Affiliate Marketing Masters Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Affiliate Marketing Masters review.

Created by Ryan Hildreth and Tanner J. Fox, this course is dedicated to showing you how to market other people’s products and services in return for commissions. They show everything from choosing your niche to building your site and making money.

But you can never be sure these days and you can’t help but wonder, is Affiliate Marketing Masters a scam or legitimate course for getting started with affiliate marketing?

In this review, I’m going to share my honest opinion about the Affiliate Marketing Masters course. You will learn how it works, how much it costs, whether it is a scam or legit and more! It’s good that you’re here so let’s get down to business.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Review


Affiliate Marketing Masters Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Price: $497
  • Product Owner: Ryan Hildreth and Tanner J. Fox
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: Affiliate Marketing Masters course shows how to make money online with affiliate marketing. However, the course is very basic and does not go in-depth and yet it costs $500 with no option to get a refund.

You can find the same content all over YouTube. It’ll cost you nothing.

In my opinion, this one is best for its creators. I don’t see any testimonials and success stories that could confirm success with this course. It’s basic, risky and not recommended!

My #1 recommendation (is a 100% legitimate program that helped me to go from being a complete newbie to making $100’s per day with affiliate marketing! Wanna follow in my footsteps?




What Is Affiliate Marketing Masters?

Affiliate Marketing Masters is a step-by-step training course that teaches how to start an affiliate marketing business and earn passive income online by promoting other people’s products.

The course is focused on showing students how to find a niche and join affiliate programs. This is something that I believe every course should teach. Then, guys will show how to create landing pages and other marketing material and drive free social media traffic as well as paid traffic to make sales.

In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing Masters seems like a legitimate course right from the start. There are eight training modules where Tanner Fox and Ryan Hildreth show how to utilize affiliate marketing to make money.

However, it’s too early to say whether it is a scam or legit. That said, let’s keep this review in motion to learn more about the duo behind the course.

Who are Ryan Hildreth and Tanner J. Fox?

Tanner Fox and Ryan Hildreth are two online marketers who have found success with affiliate marketing and are now revealing their strategies with the Affiliate Marketing Masters course.

To be honest, this is the first time I’m hearing about these guys so I’m not really sure whether they are legitimate and trustworthy or just looking to scam you and earn money off your desire to learn affiliate marketing.

I’m guessing we will find out by the end of this Affiliate Marketing Masters review.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Masters Work?

Affiliate Marketing Masters is designed to teach you how to start making passive income online with affiliate marketing. I’m personally a big fan of affiliate marketing because it’s a low-cost and beginner-friendly method that anyone can start with.

But the problem is that very few people can actually teach you how to do so properly. Most of these gurus are focused mainly on taking your cash and giving you broken courses in return. Will the same case be with Affiliate Marketing Masters?

Let’s go through the training modules before we make any judgement.

Module 1.

The first module is only about 30 minutes long and it shows how to find your niche and how to locate and join top paying affiliate programs. There’s nothing spectacular about this information. As far as I’m aware, YouTube is packed with tutorials on this topic.

One thing that I don’t like to see is that the video about choosing your niche is only 5 minutes long. The one about affiliate programs is 25 minutes long. Since choosing your niche is a CRITICAL step, I don’t like the Affiliate Marketing Masters course right from the start.

For example, I just reviewed a course called Smart From Scratch where the author devoted an entire course to choosing and testing your niche because it’s is the cornerstone for your success.

Module 2.

Module two inside of Affiliate Marketing Masters explains how to make use of YouTube videos to market products online. Tanner and Ryan give a few examples of successful YouTube channels to show what’s possible, but that’s pretty much it.

Another module that contains pretty much basic information that you can collect from YouTube and niche blogs. There’s no in-depth tutorial on how to start your own successful YouTube channel to make money online.

So far, not so good, guys.

Module 3.

The story is the same with module three where guys talk about Facebook pages and getting free traffic to your site through these pages. It’s relatively generic information and I’m sure that guys could have done a better job.

In this module, they will show you again a few examples of successful FB pages and how to set up your own page.

And that is basically it!

Module 4.

Module four inside of Affiliate Marketing Masters is about using Facebook Ads to get paid traffic to your offers. But once again, this is a comprehensive topic that requires hours of training and this module contains about 30 minutes of it.

I reviewed entire courses that contain comprehensive information on Facebook Ads such as FB Master’s Program so I can’t escape the thought that Affiliate Marketing Masters could be a scam designed to profit off your desire to learn how to make money.

