’s really necessary to succeed with affiliate marketing, this training falls short.

The videos and PDF contain pretty much fundamental knowledge about affiliate marketing.

So looking in the long run, you’re are going to fall behind because affiliate marketing is an industry that is continuously evolving.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Fake Testimonials

I don’t know about you, but the very first moment those people showed up, I knew they are faking their testimonials.

They are not genuine, and below is my evidence that they are lying.

I guess that the only cash they’ve ever earned with Affiliate Millionaire Club is the fee they’ve got paid to film those false testimonials.

That said, the fact that there are no real-life testimonials that this program is legitimate is another huge warning sign.

Lack Of Details About the Owner

All we know about Mo comes from the sales pitch.

You see, every legitimate course that’s been proven to work for a lot of other people has genuine testimonials, and the owner always shows his face.

Here’s, unfortunately, not the case.

There’s no about me page available, no social media links, or anything that can prove that Mo’s program is legitimate.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Customer Complaints

As one of the last scam signs that I want to show you are these customer complaints on Affiliate Millionaire Club.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam

Just like these people from the above, I too was receiving tons of emails every day to join more and more scams! It just proves that these people are only after your hard-earned cash.

If you have already joined, you can unsubscribe from their scam mailing lists using the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of the message.

So the last matter of my Affiliate Millionaire Club reviews is, is it a scam or legit? Well, after revealing all these red flags, let’s debunk this one!

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?

When looking back at all the facts within this Affiliate Millionaire Club review, this is a scam! You don’t want to have anything to do with this program!

There are a lot of signs that confirm my claims.

First of all, we have no idea who Mo really is. He is not completely honest and does not share any info about himself.

Moreover, he uses a lot of deceptive marketing tactics to sell you an ordinary course on affiliate marketing business and a weak website builder, which could be enough to call it a scam by many definitions.

The whole story about giving away free sites makes no sense to me. Why would you give away a profitable site if it’s already making profits?

And why do they hire actors to give false testimonials? If Affiliate Millionaire Club is making money, why not ask real users to provide testimonials?

Also, why those overhyped claims about making thousands with little to no work?

Everything is telling me that the Affiliate Millionaire Club is just another shiny object and a scam. Just a few days ago I reviewed a very similar scam called Quick Start Commission System.

On the other hand, you’re going to get something in return for your hard-earned cash. You get that site builder and a few videos that talk about affiliate marketing.

But this is just a small compensation for all those lies from the sales pitch and you shouldn’t be investing in this!

So at the end of the day, my verdict is that Affiliate Millionaire Club is a scam. You should avoid this program because it is just a waste of time and money!

So if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Conclusion

In my opinion, Affiliate Millionaire Club is not worth neither time nor money. As you can see from my review, it is jam-packed with scam signs.

Moreover, I have a feeling that the only person who is going to succeed with this program is the owner himself.

I reviewed a lot of legitimate training programs for making money online, and this one is way behind on my list.

I don’t see how this program is going to make you $1.200 as soon as you join.

Those and many other ridiculous claims are enough for me to see what’s the real agenda of this offer.

Legitimate offers are based on transparency and honesty alone. Those who are after your wallet are using deceptive tactics to make sales.

Thanks for reading my Affiliate Millionaire Club review.

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I’ve personally used this training to make $1000’s so far online. Go ahead and learn more!

And don’t forget to share this Affiliate Millionaire Club review with your friends!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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33 thoughts on “Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Is It a Scam? You Bet It Is!”

  1. wow this is an helpful review,i came across the affiliate millionaire club some time a go and i was really stuck at making decision if i should join the program or not until i saw this review that has really help to clear my confusion and fear and i think i like your recommendation and that is what i am going to choose.thanks

  2. Just another short cut to instant riches.

    I find it extremely hard to find any actual reviews of people who have had success with any of these products. The positive reviews that you do find are from affiliate marketers trying to sell you this garbage and should be ashamed of themselves.

    I tell people, just do not believe any of the BS that comes from affiliates trying to sell you this junk but do your own research first.

    Finding red flags is so easy, find one and more will follow.

    Find just the one red flag and that should be enough for you to discard the product.

    Another great review and thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Mick, thanks for reaching out. There are no real reviews because no one has ever made any money with products like Affiliate Millionaire Club.


  3. “The whole story about giving away free sites makes no sense to me. Why would you give away a profitable site if it’s already making profits?”

