Passive Profit Pages Review – Scam Or Legit Affiliate System?

Welcome to my Passive Profit Pages review. Can you make up to $1000 in online commissions starting today? What is the Passive Profit Pages program about? Is this site going to help you to make massive amounts of money? Above all, are Passive Profit Pages a scam?

As you probably know by now, this site promises that it can show you the exact step-by-step formula for making thousands of dollars and more per day working only 20 minutes daily.

That sounds like an incredible deal, right?

However, I’ve seen and had experience with a lot of sites like this one over the course of the last few years. I discovered Passive Profit Pages a while ago, did my research, analyzed the product, and want to share my review with you.

But first, who am I?

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m a successful blogger and affiliate marketer. I went from serving tables in a restaurant to earning a five-figure income online from affiliate marketing!

Moreover, I have also reviewed and tested 600+ programs to find the best way to make money online. In other words, I’m passionate about making money online and helping you to follow in my footsteps!

Also, you can rest assured. I do not affiliate with this offer. Meaning, I’m not going to tell you lies and promise you unreal things just to pitch you this course and make money.

My Passive Profit Pages review is 100% honest. So without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Passive Profit Pages Review


Passive Profit Pages Review – Overview

  • Product Type: DFY Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Bill (fake name)
  • Product Price: $9 + hidden upsells and costs
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days ClickBetter Guarantee
  • Recommended?: NO! SCAM ALERT!

Quick Summary: According to an overhyped sales presentation, Passive Profit Pages is a secret method for making incredible quantities of cash online with minimal work each day.

It was created by a guy called Bill, and also it can be yours for just $9.

Yet is it a scam or legit?

After entering this system, I observed lots of warnings and concluded that Passive Profit Pages could be a scam designed to make you think that you can make tons of cash online with no work.

To start with, the owner does not reveal his true identity. Secondly, he uses fake testimonials. Thirdly, he conceals the truth that you require to pay $300 to open the website traffic. As well as finally, it’s promoted as a fast means to riches.

There are no quick ways to make money online! That’s just a get-rich-quick scam told to get you hyped up…

So is Passive Profit Pages a scam? Can this “secret system” help you to strart a profitable online business? If you want to learn more about Passive Profit Pages, keep reading my review…

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What Is Passive Profit Pages?

Passive Profit Pages claims to be a secret system that can help you to earn incredible amounts of money. It’s advertised as a system that will help you to start an online business that generates up to $20,000 per month!

According to Bill, the owner of this offer, you’ll get access to secret software that creates affiliate pages for you.

Best of all, you don’t have to do any work as the software runs things on autopilot.

Passive Profit Pages Review - Secret System

But I’ll be honest right from the start, I’ve seen many systems and scams that use the same story as Bill.

And this one, well, this one is pushing all the wrong buttons too.

For example, you can check out a few related scams such as Massive Internet Profits scams or even Instant Email Empire. Both scams follow the same design and use the same tricks.

Now, back to this review…

In reality, Passive Profit Pages is an affiliate advertising system, which includes 5 DFY affiliate pages. You require to link your affiliate web link to these pages and also drive website traffic to make money.

This is however easier said than done. The truth is, you’re not going to make tons of cash just after buying this program.

As I claimed, the program includes a lot of warnings that show this is not what it appears to be.

So should you buy it? Is it a scam or legit? Can you trust Bill’s words? Keep reading my Passive Profit Pages review to discover all the warning signs.

By the way, don’t fall for fake Passive Profit Pages reviews like the one below…

This video has been recorded using AI voiceover technology. It basically reads like another overhyped script designed to make you believe that this is a legit program.

But as you’re about to see in my review below, Passive profit Pages is far from a legit system…

Who Created Passive Profit Pages?

As you currently know, Bill McRea owns Passive Profit Pages. Throughout the sales presentation, Bill invests a lot of time in sharing his life journey and the process behind developing this system.

Possibilities are, his life story will sound familiar. You may hear similar ones if you have seen CB Cash Code, Click Wealth System, or Perpetual Income.

Living a rewarding life, Bill’s entire world changes when Starbucks opens its shop in his neighbourhood and damages the income originating from his coffee bar.

Without any possibility of supporting his family, he decides to search for alternative ways to make money. Unsurprisingly, he begins checking out various opportunities to make money online.

Around this time, he meets Tony, an old friend who is more than ready to share his secrets of generation online earnings fast.

