Jaaxy Review – Is It the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool?

Imagine having access to the best keyword research tool that gives you an insight into Google’s mind.

How would your SEO change if you could do this?

You see, Jaaxy keyword research software is the best medium there is to get this information, and within this Jaaxy review, you are going to find why is that so and how to use its magic.


Way before, people who were in the business of keywords had to do all those things manually. It was possible, but it took a lot of time to do it right.

Today, however, all you have to do is think of a keyword and PUFF the numbers appear in front of you.

If you are a wise affiliate marketer or a blogger, you will see that Jaaxy is a must tool in your arsenal.

Would you like to know your keywords under the microscope?

Would you like to know what’s your competition doing?

How about having tons of keyword ideas without having to press your brain too hard?


Let’s scratch underneath the surface of this FREE SOFTWARE to see what can you get.

Jaaxy Keywords Research Tool Overview

Uh, the thought of what can you get with Jaaxy gives me goosebumps.

First of all, this keyword research tool is what it says. It helps you to find keywords. However, that’s not all there is of course.

Even if you have an ideal keyword in your mind what if there is a lot of websites already competing for it?

Jaaxy has a brilliant feature called Alphabet Soup that helps resolve the issue. If you have experience with this kind of SEO research, you are probably familiar with the term.

If not, keep reading.

Furthermore, you can get in-depth insights into many other keywords related information which I will explain later in this Jaaxy review as well.

What else?

Do you know that proper preparation means half of the job done?

You can create and save keyword lists. It’s a great idea to sit down with Jaaxy, have a cup of coffee or tea and start searching for topic ideas for your future posts.

Oh, yea! You can even market Jaaxy and earn money while using it.

That’s something I’m doing right now because I’m just fascinated by this tool and I want everyone to know that.

Founders of Jaaxy are two guys who have changes online business forever!

Kyle and Carson are founders and owners of Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate University. 

If interested in learning how to generate a passive income online, I invite you to read My Wealthy Affiliate full review.

Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy

All in all, this keyword research tool will help you to improve your SEO beyond your imagination. You may think that you know how to SEO, but wait to see what will happen after you take this tool into your hands.

Check this out!

If you are an affiliate marketer, you can use this tool to search for affiliate programs within affiliate networks such as:

  • Commission Junction
  • Link Share
  • Digital River
  • Click Bank

How great is that?!

You don’t have to open ten different tabs on your browser while searching for and creating your brand new website material.

Jaaxy has all you need in one place.

Sometimes it makes me wonder is it that good or is there something better for my keyword research performance.

Is Jaaxy the Best Keyword Research Tool?

Alright now, let’s use this review to quickly compare Jaaxy with its two competitors to decide who is the numero uno.

Moreover, if you are looking for an alternative keyword research tool that is free to use but has everything those expensive ones have, this review might provide you with a solution.

We are going to take a look at two expensive tools and face them one on one!

Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeee!

In the blue corner!

SEMrush Overview

SEMrush allows you to get 2 000 000 ideas using just one seed keyword. Among them, it finds long tail keyword ideas and observes their click potential. You can group them by topics and create lists.

Keyword Analytics within SEMrush helps you analyze competition for any keyword as well. You can also track and analyze domains in Google’s top 100 positions for a specific keyword using its Keyword Domain feature.

The price of SEMrush keyword research tool is starting from $99.95 monthly for a Pro plan. You can upgrade the service to Guru Plan ($199,95/monthly) or Business Plan ($399/monthly).

Read SEMrush Full Review.

Official Website: SEMrush.com

In the red corner!

MOZ Keyword Explorer Overview

The same as SEMrush, MOZ allows you to get millions of keyword ideas.

MOZ will help you to get insights into specific keywords for plenty of data such as keyword difficulty, monthly search volume for a particular keyword with 90% accuracy, and more.

And also, it shows you detailed insights into competitions in SERP, allows you to create lists and trackings and shows the opportunity score for a specific keyword.

If you’re a member of the MOZ community, you can get five searches per day. If not a member then, you can have only two searches each day.

Also, you can get a 30-free trial with full access to MOZ features.

MOZ Standard plan is $99 monthly, or you can take the Medium plan billed $179 per month. In the end, there is a third option as well, the Large Plan for $249 per month.

Read MOZ Full Review

Official Website: moz.com

It’s a thin line between those two keyword research tools in my opinion.

It comes down to personal preference and, of course, the price of the service.

Between those two I would prefer to use MOZ Keyword Explorer. It’s not because it’s cheaper than SEMrush. I think it’s a better tool overall.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we have our two finalists ready for the final fight.

Now, let’s dig into Jaaxy to see is it the best or should I go with MOZ.

Jaaxy In-Depth Review

In the rest of this review, you will get the best insight into Jaaxy’s powers.

I have to warn you. You will fall in love with what this keyword research tool can do to improve your SEO.

As mentioned already, I’ve been a user for quite some time, and I can’t get enough of it.

There are many things that you can expect from this tool as well, but one of the best features in my mind is the Search Analysis.

In a nutshell, this feature allows you to take an in-depth look at websites already ranking on Search Engines for a specific keyword.

It’s almost the same with MOZ and SEMrush, but…

Yes, but.

You see those two are complicating things too much serving your data in chart and pies. For simple users like you and me, it can be overwhelming to see them all just thrown like in front of you.

However, that’s not the case with Jaaxy, and I’ll disclose this feature a little bit later within my review.

Let’s start from the top and begin with the most popular feature of Jaaxy keywords research tool.


Jaaxy Search

Like those two tools from the above, this one can do more or less the same things.

In my opinion, it goes a step further while keeping things less complicated for the user, that is you.

Everything is automated, so there is no need for you to take any extra steps in your keyword research — all you have to learn how to read the data which is a pretty simple task with this tool.

That’s what we’re looking for, simple things!

Jaaxy Keyword Research Results Screen Capture

1.) Keywords 

As I’ve said, my experience with tools such as MOZ and SEMrush was overwhelming. It left me with the impression that I can never understand them fully.

Jaaxy is not the case.

Keywords Search is simple to perform and easy to read.

This tool gives you a couple of insights such as an average number of searches that your keyword receives per month in Google and other Search Engines.

You can use this data to determine how valuable your topic is.

Also, you will receive the estimated number of visits (traffic) to your website if you manage to get your material on the first pages of Search Engines.

Having an insight into this metric is worth its weight in gold!

Keep in mind that the number will never be correct. Like in cases with MOZ and SEMrush, this number is only a prediction.

However, according to most of Jaaxy’s users, the experience with the traffic volume has been higher than predicted.

It’s only predicting the case, but if you do your work and manage to SEO your content correctly, you can expect to receive much more traffic than this keyword research tool is suggesting.

One of the metrics in Jaaxy’s keyword search results is QSR or Quoted Search Results. This number tells you against how many websites you are up against for the exact keyword you are searching.

Before the keywords research tools era, people have no clue what’s the number of competing sites.

Imagine this.

You and I have this number on the screen in a matter of milliseconds.

I had many great keywords ideas which I had to abandon. However, I’m not even sorry because I did so.

Jaaxy has saved me time and time with this information.

The fact is that I could’ve spent hours and hours writing my material for nothing because there is already way too many websites attacking the same keywords that I had in mind.

On the other hand, this brilliant software has helped me to go over, under, and around those topics and come up with some better keywords with much less competition.

The whole point of the story is getting faster rankings!

Furthermore, you will get insights into Keyword Quality which means that Jaaxy will tell you automatically is your keyword right or should you search some more.

The story is the same again.

Time and work saved.

