Is Atomy a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise? – MLM Scam Review (2022)

Welcome to my review of Atomy MLM. Is it a legit opportunity to start your own business? Is Atomy a scam? Or even worse, is Atomy a pyramid scheme in disguise?

Atomy isn’t away from other online marketing businesses when it comes to selling natural goods. It’s got a decent product line – according to many reviews from users.

And before joining it, you need to do a research study to gain insights into a few elements related to this company.

This Atomy MLM review will cover all the necessary information to help you learn more!

Before we get into this review, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

In the meantime, I have actually tried and reviewed 600+ courses, scams, MLMs, and even pyramid schemes to find the very best way to generate income online.

Keep reading my Atomy MLM review where I’m going to show you what this company is about.

Also, I show you how it works, and I share my opinion about whether Atomy is a scam pyramid scheme or a legit MLM opportunity.

Atomy Review - Pyramid Scheme or Legit?


Atomy MLM Review – Overview

  • Type: MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
  • Owners: Atomy
  • Price: $0 + Costs
  • Recommended?: Read my review…

Overview:  Atomy is a multi-level marketing company that you can join and become a part of their direct selling team. It is an MLM (multi-level-marketing) business. It’s free to join but comes with hidden costs and intentions.

And because of this, many people call Atomy a pyramid scheme in disguise.

So is it? That question has been answered in detail in my review. But if you’re in a hurry, I can save you time and say that Atomy is legit MLM.

It’s legit because they offer real health and skincare products as well as the chance to make money selling the same.

You and I, and every other person interested in Atomy MLM have the opportunity to start a legit business by distributing their items and earn compensation for doing so.

But like every other company that uses this model, I don’t recommend it. Keep reading my Atomy MLM review to learn more before you make your own decision.

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What Is Atomy?

Atomy is a personal treatment, beauty, home, food, and health Multi-Level-Marketing business founded in South Korea in 2009.

Atomy Website

Atomy has broadened into over 13 nations around the world and is getting closer to reaching its objectives of ending up being a “global distribution hub”.

You can become their consultant by selling their products and recruiting a group of other interested individuals within the multi-level marketing structure as well.

And that is the main reason why some will say that Atomy is a scam. That question has been answered in-depth in my review of Atomy MLM so keep reading.

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Who Is Behind Atomy?

Atomy was founded in 2009 by Han-Gill Park. Mr Park runs the business along with Co-CEO Dae-Hyun Kim and Co-CEO Seung-Gon Choi. Atomy started in South Korea yet is currently recognized worldwide.

They have energetic members in Europe, The United States, and Australia. Atomy Head office is located at Baekjemunhwa-to, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea.

To learn more about the company, check out the short introduction video below.

Is Atomy a Pyramid Scheme?

Because Atomy MLM members earn money both by offering products and recruiting new members, then it is safe to claim that Atomy is not a pyramid system.

Just like various other multi-level marketing companies, Atomy gives commissions on offering and advertising their products as well as training new participants. Common multi-level marketing scheme.

What Is a Pyramid Scheme?

According to Wikipedia, “A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members by promising payments or services in exchange for enrolling new members into the scheme, rather than providing investments or product sales”.

You can check out a short video below to learn more…

From the video above, we can see that the continuous demand to bring in new members is a vital part of a pyramid system.

So why do so lots of people assume that Atomy is a pyramid scheme? It’s due to the fact that it’s possible for you as a representative to offer their items to make compensations.

It’s also because you can make cash by hiring a lot of individuals right into the multi-level advertising and marketing plan. That’s the most significant reason some individuals call it a pyramid scheme in disguise …

Is Atomy a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

No, it’s not. They promise you commissions based on the sales made by you and others you register. However, there are no straight repayments just for getting them to sign up.

That said, Atomy, once more, is not a pyramid scheme. They are a qualified organization and they run within the requirements laid out by the FTC.

To put it simply, Atomy sells real items for people to consume. Yet, even so, their company version as well as the method people market their items leave one with the perception of some kind of a scam.

Having that said, although not legitimately a pyramid, whether you consider Atomy a pyramid system depends upon your viewpoint of these schemes.

As you are about to see in the next sections of this Atomy MLM review, the company offers legit opportunity to start a business. Speaking of which…

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Is Atomy a Scam or Legit MLM?

Is Atomy a Scam

Atomy is not a scam. They market legitimate products and pay their suppliers like they claim they will certainly (more concerning this quickly in my Atomy review).

Nonetheless, many individuals lose money from Atomy as they do not comprehend several of the concealed facts prior to starting. This makes them get irritated, calling Atomy a scam.

But as I said in my review, Atomy is a legitimate MLM firm. However, that does not mean it’s a terrific business for everybody.

The price of the products as well as the reputation of the network marketing model make it harder to market and recruit new members.

