Blog Growth Engine Review – Is Adam Enfroy’s Course Worth It?

Welcome to my Blog Growth Engine review. With this training program, Adam Enfroy is revealing how you can follow in his footsteps and start your own super-lucrative online blog!

I want to start by saying that the Blog Growth Engine course is legit. I spent hours researching this program. That said, I didn’t find a single thing that would make me say it’s a scam.

If you want to learn more about Adam’s course, keep on reading my in-depth review.

Before you start, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m a successful blogger and affiliate marketer. I went from serving tables in a restaurant to earning a five-figure income online from my blogs!

Moreover, I have also reviewed and tested 600+ programs to find the best way to make money online. In other words, I’m passionate about making money online and helping you to follow in my footsteps!

Let’s get rolling. Shall we?

Blog Growth Engine Review


Blog Growth Engine Review – Overview

  • Product: Blog Growth Engine
  • Type: Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Adam Enfroy
  • Price: $2,997 one time
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 14 days
  • Recommended?: Legit

Overview: Blog Growth Engine is a 10-module step-by-step course that teaches how to start a blog from scratch, quickly grow it through content creation and link building, and monetize with affiliate marketing.

✅ Blog Growth Engine PROS:

  • Adam Enfroy is a genuine blogger and affiliate marketer
  • The Blog Growth Engine course is detailed and well-made
  • Adam teaches workable and legitimate methods
  • The course shows how to succeed with 100% free traffic
  • Blog Growth Engine is made for beginners
  • All users are invited to join the private Facebook group
  • The course is covered with a 14-day refund policy

🛑 Blog Growth Engine CONS:

  • The course is overpriced – $2,997 is too expensive
  • Scarce testimonials and user reviews
  • Adam doesn’t include tools, which means extra cost

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What Is a Blog Growth Engine?

Blog Growth Engine is a course that instructs you just how to develop a blog and monetize it with free web traffic and affiliate marketing. It’s also one of the priciest courses out there too. But more about this later in the review.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced pro, Blog Growth Engine has something in it for you.

Newbies can learn how to begin from scratch, create content, as well as monetize their blog, and also progress with blog writers, build valuable backlinks, and more.

Blog Growth Engine Course

Those on the more advanced level will have the ability to make the most of Adam’s proprietary strategies as well as strategies to speed up the development of their existing blogs.

What Are the Features of a Blog Growth Engine?

Here are some of the key features of the Blog Growth Engine course:

  • Helps to build a profitable blog from scratch step-by-step
  • Shows how to develop the right mindset to succeed in the digital world
  • Teaches how to use and monetize your personal brand
  • Includes proven SEO methods and techniques to scale your online authority
  • A way to maximize your time as a side hustle

What I really like about this program is that Adam Enfroy does not beat you with every little search engine optimization method, hack, or strategy to game the Google formula.

We’ve all seen blogging training courses with 200 hours of training video clips that are just overwhelming. Adam’s course is a bit different.

Blog Growth Engine is an actual method of earning income using straightforward methods. Among the biggest obstacles that you have to get rid of when starting something brand-new is getting made use of it.

This is where Adam’s course can help.

The only disadvantage of blogging and affiliate marketing is that it can take a while to see good outcomes. However, when done right you can see some great results in 6 months.

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Who is Adam Enfroy?

Before I kick my Blog Growth Engine review into high gear, it’s important to learn more about Adam Enfroy. After all, there are too many shady online gurus who are using you to get rich.

So is Adam one of them (a scam) or legit?

Let’s start with what we know about him through the course sales page.

Adam Enfroy is the founder of Blog Growth Engine as well as the owner of a lucrative blog ( It took him bout 2 years to start earning 6 figures each month.

Adam Enfroy Review

7 years back, Adam was making $9 an hour working at a pizza joint. He was damaged, partying excessively, and also refraining a whole lot with his life.

According to his own words, he wanted to become successful in digital marketing. Therefore, Adam started paying attention to podcasts and reading about methods to earn money online.

He began his first blog site in 2019. He used the advertising and marketing strategies he learned dealing with startups, as well as realized that in order to really grow his blog, he needed to believe like a business owner, not a blog owner.

Which’s specifically what he did. Adam built web links, found out about affiliate advertising and marketing, began outsourcing material, and rather quickly began making sufficient income to stop working at a pizza place.

Is Adam Enfroy’s Blog Legit?

Here is the snapshot of his actual blog traffic report. It shows that he is who he claims to be.

