WorldProfit Review – Is a Scam or Not?

Welcome to my Worldprofit review.

Worldprofit is an organization that provides a variety of services related to the digital marketing industry.

The company was founded way back in 1994. Since then, they managed to gather over 2 million followers.

Maybe this is your first time hearing about the company, and perhaps, you’re wondering whether Worldprofit is a scam or not.

Or maybe you’re just looking for more information before you join in?

In any case, in this Worldprofit review, I’m going to share my thoughts and opinions about this seemingly legitimate opportunity to start an online business.

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from waiting tables to managing a full-time income online. I have also tried and reviewed 500+  courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

In other words, I’m passionate about knowledge that helps to improve our lives, build a business online, and more.

I joined the platform a few days ago and spent a few days researching to provide you with the most updated information.

Let’s get started with my review, shall we?

Worldprofit Review


Worldprofit Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Owners: George Kosch and Sandi Hunter
  • Price: Free To Join – $99/Monthly or $149/monthly
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Unavailable
  • Recommended?: Not for beginners

Quick Summary: Before we begin with an in-depth review, here’s a quick Worldprofit overview.

Since its establishment in mid 90es, has grown into a reputable company that is focused on empowering individuals to start an online business.

The company offers services such as website hosting, affiliate marketing, sales training, website management, business center, tech support, and more.

In case you don’t have the time to read this review, I can share right now one critical piece of information.

Worldprofit is not a scam, nor does the company mistreat people in any other way.

The service they provide is legitimate and safe. All members get access to a set of useful training and tools for starting an affiliate marketing business.

In my opinion, their service is not the best way to start with affiliate marketing. The platform feels and looks outdated. That’s not a good thing to see in an industry where things change from day to day!

Now, let’s kick this review in high gear and learn more about WorldProfit…

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What is Worldprofit?

Worldprofit is a digital marketing training company. They are also involved in all other fields of digital marketing such as:

  • software service
  • content marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • advertising
  • hosting

Worldprofit was one of the first companies on the internet that started providing such a service, and they are still matching forward 25 years later.

Worldprofit Review Overview

This is an encouraging fact that shows that the company does not scam people. In fact, Worldprofits counts 2 million members since its inception.

The platform is free to join, and you get some cool freebies like 50,000 free clicks to your site, eBooks, PRL products, and such.

Also, there are premium memberships that unlock more features of the platform and improve your marketing efforts, but more about that later in the Worldprofit review.

All in all, the platform seems like a legitimate place to start an online business.

The main idea behind WorldProfit is to show you how to recurring commissions online by promoting other people’s products and services.

Who Owns

As seen on the official website, George Kosch and Sandi Hunter are co-founders of the Worldprofit platform.

George Kosch is an ex-Canada Air Force jet pilot instructor. In 1994 together with Sandi Hunter, he established

George acts as an instructor, and developer, and he helps people within the platform with his experience in building a home-based internet business.

Worldprofit Review - Owners

Sandi Hunter is involved in areas of the company, such as research and development, member service, sales, marketing, and training.

That said, let’s check out the rest of the review to show you the inside of the platform.

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Worldprofit Features and Benefits

At first glance, the features of Worldprofit are overwhelming, and it’s hard to get around the platform.

I’ve got a feeling that the free membership has no point except to promote the Silver Membership.

As you can see from the image below, the main dashboard is filled with buttons and invitations to join Silver membership.

Worldprofit Review - Inside Platform

The products and services within the platform could be used in two ways.

You can leverage the features of the platform to promote your own business, or you can use them to promote Worldprofits.

But more about this is in the next sections of the Worldprofit review.

In my opinion, some of these features are outdated and no longer have the same power they used to have 10-15-20 years ago. The platform needs freshening up.

In any case, you get access to these features and benefits.

Worldprofit Review - Features

Free Classifieds Ads

As a free member, you get ten credits to spend on classified ads within the Worldprofit platform to get exposure and traffic to your business.

Goody Bag/Freebies

Here, you find free stuff like lead generators, 50,000 free visits, a free mini-blog, and more.

Solo Ads and Traffic

This feature is where you can buy solo ads and have different options to let the company run your ads for you for a year and such.

Money Makers

Here, you can access premium features like Referral Builder and Multi-Commission System.


This feature is the extension of the first one, and it’s only for Premium members. This is the place where you can run and manage your ads, earn credits, and more.

Sales & Commissions

This feature is your commission center where you can check your reports and such.


Here, you can contact the support team if you bump into problems or have questions.

Once you land on the platform, you’ll notice a live chat also.

The conversation is hosted by one of the senior members of the platform.

The main benefit of this feature is to help new members to get around, ask questions, and get information about the platform, freebies, and Silver Membership.

Worldprofit Review - Live Chat

One note, however, before you can claim your freebies, you have to watch a video presentation hosted by George Kosch.

This video is sort of introductory to the Worldprofits platform and a sales pitch for the Silver Membership.

Speaking of which, let’s find out what are the benefits of paid membership.

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Worldprofit Price and Membership

Worldprofits offers three different levels of membership.