    That statement made me laugh out loud so hard! You really do have to break down the words sometimes to hear the garbage! They talk so fast that sometimes you miss the warning signs (obviously you are better at that then me!)

    It’s crazy to me that parts of it are legit. Why not keep making it legit and sell a real product instead of half done? Crazy

    • Hi Brianna, thanks for reaching out. A lot of things related to Affiliate Millionaire Club makes no sense. As you can see, it’s a product that is best to be avoided if you don’t want to get frustrated with affiliate marketing.


  4. Dude, this is absolutely solid review. I feel every time I come across programs like this they always have those higher earning claims that you talk about. Most people don’t make that kind of money at first, but I believe people stick to certain programs and they’re persistent that they can make that kind of money.

    • Hi AJ, thanks for reaching out. I agree it is possible to make that kind of money if you stick to the right program, like Wealthy Affiliate, for example. Making this kind of income in a few clicks and in a few minutes is an absolutely ridiculous to claim.


  5. Hello Over Dear,  a big thanks  to you for sharing  this insightful  and informative  piece  on affiliate  millionaire  club.. I actually  heard about the platform  but wasn’t  really  sure if it was a scam or not  which primed me to making this research.  Anyways  this article has gotten all I needed to know about affiliate millionaire club.I think its really not a nice platform for me.

    • Hi Aboribo, Affiliate Millionaire Club is not a scam in technical terms because you get some training and such. But in my opinion, this is too weak to get you started and is not my recommendation at all.


  6. Ivan,

    Another great job of reviewing another one of these get rich quick schemes. There are so many of these on the internet that it literally gives the legitimate opportunities a bad name. I especially loved the part where you found the fake testimonial actor offering up his services on Fiverr or a similar site. Love the page where you summarize and list the legitimate opportunities and list the scams/half-baked opportunities all in one place… very useful

    • Hi Bob, good to see you doing the research again. Well said, a lot of these clubs and such schemes give a bad name to legitimate programs for earning an income online. Despite the fact that I find Affiliate Millionaire Club to be a legitimate system, those fake testimonials are indeed a big reason to stay away from this. Thanks for your comment!


  7. I find this article so informative. I have been researching for best legit online sites. There are millions so them all over the internet that promise so much without doing nothing with I sometimes find laughable, given the fact that there is no easy way of making money. Reading over this article present the fact of that in Affiliate Millionaire there is training and constant work towards building the means of earning. But the question whether the Affiliate millionaire and wealthy affiliate are the same platform. Thanks for providing this unique and legitimate means of setting an online marketing business. 

    It is really informative

    • Hi akaline0127, you’re right! There are no easy ways to make money online. The name of this program, Affiliate Millionaire Club, is a bit scammy and exciting at the same time. But the fact is, it is a legitimate offer. However, this is not something that I would recommend if you are looking for the best way to make money online.


  8. I have read reviews on several different on-line money takers I mean purported money makers. I truely dont believe any of theses on line BS deals no matter what they push. None have been able to provide any prospectus of the company (I don’t believe they are even companies). That make me suspect right there as they have no structure. In fact I got emails from Mandy, Mindy, Linda and Tina James. All sisters?

    • Hi Larry, I’ve got mails too from all those people. It could be that they are sisters LOL. But it’s more likely that one spammer is using several accounts to send you the same offer over and over again just under different aliases. I too don’t believe the word from them. Lack of details about the company, fake testimonials, overhyped claims is just a disguise for a weak training on affiliate marketing. I would not recommend Affiliate Millionaire Club.


  9. Hi Ivan, it’s great that you’ve found out more information about this product by doing the research yourself. It definitely does sound like it’s overhyped like so many other get rich quick scams. I wonder what others think of this once they pay their money over and get inside. Wouldn’t they be wondering why they haven’t made any money as his sales pitch says. It’s sad that so many people make false claims the way they do which hooks so many unsuspecting people into things that just don’t do what they claim to do. Thanks for sharing your experience and review on this product.

  10. Oh my goodness. Another one of these insta money scams. How many of them are out there? It really blows my mind that ClickBank still allows such products, if I can really call them that, to be able for purchase! Thank you for exposing this guy and his get-rich-quick product.

    A beware sign is just perfect for this scheme.

  11. Hi, Ivan great article once again. I wish that Google would do more to stop these types of people from exploiting others. People like this give good people like yourself and others a bad rap and nobody knows who is good and who is bad. At least there are people like you researching and telling people if it is true or not.