Using his good friend’s knowledge, Bill creates a system of his own called Passive Profit Pages. Putting that program to work is how he earns his very first $300 on the very first day and $1,000 on the following day.

And so the story about Bill goes on and on about how you can leverage this system to do the same…

At this point, you were most likely to begin questioning the credibility of this story. You were probably asking yourself whether Passive Profit Pages is legit or a scam…

Is Passive Profit Pages Legit?

After going through the initial offer, I quickly concluded that Passive Profit Pages is not a legit offer. There are just too many red flags right off the bat to confirm my suspicion.

The sales video is, just like many times before, using the same script to sell you a laughable dream about getting rich quickly without any work and effort.

The sales pitch starts with screenshots of various earnings from unknown people (for all I know, those people do not exist). And then, there are these red flags.

Passive Profit Pages FAKE Testimonials

Bill shows you a few video testimonials from his faithful students to prove that Passive Profit Pages is the real deal. However, these people have never used this system.

How do I know this? Well, take a look at the picture below.

Passive Profit Pages Review - Fake Testimonial

The testimonies are phoney! This means that the man in the video has taped a fake review for the Passive Profit Pages scam, much like a lot of times prior for various other similar products.

Why would Bill need to utilize phoney testimonials to market software that’s making 1000s for its customers? Why can’t he reveal some legit evidence then? It merely does not accumulate.

The reality is that these methods and also overhyped sales videos are developed to make you think that this is some secret automatic money machine.

It’s evident, from the beginning, that Passive Profit Pages depend on something no good.

Moreover, it appears like someone is duplicating these websites over and over once more to rip off several newbies as feasible making them assume that you can make $1000’s right now with no job.

For example, AZ Formula and Secret Profit Club are two outright scams that use the same tricks as Passive Profit Pages.

After seeing the fake testimonials, I wanted to learn more about Bill. Here’s what I found.

Passive Profit Pages Mysterious Owner

Bill comes out at one point and introduces himself as the owner of Passive Profit Pages. He shares a heart-breaking story about his past life.

Bill used to own a small suburban coffee shop, which went bankrupt one day because Starbucks came into town.

Shortly after sinking into this financial crisis, Bill met a guy named Tony, who was big into making money with affiliate marketing.

Tony decided to share his system with Bill and in a matter of days, Bill was back on track!

Passive Profit Pages Review - Owner Bill

In Bill’s own words, he started using Passive Profit Pages software and made $300 on the first day. The next day was even better as he suddenly earned $1000!

In just four months, Bill was earning $300,000!

What a cute story. I wish it was true.

As it turns out, Bill probably does not exist. It’s just a pen name created to sell you this scam.

I’ve seen the same thing going on with many offers so far just as Instant Profit Sites and Home Income Profits. They always use the same tricks, again and again, to scam you into spending a measly $9 on some secret software.

Website Is Not Safe!

I was curious to learn more about Passive Profit Pages to provide as many details as possible in my review, so I clicked the link to join the scheme.

However, as soon as I did so, my Web Advisor showed this message:

Passive Profit Pages Malware Warning

As you can see, is suspicious and advised me to go back to safety.

Think about this for a moment.

Would a legitimate website that helps people to make money online allow this to happen? Or would they take care that you feel as safe as possible?

In my opinion, this is not a safe or legitimate website.

Now, let me show you the next section of my Passive Profit Pages review. I have joined the scheme despite all the warning signs above.

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How Do Passive Profit Pages Work?

As Bill mentioned, Passive Profit Pages is a DFY affiliate marketing system.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate method for making money online by promoting other people’s products in return for a piece of profit also known as a commission.

The main idea is to connect the potential customer with product vendors using web pages and affiliate links.

In a nutshell, you get access to five DFY affiliate websites, which you can use to promote DFY affiliate products to earn commissions online.

Here’s how it works step-by-step.

Step #1 – Connect Your Unique ClickBank ID

As you have had a chance to see earlier, you’ll get a short set of video instructions where you’ll be shown how to get your ClickBank affiliate link for each product.

Connect ClickBank Affiliate ID


Then, all you have to do is connect your link to its page and start driving traffic to these pages to make money.

This link will ensure that you will get paid.

Step #2 – Choose A Passive Profit Pages Template

As I said earlier in this review, you will get a set of five passive profit pages that you can use as your own to promote other people’s products.

Below is how those pages look.

Five DFY Profit Pages

Your task in this step is to choose one for your funnel.