Free Membership

As said earlier, you can join for free, claim your freebies, and browse the platform. There is no time limit to which you can access it freely.

Silver Membership $99 per month

This membership unlocks premium features such as Ruby Solo Blaster Package, Traffic Blaster Package, 10 DFY sales funnels, higher commissions, training, and more.

Worldprofit Review - Silver Membership

Platinum VIP Membership $149 per month

This is an advanced training and Weekley webinar.

Also, the Worldprofits platform sells traffic. You can order individual Solo Ads packages to boost your efforts online.

In addition, the platform offers services such as WordPress setup, domain hosting, marketing tools, etc.

The only problem is that the platform is extremely outdated and hard to navigate.

I’ve had a tough time finding this information for my review, and my desire to become a Silver Member was gone quickly!

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How Does Worldprofit Work?

After some time trying to crack the code, I’ve managed to figure out the platform, so let me show you how it works.

There are two ways you can leverage the features of Worldprofits. One is to build your own online business, and the second is to become an affiliate.

In both cases, here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Join the Free Membership
  2. Confirm Your Email Address
  3. Interact Within the Live Chat
  4. Watch the Intro Video to Claim Your Freebies
  5. Watch the Bootcamp Video Training
  6. Join Silver Membership

The Silver Membership is optional but recommended if you wish to leverage the full features of Worldprofits.

Once you complete all the steps, you’ll get access to the pre-recorded video training and live weekly training sessions.

The training is designed to help you establish an online business using the tools and features available within the platform.

The main idea is to teach you how to build your own online business and make money by promoting products via affiliate marketing.

Also, you can join the Worldprofits affiliate program and earn commissions promoting the company itself.

In my opinion, this is the main goal behind the platform.

See, you can become a Worldprofit affiliate and earn a recurring income online by promoting the company to other people who are looking to make money online.

There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s a completely legitimate business.

However, I’m not so sure that this is the best way to go. There are many better companies out there that you can leverage to earn a recurring income online.

Nonetheless, Worldprofit seems like a legitimate platform to me. You’re safe from a scam.

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Who is Worldprofit for?

Worldprofits is for beginners and advanced marketers, and for anyone looking to establish an online business.

The company offers an extensive database of free resources, as well as premium training, tools, traffic, and other useful features needed for success online.

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Worldprofit Pros

Before I share my final opinion and views (scam or legit), let’s take a look at a set of pros and cons.

  • It’s Free to Join
  • It’s Been Around Since 1994
  • Training, Tools, and Support
  • No Hype
  • Lots of five-star Worldprofit reviews

It’s Free to Join

There are tons of scams all over the net that ask for money upfront, so a Free membership is always a good option these days.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Worldprofit system can get a free look under the hood.

It’s Been Around Since 1994

Worldprofit is one of the first dot com companies that started teaching people how they leverage the power of the internet to earn an income.

And the company is still active after 25 years of service, which is astonishing!

Worldprofit Review - Founding Date

As you can see from the image above, the domain was registered in 1995, which proves the story from the About Us page.

Training, Tools, and Support

The company has established a successful business by offering a set of tools and resources as well as training and support.

The list of these features is extensive. There’s something for everything.

No Hype

Finally, Worldprofit does not engage in the overhyped promotion of the platform and its features.

There is a lot of pressure to become a Premium member, but that’s all done without any hype, misleading claims, or unethical marketing.

Lots of Five-Star Worldprofit Reviews

While I was doing the research for my review, I read a great number of user reviews on

Not to my greatest surprise, this platform has got a ton of five-star reviews from users, and very few bad testimonials.

Below are some of the examples from

WorldProfit Reviews TrustPilot

WorldProfit Reviews TrustPilot

Truth be told, most of those reviews have been left on the invitation.

However, that doesn’t mean that they are not true. After all, the platform has been evolving since 1994, so they are doing a good job for sure.

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Worldprofit Cons

My first impression of the official site was great. However, it quickly went away once I stepped inside.

In other words, the Worldprofit platform is not as nearly as good from the inside as it is from the outside.

Here’s what I mean by this.

  • The Training is Old and Needs Updating
  • Overwhelming Platform is Confusing
  • Some People Complained About the Service

The Training is Old and Needs Updating

This is quite understandable because Worldprofit is 25-year-old service.

However, it’s not a good thing to learn from outdated material for people who join the platform in the hope to earn an income online.

Overwhelming, Disorganized, and Confusing

As I said earlier in the review, my first impression of the interior of the platform was not so good.

It took me a while to get around and discover all the things that Worldprofit has to offer.

One could say that they haven’t updated the interface for a long time, which is disappointing to see after landing on such a professionally done official webpage.

Some People Complained About the

As you are to see in the next section of my review, Worldprofit has got a high rating from third-party sites.

However, I managed to find a few complaints about the service from a few unhappy members.

One person claims that they are not entirely clear when it comes to upgrading to Silver Membership.

Worldprofit Review - Complaints Scam

Another person says that the company has cloaked his affiliate link and stole his legitimate commissions!

The latter is a severe accusation that can’t go unnoticed.

