Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme? (R+F Exposed in my Review)

Welcome to my review. Is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme scam? Is it a legit multi-level marketing business? Should you join it? Can you make money with it?

Rodan and Fields is a skincare company that promotes products for healthy and glowing skin.

But also, they offer everyday people like you and me to join their MLM program and earn an income by selling their products.

And since these schemes tend to look like a pyramid plan, most people get scared away, so they search for a review before they join Rodan and Fileds.

So should you be scared?

Before we get into this review, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

In the meantime, I have actually tried and reviewed 600+ courses, scams, MLMs, and even pyramid schemes to find the very best way to generate income online.

Keep reading my Rodan and Fields review where I’m going to show you what this company is about.

Also, I show you how it works, and I share my opinion about whether Rodan and Fields is a pyramid scheme or a legit MLM opportunity.

Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme? Review


Rodan and Fields Review

  • Type: MLM
  • Owners: Dr Katie Rodan, Dr Kathy Fields
  • Price:$75 + Extra Business Costs
  • Recommended?: Read my review…

Overview:  Rodan and Fields is a company that you can join and become a part of their direct selling team. In other words, it is an MLM (multi-level marketing) business.

And because of this, many people call Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme.

So is it? That question has been answered in detail in my review. But if you’re in a hurry, I can save you time and say that Rodan and Fields is legit.

But like every other company that uses this model it has problems. Keep reading my review to learn more before you make your own decision.

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What Is Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fileds is a personal treatment Multi-Level-Marketing business that offers skincare items to assist you to get rid of acne and other skin conditions.

It was founded by friends, Katie Rodan and also Kathy Fields in 2002.

They are qualified skin specialists so they have a great deal of experience working in the skincare market. The company provide you with the possibility to generate income with the “direct sales” service version.

For this Rodan and Fileds review, I will assess their MLM program and the profitability of their items so that you can know whether or not their program is viable.

Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme?

One of the ways to earn an income is by developing a network of representatives below you.

But since you also can earn income from selling just their products, it is safe to conclude that Rodan and Fields is not a pyramid scheme.

What Is a Pyramid Scheme?

According to Wikipedia, “A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members by promising payments or services in exchange for enrolling new members into the scheme, rather than providing investments or product sales”.

You can check out a short video below to learn more…

So why do so many people think that Rodan and Fields is a pyramid scheme?

It’s because it’s possible for representatives to sell their products to make commissions. Truth be told, it’s because you can make cash by recruiting a lot of individuals right into the multi-level marketing scheme.

That’s why some people call it a pyramid scheme in disguise…

Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

No. They promise you settlements based on the sales made by others you register. However, there are no direct repayments just for getting them to join. That said, Rodan and Fields is not a pyramid scheme.

They are a credible business as well as they run within the standards set out by the Federal Trade Commission.

Having said that, although not legally a pyramid scheme, whether you consider Rodan and Fields a pyramid depends upon your viewpoint of these schemes.

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Is Rodan and Fields a Scam or Legit MLM? 

Is Rodan and Fields a Scam? Review

No Rodan and Fields is not a scam. They sell legit products and also they pay their consultants specifically as they claim they will.

Their website is good. There is nothing “scammy” taking place right here. Their contact page includes all from a physical address, to phone numbers and even the hrs they’re readily available, so all the call details you would want are there.

Rodan and Fileds have a fan base that’s both enormous and enthusiastic, with numerous hundreds of followers on different social sharing systems.

So it goes without saying that Rodan and Fields is a legit opportunity and not a scam. Nonetheless, is this the best job possible for you? You can be the court et cetera of this Rodan and Fields review will certainly help you to decide.

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What Products Does Rodan and Fields Sell?

There are dozens of different products at Rodan and Fields that fall under one of the following product lines:

  • Redefine – cleansing mask, toner, eye cream etc.
  • Reverse – sunscreen, exfoliation, toner etc.
  • Recharge- mask, cleanser, sunscreen etc.
  • Unblemish- Acne treatment, toner etc.
  • Spotless- acne wash, clearing treatment etc.
  • Soothe- Replenishing cream, gentle cream wash
  • Enhancements- lash boost, serum, SPF makeup etc.
  • Essentials- Vitamin D supplement, moisturizer, sunscreen etc.

As you can see there is a lot on offer but most of it is based on skincare and, in particular, removing acne.

Rodan and Fields Review Products

These products help your skin feel:

  • more hydrated
  • refreshed
  • smoother skin
  • plumper
  • healthier looking

This Rodan and Fields review will look into the price of these products later on. But for now, let’s understand the unique selling points of how this MLM scheme works.

How Does Rodan and Fields MLM Work?

As a member or representative, you’ll have to purchase Rodan and Fields products first. After that, you can use them yourself or promote the company. Or do both, which is the most recommended route.

This means that your compensation doesn’t come from marketing Rodan and Fields products alone. You can get incentives from the sales of new members that you recruit and that your employees hire as well.