Also, this keyword research tool helps you to determine how likely you will rank for a selected keyword on the first page in Search Engines.

Jaaxy analyzes two metrics to determine the SEO quality of your selected keyword.

One is traffic, and the second one is competition. Then, it gives you a score from 1-100 (closer to 100 means more likely to rank on top page).

Again, the story is the same.

No one (and that includes you as well) want to spend time working on useless ideas.

You can use this last metric to improve your website SEO and get the advantage over your competition.

Think about it.

It SEO’s the keywords for you and tells you right away are Google and other search engines going to value your efforts or not.

Again, many ideas were left to die and for a good reason and all thanks to this brilliant keyword research software.

Lastly, you can check for the availability of domains for your selected keywords.

Sometimes a specific keyword sounds too good that you can’t resist to create a future project in a micro niche around that keyword and make a few hundred per month.

You can leverage many great microniches by choosing the right domain name.

Jaaxy here can show you which domains are available. Moreover, you can buy them straight away!

A sturdy little tool, I must say.

What do you think about Jaaxy so far?

Now, let’s review it some more.


2.) Alphabet Soup aka Long Tail Keywords Search

Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup is one of its features that are going to blow your mind away!

If you struggle with getting keywords ideas, your misery is over.

From now on, you’ll have so many ideas that you won’t have enough time to fulfill them all.

This piece of artificial intelligence comes up with hundreds of ideas automatically using the Alphabet Soup technique, hence the name.

For example, you can choose a keyword such as best keyword research tool and this piece of software starts adding letters of the alphabet to your existing keyword to create some fantastic longtail keywords ideas for you to work your magic with them.

Here we have at least four long tail keywords ideas on the image below.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Screen Capture


No more headaches while trying to come up some long tail keywords.

It’s all automated!

Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup was an incredible discovery that has changed my keyword game forever. I’m more than sure it will change yours as well.

Before this discovery, I was using Google Keyword Planner in combination with Google’s search to come up with some good blog posts ideas.

It was a long and mentally exhausting process.

Moreover, it wasn’t accurate because it’s not designed to target keywords for SEO but Adwords campaigns.

Once I’ve realized that I can do the same with Jaaxy only automated, I was happy as New Year’s Eve!

Let’s move on with this review, shall we?

3.) Saved Lists

Once you finish creating long tail keywords with this keywords research tool, you will have an option to create some lists.

It’s a neat feature of Jaaxy that helps you to organize your keywords.

Moreover, you can create groups, and it will automatically calculate all the metrics for the whole group.

That way, you can know how much traffic volume to expect and how many monthly searches your group of keywords receives per month.

That is a pretty cool thing to have by your side won’t you agree?

Also, once you’ve completed your list, you can always hit the download button and save the files on your PC or laptop.

Here is a free tip.

It will make your future website projects much easier to do.

When you are about to build a brand new website, use Search, and Alphabet Soup features to find at least 30 keywords ideas related to your niche and save them to one list.

Then, once you are ready to start writing, you have architected at least a half of your content.

Your mind is free to write while Jaaxy takes care of your keywords.

Proper prep work is half of the job done!

Jaaxy will help you with the task as much as it’s not humanly possible. I have to remind myself that it’s only software from time to time.

4.) Search History

It’s a good thing to have an insight into your previous searches for many reasons.

When I create keywords ideas with Jaaxy, my mind tends to shift into fifth gear.

Keywords start to fly all over the place!

However, even if I go too fast and too furious, I can always pull the handbrake and go back to check some ideas that hooked my eye.

Jaaxy puts them neatly in the history column for me to review them later.

What a great duo we are.


5.) Search Analysis aka the NextGen SEO

Ok now.

I have to take a deep breath before I show you true powers of Jaaxy keyword research tool.

You see, sometimes you can find a keyword which is too good to let it go. However, you have to because of too many competing websites around it.

You’ve probably had the feeling before.

It just looks at you and tells you “come on, do me! I want you to rank me with your words.”

Have you had an experience like this before?

I sure did many times so far.

Now, there is a way to squeeze your article on the top page of search engines where there is a lot of competition and Jaaxy will help you to do the job.

Search Analysis is a feature of this brilliant keyword research tool which allows you to take a look into the work of your competition.

All you have to do is to enter the keyword for which you want to rank your content into Search Analysis bar and press Find Keywords.

Jaaxy will then show you the list of ten websites that hold a top page for that particular keyword. One of those ten spots is all you need.

On the right side of the screen, there is a View Details button for each of those websites, and all you have to do is hit the button to reveal their secret.

Search Analysis shows you the following for each website that ranks on the top page of Google:

  • Word count
  • Links on site
  • Backlinks
  • Alexa rank
  • Adsense

Your task is to read those metrics which are pretty simple and try to do better than the guys who hold the top spots in search engines.

You can also analyze your competition on Bing and Yahoo.

I can’t express my gratitude for finding this information. It’s the best thing that I’ve ever discovered when it comes to keywords research.

Now, the next time you find yourself in a situation when a topic is too sweet to resist, go and visit Jaaxy’s Search Analysis to see are you up for the task or not.

The ranking will not come as fast as it will for some long tail keyword that has less competition.

However, if you are smart enough, you will find a way to create more content to support that keyword which can help you to rank your content on top positions and attract a lot of traffic to your website.

Here is a quick crash course on how to do so.

  1. Find a high traffic keyword within Jaaxy(100+ QSR)
  2. Create a Guide or Training targeting your keywords (3000+ words)
  3. Find two or more low competition long tail keywords using Alphabet Soup
  4. Create two or more posts targeting those low competition long tail keywords (1500 words)
  5. Link those posts with your guide to share traffic juice
  6. Hope for the best

Even if this method fails you down, you’ll still have two or more blog posts competing for those low competition keywords.

Moreover, you can use the guide for an email campaign or something similar.

I hope you are enjoying my Jaaxy review so far.

You better bookmark this page for some future reference because you are getting a complete guide on keywords research here.

Let’s see what else you can have with Jaaxy.


6.) Affiliate Programs

I will go over this feature real quick because I’m not yet familiar with it as I’m with the rest of Jaaxy’s features.

It helps you to find affiliate programs as I’ve mentioned on the top of this review.

You can type in a specific keyword within your niche, hit the search button, and get a list of fresh products to promote through the content on your website or by email.

If you are looking a way to scale your business, you can find this feature to be just for you!

Jaaxy is not just another keywords research tool; it’s much more than that.

7.) Brainstorm

The last feature of the Search is Brainstorm.

Are you looking for something trending to get your share of traffic?

Brainstorm is a feature of Jaaxy that gives you insights into Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends!

All you have to do is pick the most searched topic you like, see some great search per month and traffic numbers, and start writing your post.

If you have a general topics type of a blog or website, this feature is for you!

However, if you are working within a specific niche, for example, affiliate marketing, the chances to find something trending for your niche is less likely.

Still, it’s a great feature of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Site Rank

Jaaxy Search feature is pretty impressive. And there is more, a lot more to cover in this review, so let’s see what else is there for you.

Site Rank is one of my favorites as well.


You have a pretty darn good post. However, you don’t know how it’s performing in search engines, and you are anxious to see where it is.

That’s not a problem.

Open the second tab on the top right bar where it says Site Rank. Now, enter the keywords you wish to get insights in and type in your domain name as well.

Once you do as instructed, hit the Search button and let Jaaxy do its magic once again.

What this feature does is it analyzes the top page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo and looks where your site might be. If you did a good job, you’d see your site.

Moreover, Jaaxy will tell you how your page or post is performing. In other words, it will show you is it climbing the search or dropping down.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Now, connect this review with the following text, and you’ll see how great this tool is.