Is Worldprofit BBB Rated?

While I’m on the topic of customer ratings and such, it’s essential to notice that Worldprofit is BBB accredited since 2000 and has an A+ rating.

There are 11 customer reviews and only two complaints.

And the good thing is, that the company is highly engaged with both positive and negative customer reviews.

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Is Worldprofit a Scam?

No, I’m not going to say that Worldprofit is a scam.

The company has proved itself as a legitimate service time and time again for 25 years in a row.

All members get access to a lot of useful tools and resources which are needed and helpful in starting an online business.

There are no scam signs that could discriminate against the work of this company.

I personally didn’t like the feel of the Worldprofit platform. Also, the training struck me as old and outdated, but legitimate.

And the fact that the platform has got a few complaints is a bit concerning, but that does not mean that Worldprofit is a scam or anything like that.

Complaints from users are normal and in this case, there aren’t too many, which is good.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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Worldprofit Review – Conclusion

All in all, Worldprofit is a reputable and utterly legitimate service for starting an online business from scratch.

As we have seen throughout this review, there are no signs of it being a scam or an unethical company that exploits other people’s desire to succeed online.

All new members are welcomed by the community and get a lot of free resources as a welcoming gift.

The company offers a Silver (Premium) membership as well, which unlocks advanced training as well as some other features of the platform and it’s completely optional.

Other than Silver Membership, there’s also Platinum VIP Membership, which is optional as well.

I was disappointed with the looks of the platform from the inside, which is my only complaint about the work of this company.

The members’ area is disorganized, which makes it hard to navigate and understand the platform.

Since the company is 25 years in business, I was expecting to find a well-structured platform and training inside.

I hope this was enough information to make an informed decision.

The final decision is, as always, yours! Thanks for reading my Worldprofit review.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this Worldprofit review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

18 thoughts on “WorldProfit Review – Is a Scam or Not?”

  1. Boy, just the monthly price tag alone is enough to scare me away.  It says free to join, but then lists the monthly costs.  I do see you can gain some benefits from the free version, but I am not sure if they would truly be beneficial to my site.  Do you know if they do help with the SEO rankings?  If so, joining for free might be worth it.  But I would definitely not pay the monthly.

  2. Hi Ivan
    Thank you so much for these awesome review, I was out of control wiy worldprofit before, I was thinking is one of those platform that can earn me so much money after upgrading for a silver membership package without doing or performing any good tasks, am not going to upgrade any more because am looking for get reach quick affiliate marketing platform.
    Thank you for that good review

  3. This information was helpful about World profit. Thank you. I will upgrade to the silver membership to give it a 30-day trial and I Pray that it Will start Earning Serious Money because I have been struggling with my business for about 2yrs. Thank you for your time and information.
    Sincerely Rickey

  4. I was interested in learning about SoloAds and I read on a blog that WorldProfit could be a good fit for me. There are several things I like about this platform but there are much more that I dislike. The fact that it’s not beginner friendly makes me discard it. Thank s for your help through this review.

    • Very outdated, confusing and I concur not beginner friendly. Always wanting you to upgrade. When you send in support tickets, regarding getting bots not real traffic, they can never understand your question.

      There are alot better programs to join in which you can make money, without the frustration.

  5. It’s just another program for someone who wants to get into various internet businesses. It does help people. But as far as getting knowledgeable about successes and failures, I can imagine there are better sources for that stuff than for those who come into it through Worldprofit. Then again, perhaps this varies from member to member. But yes, it’s legit.

  6. So far I haven’t had a chance to learn anything about WorldProfit. Honestly, I had never heard of that organization before. I learn new things and opportunities from you every day, thank you! I will share this post with all my friends and family because I think everyone should hear a little more about WorldProfit.

    • Hi lioness98, thanks for sharing your comment on my review of WorldProfit. I’m very glad to hear that my post has helped you to learn more about this platform. And thanks for sharing this review with your friends and family. I appreciate it a lot!


  7. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for this introduction of Worldprofit, the #1 plus for me is that we are able to join for free(same as Wealthy Affiliate). It’s great to know that they run business more than 25 years, and they don’t have hypes while the internet is full of BS scams now.

    Having an outdated and disorganized platform might be the #1 downsides on the other hand since I believe novice affiliate marketers will have to spend more time to find the training to guide them in the right direction. So, I will stick to Wealthy Affiliate now, instead of switching to Worldprofit.


    • Hi Matt Lin, you’re welcome. Thanks for reaching out, your comment is much appreciated. Yes, you can join Worldprofit for free. It is indeed 25 years old platform, which is unfortunately evident once you get inside and which is something I didn’t like. But no worries, it’s not a scam, the platform is legitimate. Wealthy Affiliate is also a great platform that’s in business for ages, yes. And they take care of their members much better keeping the platform organized, clean, and updated all the time, which is why WA is my best recommendation.


  8. Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for the great review about world profit company. I’m glad that I checked out your review before signing up. Very detailed, informative, and above all given me all the necessary information to make an informed decision. And I hope others have the opportunity to read your review just like I did before joining world profit company.


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