Is Ads Supply A Scam? – Ads Supply Review Reveals 7 Warning Signs!

Welcome to my Ads Supply review.

If you’re new to the online marketing world, the chances are you have stumbled across platforms like Ads Supply (found at, which provide a simple solution for newbies to make money online by buying and selling ads online.

The website promises to simplify the online marketing process through what they call all in one self-service platform. In other words, you’re lead to think that you can start making money with ads without any skills or experience.

All you need is a budget to get started. The Ads Supply platform takes care of the “tech side” of things.

Is it legitimate? Cold you earn an income by investing in DFY ads? How does it work? And most importantly, is Ads Supply a scam designed to rob you blindly?

In this Ads Supply review, I’m going to answer all those questions. Moreover, I’m going to show you some sever scam signs that you MUST SEE before investing your hard-earned money into this platform.

Ads Supply Scam Review


Ads Supply Scam Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Banner Ads Network
  • Product Price: $250+
  • Product Owner: Unknown
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No
  • Recommended?: No! SCAM ALERT

Overview: Ads Supply is allegedly an online platform for earning an income online by investing in banner ads. In this review, I show seven different warning signs which indicate that Ads Supply is a scam.

To name a few, the website uses fake address, fake testimonials, they don’t provide with names of the owner/creator, there are no testimonials, but there are tons of customer complaints, etc.

I have no intentions of recommending this platform as I’m sure Ads Supply is just another banner ads scam like AD Formula or ClicXAds scams.

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What Is Ads Supply?

According to the official site, Ads Supply is a self-service online advertising platform. In other words, they promise to show you how to make money online by investing in banner ads without any marketing skills or experience.

The truth is, there are many legitimate companies out there that you can partner with to make money by sending potential customers to their place of business, whether online or offline.

According to Ads Supply, they will connect you with these companies and do all the work for you. Your main task would be investing your hard-earned cash into DFY banner ads, or if you’re creative, you can design these ads yourself.

Ads Supply

Sounds quite legitimate at first sight, wouldn’t you agree?

So how do you make money with Ads Supply?

The main idea behind the Ads Supply concept is that you invest in ads that will then be displayed on third party websites. Each time an online shopper clicks on your ads and makes a purchase of the goods or service you promote, you earn a commission.

Moreover, the platform is going to connect you with an account manager who will show you how to maximize this earning opportunity. This person will lead you through the process step-by-step.

So is this going to work? Or is it another too good to be true scam?

The truth is, it’s the latter.

You see, Ads Supply is a rehashed version of the previous scam that I’ve seen coming back over and over again. The only difference between them is the name and web-design. However, the scam behind these sites is always the same. And they will continue to run them for as long as there are gullible newbies out there.

I’ve been one myself not so long ago. But then I found out that these companies are a scam, and today, I want to help you to avoid them and save your hard-earned money from going into the pockets of these scams.

Here are a few sites that were poplar before Ads Supply:

I’ve learned about this site from a visitor who came to my site to tell me that Click2Sell (the former latest version of the scam) has been now renamed to Ads Supply.

So is it a scam or something that could work?

Well, let me answer the first questions and then I’ll show you how it “works.”

Is Ads Supply A Scam Too?

Yes, Ads Supply is a scam. It’s a fake company that pretends to be selling advertising space online. But in reality, all they do is tricking people into spending unbelievable sums of money on a business that does not exist.

To support my claims here, I want to show you a set of scam signs that you MUST SEE.

Scam Signal #1 – Fake Address

The address shown on the Ads Supply Website is Kinetic Advertising B.V. Zekeringstraat 17 A, 1014 BIVI Amsterdam. However, the company using this address is involved in some sort of chemical machinery.

Ads Supply Scam Review Fake Address

And you’ve guessed it right. They have no connections to this scam.

Using fake addresses is not an unusual thing to see. All these well-covered sites use fake addresses to create a higher level of trust between them and their “users.”

Scam Signal #2 – No Names Behind The Platform

When I clicked on the About Us section on the Ads Supply website, I got a few generic lines about the history of the company. There are no names, which is a scam signal too!