While using this brilliant keyword research tool to find great ideas that can help you to rank your content high in Search Engines, you can earn some money as well.

Jaaxy has an affiliate program that pays you to refer people to it.

It’s not hard to do it. Let me show you how easy it can be.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Screen Capture

You don’t have to do an extensive review or have a website specialized in this niche.

You can blog about the weather and still refer people to start using the best keyword research tool there is!

Jaaxy Help

If my review wasn’t enough, you could click on the Help tab to watch over one-hour long video material on how to use Jaaxy the right way.

Kyle, the co-founder, and co-owner of the company is going to explain to you how to use this tool step by step.

Moreover, you will get three Bonus downloads which you can use to upgrade your knowledge about keyword research.

Jaaxy Pros

  • Extensive & detailed keywords search
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to read
  • Automatic Alphabet Soup
  • Keywords categorization in lists
  • Search History available
  • Competition analysis
  • Affiliate program
  • Site rank insights
  • Free trial available
  • Video tutorials

Jaaxy Cons

  • Limited keyword searches with Free trial
  • Limited Site Rank with Free trial

Jaaxy Free, Premium or Enterprise?

Here we are at the last point of my Jaaxy review, and I want to discuss the price of this keywords research tool.

As you’ve read so far, it’s free to use this tool for as long as you want, you don’t have to pay a penny.

However, with a free account, your keywords research will be limited. Some other features will be limited as well such as Site Rank and Alphabet Soup.

Jaaxy Pricing Plans Screen Capture

I believe that free account is more than enough until your business start to generate you some income. After you start making some money, I recommend you to take one of the two paid plans.

When you compare the price of Jaaxy with MOZ Keyword Explorer and SEMrush, you’ll see a significant difference in price for the same service!

Jaaxy PRO comes for $19/month, and it used to be $49!!! It’s the best option for all new websites online.

I recommend Jaaxy ENTERPRISE to all who are already deep in doing business online. The price is just $49/month, and it used to be $99/month!!!

Now, as I have said it’s not all about the price.

You want to get the best service in exchange for your money.

Whatever you do, I recommend you to go with Jaaxy because it’s the best deal overall.

Why Do I Recommend Jaaxy?

Let’s shift our attention from the best keyword research tool Jaaxy to me for a couple of lines because I would like to share my reasons why I recommend it to everyone.

I’ll get back to you real quick, ok?

As you could see so far, it’s hard to hide my enthusiasm while reviewing Jaaxy. The two of us have a deep connection.

You see, when I was getting interested in the online world, websites, marketing, and all that stuff, I had no idea that keywords even exist.

Then one day I’ve heard that they are the core of my business!

Honestly, the thought got me a little bit closer to the edge of forgetting about the whole idea.

However, I stayed!

I remember reading all that material about keywords for experts such as Moz, Neil Patel, and the rest. They even had some tools, but they were not helping that much.

Slowly, I’ve managed to get a firm mental grip around the whole thing about the keywords, but something was missing yet, and I didn’t know what.

I remember doing keyword research using the Google AdWords search as my tool. However, it was a too long process to get insights in keywords this way.

One day, I started a free trial of Wealthy Affiliate University. I thought, if I want to learn all this, I have to find experts help.

The realization of the fact that Jaaxy is free to use within Wealthy Affiliate threw me to ecstatic!


The keywords went from thorn to be a sweet sight for my eyes in just two seconds.

Ever since I started to use Jaaxy, my blogging career went up and away because now, I had no boulder on my shoulder anymore.

The pressure was gone.

You see, keywords represent a big mystery for everyone.

Having a research tool that can help you fulfill your potential faster is worth its weight in gold.



Welcome to the end of my Jaaxy review.

I want to share one more thought and give you one last suggestion to conclude this piece.

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of lines above, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate University, the largest and the best online marketing community.

Ever since I’ve decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been working on my online carer like a crazy person (in a positive way).


First of all, they’ve served me with the best online marketing training and program!

Secondly, I’ve got two free websites to build so I can start with less cost possible!

Thirdly, Jaaxy is included in the deal!

Lastly, as my token of appreciation for coming till the end of this review, I’m giving you AFFILIATE MARKETING HANDBOOK to help you fire up your online business.

I want to invite you to join us in our community!

If you like the idea, you can take a Premium Membership for only $19 for the first month! After that, it’s only $49-per-month!

If you are passionate about starting an online marketing career and you want to succeed in the business, then Wealthy Affiliate is your best choice.

Did I say that Jaaxy keywords research tool is included?

I think I did.

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at



What Keywords is My Site Ranking for in Google? – Improve Your SEO

The burning problem of all bloggers, content marketers, and website owners is how to check your Google ranking for specific keywords.

However, many people don’t know what the purpose of keywords is and why are they important to us and search engines.

Picture this.

Within this post, I will help you to understand your keywords better and learn how to use them.

On top of it all, I’ll show you how to get insights into your keywords rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo and how to improve your performance!

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As content creators, we all want to know how good is our website performance. That’s the point of the business.

You don’t want to spend hours of work without being able to see your results. You want to know how your content is doing in search engines because you want to improve it continuously. However, this information is not easy to get.

You see, today is your lucky day.

Imagine having a tool that can help you get insights into your site rankings in a blink of an eye.

Moreover, you can use it whenever you want to search for keywords ideas, analyze your competition, create long tail keywords, create keywords lists, and much more!

Yes, I found such a tool.


When I was starting my online venture, keywords represented the biggest mystery in my mind. I wanted to learn everything about them, but I didn’t know where to look.

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First of all, I had no idea how to perform keywords research.

Secondly, I had no idea what keywords are.

Thirdly, I was worried about how to get insights into my results in Google and other search engines.

I hope that you too have the same problems because they are going to disappear right now!

Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool that I was able to find on the world wide web. This tool will lift your online venture on a whole new level.

Things are going to be clear from now on.

For the rest of this post, I will use my material as an example. I have a review of a personal development program, and I would like to know how it’s doing in search engines.

Let’s check where it’s standing and see how I can improve my rankings some more.

How to Check Google Ranking for Keywords 

Jaaxy’s primary purpose is the keywords research.

However, you can check for many other things. And among them, Site Rank is one of the top features of this brilliant keyword research tool.

Jaaxy Site Rank Feature

Just click on the Site Rank to open a page.

Once you are at Jaaxy’s Site Rank page, you will see two search bars.

  1. Your Wanted Keywords
  2. Your Website

All you have to do is enter the information for which you wish to see the results and hit the Search button!

Enter Your Keywords in Jaaxy

Sometimes it takes five seconds to get results, but usually, they appear in a blink of an eye.

For this example, I’ve used my personal development website and my Six Minutes to Success review post.

I wanted to know how my review is doing on search engines today.

The results are in, people!

Let’s take a look.

As you can see on the image below, my review holds number eight on Google’s first page.

Jaaxy shows you search results from Bing and Yahoo as well.

Jaaxy Keywords Ranking Results

Moreover, Jaaxy will show you how is your page performing. In other words, is it climbing the search or declining.

In our example, my review page has dropped for two spots, from position number six to eight.

In my mind, it is a piece of significant information because now, I know that I have to work on my content some more to improve my rankings.

Before I show you how to do so, let’s understand keywords more.


What is a Keyword in SEO?

A keyword or focus word is the term we use to describe the point of your topic, blog post, web page, or the whole website.

You as a web content writer have to use keywords to optimize your website for Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Google Search Magnifier

Proper usage of keywords in your blog posts allows search engines to understand them better.