Module 5.

You can find a 13 minute-long video on getting free traffic to your affiliate links via Instagram. This is a very low-quality course indeed. For example, Instapreneur Academy is an entire course on making money via Instagram and here you get a few minutes of training.

Module 6.

The next module is about building a blog and review sites. The main idea behind these sites is to share valuable information and review niche-related products to get rankings on Google and free traffic to your affiliate links.

But once again, the Affiliate MArketing Masters course simply does not cover this topic in depth. For example, the video where they teach you how to build a website is only nine minutes long!

When I compare this course to leaders in the industry such as Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t really see any real-life value in this one at all, guys.

Module 7.

Module number seven contains a little over 30 minutes of training on how to utilize email marketing to follow up and get more exposure to your affiliate links. This is not enough to master email marketing.

Module 8.

In this module of Affiliate Marketing Masters, they will basically sell you ClickFunnels.

All in all, I can’t see any real-life value in this course guys. In my opinion, this course is not good enough to teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing. They just recycle some basic information that is available all across the internet.

Speaking of value, let’s talk about the price of the course in the next section of the Affiliate Marketing Masters review.

How Much Does Affiliate Marketing Masters Cost?

So as you probably already know, Affiliate Marketing Masters is selling for $497 one time via the Teachable learning platform. Now, in my opinion, this is TOO MUCH MONEY for a generic course like this.

I’ve seen a lot of training courses that bring so much more value to the table and yet, they charge far less than this.

For example, Savage Affiliate is a similar course that is far less expensive and far better than this one.

Then, there’s already mentioned Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 pick) that costs a fraction of the asking price and yet brings a ton of value on the table. You get a comprehensive training course, all the tools, help, support, and even private coaching!

So yeah, I don’t see how and why Affiliate Marketing Masters should cost almost $500. That’s insane! And on top of that, they will recommend tools like autoresponder and funnel builder and show you how to pay for FB Ads, which is going to add a few $100’s on the total.

Do you know what is the worst part about this course?

You can’t get a refund! That’s right. Once you pay $497 to access this generic course, your money is gone. There’s no money-back guarantee whatsoever!

Is Affiliate Marketing Masters a Scam?

Technically speaking, Affiliate Marketing Masters is not a scam. But in my opinion, it’s not worth it and is very close to being labelled as a scam. It reminds me of a ton of scams where they charge $100’s to get access to videos that are available on YouTube.

The only difference between those scams and this course is that here, the owners reveal their identities. They don’t hide behind fake names. And they don’t use fake testimonials and other tricks to get you to sign up for the course.

So in that area, Affiliate Marketing Masters is legitimate. But when it comes to the course curriculum, I wouldn’t say that this is something that is worth $500. Moreover, I highly doubt that anyone will make money with this course.

In my opinion, they should at least give you a few days of a free trial or at least 30 days to ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied. Bad business, guys…

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Masters For?

Honestly, Affiliate Marketing Masters is best for Tanner Fox and Ryan Hildreth. It seems to me that Tanner and Ryan are going to be the only people who will make money and benefit from this course.

If the price was not so high, I would probably say that it is for beginners because the content of the program is pretty much basic. But even then, I would still have difficulties recommending it because Affiliate Marketing Masters is not a step-by-step course.

What I Like About Affiliate Marketing Masters

  • Explains what affiliate marketing is and how it works
  • Owners are real online marketers

What I Don’t Like About This Course

  • Content is shallow and not good enough
  • Lack of step-by-step training and technical parts
  • No testimonials for users
  • Overpriced course ($500!!!!)
  • Extra costs down the road
  • No free trial or refund
  • Lack of tools and community

Affiliate Marketing Masters Review – Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing is a lucrative business opportunity indeed. However, it is also a business that takes time and effort.

And to become successful with affiliate marketing as a newbie, you need access to a comprehensive, step-by-step course that will lead you by hand from choosing your niche to building your assets, getting traffic and making money.

Unfortunately, Affiliate Marketing Masters is not such a course. I’ve reviewed a lot of courses on this topic and I’m not going to be recommending this one. I don’t see anything good about it.

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking to start with affiliate marketing, I would recommend my #1 pick below. It’s a comprehensive course that comes with all the tools, help and support every newbie need to breakthrough in this business.

I joined this platform about three years ago and it is the only one that worked for me! I went from $0 to earning $100’s per day with affiliate marketing all thanks to this comprehensive program.

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