As I discussed in the past, Atomy has nothing new to offer the market. It is simply one of the numerous companies in this niche. As Atomy really has absolutely nothing brand-new to supply, it attempts its ideal to advertise its products as one-of-a-kind.

The only people I can see being successful with Atomy are expert salesmen and recruiters. The rest of this Atomy MLM review will help you to reveal the hidden truths to ensure that you can make an educated choice about it …

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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What Products Does Atomy Sell?

Before you dive into this Atomy MLM review, it’s vital to understand more regarding the items on offer as these are what you will be advertising.

Atomy has loads of items available under the following classifications:

  • Supplements
  • Skincare & cosmetics
  • Dental and personal
  • Household

Atomy Products

There is a lot of to go into detail concerning their products here. You can also locate the complete item variety at the Atomy store.

As I said in my review, Atomy provides a significant variety of products. Most of them are geared toward skincare. But which one is the best? Which one should you promote if you decide to sell these products?

What Are Atomy’s Best Products?

The main product available at Atomy is their skincare collection including:

  • Toner
  • Ampoule
  • Serum
  • Lotion
  • Eye Complex
  • Nutrition cream

And one of the most mentioned products is called “THE FAME.” Actually, it is a collection of lotions, eye creams, toners, etc.

Atomy The Fame

Some of the attract attention features and benefits consist of:

  • Cutting-edge dormant technology
  • Hydration
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Firming
  • Moisturising
  • Nourishment

I’m no professional in skincare items so  I can’t claim whether these products are good or not.

So the only method to actually find out how good their products are is to test them yourself. Or, see the Atomy products review below for more information about the quality of their products.

Furthermore, you can see on Amazon there are some pretty favourable reviews for Atomy’s products. We will go into these in more detail later on in this Atomy MLM review.

Are Atomy Products Organic?

Atomy products use fresh natural herbs that have been ultra-purified to get rid of any kind of toxic substances, smell as well as colour.

By utilizing High Filtration Innovation(copyrighted), they have actually been able to put 500x even more of the goodness of the natural herbs right into the products.

Also by utilizing Oriental Medicine Fermentation Biotechnology(copyrighted) as well as Several Nano-capsule Innovation(trademarked), they are able to produce the best quality products.

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How Does Atomy MLM Work?

In short, Atomy is a business that distributes health care, skin care, as well as nutritional items. As opposed to straight marketing it to consumers they have chosen to utilize the network marketing version which offers you the selection to generate income by:

  • Selling the products for a commission
  • Recruiting people to earn bonuses.

As a part of this sales force, you offer the items to others, and/or you hire people to do the very same thing. This team of individuals you hire will function under you and is described as your team (downline).

The larger your team is the more money you can earn passively since you’re getting paid a per cent based on the performance of your downline.

Atomy Pyramid Scheme

This also suggests the person that recruited you which is called your upline is making money based on your efficiency.

The act of hiring transforms an online marketing company like Atomy right into a pyramid scheme where the first people to join make one of the most and get on the top of the pyramid and those last to sign up go to the bottom.

But as I said earlier in my review, Atomy is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It’s because they don’t rely solely on recruiting and offer real and helpful products to you to sell.

How Can You Join Atomy MLM?

You can sign up with Atomy as a consultant. Most people are introduced to Atomy by a person that will become their sponsor. However, you can additionally sign up for both by speaking to the consumer assistance centre of your region.

Atomy Registration Form

Those that sign-up to become a partner by registering will have an enroller selected for them by “Atomy”. You’ll get training after which you can start offering products as well as recruiting people to make payments as well as rewards.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Atomy MLM?

It’s totally free to sign up with Atomy. That said, anyone can start advertising Atomy items without investing any kind of cash.

This is really rare for MLM businesses. Moreover,  it’s a terrific indicator that Atomy is not a scam. However, there are some things to be familiar with before you join.

To “stay active” as a sales representative you require to accumulate 10,000 PV (individual volume) points on a monthly basis. In other words, that means you need to sell around $20 of items each month.

However, if you are going to join the network marketing program you need to be utilizing the items on your own See, there is no point in trying to market them unless you directly like them!

So the expenses to allow for 1 year would go to the very least $240.

Now that you know that Atomy is not a scam, and you know how it works in terms of joining the scheme to make money, let’s jump to the next section of my Atomy MLM review to learn how much you could earn.

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What Is Atomy’s Compensation Plan?

The Atomy network marketing program has a typical MLM compensation plan that is almost impossible to understand.

However, the gist of it is that you either re-sell their products for payment or you can hire individuals and earn residual revenue, climb up the ranks, and make bonus offers.

Below is how much you can earn with the Atomy compensation plan

Atomy Compensation Plan Part 1

Atomy Compensation Plan Part 2

As you can see, there are 8 ranks that all come with their benefits such as getting a higher compensation portion of all your sales beginning at 25%.