Therefore, in most simple words, keywords are the line of communication between your content and search engines.

Why Are Keywords Important?

Let’s take my example from the top to describe the importance of keywords in SEO.

I had an idea to write about my positive experience with that particular program which can help many people who struggle to accomplish their goals in life.

As you can see in my example, they are, ‘Six Minutes to Success Review.’

I’ve used that particular long tail keyword to tell search engines what my main focus is with that piece of content.

That’s the primary importance of keywords.

Remember, they serve as a line of communication with search engines.

How to Use Keywords Properly?

Cartoon Character Holding SEO Letters

Using the selected keywords phrase all over your article is essential.

Do not stuff it. Instead, do it wisely.

In my case, I have used ‘Six Minutes to Success review’ in a few places within the content such as:

  • Post title (H1)
  • URL
  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Image descriptions
  • Introduction
  • H2, and H3
  • While writing my article

That way Google can be sure that my article is about Six Minutes to Success and not about milking cows. 🙂

What Penalty?

Many people neglect using keywords more often within their article because they are afraid of the penalty if they overdo it.

It’s only partially true.

You see if you provide high-quality information within your content and use keywords frequently all over your piece, you can expect to get rankings somewhere on the top of the search.

Always keep in mind that your content should be human-friendly and not written for search engines.

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On the other hand, if you focus only on keywords, you can expect to get penalized for sure.

Also, if you are afraid to use them, you can expect lower rankings.

As you could see in my review example, I did my best to serve my readers with top quality information about the product.

Moreover, I’ve used keywords correctly and as a result search engines have recognized my effort, understood my intention, and ranked the content high.

However, I have to prove some more that I am worthy of the position that I hold.

As you could see, my review is declining, and I have to do something about it.

What Can I do to Improve My Rankings in Google?

There are a few things that I can do to improve my rankings.

A Room With the Work Table and Computer

1.) Add More Value to Your Content

The first thing I will be looking to do is to analyze my content to see where I’ve missed giving more information about the product.

That’s what I recommend you to do as well.

Scan your content and add a couple more words to it.

For example, open up a new heading to give more information about your selected topic.

In other words, update your content regularly to show search engines that you are serious with your work.

Providing your users with more information can hardly damage your rankings when it is relevant to your focus topic.

The more information, the better the results.

2.) Update Your Keywords

Adding more keywords to your content cannot hurt your rankings.

You can go over your content one more time to see where you can add more keywords.

Don’t think of this as stuffing because it isn’t. You are trying to improve your communication with Google and your users, nothing else.

For example, you can try to open and close paragraphs with your focus keyword.

It creates a better user experience.

One or two additional phrases within your content can mean a lot for your rankings in Google.

3.) Improve Your Links

Here is a neat trick that I have picked up that can help you improve your rankings in search engines.

Many content marketers use words like ‘click here’ or more info’ to link their content. It has no value.

Instead, try to use descriptive words to describe your links.

For example, if you want to link your content to product’s testimonials, then use your focus keyword + testimonials to do so.

The same goes for the price or any other type of links within your content.

Describing your links will help you to get better rankings as well as it will give more value to your readers.

4.) How Fast is Your Site?

You site rankings can be damaged or improved depending on your site speed.

It’s old news already, but people will bounce off your site if they have to wait for too long while your site is loading.

Website Speed Meter

One of the best things you can do to improve your site speed is to serve your images in next-gen formats. Too large images can affect your site speed and, therefore, your rankings.

Also, you can check for a faster theme than the one you are maybe using right now.

Professional theme costs little money, but it can help you to get better rankings in search engines.


All in all, having quick and easy insights into your website rankings can improve your business on many levels.

As you could see, by using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy, you can find out how good or bad you rank for specific keywords in a matter of milliseconds.

You can use the data to improve your rankings if needed which I highly recommend.

Moreover, Jaaxy can help you to get more keywords ideas for your future content. You can use it to analyze search volume for specific keywords as well.

Jaaxy is a tool that comes free within Wealthy Affiliate’s Membership.

My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile

Press Play to Read More

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a long time, and I strongly suggest you check it out. You can get access to the most extensive database of material related to:

  • building a website
  • content creation
  • keyword research
  • SEO
  • social media marketing
  • and much more!

I hope this article has helped you to find out your keywords rankings, understand them, and how to use them more.

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at


How to Find Profitable Keywords With Low Competition?

Finding keywords that can mean profit and that have low competition can be easy and straightforward when you know how.

However, even when you find a perfect combination that doesn’t mean that you will get rankings that quickly just because it’s low competition. There are a few SEO practices that you should respect to get rankings.

First things first!

You should keep in mind that your research has to be thorough. If you are aiming at the low competition, you should always try to look for long tail ideas. Long tail means that your topic will be more narrow, and therefore, more natural to rank in Search Engines.

I’ll show you how to do so within four steps to finding profitable low competition keywords.

The second good SEO practice is to keep your reader in first place. You should aim at good user experience with your content always while providing with high-quality and well-researched information. Proper preparation and excellent content architecture will turn the trick.

Now, let’s see how to find those keywords that mean profit and easy rankings.

1.) Select a Niche

A niche is an area of interest, something that you know how to do and you are passionate about doing. It can be anything as long as you know something about it and you can show it to another person.

Before looking into potential profit, you should look inside yourself first.

If you don’t have a passion for a niche, the chances that you will be able to produce high quality and user-oriented content are slim. In the end, you will have a hard time to rank for it.

It can mean that your work could go to waste.

Focus on Helping

Helping Hand

Therefore, don’t focus on profit only because finding profitable keywords is a pretty simple job. Instead, focus on finding a niche that you care about as well as on ways how to show your talents.

For example, if you like to play the piano and teach people the same, you should be able to create an exciting piece of content in no time.

Moreover, once you do all the research, find your keywords, write your material, and reach your readers, the profit part of the equation should take care of itself naturally.

People will recognize your passion, and it will turn into a profit when you follow a customer-oriented train of thought.

Do you have a passion for something particular? It can be turned into an online business quite quickly when you know how.

If you already have an idea about the niche in which you are going to look for perfect keyword combination that can convert nicely into earnings, now it’s time to think of some potential topics.

For a start, we will focus on broad and dominant ideas.

2.) Brainstorm  a Few Broad Keywords

You can do this very easy if you are familiar with your interest.

One of the best ways to brainstorm a couple of broad keywords is to think of the problems that people might be having every day.

Someone somewhere might be searching for an idea on how to start playing the piano, something like beginners lessons. Furthermore, someone else could be looking for the best beginner equipment.

You can find tons of great potential keywords by focusing on other people who are looking for your help.

Organize Your Ideas

Organized Computer Table

As you continue to brainstorm ideas, an excellent thing to do is to create a list of at least ten topics. Then, when you start searching for ideal keywords for your future article, your task will be much easier.

This list can help you to organize your work and keep it topic related.

As I like to say, proper prep work is half of the job done!

Moreover, finding more than one topic idea can help you to create more content and turn you into an expert in the eyes of your readers and equally important in the eyes of Search Engines.

If you continue this line of thought with your work, you can produce one article after another all related to your niche. You can become an authority within your selected niche in a short time.

And do you know what happens once you earn that status?

Yes, you will have no trouble in ranking your content high which can also mean that you won’t have difficulty to earn profit out of your work as well.


Now, let’s see how can you turn those ideas into a profit producing article before you become an authority in your niche.

3.) Determine Keyword Value Using Google Keyword Planner

Online marketers use Google Keyword Planner for paid advertisement mainly.