I have to be honest and say that these pages look good. However, the problem is not in this step. Keep reading…

Step #3 – Connect Your Page With a Subdomain

Once you activate your profit page and connect your affiliate link, all that you have to do now is to choose a subdomain.

However, since there’s no option to host these pages, this brings another problem.

A subdomain means that your site is hosted on a cloud, which means that you don’t have control over your sites.

So if the owner of Passive Profit Pages decided to shut down the program, down goes your business with it.

Step #4 – Drive Traffic to Your Pages

For this to work, you need lots of internet traffic. And this is a part that you are not going to get with Passive Profit Pages, which is a big problem!

Those five DFY affiliate pages are legitimate. You can really use these to make money online.

Profit Page

But if you don’t understand how to drive internet traffic to your pages, you’ll be left with that gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach once again.

See, this offer is the same scam as those same offers Bill was trash-talking in the Passive Profit Pages sales video.

He said this is not going to leave you hanging, and yet, he is doing the same thing as many others before him.

On the bright side, one of the upsells is about traffic generation. If you take it, you might get some traffic solutions that might help you to make money with these pages.

All in all, I don’t like this offer at all. It’s full of lies, deceptive tactics, and fake stuff, and overall, it smells like a scam.

What Do You Get With Passive Profit Pages?

You don’t really get too much content with Passive Profit Pages. Only 15 minutes of video training, and a PDF, which is what I was expecting from this program.

After all, you can’t expect anything revolutionary for only nine dollars, right?

Here is what you will get inside:

Training Videos

  • Get ClickBank (4 mins 34 secs)
  • ClickBank ID (0 mins 19 secs)
  • Use Lower Case (0 mins 26 secs)
  • Give It Time (0 mins 22 secs)
  • Custom Domains (4 mins 57 secs)
  • Rebuilding A Page (1 min 6 secs)

So as you can see, Passive Profit Pages is just a short training on affiliate marketing methods. Personally, I have never seen such a concise course and yet such overhyped as this one.

Overall, there are barely 10 minutes of training inside. I’m not sure how a person can use this program to make $1000’s in passive income working only a few minutes per day.

Traffic PDF

This PDF talks about traffic generation and it’s supposed to help you to drive traffic to your profit pages.

However, this isn’t even close to real training!

Some traffic generation courses are 10 hours long and this one contains a generic PDF that you can probably download online for free.

If it’s not clear by now, Passive Profit Pages is most likely a scam that targets gullible newbies.

How Much Do Passive Profit Pages Cost?

The price of joining Passive Profit Pages is only $9.

And according to Bill, this is going to be the only cost. However, that’s not true, and in my opinion, is another scam sign.

Passive Profit Pages Review - Price

See, Bill hasn’t told you that as soon as you pay nine dollars to get access to the software, he’s going to offer you more upsells!

The same minute you trust him, he slaps your face with upsells.

  • DFY Profit Pages $197
  • Profit Pages X $196
  • Passive Profit Pages Online Community $20/month.

And also, once you get access to the member’s area, you will have to, at one point, spend more money on traffic and some additional stuff like hosting, autoresponder, etc.

One of the most expensive upsells is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System priced at $997.

Do Passive Profit Pages Offer a Refund?

Yes. Passive Profit Pages product is covered with a ClickBetter 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the program, simply reach out to the customer support team and you will get a refund.

The good news is that refund is issued instantly. In other words, it is a no-questions-asked policy.

And before you make up your mind, read the next sections of my Passive Profit Pages review. I will reveal the content, and more red flags as well.

What I Like About Passive Profit Pages

After exposing all the red flags in this review, it’s almost impossible to say that I like something about Passive Profit Pages.

But since this product offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, that would probably be something that I like about it.

The fact is, you do get some content in return for your money, but in my opinion, the content of this program is basically worthless and useless.

  • Affiliate marketing is legit – That’s the business model Passive Profit Pages is utilizing, so you won’t be doing anything unlawful.
  • There is no need to create websites – The platform will provide you with pre-made pages with the material, so you don’t have to spend money and time creating them.
  • ClickBank 60-day money-back guarantee – The product is offered on Clickbank, and that affiliate network will offer your financial investment back if you request a refund.

Alternative: My #1 recommendation is a 100% legit course that has helped me to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day with affiliate marketing. Learn more!




What I Don’t Like About Passive Profit Pages

My scepticism that Passive Profit Pages is a scam in this review is BIG. And below are some of the things that could prove that this program is not as legit as it seems.