Why don’t they show who is behind the Ads Supply platform if it’s so successful and popular?

All legitimate online advertising platforms provide this information because, well, they are legitimate and they have nothing to be worried about.

Ads Supply Scam Review About Us

Scam Signal #3 – No Social Media Presence

In today’s world of social media madness, every company out there, whether small or large, takes care to have an account on at least one of the top three most popular social networks.

How many social media accounts does Ads Supply have?


Don’t get confused if you do your own research. There are a few companies with similar names and ideas, but they are not connected with the Ads Supply website.

Scam Signal #4 – No Customer Testimonials

One of the most common things that legitimate companies have in common is positive customer reviews. Think about it. If you run a legit business that helps others, you would be ecstatic to share the feedback to get even more customers.

Have you noticed that Ads Supply does not have a signed customer testimonial? Why is that so, I wonder?

Scam Signal #5 – Fake Positive Reviews

Once I googled the “Ads Supply Review,” I found a set of shady sites that offer pretty much-copy-pasted information from the Ads Supply official website.

The same thing happened before with other scams like Click2Sell.

In other words, the people behind the Ads Supply website have invested a lot of time and resources into creating these fake reviews to fill you up with confidence when you search for “Is Ads Supply a scam?” or “Ads Supply Review.”

However, these fake reviews are going to sink as soon as real and honest reviews start to pop out. It’s happened with Click2Sell and ClicksDealer, and it’s going to happen to Ads Supply as well.

Scam Signal #6 – Negative Comments

A few weeks ago, a visitor of money left me a comment on my Click2Sell review where I shared the truth about another banner ads scam.

She turned my attention to Ads Supply as shown below.

Ads Supply Scam Review Negative Comments

Unfortunatelly, a couple from Australia have fallen victim to a scam and here’s what they have left on my review:

Ads Supply Scam Review Negative Comments

And here’s the latest comment found at

Ads Supply Scam Review Negative Comments

If Ads Supply were a legitimate company that really helps you to earn money via banner ads, wouldn’t you agree with me that they should have a lot more positive comments and far less these negative ones?

Scam Signal #7 – Rehashed Version Of Previous Scams

As you can see from those screenshots from above, Ads Supply is a rehashed version of Click2Sell. And before that, it was called ClicksDealer. And a year from now, it’s going to be rebranded under a different name.

Ads Supply Scam Review Click2Sell

Why do they go through all this trouble?

Well, first of all, the scam seems to be working. You can join Ads Supply and deposit cash, buy and sell banner ads, and even earn cash if your banners do well.

But the problem is, you can’t withdraw your money and those “agents” will just keep pushing you to invest more and more money because they don’t want you out.

And that’s the reason why they create new versions all the time.

The scam seems to be running for a year or two. That’s how long it takes Ads Supply to generate new investors and convince them to invest their hard-earned cash.

But as soon as these unfortunate folks wake up from the dream and realize that they’ve been scammed, they start to make noise. And that’s the moment when a scam goes away and changes the name into something different.

Ads Supply Scam Review – Conclusion

You see, it’s is more than possible for anyone in the world to make money with affiliate marketing. However, it’s not possible to do so as you were told by the Ads Supply website.

The whole scheme has been professionally designed to make you believe that you can earn an income online by investing in banner ads.

Once you’re inside, you’ll stumble upon a system that will lead you through the process step-by-step. You’ll even get assigned a “personal agent” whose job is to make you feel even more confident about this business.

However, as you’ve had a chance to see in my Ads Supply review, that would not be the smartest idea.

It’s a fact that Ads Supply is a rehashed version of a previous scam, Click2Sell. And if you don’t trust me, make sure to read those complaints one more time before you make any rash decisions.

I hope you’ll take my advice and steer clear from these banner ads scams!

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

12 thoughts on “Is Ads Supply A Scam? – Ads Supply Review Reveals 7 Warning Signs!”

  1. Thanks a lot for this Ivan. I’ve had the same happen to me and now have lost about 20k USD. Fortunately, I started a dispute and the bank employee seemed fairly confident we could reverse the transactions, but it will take a long time. In the meantime, they probably keep doing this to many others.. I really hope your article will bump high into google searches as people need to know this.