No, you are not going to run ads, don’t worry. Using this tool is free. Moreover, it’s a brilliant tool to use to determine the value of a keyword.

You see, people use it to create a paid advertisement that shows up in Google’s search when someone enters a targeted keyword.

For example, you have a great post on how to start playing the piano, and in that post, you give free lessons together with a digital product that can teach you how to play in one week. You believe that the product is good and your experiences with it are great. Therefore, you decide to run a paid ad campaign to reach people who are looking for both.

What’s the Price, Google?

Google Search on Laptop Screen

Now, you are going to use Keyword Planner to determine the value of keywords that you have brainstormed earlier. In other words, check the price for those ideas.

The process is simple.

Enter your long tail ideas into search, one by one, and start reading the data.

Your mission is to look at the last two columns on the right-hand side. Both of them show the price of the top page spots in Google’s search. In other words, they show how much money people are bidding to get their content there instantly.

This info tells you one thing and one thing only. And that is the keyword value!

Use Those Numbers!

If you see an anomaly in the bidding price for a specific keyword, it meant that there is some serious money involved. People are searching for products related to that search phrase, and the other group is selling them useful products or service by using Google Ads to target the same topic.

Google Keyword Planner Bid Results

It’s a clear sign there is a profit involved around that keyword, and you should try to take your piece of the action.

By now, you have decided about the niche in step one, and you should have at least ten ideas for your articles as well.

All those ideas have been run through Google’s Keyword Planner to see how valuable they are.

The result of the preceding three steps is at least one right keyword that shows some apparent signs of profit.

Now, we have to do some more research to see how many sites are already ranking for your chosen keyword.

4.) Check Competition Using Keyword Research Tool

Even if you have all green lights telling you that the keyword is highly profitable, that can also mean there is a lot of competition gathering around it as well. It’s a logical thing to assume.

However, don’t let this worry you because I have a fantastic solution for you.

All you have to do is run your idea through research tool that will show you the exact number of competing websites.

Usually, that number is substantial if a keyword is profitable. However, it can be cut in half when you know how.

Let me show you.

Analyze Competition 

Enter your keyword down below and let Jaaxy analyze it for you and I will explain how to continue from there.

This image below is how it looks in Jaaxy.

Keyword Research Results for Competition

If you see that the QSR (the number of websites already ranking for that keyword) is over 100, that means your topic is a competitive one. It shows how many sites already rank in Google.

You are going to use Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup technique to cut the number in half if not even more than half.


In a nutshell, Alphabet Soup option in Jaaxy runs your selected long tail keyword through all the letters of the alphabet. It starts adding more words to your initial idea, and as a result, it creates an even longer tail for your topic.

As you can see in the image below, there is a lot of new ideas which can be used to rank your content on the top position of Search Engines.

All you have to do is find the one which has the QSR number less than 100.

Alphabet Soup Results for Selected Keyword

This technique helps you to eliminate competition by narrowing your topic to be more specific. It creates even longer long tail keywords.

Pick the one that fits with your initial topic idea. Then, run it through Jaaxy one more time to get new results.

As an end product of this process, you should have a long tail keyword with less than 100 competing websites on Google.

Also, if you have followed through the entire process, your topic should be profitable as well.


With ever-advancing technology and new software coming out on the market each day, this task became almost effortless.

Everything that you have learned so far takes less than 15 minutes to do.

Follow through this method for a few times and finding profitable low competition keywords will become a natural task for you.

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at


The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses Online

Imagine coming to a farmers market.

Have you ever been to such an event?

Those of you who have experienced how crazy things can be at the farmer’s market, you can easily relive the moment by trying to find the best affiliate marketing training course.

Wherever you turn your head, you’re bombarded with offers!

Buy me! I’m the best! I can show you how! Pick me! 🙂

A person can develop a stress disorder just by asking the question who has the best affiliate marketing training course online?

But how can you know who is worthy of your time and money?


I’ve spent a lot of cash to find the best training. My mission is to help you discover which one is the most suitable for beginners as well as more advanced marketers without spending too much money. I’m happy to pay a monthly fee to participate in the course that I’ve chosen. Moreover, I’m recommending it to everyone who is interested in earning money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is in my objective opinion the best online marketing training service for many reasons.

My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile

Press Play to Read My Full Review

If you are interested in learning why is that so, please, keep reading.

You see, the success stories are traveling the internet rapidly.

More and more folks are aware that there is some serious money involved in this new industry.

The sooner you hop on board, the faster you will be able to tell your own success story.

The rest of this post is the actual storyline of how I found the TOP training today.

It all started one breezy autumn afternoon back in 2017.

Super Affiliate System -Burn #1

Super Affiliate System


Where to even begin with John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System?

You see, almost two years ago I bumped into this guy on YouTube. The ad was for his affiliate marketing course Internet JetSet. Now, it is a Super Affiliate System.

I think it’s the same s*** but in a different package.

The course itself had some great information. I have to admit that I have learned a thing or two about affiliate marketing from Crestani’s training course. He is not bad at showing this stuff.

Super Affiliate System Lessons

All though, I think I could find all the stuff on YouTube and have it for free.

However,  as a paying customer and a person who was eager to learn a thing or two and make a buck or two with the affiliate marketing, I was soon repulsed by Crestani’s constant up sales system.

It was like this.

Here you go Ivan, two pieces of the puzzle for $50. If you want other ninety-eight pieces, please pay us $1000 more, and we’ll be happy to give it to you.

Up-sale was the name of the game.

Then the worst thing happened.

Keep in mind that I was a paying customer.

You see, after three monthly subscriptions, I’ve decided to stop with Crestani’s program.

My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile

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The deal was if I ever decide to quit the course, I am free to do so, and I can keep access to a fundamental part of the training.

Naturally, that was what I expected because I’ve paid $150 for each month of the training.

One day I went back to go over some lessons because I was still eager to learn.

The shocker!

My access credentials were not working. I couldn’t open the training platform again.

After one angry email, I managed to reaccess the training platform.

However, after a few months, I was banned from the training completely.

That was the end for me.

I don’t know what’s the story today, but from what I can see it’s more or less the same s***.

This program still excites people. That means that there must be some value in it.

John Crestani Free Webinar

However, there are many bad reviews out there which suggest that Crestani is again doing things the same way.

I’m not saying that this course is terrible. All I can say is that it was not for me. If you have a couple of hundreds to spend, while being pulled by your nose, you might be getting some money in return. 

In the end, Super Affiliate System is still alive which proves that his training works for some people. I can see a lot of testimonials out there.

I wonder, are they real or fake?

Let’s move on to my second pick.

Affilorama Systems – Burn #2

Affilorama Page

My burning desire to learn more about affiliate marketing business was still alive. The failure of Crestani’s course was not a failure of my own.

I am a guy who forgives quickly.

That’s something which you have to develop if you want to succeed in this business.

As I was getting deeper and deeper into this world, I was looking at some fantastic opportunities.

The second chance came in the form of affiliate marketing training course Affilorama by Mark Ling.

Full of hope to continue my operation, I entered Affilorama because it was for FREE.

However, soon, I was out again.

You might be thinking that the problem was in me. 🙂 But it wasn’t.

Affilorama Advanced Training Options

You see, affiliate marketing is a business model which can be made simple and easy to understand by a five-year-old kid. However, trainers all over the internet are the ones who are making it complicated because they can make more money out of complicating simple things making us believe that it is rocket science.

Let’s keep it moving here.

Once I got into the Affilorama’s system, I was immediately overwhelmed by tons of free video and lesson.

My excitement went up and high once again!

I’ve opened the first lesson within Ling’s course and turned into one big ear.