Passive Profit Pages Use Fake Testimonials

The first thing that I want to turn your attention to, is those fake testimonials. It’s simple. Legitimate training programs use real testimonials. Scams use fake testimonials.

We Don’t Know Who The Owner Is

Well, truth be told, we do know who the owner is. His name is Bill. However, for all I know, Bill is just a pen name. He never shows his face, does not share social media profiles, or gives any clue that he is really who he says he is.

The website Is Not Safe

If this program was something legitimate, the website would be safe to join and there would be no suspicions and malware messages from my browser.

Passive Profit Pages Require Only 30 Mins Per Day

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. And, it’s possible to work only 30 mins per day. However, you can’t do it right from the start. These overhyped statements are used to excite you and play on your laziness.

You Can Make $1,000 As Soon As Today Fake Claims

Another trick that’s been used in Passive Profit Pages scams is those exaggerated claims about making $ 1000s as soon as today. This is another confidence trick designed to make you spend $9 on this software.

Passive Profit Pages Lie About The Real Price

The whole point is to get you to spend nine bucks on this software and then upsell you critical parts of the system later. The problem is that Bill told you that you will not have to spend any more money to make this work.

ClickBetter Is Home To Rejected ClickBank Scams

Just recently, ClickBank decided to improve its screening process. As the result, a lot of these get-rich-quick scams have been kicked out for violating terms and conditions. Now, they have found a home over at ClickBetter.

Here, just take a look at a few of the ClickBetter scams that I’ve busted so far:

See, legitimate programs either let you in for free so that you can conclude whether it is worth it or not. Or they give you all the details about the program before you’re asked to pay any money.

Passive Profit Pages do not fit into any of those categories. It’s full of lies, misleading claims, and fake stuff. My best advice is to save your money and forget about it.

Is Passive Profit Pages a Scam?

Passive Profit Pages is a scam. I understand you have actually possibly seen a lot of reviews that state differently. However, the distinction between those reviews and mine is that I’m not BS-ing you to make sales.

The fact is, for $9, you’re going to get access to 5 legitimate DFY web pages. Nevertheless, those 9 bucks do not include training on website traffic generation.

Instead, you’ll have to get upsells ($300) to find out how to get visitors to your pages.

To put it simply, you’re led to spending 9 dollars and after that, Bill tries to press $300 more once he gets your credit details.

On the bright side, you get some content in return for your money. That could lead me to say that Passive Profit Pages is a legit product.

These pages can be used to promote various digital products. However, the actual product is not going to work unless you invest in hidden upsells.

And don’t forget, Bill is not a real person. Furthermore, he uses fake testimonials, ridiculously overhyped claims, and many other tricks to get you to buy his product.

Therefore, Passive Profit Pages is a scam that leads you to think that you can make money instantly. While on the other hand, it does not measure up to those assurances from the sales page whatsoever.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Passive Profit Pages PROS

  • Decent Five DFY Affiliate Pages
  • Only $9 to Get Access To These Pages
  • Could Work If You Buy Traffic Upgrade
  • 60-Days No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Passive Profit Pages CONS

  • Owners Are Not Transparent About The Price
  • You Need At Least 2 Years Of Experience For This
  • It Won’t Work Without Traffic Upgrades
  • Passive Profit Pages Use Fake Testimonials
  • You’re Lead To Believe This Will Make You Rich Quickly
  • Bill Never Reveals His Identity
  • No Social Proof That Passive Profit Pages Work
  • Sells Via ClickBetter, A Home Of Scams

Final Words and Recommendations

All in all, I don’t recommend Passive Profit Pages. In my opinion, it’s a scam that is the best for the person who runs it behind the scenes.

If things were different, in other words, if Bill was honest about it and told us that we need to pay $300 to get a complete system, maybe I would change my mind.

But he would also have to change those fake testimonials for real ones and cut the crap about making $ 1000s starting from today.

But until then, Passive Profit Pages is a scam that tricks you into spending money using deceptive tactics, fake testimonials, unrealistic claims, and more!

I’ve seen and fallen for many scams like this before to know better. Some of the prime examples are 10 Minute Paydays, 24/7 Wealth Club, Affiliate Millionaire Club, and many more!

If you’re serious about making money online, I advise staying away from offers like this one.

And if you need a second opinion, here is another honest review of Passive Profit Pages…

Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And make sure to share this Passive Profit Pages review with your friends and family.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

36 thoughts on “Passive Profit Pages Review – Scam Or Legit Affiliate System?”