Keep in mind that Atomy uses a binary system for their MLM business which implies every person can only hire 2 people. Furthermore, your recurring revenue is based on the people they recruit.

That said, to earn money both legs have to be active as well as recruit people to make money.

Therefore, the binary system has its benefits and drawbacks. You can as an example out-earn your upline with this system.

However, if 1 leg is doing far better as well as hiring greater than the other you lose out accuracy you’d make with a non-binary system.

In case you want to learn more, check out the video below for the official compensation plan explanation from Atomy MLM.

Can You Make Money With Atomy?

Making money with Atomy MLM is possible. I’m sure there are a lot of people from all over the world who are successful at it. However, it’s not as easy as you may think.

I have summarized the reasons why it’s difficult to make money with MLM below…

Online marketing is often associated with pyramid systems

Network marketing has a pyramid recruiting structure that you usually need to sign up with to be able to make respectable cash or at least not lose money.

The problem is a lot of pyramid plans camouflage themselves as MLM programs making it hard to set apart the two. That’s exactly why you’ve been asking yourself if Atomy is a pyramid scheme in the first place!

Moreover, this is the largest reason why most distributors have a difficult time hiring people. The moment individuals read about how you can make money by recruiting individuals, they sense that Atomy is a scam and turn away.

You need to consistently spend your money to earn payments

You’re only qualified for bonuses as well as payments if you acquire Atomy items.

You do obtain discounts however if you can not market the items. However, I can see you easily fall under a financial shortage, which takes place in the majority of MLMs.

The cost of the product commonly isn’t lined up with the marketplace

It’s difficult as a multi-level marketing professional to offer products since most MLM items have a tendency to be more pricey than similar items sold by non-MLM firms.

Therefore, even if you’re really proficient at recruiting your downline, you still need to offer those same pricey items to others to buy for you to make good cash.

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Atomy Reviews and Complaints

One of the best ways to learn whether Atomy is a scam or legit is to read some testimonials online. Most Atomy reviews online are directed toward their products and are generally positive. Below are some of the examples:

  • I have been using Atomy’s cleansing products for about a month now and I love them. My face felt smoother after the first day of using the foaming cleanser and the mask. You only need a pea-sized amount of the foaming cleanser to clean your face. It really pulls all the makeup off my face. I can see how dirty my water is while I am cleaning my makeup off. I have never had a product like this. And I also use face cream which I love. The downside to Atomy is that there is very little information about the products. I have had a hard time figuring out how often to use certain facial cleansers. Overall, I highly recommend it, and the price is super cheap compared to the products I use to purchase.
  • Best product I have ever used. since I am Asian it worked well with my skin. Makes my skin really silk-like to touch yet firm and plumped. My fave is the toner and nutrition cream. It was recommended by my aunt that lives in the U.S.

As you can see, their products also get quite positive ratings on Amazon, which is a good sign.

Atomy Reviews Amazon

And here are some of the negative reviews as well:

  • I had two salespeople who tried to sell these products to me and I tried them on my hands and I got an allergic reaction. My hands started tingling, itching & then swelled up and blotches of red spots, I had to immediately rinse them off. I do not recommend this product line to anyone who has sensitive skin and is especially allergic to any type of fragrance. Face/skincare products are best and “organic” when it has no fragrance.
  • Unfortunately, these products made my face break out. It must be an allergy to the product or perhaps it’s too oily for my face. Not sure, but now I have pimples all over my face. Disappointed

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Atomy Review – What I Like

As I have said earlier, Atomy is not a scam. It’s a legitimate MLM company that you can join to make money. That said, here are a few more things that I like about it in my review:

Established Brand and Company

Atomy has actually been here since  2009. Online marketing frequently has a short lifespan of 1 to 3 years, so I can consider Atomy pretty secure.

Atomy Established Company

However, this does not mean that you definitely earn money by signing up with the company. Do not base your decision on this aspect alone.

Cost-free Registration

Unlike a lot of MLMs, Atomy allows you in without having the threat of buying a stock that you can not market. This indicates that you can openly learn the ropes without having the concern of carrying great deals of supply.

Nonetheless, remember that if you want to rise up in the rankings, you have to buy your way in.

Generally Positive Product Reviews

When you can find actual people leaving positive Atomy reviews, it’s one more terrific sign that Atomy is legit MLM.

However, it is very important to be mindful that numerous positive Atomy reviews might be (and probably are) coming from representatives.

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Atomy Review – What I Don’t Like

Despite the fact that Atomy is not a scam, there are some things about the company that I don’t like. And since this is an honest review, I include them below:

Overly Saturated Niche

The health and beauty niche is currently full of companies marketing the very same products that Atomy markets. And the problem is that Atomy has nothing brand-new to the market, so it does stand out whatsoever.