After a couple of videos, I was dizzy again. 🙂

None of the stuff these guys were talking about had the sense to me even though I had some previous knowledge that I’ve got from Crestani.

Honestly, it was too much for a beginner at this stuff.

The whole point of their free trial was to confuse people. Ultimately, it makes you buy one of the three upgrades that Affilorama has to offer.

Crestani’s course was repeating itself one more time.

My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile

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Here are three Premium Affilorama systems.

  • AffiloTools $161
  • AffiloBlueprint $197
  • AffiloJetpack $997

Total sum, $1355!

My stomach is feeling sick right now.

However, I must explain all those upgrades to give you a clear picture.

You see, Affilorama is free. You can get a ton of beginner-friendly video to see, no charge. The videos are very professional, and they do give value. You can learn a thing or two about affiliate marketing and how it works. No doubt at all!

If you have two years of your life to waste on nothing but watching videos, then go for it.

You see, once you reach half of the way in free lessons, you will want to upgrade to learn a thing or two about how can you build your business for real.

I wanted!

But I didn’t.


It made me wonder, why the hell they offer three different premium upgrades when they can merge them into one big course.

I am not in the position to say is this course worth the money because I haven’t tried it for real.

$1355 was a ridiculous sum in my mind.

Yes, it’s not a one-time payment, but somehow it seems that I would be paying the whole sum if I go for it.

If you want, you can try it and then give me your feedback.

Anyway, I’ve decided to move forward in my search for the best affiliate marketing as soon as I dropped out of Affilorama.

I’ve found something much much better.

Wealthy Affiliate – Finally!

Wealthy Affiliate

At this point, I was more disappointed than angry.

You see, affiliate marketing is a perfect thing for a person like me. If you like to surf the net or maybe you’ve played video games or hang on social networks frequently, you will discover that you can profit a lot from this business.

The idea of having a business operation managed by a single laptop is something that is going to take over the world fast.

Moreover, it’s taking over as we speak.

My mission here is to help everyone who is interested in having more money, more time, and more freedom, in finding a perfect person who can show you how to attain all those things and create all those circumstances in your life.


After I moved away from Affilorama, I’ve met one more course briefly.  It was Six Figures Mentors or SFM by two guys. I think they are Australians.

It was the same story once again. Up sale was the name of the game.

My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile

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Then one day, while having a break at my old job at Tesco DC I went out to soak up some sunshine and check my email.

One particular email has poked my eye because it looked and sounded familiar. I’ve been seeing this email in my inbox from time to time, but I haven’t acted on it because my eyes were full of fog that Crestani, Ling, and the gang were throwing at me.

It was an email from Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate.

I remember looking at it and thinking should I or shouldn’t I go once again. Then I turned around, saw that big box where I was working, and registered at Wealthy Affiliate immediately!

I must admit that I was skeptic toward these guys as well.

Who wouldn’t be after all those scammers!

However, my skepticism was soon gone. I’ve discovered the world of affiliate marketing in a real sense of the word.

Online Entrepreneur Certification by Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Lessons

If you are serious about starting an online affiliate marketing career, if you want to create a passive income, learn how to leverage Google, Facebook, Pinterest and others to earn money online by helping the people to find what they need, you are at the right place!

Wealthy Affiliate is the only affiliate marketing training course online which is 100% honest in doing business.

The course itself is free. You can get a taste of it to see what can you expect for $50 per month.

FREE membership will let you access the first ten lessons (out of fifty in total) of the Online Entrepreneurship Course. You will get two FREE websites and the opportunity to learn the basics.

If, however, after a FREE TRIAL you decide that this is something for you then go Premium!

You’ll get the first month for just $19!

After that, it’s a steady sum of $50/monthly.


My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile

Press Play to Read My Full Review

You can start working online with peace of mind. Moreover, Kyle is the best trainer there is, and he will show you how to do everything from scratch.

Even if you are a computer dummy, don’t worry, he makes stuff simple and easy to comprehend. After one year, you’ll become a computer expert.

Let’s see what can you get in PREMIUM membership.

Top 5 Offers From Wealthy Affiliate

1.) Beginner Friendly Training – 1st Stage

This stage is for people who have no idea what affiliate marketing is.

You will learn how to build a website from scratch. Don’t let this intimidate you because with Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix it takes only 5 minutes to do so.

Kyle will help you to choose your niche (field of interest), find products to promote, write reviews, and much more.

People who have no idea what are keywords and how to perform keyword research will learn the top secret of the online business world.

You will learn to write your content like a pro in a step by step manner. Moreover, earning money by linking your website content with affiliate products or services has never been easier.

All in all, Online Entrepreneur Certification is the best beginner friendly training course online.

2.) Advanced Training – 2nd Stage 

Even if you already have some previous knowledge and you find that Stage One of the course is a little bit slow for you, the second stage, Affiliate Bootcamp is an ideal place to continue.

Many advanced affiliate marketers join Affiliate Bootcamp each day to perfect their knowledge.

At the second stage of the training, you will get access to seventy advanced lessons that cover everything you’ll have to know to earn serious money by doing affiliate marketing.

3.) Largest Online Entrepreneurs Community –  LIVE

My Network at Wealthy Affiliate

This is just a part of my network at WA!!!

What got me the most, and what will surprise you as well, is a vast number of active members within the active community of affiliate marketers.

People are constantly interacting at Wealthy Affiliate. Everyone is sharing advice, helping each other to grow their business, giving support, helping to solve burning problems, and much more!

Compare this feature of WA to Affilorama or Super Affiliate System, and you will get a winner immediately.

4.) Website Hosting & Website Builder!!!!

When I was starting two years ago, I had to buy a hosting service. Then buy a separate course to learn how to create a website (Internet JetSet). And, in the end, manage everything by myself.

I did it, but it was a nerve-racking process for a beginner.

However, my life got ten times easier since I’ve started to work with Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only that you get free sites, but the guys give you hosting, they build them for you, maintain them and take care of security.

You don’t lose a single hair off your head in the process.

5.) Keyword Research Tool Included!!!

The last, but not the least feature of Wealthy Affiliate, is integrated keyword research tool!

For many affiliate marketers finding a perfect keyword represented a hard task not so long ago.

However, not anymore.

Keywords have never been more natural to find all thanks to Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword research tool.

They represent a core of your business and Kyle is a keyword master who can show you all secrets to finding a perfect combination for your business idea.

Some Final Thoughts

As you can see, it was a long journey to find the best affiliate marketing training online. It took me almost two years to get rid of all those faulty programs.

However, I don’t regret a single second. It was a path that shaped the hot metal the right way.

Thanks to that experience, I’ve found a system that can help you shape your desire into anything you want.

Wealthy Affiliate is, in my opinion, the ULTIMATE WAY TO GO!

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at


Is it Good Business? – Build an Affiliate Marketing Website for FREE

Times Square Marketing

There may be affiliate links in this article on how to build an affiliate marketing website for free, read the full disclaimer here.

Online marketing is becoming more and more popular as we speak!

The branch that you are interested in (affiliate marketing) has become so easy to start that it looks like a child’s play.

Can you imagine something more manageable?

Find a product to promote (review), build a website for FREE, offer your product to other people, earn a commission.

Okay, it ‘s a bit more complicated in the real world. 🙂

However, when you have someone to show you the process in a step by step manner, you are going to see that it’s easy as it sounds.

I am here to show you how.

Also, some people ask is affiliate marketing profitable?

Hell yea!

By the end of this post, I will show you some examples of my colleagues who are killing it.

After a month or two learning the basics of the business, you will stop looking at it with eyes full of doubt and pretty soon you will discover something else.