  1. The mere fact that it promises one can make more than a thousand dollars in one day by working for only 20 minutes makes the Passive Profit Pages sound like a scam to me. As we often hear it said, “If anything that sounds too good to be true it probably is.” You’re right; there are no quick ways to make money online. 

    So, Bill’s secret software which costs only $9 can help you start a business that generates $20K a month? I just got scammed by a supposed medical trading platform that claimed to be producing medical supplies. It was too late when I realized it was a scam. I failed to do my own research on the company’s profile before joining. 

    I learned my lesson the hard way and I don’t plan on repeating my mistake.

    Thank you for your honest review of Passive Profit Pages. 

  2. Ivan, you are the best, seriously.  Once again you have made a great review, talking about Passive Profit Pages.  As someone who has three sites and is continually busy with them, I’m always looking for ways to cut my time so I can have more free time.  Passive Profit seemed like it could help with that.  Again, though, you actually bought and tried it, instantly seeing the scam that was within it.  Thank you so much for showing us this.  The fact that the story is one that is used a lot in other sites, and that the testimonials are fake, it just seems like this is not something that you would make any money from.  Thank you for showing us this.  It saves me money and time that I can use finding real programs to help buld my sites.

  3. Wow Ivan you knocked the ball out of the park on this one. The amount of detail you portrayed is excellent. I receive many emails weekly of programs that will make you rich with very little work. I’ve been looking for some time to find something that truly works but needless to say I have found nothing. Thanks again for your great review

  4. Many people use fake names or made up names to run businesses, but indeed with Passive Profit it seems like the creator of this program doesn’t seem to have a transparent appeal when it comes to his product. Claiming that with only $300 you’ll be opening a magic door to being successful and making hundreds without putting in the work; that alone would’ve been the biggest red flag. 

  5. I’m very glad to see this review, as like you I had been wondering what this platform was all about, and had seen an ad for it on social media. Your review provides me with all of the details I need before making a decision. I will look elsewhere for social media help.

  6. I had actually quit even dealing with ClickBank and anything anyone sold through them because of all the scams they let come through their platform. I am glad to hear they screen better now. I actually fell for a couple of these before finding my way here. They do give a bad impression of affiliate marketers to people who are trying to really learn. It’s good that there are reviews like this so people can do their research before buying into the hype.

  7. Thank you for exposing another online scam, Passive Profit Pages. I have seen social media advertisements for the platform and had been wondering what it was all about, so I am very pleased that I came across this review. You have exposed so many red flags, and combined with the upsells and fake identity of the owner, I will run for the hills.

    The sad thing is that many people will unfortunately fall for this type of scam product. 

  8. Hello. I imagine that you’ve been in affiliate marketing for quite some time. How long have you been in affiliate marketing? I’m not at veteran level yet but eventually it will happen. I’m not really familiar with the website that you’ve reviewed. I will say that it’s always good that there are those individuals like yourself exposing all things that are scam. I admire, appreciate and respect honesty. Since I know now, I won’t be involving myself with that so-called “program”. 

    How many scam sites have you discovered so far? Of the 500+ programs you’ve tested, how many have you found to be fake? Does it vary in difficulty when determining if a website is legit or not while doing research on one? What approaches do you take when tracking down scam sites? How often do you come across scam sites? How often do you do reviews on fake vs legit affiliate programs?

    Your content is nicely detailed and gives plenty of insight. You guarding everyone with this knowledge is something I 100% support. Your website is nicely balanced with a lot to offer. This has been my take on your review as well as your website. I’m rooting for you on your continued success.

    Best wishes,



  9. I think you have made it abundantly clear that passive profit pages are a scam. No sensible person will fall for some 20 min training and then make $1,000 a day. This is the same with all DFY programs I have seen. Working very little, but high revenue? No way. This sounds too good to be true, so it isn’t.

    I agree that not exactly knowing the owner and having so many upsells are also red flags. Everybody should stay away from a program like this.

  10. Hi Ivan, Thank you for sharing this revealing review of Passive Profit Pages, showing that it is a real scam. The sad things is that many people do fall for this phone get-rich-quick programs, and then possibly feel too embarrassed to claim back their $9 as part of the money-back-guarantee. 

    Apart from the many red flags you highlighted, getting that warning that the website is suspicious, would certainly have me running in the opposite direction. 