  12. I‌ never understood why they pay actors to give fake testimonials instead of making a decent product and make money from it. They will be making money for longer and they won’t be in danger to have their site taken down.

    Plus, we see the same actors in a lot of sites, so if you have checked out enough, you can see they’re fake.

  13. Hey Ivan, thanks for the review on Mo and what sounds like his somewhat shady company, I’ve heard the name, Affiliate millionaire club being bandied about the internet but I didn’t really know too much about it until now. I suppose 10 websites would be fantastic if you had any control over them. Also, thanks for doing the detective work on the supposedly genuine testimonials, in one of the screenshots the guy’s hat looks almost Photoshopped. 

    Can you tell me a bit more about the real mcCoy programs that you use to make money online? Thanks again for the review 🙂


    • Hi Peter Glyn Squire, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      Yes, it all looks good while marketed. But once you get inside, you get rather disappointed. I do not recommend programs like Affiliate Millionaire Club.

      The program that I do recommend gladly is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a legitimate online platform where you get comprehensive training on affiliate marketing. You can learn how to build your own website (full control over the site), find products to promote, and also how to get traffic via Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, both free and paid versions. You get all the tools you need to set up an affiliate marketing business and access to the largest online community of marketers where you can ask for and get help in a matter of minutes 24/7. Also, it’s free to start.


  14. At any price, a cookie-cutter website on a sub-domain is simply of ZERO VALUE. These replicated sites will not only not rank because of the sub-domains of a known get rich quick program but also because they are 100% duplicate content. Trying to rank them would be impossible for Moz and could make the average Search Engine Optimization professional eat their shirt and go play in traffic.

    That leaves virtually one way to promote them since your friends and family at Facebook have already seen 10 other friends with the same exact sites, and that is a ton of money to advertise them. Oh wait the paid ads folks hate Get Rich Quick, cookie-cutter websites. In short, take your $47, light it on fire and enjoy the warm glow and you will get more value from it.

    • Hi Andy Zeus Anderson, thanks for stopping by 🙂 your comment is much appreciated!

      Very good explanation of cookie-cutter sites. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge about it. I agree with you, the only way to get some traffic would be social media like Facebook, but then again, people will notice the same sites over and over again. Paid Ads folks indeed have a strict policy of approving these sites too.

      Thanks again for your comment!

  15. This is an amazing review. You did a lot of research on Affiliate Millionaire Club. I’m pretty sure that any program or company with such wild claims is rather shifty. I’m glad to know who to avoid thanks to reviews like yours. Keep doing your research so you’ll save people from wasting their hard-earned money. I, like you, believe Wealthy Affiliate is the preferred option.

  16. Hey thank you for the awesome review!  I have been wondering about Affiliate Millionaire Club for a while, to help me get started on a new website.  I’m glad I read this review though.  I did not know that you had no control over the website, and I do not like that.  I would prefer control over what goes on.  Thank you!

    • Hi Jessie, thanks for stopping by 🙂 your comment is much appreciated!

      Unfortunately, you won’t have the control over your sites since they are hosted on a subdomain with no option to transfer it to your own domain and a third-party hosting platform. I don’t like it either. I hope my review has helped you to learn more about Affiliate Millionaire Club. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


  17. I am glad I did my research and found your review on Affiliate Millionaire Club. I am looking for real opportunities, not ones that will waste my time and money! I got to looking through ways to earn money online quickly because of some crushing debts this month. I guess if I had gone with this program I would have added one more debt and not seen any return on my investment.

    I see you recommend Wealthy Affiliate and I am very anxious to try that out and with hope, make some money within the next year. I raise my granddaughter, so we are always in need of extra money!

    I look forward to reading some of your other reviews and to checking out Wealthy Affiliate!

    Best wishes,
    Karin 😁

    • Hi Karin, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂 much appreciated!

      I understand the urgency to make some cash quickly, but affiliate marketing takes a bit of time and a lot of work. Even with the help of the programs that can offer you done-for-you websites and training on the subject, like Affiliate Millionaire Club, you still need to put a lot of work into your business to make it happen. In my opinion, programs like this one are simply using your need for quick cash to make you buy it. I highly doubt that it could live up to those claims.

      IF you put yourself into the program, whether Wealthy Affiliate or Affiliate Millionaire Club (I recommend the former), you could make some cash in a one year period. Then, it’s only a matter of building up! I wish you the best of luck and looking forward to seeing you succeed.



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