However, this is the main reason why some people get confused and say that Rodan and Fields is a pyramid scheme.

Rodan Fields Pyramid Scheme MLM

The problem is that you’ll need to market a lot of their products to make any sort of cash. And don’t neglect the fact that you need to purchase the products initially in order to sell them (more about this soon!).

And that is a problem, at least in my opinion…

Essentially, you’re restricted to how much you can make based on just how much you can buy.

That said, the fact that you have to “pay to play” is the main reason why Rodan and Fields tend to get a label a pyramid scheme. But before we jump the gun, let’s see how much and whether or not they pay first…

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How Much To Join Rodan and Fields MLM?

To become a Rodan and Fields consultant, you will have to pay $75 just to get access to their program. Once you have that you will be urged to acquire a few different business kits that range in price from $395, $695 or $995.

Rodan and Fields Starter Kit

How To Make Money With Rodan and Fields MLM?

There are 2 ways you can make money as their consultant:

  1. Sell their products to earn commission
  2. Recruit more people and earn bonuses from their sales

As I said in my Rodan and Fields review, the best way to make money here is to try these products yourself and recruit more people in your downline to earn a passive income.

You earn bonuses and commissions from any sales or purchases your “downline” makes. This is another way that Rodan and Fields avoid being called an outright pyramid scheme.

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How Much Can You Earn With Rodan and Fields MLM?

So far unlike other MLMs, Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan was easy to find. Here you’ll understand the membership level perks that this company offers to their participants.

  • Independent Consultant (with discount and retail selling only)
  • Active Consultant (with 10% commission, discount and retail profit)
  • Executive Consultant (Perks of Active Consultant + 5% Commission from Team)
  • Level 1 Executive (Perks of EC + 5% Commission from the first downline of EC)
  • Level 2 Executive (Perks of L1E + 5% Commission from the first downline of L1E)
  • Level  3 Executive (Perks of L2E + 5% Commission from the first downline of L2E)
  • Level 4 Executive (Perks of L3E + 5% Commission from the first downline of L3E)
  • Level 5 Executive (Perks of L4E + 5% Commission from the first downline of L4E)
  • Premier Executive (Perks of L5E + 5% Commission from the first downline of L5E)
  • Elite Executive (Perks of PE + 5% Commission from the first downline of PE)
  • R+F Executive (Perks of EE + 5% Commission from the first downline of EE)

Here’s an overview of the whole compensation plan file:

Rodan and Fields MLM Review

And here is a training video where you can learn more about how the compensation plan and making money with Rodan and Fields works in practice…

Can You Make Money Selling Rodan and Fields?

The reality is, that the vast majority of people never achieve anything close to the monetary independence programs like these promote. As a matter of fact, 99% who join online marketing will fail.

That does not mean R+F is no good, it just implies that it’s not the best way to make money.

Although Rodan and Fields is a legit MLM company, not a scam or pyramid scheme, as a result of the nature of businesses that use private representatives, some business methods are deceptive and not always completely controlled by the business itself.

In other words, lots of MLM representatives will make outrageous and overhyped claims just to make more money. And that’s another reason why some reviews say that Rodan and Fileds is a pyramid scheme.

Rodan and Fields Income Statement

According to Rodan and Field’s 2015 Income Disclosure, the average earnings of a Level III Executive Consultant was a whopping $14,623/per year. On the higher end (which is probably a small minority), you can expect to make just over $90,000.

But only 6.3% of paid consultants reach Level III Executive Consultant status…

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Rodan and Fields Review – Pros

First, let’s speak about the positive points of this Rodan and Fields review.

Owners are Real Doctors

The owners of this company are real skin doctors. So, you can state that this multi-level marketing is made by professionals who understand their field very well.

Rodan and Fields Owners

A great number of various other online marketing owners make and release MLM and then leave it to physicians to do the heavy stuff.

However, in this case, these products are created by the owners themselves as well as they claim that they tested and tried these items themselves.

Proven Background

This firm was founded in 2002, and ever since, it is holding its credibility. A lot of the multi-level marketing that is out there, leaves the scene in 1 to 3 years. But this company was introduced twenty years back and is still getting people’s attention.

Low Start-Up Costs

Their start-up price is extremely low. I have reviewed hundreds of multi-level marketing businesses that charge people hundreds as well as thousands of bucks simply to get started.

Not with Rodan and Fields. They are charging $75 and are offering you some valuable stuff in return, not like various other network marketing where they bill you $100s just for enrollment.

Lots of Positive Reviews

There are substantial numbers of positive reviews regarding Rodan and Fileds on Google…

Rodan and Fields Reviews

Rodan and Fields Reviews

Despite the fact that there are a variety of good testimonials, I am not gonna give my verdict based on these evaluations. Why? Because these reviews can be by their representatives that are trying to sell Rodan and Fields to you.