  11. Thanks for this insightful post. I’m one of the people who almost fell victim to that site but you’ve shed some light so now I know whether to join or not. Personally I woudn’t have guessed the testimonials are fake though to some extend I had a hunch that it was somewhat of a scam.

  12. Hi Ivan. Thank you for another great posts. Your blog already saved me lot of money and good to see that you spotted another potential scam. I never heard before about Passive Profit program, but if someone is promising earning on level $1000 its already suspicious. And taking under consideration fake testimonies, unclear program and almost anonymous owner, I wouldn’t invest a penny in this platform.

    • Hi Cogito, thanks for reaching out! I’m glad to hear it. Fake testimonials, shady program, and all other red flags show that Passive Profit Pages is not a trusted website.


  13. Hi Ivan. It looks like you have found another of these semi-legitimate programs. I guess it is to be expected that programs like Passive Profit Pages use a mixture of legitimate elements and then just downright lies and deception. If they were entirely fake then I presume they wouldn’t get hosting. However, as you said there are a number of these on ClickBetter so maybe I am being too generous there. I can see that you have tried your best to be fair to them and list what you think they offer of value, but I have to ask – would this really be suitable for anybody at all? I mean you say you would need at least 2 years of experience online to be able to use Passive Profits Pages, but would anyone with that degree of real experience and knowledge want to pay for this? Surely, it wouldn’t make sense. Thanks, Andy

  14. Hmmm. Always beware of ‘The Everyday guy’. What is an ‘Everyday Guy’ anyway? Does that mean that he’s a guy every day? Yea, you gotta love how these every day guys just stumble upon someone giving away the secret to earning money for nothing and he’s desperate to share it with you.

    • Hi Kwidzin, thanks for reaching out. Yea. There are too many everyday guys and gurus selling some secrets for making money online. But in reality, they just want to funnel you to some expensive scheme, or in the case of Passive Profit Pages, multiple schemes!


  15. I loved the amount of detail and care that you put into your article, and I found your insights about how this program is a scam really interesting. This article made me wonder if it would be possible for me to avoid other similar scams, and if so, how long would it take for me to find a real business oppurtunity? Thank you for the article, It will help me picking profitable businesses going forward.

  16. Hi Ivan,

    People should stop chasing shiny objects like Passive Profit Pages since it is misleading and incorrect. If people can work 20 minutes per day to make $1,000, why are we still searching for the perfect platform to make money online? That only means those shiny objects never exist.

    With all the red flags you listed out here for Passive Profit Pages, it’s obvious to call it a scam and avoid it ever since. Get-rich-quick schemes are normally scams that are only into your money instead of helping you succeed online. What people need is a legitimate and reliable platform to go with, such as your recommendation.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt Link, thanks for your comment on my review of Passive Profit Pages. I agree with you! Sadly, newbies have no ideas that these programs are scams so they will fall for it. If you’re looking for a legitimate training course, feel free to check out my #1 recommendation.


  17. Hi Ivan

    This is really unbelievable although not uncommon. Anyone selling a product that won’t work without the upgrades is just pure dishonest.

    The only person (potentially) making $1,000 per day from this is Bill!

    Well done finding the fake video guy too!



    • Hi Jean, thanks for your comment on my review. I agree. The only person who could potentially and probably is making $1000’s per day with Passive Profit Pages is Bill or whoever really is behind this scam. As you can see from my review, the entire marketing campaign for this offer is fake.


  18. Thanks for this heads up.

    From what you are saying I can see that this is just another scam.  I am surprised however at how little he is charging to get people in.  I suppose the idea is to get them later with the upsells.

    At the end of the day, he isn’t generating traffic, so he isn’t going to get you customers.  You therefore have to pay for the main part yourself and that is the traffic.

    I agree with you that it’s all a rip off as usual and to be avoided.

    • Hi Geoff, thanks for your comment on my review of Passive Profit Pages. Yes, this is just another scam that promises $1000’s without any skills, work, or effort. As you can see, the main idea is to get you to buy the nine dollars offer and jump into a turbo-expensive sales funnel where you could spend $100’s on more shiny objects.


    • Hi Jose, thanks for your comment. Yes, unfortunately, there are too many scams on the road and you can never be sure enough about a program until you try it. Some scams are pretty obvious, while some are well disguised.

      If you’re interested in starting a legitimate online business, my recommendation is affiliate marketing and a Wealthy Affiliate. With affiliate marketing, you’re going to learn how to promote other people’s products to earn commissions. It’s a 100% legit system and it works! But it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time and effort to get results with affiliate marketing.



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