Is Adam Enfroy Blog Legit - Traffic Stats

Moreover, since his blogging success, Adam Enfroy has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and several various other magazines.

As soon as the success kicked in, he scaled his blog to $90K+ monthly! Currently, in his brand-new program, Blog Growth Engine, he’s going to reveal to you specifically how he did it.

You can also follow him on his personal brand website ( and on his YouTube channel. He’s got almost 14K subscribers, which is not a lot, but still admirable.

So it is safe to say that Adam Enfroy is a legit digital marketer and a real person. This is the first good sign in this review that his program might be legit as well. Let’s keep learning more!

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What Can You Learn From Blog Growth Engine?

As I said before in this Blog Growth Engine review, Adam is teaching you how to start a blog from scratch. Not only that but also, he is showing how to act as a business owner right from the start to speed up the process.

Here are the 3 basic pillars you will be learning:

  1. Start & launch your blog
  2. Scale your growth
  3. Monetize faster

Adam has based the entire curriculum of his course to help you follow in his footsteps. Speaking of which, let’s go over these lessons in the next section of my Blog Growth Engine review…

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How Is Blog Growth Engine Training Structured?

There are 10 training modules or phases of development inside Blog Growth Engine. Each phase contains between 4 and 7 video lessons. Most lessons stretch between 14 and 30 minutes in length.

With Blog Growth Engine, you will learn how to create content, link building, blog monetization, and a unique brand of yours.

  • Niche Selection
  • Mindset
  • Blogging Like a Startup
  • Decoding Search Intent
  • Minimum Viable Website
  • Keyword Monetization
  • Blog Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Scaling & Outsourcing

Each training video is detailed and well-produced, and most importantly, they cover the topic with authority and vigor. Adam and his friend Colin are hosting the lessons and are super passionate about what they teach.

Let’s start with a lesson or phase 1…

Blog Growth Engine Training Modules

Phase 1: Your Niche

Adam clarifies why building your brand is so important. Moreover, he explains why particular niche websites are gradually passing away. He dives into the specifics of your knowledge and how you may use it to your benefit.

Phase 2: Your Mindset

In this module of Blog Growth Engine, you’ll learn just how to beat guru syndrome. This is critical! And also, you will learn why any individual can be successful with blogging.

Blogging success comes from corresponding, constructing an online authority, as well as developing your individual brand. That’s precisely what this lesson teaches you.

Phase 3: Blogging Like A Startup

Adam goes over the distinction between blogging as a hobby and also as a business. You’ll understand just how to treat your blog site as a business from the get-go as well as exactly how to construct it like a start-up.

This is one of the most crucial lessons in the entire program considering that it will lay the foundation for your blogging business.

Phase 4: Decoding Search Intent

In this lesson on Blog Growth Engine, you’ll discover why search intent is critical when earning money online. Furthermore, Adam explains why you need to discover buyer intent search phrases before you start your blog.

Phase 5: Minimum Viable Website

In this component, you’ll find out exactly how to set up your WordPress site. Also, Adam shows how to configure it for your blog’s development.

You’ll additionally discover how to organize, design, as well as install plugins for your blog. This is so important due to the fact that you don’t intend to waste time establishing an internet site that won’t assist you over time.

Phase 6: Keyword Monetization

In this phase, you will be learning exactly how to discover keywords with financial value. You’ll find out precisely how to understand keyword research.

One of the key takeaways is the understanding of why online search engines work as they do, and how you can leverage the algorithm to promote your blog.

Phase 7: Blog Content Creation

In this module, you’ll discover how to compose blog posts that are both SEO optimized as well as reader-friendly. You’ll understand the distinction between fluff material and pillar content.

Adam goes on and tells you why you need to produce a strong content assembly line. You’ll likewise discover how to find endless ideas for your article, grab a post template, and more.

Phase 8: Link Building

Blog post creation plays a massive component in the training course material and also the success of your blog service. But Adam also shows how to build backlinks too.

You’ll discover the best websites to outreach to, the most effective means to contact them, and how to compose a guest post that will speak to your audience.

Phase 9: Affiliate Marketing And Blog Monetization Methods

In this part of the program, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, you will be learning how to monetize your blog with other people’s products.

Keep in mind that Adam Enfroy’s program just recently went through an upgrade.

So in addition to affiliate marketing, you can learn how to make money from other revenue streams besides finding affiliate networks such as certified public accountant Bargains, Ad Networks, Brand Partnerships, as well as YouTube.