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Rodan and Fields Review – Cons

There are lots of points which I disliked concerning Rodan and Fields. There are as follows…

Failure Rate is Extremely High

If you sign up with Rodan and fields, most likely you are going to fail. Most of the participants in MLMs waste huge amounts of time and money trying to become successful.

I’m not taking these claims out of the thin air…look at the stats below!

Rodan and Fields Low Success Rate

The reality is that 95% of people that join multi-level marketing like Rodan and Fields wind up losing their money.

As you see in the chart just 0.3% of their consultants are making more than $15k/year. This indicates simply $1200/month. And the chances of you making $1000/month is 1 out of 333 professionals.

You’re Trading Time for Money

Most of their consultants hustle 24/7. The reason behind it is that network marketing cash is not easily obtained. You need to keep your toes up all the time.

If you read this review and still want to sign up with Rodan and Fields, you will experience this in your own skin.

I am not stopping you to join this MLM! I am just speaking about bitter realities that I familiarized regarding multi-level marketing business after evaluating 600+ multi-level marketing companies like Rodan and Fields.

Negative Google Trend

Rodan and Filed’s popularity pattern is getting down day by day. This indicates that this MLM company is losing its popularity.

As you can see from the graph listed below, the company’s popularity is in a downtrend, which suggests that it will certainly drop even more.

Rodan and Fields Negative Google Trend

However, there is a good thing about this loss of popularity. A low google pattern means fewer competitors to you.

You Have to Sell to Friends and Family

One of the worst things that happen to people who join MLMs like Rodan and Fields is that they are “forced” to start selling their friends and family.

A lot of the time they say yes, to get you off their back.

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Rodan and Fields Review – Conclusion

The fact that many people fail to generate income with Rodan and Fields (or any kind of multi-level marketing) is clear as a day. Selling and recruiting requires a specific skill set, character, and also unusual capacity to manage denial.

And that is the main reason why people fail. They get excited by the financial opportunity, but once the reality hits them, they quickly give up and call Rodan and Fields a scam pyramid scheme.

But as I concluded in my review, it’s not…

Even so, a word of catuion. If you do not care about skin treatment products, and recruiting people seems like a nightmare, don’t even think about joining ANY MLM.

Obviously, you can develop these abilities, but if it’s something you despise doing, it’s not sustainable. To succeed in a marketing pyramid requires high-energy marketing, public speaking and also the distinct ability to sell as well as hire.

But statistics show that almost 99% of participants never earn any life-changing income and waste their time and money.

That’s the main reason why I am not recommending MLMs at all and that includes R+F!

Thanks for reading my Rodan and Fields review. What is your opinion? Were you a part or maybe still are a member of this business?

Feel free to leave your reviews at the end of this page!

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And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

Thanks for reading my review of Rodan and Fields MLM!

All the best, Alex. contributor

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8 thoughts on “Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme? (R+F Exposed in my Review)”

  1. Thanks for your upfront feedback and opinion on Rodan and Fields and MLM programs in general.  I am not a big fan of pushing products on my family and friends so thanks for pointing this out.  The product line while interesting is not something that is of high interest for me either but I do appreciate your guidance on affiliate marketing.  Do you have  top rated MLM that might be worth a look that would be more geared to technology?  Thanks 

  2. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for sharing the review of Rodan and Fields pyramid scheme.The first question which comes to mind is whether the scheme legit? You cut the waiting time to declare that it is legit. 

    Coming to the question of whether I will be making money out of selling a skincare product which treats acne? I don’t think I am cut out for it. Moreover people trust known brands and it will be extremely difficult to push through such a product.And if I am not able to sell their product, it is next to impossible to add levels.

    off course I agree that this is a legit program and the product are good. But given the effort to sell a product in unknown markets, I would personally not go for it.

    Best Regards,


  3. Every time I see “MLM”  I tend to immediately turn away. Maybe it’s the reputation of this marketing strategy, maybe it’s due to experience, I don’t know but I’m not the greatest fan. I do like that this company is owned by people who actually know what they’re doing and I’m even more surprised when I saw that they were doctors; that’s a good indication. Personally, I wouldn’t put just anything on my skin since I have psoriasis, but having experts be sure of what they do and how their product works gives me a sense of relief if I were to try joining the team. 

  4. Thank you for this review about Rodan and Fields skin care products. Being that the founders are skin specialists with an abundant amount of knowledge in this area; they could have a terrific product to sell. If so, then the potential of sales is enormous It seems sensical to pay commissions based on the sales and offering others the chance to work under you will provide residual income that could grow in time. An indication of potential can be found in that they are a relatively new player and so the market is not yet saturated. The most important ingredient, I feel, will be if you are sold on their products. Becoming a customer first will be vital if you are to use it as an income source as you must be convinced of the effectiveness of the product and feel it is well worth the money invested.


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