It’s FUN!

When you approach any business with the same attitude, it becomes a game.

Would you like to have some fun?

Who knows, maybe even earn a nice passive income on the side?

Is Affiliate Marketing a Good Way for Beginners?


Affiliate marketing is a website based business which has a high beginner success rate compared to any other physical business activity.

I want to show you how everyone can start a successful affiliate website from scratch.

No previous knowledge needed at all!

Look at me, English is not even my native language for crying out loud, and I am killing this business.

I used to play video games, but I did not know of websites or how to make one. Look at me now. I have three.


Computer skills can be learned the same way you have learned how to tie your shoes.

Once you learn something, it becomes impossible to forget. It is a part of your program forever. Moreover, it builds up as you go.

Those two facts should excite you right now.

You don’t have to know anything about this matter.

You will learn all you need to become successful at this business.

All you need is to be sure that you want to start, have a goal that you will finish what you have started, a bit of work ethic, a bit of discipline, open mind, PC or laptop, and stable internet connection.

Who Can Do Affiliate Marketing?

  • seniors
  • retirees
  • college students
  • college dropouts
  • stay at home moms
  • stay at home dads
  • everyone who wants to learn how

You are about to learn a step by step process to start your own business.

It’s FREE to try it out!

No legal obligations. No obligations at all for this matter.

All I need is your attention and your email address so I can show you the process.

If you don’t like it after a few days, you are more than welcomed to sign out and forget about me forever.

Now, I’m asking you one more time.

Are you ready to dive in the ocean of online business?

I’ve heard some whales are swimming around… 😉

Let’s Build Your Affiliate Marketing Website from Scratch!

Before we begin, I want to say it one more time.

It’s FUN!

Don’t look at it as rocket science, please.

It’s more like taking a bunch of LEGO’s and just building them one on top of the another, like a tower.

However, for your tower to stand forever, you will have to build a strong foundation, and that’s what this article is about to show you how.

I will show you how to do these seven necessary steps one by one.

Once you got them burned to your mind, all you have to do is start building your LEGO blocks as high as you can reach.

A business that has a strong foundation will never collapse.

1.) Choose a Niche 

Alright, let’s start with the most fun part of the whole shebang.

What a niche?

It’s not a town in France. 🙂

Niche is an area of interest.

You see, you have to have a personal interest to start. It is something you like to do in your spare time, like a hobby.

It can be anything you want.

Some of the most popular and profitable niches online are:

  • Dating (dating sites, relationship advice, etc.)
  • Health (fitness, gym, dieting, etc.)
  • Finance (making money online, financial help, Forex, etc.)

Those three are the most profitable niches online.

However, the list goes on and on forever:

  • Beauty
  • Auto-Moto
  • Pets
  • Fashion
  • Gadgets
  • Self-Improvement
  • Video Games
  • Comic Books
  • You Name It!

As you can see, there are many many opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing.

Let’s make two things clear because the idea is quite simple.

First and foremost, as long as people are searching the net and shopping for stuff related to your niche, you are set to go!

How unlikely would it be that you are the only person in the world interested in something you like?

Millions are sharing your interest!

Secondly, more and more people are starting to use the internet for shopping. It’s becoming more natural as we speak.

Affiliate marketers are a sort of online guides that help people make the right choice.

As a salesman in your favorite clothes shop helps you to find the perfect size, that’s how we, marketers, are helping others to know what’s right and what to avoid.

Let’s keep it flowing, shall we?

2.) Meet Your Customers

You know your niche by now.

INow, it’s time to meet a group of people who are interested in buying stuff from your website.

Like every other good business owner, you should always put your customers first.


Before you can get some value out of your business, you will have to value the people you serve.

Service is selling, and selling is service.

Please, watch this video before you move on!!!

😀 I can’t stop laughing!!!

Sorry. HUH! Let’s stay serious here.

You as a business owner within a specific niche have to know your people like the palm of your hand, like the inside of your pocket.

My best advice is to create an image of your ideal customer. In other words, put yourself in their shoes.

First, think about how would you like to be treated if you enter the store.

Second, always stay on track of what’s in demand.

Third, be conscious about what are burning problems of the folks in your niche, and how can you provide a solution.

As long as you stay customer oriented, you are going to succeed big in affiliate marketing.

As a matter of fact, in any other business as well!

3.) Search for Affiliate Programs and Products to Promote

By now you have a clear idea of your future affiliate marketing business.

Before we move on to build your website, let’s take a look at some of the largest affiliate network programs you can join to find affiliate products to promote.

Your store has to have a full stock if you want to sell.

There are countless of products within every single niche. All you have to know is where to look.

Here is a list of top affiliate marketing programs today:

As you can see, there are some familiar names on the list.

All of them are FREE to join, no joining fees, no charges. Email address needed only.

I have no particular recommendation about which one to choose. You can work with all if you want, that’s not a problem.

I can advise you to join them all. Then, start searching the products related to your niche all over the place.

The more products you can find, the better for your business.

Like in the real world, no one likes to come into an empty store.

The point of affiliate marketing website is to have a product to sell.

Make a list of at least 5 to 10 exciting products related to your niche. Try to look for both expensive merchandises as well as the cheap stuff.

That way, you have something for everyone. Moreover, having expensive products on your website means only one thing.

Higher commission!

But, how do you sell it?

Your primary task as an affiliate marketer will be to create reviews of those products.

You see, people who are looking to buy a specific product are searching for a good review online to make a better decision.

You, on the other side, are getting the chance to show them what the product is about, and offer them to buy through your affiliate website.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation for both parties.

However, make sure that you have bought the product before. Alternatively, you can always take a free trial, test it out, and then say to people is it right or not.

That’s how affiliate marketers provide excellent service to their customers.

Service is selling; selling is service! 😀

Before you start reviewing products online, there are some technical things to follow.

You’ll have to ‘rent a shop’ first. Don’t worry it’s not as expensive as it is in the real world.

Imagine, having a digital shop can cost you zero currencies if you know where to look. (I don’t know what you keep in wallet, dollars, euros, or something third ok?)

4.) Build a Website for FREE

Alright now!

Here we are at step number four. Here you will have to roll up your sleeves and take a shovel in your hands.

I’m joking.

If you were starting five years ago, you would lose half of your hairline trying to build a website by yourself. That was one of the primary reasons why people were backing away from affiliate marketing.

Today, with the help of fast-evolving technology, you can do it in 5 minutes and for FREE!

Now I’m not joking.

You should have some exciting ideas flowing through your mind by now. Something should be cooking in there.

Is it hot?

Great! Let me show you how you too can have a virtual estate, a place where you can start building your business tower.

a) What is the Name of Your Business?

Choosing the name for your website is also a fun task like everything so far.

My advice is to keep it simple, unlike the one I gave to this website. 🙂

If you want, you can write down some ideas on the paper to get creative juices flowing.

Then, when you are sure about the name, please, proceed to the next step.

Here is where the magic happens.

b) Use SiteRubix platform to Build Your Site for FREE

All you have to do right now is to enter the name of your future affiliate marketing website in the box below, register it for FREE, and choose a design you like.

Everything is automated.

The software will do all the hard work, and you can sit back and have a well-deserved break.

Coffee or tea?

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5.) SEO Crash Course

Are you excited to have your website?

Leave your thoughts in the comment box below. I’m looking forward to hearing about your idea.


Now, you will learn a bit or two about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

The whole point of your business is to get customers on your website. Google (search engine) can help you with the task for FREE!

Imagine search engines (Google) to be like a busy city center where all commerce is.