Phase 10: Scaling And Outsourcing

In this module, you discover exactly how to outsource to help your business. You’ll comprehend when the time is right to begin scaling your blog and also how to locate quality writers that will assist you to expand your blog site web traffic.

In my experience, outsourcing most of the work is a great idea. It gives you more time and energy than you can spend on contemplating how to grow your business.

What Else Do You Get With Blog Growth Engine?

Blog Growth Engine Bonuses

The content is not finished. Once you go through those 10 phases, you will find a set of bonuses too.

Ongoing Coaching And Support 

You can access limitless training with Adam Enfroy’s team inside the Blog site Growth Engine participants’ area. Moreover, you can get help with whatever you require as well as expand your blog much faster.

Templates & SOPs

You get access to the entire Blog Growth Engine templates so you can save time on your blog growth.

This is an amazing value because it will provide you with the following:

  • Guest Post Outreach
  • Timeline To Freedom
  • Blog Posts
  • Authority Flywheel Exercise
  • Startup Content Blueprint
  • Blogging Master Spreadsheet

Plus, these templates are tried and tested for SEO and conversion optimization purposes by Adam himself.

Facebook Group Community & Regular Live Q&As

One of the good things about Blog Growth Engine is the live community. You obtain accessibility to a personal Facebook team with over 500 members. You can network, mastermind, and also obtain assistance from anyone anytime you need it.

So is Blog Growth Engine a scam? Based on the content of the program and everything else we have seen in this review, it is legit. However, we’ll talk about this very soon in more detail.

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Who Is Blog Growth Engine For?

If you’re an all-new blog owner Adam’s Blog Growth Engine could be for you. That said, you need to be serious about developing a genuine affiliate advertising and marketing business online.

This is not a crash course or a get-rich-quick scheme.

Furthermore, if you’re tired of fluff programs, overpriced courses, as well as gurus that market the usual weary material over and over once more, you will be refreshed by Adam’s training course.

Moreover, if you have actually been around the block as well as understand your means around WordPress and content development, you’ll still grab a couple of gold nuggets from Adam Enfroy.

That said, new blog owners will obtain the A-Z detailed structure they have actually been looking for to build a blog writing company.

Also, advanced marketers, SEOs, as well as blog writers will certainly learn new techniques to scale their services.

However, if you are on a budget and are looking for an affordable and quality course (yes, this actually exists!), then Blog Growth Engine is not for you.

As you are about to see in the next section of my Blog Growth Engine review, it is one of the most expensive blogging courses out there!

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How Much Does Blog Growth Engine Cost?

Blog Growth Engine will cost you $2,997. There used to be an option to split it into two payments. But by the time I published my review, it was gone. You can pay with a card or PayPal.

Blog Growth Engine Price

Note that when you acquire the program, you’re a member permanently. Moreover, you obtain accessibility to all updates and later added material.

So is Blog Growth Engine worth it? My answer is yes and no.

You see, the fact is that Adam Enfroy is a real deal. Based on my research, he is a super-successful blogger. That said, you can learn how to start a successful blog and make money with affiliate marketing from this guy.

If successful in your mission, you could start earning 2, 3, 4, 5, and even 6 figures a month with your blog.

So naturally, the investment would have been worth it, right?

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Is Blog Growth Engine a Scam?

One of the reasons why you are reading this review is to find out whether Blog Growth Engine is a scam or a legitimate blogging program. And the answer; Blog Growth Engine is not a scam.

It’s a training program made to assist you to do well with producing high-quality content that individuals wish to review as well as developing the best links with other professionals in your field.

In other words, Adam’s course is comprehensive, detailed, well-explained, and teaches legitimate and workable methods. It was designed for beginners, but advanced marketers could use it as well.

What I like is that Adam is open about how much he makes on a monthly basis. He backs it up with income proof and actual stats from his own blog.

Plus, you can inspect his site’s statistics as well, and see that he’s getting hundreds of thousands of site visitors each month. This means that he practices what he preaches. That’s exactly what you want when starting out.

So to put it simply, Adam and also his Blog Growth Engine course is legitimate.

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Do I Recommend Blog Growth Engine?

Yes and no. I would recommend the Blog Growth Engine course to people who are comfortable with spending $3K on a training course. It is a legitimate program based on workable methods.

On the other hand, I believe it is a bit pricey. In other words, it’s hard for me to recommend this course when I know that there are far less expensive programs out there.

You can check out my #1 rated course at the end of the review to see what I mean.