    I’m also astonished by the fact that they have so many people working on such a dark and nasty business. I’ve spoken to at least 7 different “Ads Supply” staff members. The best joke is when you ask if you can actually see the advertisements that you invest in.. They would consider that “insider training” as you could send as many people to your affiliate advertisement as you want… Now that I’ve done my research, ISN’T THAT THE WHOLE POINT OF AFFILIATE MARKETING????

    Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. I really wish people will see this article before singing up an account and I also can’t wait for karma to come around!

    • Hi Stefan, thanks for sharing your comment. I hope you’ll manage to get your money back any time soon. Yes, it’s a shame how these sites are scamming innocent people into spending money things they can’t even see for themselves and people believe them. In any case, I’m glad my review was helpful and I wish you the best of luck!


  2. Yeah big scam. Ads-supply took $70k from my mum. They certainly don’t spend campaign money on campaigns. And there is always an excuse why they can’t payout your account.

    • Hi Rob, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that your mom lost that much money with Ads-Supply. I gave a warning about them not paying out the rightful earnings to users in my review. I hope others will listen to it and I hope your mom will manage to get her money back somehow.


  3. Hey Ivan,

    Thanks for writing this review.

    You know what “they” say; if it sounds too good to be true, it must be. This program is basically telling people they don’t need to learn any real skills, and they can make money.

    All they need to do is fork out $250! What could be easier?

    Yikes! I’m glad I read your article first. I’ll have to check out your #1 recommendation instead.

    Thanks again Ivan!

    • Hi Michael Stevin, you’re welcome, and thanks for your comment. I see you know what’s going on with Ads Supply. There are no ways to make money without learning any skills. All these DFY systems, software, and platforms that promote making money without any work, where some agent, system or software is doing the work for you are scams!

      Yeah, you need to fork out $250 just to GET STARTED! The costs could be astronomical. See that comment from a couple from Australia. They’ve invested $90.000 in this scam and now, when they want their money back, the company is dogging them!!! WTF!?

      If you’re looking for a save way to earn an income online, make sure to check out my #1 recommendation.


  4. Thanks for the warning about Ads Supply! It’s no wonder online marketing gets a bad reputation. Those who get burned by losing money with such scams understandably steer well clear of other programs. It’s a shame as there’s so much opportunity to make money with the right training. I totally agree that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online, and your top rated program is well worth taking a look at:)

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for reaching out. I agree with you 100%. It’s really a shame to see programs like Ads Supply active. They just give online marketing a bad rep and many people, after getting burned by scams, start to think that affiliate marketing, in general, is a scam too, which is far from the truth.


  5. I can’t believe how foolish I am sometimes. I wish I found your Supply Ads review a bit sooner because it would have saved me a sh*ton of cash.

    I just invested like $500 in ads, and they’re still asking me to support an extra $300 so that they can optimize all of my banners properly. I can’t believe that I fell for this one :-/

    Do you know what comforts me? The fact that there are people who invested more than I did. The net is full of them, and I’m so glad I held back from supporting the extra $300.

    By the way, I’ve heard of affiliate marketing a couple of times in the past, but I never thought of trying it. (until now). Can you please elaborate on what this business model is about and what are the startup costs?

    It feels like something I would want to be a part of. Thanks to you for taking the time to craft such an informative Ads Supply review. I appreciate it.

    • Hey Gorjan, thanks for sharing your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve invested your money into this scheme. I hope you’ll manage to withdraw your money from Ads Supply when you decide to do so. That’s the part where people realize that something is not right.

      In any case, yes, I can elaborate on affiliate marketing. It’s a business of promoting other people’s products and service through your own efforts in return for a commission (a percentage of a sale). Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models for beginners because it’s simple and start-up costs are extremely low. It would cost you between $200-$500, which when compared to some other business models online is nothing! The good thing is, you can always join legitimate platforms like Wealthy Affiliate where you get all-in-one service (training, tools, support).



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