Understanding SEO is like learning where is the best place to locate your store.

Better location means more business for you.

SEO in a Nutshell

As you know, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the top three search engines on the internet.

You will learn how to optimize your site to allow secure communication with the search engines by leveraging keyword research SEO methods.

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A clear dialog between your website and Google, for example, is going to help you to receive a vast amount of traffic over time.

It may sound complicated right now.

But don’t worry. You’ll get it soon.

After you spend a month learning how to leverage search engines to get the traffic on your brand new website, you will start to speak and understand search engine language.

In the end, it all comes down to helping your visitors by providing a useful service, and that’s what search engines value the most. That’s what SEO is all about.

Remember the following three paragraphs and remember them well.

As long as you follow that train of thought in your work, you will have no problem in creating a long term relationship with search engines.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo love websites that are customer oriented, that provide the best information, and have the best service.

Google and the gang will in return grant you with high rankings in their search results which will ultimately lead to high traffic volume on your website.

You will get a top spot on the busiest street.

What happens when a lot of people enter a store?

Or in your case, a website?

A lot of traffic means a lot of opportunities to make sales.

Remember, it’s all about the service. 🙂

6.) Create a Review

Let’s get back to your primary task as an affiliate marketer.

Product reviews are going to be your service to the people who are going to visit your website in search of information related to a specific product.

You as a product reviewer are going to offer the best quality review to make their decision nice and smooth.

Writing good reviews is not hard at all.

I believe that you have bought at least a dozen products related to your niche in a lifetime.

Have you?

Great! You see, if you have bought a vacuum cleaner, you have used it as well. I bet you can write a few lines about it.

In other words, writing reviews is a natural task if you are familiar with products.

I want to show you my example of a product review to make things clear.

How did you like my review?

I am very proud of my work. You see, it’s easy when you know the product.

7.) Earn Affiliate Commission

Now, to round up the whole process we will finish with an image of you earning a commission after someone looks at your review and decides to buy.

Some programs offer high commission structures while some give small percentages.

I would advise you to check the commission structure before you start promoting anything.

You don’t want to spend hours in work for nothing.

Here is a big picture of everything you have learned here.

I’ll take household cleaning products niche for an example to show you that everything sells online.

  • You like cleaning, and you know a lot about how to keep things clean around and inside of your house. You are a cleaning expert.
  • Unfortunately, not so many people are good at knowing how to keep things clean. Therefore, they are always looking for experts who can help them. You are that person.
  • The easiest way to learn something about something today is by asking Google. The people are searching Google every day to find information related to cleaning methods and cleaning products.
  • At this moment, you are well aware that you can start cooperating with search engines to reach the people who are looking for your help.
  • On top of it, you know that those folks will be happy to buy a tool such as a vacuum cleaner or just a piece of advice from someone who is good at what they do.
  • You have a website. That is your place of business. You have prepared yourself with some excellent products to review. Plus you have great tips and advice to share with other people who are interested in learning about the best cleaning tools.
  • You are ready to start building your business tower.


What is Your Affiliate Dream?

For the last year or so I am a member of the best affiliate marketing community online.

Wealthy Affiliate has changed my perception of doing business online to a point where I can see things with more clarity and learn with such a speed, that it makes my head spin.

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I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

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What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program for Beginners

Forget about joining a bunch of affiliate marketing programs!

Erase the thought right now, seriously.

Too many things can make you nothing but more confused, especially if you are a beginner at this stuff.

What you need, as someone who is probably just starting, is only one program that works.

In other words, it has to be profitable and legit so you can start successfully.

That is one of the top reasons why you want to start?

The program has to be a one of a kind deal, and I believe I have something that will blow your mind away.

Keep reading.


What Does the Ideal Program Have to Have to be the Best?

  • a product that sells
  • working sales system
  • step by step training

Those are the top three parameters that you should be looking for while searching for the best one.

You are lucky, you see. 🙂

My experience was different when I was starting. I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure it out all by myself.

However, it wasn’t a complete waste of my time. Something good came out of it.

I’ve found the ultimate solution for all beginners out there, and I recommend it to everyone gladly.

Let’s go over the top three characteristics that make the best affiliate marketing program in more detail.

A Product or Program That Sells

There are soo many products to seel that it can be tough to choose the one for yourself.

Many people who are just starting get confused by a large variety of shiny things to promote which causes a small condition that in the affiliate world we call SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME.

What is SOS?

A Shiny Object Syndrome is when your mind goes crazy once it sees so many opportunities to make money online.

It happens to a lot of beginners!

It happened to me as well.

Its symptoms are a constant shifting of attention from product to product. One day you are selling carrots, and the next day automobile tires.

Furthermore, it leads to having five half-finished websites earning you zeros.

That’s not a pretty picture.

Here is a Quick Fix

A firm decision to stick with one affiliate program for a year.

You see, everything sells. That’s a fact!

But if you don’t master selling one particular product, how will you sell others?

The perfect scenario would be to find a product which is proven to sell like crazy.

In other words, don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Stick with the stuff that works already!

Working Sales System

If you see a product that sells naturally by itself that’s a great sign.

Moreover, if a lot of people promote that particular product, that’s even better.

It means only two things.

One, the product is working!

Two, there is a well tested and working sales system that you can become a part to take your share of the pie they bake.

You see, some people make a mistake by thinking thoughts like ‘there is too much competition. I’ll never get any sales.’

That’s wrong thinking!

Have you ever seen a bunch of people gathered around the product that’s not selling? Of course, you haven’t. No one did.

If they can sell it so can you too. Carve it in the stone. 🙂

All you need is to copy-paste someone else’s system, work on it as instructed, stay quiet and listen to the guy, and you might taste that pie pretty fast.

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To recapitulate before we move on.

Be aware of SOS!

Don’t reinvent the wheel!


Let’s move on to the last parameter of the best affiliate marketing program.

Step by Step Training for Beginners

Now, this is a quality that is very rare to find among training programs of this kind.

To find the one that works and has step by step beginner friendly training in a sea of half-baked training programs is almost a mission impossible.

The perfect formula for every beginner would be having a product that sells, proven sales system, and finding someone who can show you how to master basics of the business.

I have something special for you by the end of the post, hang on. 🙂

Starting an online business can be a rocky journey if you follow those half-baked programs.

Why half-baked?

You see, they will show you how to set up a website. You will learn how to install WordPress. Also, they will show you how to handle your site and WordPress.

Then, they will leave you by yourself, all alone.

Not so good situation.

On the other hand, when you find a program which will lead you to your first sale, then you are a pretty lucky future affiliate marketer.

You see, I think that excellent coaching or mentoring can skyrocket your success.

A mentor can show you the exact way to accomplish something in one year that took him five years.

Where can you find a good mentor then?

Let me introduce to you my mentors and the best affiliate marketing training program for beginners on the whole wide web!

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The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program Have Everything You Need!

I have the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for all future affiliate marketers, including you as well.

After some time spent is a search for the best affiliate marketing training program I am proud to present to you the one and only.

You see, this training is a perfect formula.

They will show you how to do all those annoying beginners stuff in a step by step manner.

You will learn 5x faster because they have the best training system online.

They will show you all affiliate marketing secrets that are held by others so jealously.

You will learn everything there is about affiliate marketing.

They will show you how to sell the very same program you study along the way.

You will start earning money by selling the course while still learning from the same.

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At Wealthy Affiliate, you can get the best jumpstart for your future online career.

After they finish with you and you finish the training, you will have a steady income stream.

You are then ready to rock an roll on your own.

Then and only then, you will be able to conquer all those affiliate marketing programs out there.

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

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