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What I Like About Blog Growth Engine

Adam’s course is indeed one of the most valuable courses I’ve had a chance to review so far. Here is a short breakdown of all the things that I like about it.

Adam Enfroy is a genuine blogger and affiliate marketer

Before I learned about Blog Growth Engine, I discovered Adam Enfrony through a Google search on how to generate more traffic to your blog.

I started reading about his experience and realized that this guy is the real deal.

In a sea of scammers and shady characters, it was refreshing to meet someone who knows what he is talking about. And he can back it all up with great results.

If you decide to learn from Adam, you can rest assured that he is legit.

Blog Growth Engine course is detailed and well-made

Another thing that I really liked is the content of the Blog Growth Engine course. It is well-made. Moreover, Adam took care to leave no stone unturned.

Inside the program, you can find comprehensive and step-by-step information for building a successful blog.

In other words, this is not a crash course or just another info product. It’s a real masterclass for new bloggers.

Adam teaches workable and legitimate methods

What I really like about the blog Growth Engine is the methods being taught inside. Blogging is one of the best ways to start making money online, hands down.

It’s not an easy business model, and it’s certainly not for everyone. But I’m sure that anyone who takes this program seriously could potentially run a successful online blog.

The course shows how to succeed with 100% free traffic

The fact that Blog Growth Engine is focused on teaching you how to generate 100% free traffic is another great thing about it.

Most programs today are based on paid ads because they could get you faster results. But paid ads are risky and more than 90% of people who try them, end up losing money.

On the other hand, free traffic takes some time and effort, but it’s guaranteed and even passive if you know what you’re doing. And with this course, you will!

Blog Growth Engine is made for beginners

I rarely say this, but this program is beginner friendly. The reason is that anyone can create a blog and start writing about a topic that they are passionate about.

That said, you don’t need any special skills or previous experience to succeed with this course.

All users are invited to join the private Facebook group

I like that you get access to a Blog Growth Engine private FB group. Help and support are critical when you’re building an online business and Adam made sure you get it.

Blog Growth Engine Community

In other words, if you decide to join this program, you will have access to a community where Adam and other users are always available to lend you a hand and answer all your questions.

The course is covered with a 14-day refund policy

Although I feel that Blog Growth Engine is pricey, the good news is that you can test it out for 14 days. And if you don’t like the program, you can get your money back.

Alternative: My #1 recommendation is a top affiliate marketing course that helps to build a successful online business from scratch! I used this exact system to go from $0 to earning $100s per day! Learn more below!




What I Don’t Like About Blog Growth Engine

It’s impossible to find a perfect affiliate marketing course, which means that Adam’s course is not all that great. There are some flaws that I would like to show you in this section of my Blog Growth Engine review.

The course is overpriced – $2,997 is too expensive

I’m sure that you will agree that Adam has a full right to put any price on his expertise. And in this case, $3K might be a reasonable price because this course can help you to earn that much every month!

But still, some people are not in the position to pay that much right away.

That’s why I feel that Blog Growth Engine should come with a free trial, or at least a payment plan that allows you to split the amount into a few monthly payments.

Scarce testimonials and user reviews

At the moment of writing this Blog Growth Engine review, there are a few user-generated testimonials and reviews. I’m not counting reviews on Google’s first page.

This doesn’t mean that Blog Growth Engine is a scam or that it doesn’t work.

It just means that the course is relatively new on the market and people haven’t yet posted their results with the program.

Adam doesn’t include tools, which means extra cost

On top of the $3K that you’ll have to pay to get access to the program, you will have to prepare a few $100s extra every month. In other words, you need to invest in tools.

You can’t build an online business without essential tools. Unfortunately, Blog Growth Engine doesn’t include them.

Blog Growth Engine Review – Conclusion

Affiliate marketing and blogging are one of my favorite methods of making money online. What I like the most about Blog Growth Engine is that it teaches exactly that.

Adam Enfroy has actually approached the blog writing world with experience. The result is a concentrated and easy-to-follow program that could take you from a new to a high-authority blogger in a short amount of time.

That said, his new training course is a great blogging training course for both beginners and advanced marketers.

Nonetheless, it does need a significant financial investment, and a great deal of time and effort to make the most of the prospective worth. In other words, it is only recommended if you are 100% serious about starting a blog.

In the end, thanks for reading my Blog Growth Engine review! What are your reviews? Do you have something to add to this one? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section at the end of the review!

And while you are still here, check out the less expensive and yet equally good Blog Growth Engine alternative below!

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And don’t forget to share this Blog Growth Engine review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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