Saturaded Market

One of the first things that individuals look at when they are buying products is the brand. Given that Atomy is pretty unidentified to them, you will find it tough to market their products, specifically if you are not appropriately educated in MLM.

Main Focus On Recruitment

You can not get any kind of success from Atomy if you will not recruit individuals to your team. The system is particularly developed for individuals to maintain recruiting.

The problem is that you are left on your own for the majority of the moment, so you most definitely will not have the ability to hire as many individuals as you want.

So if you don’t have pro MLM skills, it’s going to be hard to make money simply by promoting these products.

At this point, you might be asking yourself again if Atomy is a pyramid scheme. Once again, it’s not. It’s legit MLM but like every other, it resembles one very closely.

Atomy MLM is Pay To Play Scheme

As I discussed earlier in my review, keeping your status in Atomy is quite affordable contrasted to various other Multi-level marketing. Because you have the choice to actually invest more, I am sure that you will certainly be lured to do so.

But the problem is to ascend the ranks, you need to get PVs which you can manage merely by getting items, not offering them.

Atomy MLM Costs

This implies that you can simply go on acquiring without needing to sell anything. But it also means that you need to pay to play which is the reason why some will say that Atomy is a scam MLM.

Atomy Compensation Plan is Complicated

You can watch Atomy’s settlement plan in this review. Yet, I still have no concept why these firms make such complicated settlement strategies when it is much easier to simply inform individuals upright exactly how to generate income.

If this is your very first time ever joining multi-level marketing, then it is tough luck for you. You will certainly need to review the Atomy compensation plan repetitively to comprehend it.

No Earnings Disclosure Publicly Available

A lot of network marketing businesses release a revenue disclosure of what their representatives make. Atomy doesn’t do that, which is an additional red flag and reveals the business is hiding something.

What could it be? Well, it’s probably the fact that 90% or more of representatives make less than $100 a year.

And also simply by comparing Atomy to the hundreds of various other companies’ revenue disclosures, that is really being generous of how many people will certainly accomplish this level of earnings!

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Atomy Review – Conclusion

As concluded in my review, Atomy is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. But I don’t consider it a good opportunity either.

One thing I like though is that you can join free of cost. However, the minute you want to earn more money by climbing the ranks the costs boost substantially.

These costs go to purchasing the number of products that you’re likely to resell. The problem is that you do not have an assurance that you’ll be able to sell it.

This makes the financial risk a little too expensive for my taste. That being said, if you actually handle to market all your supply you might make a lot of cash.

Once again, since most MLMs are a tough cookie to crumble, I can’t really see it happening for the majority of members.

Thanks for reading my Atomy MLM review. What is your opinion? Is Atomy a scam? Were you a part or maybe still are a member of this business?

Feel free to leave your reviews at the end of this page!

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And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

Thanks for reading my review of Atomy MLM!

All the best, Ivan. contributor

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6 thoughts on “Is Atomy a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise? – MLM Scam Review (2022)”

  1. Hello Ivan. Thanks for your review. I would like to clarify one section of your review.

    You wrote: “To “stay active” as a sales representative you require to accumulate 10,000 PV (individual volume) points on a monthly basis. In other words, that means you need to sell around $20 of items each month.”

    There is no such requirement. To “stay active” a member only needs to make one small purchase a year (a box of toothbrushes will do, cost $9) or their sponsor can give them points to remain active. There is no monthly purchase requirement.

    The 10,000 pv minimum is the qualification to start accumulating group pv in your Left or Right downlines. Without 10,000 pv in your own personal account, any pv in your downlines does not count towards your group pv. A purchase of a bottle of shampoo and conditioner will give a consumer over 10,000 pv. So the 10,000 pv minimum doesn’t cost very much to get started. We all buy shampoo and conditioner.

    My wife and I have been members for a years now and earn thousands in residual income monthly. For a free business opportunity of buying and using the products for ourselves, and then recommending them to others, Atomy can’t be beat. We love Atomy.

    Thanks for your review.

  2. Atomy is not a pyramid scheme but it is sort of MLM. I am also participent of Atomy but not working seriously till now. But by reading your review some extra knowledge is added by which you can consider it. And I will give my opinion as well. Atomy is not a scam or pyramid scheme by any means. Some of the work is required to be done to gain commission, like hosting website and providing links.

    Thanks Ivan for sharing to the point information.

  3. I have not heard about Atomy before, so it was interesting to read this review on the company that provides personal treatment, beauty, home, food, and health products. Quite a diverse selection of products was my first thought. 

    Atomy might not be a scam or pyramid in disguise, but being a MLM company, will catch many people that think they can earn passive income with them. But without recruiting and building a team, you are unlikely to make money, as the income revenue of $100 per year confirms. Not what I would call worth your while. 


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